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Review of Just Dance 4 for Playstation Move

The king of PS3 dance games

While Sony attempted to establish itself in the dance genre with Everybody Dance, that title seems to have fizzled while the Just Dance franchise continues to go strong. The latest version of Just Dance is well done on all three major platforms, and the PS3 Move brings along certain advantages that are missing in both the Kinect and Wii versions.

Rating by steve: 5.0 stars

It’s been a while since I posted a new PS3 fitness game review. It’s certainly not been for want of trying; I’ve been checking the new game release schedule pretty closely for the past few months, but it seems that there are only two Move games that involve any kind of physical exertion this season. The first is Sports Champions 2, which I’ll be reviewing shortly, and the second is Just Dance 4, which I’ll be reviewing now.

Just Dance 4, of course, started on the Wii and continues to be the most popular dance franchise on that platform. For the Xbox 360, Dance Central 3 reigns supreme. For the Playstation 3, last year Sony released Everybody Dance, which I thought was a pretty good game, if the weakest of the three as a showcase for the platform. The fact that there is no 2012 edition leads me to believe that perhaps sales of Everybody Dance weren’t necessarily phenomenal. It’s clear that PS3 developers are focusing more on hardcore games and less on motion control or fitness games. Still, if you are a household who happens to own a PS3, there is still a lot of good exergaming to be done, and the game we’re going to review today is a shining example.

With Just Dance 4, Ubisoft made the good choice of developing it to be virtually identical between platforms. You can learn the moves on a PS3, take those same moves to a friend’s house with an Xbox, and the kids can use what they learned in gym class on a Wii.

When you start the game you’re asked if you want to create a Uplay account. In all honesty, between my Playstation Account and NIntendo account and my Microsoft account and my gazillion other accounts I wasn’t all that enthusiastic of signing up for yet another one. But since it seems that this will be the main way that Ubisoft allows users to access downloadable content, and there might be some interesting bonus content in the future, I figured I’d go ahead and sign up.

The opening menu of Just Dance 4 should be familiar to everyone by now; it consists of two options: Just Dance and Just Sweat. Selecting menu options is a pleasure on the PS3 with the extra big buttons and the precision of the Playstation Move controller. Reports are that the Xbox version suffers greatly because its menus are almost impossible to navigate using the Kinect.

Selecting “Just Dance” lets you go right away to selecting songs. One unique thing about Just Dance 4 is that depending on the song, you’ll get choreography for one, two, or four players. Four player choreography is especially fun if you’re playing with a group of people; each player gets a different and unique part to dance to, and the results are amazing if all four of you do it well and amazingly hilarious if you don’t (which will be the more common occurrence). Here’s a duet of my wife and me dancing to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” (spoiler alert: she wins).

While the PS3 often gets third world status when compared to the popularity of the Wii or the full body motion detection of the Kinect, in this case the PS3 shines in that you get the best of both: because the PS3 Move controller’s motions can be detected both by light trails on the Playstation Eye, as well as through radio signals similar to the traditional Wii controller, players don’t necessarily need to be in camera range to be detected. This means that unlike the Xbox version where four players would have to squeeze to fit inside the camera view of the Kinect camera, on the PS3 version all four players can play, providing all have a PS3 Move controller.

The playlist for Just Dance 4 consists of a surprising number of licensed tracks from some of the hottest pop stars. There’s also a good selection of oldies and songs from multiple genres, so there’s a good chance that everyone in your group playing will find a song that appeals to him or her:

