How do you make your pecs dance

How Do I Make My Pecs Bounce?

The pectoral muscles commonly referred to as “pecs” are located directly across the front of the chest. The pecs are one of the most sought out muscles that most guys target. If you go to the gym you will see most guys training chest. This is for a couple reasons. First, the pecs are very visible in a t-shirt so most guys want to develop their pecs. Also, you can see your pecs in the mirror, unlike the back muscles which are often neglected. Lastly, most guys who workout get asked “how much can you bench bro?” So, I can’t blame them. Every guy wants to do bench press and develop a big strong chest, so they can respond with “all of it.”

Well developed pecs are a hallmark sign of a great physique. Most men want to achieve this look, and strive for a thick wide chest that looks like a plate of body armor. Guys do not want to have a bird chest or man boobs. You will stand out among other people with a well developed chest, with or without a shirt.

A common question I get asked is how do I make my pecs bounce. It sounds like a weird question, but people truly want to know. Most men want to be able to bounce their pecs up and down. I feel like after working out hard in the gym, most guys want to be able to show off their gains with a pec bounce. Or maybe they want to impress the ladies? Either way, this article is going to explain why some people can’t bounce their pecs, and discuss ways to make your pecs bounce. 

Anatomy Of The Pecs

First, let’s look at the anatomy of the pectoral muscles. It is important to understand the anatomy of the muscle you are going to need to target. The pectoralis major is a wide fan shaped muscle that connects from the center of your chest or sternum, and runs across the chest to connect to your arm. Also, there is a pectoralis minor muscle. This muscle is hidden underneath the pectoralis major, and doesn’t contribute much to the “pecs.”

There are two heads to the pectoralis major muscle. The sternocostal head and the clavicular head. The sternocostal head or “lower pec” runs from the sternum to the upper arm bone where it attaches. The clavicular head or “upper pec” runs from the clavicle to the upper arm bone where it attaches. Both of these heads contribute the the overall development of the pecs. It is important to train and target both heads for complete overall development.

Why Can’t I Bounce My Pecs?

Everyone wants to be able to bounce their pecs like they have seen many movie stars, bodybuilders, and WWE wrestlers do on TV. One of the most popular individuals to perform the pec bounce is Terry Crews. He has been known for his pec bouncing talents, and is commonly seen in the Old Spice commercials displaying his pec bounce. There are a few likely reasons you may not be able to bounce your pecs as of right now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to achieve the pec bounce.

You May Not Have Enough Muscle Mass

One of the first prerequisites to achieving a pec bounce is to have pecs! I don’t know why this is a hard concept for some people to understand. You need to have enough muscle mass to get an appreciable bounce. There are a lot of guys who simply don’t have big enough chest muscles, so they fail to bounce their pecs. You will not achieve a pec bounce with a small bird chest, so get to work.

You May Need To Lose Weight

Another common reason people cannot achieve the pec bounce is because they have too high of a body-fat percentage. It is important to maintain a lean yet muscular physique. This will help showcase your hard-work in the gym, and may even allow for you to accomplish the pec bounce. The problem is, some guys have a lot of fat or adipose tissue overtop of their pectoral muscles. You will need to lose weight first before you can perform the pec bounce.

The issue with a high body-fat percentage is that you won’t be able to see the movement of the pecs. The pectoral muscles are covered with adipose tissue, so the pec bounce will be diminished or hidden. Also, you cannot do a pec bounce with man boobs. Man boobs will not bounce, because it is fat rather than muscle, and you cannot contract fat. You first must lose the fat, and then you can try the pec bounce.

No Mind-Muscle Connection

Another reason most people cannot perform the pec bounce is because they do not have the mind-muscle connection. To contract a muscle with the fast twitch that is required during a pec bounce, you must have a solid mind-muscle contraction. A mind-muscle connection is the pathway between your brain and muscle. This connection is the reason we are able to move our muscles and cause a contraction. The mind-muscle connection is a pathway from our brain down to the spinal cord, which sends signals out to our muscles. So when you want to contract a muscle, the impulse leaves your brain travels down the spinal cord, and then reaches your muscle for a contraction.

