How to sing and dance without running out of breath

How to Sing & Dance at the Same Time like Beyoncé & Kpop Idols BTS

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Learning how to sing and dance at the same time could take your performance to the next level. However, it is very challenging, technically and physically.

You should aim to get physically fit before you sing while you dance. Learning your moves and lyrics is essential but you need to have excellent breath control to put them together. You also need a lot of stamina to be able to perform night after night.

A good dancer’s diet along with some great exercises will help you sing and dance at the same time. Find out how Beyoncé and Kpop superstars like BTS can sing and dance for hours and make it look effortless.

Is it possible to sing and dance at the same time?

  • Learn the song and dance separately
  • Start with lip-syncing
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Improve your stamina
  • Sing while you exercise
  • Bring it all together


Learn the song and dance separately

Your first step should be to sing the song as well as you can without dancing. The same goes for dancing without singing. This will ingrain the fundamentals of both parts into your head. It’s also good to brush up on your skills as a singer and dancer before you commit to bringing the two disciplines together.

2. Try lip-syncing

A great way to move forward is to dance and lip-sync instead of singing. This will help you get your dance moves down alongside learning the lyrics. You won’t have to focus on your pitching and projection, which will allow your breathing to stay synced with your dancing. 

Many artists actually lip-sync in their live shows. This can be when they have a lot of dancing to do or when there is a big production with no time for a sound check. For example, artists sometimes lip-sync for the Superbowl because the stage is set up at the interval.

Do they lip sync in Kpop?

Many fans wonder how Kpop idols sing and dance at the same time so flawlessly. Kpop is a very dance-heavy genre of music and acts like BTS often perform complicated dance routines whilst singing. So are they lip syncing or not?

How do Kpop idols sing and dance at the same time?

There is typically a backing vocal track with most Kpop performances. This can include lead vocals but is mostly harmonies. Kpop singers will sing alongside this but won’t usually sing when their dance moves are intense. 

The singers spend a lot of time singing independently. This allows one or two of them to move less while the others take the spotlight with their dancing. You’ll notice that when they are singing and dancing that their feet are planted or they are walking. This way they don’t have to think about their footwork whilst singing.

3. Focus on your breathing

Singing and dancing both require excellent breath control. You might find it very difficult to sing and dance at the same time purely because you’re unable to manage your breathing. This is why you need to plan your breaths.

Breathing should be considered as much as a note of dance move. Breathing is more essential for singing so you will want to plan your breathing with your lyrics. Dance and lip sync slowly but add your breaths. Gradually build it up until you can start singing. 

You might want to add more breaths once you start dancing. You’ll realise how much energy you’re putting into your performance and find that your planned breaths aren’t enough. Try dropping lyrics at points where you need to focus on dancing if you’re using a backing track.

Why is breathing important in dance?

Your heart rate and breathing increases as you dance. You will start to get out of breath and light headed if your breathing can’t keep up. This will prevent you from performing as well as you should and you’ll definitely struggle to sing.

What is the use of breath in dance?

Breathing can be incorporated into part of your dance routine. Some move may require you to make your body seem bigger. You should inhale along with the beat to push out your lungs. The same can be done for moves where you want your body to be smaller. Instead of inhaling, exhale and let all of your breath out.

How do you breathe while dancing?

The best way to breathe is with your diaphragm. This applies to both dancing and singing. It is a muscle located above your stomach that moves as you breathe. Breathing with your diaphragm is the most efficient way to fill your lungs with air because it moves down as you inhale, which helps suck in air.

If you breathe with your chest then you can make your body tense. It can also result in you feeling more anxious. You should practice breathing with your diaphragm when you sing and dance. You should also do breathing exercises when you aren’t singing or dancing. This will help you stop breathing with your chest subconsciously.

4. Improve your stamina

Your stamina needs to be high if your planning on dancing and singing, especially if you want to tour. You will need to build up your stamina as a dancer and as a singer. This won’t happen overnight but it’s never too soon to start doing the right thing.

How to dance without getting tired

Make sure your diet is balanced because this will be the fuel for your energy. Understand that you’re putting a lot of muscles under stress. A poor diet can lead to your muscles recovering more slowly, which can damage them if you dance before they’ve healed. 

You should dance regularly to improve your fitness. If you aren’t dancing a lot then you should still exercise. Going into an intense training routine before a performance will be very difficult if you aren’t physically fit enough to handle it. If you aren’t able to exercise, the least you could do is stretch to maintain your flexibility.

