How to watch dance moms in australia

Watch Dance Moms Streaming in Australia

  • Reality

Seasons: 8

Released: 2011–

Updated: 17th Oct, 2022

4.6 / 10

Rated: TV-PG

Cast: Abby Lee Miller, Nia Sioux, Holly Frazier, Kendall Vertes

How many seasons of Dance Moms are there?

There are currently 8 seasons of Dance Moms

Where to watch Dance Moms

What is Dance Moms about?

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, the series follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and bow...all under the discerning eye of Miller. Seeing the highs and lows surrounding competition season delivers an intriguing and dramatic look at the cast's frantic pursuit of the ultimate National Dance title.

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Watch Dance Moms Streaming Online

5 seasons available (148 episodes)

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and all under the discerning eye of Miller.more

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and op...More

Starring: Abby Lee MillerGianna MartelloStacey Ketchman

TVPGRealityLifestyle & CultureFamilyTV Series2010

  • hd

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Dance Moms

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and all under the discerning eye of Miller.

Starring: Abby Lee MillerGianna MartelloStacey KetchmanLilliana Ketchman

TVPGRealityLifestyle & CultureFamilyTV Series2010

  • hd



The Dances Review Abby as a Coach

Making the ALDC Cut

Bonus Scene: the Shangela Scandal

Maddie's Slumber Party Blooper Reel

Reunion Performance: Panic Room

Slumber Party: All About Buns

Slumber Party: Boy Crazy!

Slumber Party: for the Fans

Slumber Party: Movie Roles

Slumber Party: Stress Relief

Slumber Party: What Would You Do if You Couldn't Dance?

Full Dance: Someone Special

Group Dance: the Waiting Room

Full Dance: Bye Felicia

Group Dance: Made in the Shade

Full Dance: Bat Crazy

Full Dance: the Woods

Group Dance: Always a Bridesmaid

Full Dance: Immortals

Group Dance: Don't Fence Me in

Full Dance: the Investment

Group Dance: Panic Room

Full Dance: Golden Child

Full Dance: Superstar

Slumber Party: Phone Savvy

Full Dance: Loose Cannon

Group Dance: Dance Bop

Full Dance: Faith Is All I Need

Group Dance: Voices in My Head

Full Dance: Sink or Swim

Group Dance: Beautiful Bizarre

Full Dance: Unbeauty

Group Dance: Traitor

Exclusive Full Dance: Don't Take Her Away (Unaired Australian Performance)

Exclusive Full Dance: Making Me Stronger (Unaired Australian Performance)

Group Dance: Mad Max

Bonus Scene: Abby's ASTRA Awards Goof

Exclusive Full Dance: Rise and Fall (Unaired Australian Performance)

Group Dance: Fearless (ASTRA Awards Performance)

Bonus Scene: Maddie's Grammy Moments

Group Dance: Collateral Damage (Unaired Reunion Performance)

Group Dance: Freak Show (Reunion Performance)

A Look Back at Over 400 Routines

Full Dance: Electricity Improv

Full Dance: Never Knew

Group Dance: No Sign of Life

Abby Announces the Los Angeles Branch

Holly Is Too Focused On Nia

Full Dance: Straighten up

Group Dance: Platinum

Shooting Kendall's Music Video

Abby Gets the LA Building

Full Dance: Innocent

Group Dance: The Rose Garden

Full Dance: Waiting

Group Dance: Together We Stand

Full Dance: Fancy

Full Dance: Who Are You

Group Dance: Tell Me What You Want

Full Dance: Walking Through a Storm

Group Dance: Get a Clue

Full Dance: the Mannequin

Group Dance: Decadent Darlings

Full Dance: Vertigo

Group Dance: Dance in the Rain

Full Dance: Pretty Little Liar

Group Dance: the Domino Effect

Full Dance: Tonya and Nancy

Group Dance: Moulin Rouge

Bonus Scene: Abby's Audition

About this Show

Dance Moms

Set in Pittsburgh's renowned Abby Lee Dance Company, owned and operated by notoriously demanding and passionate instructor Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom, and their doting mothers who are there for every rehearsal, performance and all under the discerning eye of Miller.

