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My kids love seeing silly things anywhere and one of their favorite things is the inflatable tube man (also known as air dancers) that seem to dance by themselves on the side of the road. I couldn’t help make one more costume before Halloween, an inflatable tube-man costume.

Pin this inflatable man costume idea, perfect for anyone that likes silly costumes from kids & tweens to teens & adults.Want to download a printable copy of this tutorial? Check out my costume ebooks.

This inflatable tube-man is my silliest costume to date but Quinn also declared it the most fun. Before I even go into how I made it, you need to see the video of it in action, so you know why you NEED to make it too.


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So fun, right?!? Luckily it’s totally no-sew and you can be put together in an afternoon! Keep reading to see how I made this wacky waving inflatable tube man costume.

Turn hampers into an inflatable tube man costume using duct tape and hem tape (instead of sewing it).

Make Inflatable Tube Man Arms

Start by cutting off the top and bottom of 2 hampers and then just the bottom of the third hamper. Use this extra material to create long red arm tubes.

I had just enough material to create this costume for my son, for an adult, I might have skipped reusing this material and just bought red plastic tablecloth covers to be sure I had enough material.

Use leftover hamper material or plastic table cloths to make the wacky waving arms.

Cut wide rectangles out of your material and then fold and “hem” into tubes using adjustable hem tape. It works like double-sided tape.

Because I repurposed the extra hamper material, I had to attach several tubes together to make the arms long enough.

Attach Inflatable Tube Man Arms

Where you attach the arms to the inflatable tube man costume makes a difference, it needs to be sized for the wearer.

Adding the arms to the costume is a little tricky. You want to have someone try it on first to determine where to cut the armholes.

I hadn’t attached the three hampers together yet at this point, so I gingerly stacked them together to get a feel for where the armholes should be when they were wearing the costume.

Cut Arm Holes for Inflatable Tube Man Costume

Once you decide where the arms should be, cut the armholes smaller than you think you need. You can always make them a little bit bigger if necessary.

Stick strips adjustable hem tape around the top edge of an arm and then attach the arms to the inside of armholes. Because it’s adjustable, it’s easy to reposition the placement of the tape as needed. Repeat on the other side.

Connect Inflatable Man Body

Connect 2 or 3 hampers together (depending on how tall you need it to be) using hem bonding strips.

To attach the three hampers together, I opted to use the Scotch Essentials Permanent Hem Bonding Strips. I needed something that would be heavier duty, so the adjustable hem tape wouldn’t work.

Cut the strips in half lengthwise and attach around the rim of one hamper. Once you are ready to attach two hampers together, remove all the paper backing and press two hamper edges together firmly.

Add Inflatable Tube Man Face

Add the silly face to the wacky waving inflatable tube man costume was my favorite part.

I used black and white duct tape to create the eyes. You can cut out paper circles first to play with size and placement before cutting your duct tape.

Remember always trace your design on parchment paper, cover the back with duct tape and then cut it out. Duct tape covered in parchment paper is much easier to cut.

I drew the mouth shape on paper first before cutting it out of my black mesh. Then I cut a hole on the costume face in the same shape and attached the mesh on top using more adjustable hem tape. Be sure to make the hole smaller than you think, as you can always make the hole bigger if necessary.

Waving Inflatable Arm Tube Halloween Costume

No batteries required for this inflatable tube man costume. Just the energy of a crazy kid, teen or adult.

Ready to make your own Inflatable Tube Man Costume? Gather up the supplies and get going!

Inflatable Tube Man Costume Supplies

  • 3 solid color pop up hampers
  • black and white duct tape
  • black mesh
  • Adjustable Hem Tape
  • Permanent Hem Bonding Strips
Want to download a printable copy of this tutorial? Check out my costume ebooks.This costume is fun for a Halloween party or costume contest but it might be hard to go trick or treating in it.

This costume is really easy to make. If you are making this for a little kid, you might only need 2 hampers to make it work. Who else would love to dance in this costume at their Halloween party?

An inflatable man costume with wacky arms is a silly costume idea for kids through adults.

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Note: This post was originally published October 25, 2016 for Scotch Essentials. 

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Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man, Sky Dancers


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To prolong the life-span of these air dancers, we recommend bringing them inside during very windy days. It is absolutely necessary to bring them inside during rainy and snowy days as water can damage the electrical components of the blower. We also advise you to keep this inflatable at least 20 feet away from the road to avoid any problems of it falling or interfering with traffic.

