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Matt Daylida

Stolen Dance by Milky Chance Guitar Lesson #guitar #guitarlesson #guitarlessons #stolendance #milkychance

2.9K Likes, 29 Comments. TikTok video from Matt Daylida (@mattdaylida): "Stolen Dance by Milky Chance Guitar Lesson #guitar #guitarlesson #guitarlessons #stolendance #milkychance". Stolen Dance Guitar Lesson! | G#m F# E B D# | 4 4 4 6 6 4 | .... original sound.


original sound - Matt Daylida


Level Up Guitar Tabs

Stolen Dance - Milky Chance #tablatura #violao #violaoiniciante

44. 1K Likes, 72 Comments. TikTok video from Level Up Guitar Tabs (@levelupguitartabs): "Stolen Dance - Milky Chance #tablatura #violao #violaoiniciante". som original.


som original - Level Up Guitar Tabs



Reply to @danielzavala212 #stolendance #guitar #tutorial #fyp #fypシ #milkychance

319 Likes, 11 Comments. TikTok video from Plum (@koala_clave): "Reply to @danielzavala212 #stolendance #guitar #tutorial #fyp #fypシ #milkychance". G#m | Gb | E | .... original sound.


original sound - Plum



J'ai fait un pattern de FINGERPICKING d'une chanson que j'aime bien joué. Stolen Dance de Milky Chance. #coursdeguitare🤘😃 #coursdeguitare #guitare #milkychance

TikTok video from CoursdeGuitareAS (@coursdeguitareas): "J'ai fait un pattern de FINGERPICKING d'une chanson que j'aime bien joué. Stolen Dance de Milky Chance. #coursdeguitare🤘😃 #coursdeguitare #guitare #milkychance". Em - D - C - G - B7 | ---------x------------------x- ----0---x-------0-----0--x- ----0---x-------0-----0--x- ---------x------------------x- ---------x------------------x- -0------x---0-----0------x- | Milky Chance - Stolen Dance | .... original sound.


original sound - CoursdeGuitareAS



my lungs cannot handle this song #stolendance #milkychance @milkychanceofficial #guitar #fyp #trending #xyzbca

17K Likes, 495 Comments. #milkychance #parati #fypシ #5chords #guitar #foryourpage #relax". sonido original.


sonido original - jkvswl__



stolen dance @Milky Chance #guitar #girlguitarist #guitarloop #cover #duet #guitartok #2013 #guitarra #queer

941 Likes, 25 Comments. TikTok video from Mars (@valentinemorell): "stolen dance @Milky Chance #guitar #girlguitarist #guitarloop #cover #duet #guitartok #2013 #guitarra #queer". DUET THIS | i need your harmonies . original sound.


original sound - Mars



Stolen Dance - Milky Chance🌠🌌 #foryou #foryoupage #stolendance #milkychance #singing #guitar

194. 1K Likes, 2.3K Comments. TikTok video from carlykrupp (@carlykrupp): "Stolen Dance - Milky Chance🌠🌌 #foryou #foryoupage #stolendance #milkychance #singing #guitar". I want you by my side So that I never feel alone again They’ve always been so kind But now they brought you away from me I hope they didn’t get your mind Your heart is too strong anyway We need to fetch back the time that they have stolen from us | Well I want you we can bring it on the floor You’ve never danced like this before We don’t talk about it Dancing on, doing the boogie all night long Stoned in paradise Shouldn’t talk about it Shouldn’t talk about it. original sound.


original sound - carlykrupp



Stolen Dance by Milky Chance #pourtoi #stolendance #guitar #fyp #acoustic

452 Likes, 25 Comments. TikTok video from juzoo (@nbdwjuz): "Stolen Dance by Milky Chance #pourtoi #stolendance #guitar #fyp #acoustic". ✨Stolen Dance by Milky Chance✨. son original.


son original - juzoo

Stolen Dance - Tablature (rhythm values) for guitar

Stolen Dance - Tablature (rhythm values) for guitar | PlayYourNotes 637 281af2fdd470ee19e43ee20d86e3e0350959795f

"Stolen Dance" - by German duo Milky Chance is a song that promotes their debut album "Sadnecessary" of 2013 years. The song soon became an international hit, and the duo went on concert tours in Europe. In our study is the sheet music of the song and tablature for each instruments. In addition, we suggest you also develop a melody with text and guitar accompaniment and melody with the text and signed chords.