Starring: Abby Lee MillerGianna MartelloStacey KetchmanLilliana Ketchman

TVPGRealityLifestyle & CultureFamilyTV Series2010

  • hd

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90,000 In Australia, five children died after falling off a bouncy castle. It was blown away by the wind

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Image copyright ABC News/Monte Bovill

Five Australian schoolchildren fell 10 meters to their deaths when the bouncy castle they were playing in was swept away by strong winds. Four more children were seriously injured and are in serious condition in the hospital. The tragedy happened on the last day of school this year.

Teachers and children at Hillcrest Primary School in the small town of Devonport, Tasmania decided to celebrate the end of the school year on the school field. To do this, they installed a huge inflatable castle and balls for zorbing - an extreme attraction when a person runs, swims or rolls down a hill in a transparent ball.

The tragedy happened in the morning. Schoolchildren, mostly children aged 10-12, were running around the inflatable castle when a strong gust of wind ripped it off. Nine children fell from a height of about 10 meters. Emergency services arrived at the scene of the tragedy just a few minutes later, but the children with the most severe injuries could not be saved.

Police confirmed the first death at noon, the second at 13:45, and the other three in the late afternoon. Another four severely injured children are now in the hospital. Among the dead and wounded there are both boys and girls.

The police launched an investigation into the causes of the tragedy, but so far they believe that the tragedy occurred due to weather conditions. "A gust of wind just blew the bouncy castle and balloons away," said Tasmanian Police Commissioner Darren Hine.

Upon completion of the investigation, the police will prepare a report for the coroner in conjunction with WorkSafe Tasmania, an organization that monitors work safety.

Police officer Debbie Williams, who was one of the first to arrive at the scene of the tragedy, said that it was impossible to look at what had happened.

"Our task now is to provide psychological support to families who have lost children and our colleagues who have come to provide first aid to injured children," she said.

Image copyright ABC News/Monte Bovill

Image caption

Helicopter ambulances arrived at the scene just minutes later, but some children could not be saved

"Little children are enjoying a fun day... and it's turning into a terrifying, heartbreaking tragedy. It's just before Christmas. It just breaks our hearts," Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison offered his condolences.

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  • The tragedy at Syamozero in Karelia: the leaders of the children's camp received 9. 5 years each, the instructors of the drowned children were released
  • The tragedy in Wisconsin: three "dancing grandmothers" were among the dead

The parents of the students told the local media that the school regularly held such holidays, the bouncy castle was already installed in the school yard, and everything went without any incidents.

"I can't imagine a fun summer day ending like this. My heart sinks when I think of the parents who lost their children. I feel guilty about being relieved that my children weren't hurt." one of the mothers told reporters.

Image copyright, Getty Images

Image caption,

Police cordoned off the scene of the tragedy

Deadly incidents involving bouncy castles have happened before in other countries and more than once.

In 2019, two children died and 20 others were injured in a similar incident in China.

A year earlier, a girl in the UK died after being thrown out of a bouncy castle that burst on a Norfolk beach.

Two fairground workers were jailed for manslaughter after a 7-year-old boy's bouncy castle exploded in Essex, England in March 2016.

Russian doll from Australia

"Natalya Novikova is able to knock on any door after playing the Russian doll Katya." So one of the American reviewers assessed the level of skill of the young actress living in Australia and who played the main role in the new film "Russian Doll" (Russian Doll).
Natasha came to New York for the premiere of this film, which took place at the Angelika Film Center, a perennial outpost of arthouse cinema.