To achieve a mind-muscle connection, you must practice, practice, practice! This is hands down the best way to get a good mind-muscle connection. Not only will this help you perform the pec bounce, but it will help you with all your training and weight lifting goals. It is extremely important to have a solid mind-muscle connection when lifting weights. This is the best way to grow a muscle, and achieve a great contraction. Most bodybuilders have amazing mind-muscle connections, and it is due to all the time and practice they have put in.

You Don’t Know How

Lastly, you must know how to contract your pec muscles to achieve the classic pec bounce. Some people simply don’t know how to contract their muscles. The only way to learn how to contract your muscles is by practicing and lifting weights. You need to lift weights to really learn how to target and contract your muscles. Some of the best exercises to learn how to contract the pectoral muscles is the bench press, cable fly, and incline bench press. Do these exercises and feel the contraction of your pecs. This goes hand and hand with the mind-muscle connection that we discussed above. You must learn how to contract your pecs to be able to bounce your pec muscles.

How Do I Bounce My Pecs?

There are a few ways to learn how to bounce your pecs, and some quick tips to achieve the classic pec bounce. First, you need to know the muscle actions of the pectoral muscles. The only way to contract a muscle is to perform the actions of the muscle. The pec’s muscle action is to move your arm across your body and internally rotate your arm. Essentially, it is like performing a pec fly. That is the main muscle action of the pectoralis major muscle.

Practice Fast Twitches Of Your Pecs

You need to learn how to perform fast twitches or contractions of the pectoralis major muscles. Essentially, the pec bounce is a quick flick or contraction of the pec muscle, and then it relaxes. To do this you need to quickly perform the muscle action of the pec, and then relax. So for example, you should perform the chest fly movement in the air very quickly. Almost like a “twitching” movement.

By performing the pec’s muscle action very quickly it can help train the fast twitch muscle fibers, which is what you need to accomplish the pec bounce. I recommend performing the chest fly as quickly and as fast as you can to practice this. You do not need weight. Try to contract the pec muscles as you quickly perform the chest fly in the air. Try this about 15-20 repetitions multiple times a day.

Practice Contracting Your Pecs In The Mirror

I recommend that you practice contracting your pec muscles in the mirror. It is important to be able to see the muscle you want to contract. You should try to contract your pecs by squeezing your palms together as hard as you can. This will achieve a full contraction of the pecs. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds, and squeeze as hard as you can. Remember to breathe!

It can even be helpful to practice contracting other muscles to work on your mind-muscle connection. Practice contracting your bicep or thigh in a quick manner. Sometimes it is easier for people to contract their thigh or biceps. Once you get the hang of that, then transition back to the pec muscles. Continue practicing in the mirror multiple times a day. You will start to get a better mind-muscle connection with daily practice.

Work All Heads Of The Pecs Muscles

It is important to have full complete pecs when doing a pec bounce. You need to work all heads of the pec muscles. That means the sternocostal head and the clavicular head. Both of these heads make up the entire pec muscles. So you need to target both of these heads to get a full thick chest. The bigger and thicker your pec muscles are the more bounce you will be able to perform. That is why most big WWE wrestlers and bodybuilders can perform a pec bounce so easily.

To work the sternocostal head or “lower pec” you need to perform movements at a decline angle. The decline angle will help target these lower pec fibers, and will help lift and round your pec muscles. The best decline movements for the lower chest fibers are the decline bench press and the decline fly. These movements are great at developing the lower pec. You need to work the lower portion of the chest for complete development of the pecs, and it will help you achieve the pec bounce.

To work the clavicular head or “upper pec” you need to perform movements at an incline angle. The steeper incline angle puts more direct work on the upper pec fibers. I recommend performing the incline bench press and the incline dumbbell fly. Both of these exercises are fantastic at working the upper pec fibers. The upper pec fibers are really crucial in performing the pec bounce, and are often neglected.

Final Thoughts

Performing the pec bounce is not easy, but it can be achieved with daily practice. I recommend first making sure you have the proper amount of muscle mass in the chest, and that you are low enough body-fat percentage. This is an important part of the pec bounce. You need to have enough pec muscle mass to get the bounce, and you need to be lean enough to see the pec bounce. Make sure to practice, practice, practice if you want to accomplish this movement. It takes a really dialed in mind-muscle connection to get a good pec bounce. Most people simply don’t have this mind-muscle connection, so no matter what they try the pec bounce won’t happen. You need to develop this mind-muscle connection with the practice techniques I explained above.