Download sheet music for "Stolen Dance" (from album "Sadnecessary") by Milky Chance. Arrangement: Tablature (rhythm values) for guitar.

Available format:
Electrofolk (Folktronica)
Sadnecessary (2013)
Milky Chance
Milky Chance
Clemens Rehbein
Clemens Rehbein
The way and the date of delivery:
Ordered files will be sent by e-mail to the specified e-mail address in no more than 1 hour from receipt of payment to the store's bank account.
Technical conditions of use of the purchased files:
After purchasing sheet music will be available in PDF format. To use it you will need the electronic devices equipped with software to read PDF files. Files can be copied only for your own needs, making it available to third parties, including through the Internet, is prohibited by law.

Also available in versions

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Leisure in the children's camp Orlyonok, the main camp activities for children's recreation in the camp

In each shift, a lot of activities are held on various topics.

Main themes / shift events

  • Festival of the Peoples of the World,
  • Video Clip Competition,
  • Representation of units,
  • Minute of fame / Talented Russia,
  • Dance floor star,
  • Asphalt Drawing Competition,
  • Sympathy Day,
  • Fair,
  • Tourist relay,
  • Miss Camp,
  • Adventure Night.

How the evening activities go

Evening activities at the camp alternate with movies on the big screen and everyone's favorite discos.

  • Evening performances are organized on the stage from each group, in which all interested children participate. In a five-minute production from each squad, counselors and children convey the idea to the viewer through dance, song, acting.
  • For all performances, outfits are taken from the rich dressing room, where you can find EVERYTHING:
    - folk sundresses,
    - ball gowns,
    - animal costumes,
    - suits fairy tale characters
    - much more .
  • If necessary, performances are accompanied by a pre-recorded soundtrack.
  • Concerts are illuminated by theatrical spotlights and filmed on video and photos, and later posted on the official Vkontakte and Instagram groups.

Daily activities

During the day, in addition to constantly working circles, sports games are held - volleyball, football, mini football, table tennis, archery, arm wrestling, relay races and other competitions.

Quests or "errands" are organized for children - themed games with stages located throughout the camp:

  • Merry Express,
  • Alice in Wonderland,
  • Sea battle,
  • Sausage cuts,
  • Seizure of territory,
  • Yard games,
  • Stolen afternoon snack, etc.

Miss Camp

"Miss Camp" is one of the most favorite activities of children and counselors in the children's camp Orlyonok. This show, which everyone will remember for a lifetime. Each female contestant has a chance to get the title and crown of "Miss camp" for a whole year. Preparing for competition is an important component of the success of the event.

Each contestant is assisted by counselors, group leaders and a large number of friends.

Dresses are sewn, inventions avant-garde costume, song chosen, dance support, writing speech, a worthy gentleman is chosen. The girls are rehearsing with the choreographer consult with a dresser, a vocal teacher. And that's when everything preparations in the children's camp are completed, the queens of the evening are accompanied by loud applause of the fans gracefully step on a specially equipped podium with spotlights, a beautifully designed stage smiling at the invitee to the camp professional jury ... At this moment, everyone sees in a teenage girl charming young lady, which is very important for young lady.

More information about the beauty contest in the camp.

Day of Russian Culture

you at least once cheerful guys and girls dressed in Russians woke up to the button accordion and children's laughter folk costumes dancing and playing on all kinds of musical tools such as rattles, spoons, whistles? Not? Then you don't know what is it like to wake up in a great mood in the children's camp Eaglet! BUT if we add to all this: a fun fair with a variety of competitions, pancakes with condensed milk and jam, a lot of goodies, jumping into bouncy castle (trampoline), horseback riding, Russian folk games.