Your technique is also important, especially for more technical forms such as ballet. Regularly work on your fundamentals, including holding your body and distributing your weight correctly. 

Finally, always warm up and warm down your muscles. This will help them cope with long dance sessions and really reduce your risk of injury. Don’t forget to have rest days to let your body recover and prepare it for the next day of dancing.

Singing stamina

Your vocal cords and larynx need to be warmed up and exercised just like any other muscle in your body. Like dancing, this will prevent damage to your vocal muscles in the long term and will make it easier to perform for a long period of time.

Your technique will also go a long way in improving your vocal stamina. You ideally want to start with strengthening your diaphragm for breathing. From there, keep your larynx positioned low and balance your vocal resonance so that you are able to hit high notes with less effort.  

Putting too much strain on your voice will make it more difficult for you to sing long sets. If you are dancing at the same time then it is really going to become challenging to maintain your energy levels. The key is to be as efficient as possible without sacrificing quality in your voice or your dance moves.

5. Sing while you exercise

If you haven’t already noticed, you need to be really physically fit to be able to sing and dance at the same time. Once you’ve worked on your breathing and stamina, you should start looking at singing while you exercise.

Is singing a form of exercise?

Singing is actually a form of exercise but it doesn’t focus on the same muscles as other forms of exercise. Practising vocal exercises will help you work out the muscles needed to sing. However, it won’t work out other muscles needed for dancing and improve your cardio.

Working out and singing

Working out while you sing is a great way to get used to singing and exercising before you start singing and dancing. Dancing requires a lot more cognitive effort than lifting weights or running does. If you start running and singing, you can put your planned breathing into practice and improve your stamina.

Does running make you a better singer?

Running and any form of exercise will make you fitter and it can also have a lot of mental benefits. This will make you a better singer and performer. When singers end up at huge stadium shows then they have to cover a lot of ground to work the stage. Running and improving your fitness will be a great way to prepare your body for these massive stages. 

Is singing while running good?

Singing whilst running is good if you are preparing yourself to sing and dance professionally. Beyoncé’s celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins stands by this by making her and other performers sing and run. If you can sing and run then it builds your stamina and makes it significantly easier to sing and dance.

Jenkins also goes a step further by adding altitude masks and hot conditions. We definitely wouldn’t recommend this unless you are absolutely certain that you can handle it. In fact, you shouldn’t jump into singing and running. You could find yourself really out of breath and doing damage to your voice if you aren’t careful.

Singing while you exercise should only be practised if you’re already physically fit and singing with a good technique. Build yourself up to it if you are going to try it. If you can get to this stage then you will be ready to sing and dance.

6. Bring it all together

Hopefully, you have learnt your dance moves and lyrics with your lip syncing. Your breathing should be planned out and your increased stamina will help you maintain a good standard of performance. The only thing that is left is to sing while you perform. 

Practice in a dance studio and film yourself. You’ll be able to see how well your moves are going and whether you’re hitting the right notes. Remember that if you are in a group then you all need to be physically fit enough to perform the same routine. Keep practising and it should all come together in an amazing performance.

Who are your favourite artists that know how to sing and dance at the same time? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Sing While Dancing: 5 Essential Training Tips

It's easy to think you're not talented enough if you can't sing and dance like other singers on stage. But it's actually not as easy as it looks and takes a good deal of training. Anyone can train themselves to dance while they sing, and this article will show you how.

Singing and dancing at the same time requires a healthy body and voice through exercise and a balanced diet. You also need to learn to control your breathing and practice singing while moving or exercising. The song and dance should then be memorised separately before attempting them together.

I have outlined these points clearly below so that you have a step-by-step guide to training yourself to dance and sing at the same time. You also might be interested to know that many famous singers struggle with this too, which I will explain further down.

1. Exercise Your Muscles

In order to sing and dance at the same time, you need to be fit. Otherwise you will become tired and breathless very quickly. This is because muscles that are not strong enough have to work harder to keep up.

When muscles are working hard, they need more oxygen, which your heart delivers through your blood. In order to deliver more oxygen, your heart rate increases and you start breathing faster. If you exercise regularly, your muscles will become stronger and won't have to work as hard.

Stretching and Exercising Your Muscles

Before you dance or do any exercise, you need to warm up with stretches. Below are some good stretches to consider.