Also, make sure to target the entire pec muscle in your training. Some people only do standard bench press or push-ups to develop their chest. These exercises are great, but you will not get a complete fully developed chest by doing only these exercises. You need to work the pecs from multiple angles such as decline and incline to target the upper and lower fibers. Follow this guide above, and you will be on your way to a Terry Crews pec bounce in no time.

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Denis Lirik - Few like you lyrics

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There are many like me
Few like you
You are my light, my beacon
The world does not seem empty

There are many like me
Few like you
You are my light, my beacon
The world doesn't seem empty

It's not just all that you met
You flew into my chest like the wind
Just tell me if you will stay with me for a long time
Or then throw stones at your soul
Modestly so your eyes look into mine
Heart on look do not drop
Let's share this life for two
If you're ready, hold on tight to me
Yesterday I lived on a minor key
Warmed up at sunrise with warm coffee
Your lips beckon your smell intoxicates
One question only - you will not deceive?
Will feelings fall like ashes on the floor
I'm so tired of healing wounds alcohol
I disappeared, burned pictures within
Time in a glass broke the bar

There are many like me
Few like you
You are my light, my beacon
The world does not seem empty

There are many like me
Few like you
You are my light, my beacon
The world does not seem empty

You are like a beautiful song
I want to listen to you for days
I am ready to be silent forever
And you just say something into the phone
Everything is beautiful in you
You make ice melt
Your kiss knocks me down
From your touches on the body current
It's more than passion more than romance
You give emotions from which in the trash
I'm hooked on you so tightly
Time is fleeting with you
You are a mystery girl, you are the one
You are a mystery girl I need
There are many like me
You are my light, my beacon

There are many like me
Few like you
You are my light, my beacon
The world does not seem empty

There are many like me
Few like you
You are my light, my beacon
The world doesn't seem empty

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Why ladies with small breasts.

Benefits of small breasts and how to emphasize them correctly

Beauty is not about balloon-like breasts or buttocks wrapped in a miniskirt, but about a face lit up with love. (Oleg Roy)

Today we will talk about what makes some people ashamed, others - a sense of pride. About the criteria by which men make a choice in favor of a woman. And why having breasts is important, but having big breasts is less important.

Today we will talk about this in the company of experts, doctors and simple male opinion.

So, what kind of breasts do men like - big or small? And how crucial is breasts in the competition for the best boy in school? You will learn all this by reading my article!

To begin with, let's define that the growth of the mammary glands is a purely individual matter. Some people start wearing underwear already at 10, others are forced to buy it for the first time only at 16. There is nothing shameful or strange here.

It's kind of why some women are born blonde and others brunette. Breast size is fully formed only by the age of 22! So, you still have a real chance :).

Breast growth is also based on your weight, love of exercise, and lifestyle. When drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco, the growth of the mammary glands slows down (you can find out about this on any forum). This means that by becoming fashionable girls, you run the risk of being left without a beautiful and elastic bust!

Watch your diet carefully. After all, by eating walnuts, honey, bananas, dried apricots and vegetables, you make your body function correctly, which means you have every chance to “grow” breasts.

Many doctors sincerely believe that big breasts are a big burden. In youth, we all look slim and beautiful, but large breasts during the period of development of the female body creates unnecessary pressure on the spine.

Thus, the normal functioning of the internal organs is disrupted, bones develop poorly and problems begin.

Who among us did not suffer from banal scoliosis in childhood? Doctors tell us that this is due to the wrong position at the table, lack of exercise, etc.

However, scoliosis is often the result of having excessive "feminine beauty". That is why, falling asleep each time with the thought that you want a voluminous chest, I advise you to think three times.

Another disadvantage of large breasts is their sagging. Up to 30 years, before giving birth and feeding a child, the breast looks like in a magazine picture. But what awaits you when you are pregnant? Pain, discomfort and a large number of clinical problems - this is not the whole list.

Notice how many actresses and other public women don't have big busts. Many of them are Oscar winners, famous politicians or married to the sexiest men on the planet.