Plus a wonderful costumed Russian a fairy tale in which children and camp leaders take part. And in the end of the festive disco! It's hard to believe, but it's all happening in one day, on a Russian day, which holds a children's camp Eaglet!

More about the RUSSIAN day in Orlenok


it’s unfair when you are full of energy and want to walk, jump and have fun all night long, but at the children's camp sounds "lights out". Which happiness that there is a Night!

Time for romantic night, beauty starfall, the freshness of the wind and the secrets of the pink dawn. Camp Eaglet falls asleep, and the detachment, dressed warmly and taking everything necessary, departs into the night. Bonfire, charcoal-baked potatoes, bread, fried on fire, guitar songs, horseback riding, scary stories and, finally, meeting the dawn…

Tourist relay race

Camp Eaglet suddenly sounds an alarm. What's this? Fire? spontaneous disaster? War? Not! This is a tour! Everyone runs to the line, goes squad roll call, counting the number of children and the tour relay starts! BUT this means that the team from each detachment of the camp is put on serious battle of the most enduring, fast and dexterous.

Spectators with happy to support their own, and the participants try not to hit dirt face overcoming an obstacle course: run on a log, climb over a rope ladder, crawl in a plastunsky manner without hitting low net, fly over a hole on a bungee, overcome a crossing, climb over the wall, jump over the bumps. But that's not all, it is important for real heroes to complete responsible tasks: tent for a while, kindle a fire, move the "wounded", collect machine.

On the day when Orlyonok children's camp a tourist relay race is held, dinner is prepared at the field army kitchen. After the competition, children dine with appetite, specially wood-fired. It creates a travel atmosphere. And at the end this unusual day in the children's camp Orlyonok there is a disco, on which are awarded to the winners!

You can see last year's relay in the video gallery of the camp.

Night adventure

Mysterious events always attract of people. Adventure Night at the Orlyonok children's camp is a test trail in dark time of the day with scary stories and characters for elders children and fairy tale characters for younger children. On the way you may meet big wild beasts, souls of pioneers, monsters, skeletons, zombies, crosses, ghosts, headless horseman….

After walking the path, each can get rid of his fears by "throwing" them into the cherished fire at the end way, become bolder and more self-confident, pull out a prediction on the near future of the organ grinder. Children's Adventure Night ends camp with a magical salute to commemorate of good.

More about night adventures in the camp

Cheerful express train

Fun relay race for the entire children's camp serves as a good start to every shift. The rules are simple, children's group moves to the music, holding hands from station to station, perform tasks and answer questions. Already here the guys are becoming more united, friendly and proactive. After passing each station, the detachment receives points based on the results of the calculation of which it is revealed winning squad.


Participating in competitions and creative tasks, children earn "rubles" of children's Camp Eaglet. Making money is fun, but how to spend it? Here you need a smart head and a competent financial calculation, because you can order song, ride a horse, buy sweets, souvenirs, toys.

Sympathy Day

This day in the children's camp Eaglet is waiting for everyone, both boys and girls, both small and large. On this day, there are many options for confessing love, express your sympathy, send congratulations. You can get and send a valentine through the angel postal service with confessions and congratulations. You can call the local phone on the radio broadcast children's camp and order a song, say hello, congratulation.

Very nice to hear your voice in radio broadcast throughout the camp. In addition, you can send SMS from your mobile phone, which are displayed in real time on screen of TV sets in each case. During all this time, both children and adults can come to the video room and record their congratulations. In the evening before the movie, the entire children's camp Orlyonok going to a film screening before which everyone is looking forward to the video hello on the big screen club.

Festival of the Peoples of the World

Do you think it is impossible to visit 14 countries of the world in one day? Everything is possible in Orlyonka! The children will learn about each country represented on the stage, its geographical location, symbols, customs, get acquainted with the traditional costumes of this country, its dances and songs. And it may also be that very important people of these countries will appear on the stage, for example, presidents, great artists, athletes, for example, the football player Ronaldinho - very cheerfully parodied by the guys.