Asereje (The Ketchup Song) – Las Ketchup – Duo – 1 of 3
Beauty and a Beat – Justin Bieber featuring Nicki Minaj – Solo – 3 of 3
Beware Of The Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke) – Panjabi MC – Quartet – 2 of 3
Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen – Solo – 1 of 3
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Boys Town Gang – Duo – 1 of 3
Crazy Little Thing – Anja – Solo – 3 of 3
Crucified – Army of Lovers – Quartet – 3 of 3
Disturbia – Rihanna – Solo – 3 of 3
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love – Dancing Bros. – Duo – 2 of 3
Good Feeling – Flo Rida – Solo – 2 of 3
Good Girl – Carrie Underwood – Solo – 1 of 3
Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)” – Blu Cantrell – Solo – 1 of 3
Hot For Me – A. K.A – Solo – 2 of 3
I Like It – The Blackout Allstars – Duo – 3 of 3
(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – Duet – 3 of 3
Istanbul – They Might Be Giants – Quartet – 1 of 3
Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley – Quartet – 1 of 3
Livin’ la Vida Loca” – Ricky Martin – Solo – 3 of 3
Love You Like A Love Song – Selena Gomez and the Scene – Solo – 1 of 3
Make The Party (Don’t Stop) – Bunny Beatz – Solo – 2 of 3
Maneater – Nelly Furtado – Solo – 2 of 3
Mas Que Nada – Sergio Mendes featuring The Black Eyed Peas – Solo – 1 of 3
Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera – Solo – 2 of 3
Mr. Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan – Solo – 1 of 3
Oh No! – Marina and The Diamonds – Solo – 3 of 3
On The Floor – Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull – 1 of 3
Oops!… I Did It Again” – The Girly Team – Quartet – 2 of 3
Rock N’Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) – Skrillex – Solo – 2 of 3
Rock Lobster – The B-52′s – Duo – 2 of 3
Run The Show – Kat DeLuna featuring Busta Rhymes – Duo – 3 of 3
So What – Pink – Solo – 1 of 3
Some Catchin’ Up To Do- Sammy – Solo – 1 of 3
Super Bass – Nicki Minaj – Solo – 3 of 3
Superstition – Stevie Wonder – Solo – 1 of 3
The Final Countdown – Europe – Duo – 3 of 3
Time Warp” – Halloween Thrills – Quartet – 3 of 3
Tribal Dance – 2 Unlimited – Duo – 3 of 3
Umbrella – Rihanna featuring Jay-Z – Solo – 1 of 3
We No Speak Americano – Hit The Electro Beat – Solo – 2 of 3
What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction – Quartet – 1 of 3
Wild Wild West – Will Smith – Quartet – 3 of 3
You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” – Barry White – Quartet – 1 of 3

Gameplay is pretty much the same as always: you dance by mirroring the moves of an on-screen counterpart. The more precise your dance is, the more points  and stars you’ll get and the more positive on-screen feedback you’ll get. Pictographs will scroll along the bottom of the screen to cue you on upcoming moves. Unlike the Kinect, the Wii and Ps3 versions of the game only detect your right hand, which is holding the controller. In a sense, you’re on the “honor system” to move the rest of your body the right way, but after a lot of experimentation I found that to get the highest scores it’s a lot easier just to dance the correct moves with your whole body than to try to figure out how to game the system by moving your right hand in the right way.

Something new to Just Dance 4 is “Battle Mode”, where you can play against another player (or against the computer). You start by choosing a character that corresponds to a song. Then, you basically compete in a dance-off. It’s an interesting twist on fighting games like Street Fighter, where the player that dances the most precise dance steps will score “hits” on the other. Whoever has the most life left at the end of a round wins that round and their song will be imposed on the next round.

By most accounts, one of the best features on Just Dance 4 for PS3 is the improved “Just Sweat” mode. This mode lets you play several songs in a row for a set amount of time, either 10 minutes (burning around 50 Kcals), 25 minutes (about 100 Kcals), or 45 minutes (about 200 Kcals). Instead of choosing individual songs to work out to, you choose from the following four genres of music:

  • Aerobics in Space (Dynamic Fitness Steps / 80′s Pop Music)
  • Sweat Around the World (Latin Dance Practice / World Music)
  • Electro Body Combat (Cardio Fighting Exercise / Electro Music)
  • Cheerleader’s Boot Camp (Extreme Training / Punk Rock Music)

The routines start out with a slower warm up routine and end with a cool down routine. Your energy level from song to song is tracked in real time through a running graph at the top of the page, and will determine whether the next song is “COOL” or “INTENSE”, effective customizing your workout based on your individual level of energy. That they’re using a little artificial intelligence to give you a personalized workout is a nice improvement that’s definitely more sophisticated than in previous versions of Just Dance. The number of Kcals you burn is displayed in the upper left hand of the screen. Take the calories with a grain of salt, as it’s an average number that’s likely to be understated for heavier players and overstated for lighter players.

Overall, Just Dance 4 is by far the best dance game for the Playstation 3, and among the best fitness games of any kind. Highly recommended.

Just Dance 4 - NintendoToday

Just Dance 4 is a dance and rhythm game developed and published by Ubisoft. The first 3 Just Dance games were released on the Wii and other consoles, and Just Dance 4 will be released on the new Wii U console as well. In addition to the Wii U, the game will be released on the original Wii and other consoles. The Just Dance series have gotten several spin off titles over the years, and Just Dance 4 is expected to follow the same pattern.