For example, Keira Knightley has the figure of a 12-year-old girl. But at the same time, she is not only a successful model, but also a successful actress. Vanessa Paradis - the famous singer and wife of the adored Depp - no less flat-chested young lady

And there are thousands of such examples :).

Kate Hudson

Natalie Portman

Parris Hilton

All these terrible things that I described above can be avoided! To do this, you just need to perform a series of exercises daily that will help maintain the beautiful shape and elasticity of your breasts!

Let's see what men say about breast size :). I asked this question at the bottom of a very visited forum and this is what I got in response:

“I like small breasts!” (Vitaly, 25 years old)

"You shouldn't have complexes about this. All women are beautiful in their own way! There are no women who are not beautiful. I think so." (Yuri, age not specified)

“I join, I like small breasts. Many men like small. Definitely not worth the hassle. Naturally, there are those who like the big one, you can’t please everyone, it’s a matter of taste” (ING, aged 20)

“It doesn't repulse me at all. Appearance, untidy clothes and appearance can repel me in a woman. But certainly not small breasts :) ”(Kostik50009785, age not specified)

“To be honest, it’s not repulsive, the first reason why I don’t like big breasts, the second reason is how you can evaluate a person by their chest, if a person is normal, then I don’t care what kind of chest he has even if he doesn’t have it” (Alex, 17 years old)

The style and punctuation are completely preserved: DDDDD

Many girls and women perceive their small breasts as a disadvantage and do their best to increase their size. What tricks are not used! From "grandmother's" cotton wool in a bra, to ultra-modern cosmetics and procedures. Is it so bad - small female breasts? Let's figure it out.

Why don't my breasts grow?

The mammary glands in girls begin to develop during puberty, from about 9-10 years of age. The mammary glands develop and form from 2 to 4 years on average, before the first menstruation, the mammary glands thicken, often alternately, first one, then the other.

From the age of 11-12, the mammary glands begin to swell, fatty tissues gradually begin to grow and the mammary glands increase in size. Some young girls are panicking - I have small breasts! Such fears are often premature, as the female breast grows up to about 20-22 years.

If the bust is fully formed, but you think that you have small breasts, the reasons may be the following:

  1. One of the main reasons is heredity. If the women in your family were not the owners of magnificent breasts, then most likely you should not count on outstanding sizes either.
  2. Lack of estrogens. The lack of female sex hormones can sometimes be associated with heredity, and some diseases also cause a violation of the hormonal level.
  3. Malfunctions of the pituitary gland of the brain or adrenal glands.
  4. Congenital or acquired breast underdevelopment (hypoplasia).
  5. Light weight. If a girl is very thin, there is not enough adipose tissue in the body, which affects not only the total mass, but also the size of the bust.
  6. The body does not receive useful substances and vitamins in the required quantities, which are able to ensure the full development and growth of the mammary glands.
  7. Frequent stress or depression during puberty.
  8. Professional sports, heavy physical activity. It is worth noting that regular light physical activity and special exercises for the pectoral muscles, on the contrary, help to form a beautiful bust.

Disadvantages of a small bust

Perhaps this defect is not so much in the chest itself, but in the head of its owner. Many women believe that a small bust is not sexy, that small breasts look unappetizing and unattractive in the neckline. But this problem can be solved in two ways! A good push-up bra will easily give your bust the desired seductiveness and roundness, and it will look great in any, even the deepest neckline.

The flaws are over - they just don't exist anymore! Now consider why small breasts can be considered a virtue.

Why is small better than big?

One of the main advantages of a small bust is that it retains its shape better with age and sags much less than large breasts. In addition, small mammary glands are less prone to the development of mastitis and various types of formations.

A small chest allows you to wear clothes of any style! There are no problems with the choice of clothes at all, everything fits perfectly, the buttons do not threaten to come off, the chest does not fall out, you can safely bend over, raise your arms, dance, without the risk of exposing your bust at the wrong time.

A small bust without a bra under a thin fabric of a blouse or dress looks much more seductive than a size six bust protruding from the neckline. And although doctors do not recommend walking without underwear, but sometimes you can!

You can wear tight tops and tank tops that look very stylish and sexy.

Sports do not cause discomfort, the breasts do not hang out, do not bounce and do not interfere. And even the simplest sports bra or topic is able to keep them.