On this day, we do not forget about Russian traditions either, the counselors always represent Russia, using ancient Russian customs in their performances.

Camp birthday

Unfortunately, the birthday is only once a year. This is exactly what the guys say about their birthday and about Eaglet's birthday. This holiday is so large-scale and colorful that at the end of the day it becomes sad that the day is over. From the very morning, a festive mood is created when dressed up counselors with songs and jokes pass through the buildings and wake up all the children, congratulating them on the holiday!

Important guests and delegations from other camps arrive, and the Orlyata guys meet them and show mugs, conduct a tour of the camp. Of course, all those who have gathered are waiting for a festive concert, striking in its scope! After all, for a limited time on stage, you need to show everything that happens in our dear and beloved camp, show its history, its customs and achievements.

Guys from all groups very reverently and responsibly take part in this holiday. On this day, the camp treats everyone with different yummy things - popcorn, cotton candy and festive breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Well, in the evening, of course, magical fireworks and loud cries of "Happy Birthday, Eaglet !!!"

Golden Microphone

Talented Russia

This event is for all the talents of our camp. If you read poetry in such a way that everyone falls silent, sing songs in such a way that you want to sing along, dance in such a way that it takes your breath away, play a musical instrument in such a way that others want to go to music school, or maybe you can do all this at the same time and much more - "Talented Russia" for you!

A huge number of guys go through several qualifying rounds and as a result, getting into the finals, the best of the best come on stage! But all the guys in the detachment help to make their performance bright! Therefore, if you decide to go to Orlyonok, be sure to determine the repertoire for yourself and immediately start rehearsals!

Here we are

It's time for the first acquaintance between the squads. After all, the camp does not yet know what names the detachments have chosen and under what mottos they will now live. It is at this event that a cheerful, creative, friendly mood is set for the whole shift. For some of the guys, this is the very first appearance on the stage of the camp, and for some, even the very first performance in their life, so there is always a festive excitement.

This event is held at the beginning of each shift and is the first joint performance of the entire squad, which undoubtedly unites the guys in a strong creative union!

Solemn line

Solemn line is held at the beginning and at the end of the shift. At the opening of the shift, the camp administration introduces the children to teachers, camp circle leaders, reports the action plan. The flag is solemnly raised to the anthem of Russia.

The shift is closed on the day of departure. All children and employees gather on the line to take stock and reward the most active, creative and athletic children. The flag of Russia is lowered, but in a few days the guys of the next shift will raise it again.

Concert counselors

The shift is coming to an end ... And everyone brings the results of unforgettable days of rest in the children's camp Orlyonok. Thanks friends, camp, their counselors. And the counselors sadly say goodbye to the children, become family to them. All your skills and talents come in handy on concert of counselors, in order to express their emotions and feelings for last shift in the children's camp. Counselors read poetry, show skits, dancing, playing musical instruments. There's a place here lyrics, humor, burst of energy. And finally, a farewell song ... And here wiping tears, we all understand that the change was not in vain…

Stolen afternoon snack

Show your directing and creativity older children can in the preparation activities "Stolen afternoon tea" for the little ones. The kids come to afternoon snack in the camp canteen, and then a bunch of pirates, stealing before their eyes their legitimate sweets.

Children appear to help children good fairy tale characters, whether it be Puss in Boots, Malvina, Thumbelina, Fairy who lead them in the footsteps of the pirates, stopping for clues at Grandmothers Ezhka, The Devil, Koshchei, Robin Hood, Humanoids, Space Aliens and other heroes. Scenarios are always different, characters and tasks respectively too. Emotions are overflowing, as a result, the entire children's the camp always remains satisfied: the younger guys found their afternoon snack, and the elders are glad that they were not torn apart by hungry kids.

Rope course

Very important for a good holiday in the children's camp, is a close-knit, a friendly team that builds its relationships on the principles of respect, mutual aid and support. It is to develop these qualities that "Rope course".