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Superior Construction & Materials

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Installation & Setup

  1. Begin by placing the blower on a solid, level, stable, and dry surface. Check to make sure there are no hazards nearby that could puncture or damage the air dancer.
  2. Place the plug into a nearby outlet to ensure that the outlet is strong enough to handle the electrical requirements of the blower. Once you have confirmed that the outlet will work, unplug the blower.
  3. Remove the sky dancer attachment from the carrying case and unfold. Secure the attachment around the complete rim of the blower using the Velcro securing system.
  4. Plug in your blower and watch your tube dude come to life!

Maintenance & Care

Our inflatable tube men can be cleaned in front-load household washing machines only. We do not recommend using a top load washing machine since the unit can become tangled and damaged. We recommend using a cold water cycle and mild detergent. Do not clean with bleach, which can damage the colors of the tube man. These units must be dried by air. Do not use tumble dry on your dryer as that can damage the unit.

Apsara came from antiquity: numach — LiveJournal


Apsara is the ancient Khmer dance art.

Popular for over a thousand years. Initially, celestial dancers were called apsaras, and now dances have also been called so.

In ancient times, this dance was performed only by girls, and now men have also been added to the performers

Apsara dances were an extremely important part of the culture of the great Khmer empire.

This is evidenced by the numerous images of apsaras on the walls of many temples.

These images helped to recreate the image of the Apsaras.

Apsaras come from Hinduism, where they were demigoddesses, daughters of Vishnu.

As a rule, modern dances reflect the ancient Khmer myths. But now modern stories have been added to them.

The Apsara has been rather carefully studied and reconstructed from these ancient images. This work became possible after the fall of the bloody Khmer Rouge regime at the end of the last century.

The dancers prepare very carefully for the performance. We need not only physical, but also psychological preparation. This is especially important in ancient dances. Modern productions are much simpler.

The main figure is the Apsara Mera with a complex headdress.

Contemporary dance with coconuts.

With the help of special gestures, eye movements, the dancers convey the content of ancient myths. Girls' fingers are especially expressive. Each movement of the finger has a certain meaning, often incomprehensible to the modern viewer.

A man in a dragon mask. He played the role flawlessly. And when he took off his mask, we saw that his face was completely wet with sweat. It was hot in the hall, and the dancer himself was actively moving. It's hard work!

Apsara movements are particularly graceful.

Now Apsara dances are also called the slowest ballet. But modern dances are also fast.

Ancient sculptors sang of female beauty.

It is very useful to visit such countries and observe ancient dances. You have to feel the shift in the scale of values. What are our most important values? A fashionable phone (smartphone, iPad, etc.), a fashionable car, certainly branded clothes, some rare breed of dog, cool makeup ... But here you understand that all of the above is secondary, just plaster, an outer shell.

True beauty is in a woman

So the dragon did not dance by itself, but tried to win the beauty's heart

These images of aprsars were photographed and then carefully studied. Modern dancers imitate their ancient ancestors as carefully as possible. Girls learn complex movements for a long time, and then they pass exams. Only the best and the most deserving get into the higher schools of dance. The rest, who have not passed their exams, perform in restaurants and cheap shows.

Our fingers bend differently...

Apsaras are still respected and popular.

Modern Apsara costumes copied from ancient images. True, in ancient times, when the empire was rich and powerful, costumes were decorated with precious stones and gold. Now, in a poor country, costumes have become more modest.

All images of Apsaras are different

And here is the main Apsara Mera. She has the most elaborate headdress. In ancient times, the sage Kambu courted her. Their union was long and happy.

But the legs of these images for some reason resemble flippers... Apparently, this method was in vogue among the masters.

High relationship...

And here I am on the steps of an ancient temple

Having seen enough of graceful dances, I ventured to repeat... It turned out that it is not at all easy! For example, I forgot to bend my fingers. And the angle of the bend of the knee joint does not correspond to the canons. No, they wouldn't take me as a dancer...

Apsara stone images are countless...

If you find yourself in Cambodia, be sure to visit the Apsara dances.

Here it is, the connecting thread of the times.

In restaurants, dances are performed to the soundtrack.

Even though they wear flippers, they are still beauties...