  • Touch your toes
  • Reach for the sky
  • Forward lunges
  • Side reaches
  • Rolling your shoulders

From there, it's just a matter of improving your fitness. This can be through any cardio activity; running, star jumps, dancing (even just with a dance mat). Whatever exercise you choose, it just needs to be something that gets your heart pumping.

Exercising Your Voice

Exercising your voice involves all the vocal warmups your singing teacher has given you. These exercises can be used to warm up your voice before a performance or as a way of strengthening your voice.

Great vocal exercises include scales, sirens, yawns and puppy dog whimpers. You can find out how to do these warmups here (sirens and whimpers) and here (yawns and other exercises to control the voice).

These exercises engage various muscles in your voice box and stretch them so they can work more effectively. This also prevents damage to your vocal cords when you sing.

2. Learn to Control Your Breathing

Your breathing is mainly controlled by your diaphragm. By learning to control your diaphragm, you can control how much air you breathe in and how much can escape as you sing and dance.

The key is to let as little air out as possible when you sing (to avoid puffing) and to take deep breaths when you can.

You can teach yourself to let air out slowly and strengthen your diaphragm by doing regular breathing exercises. You can find breathing exercises in this article. You can then run through your song to determine the best places to take a deep breath. This is usually after a phrase or between the verse, chorus or bridge.

It is very easy to become breathless when you dance, so try to concentrate on breathing deeply and regularly.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating healthy will give you the energy you need to dance while you sing and keep you hydrated. Processed foods often contain simply energy sources that burn quickly and leave you feeling tired. The energy from healthy food options is often more complex, providing a slow-burning fuel-source.

Eating healthy will also prevent excess mucous or a dry sore throat after you sing. In saying that, there are still some healthy foods, like cheese, that can affect your voice. Here is a guide to the main foods you should avoid before singing.

Another benefit to eating healthy is that your body will be more efficient at energy production and carrying oxygen to the muscles. Iron, in particular, which is found in red meats and green leafy vegetables, will allow the blood to carry more oxygen at a time. This means you are not as likely to be puffing for air.

4. Practice Singing and Moving

Before you run, you need to walk. This saying is very relevant to your current situation. You need to learn to carry out basic movements while singing before you are ready to take on a dance.

You can practice this in a number of ways, which you can find below. Choose whatever you are comfortable with and work up from there.

  • Sing while vacuuming
  • Sing while walking
  • Sing while jogging
  • Sing while emptying the dishwasher
  • Sing while jumping (on a trampoline is more fun)

I'm sure there are many other ways you can think of singing while you move around. But whichever you choose, make sure you focus on breathing regularly and singing steadily. You can even start by just trying to hold one note. Just keeping that single note steady while jogging or jumping can be hard.

Don't be discouraged if you find this difficult. This will be something that, if you keep practising everyday, you'll realise one day that it has become second nature. Don't be afraid to try singing to basic dance moves either, like doing the grapevine back and forth.

5. Memorise the Song and Dance

Once you have checked off the four steps above, your body should be ready to sing and dance at the same time. So the last step is memorising your music and your dance moves.

Learn to sing your song separately to learning the dance moves until you can do each without thinking. For your song, you need to make sure the lyrics are second-nature and you know exactly what melody you need to sing. You should also practice all the high notes until they come easily as well (here are a few tips on how to sing higher).

For your dance, make sure there are no moves that make you stumble. You should also be able to do them while maintaining a conversation with someone. This proves that you are ready to incorporate singing into your dancing.

Once you master this, you're going to look and sound absolutely fabulous!

The Reality of Most Famous Singers

You may have looked at all of the above and thought that singing and dancing is a lot harder than you thought. If that's the case, don't be discouraged. The truth is, many famous singers are thinking the same thing.

In fact, many singers use a little trick that we like to call lip-syncing. When a singer is performing a complicated dance, they often have a recording playing in the background that allows them to stop singing and mouth the lyrics. This means they can concentrate on their dance moves and then start singing again when they're ready.

Another trick is to simplify their dance moves while they're singing. If you watch some singers, you'll notice that they dance the most when they're not singing and then will walk around the stage more when they do sing. This means they don't have to think about their footwork while singing.

There are most certainly singers out there that are incredibly talented at singing and dancing at the same time, but these people work very hard to do that. If you work hard, you'll find that you can sing and dance at the same time too.

