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Thizz Face For Mac

Thizz Face For Mac

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Thizz Face For Mac

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Lyrics to 'Thizzle Dance' by Mac Dre. Hello everybody(hi) / id like to introduce you to the thizzle dance. I put a look on my face like i smell some piss. Can ya do the thizzle dance thizz dance thizz dance thizz dance can ya do the thizzle dance. Ah, what, thizz ah, thizz, what. Jan 27, 2009  The Best Of Mac Dre (Swisha House Remix) Licensed to YouTube by INgrooves (on behalf of GT Digital/ Mac Dre Swisha House), and 2 Music Rights Societies; Show more Show less. Deep Nation Radio • 24/7 Music Live Stream Deep & Tropical House, Chill Out, Dance Music, EDM Deep.

  1. Thizz Face For Mac Download

Hello everybody.(Hi). I like to introduce you to the.(Thizzelle Dance?) Thizzelle Dance I said. Can you do the Thizzelle Dance? Mac Dre First, I do like this Put a look on my face like I smelled some piss Bounce to the beat till to hurt Then I dust all the smirk off mi shirt Dip to the ground as I catch the bass Then I wipe all the sweat off mi face Hop back up then I start to slide Poping my collar as I glide Then I break the thang down and do the bird Dust myself off like I just stole third Come on everybody now's the chance Fuck the harlem shake this the Thizzelle Dance Chorus 2x Dance, Thizz Dance, Thizz Dance Can you do the Thizzelle Dance? The song and dance created by Mac Dre created to be the ultimate Thizz(Exo Pills) Anthem. The correct lyrics to the song and the actual dance moves are: First, I do like this, Put a look on my face like I smelled some piss, bounce to the beat till it starts to hurt, Then i dust all the smirk off me shirt, dip to the ground as I catch the bass, Then I wipe all the sweat off me face, up and I start to slide, as I glide, Then I break the thing down and do the bird, Dust myself off like I just stole third, Comeon everybody nows the chance, It aint the harlem shake, Its the.

Thizz Face For Mac Download

Hello everybody(hi) id like to introduce you to the thizzle dance(thizzle dance?) thizzle dance i said can ya do the thizzle dance first i do it like this i put a look on my face like i smell some piss bounce to the beat till it starts to hurt then i dust all the smirk off me shirt dip to the ground as i catch the bass then i wipe all the sweat off me face pop back up then i start to slide popping my collar, as i glide then i break the thang down and do the bird dust my self off like i just stole third come on everybody, now's the chance f. k the harlem shake, it's the thizzle dance. Dance, thizz dance thizz dance thizz dance thizz dance can ya do the thizzle dance? Thizz dance thizz dance thizz dance can ya do the thizzle dance first of all, i hope u got u a juice a thizzle becauce its time to pop u a few then u gas, break start to dip bounce wit the core as it starts to shift open up the door there goes the whole damn car load hop out and follow, while you let the car roll ghost ride the whip while u ride the strip heres your chance to do your dance on the side of it while u at it, the passenger and driver switch then hurry up and jump back inside this shit hangin out the rooftop, do not get oo-op by them foo cops.

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Thizzelle Dance - Mac Dre

Thizzelle Dance - Mac Dre - LETRAS. MUS.BR

Página Inicial Hip Hop/Rap Mac Dre Thizzelle Dance

(feat. Chuck Beez)

Hello everybody...(Hi)..
I like to introduce you to the Thizzelle Dance...(Thizzelle Dance?)
Thizzelle Dance I said..
Can you do the Thizzelle Dance?

[Mac Dre]
First, I do like this
Put a look on my face like I smelled some piss
Bounce to the beat till it start to hurt
Then I dust all the smirk off mi shirt
Dip to the ground as I catch the bass
Then I wipe all the sweat off mi face
Hop back up then I start to slide
Poping my collar as I glide
Then I break the thang down and do the bird
Dust myself off like I just stole third
Come on everybody now's the chance
Fuck the harlem shake this the Thizzelle Dance

[Chorus x2]
Dance, Thizz Dance
Thizz Dance, Thizz Dance
Can you do the Thizzelle Dance?