Just Dance 4 gameplay

Just Dance 4 is a rhythm and dance game, meaning the player is expected to dance and move their body in tune to the music. By doing so, the player earns points and advances to the next level. The player uses the Wii U controller or the Wiimote to mimic the movements of the on-screen character, in an effort to achieve a perfect score. Just Dance 4 will include several game modes, and will support multiplayer with up to 4 players. It will also include a workout mode called “Just Sweat”, where the game measures the energy the player uses during the dance moves. The Just Dance 4 Wii U version will utilize the new tablet controller and features of the console, features that will be exclusive to the Wii U.

Just Dance 4 song list

Just Dance 4 will include dozens of songs and dance tracks, including newer and popular hits by such artists as Calvin Harris and Rihanna, and older classics from such artist as Fatboy Slim, MC Hammer, and Kylie Minogue. Here is a list of some of the songs that will be included in Just Dance 4, according to a leaked list from Ubisoft:

  • “Spinning Around” – Kylie Minogue
  • “Super Bass” – Nicki Minaj
  • “Feel So Close” – Calvin Harris
  • “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” – Barry White
  • “Right Here, Right Now” – Fatboy Slim
  • “Never Gonna Give You Up” – Rick Astley
  • “I’m Like A Bird” – Nelly Furtado
  • “Maneater” – Nelly Furtado
  • “Wild Wild West” – Will Smith
  • “Music Sounds Better With You” – Stardust
  • “Another Chance” – Roger Sanchez
  • “So What” – Pink
  • “Played-A-Live” – Safri Duo
  • “Call Me Maybe” – Carly Rae Jepsen
  • “Disturbia” – Rihanna
  • “What Makes You Beautiful” – One Direction
  • “Moves Like Jagger” – Maroon 5
  • “Rock Lobster”- The B-52′s
  • “Good Feeling” – Flo Rida

In addition to those, Just Dance 4 songs will stretch into the dozens, according to a source, and will feature the most songs of any Just Dance game to date. Some of the artists will include Justin Bieber, Ricky Martin, Elvis Presley, and even Skrillex.

Just Dance 4 DLC

According to Ubisoft, Just Dance 4 DLC will include both new songs, characters, levels, and other features. All of these DLC packs will be coming to the Wii U as well. It is unknown how much DLC the game will receive. previous Just Dance games on the Wii had dozens of smaller DLC packs. This trend will continue with Just Dance 4, however, Ubisoft is said to be focusing more on bigger content packs this time.

Pushkin was forced to squat dance - Interesant Magazine

07/19/18 theatre

Summer cultural stagnation brings unexpected results. Usually critics do not reach the Buff Theatre, and then suddenly in the summer he decided to release a premiere. Naturally, this was immediately noticed.

It's not a sin to laugh, right? And, apparently, the leadership of urban culture, because the theater celebrating its 35th anniversary this year not only received its own building in due time, but also improved its “living conditions” during its existence, moving closer to the metro. If it goes on like this, then soon we will see the "Buff" somewhere on the Nevsky. Perhaps this happens because the theater's repertoire meets the ideas of our officials about how the performing arts of the cultural capital should be. "Why don't you laugh, joke with the people?" - the leaders of St. Petersburg culture are interested in serious directors. Not realizing that everyone has their own directing style. There is also one at the Buff Theater, where they do just that, “joking and laughing with the people.” What could be seen at the premiere of the play "Our Everything".

And there is nothing wrong with this outrageous fun - the light genre that Buff adheres to dictates its own rules. And yes, sometimes on a summer evening you want to laugh and relax, and not suffer together, for example, with the heroes of Shakespeare. Again, a classic - not Pushkin, Karamzin - said that "laughing, really, is not a sin at what seems funny." The problem is that it "seems" funny. In the play “Our Everything”, this is funny, alas, so primitive that it is strange to see adult spectators bursting with laughter literally at the sight of a shown finger. But nevertheless - the audience laughs, claps to the beat of any more or less cheerful melody and, in general, is absolutely delighted. Well, this audience knew where it was going.

For those who did not know, it is difficult to feel the fun of the school drama circle, or rather, jokes in the style of the respected Evgeny Petrosyan. Namely, his television shows are remembered first of all when you watch the play “Our Everything”.