-- How did a charming Russian girl get brought to Australia?
-- Miraculously. I got there over ten years ago as an interpreter for the International Commission for the Conservation of Antarctica. And since Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is the nearest place to Antarctica after Argentina, the headquarters of this organization is located there. I translated into Russian from English and French.
-- Where are you originally from?
-- I'm from St. Petersburg. My parents are both architects, my grandmother was a singer. When I was 16 years old, I played in a French film based on the novel by Blaise Cendrars, which was filmed in St. Petersburg. A small but difficult role. I played an anarchist during the Revolution 1905 years. The actress fell ill, they urgently needed to find a girl who speaks French. I was lucky: my friend's mother was an assistant director.
-- A chain of happy coincidences...
-- Yes, yes. Although I really enjoyed acting, I still did not think that I would become an actress. She studied at the Faculty of Philology of the University, taught French, Hungarian and Finnish. Why such a strange set? We have relatives in Finland, I lived there for a while as a child. And Hungarian - because the same Finno-Ugric language group. I did not graduate from university, I moved to Australia.
-- A flight across the continents, to the ends of the world, requires an explanation...
-- It's very simple: I married an Australian. In Moscow. This has nothing to do with the movie. I met at a party at the philological faculty of Moscow State University. He studied Russian. I arrived in Brisbane, then worked for a year in Hobart, in the Commission on Antarctica. Entered drama school, moved to Sydney. I studied for three years and graduated. She starred in several television series, in particular, in the very popular Sea Change. I play in the theaters of Sydney and Melbourne, including the "Caucasian Chalk Circle", plays by Chekhov.
In the film, Katya, the heroine of Natalia Novikova, has a hard Russian accent. It doesn't exist in life. Natasha speaks English fluently and softly. The actress begged me not to tell the plot of "Russian Doll". Respecting her desire, I will step on the throat of a film critical song and only slightly open the veil of the plot.
Katya is discharged to Australia as a "bride by mail". She comes from St. Petersburg to a distant hot country, to the city of Sydney, in a luxurious fur coat, with a huge suitcase, in mysterious dark glasses. She arrives at home on a note, where the “postal groom” should be waiting for her. But the groom did not wait for the first wedding night. He is dead. Katya, confused, rushes about at the cooling corpse.
At the same time, a line of two friends is unfolding - Harvey and Ethan. The first is a neurasthenic who doubts everything, by profession a private detective who is hired to monitor spouses by jealous husbands and wives. He is unhappy and dreams of writing a book. The second is a book publisher who is quite prosperous in marriage and serves as a model of honor and family happiness for Harvey.
But when a cheerful and eccentric Russian doll appears on the horizon, in which everything, as they say, is in place, Australian friends will have to decide difficult combinations. The fact is that Katya desperately needs to get married, otherwise she will be expelled from the country ... However, stop, I promised not to talk about the main intrigue.

-- Natasha, the picture vividly and colorfully shows the clash of cultures - Western and Russian, or rather, in the second case, a mixture of Russian and Jewish cultures. The character of your heroine is sparkling, semi-pagan. She brings an almost gypsy riot to the insipid life of the Australians. When the doll enters Harvey's house, everything starts to shake. Who came up with this image of a daredevil?

-- He created himself, without much effort. I knew girls like Katya. Much of her character is in mine. But Katya is different from me. I don't wear such short skirts, I don't wear them now ( laughs ). I have a different image today.
-- Is there a Russian theme in the movies in Australia?
-- "Russian Doll" - the first film on this topic. Although there are a lot of Russians in the country, especially in Sydney.
-- I remember during a trip to Australia in the late 80s we were taken to Bondi Beach, the center of the Russian-speaking community, a kind of Australian Brighton Beach.
-- It still remains the center. There is such a joke that the Russians were the first of the foreigners to come to Australia in the 16th century, but were assimilated by the natives ( laughs ).
-- Do you consider yourself a part of the Russian community?
-- I live aloof. When I arrived in Tasmania, I found myself almost isolated. There are very few Russians on the island. And in the theater school, there was simply no time for anything other than studying. For the first time, she encountered a large number of Russians on the set of The Russian Doll, when more than a hundred Russian-speaking immigrants were invited to one of the mass scenes.
And the film started like this. Producer Allana Zitzerman met director Stravros Kazantzidis at the Sydney French Film Festival at 1998 year. They are in four hands and wrote the script for "Russian Doll". Moreover, Kazantzidis had a film project about a private detective, and Zitserman hatched the idea of ​​a story about Russian Jews living in the Bondi Beach area. Films about Greek and Italian immigrants have already been made in Australia, but no one has taken up the Russian theme yet.
Zitserman, who was born in Kharkov and came to Australia at an early age, persuaded Kazantzidis to come to her grandfather's 75th birthday. This event took place in the Russian Roulette club on Bondai. Zitzerman: “I so wanted him (Kazantsidis) to feel this unique world, the atmosphere of this place where incendiary music is played and everyone, regardless of age, dances and eats a lot.”
Kazantzidis made sure that Russian Jews and Greeks (his ancestors) are very similar: "Both cultures are oriented towards plentiful food, expressive self-expression, emotional perception of the surrounding world and a complex of one's own guilt in all mortal sins. "

