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No Mienten Remix x Pepas Mash up - Lewis Leigh


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Reply to @ayurveda28 hope this helps #shuffletutorial #tutorial #shuffledance #cutshapes

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Monster - LUM!X & Gabry Ponte


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79.7K Likes, 560 Comments. TikTok video from Jenny Aston (@jl.shuffle1): "Learn with tape👟 #pollypocket #pollypockettutorial #shuffledance #learningtoshuffle #shufflepractice #shuffletutorial #foryou #fyp #OurHouse2021 #4u". 2 x polly pockets 1 x double polly pocket Repeat👟👟 Good luck🥰🥰. 原聲.


原聲 - Mj.无名氏


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Spongebob Shuffle Tutorial

1.8M Likes, 5.5K Comments. TikTok video from Zanouji Kun (@zanouji): "Spongebob Shuffle Tutorial". Tutorial | Spongebob Shuffle | 2. Hop in center | .... Peggy Suave Posin.


Peggy Suave Posin - Zanouji Kun



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Monster - LUM!X & Gabry Ponte



something different, but it’s good to know how it works! try it 🙌🏻🔥 #howto #beginnersteps #dancetutorial #shuffletutorial #basicshuffle #robinschulz

TikTok video from CONTRAST CREW (@contrast. crew): "something different, but it’s good to know how it works! try it 🙌🏻🔥 #howto #beginnersteps #dancetutorial #shuffletutorial #basicshuffle #robinschulz". Miss You.


Miss You - Oliver Tree & Robin Schulz


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Replying to @Lil._.Hater._. Give this shuffle move a go 👟 Also get the shoes using the link above ⬆️ #shuffledance #shuffletutorial #learningtoshuffle #shufflestep #shufflemove #lightupshoes #fypシ

77.7K Likes, 280 Comments. TikTok video from Jenny Aston (@jl.shuffle1): "Replying to @Lil._.Hater._. Give this shuffle move a go 👟 Also get the shoes using the link above ⬆️ #shuffledance #shuffletutorial #learningtoshuffle #shufflestep #shufflemove #lightupshoes #fypシ". Roses (Imanbek Remix).


Roses (Imanbek Remix) - SAINt JHN


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Beginner shuffle moves✨ #shuffle #dance #shuffletutorial

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Learn How to Shuffle Dance Like a Pro with These Tutorials! - If you’re a TikTok, Musically, or YouTube user, perhaps you’ve often watched EDM fans showing off this unique, and somewhat new, dance move in a lot of music videos. Then, they're likely performing shuffle dance, a rave dance developed in the 1980s.

The dance is originated in the Melbourne rave scene which gained popularity back then. So, it’s no wonder that the fun move of shuffling is typically performed to electronic music, and is loved by youngsters nowadays to the point where many are eager to learn how to shuffle dance.

Shuffling isn’t just all fun. To dance music fans, it is a form of self-expression, an accomplishment, and as some put it “a way to improve their mental and physical health”.

And as these days video-sharing social networking services, such as TikTok and Musically, is gaining a lot of popularity, it’s no wonder that the already versatile dancing style possessed by shuffle dance is performed by a lot of people all around the world through the apps.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on the fun and are interested in learning how to shuffle dance, look no more! We’ve got you covered with these tutorials on how to shuffle dance!

  • How to do the shuffle dance
  • How to do the shuffle dance on Musically and TikTok
  • How to dance the cupid shuffle

How to Do the Shuffle Dance

1. How to do the shuffle dance on Musically and TikTok

Photo by Don Sniegowski from Flickr

When it comes to learning how to shuffle dance as a beginner, you have to learn to master just two basic moves before moving on to the more advanced stuff.

Start by practicing the T-step movement, followed by combining with a variation of the running man dance. You can take a closer look at the dance by watching it being performed by Janet Jackson in the video of her hit “Rhythm Nation”.

Before you learn how to shuffle dance step by step, one great tip to keep in mind as beginners is that you can sprinkle talcum powder or add liquid to the floor to help you slide more smoothly and easily.

Practice the T-step and running man dance, and once you’ve mastered these basic moves, you can throw in some jumps, spins, and slides.

Don’t be shy to show your moves to the world even if you’re still learning! Choose your favorite upbeat music and start shuffling for your TikTok contents.

Remember that shuffling is a way to express yourself, so as a beginner you don’t need to press yourself too much. You’d progress if you practice regularly, so just groove to the music and enjoy yourself!