[Chuck Beez]
First of all I hope you got you a juice
A Thizzle because its time to pop you a few
Then you gasp, brake, start the jet
Bounce with the car as it start to shit
Then you open up the car doors
The whole damn car low
Hopped out the Impalo
While you let the car roll
Ghostride the whip while you ride the strip
Here's your chance to do your dance on the side of it
While you at it the passenger and driver switch
Then hurry up and jump back inside your shit
Hanging out the rooftop
Do not get ooh-aahed by them foo's cop that tryna have you got
Other than that you and your boys coon big
You wanna learn the coon stay tuned to thizz
Hoochie-mama freaks, get yo man
And show them nigga's how to do the Thizzle Dance

[Chorus x2]
Dance, Thizz Dance
Thizz Dance, Thizz Dance
Can you do the Thizzelle Dance?

Ahh, what, Thizz. .. ahh Thizz what..
Ahh, what, Thizz... ahh Thizz (what)..

[Mac Dre]
When I do it they say I'm killin it
The look on my face mean I'm feelin it
Just like the niggaz that I'm chillin wit it
You can't do the thizz unless your pillin it
This is the last verse then I'm sellin it
After this niggaz gon be stealin it
This is hip-hop with no Johnny Gill-in-it
No New Edition or Prince when I'm spillin it
I'm 12 years strong and I'm still in it
Now I'm slugged up
And diamond grillin it
I don't care who woman I'm dealin wit
I do the dance with Nancy Limchillinwit

[Chorus x2]
Dance, Thizz Dance
Thizz Dance, Thizz Dance
Can you do the Thizzelle Dance?

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    90,000 12 life hacks, to quickly learn how to dance from Mamita Dance


    Author: Pavel Gather
    Psychologist, Lecturer Salsa and Tango


    Author: Pavel Pavel
    Psychologist, Lecturer Salsa

    on At the start, you always want to get a quick result. When it doesn't happen, the hypothesis arises that everything takes time. After a conditionally acceptable time, humility comes to mastering pair dances, which, perhaps, is not given, and I will just do what I learned somehow.

    This is the most common story of those who believe that the mere act of attending a pair dance class is enough to learn how to dance.
    Absolutely not. If you want to really dance well, you have to make an effort outside of the dance class. A good teacher will definitely be needed, but the initiative should be on your side.

    1. Listen to music

    The most common and accessible advice that is given already in the first lessons. And it definitely works. Music creates a certain atmosphere of the dance and intuitively you want to move to it. It doesn't matter where you listen to music - in the car, on headphones while walking or doing household chores.

    An addition that will help you dance better is your active participation in the music. Sing along, dance or simply beat musical accents with any free parts of the body. In the subway, for example, it is enough to tap out bright moments with your fingers, in the car to sing along with sounds, and at home you can jump for pleasure.

    2. Watch videos of good dancers

    It's complicated, but also obvious. It’s more difficult, because without recommendations from more experienced dancers, unfortunately, it’s not so easy to find a good quality video on the net (I mean not the resolution quality, but the content itself).

    Meaningful video viewing is about building an understanding of HOW dancers make a particular impression on a partner or viewer. Technology is at the heart of everything. Understanding how the pros do it is a big step forward.

    It is important to distinguish a show from a disco dance, a staged performance from an improvisation, a stylized dance from an authentic one, etc. Ask for recommendations and dance teachers will always throw off a couple of videos of worthy landmarks.

    Tango Z. Showreel.

    Online modern tango courses

    Tango nuevo is the most advanced version of tango. We can quickly learn to dance from zero to a steep level.

    View details

    3. Dance in salsatecas/milongas/discotheques

    A very delicate moment when it is worth coming to the first party. From a technical point of view, most students in 1-3 months have a sufficient set of figures and techniques to come and dance calmly. Psychologically, the same moment can be stretched out for an indefinite time. After all, it is imperative to “not lose face”, “learn more figures” and be sure what to do in case “there is an unfamiliar movement”.

    In fact, the partygoers don't really care (except for a small layer of non-professional teachers who want to help inexperienced dancers by treating them as customers in the future). It is important to come and try dancing after a month of classes. You can only with friends or guys from your group. This will be enough to feel the adrenaline and inspiration from the dance.

    4. Dance with partners or partners not of your level

    The conventional wisdom that you need to practice in groups of your level does not withstand the test of experience. Perhaps now your eyes widened in surprise, and you want to meaningfully read the phrase again. Yes, you saw everything correctly: when you dance with a partner of your level, you don’t grow anywhere.

    It's important to understand that not only does it work one way and you have to dance with cooler dancers, but it works even more effectively the other way. It is no coincidence that teaching pair dances dramatically raises the level of the teacher himself. You have an endless stream of very beginner dancers.