You can safely sleep on your stomach and bask on the beach, exposing your back to the sun, without first digging holes in the sand to place a voluminous bust in them.

The spine does not experience additional load, therefore, it does not hurt or deform. Posture in women with a small bust, as a rule, is better, because with a straight back, the bust seems larger.

The advantages of small breasts are undeniable when it comes to buying underwear:

  • Small bras available in a variety of styles and colours;
  • they last much longer, tk. not subject to heavy loads and do not stretch like the owners of a large bust;
  • you can buy inexpensive underwear without worrying about the width of the straps or super support.

A small bust always looks great, even during sex, keeping its shape in any position. In addition, small breasts are 24% more sensitive to touch than large ones.

Men's opinion

It is a mistake to assume that all men prefer lush forms. In addition, a true man does not evaluate a lady in parts, and certainly does not fall in love because of the size of her breasts. As the men themselves admit, the ideal size for them is “to fit in the palm of your hand.” It is unlikely that someone will find a palm to fit breasts of 4 sizes!

All surveys conducted between men about breast size preferences come down to one thing - about half of men prefer small bust sizes, oppose artificial breast augmentation and consider such a bust to be unnatural and not sexy.

Celebrities with small breasts

We have to admit that in the case of the bust size does not matter! It's all about the woman's confidence in her attractiveness, her charm and sense of humor. It is enough to look at the photographs of successful and mega-popular women who do not differ in magnificent forms to understand that the beauty of a woman is in her uniqueness!

TOP 10 stars with small busts

Keira Knightley - the owner of the zero size is not at all shy about her forms, appearing in public in tight clothes or with a deep neckline.

Shakira is an incendiary beauty that drives men crazy and is considered one of the sexiest singers according to American tabloids.

Cameron Diaz is a great actress who has received recognition, perhaps, all over the world and has many fans.

Natalie Portman - exquisite beauty claims that a natural bust is much more beautiful than silicone imitations.

Kirsten Dunst is a recognized sex symbol, who has been included in the list of the most beautiful women on the planet more than once.

Vanessa Paradis - this fragile singer in her youth was very shy of her figure and hid it in every possible way under voluminous clothes. With age, she realized that many men consider her sexy. Now this star is not shy about appearing in public in low-cut outfits.

Mila Jovovich, a popular actress and model, has been shot topless more than once, demonstrating her small but very sexy breasts.

Olivia Wilde is a TV star who knows what to do if her breasts are small. She considers her figure to be perfect and often chooses clothes that accentuate her curves. Mahim magazine called her one of the most desirable women on the planet.

Kristen Stewart - the small size of the bust did not prevent this beauty from becoming the idol of millions and one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.

Audrey Tautou is a charming woman who is rightly proud of her figure and is considered one of the most beautiful and sexy actresses in France.

How to show off your attractiveness with clothes

What if you have small breasts and you are not ready for surgery?

You can emphasize the sexuality of your forms with the right clothes:

  1. A deep V neckline and a push-up bra add a sexy touch.
  2. Ruffles, flounces, embroidery and massive embellishments will add volume to the upper part of the figure, and thereby help to balance the proportions.
  3. Empire style dresses or twiggy dresses look perfect on happy owners of a fragile figure.
  4. A round neckline and a balconette bra will make your curves look fuller.
  5. A classic suit with a fitted jacket and a pencil skirt perfectly emphasizes all the advantages of the figure and is ideal for work.
  6. A white blouse will perfectly fit into the wardrobe, and a men's vest, complete with it, will emphasize graceful forms and add a little volume.
  7. A thin cashmere sweater will emphasize the slenderness of the figure and give it sophistication and casual bohemianism.

A small bust is not only beautiful and sexy. The small size gives a special touchingness and charm of youth even to an adult lady.


In our video, the stylist will tell you how to beautifully emphasize small breasts using the right clothes.

Makes the image of its owner more feminine, fragile and delicate. The common statement that all representatives of the stronger sex prefer a bust of at least the 4th size is a common exaggeration. Of course, large breasts have their admirers. However, most of them are teenagers, many of whom, on a subconscious level, perceive the bust more like a “mother-nurse”. And mature men with a more developed aesthetic perception of the female body usually prefer medium or even small breasts. In general, the older a man is, the less he attaches importance to size as such.

