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490.3K Likes, 2.3K Comments. TikTok video from Tank 💕 (@tank3267): "Was it just my school😂 #sagethegemini #rednose #throwback #schooldance #fypシ #fyp #growingupblack #explore". POV : The Dj at your 8th grade party decides to play sage the Gemini | Teachers: “why are all the boys getting behind the girls?”. Red Nose.


Red Nose - Sage The Gemini



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TikTok video from Nini🌹 (@niairose): "My dog wanted some fame time too lol #viral #shake #legshake #fyp #trending #blackgirlmagic #rednose #foryou #playingaround #trendingdance #trendingdancechallenge #rkelly". Legs Shakin' (feat. Ludacris).


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Had a stranger film .. make it go viral so they see it #totheleft #virał #dance #rednose #black #capitol #fup #fyp #foryou

TikTok video from mac_kenzy (@mac_kenzy): "Had a stranger film .. make it go viral so they see it #totheleft #virał #dance #rednose #black #capitol #fup #fyp #foryou". Red Nose.


Red Nose - Sage The Gemini



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More than 300 pupils and staff will bring laughter and noise to Slough as Arbour Vale School gears up for a colourful day of fundraising activity for Red Nose Day, which returns on Friday 18 March from 7pm on BBC One.

Arbour Vale, a school working with children and young people with moderate to severe learning difficulties, autism, and profound and multiple difficulties, will be running a series of events and fundraisers which are accessible to all pupils hoping to make a difference.

Dancing, singing, and running are all part-and-parcel of the school’s Red Nose Day plans. For budding fundraisers in the early years and primary classes, a dance-a-thon will see pupils boast their best ‘nose wiggles’ in aid of Comic Relief. Meanwhile, students in the profound and multiple learning disability department will be taking part in a ‘noise-a-thon’ using their loudest singing voices and booming shouts to raise the roof for a good cause.

Secondary and post-16 pupils will also complete a marathon around the school grounds in a tag-team relay. Neil Sykes, Arbour Vale’s Principal says the challenge will show students that “if we all club together, we can get through anything.”

He said: “Arbour Vale is so excited to be getting the whole school community involved in Red Nose Day this year. We all need a reason to smile as we come out of Covid lockdowns, and it is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to have fun and fundraise for a great cause at the same time.

“Whether it is a boogie-bash, finding the next Paula Radcliffe or becoming a musical superstar everyone is joining our Comic Relief festivities this year. By coming together our special school community will show our children and their families, that standing together can help support others experiencing difficulties within their lives. The money we hope to raise from Red Nose Day will go towards the very important work that Comic Relief does for all those in need.”

Students will also be researching their best one-liners before Friday, as all at Arbour Vale are encouraged to take part in an all-day ‘joke-a-thon’. Arbour Vale’s Principle hopes the latter will keep the corridors full of smiles on Friday, with a ‘joke-a-thon’ open to all. Meanwhile, baked goods are on the menu thanks to the post-16 department’s cake sale.

Arbour Vale students will also play a part in keeping the activities running, with young sports ambassadors taking on roles and responsibilities by supporting the PE department in running the Marathon. In fact, each class has already played a part in promoting the day, with students working hard to create the biggest and most creative red noses to display in the school foyer during the festivities.

Money raised by Red Nose Day will help people in the UK and around the world live free from poverty, violence and discrimination, and support people with their mental health. Donations will also help to fund organisations providing essential support for people in Ukraine affected by the terrifying conflict and those attempting to cross the border to safety.

Samir Patel, Chief Executive of Comic Relief, says: “What’s so special about Red Nose Day is that it brings people from all over the UK together to make a big difference. We are so thankful for the incredible support from our fundraisers because whatever you do, big or small, helps people live free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

“This includes funding organisations that are supporting people right now in Ukraine, and on the borders. So whether you buy a Red Nose, bake cakes, smash a challenge or simply pick up the phone to donate, you have the power to change lives across the world and in the UK.”

"Real love" and a red nose: how, laughing, they collect millions for charity

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March 24th is Red Nose Day in the UK. This large-scale charity event takes place once every two years. In fact, this is a charity day of laughter, during which practical jokes, parties, comedy shows and concerts are held all over the country. And at the same time they are raising money for the Comic Relief organization.

This year they will show the continuation of the film "Love Actually 2", they promise a full live striptease, as well as an auction with lots from Jamie Oliver. 12 facts about how tens of millions are collected in England with trademark British humor to help those in need - in the selection of "Philanthropist".

Red Nose Day

The first "Red Nose Day" was invented by the founders of the organization Comic Relief, it took place on February 5, 1988, and then £15 million were collected in a day. "Red Nose Days" are also popular in New Zealand and Australia. Since 2015, Red Nose Day has also been held in the United States. In the first year, we managed to raise more than $23 million.

Who helps

Comic Relief is a large English charity founded in 1985 by comedy writer Richard Curtis and famous actor and comedian Henry Lenny. At first, they wanted to help the starving people of Ethiopia. Now Comic Relief is helping many African countries, as well as those in need in the UK.

Comic Relief on BBC

One of the organization's main partners is the BBC media corporation. The founders of Comic Relief first appeared on BBC One at 1985 year. On February 5, 1988, the first "Red Nose Day" was the BBC's live comedy show. Since then it has become a tradition.