This is how two projects have merged: about a private detective and a Russian emigrant. The first draft of the script was completed in April 1999. For the role of the detective, Kazantzidis invited his longtime friend actor Hugo Weaving. He became famous throughout the world for his paintings "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and "The Matrix". Weaving's agent suggested David Wenham, also a well-known actor in Australia, for the role of Ethan. It remained to find the performer of the role of Katya. And here Natalya Novikova was once again lucky: after an intensive search, she was "discovered" in Melbourne, where she played in the theater.
Filming began in September 1999 and continued for four weeks. Mass scenes were especially difficult - the modest budget of the film did not allow for a long rehearsal. Filmed almost from the wheels. Kazantzidis recalls with a smile the wedding scene (I won’t say who with whom), for which 120 Russian extras aged 5 to 95 were invited. “They had never acted before, they dressed up in Easter clothes, the ladies tinkled with diamonds,” Kazantzidis recalls. - It was terribly hot, the air conditioners did not work. There were much more people crowded, because the invitees brought friends and relatives with them. Many of them did not speak English, did not obey the command to be silent and not to take the edibles put on the tables into their mouths, despite the fact that they were warned: all dishes were treated with chemicals so that they would not go bad.
The creators had to run around the authorities and firms, getting money to complete the film. The life jacket appeared in the image of Gary Hamilton, the CEO of Beyond Films. Hamilton really liked the footage, and he begged the state financial film corporation to issue money for the project.
-- Natasha, tell us about the actors you worked with...

-- Hugo Weaving usually plays mystical, negative characters. In fact, he is a kind and hospitable person. David Wenham is also cheerful and sociable. He plays my lover. He and I starred together in the television series Sea Change, where his character is so irresistible that all the women in Australia pine for him.
-- And you?
-- I don't ( laughs ).
-- Tell me, is it difficult to get into movies and TV in Australia?
-- I think it's easier than in America. Less competition. As they say, more oxygen.
-- Is there any new work after "Russian Doll"?
-- Appeared in an Australian TV movie. It's a comedy and I'm playing another Russian named Katya. This time she is from the Russian mafia. Very cool.
-- Here it is, the choice of roles for Russian actors in the West - a call bride, a mafioso, a bandit, a prostitute. Is there a lot of talk about the Russian mafia in Australia?
-- No, probably not as many as in America. Of the loudest news - someone robbed a video store on Bondi. They took away all the cassettes.
- This is, of course, a very large-scale crime, which will resonate with pain in many Brighton video stores ... Natasha, when you come to Russia, do you feel like an Australian?
-- I have to admit - yes. My parents live in St. Petersburg. But I already had the look of a foreigner. They used to say: New York is a city of contrasts. When I come to Russia, I see contrasts, I see poor children and old people. Previously, in the words of Churchill, there was socialism - an equal distribution of squalor, and now capitalism - an unequal distribution of wealth.
-- How are your parents doing?
-- They are pensioners. Survive.
-- Did you come to visit you in Australia?
-- No. As an actress, I don't have a permanent home.
-- Are you wandering?
-- So far I like the gypsy life.
-- Do you have a permanent camp?
-- Yes. In Melbourne.
-- Maybe after the American premiere of "Russian Doll" you will want to roam the expanses of New York and Arizona?
-- No specific plans yet.

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