As a result of overcoming difficult stages where each person is necessary, important and valuable, begins to form a responsible position towards each other and the team. The exercises are structured in such a way as to involve both active and insignificantly showing themselves members of the children's team, as a result that each member of the group and the group as a whole participate in achieving set goals.

As a result, the squad becomes cohesive, a friendly atmosphere is formed, skills are developed mutual assistance, communication barriers are overcome, leaders are identified. Such event children's camp Eaglet holds every shift for teams middle and older ages.

Video Clip Contest

You can discover the abilities of a clip maker, a profession that is very fashionable today, if you participate in the "Video Clip Contest" event. It is here that the guys will have to direct a video for any musical hit and play it right on stage.

As a result, the whole camp will witness a new creation in the field of show business. Believe me, the clips created in our camp often turn out to be brighter, more fun and more ideological than those that are shown on television.

Day of "Memory of the Fallen"

Competition of drawings on asphalt

Who but children can make the world brighter, kinder and brighter? In our camp, even the gray asphalt paths become colorful when the asphalt drawing competition takes place.

Most often, children paint asphalt on a given topic, for example, "Let there always be sunshine", "April Fool's Day" and others. The guys all team come up with an idea and embody it. Walking around the camp, you understand that talented, kind and friendly children rest in Orlyonok.

New Year's fairy tale

Each of us, whether he is a child or an adult, waiting for New Year's fairy tale with a happy ending. In our children's camp in the winter shift a fairy tale becomes a reality. small and adults become fairy-tale characters. Bright costumes, interesting plots, humor and mysticism - immerses everyone in a festive atmosphere and impressions just a few hours before the New of the year.

Our fairy tale cannot do without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden with a magic bag of gifts for children on the morning of January 1. A lot of trouble haunts the main characters, but ... good always wins evil. Every year in the children's camp Eaglet a new fairy tale, new heroes, new scenery and new childhood experiences.

10 wonderful films about cats

October 14LikbezCinema

The musical "Cats" will not be among them. Only proven comedies, dramas and even horror films.



10. Garfield


  • USA, 2004.
  • Family comedy.
  • Duration: 80 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5.0.
A still from the film "Garfield"

Cat Garfield loves to eat hearty and mess around, but his quiet life ends when the owner brings home a new pet - a puppy named Odie. Garfield is trying in every possible way to get rid of a competitor, but when he is taken away by an insidious dog breeder instructor, the cat begins to suffer from conscience and decides to find the kidnapper.

The film combines computer animation and live action. The film was based on the popular comic book series created by artist Jim Davis. True, the tape has little in common with the original source, and the main character looks a little different. But the legendary Bill Murray was called to voice Garfield.

9. Nine Lives

Nine Lives

  • France, China, 2016.
  • Family comedy.
  • Duration: 87 minutes.
  • IMDb: 5.3.

Successful businessman Tom Brand is so obsessed with the desire to constantly work that he does not have enough time for a full-fledged family life. By the will of circumstances, a man falls into a coma, and his soul moves into the body of a cat. To return back, the hero will have to prove that he is still a good family man.

The film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld is not brilliant or outstanding. Nevertheless, the tape is worth watching for the actual morality and the charismatic Kevin Spacey, who voiced the main character.

Watch on iTunes →

  • Horror, thriller, melodrama.
  • Duration: 94 minutes.
  • IMDb: 6.3.
  • A shot from the film "Cat's Eye"

    A middle-aged man applies to the "Quit Smoking" company to get rid of a bad habit, and there he is offered extreme methods of motivation, and there is no longer the right to refuse. The mafiosi, having learned that his wife has a lover, forces the latter to take part in a cruel bet and walk along the cornice of a huge skyscraper. A small strange creature terrorizes a little girl every night, and only a cat can save the child.

    The film brings together three short stories written by horror king Stephen King. The first two ("Quit Smoking Corporation" and "Cornice") are included in the literary collection Night Shift. The last short story "The General" was created specifically for the film, and the main link of the picture was a mysterious nameless cat.