2. Beautifully shaped

As a rule, small breasts are much more shaped than large breasts. In addition, a small one protects the breast from premature deformation. Over time, it is not uncommon for a large bust to lose its shape due to gravity. Childbirth also affects large breasts not in the best way. But many women with small breasts can boast of its elasticity even at a very mature age.

3. Youthfulness

Women with small breasts usually look younger than women of the same age with large breasts. However, this is true only for those women whose image of teenage girls is formed not only due to small breasts. It is very important that the proportions of the body are correctly correlated. Therefore, a small breast size often adds youthfulness to owners of thin figures, but it can look ridiculous with a large physique.

4. Comfortable

Small bust does not interfere with walking and playing sports, it does not disturb posture and does not cause back pain. In addition, it is easier for owners of small breasts to endure the heat, since nothing perishes, and it is easier to sleep on their stomachs.

5. Erotic

It is widely believed that small breasts are especially sensitive to caresses. Science has not yet undertaken to confirm this fact, however, if you believe the statements of many women and men, there is undoubtedly some truth in this statement.

6. Easy changeover

It doesn't take much effort to give small breasts a fuller appearance. This can be done with the help of accessories or a push-up bra. Thus, the owners of small breasts, if desired, can easily change the image. Visually large breasts are much more difficult.

7. Opportunity not to bra

If the breasts are large, a bra must be worn in any case, no matter how high and elastic the bust is. Without a bra, many busty women are uncomfortable walking even at home, as it performs a supporting function. And owners of small breasts can do without a bra at all. If the breasts are really very modest in size, the absence of a bra will not look indecent even among strangers.

Do men like small breasts?

In a situation with small breasts, a woman feels like a real sapper. After all, for example, short stature can always be disguised with high heels, flaws in appearance can be corrected with makeup. But with breasts, there’s nothing to come up with - at most, slip handkerchiefs. And it will be very embarrassing if the man of your dreams finds out about this.

Experts assure: ladies with small breasts have nothing to be ashamed of. According to surveys, more than half of the men who took part in the study prefer small breasts - "the one that fits in the palm of your hand. " First of all, men like tactile sensations, and it is by touching a small chest that they get pleasure - you can’t grasp a large one, so you have to crush it in parts.

Men find women's decision to enlarge their breasts very absurd. They say that it is very unpleasant to touch such an artificial insert under the fingers all the time

There should be more beautiful bust! Or less? Opinions are divided

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Advantages and disadvantages of small breasts

Among the disadvantages is usually the fact that small breasts do not look very appetizing in the neckline. The absence of so-called melons can significantly poison a woman's life. However, you should not worry. Modern lingerie manufacturers have solved this problem by inventing push-up bras. These models are able to make seductive forms even from the smallest breasts.

This is where all the shortcomings of small breasts end, and only solid advantages begin. One of the main advantages of small breasts is that they sag less with age than larger ones. This is due to the fact that the glandular tissue is smaller and lighter, which means that it does not pull the skin under its own weight. The very same skin after 30 years begins to lose tone, sagging begins.

Ladies with small breasts may not wear a bra. And this in an appropriate situation (for example, in the summer on a walk around the city) looks very cute and at the same time sexy.

Small breasts are especially attractive during sex. She does not jump on the stomach, but remains taut. At the same time, you do not need to be distracted by providing support for her. In addition, small breasts are more sensitive than large ones. the same number of nerve endings is located on a smaller area.

It is very convenient for ladies with small breasts to run and sleep on their stomachs. In these cases, nothing presses, does not knock, does not fall on the sides, etc.

Women with small breasts are healthier than women with large busts. This is due to the fact that the risk of developing cancer and mastitis in them is markedly reduced.

How to care for small breasts

If a woman has small breasts, this does not mean that she should not take care of them. After all, you can spoil this one. Therefore, it is worth following the recommendations of experts in order to always feel attractive and desirable.

The first thing to think about is getting the right underwear. Of course, you don't need bras with wide straps to support a lot of volume. Therefore, you can treat yourself to a beautiful and completely impractical lace bra with thin straps. The main thing - remember that he should not put pressure on you anywhere, but otherwise there are no restrictions.