"Foreshortening" by Andrey Anokhin. On foot from hypertension and shortness of breath - Amurskaya Pravda

Do you want to be beautiful and healthy? Stop believing fitness trainers. They often say, they say, time for the gym can be carved out in any of the busiest schedules. They are in this gym from morning to evening, they simply have nowhere to go - this is their job. All the rest of the house has seven benches. Today is an art studio, tomorrow a speech therapist, the day after tomorrow preparing for a matinee and endless homework. And it's also expensive. And it's not even about the subscription fee. The cost of uniforms in sports stores has long set absolute and not at all sports records. Plus a sports menu of selected products.

What to do? If it is not possible to visit the gym, then we begin to live in its conditions, or rather, we combine business with pleasure. Now let me tell you about my own experience. For a couple of months of the off-season, I easily lose the extra four to five kilograms accumulated over the winter and summer. I do this without any painful diets and exhausting workouts.

On foot for hypertension and shortness of breath

I can't stand running. Because it's boring, boring and inconvenient. You don’t run a lot to work, there is no soul there, but colleagues are around. You can run away from work, but even here there are “cons”. On the way home, you must definitely go to a store, a pharmacy and an Uzbek from a fruit stall.

Velik is a cool thing, but in urban conditions it is nothing more than a pleasant, environmentally friendly mode of transport. The return from it will be only if you live in the village of Aeroport, and work in the area of ​​​​Pervomaisky Park in Blagoveshchensk. Overcoming twice a day for 20 kilometers, you can achieve impressive results. Alas.

Vehicle? There is nothing to talk about here. The city dweller behind the wheel is a potential hypertensive patient. By the age of forty, shortness of breath, pressure drops and widespread cellulite are guaranteed. After the office, yes, in an easy chair in a leather interior ... The same applies to public transport. The exception is people whose children have already grown up or are single. The car really helps them to keep up everywhere, including the gym. The rest is walking. In the conditions of Blagoveshchensk, this is the most useful way to travel. He has no contraindications for age or health, he is available to everyone from oligarchs to state employees.

Evaporation of cakes

In the spring, in three months, I managed to reduce my own weight from 85 to 80 kilograms. With a height of 182 centimeters, the proportions are ideal. I’ll make a reservation right away - there are no dietary restrictions. My daily route between the intersection of Shimanovsky - Amurskaya and Kalininsky crossing. If you believe the navigator, it turns out 4.5 kilometers one way. In the time equivalent of 45-50 minutes. The same amount of time is spent on a full workout in the gym. By the way, by car at rush hour, it takes 25-30 minutes on the same road, so the difference is not big.

About 9 kilometers per day. Taking into account the kindergarten, circles, shops and speech therapists, all 15 kilometers are “wound”. At the same time, almost 900 calories are burned daily, or 200 grams of subcutaneous fat per week. I think it's worth it.

In the evening, at dinner, with a calm soul, I cut salted lard into slices, and in the afternoon I indulge myself with a couple of cakes. Preferably protein. You know, there are those with a crispy crust, white and airy. Here they are, then evaporate without a trace somewhere on the way to the house. Spring and autumn are the best periods for walking. As they say, neither cold nor hot.

Mexican lambada tempo

It's a good idea to take extra weight on the road to enhance the effect. Alternatively, dumbbells. Alas, carrying them with you from morning to evening is not always convenient. At one time, I puzzled over the search for an alternative for a long time. As a result, I settled on plastic, one and a half liter bottles. In the morning on the way to work, we put them in a backpack. A couple of pieces is enough. At this time they should be empty. After sleep, it is better not to force the body.

In the evening we fill them with water, screw the lids tightly and “scratch in the cold” home, preferably at the pace of the Mexican lambada. In a couple of weeks we catch ourselves thinking and wishing. The blood is driven through the vessels at the speed of a new pump, knocking out all the hints of congestion, cholesterol plaques and other unnecessary rubbish. Like in that Indian movie - you want to sing and dance. In the event of an emergency, water bottles can be easily emptied onto a nearby lawn or thrown into the nearest container. Little loss.

Walking has no contraindications due to age or health, it is available to everyone from oligarchs to state employees.

Press the bars, dear comrades!

Walking has one undeniable minus - over time, you want more. As soon as shortness of breath disappears, blood pressure is restored, it becomes easier to breathe, you can come up with new problems for yourself. We lay out our daily route, taking into account the sports features of our city. Any school has a horizontal bar and parallel bars, street simulators are easily found on every square kilometer.