    How it works. A more experienced partner needs to be "stretched". It's easy and obvious. With beginners, you need to take more initiative on yourself, see the general pattern of the dance more widely, turn on and insure more, try to be an example and be more careful. The quality of interaction begins to grow significantly. And wonderful partners too.

    Dancing with partners of your level doesn't make you grow. Dance with both beginners and more advanced dancers

    Dominican Bachata Women's Style Online Course

    Want to learn how to hypnotize those around you with the most appetizing part of your body? On the course we will tell you all the secrets.


    5. Learn to dance for a partner and for a partner

    Turks and Argentines are one of the best partners in the world. In Russia, partners are highly valued. Why? The answer is simple. In Argentina and Turkey, it is not questionable for men to ask another man to lead in one piece or another and give feedback on the quality of the lead. For them, it will be a great shame to hear moralizing from a partner, or even more so to be known in the community as an insecure partner.

    In Russia, due to the constant, often far-fetched, opinion that there are more women in pair dances, partners calmly get up and study their partner's part. Such partners then grow into very cool dancers and teachers. In no case do this at parties, only in class. Here we are talking only about the learning strategy. At parties, be yourself.

    6. Do not memorize the links

    Always try to look deeper and understand the through principle and idea of ​​movement. Understanding what and how is done will make it possible to independently generate any sequences and chips.

    Human memory is limited and there will always be a moment when something will escape and your repertoire will be limited by the size of RAM.

    In Argentine tango, for example, there are seven levels of movement construction that, when mastered, will allow you to make millions of combinations. And how many dance sequences can you really remember? In rueda, more than 150 figures dance in a rare circle. It's hard to keep more in mind.

    7. Develop your body

    Many years of experience in teaching couple dance shows that as soon as everyone pairs up in a class, any progress in individual style ends. But it is the individual style that distinguishes everyone at the disco: partners change, and style is always with you.

    The body as the main instrument of dance must be very plastic, responsive and emotional. Surprisingly, not all pair dance schools have a general physical warm-up. It is vital to tune the body and understand how it works.

    You can always train extra and concentrate more on the basic steps, as their true value is as body work. The sequence of steps is, in fact, the simplest thing that can be in pair dancing. The quality of individual performance determines the craftsmanship.

    8. Try on the images of inspiring dancers

    A psychological life hack for those who have already mastered the steps, but still feel that there is not enough brightness and drive. Most are terribly afraid of being someone else's "clone". Here the action is the same as under the influence of hypnosis - the more you resist, the more you plunge into an altered state of consciousness.

    With a high degree of probability, you are already dancing like someone else's "clone". A meaningful fitting of someone else's image is that you mentally take the image of the one who inspires you (inspiration is critical in this case) and "put on" yourself. Then you start dancing and trying to feel in general how it is to be able, for example, to be the best partner or the sexiest partner in a disco. This is much more difficult than it seems. But it works extremely efficiently.

    9. Dance to offbeat music

    Habitual rhythms keep you tight. Tango salon or speedy timba leave little room for experimentation and fantasy. Pattern dancing is always noticeable and is reserved for beginners.

    The truly new is born outside of the usual. Look for places to experiment. If there is no place, organize self-training. The main thing is not to get carried away, because music determines the style. We bring something new to pair dances, rather than trying to change them.

    Search, improvise, don’t be afraid to go beyond, develop in different directions, be inspired by music atypical for the style

    10. Try your hand at basic dance directions

    dances exist according to their own non-choreographic laws.

    This is the deepest delusion, which has turned into a ceiling for the qualitative development of partner dances. After all, all professional dancers, for example, in salsa or bachata, build their ideas on the basic choreographic principles.

    Do not think that choreography is only applicable on stage. Any meaningful movement of the body can be choreographic. In general, try classical or modern choreography. Basically, hip-hop can work too.

    11. Look for battle sensations

    Pair dances return us to an active position of manifestation of our body. As in the days of our ancient ancestors, we impress the members of the opposite sex by how dexterous, hardy, sexy, etc. we are. Modern laws of the jungle in the entourage of large cities.

    If you look around the dance floor, it becomes clear that the majority are clearly herbivores (not in the sense of vegetarians, but in relation to those around them). I am sure that predators are always more interesting in terms of the attractiveness of the image - try to find a counterbalance among herbivores, for example, a cat woman or a lion man.