"Non-trivial" look

And this is not accidental. The director of the performance, Mikhail Smirnov, is one of the regular participants in these shows. But he even surpassed the teacher, because he swung not just at some production composed by modern satirists, but just at “our everything” - Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin and his story “The Young Lady-Peasant Woman”. And he promised that he would demonstrate an “unexpected, non-trivial” look at the classics, and at the end of the performance the audience would remember “Ah yes Pushkin, ah yes . ..”. And something similar came to mind, but not in relation to Pushkin.

To be completely honest, Pushkin's story written in one day is not the pinnacle of his work. This is such a trinket, from which a cheerful musical performance played by young actors could well come out - yesterday's graduates of the Theater Academy, who have recently joined the Buffa troupe, are busy in the premiere.

But the story itself was not enough for the director, and he puts Alexander Sergeevich himself (Aren Kuchukyan) and his nanny (Natalya Bobrovnichaya) into action. The poet actively interacts with the characters of his work and is generally very active - he fusses and flickers all the time. The apotheosis of this flickering is Pushkin's dance - squatting and whistling. To the rhythmic applause of the audience.

They generally try to make the audience laugh by any means. Each hero of the performance has his own signature exit, where he gives out his portion of jokes. So, Lisa (Ekaterina Konopatskaya) no matter how she grimace, trying to learn to speak "peasantly". The director also set certain tasks for the rest of the actors. Only these tasks are at the level of the first year of the theater institute, when students learn to portray animals. Therefore, the dog and the horse that lead the public to complete delight, performed by undoubtedly talented actors, are just student sketches. And choral and solo singing are just well-learned music lessons.

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with that either. The young ones showed their potential, entertained the unpretentious spectators, and everyone left satisfied with each other. But this didn’t seem enough to the director Smirnov, for some reason he wants to demonstrate all the facets of Pushkin’s talent, who reads his frivolous poems, then deep and philosophical ones, and in the end climbs onto a pedestal and recites “I erected a monument to myself ...”.

And this "educational program" finally reduces the staging to the level of amateur performance, designed for schoolchildren, who need to be familiarized with the work of the main poet of our country. Well, if someone then thinks that Pushkin danced and whistled in between writing masterpieces, then this is the cost of a “non-trivial look at the classics”.

“And the buffet is delicious…”

So you can safely take cultural trips to the performance. The main thing is that those children who see “Our Everything” do not decide that a real theater is when they tell you before the start of the performance how long the first act lasts and how long the second, and promise that they will definitely cheer you up (and it happened , when the director, having gone out to the audience before the premiere, announced her "timing", calling the actions - departments out of "pop habit", and the actors by hook or by crook will try to make them laugh.

I would also like to warn young actors who get applause for rather modest achievements: 35 years ago, a brilliant course of graduates of the then Theater Institute received a building for their theater, called "Buff". And for Soviet times, it was something incredible - Raikin was not given the building, but here yesterday's students, led by their talented master Isaac Shtokbant, were given, believing in their future.

Over the years, only a few remained from that course in the theater, and they did not have any breakthrough in their work. But they gather the halls, break the applause, and everything seems to be fine. But they just expected something completely different from them, a new word in art - however, it did not work out. So today's young people should think about whether audience success is always creative success. And is it art when the audience is told how long the production will be, and after that they leave something like this (for another performance): “Beautiful theater! Everything is so calm and the buffet is delicious.”


Internet magazine "Interesant"

Guskova not only won a medal in Beijing, but also made the bureaucrats, who were strangling freestyle, dance the dog waltz - and this is very funny 9001 , which can be looked at endlessly.

One of them is how officials of all stripes cling to big sports victories and medals, having nothing to do with them. And even more than that - doing everything so that this victory does not happen.

I don’t know about you, but after Guskova’s medal, I was jarred by the phrase from the main amateur (although what an amateur he is - a professional) to cling to: “Pride for you and our freestyle school!”

You see, this is not written by the press service of anyone, but of the person on whose orders the Belarusian freestyle school was practically destroyed. Pupils of Nikolai Kozeko since 1998 - that is, seven Olympiads in a row! - they bring medals from the Olympic starts. But Kozeko, without hesitation, was repressed for his desire for fair elections, in fact, depriving him of the right to a profession. Because it is not supposed to be an honest person in this state, here loyal sycophants and ministers nodding their heads are held in high esteem. Listen to the Gauleiter of the Ministry of Sports Kovalchuk, so Guskova's merit in the medal is not so much: “This is the work of a large number of people - our young and promising coaches, the whole team, and fortunately, four years of hard preparation resulted in such an important medal for our country.