You can pull up, but, in my opinion, the best exercise in the history of mankind should be considered push-ups on the uneven bars. He can safely erect a monument. This is the base that strengthens the whole body, while the metabolism is activated along the way. A couple of sets for the maximum number of repetitions each morning is enough to maintain muscle tone. With the muscles of the legs is much easier. Put the child on the neck on the way to kindergarten. It pleases him, and it is useful for you. On the way back, in the same order.

Past the elevator

When a tenant on the 9th floor buys a stepper and takes it home in the elevator, it looks ridiculous. The same "ellipsoid" in terms of household practicality is much more useful. It is very convenient to dry clothes on it.

Otherwise, who doesn't know: the stepper is a simulator of walking up the stairs. For residents of city skyscrapers, life itself gives an incredible chance to become slimmer and more resilient. You just need to give up the elevator and stop perceiving natural difficulties as something fatal. It is thanks to them that hated calories are burned and the heart muscle is strengthened. For the sake of good and uninterrupted work, she needs a regular load.

Call your parents

Walking the same route every day can seem tedious and mentally draining. In order not to “burn out”, we fill this period of time with meaning. Firstly, going to work is almost a whole hour of personal time that can be devoted to thinking about the accumulated problems, and at least to amateur creativity. Yellowing leaves or the first snowdrops against the background of green grass give every opportunity for inspiration and poetry.

Finally, call your parents. Remember the last time you did this in a calm and measured atmosphere. All the time some business and lack of time, and they need a little more than a couple of on-duty phrases and greetings.

Stars of the London production of the musical "Singing in the Rain" visited Moscow

The arrival of the actors was the presentation of a new musical - the Russian production of "Singing in the Rain", which is scheduled to premiere on October 3 and 4 at the Rossiya Theatre.

English actor Adam Cooper, starring as Don Lockwood, sang the title song of the musical Singin' in the rain, and then, together with Daniel Crosley, who played the role of Cosmo Brown, and Luke Featherston, who embodied the image of a teacher on stage speech, played a comic No. Moses Supposes.

Journalists asked how artists manage to sing and dance at the same time and still manage to do both successfully. According to Adam Cooper, the main thing is training. He reported that the performers of the roles of Don and Cosmo begin to rehearse much earlier than other artists and develop the habit of not only singing and dancing at the same time, but also speaking after that without shortness of breath, which is also quite difficult.

According to the actors, more than once in the performance, which almost every minute causes the audience to smile and laugh, there were moments when the actors themselves could not restrain their laughter during one or another number. Sometimes during the performances there were overlays. So, once one of the artists lost a false tooth. The curtain had to be closed, after which all the actors began to crawl around the stage in search of a lost tooth.

Answering the question of the correspondent of "RG" about improvisations during the performance, Daniel Crosley told the story of how, during his Make 'Em Laugh number, on the phrase Show must go on (The show must go on - approx. Aut.) on stage and the lights went out in the hall. This song is accompanied by a lot of tricks and complex movements, and as a result, the artist had to improvise. The only positive thing in this whole situation, as Crosley noted, is that the lights turned off precisely during the phrase Show must go on. The actor noted that the rehearsals of the performance went on for several months. In fact, this suggests that there should be no improvisations - all elements are honed to automatism. But sometimes some of the actors allow themselves to deviate from the usual scenario, and since everyone already knows each other well and has been working with each other for a long time, colleagues easily pick up his improvisation.

Also, the artists answered the question of "RG" about why this performance is so popular with the audience and why it is interesting. According to Daniel Crosley, this is a very positive and life-affirming performance. This performance is for viewers of any age - from ten to ninety years old - you will come and enjoy, have a great time. There is a story of a beautiful girl who performed in an ensemble and then became a star. No wonder talent shows are so popular these days. It's also a film about the golden age of Hollywood, a great time, a period of transition from silent to sound films, which you can tell the audience about.

As for the future Russian production, casting for roles in the play is currently underway. The requirements for artists are very high - they must not only have a high level of acting skills and sing well, but also be able to dance tap. Moreover, the actors will have to apply all these three skills in the performance at the same time. As the producer of the future performance, the head of the Stage Entertainment company in Russia, Dmitry Bogachev, said, the casting for the performance's troupe has been going on for two months.

- This musical sets the bar so high, high demands on the artists, that I'm afraid to make any predictions about when the artists for the main roles will be found.

Learn more