2. How to dance the cupid shuffle

Photo by MacGuffin56 from Flickr

Since shuffle dance is pretty much versatile, you’d find that there are many versions of it while you’re learning how to shuffle dance.

They are fun to do, and while you can pick your fave, there’s one of the shuffle dances out there called the cupid shuffle that you should definitely try!

The Cupid Shuffle is a song by the rapper Cupid, and it's been a party staple since its release in 2007. The song is quite addicting and the fun moves can get everyone grooving in sync.

You can learn the moves to step up your shuffle dance. So if you’ve been wondering how to do the cupid shuffle dance step by step, just follow this tutorial!

Step 1. Get to a good spot on the dance floor where you have a little bit of space to showcase your moves. Dance in front of a mirror to better see what you’re doing. This dance works best when people are lined up in rows, so you can invite your friends and learn the moves together.

Step 2. From where you’re standing, take four steps to the right. Step your right foot out to the side, and then bring your left foot to meet it. Then, go back by taking four steps to the left.

Step 3. Even though there isn’t any choreography for your arms, you can play around with this and get your arms moving as you like while moving right and left!

Step 4. Now we’re going to learn the kicking movement. Bring your feet back together and stand up straight. Kick your right foot out, then bring your right foot back to center, and tap your left heel out. Don’t forget to move your arms and have fun!

Step 5. Once you’ve practiced all four kicks, stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees. Just like the steps and the kicks before this, you will be alternating going from right to left, twice. Lift your heels up a bit, so most of your weight is on the balls of your feet.

Step 6. Swivel back and forth from right to left, with knees bent, turning on the balls of your feet. Picture it as if you were getting into a running stance toward the right, then swiveling to the opposite wall and getting into a runner stance to the left. This is called “walking it out”.

Step 7. Rotate your whole body a quarter turn as you’re swiveling on bent knees. Practice all the movements and don’t forget to enjoy good music and have fun! 

By this, you’ve learned how to shuffle dance. Make sure you practice regularly by yourself or with your friends and groove to the upbeat music together!

How to learn to dance shuffle - Lifehacker

December 15, 2019LikbezSports and Fitness

Master the basic movements, and then improvise and get high.

Iya Zorina

Author of Lifehacker, athlete, CCM



This dance style includes a lot of freedom and improvisation. That is why he is so good. You can master the basic movements in a couple of hours, and then complicate them to infinity and combine them with each other, create your own combinations and spy on others.

Dance in sneakers, socks or barefoot, in any outfit, anywhere.

Master the basic movements of the shuffle

In this style, you do all the basic movements with your feet, the hands most often move freely - according to the heart.

Running man

This is the most basic and essential shuffle movement. You can do it in three different ways.

Full foot

The movement begins by bending the knee and lifting one leg. Next, you need to simultaneously put both legs - supporting and raised - at a distance of one step from each other.

The raised leg is placed forward on a full foot, the standing one behind slips back on the ball of the foot and remains on it - the heel is not placed on the floor. The weight is evenly distributed between the two legs.

After that, it remains to return to the starting position. To do this, the front leg slides back, and at the same time, the back leg is pulled up. You find yourself in the starting position and repeat the cycle. The movement itself is soft and springy: do not stick into the floor, keep your legs relaxed.


This is a lighter and faster running man look that may be needed for some combinations. Here you put your foot not on the whole foot, but on the heel. At the same time, the one standing behind remains on the toe.

On pads

In this variation, the foot is placed forward on the pad. At the same time, the one standing behind also remains on the ball of the foot, and the body leans slightly back.


In this movement, one foot constantly makes a “herringbone” - turns the heel in and out - and the second touches the floor and immediately rises back.

When the heel of the skating leg turns inward, the toe of the other leg touches the floor; when outward, the other leg rises, turning the knee inward.

It turns out two positions: closed - when the legs are wrapped with the knees inward, and one leg is raised, and open - when the legs are turned out with the knees outward, and the toe touches the floor. Practice doing the T-step in both directions: slowly at first, then with acceleration.


You jump on one foot, and the other touches the floor in different places: on the side of the supporting leg, across, behind - anywhere you want. You can put your foot on the toe or on the heel - the latter is called a kick. The supporting leg can simply rise low or perform a T-step - move the heel out and in.


To begin, you turn your knees and toes inward and lift one leg. Then turn your toes and knees outward, and put your raised leg forward crosswise. Repeat the same with the other leg.

All movement occurs on the balls of the feet, the heels do not fall to the floor. You can move both forward and backward.