    The conversation is about an internal position, not about aggressiveness. Lability and lack of control are inherent in adolescents, and not in adult self-sufficient people.

    Accordingly, even a training or friendly battle gives, on the one hand, practical skills - to make a bright sequence of movements, bring an idea to a climax, show a spectacular feature, on the other hand, develops the psychological basis of the dance - self-confidence, resistance to extraneous attention, self-control and self-control in complex elements.

    12. Communicate with professionals

    The environment shapes the internal position. Basically, real passionaries of the dance community are ready to openly talk, discuss and support the development of dance in every possible way. Universal principles and the ideas they articulate have a much longer and more practical perspective than meets the eye.

    Accept that, for example, behind the words "listen to your partner" is not only a beautiful metaphor, but also a practical skill to literally listen to your partner. At the same time, always treat every thought, even the most respected teacher, as a private opinion.

    Your skill will lie in finding the scope of the idea even in conflicting opinions. Most often, the contradiction is speculative and the truth lies in the angle of perception or situationality.

    Your dancing growth will stop sooner or later. This can happen at the level of three basic steps or years of experience in teaching and show performances. Regardless of your level, the suggested 12 life hacks can get you off the ground and greatly accelerate your dance growth. There is no way here without your motivation and activity. Take your dance development into your own hands. 9Ol000 Dangerous sexuality

    Salsa: destroyers of stereotypes

    Couple dancing as a source of strength.

    Self-destruction of the couple dance community

    The Salsa series as a mirror of the community

    Mamita Fridays: salsa, bachata

    Destroying the myths about leading pair dances

    Does dancing make us better?

    The seven deadly sins of teachers

    Why we will never dance bachata like the Dominicans

    Why tango?

    Dispute over musicality

    Selection of dances according to alcohol preferences

    Where to find inspiration for dancing?

    Terrible tango nuevo

    Distribution of roles in a salsa party

    Argentinean tango through the eyes of a salsa dancer

    Is there a predisposition to dancing?

    Which is more effective: individual or group lessons?

    Sexual overtones in partner dancing

    simple moves, life hacks and tips.

    What is club dancing

    Home > Insulation > How beautiful it is to move in a club. How to dance in a club for a guy: simple moves, life hacks and tips. What is club dancing

    Many guys often have complexes in clubs because of their inability to dance (moreover, girls usually do not bother). In this article I will tell you all the most important knowledge, but the end result depends only on your desire:)

    Choosing the right dance style

    First of all, pay attention to the music. Not all styles of dance will look good with different styles of dance. Trendy clubs often play popular rnb or electronic music. If you don't want to bother or just don't know we recommend you - the most versatile style of dance, but you will have to pay for versatility with a longer training period. However, if you know for sure that electronic music plays in the club then it is worth learning at least the basic movements of tectonics. If you go to a specialized club that plays dubstep or drum-n-bass, then the situation is much more complicated than in a typical one.

    Presenting two videos, one showing hip-hop, the other electro:


    Tektonik (Electro)

    Before learning the movements

    An important point needs to be made clear: you dance to the music rather than showing an acrobatic performance.

    2) Try to diversify your movements. Use foot movements, here it is worth mentioning that according to statistics (and from personal experience) girls focus more on guys who make more leg movements.

    3) Dance is again not a competition, and if you dance with a serious face for 5 minutes and sit down wet with sweat back to the table you will quickly get tired of all this. Learn to relax and use your energy in a measured manner.

    4) Very often people ask about the terms of training. They directly depend on the frequency of training, your preparedness and your desire. I will say this, with regular classes at least 2 times a week for an hour you will see the result in a month and a half . You already you will be dance at a higher level than 90% of the guys in the club (I speak from my own experience).

    Summing up and starting training

    We have learned the basic postulates, now we can go directly to the study of training video lessons.

    Any girl wants her leisure time to be rich, interesting and useful. Many of the fair sex attend a dance school. Very good, because it is a guarantee of good physical and psychological health. According to doctors, dancing should be practiced regardless of profession, age and gender. Movement tones blood vessels, muscles and joints, which has a positive effect on well-being.

    Scientists have proven that people who regularly attend dance classes or dance at home have strong immunity and a stable metabolism. Dancing classes contribute to the disappearance of problems associated with the spine. Posture becomes perfectly even. If you're wondering how to stop slouching, sign up for a dance class.

