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Reggae Dance workout by Keaira LaShae - Fitness and Exercise Videos

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I am already loving your site. I did the Kick Your Abs workout the other night and it nearly killed me--in an awesome way!

Tiffany L.

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40 Songs for a Reggae Dance Party

Ambient DJs’ music mixologist DJs recently held a reggae music summit in the Princeton area. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss top reggae dance floor fillers and our favorite reggae “riddims.” A “riddim” is a rhythmic pattern or groove that the emcee or vocalist sings over. The name of the riddim tends to be the name of the original song from which it derived. For example, the well-known “Murder She Wrote” by Chaka Demus & Pliers relies on the “Bam Bam” riddim from Pliers’ track “Wat a Bom.”

The list that follows primarily focuses on ‘dancehall’ reggae that features a beat or riddim, making it easy to dance to. Roots reggae is a mellower branch of reggae that has not been highlighted in this blog.

Reggae music is wonderful music, and perhaps the primary inspiration for booking my first trip to Jamaica in 2013! Special thanks to musical contributors to this playlist: DJ Greg Nice, DJ Iron Mike, DJ Spinz, DJ Allday and DJ Gregg Ambient. Play these songs loud with liberal doses of a blaring reggae horn!

Also check out two free, downloadable (or streamable) reggae mixes by DJ Gregg Ambient following the tracklist. One love!

  1. Twice My Age – Krystal & Shabba Ranks
  2. Limb by Limb – Cutty Ranks (Fever Pitch riddim)
  3. Heads High – Mr. Vegas (Filthy riddim)
  4. Get Busy – Sean Paul (Diwali riddim)
  5. Murder She Wrote – Chaka Demus & Pliers (Bam Bam riddim)
  6. Living Dangerously – Barrington Levy (Living Dangerously riddim)
  7. Action – Terror Fabulous f/Nadia Sutherland (Showtime riddim)
  8. We Nuh Like – Spragga Benz (Showtime riddim)
  9. Have a Hot Gal – Shaggy (Showtime riddim)
  10. Jook Gal (Wine Wine) (Remix) – Elephant Man f/Twista, Young Bloodz & Kiprich (Coolie Dance riddim)
  11. A Who Seh Me Dun – Cutty Ranks (Bam Bam riddim)
  12. Here Comes the Hotstepper – Ini Kamoze (Land of 1,000 Dances riddim)
  13. Bruck it Down – Mr. Vegas (Satta riddim)
  14. Skip to Ma Luu – Serani f/Ding Dong
  15. You Don’t Love Me (Trojan Mix) – Dawn Penn (No No No riddim)
  16. No Games – Serani (Unfinished Business riddim)
  17. So Special – Mavado (Unfinished Business riddim)
  18. Ting-a-Ling – Shabba Ranks
  19. Rich Girl – Louchie Lou
  20. No Letting Go – Wayne Wonder
  21. Gal Yuh a Lead – T. O.K. (Wanted riddim)
  22. Anything Goes – C.N.N., Wayne Wonder & Lexxus
  23. Dat Sexy Body – Sasha
  24. Romie – Beenie Man
  25. Pass the Dutchie – Musical Youth
  26. Flex (Time to Have Sex) – Mad Cobra
  27. Girls Dem Sugar – Beenie Man f/Mya
  28. I’m Drinking (Rum & Redbull) – Beenie Man & Fambo
  29. Like Glue – Sean Paul
  30. Pon di Floor – Major Lazer
  31. Dutty Wine – Tony Matterhorn
  32. Welcome to Jam Rock – Damian “Gong” Marley
  33. Bad Boyz – Shyne f/Barrington Levy
  34. Dude (remix) – Beenie Man f/Ms. Thing & Shawnna
  35. Ganja Smuggling – Eek-a-Mouse
  36. Black Man Land – Prince Far I
  37. Turn it Up – RICHIELOOP
  38. It Wasn’t Me – Shaggy
  39. Close to You – Maxi Priest
  40. Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley

Reggae style in dance culture Online publication "Elements of Dance"

Reggae dance is one of the components of the popular reggae movement, which arose in the middle of the 20th century on the basis of Jamaican culture and American rhythm and blues. Cheerful, energetic, sunny, this style is relaxed, leisurely and positive.

With its pacifistic ideas, reggae became one of the most worthy offspring of the 60s, when the planet, which survived two wars, especially needed freedom and love. Culture, which gladly welcomes everyone into its friendly embrace, was to the taste not only of Americans, but also of Europeans, and already in the 70s, having conquered the West, the new style came to the post-Soviet expanses. nine0003

The world fame of reggae music and dance is largely the merit of the singer and composer Bob Marley, whose name is considered almost a household name when it comes to this style.