First you put your feet crosswise with your toes outward with a jump, then you also spread your legs apart with a jump.


One leg is straight, stands on the whole foot, the other is with a bent knee on the pad. Leaning on the pad, you slip the foot of a straight leg back, as if wiping the sole on the floor.

Immediately after the slip, you turn around. In the turn, the straight leg bends and goes to the pad, and the one that was on the pad, on the contrary, turns on the heel. After that, it remains only to change legs and move in the same way in the other direction.


From the starting position - standing with a raised leg, as in Running man - you turn your hips to the side with a jump and put your legs crosswise.

The front foot is on the heel, the back foot is on the ball. Then you jump back to the starting position and do the same on the other side.


From the starting position, you turn your hips to the side with a jump and spread your legs a step apart from each other. The standing foot in front is placed on the heel, the standing one behind remains on the pillow. Then, with a jump, you collect your legs and do the same on the other side.

Try other variations of the basic shuffle movements

You can perform the basic movements in different directions: forward and backward, turning around. This will give you more freedom to improvise.

Variations Running man

Do several times in place and then turn around. You can also try walking this way to the side. Each time the leg will need to be placed slightly crossed in order to slowly move to the side.

Variations T‑step

You can lower your foot on the toe, on the whole foot, touch the floor to the side of the supporting leg or forward and behind it.

You can also keep the other leg off the floor at all - leave it on the toe and turn the knee in and out.

Variations Diamond

Here one more element is added to the movement – ​​the heel strike. In the starting position, you wrap the toes of the feet and knees inward, and then jump on the heels, turning the socks to the sides.

From this position, without jumping, you turn your toes and knees inward, cross your legs with a jump, turning your feet with your toes outward, and then return to the starting position.

Charleston Variations

After three turns of the Charleston, turn both toes in one direction and then in the other. At the end, you can turn the knee to the side.

Connect familiar shuffle moves

While you lack the skills to move freely and come up with something of your own, learn a few combinations. They contain interesting movements that will replenish your dance vocabulary.

Combination 1

This is a simple combination of two basic movements - Running man and T-step. First take five Running man steps, then four T-steps to the side and repeat the same in the opposite direction.

Combination 2

Another combination of two basic movements. Here you do three Running mans, then one T‑step with a back foot touch, and two front heel touch kicks. The same on the other side.

Combination 3

There are no standard steps here, but there are already familiar Sidekick and transition from heels to toes.

Learn more difficult combinations

We will add some videos with good combinations.

1. Cool video for beginners: movements are repeated in slow motion to make it easier to dance to the music.

2. And here the combination is analyzed step by step in slow motion, dividing it into three parts. Very comfortably. Look for more on this channel, there are several such analyzes.

3. There is no slowdown here, just a great combination. But you already know almost all the movements, so you can figure it out. If something is not clear, watch the video at a speed of 0.25.

Pick up the music and improvise

Surely you have favorite songs to shuffle to. Include them and start with basic movements: just do the Running man and periodically add different elements when you want. Move in different directions, relax and have fun.

If you don't have favorite tracks, try our selection.

I must say that the shuffle is an amazing cardio workout. In just a couple of tracks, you will be out of breath and sweat, like after a run, but you will feel absolutely happy!

What's more, if you have to force yourself to keep going while running, shuffle requires you to have the willpower to stop and not dance. As a bonus - a short video from a beginner after a couple of hours of practice.

Shuffle is cool!

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Shuffle dance style: history and features

At first glance it seems that the shuffle dance is not difficult. A few stomps, steps, waving arms and a joyful smile - all that is required of a dancer. However, try to repeat the dance, and at the same time move to the beat of infectious, active music in electronic style. Indeed, these simple movements cannot be immediately implemented. And the speed, smoothness and sharpness, sliding movements of the legs create the feeling that the dancer is literally floating in the air! That is why many choreographers recommend learning shuffle dance exclusively in tandem with an experienced teacher.

Shuffle dancing: history

The shuffle dance style began to be implemented in Australia in the early 80s of the last century. Local youth energetically performed original movements, mainly focusing on the legs. The basis was taken not just music in electronic style, but “torn” tracks. Also at that time they liked very much to stage dances under acid house, and she, in turn, had different sub-directions and mixes. As a result, over time, rhythmic music in tandem with energetic movements settled in the clubs of noisy Melbourne so much that not a single party was organized without them. Why is shuffle a dance that is not like all the others, despite its outward simplicity? It is the basic, simple movements that make it unique. Professional dancers literally wear out the soles of their shoes from expressive tapping, which is combined with a clear beat of electronic music.