    Dancing will make your walk beautiful and graceful. Dancing is the perfect solution for the insecure and notorious. Rhythmic movements liberate, add confidence and activate the desire to communicate.

    What is club dancing?

    Club dances came to Russia from the West. In the 80s of the last century, the first nightclubs began to open, in which dance music sounded and young people gathered. In our country, club dances were "born" in the disco style, then break dance gradually came into fashion. Club dances have been constantly modified, added, and are now a mixture of styles and cultures. Club dance music consists of compositions of RNB styles, hip-hop, techno, street jazz, old life-affirming disco is not forgotten.

    The fundamentals of club culture have also changed. If earlier it was believed that only young people dance in a nightclub, now more and more mature and respectable people appear on the dance floors. Parties, corporate events, meetings of friends and birthdays are held in such places.

    Therefore, there is a need to learn how to dance to club music from people of different ages. After all, having come to the club, you don’t want to look ridiculous among the dancing people at all. The surge in the popularity of club dances led to the formation of special groups for beginners in dance schools. But not everyone has the opportunity to attend such classes. How to learn to dance club dances on your own?

    Rhythm is the basis of club dance, as we found out, music can be different. Otherwise, the dancer is given complete freedom. Club dance does not imply restriction of movements, the most important condition is that it must be beautiful and free.

    Let's get into the club dance atmosphere

    Do a little exploration: come to the club and sit at the bar and watch the dancing girls. As you can see, most of the girls dance without any complex movements, and their manner is about the same. Highlight what you like and take these movements to your arsenal. Note that from the outside it looks clearly unsuccessful and, accordingly, do not use such a manner in your dance.

    Consider the possibilities of your clothes and shoes, it is unlikely that a tectonist will succeed in heels. Dress comfortably so that your clothes do not restrict your body.

    Entering the dance floor, do not immediately rush to actively dance, waving everything you can. Smoothly adjust to the rhythm of the music, tune in internally. Start the movements lightly and gradually increase their activity.

    Finally, and most importantly, relax and don't be nervous. Dancing will be natural only when you feel free. Believe me, those who dance around don't care, they are resting and they don't care about you. Therefore, move as you feel comfortable, without pinching or limiting yourself. Gradually increase the complexity of the combinations and you will succeed.

    How should a guy behave in a club?

    1. If you are in a club, try to relax. Don't think that dancing will be unfashionable. Release emotions and have fun. It will turn out to move beautifully if the movements are relaxed and confident.
    2. Listen to the rhythm on the dance floor. Strive to match his movements. Improvise. If you constantly dance in a pattern, it will quickly get boring.
    3. Only a person with a flexible body and excellent plasticity dances beautifully. Keep fit by exercising and exercising.

    With the help of simple recommendations, any guy can quickly learn to dance. If you manage to put your soul into the dance, the fair sex will surely shower you with admiring glances. A beautiful dance will help you get to know your body and get to know the inner world.

    How to dance in a club for boys and girls?

    • To questions, how to dance in a disco for a girl and how to dance at a disco for a guy, there is only one answer - beautiful, fun, relaxed and comfortable for each other. A lesson in a dance school will help you with this. Now there are a lot of dance schools and studios of different directions. We offer free trial lessons, you can come, watch and be sure to practice dancing. Try the simplest movements yourself, remember them and polish them at home.
    • Of course, the best option would be to enroll in a course at one of their schools and learn how to dance Latin American dances. It is not difficult to learn how to dance salsa and bachata correctly and beautifully. You just need to believe that every person is able to dance, relax their shoulders and arms, let go of tight muscles, smile and surrender to the will of music and feelings.
    • In the classroom we will learn the movements, then we will try the learned movements in pairs. And after a few lessons, you will be able to confidently enter the club if you have been embarrassed to go there until now. After all, now you know how to dance in the club.
    • If something doesn't work out for you as well as for others, there is only one way out - smile. The most powerful weapon against all sorts of mistakes is a disarming charming smile. If you smile, everything will be forgiven for you, both angularity in the first lessons, and not completely polished movements, and suddenly losing the rhythm. You study and you dance. There is no wrong dance if you are not in a competition. But what if it suddenly turns out that there are fewer guys than girls? There is nothing wrong with salsa if the girl herself comes up and invites the guy, instead of standing at the wall all evening without waiting for a single invitation.
    • What to do if suddenly your partner dances better than you? Rejoice, because you have a unique opportunity to improve your skills. If a girl wants to dance, but she is not yet successful, you can tell your partner about it, and he will be happy to help and will do everything possible to make the dance unforgettable. If a guy knows how to dance in a club , but his legs are not yet so agile, it is worth remembering that all girls without exception love to dance. And the girl will be grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate her skills and, of course, will forgive you if you suddenly make a small inaccuracy. And let your salsa or bachata bring you joy and pleasure, even if it doesn’t work right away.