    7. Keanu


    • USA, 2016.
    • Crime comedy.
    • Duration: 100 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.3.

    Two bosom buddies are forced to pretend to be gangsters in order to save a stolen kitten named Keanu. But the problem is that real mafiosi take their masquerade at face value.

    American critics liked the little-known comedy Keanu in Russia. Actor and comedian (and now successful horror director) Jordan Peele played the title role alongside his friend Keegan Michael Key.

    6. Pet cemetery

    Pet Sematary

    • US 1989
    • Thriller, horror.
    • Duration: 103 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.6.
    Still from the film "Pet Cemetery"

    Dr. Louis Creed and his family move to a small town and settle in a plot with a cemetery on one side and a highway on the other. Soon, Creed's domestic cat named Church dies under the wheels of a truck. Then a friendly but slightly strange elderly neighbor shows Luis a secret place where the locals bury their dead pets. After that, the cat returns home, but changed, and then events take an increasingly sinister turn.

    Cats often have a special place in Stephen King's stories. This happened in the "Pet Cemetery", where Church from everyone's favorite reincarnates into a terrible creature that brings death.

    Watch on iTunes →

    5. Hocus Pocus

    Hocus Pocus

    • US
    • Family comedy.
    • Duration: 96 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.9.

    Once upon a time, the Sanderson sisters were executed for stealing children and sucking out their souls. But according to the prophecy, the witches will be resurrected if on the eve of All Saints' Day an innocent soul lights a black candle. And so it happens, and now teenager Max Dennison, his little sister Dani and girlfriend Allison have to fight the witches. A talking black cat will help the guys.

    Curiously, Salem, the sarcastic cat from the sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch, previously "starred" in Hocus Pocus. The roles of both animals were played by a special animatronic doll. True, in the film it was used only in some moments, and in most scenes they filmed real cats.

    4. Cat for rent


    • Japan, 2012.
    • Comedy drama.
    • Duration: 110 minutes.
    • IMDb: 6.9.

    An eccentric young girl Sayoko walks along the waterfront of a Japanese town and offers to passers-by to rent a cat. There are quite a lot of applicants, and all of them are lonely people in their own way.

    The film consists of several short stories connected only by the main character and the theme of human loneliness. This is a very peculiar, unhurried, but at the same time life-affirming movie, which is a must-see for everyone who is in love with Japan and Asian culture.

    3. A Street Cat Named Bob

    A Street Cat Named Bob

    • UK, 2016.
    • Biographical drama.
    • Duration: 103 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.3.

    James, a homeless busker, is trying to make a living, but no one is eager to hire him. The situation changes dramatically for the better after meeting with a red stray cat.

    The film is based on a true life story of writer and musician James Bowen and his pet, named after a character from the television series Twin Peaks. Moreover, the cat Bob in the film played himself.

    Watch on iTunes →

  • Comedy drama.
  • Duration: 104 minutes.
  • IMDb: 7.5.
  • Singer and guitarist Llewyn Davis is grieving over the death of his close friend, with whom they performed together on stage. A man considers himself talented and believes that someday he will be appreciated. But the path to glory is much harder than he imagined.

    Actor Oscar Isaac, who played the title role, once ended up in the hospital due to an infection caused by a cat bite. Ironically, on the set of Inside Llewyn Davis, the performer had to spend a lot of time side by side with these animals: the fact is that his hero walks with a ginger cat in his arms for about two-thirds of the film.

    The directors, the Coen brothers, were also not enthusiastic and later said that there are no animals less suited for cinematography than cats, which are almost impossible to teach at least something.

    Watch on iTunes →

    1. City of Cats


    • Turkey, USA, 2016.
    • Documentary.
    • Duration: 79 minutes.
    • IMDb: 7.7.

    The film is about stray cats that inhabit the streets of Istanbul and about the inhabitants of the city who feed the animals. At the same time, cats live on their own and only go to visit their loved ones, but never stay at their house.

    The picture of Turkish documentary filmmaker Ceyda Torun has earned rave reviews from critics.

    Learn more