In our country, reggae existed underground for quite a long time, but, nevertheless, it was reflected in the compositions of such recognized monsters of the national rock scene as "Aquarium", "Cruise", "Dialogue", etc. Today, many young performers of the CIS turn to variations on the theme of reggae, singing in their works the universal brotherhood, the triumph of love, as well as the sea and the sun of a distant island. nine0003

The origin of the term "reggae" is associated with the English "regged rhythm" ("ragged rhythm"), as well as with one of the Negro tribes called "regga". This style has common roots with such genres as rocksteady and ska, being formed on their basis and developing in parallel with them.

Despite the seeming lightness, the reggae sound part is a fusion of various musical styles, sometimes having nothing in common with each other, but mixed in a common cauldron of Jamaican traditions. Listening to the radio, Jamaicans supplemented their national melodies with fragments of Western compositions, interpreting their sound in their own way. As a result, the original musical series changed beyond recognition, acquiring the features of the culture of the islanders. nine0003

Still, it's hard to confuse reggae with any other direction: its rhythmic pattern, observed by the guitar and emphasized by the bass parts, as well as the special manner of performance inherent in the vocalists, are original and original. In addition, reggae music is also characterized by such a feature as highlighting weak beats and poor playing of strong ones.

Let's dance reggae

Bright, incendiary, but devoid of complex steps, and therefore accessible, reggae dance suits all positive-minded people, regardless of gender and age. Therefore, they begin to perform it with a light heart and a relaxed body. nine0003

Standing straight and trying to match the rhythm, the dancer sways back and forth. At the same time, his arms are slightly bent at the elbows. Making movements to the beat of the music, the dancer gradually bends his arms more strongly, raises his hands above shoulder level and covers his head with his hands. Then you can extend your arm and make a turn forward, and then repeat the same movements with the other hand.

The reggae dance is characterized by the participation of the whole body, although the movements are very simple. When performing a dance, do not forget to take your head to one side or the other. Place one hand at chest level and take a step to the side, stretch your arm up and return to its original position. Again, repeat the movements with the other hand. All elements of this dance are performed emotionally, but slowly, energetically, but relaxed: the performer seems to enjoy his own existence, moving away from life's problems. nine0003

Reggae is part of religion

According to the beliefs of Jamaicans, who are known to be from Africa, the Promised Land is Ethiopia, and all the characters in the Bible had black skin. The reggae style as part of the Rastafarian religion often includes its elements: a combination of red, yellow and green colors, specific hairstyles, clothes, jewelry. Texts accompanied by a reggae dance may have a religious connotation. nine0003

However, the themes of rastafarian songs can be divided into two groups. Acute social texts, which tell about the unjust system imposed by the so-called Babylon (Western countries in the understanding of Rastafarianism), about the path to the Promised Land and that the people of Jamaica will rise from their knees and say their word, are interspersed with songs about the good god Jah, love and the sun. At the same time, the cheerful sunny side of reggae is inherent in the work, as a rule, of Western performers.

As an essential attribute of Rastaman culture, and also apart from Rastafarianism, nowadays reggae dance is successful in most countries of America and Europe, and new styles and directions are already being formed on its basis. Altogether, the reggae tradition has spawned about fifteen different sub-styles, among which are dub, dancehall, raga and the now popular roots reggae. nine0003

Reggae with its romance and philosophy of freedom still appeals to many today.

How to learn to dance reggaeton?

Posted on by HRTrain

A bit of history

Reggaeton is a musical genre, not dance moves. It was brought to Panama by Jamaican workers in the 70s of the 20th century. At the same time, Jamaican songs began to be translated into Spanish. Some time later, the first Spanish-speaking rapper released discs in which he mixed reggae with hip-hop. nine0003

The reggaeton is now a national treasure in Puerto Rico, and has recently been used for an election campaign. In recent years, it has spread widely even in America.


Today the dance has managed to change a lot of names, has been both phreaking and grinding, even perreo. This became its most common name.

Perreo is a dance in which two people dance imitating sexual rubbing against each other, with the girl's back to the partner. Apparently, the dance reminded the Puerto Ricans of dogs (perro - dog) so much that they named it after him. Such licentiousness in Puerto Rico is only welcome, although in Europe this dance met with ardent condemnation. It was believed that this dance is vulgar, wild and humiliating, but soon reggae music sounded from everywhere. nine0003

How to dance it

How to reproduce the movements is up to the reggae dancers themselves. Fuzzy movements, reminiscent of friction, close contact of bodies - all this resembles intimacy with a hint of dance. Or a dance with a hint of intimacy. It was for this appearance of reggae dance in Europe that it was received with hostility. After all, it is young people who are especially prone to bad influences who dance reggae. But if you look closely, you can see that the touches never end, the bodies do not press, and it is this understatement that creates the effect of a dirty dance, which can only be achieved by long training, but not by improvisation. nine0003

Be that as it may, the perreo is just one of many variations of dancing to reggae music. Yes, the music is meant to express the sexual energy that overwhelms you, but you need to dance in the way that the rhythm tells you.

We listen to reggae

More than two hundred performers work in this direction, but DJs choose and put on only what they like, and therefore, it seems that the music is monotonous.

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