Usually on the morning of "Red Nose Day" in the UK, the announcements of "Red Nose Day" begin on the BBC. Until 6:00 pm, they are interspersed with scheduled programs, and after that, the whole broadcast is occupied by live broadcasts of charity concerts and shows featuring famous comedians and other celebrities. Almost all TV shows are humorous in nature. They parody recently released films (for example, a parody of the Harry Potter film called “The Prisoner of Azerbaijan” was shown once), scenes based on the latest news are played out. Comedies are also shown on television. The BBC is responsible for organizing the filming, and all guest stars perform for free.

Red noses

One of the symbols of this day is a red clown nose. On the eve of the Red Nose holiday, you can buy it in many supermarkets in England. The proceeds from the sale of the red noses go to the Comic Relief charity. Every year the shape of the nose is different, this year there is not one, but ten such noses with 10 different designs and funny names. You can buy one or collect the entire collection. Each nose costs £1 and most of the proceeds go to Comic Relief.

Usually in England these days several million noses are sold - they are worn in kindergartens, schools, offices, public institutions and even Parliament.


Many well-known British actors, musicians, TV presenters help the organization. And they do not just participate, but try to surprise and make their fans laugh.

So, one of the regular participants of the "Red Nose Day" is the famous "Mr. Bean" - British actor Rowan Atkinson, he starred in many parody films, including the role of Spider-Man. U2 frontman Bono has been making videos in support of the Make Poverty History campaign.

The Overage star Greg Davies, who will host the show for BBC Two from London's O2 Arena, promised to do a full live striptease this year.

Red nose 2017

The main show will be shown on BBC One, where the famous comedy trio Smack The Pony's will perform together for the first time since 2003. The show will also show a film of six British celebrities traveling to different countries in southern Africa on a humanitarian mission. The famous TV presenter and fan of the Arsenal team, Piers Morgan, promised to be silent all day and put on the Tottenham team jersey if he was helped to raise 50,000. The English journalist and TV presenter came up with her own way for fundraising - a 24-hour dance marathon. And will dance until 18-00 March 24. On March 17, on the eve of Red Day, the World's Best Auction was held, for which world-class stars - chef Jamie Oliver, actress Gillian Anderson, Formula 1 driver Jerry Horner and many others provided lots.

Love Real 2

The main event that fans of romantic comedies from all over the world are waiting for is, of course, the screening of the short film Love Actually 2. She will tell about the life of the characters in the film 14 years later. The film will be shown on the evening of March 24 on BBC One and on May 25 on NBC as part of the Red Nose Day charity event.

Director Richard Curtis of "Love Actually" managed to get almost all of the actors he cast for the 2003 film. Unfortunately, Alan Rickman, who died in January 2016, will not be in the sequel, but otherwise the cast will practically not differ from the original: Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Bill Nighy, Rowan Atkinson agreed to participate in the filming and others.


Red Nose Day raised over £99m in 2015. In addition, the organization gives grants to non-profit organisations, with grants totaling £100m in 2015.

In total, over the entire existence of the organization, more than 1 billion were collected.

How it works

One of the fundamental principles of Laughter Relief is the Golden Pound Principle, which states that every pound spent goes to charity. Associated costs, such as salaries and other administrative expenses, are borne by the sponsors, while all proceeds go to the project fund.

Private fundraising

The Red Nose Day online shop and large supermarkets across the country sell not only noses, but also whole fundraising sets, which include, for example, fashionable designer t-shirts.

The site also has a lot of ideas for your own charity events - a recipe for cupcakes that you can bring to the office, or invitations to a party for friends. To get together on Friday night and watch comedy shows tonight in aid of Comic Relief.


Comic Relief Foundation's second big fundraising initiative is Sport Relief, which hosts sports events across the country every two years at the end of May - marathons, races, swims and rides. Only in 2016 these days a record amount was collected - more than 72 million pounds. At the same time, another record was set by runner Eddie Izzard, who ran 27 marathons in South Africa in 27 days.

Red Noses in Russia

In Russia, this cheerful English tradition has not yet taken root, although there have been attempts. From 2007 to 2009, the Life Line Foundation, together with the Svyaznoy company, carried out a charity event called Red Nose - Kind Heart!, which included exhibitions, races, and an information campaign. The action was supported by many Russian celebrities, but the “red noses” did not become truly massive. During the three years of the campaign, 54 children managed to raise funds for high-tech surgeries.

Every time I hear “Thank you”, I understand that I lived this day with benefit

Kuleshova. I study psychology. I came to the Belarusian Red Cross to work in clown therapy. This direction changed me a lot. By nature, I am a shy person and I have never really differed in acting talent. For me, fooling around and dancing in public is a very difficult task. But as soon as I put on a red nose and my costume, everything changes: I want to have fun and play with children, and there is so much energy that I feel like a different person.

Later she began to take part in promotions in other areas of activity. I love working with children, so all activities where you need to run, jump and play with children are my favorite direction.

Recently, there have been many volunteer initiatives in which I am interested to take part. You always want to develop, look for something new and interesting, try yourself in a new role. Now I continue to work as a volunteer clown. I try my hand at social tutoring and study international humanitarian law with the Belarusian Red Cross.

The desire to help others and learn something new prompted me to become a volunteer.

During my volunteering at the Red Cross, I realized that the team of volunteers is my big family! I never thought that people who have almost nothing in common could come together like this.

As a Red Cross volunteer, I often hear a sincere THANK YOU. It doesn’t matter from whom and for what reason, the main thing is from the bottom of my heart.

I have always wanted to help others, so I never wanted to leave volunteering. Even in those difficult days with a lot of work and burning deadlines, I did not have thoughts about leaving the Red Cross. Perhaps there were small breaks to finish the work, Olympiads at the university, but I always knew that this break was temporary and I would definitely return.

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