    How to learn to dance club dances: go-go

    This is the most popular dance for girls in nightclubs. Girls dancing go-go are graceful and plastic, the real stars of the dance floor. They are warmly welcomed on the dance floors of trendy nightclubs. This is explained very simply: they can ignite the audience of the club, create a cheerful atmosphere with their perky dance and excellent appearance. Go-go dance is characterized by emancipation and sexuality of movements, transitions from smooth bends to active jumps. The most correct way to teach dance movements is by specialists in a dance school, because for a beautiful dance it is important not only to hear and feel the music, you must be able to control the body, put your emotions into the dance.

    At home, you can learn basic go-go moves and combinations, so you can simply dance in a club and impress your friends. To do this, it is best to use video tutorials for beginners.

    To imagine the go-go dance moves, let's do a few things:

    1. We stand straight, hands on the belt. We take 2 steps forward with the right foot, then step with the right foot to the side. For each step, we move the shoulder forward. We bend over, then raise the torso up, sliding the palms along the front of the legs. We raise the right hand behind the head, then the left.
    2. We continue the movements from the previous figure. We transfer the center of gravity to the right thigh, at this time we connect the elbows of the hands in front of us, the palms behind the head. Now we transfer the center of gravity to the left thigh, straighten our arms in front of us, connecting the hands.

    It is more convenient to learn to dance by watching videos, where you can see the plasticity of girls-dancers, learn beautiful movements of arms and legs. Even if you do not apply all these compositions on the dance floor, you will learn how to move and dance beautifully. And too erotic elements of the dance can be saved for your beloved man.

    How to dance freely in a club?

    Do you want to throw something on the dance floor? Make an intimate proposal or just have fun with a hint? Read this article and learn all about how to dance cheekily. After learning what and how, test your new skills in a club or at a party.


    1. Wait for the right music. While waiting for hip-hop or house to play, scout the dance floor for partners for a cheeky dance.
    2. Approach the girl you like. If she notices you and acknowledges your presence, ask if she would like to dance. A light touch and a phrase like “Hi, do you want to dance?” Should suffice. There is less chance of success if you suddenly just approach her and start dancing.
    3. Get into position. Usually, to start such a dance, the guy stands behind the girl, however, it is also possible face to face. Look at your partner and smile. Run your hands through her hair (don't overdo it). Take her hands and do a little salsa movement, back and forth.
    4. Act according to circumstances. Never ask a girl if she wants to dance freely. Instead, keep a distance between your hips to begin with. If the partner starts rapprochement, then you can get close too. Of course, if this is your friend and you know that everything is in order, act more boldly.
    5. Dance with her against her hips. Usually the guy is behind the girl, but this is of course optional.
      • If you are in front, turn your butt at the level of your partner's crotch. Now you are in control.
      • If you are following a girl, follow her movements. You can press against each other with your hips, or your leg can be between her legs. Just do not forget to change position from time to time, otherwise muscle cramps will begin, especially if the partner is much lower.
    6. Place your hands on your partner's hips. Later, if her gestures suggest she doesn't mind, her hands can be moved higher.
    7. When she shakes her booty, which is to be expected, leave your hands on her hips and freeze for a few seconds, then continue as before.
    8. Dance loosely in a group. Sometimes a group of people start doing it in a chain. Typically, you will see a group of men and women changing places, or only women. Sometimes two girls dance with one guy: one in front, one behind; and the rest join. Don't hesitate and do what you want.
    9. Refused - do not lose heart. Many girls in clubs and parties just want to dance and have fun on their own.
      • If a girl says “no” to an offer to dance, just say “ok” or “no problem”. Step back and ask another girl.
      • If you were refused by everyone - come off on the dance floor alone. You never know, the girl who refused you, seeing how cool you are, could change her mind.

    The girl is an air creature. Their movements are plastic and beautiful, and they dance, as a rule, gracefully and attractively. Ease in dancing is natural for girls, but sometimes they need help to learn it. How to dance a girl in a club and what movements are in fashion now? Welcome to our helpful tips!