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Doctors advise against wearing push-up bras. This is due to the fact that the cups in it squeeze the chest. And although this is beautiful in appearance, it is detrimental to health - the risk of developing tumors increases

How to deal with your complexes about small breasts

First of all, it is worth understanding that a man loves a woman as a whole - with her body, thoughts, soul. And he does not evaluate her like a chicken - in parts. Therefore, by and large, the representatives of the stronger sex do not pay much attention to the fact that a woman has a large breast or a small one.

Naturally, it is worth connecting a number of physical exercises that are designed to pump the muscles of the chest. It also allows you to add some size by increasing muscle mass.

However, do not expect that you will be able to globally increase the size of the breast - all these measures allow you to more correct the shape, tone the skin, etc. But this does not mean at all that you need to go and go under the surgeon's knife. Take another look at yourself in the mirror, remember all the compliments that your loved one said to you, and stop being upset because of a small chest.

A woman's body is always in constant change and evolution. However, there are many women who have small breasts throughout their lives. If you think you're the only one with small breasts, you'll be surprised to know that small breasts are not unusual. It's all a game of hormones. Hormones are one of the main causes of small breasts. Also, genetics plays an important role in this. However, if you study the question of why my breasts are small, you will have to consider many reasons that affect the size of the breasts in women.

Causes of small breast size in women

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Poor nutrition
  • Drugs
  • Energy blockage
  • Thyroid
  • Emotional problems such as stress or depression
  • Hormonal deficiency during puberty
  • Genetics
  • Wrong fat metabolism

These are just the most obvious reasons why breasts can be small. Whether it is worth worrying about breast size is up to you, but it has long been proven that complexes about breast size are absolutely groundless, since girls with small breasts enjoy no less attention from men, and their career does not collapse due to the lack of "watermelons" "in a bra. Moreover, the current trend in female beauty just says that girls with small breasts, elastic bodies and sporty style are in fashion. So if there are no medical problems in the body due to which the breasts have become small, there is no point in worrying about this aspect of your appearance.

Benefits of small breasts

We did a little research based on women's forum posts and collected the benefits of small breasts that women themselves find. Humor, of course, is no less than seriousness.

  • Small breast size means no need to wear a bra.
  • If your swimsuit for small breasts gets lost in the sea, you don't have to worry. "Look at that cute little boy with long hair! He's absolutely adorable. "No embarrassment. Well... maybe a little...)
  • Small breasts are usually compensated by some feminine pluses: gorgeous hair, excellent make-up, good figure, easy character. In any case, it does happen often and is amazing. It's good that you are a compensator.
  • You should never buy a tank top, blouse or shirt one size too big because of your chest. This is of great importance.
  • Bandeau swimsuit is your friend. Swimsuits for small breasts in vain seem like a problem. This is a victory...)
  • It is easier to sunbathe with small breasts - no white spots due to large breasts.
  • Back pain is for those with large breasts. Your body is not overstressed.
  • It is likely that you have a beautiful butt, because if it left in one place, it arrived in another ..))
  • You will never have to worry about sagging breasts.
  • Running with small breasts is comfortable.
  • With size zero breasts, you can join the prestigious IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee), which brings together people with small breasts and is proud of members such as Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson and Justin Bieber...)
  • You can imagine what the breasts of older women usually look like. Fortunately, your small breasts will never be saggy.
  • Sports bras for small breasts don't feel like a straitjacket.
  • Breast augmentation is not always safe and also expensive. Luckily for you, you can spend that money on wine instead of surgery.
  • With small breasts, you don't need to spend a lot of money on underwear.
  • When you have a size zero breast, you will never say to a man after sex, "Oh, how my chest hurts..." Do you know why? Because you have nothing to hurt ...)
  • Low-cut shirts do not look like a woman of easy virtue on you. You always look chaste.
  • Sleeping on your stomach with small breasts is not a problem. You can sleep soundly like a small child.
  • You know that he loves you 100% not only because of your breasts...)

How to Enlarge Your Breasts at Home

Instead of spending money on cosmetic surgery, putting yourself at risk, you can try some home remedies to increase size zero size breasts naturally. You can consume foods to increase breast size.

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