The concert is over. The artists took their bows. In the center is the most respected Apsara Meru.

Images of Apsaras are usually surrounded by decorative drawings

I don't see anything wrong with the Apsara cult. Women are made just to be admired.

To be continued

Jewelry symbolism in Indian classical dance

Make-up and jewelry refer to Aharya Abhinaya as an aspect of Rangabhusa. And although compared to aspects of Angika, Sattvika and Vachika, Abhinaya Akharya plays a minor role, it is intended as an additional means to strengthen visual representation in aesthetic terms. However, the use of makeup decorations, as well as decorations, colors vary depending on the vritti (type) and dharmi (forms of representation). For example, a treatise on drama "Natya Shastra" attributes certain ornaments to women and men.

Women Siddhas should perform in yellow saris and jewelry made of pearls and emeralds. Actors playing the role of Apsaras (sky dancers) use jewelry in as ornaments of precious stones, and the hair is laid in a high hairstyle.

Dancers, depicting the Gandharvas (celestial musicians), adorn themselves with rubies and perform in bright red suits. In their hands they must hold Vina (stringed musical instrument of Goddess Saraswati).

Vidyadhari must appear before the audience in white suits adorned with pearls. Dark robes and blue stones serve as decoration for the dancers depicting demonesses. Suits made of green silk and pearl jewelry are characteristic of the image. goddesses. For milk carriers, the costumes must be blue, and the hair braided.

color gamma is used to distinguish some characters from others. So Kshatriyas (warriors) appear in reddish-reddish hues, Vaishyas (merchants) and Shudras (servants) - in darker shades. The immaculate white color is designed Brahmins.

Color symbolism, costume, make-up, jewelry is an additional external means to resorted to by dancers to represent this or that image, hero or heroines, character.

Play a special role decorations. Bharatnatyam classical style dancers, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam they wear so-called temple ornaments made of gold and precious stones. The latter, at present, are being replaced by artificial ones. But traditional the temple set of ornaments is preserved to this day. Each element jewelry has its own name and symbolism.

Chandra Prabha (Moon) and Surya Prabha (Sun), which are attached to the hair on the head on the left (Moon) and the right (Sun) side of the parting, are called upon to endow the dancer with her beauty and radiance.

Talai Saaman or Chutti emphasize the forehead line and parting.

Talai Saaman with Surya and Chandra


Maatal (pendants), which are attached to the earlobes and hair in such a way as to cover the ear shells. Protect the dancer's hearing from the loud ringing of drums.


Long necklace called differently depending on style and tradition:

Maanga Malay, Muthu-malai, Tanmani, in the tradition of Kuchipudi - Kantha-haaram. It is intended balance the dancer's breathing.

Tanmani (long necklace)

Addikai (short necklace)

Belt around the waist, which also has various names - Oddiyanam, Kamar-patta, and in Kuchipudi it is called Vaddanamu, serves as a support for the spine.

Kamar Patta

Bracelets - Valayal - protect the wrists and give them elegance and grace.


Plays a special role also a nose ring - Chalang. Moreover, the complete set consists of 3 types: carnation or clamp in the right nostril, a round ring decorated with stones - left (in Kuchipudi his called Mukker) and suspended, which is attached to the lower part of the bow partitions.

In the tradition of Kuchipudi a separate dance episode of the drama Bhama Kalapam is dedicated to this decoration. The central character of the drama - Satyabhama - was very kind to her a huge collection of jewelry, because for each day of the week she had a separate kit. But the most precious was Mukker's ring. One day, after a quarrel, beloved - God Krishna - left Satyabhama. She turned to her Madhavi's friend to help her win back Krishna's love. Satyabhama offered her all her jewelry, but did not want to part with Mukker. Madhavi still insisted that Satyabhama give her the ring. Her intention it was not to take possession of it, but to force a friend to part with her dearest treasure. Here the decoration of Satyabhama is compared with the ego, and giving the ring, she seems to be getting rid of his oppressive ties. It's easy to give what you have belongs, but the return will be complete only when you step over your ego. The drama ends with Satyabhama giving the ring to Madhavi and Krishna returns to her, having received confirmation of her absolute dedication to him.

The ring itself is summoned protect innocence.

Other decorations:

Jimmiki (earrings) or Kundalu in Kuchipudi.

Bells - Gunghru, Gajjelu or Kinkini.

Learn more