    Now there are dance floors and clubs in almost every village, and the question of the correct dance technique is very relevant. It used to be possible just to twitch, shifting from foot to foot, but now the quality of the dance among the regulars of club venues has increased significantly. This is not surprising, because quite a few directions have appeared and a lot of room for developing their own style, which many have rushed to take advantage of. Guys, of course, it's easier - break and tectonics seem to be made for them. Girls traditionally receive more demands, they are expected to be more graceful and plastic. Simple rules and a simple home workout will teach you how to dance freely and beautifully, delighting the visitors in the club with your confidence.


    At home, see how plastic you are and what you do better. To do this, stand in front of a mirror and try to move only your hips, leaving your shoulders, arms and legs motionless. If it doesn’t work out and at the same time the whole body is dancing, then you will have to work on yourself. Listen to your body, feel each part of it separately. The beauty of the dance is influenced by the amplitude of movements: high and sweeping will give you energy and expression, low - grace and tenderness.

    Now there are a lot of videos on the Internet on different dance styles. Girls who do this professionally will share how to move, explain which parts of the body are involved in this and demonstrate various tricks in detail. You can watch one of the videos below.

    You can learn how to dance and pick up fashionable movements by watching various tricks and tricks in video clips.

    Scroll your favorite combinations of pelvic rotations and steps in your head. Think about how you can move your arms. Try it right away, do you like your look? Dance at home to different music, change its tempo and try it. Feel free to improvise.

    Joining the club dance atmosphere

    Do a little reconnaissance: come to the club and sit at the bar and watch the dancing girls. As you can see, most of the girls dance without any complex movements, and their manner is about the same. Highlight what you like and take these movements to your arsenal. Note that from the outside it looks clearly unsuccessful and, accordingly, do not use such a manner in your dance.

    Consider the possibilities of your clothes and shoes, it is unlikely that a tectonist will succeed in heels. Dress comfortably so that your clothes do not restrict your body.

    Entering the dance floor, do not immediately rush to dance actively, waving everything you can. Smoothly adjust to the rhythm of the music, tune in internally. Start the movements lightly and gradually increase their activity.

    And finally, the most important thing - relax and don't be nervous. Dancing will be natural only when you feel free. Believe me, those who dance around don't care, they are resting and they don't care about you. Therefore, move as you feel comfortable, without pinching or limiting yourself. Gradually increase the complexity of the combinations and you will succeed.


    If you want your movements to look beautiful, the first thing to do is to listen to the rhythm of the music. Relax, discard all doubts and insecurities, do not think about how it should be right in the club. Just as a musician tunes his instrument before playing anything, tune in to the rhythm of the music and let your body move to it first. You should not start immediately "hang out" in full, otherwise you will quickly get tired and will not last long on the dance floor. Do not start with sudden movements, they act on unheated muscles.

    Your second task is to feel your body, feel lightness and freedom in every movement. Club dance just implies complete freedom in the choice of movements, which implies emancipation. However, do not go beyond the bounds of decency, do not allow yourself to be vulgar. If you want to look sexy, let there be sexuality in your dance, it is more effective than banal frankness.

    Good improvisation will help you to dance in a stylish and unique club. If you know at least a few simple dance moves, they can be combined into a huge variety of different combinations. When you dance in a club, take a closer look: there will probably be several professional dancers in it. You can watch them and try to repeat a couple of movements you like. It will turn out both beautiful and original. In the same way, you can note to yourself a few spectacular movements of those dancing nearby, and then include these movements in your complex.

    Club shoes imply body flexibility and good plasticity. If you do not do fitness or at least exercise, lead a sedentary lifestyle, but decide to move around and “light up” in the club, then this is the wrong approach. To dance in a club, you need to be in good physical shape. If you engage in any kind or sport, it will raise your vitality and allow you to be in good physical shape.

    In addition, at least a minimum initial training will not hurt. If you want to attract attention in a club or just dance spectacularly, then you need to practice a little at home. Practice in front of a mirror, turn on club music, select some of the most effective moves that you have done impromptu, and work them out. Even better, if you get a training CD with club dance lessons. You can also find online lessons on the Internet. In the end, you can simply play the dance you like in slow motion on the video and practice it until you can dance at a fast, fiery pace. Such exercises will create a good mood and cheerful mood for the whole day.