The new peak of Shuffle's popularity came in 2010, when his choreography began to appear on social networks such as Instagram or YouTube. The LMFao group brought great popularity to the choreography. Their infectious music and synchronized footwork in video clips have become popular around the world.

How to dance shuffle

Many people ask how to learn how to dance shuffle dance, but first you need to understand the nature of its formation. Modern dance, as a rule, is performed in 2 variations, we will consider them in more detail.

  • Australia style. It is danced with inclinations or a straight body, sliding with the feet is always present - all these techniques are called hardstyle and soft style. No less popular is the new school - this is a set of movements that includes the active work of the hands with their sliding. Australia Style can not do without old school - this is when the body and hands of a person are practically not involved at all, only the legs work.
  • Malaysia style. A completely different approach to shuffle. There is constant work with the body, arms, sometimes sharp bends are allowed - stomps (stomp), as well as jumps, turns and spins (spin).

It is noteworthy that many choreographers adopt both Australia Style and Malaysia Style, skillfully combining sharpness and lightness, airiness and playfulness. The main thing in all this is to hear the music and get into the rhythm all the time.

How to learn to dance shuffle dance: what else can be interesting for a dancer

The fundamental elements of any choreography are the basic elements that are included in the performance of a particular number. That is, shuffle dances begin with the fact that a person studies several basic elements, let's analyze them:

  • T-step and Running Man are techniques that a dancer must practice to perfection. They are jumps in which the foot bounces sharply off the floor. At the same time, jumps and oversteps are adjusted so that they fit the music.
  • Kiki lessons are an original addition to the dance, which appeared already in the 2000s. It is a beating of knocks with the feet to the beat of music. As a rule, this approach consists of two stages: the first is bits with toes, the second is bits with the whole foot. In addition, sometimes such footwork is so sharp and amplitude that many future dancers are also recommended to actively work on stretching so that the dance sequences are as ideal as possible.
  • Spin or movements with spins - this refers to rotations that are carried out to the beat of the music. This also includes sliding and even Michael Jackson's world-famous moonwalk. However, when performing a shuffle dance, you need to work so that all rotations are performed with the correct load on the legs.

Thus, first you need to master the listed basic elements, and then learn how to combine them. As a result, a rhythmic dance to active electric music will certainly correct a bad mood and allow you to keep your body in good shape.

Shuffle dance is good for health

Shuffle dance is a universal dance that is suitable for a performer of any age, and given the performance technique, it is equally loved by both boys and girls. Regular practice of this choreography will allow you to give up going to the gym, yoga and Pilates workouts or fitness classes. Shuffle dance is a good alternative to painful cardio and other physical activities. Dancing in the Shuffle style will help restore the beautiful shape of the legs, hips, and “pump” the buttocks well.

How the shuffle dance is performed

It is quite difficult to recognize a person who performs the shuffle dance style. This is a street direction and can be confused with other types of choreography. At the same time, dancers always look cool and relevant not only on the dance floor, but also in the hall. As a rule, here students wear light t-shirts, tights or pants with a wide enough width at the bottom to make it comfortable to move. We also note a few other tips.

  • Skinny trousers and light jeans should be used for plastic movements. Wear a top or t-shirt over the top. You can also choose a "kangaroo", but an overly large hoodie can get in the way. From shoes it is better to choose comfortable sneakers.
  • For an active, aggressive dance to loud music, it is better to choose loose trousers, light jeans or bananas. Leave the top tight, this will visually improve your plasticity.

Pay special attention to the choice of footwear - its sole should be thick, and the nose should be as strong as possible. The choice of material for costumes for performances is also important. Often, high-quality denim pants are worn, and fluorescent prints, bright patch pockets, expressive suspenders, and rivets are used from the decor. The best option for the Shuffle dance is a flared jacket and a jacket with a large hood. Thus, during movements, the clothes will look as impressive as possible. Phosphorus, neon, acid tones are chosen as colors.

How to dance the shuffle: conclusion

Those who are interested in how to dance the shuffle should understand that it is impossible to achieve a professional level without regular practice. Choreographers recommend practicing the dance at least several times a week, starting small, that is, repeating only the main movements, and then their combinations. Also, do not forget about stretching, warm-ups. Shuffle classes are held in a standard order, which involves warming up, mastering the elements and relaxing. The hall in which classes are held must be free, well ventilated with a mandatory full-length mirror.

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