    If you think that there is no limit to perfection and want to learn how to dance club dances at a professional level, you should enroll in a dance studio or fitness club where they are taught. Club dances will help you recharge with positive energy, relieve adrenaline, lose weight, develop coordination and plasticity of movements and make you an adornment of any dance floor.

    This is a place where you can be free from the boring images of everyday life. Here you can have a great time with friends, light up, have fun and, of course, dance to your favorite music.

    In a web of insecurities

    But not everyone can throw off their stiffness and join the dance. Some people are hesitant to step onto the dance floor, afraid of being ridiculed for their ridiculous moves. They prefer to sit at the table, with envy accompanying the eyes of the lucky ones who were lucky in their childhood to be not in a cross-stitch circle, but in a choreographic studio. Gradually, their self-esteem, and after it their mood, roll down to zero, and the desire to have fun is replaced by the desire to leave this celebration of life for the elect. Familiar situation? If even a hint of a positive answer flashed through your thoughts, you need to urgently save the situation.

    How to learn to dance in a disco so that you yourself become an object of envy? Let's try to figure it out.

    Everything is much simpler

    95% of guys and girls who fill the dance floors of modern clubs, in principle, do not know how to dance. They have no choreographic training, they do not know the complex movements developed by famous dance directors, and even the training videos "How to learn to dance in a disco" passed by their eyes. Nevertheless, many of them blend quite harmoniously into the atmosphere of dance clubs. What is their secret? No, this is not a great gift, not a miracle and not magic. It is the ability to feel the rhythm and move to the beat. Yes, yes, if you plan to become a frequent visitor to discos and an active participant in the dance performance, you need to learn to feel the music. Nothing without this.

    In reality, dancing in a disco is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Dance is an expression of feelings in motion. Ladies are more emotional, so it is easier for a girl to learn how to dance at a disco than for a guy. But the representatives of the stronger sex are able to comprehend the art of dance. Move as you feel, but do not go too far. In order to understand how your dancing feelings are acceptable for visual perception, depict your dance at home, in front of a mirror. So you can look at yourself from the side, understand which of your movements look attractive, and which ones need to be cut out without any doubt.

    Green light on the dance floor!

    Of course, nothing adds confidence like perfect knowledge of your business. A mathematician can easily solve a complex equation, even if he wakes up in the middle of the night, a historian at any moment will tell about the exact chronology of important events, and a dancer will gladly show some original steps to complete strangers. In other words, in order to learn how to learn how to dance in a disco and conquer everyone with your dance, you need to be patient and prepare for the training course.

    The most effective way is to go to a trendy dance studio or hire a private teacher. But this is not affordable for everyone.

    Fortunately, modern technology allows you to learn almost any skill on your own. Today, there are a great many step-by-step training videos that allow you to master the art of dancing and understand how beautiful it is to dance in a disco.

    Do not try to become a professional in the world of dance in a few days, learning complex steps and combinations. Start with the basics. Learn one simple move at a time to hone your skills. When you have enough moves in your arsenal, try to combine and alternate them, inventing your own dance style. Gradually, you will understand how to learn how to dance in a disco and not be shy, because you will have something to show on the dance floor.

    Initial arsenal of movements

    If your imagination does not have a creative springboard and is not at all aimed at creating new dance movements, use the set of existing ones that will help you figure out how to dance at a disco for a girl:

    Move your body from side to side;
    - make swinging movements with your hips;
    - depict snake-like head movements;
    - make circular movements with your shoulders;
    - draw waves with your hands;
    - hold your back gracefully;
    - do not forget about the movement of the legs, move them smoothly and progressively.

    1. Be relaxed and don't be shy. Remember that people on the dance floor are more focused on maintaining their image than on discussing others.

    2. Listen to music and catch the tempo. The melody will help you tune in to the right wave.

    3. Observe the movements that people use during this or that dance. Perhaps some of them will successfully fit into your style.

    4. Enjoy your movements. Remember that dancing in a disco is not an exam. This is your freedom of action.

    5. Improvise. Perhaps you will find the style that everyone will be delighted with.

    Perfect Look

    So you've learned some cool dance moves and are ready to show them to the entire dance floor. But in order to become a real disco star, it is not enough to move well, you need to complement your skills with an interesting visual image.

    For a night out in the club, choose original clothing with custom cuts and shimmery textures. Do not be afraid to be original, because the disco is the place where people strive to stand out from the gray mass.

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