What can I say about honesty is not held in high esteem, even if from the book “Belarus is our Motherland”, which is given to first-graders allegedly as a gift from Lukashenka (as if it was printed for his personal money), disloyal athletes were replaced with loyal ones. Well, it happened so by accident, you know. Among the "disappeared" is Guskova, who signed for fair elections and against violence. Even Kolodinskaya (bronze of Tokyo-2020), who did not sign the pro-government letter, disappeared from the book. They punish not only if you are against violence - they punish you even if you are not in favor of violence.

And if in 2018, after the victory in Pyeongchang, the happy Anna Guskova was photographed with Nikolai Kozeko and the flag, then in 2022 she could receive congratulations from the coach only remotely. And the flag on the pedestal in her hands cringed ridiculously - I don’t know if it was by accident or on purpose, but it turned out very symbolically.

And the main symbolism is that Guskova's medal is not thanks to, but in spite of the state. For some time, an honest freestyler will again shake hands - propaganda will speak loudly about her, because she “brought a medal to the bins of her motherland” (what other miserable clichés are there on television?). The ungodly telegram channels will squeal about “the Nazis, who are crippled by the successes of the patriots,” and propagandists and forced people with flags will definitely come to the airport to meet the medalist. True, it is unlikely that Guskova will be allowed to talk much, because she is disloyal, what if, God forbid, she does not thank the expert for the medal, who at least “spread the whole race”, or even “taught skiing”.

And no matter how hard Gauleiter Kovalchuk tries, he cannot ignore Guskova and is forced to dance around her. The minister fawns over the regime, destroys all sports that he can reach, but when, despite his work, one of the athletes who retained his dignity gets a medal, Gauleiter Kovalchuk stands on his hind legs and dances a dog waltz. Guskova deserves to be thanked for this comedy even more than for the award itself.

Even "Pressball", which now consists of 80% of censorship, even put the name of objectionable Kozeko in the headline, forgetting about blacklists. What officials, what ideologists, what censors understand - you need to dance around Guskova. Because a medal, because the plan was fulfilled, because there may not be more medals. And you need to have time to fall under these rays of someone else's glory so that it illuminates the official and, perhaps, thanks to this, the official received an increase in salary in the amount of one base unit.

And propagandists will definitely try to show how great everything is in this wonderful state, which cares about athletes and everyone in general, using the example of medalists.

Only this medal is not thanks to the state, but in spite of it. See for yourself:

- Guskova's coach Nikolai Kozeko has been repressed since 2020. He was not allowed to work - and this affected the chances of freestylers for medals. He did not fly to Beijing - and this is also bad for the team, which he knew well, which he could prepare morally and psychologically.

– RCOP freestyle director Vadim Krivosheev was fired in September 2020 “for poor ideological work in the team”. Yes, yes, not for poor provision of conditions for athletes, for example, but for “ideological work”. And this also influenced the training of freestylers, because the new director primarily looks at indoctrination. And the athletes somehow do their own work there.

– A colleague and friend from the national team, Alexandra Romanovskaya, was fired from the RCOP in freestyle “for absenteeism”, in fact, depriving her of the opportunity to recover and train, and as a result, depriving her of the Olympics. The whole team stood up for Kozeko and Romanovskaya, but those who have “pride for you and the whole freestyle school” preferred to destroy this pride.

Belarus has achievements that the state is proud of. Outside of sports, this is, for example, the IT sector, which seemed to be developed “with these hands” - but in fact they simply did not interfere. It’s the same in sports – if the state says that it gave you something, it means that it didn’t take something away from you. But in the case of freestyle, the regime went further - it tried to take away and destroy what was created by others.

Now the state is clinging with all its might to Guskova's medal - but there is nothing in this medal that the state would give. There is pain, sweat, tears, blood, injuries, fear, the risk of Anna herself - and nothing from the state. Inventory or fees? All this is paid not from state revenues, but from the taxes of ordinary Belarusians. The state prepares three cameras for athletes: on one they talk about medals, on the second they apologize against the background of flags for failure. In the third they sit - like Alexei Kudin.

I'm definitely not an expert in freestyle and follow it once every four years. But I am very happy for Anna Guskova, who, against all odds, achieved such an important victory for her. I feel sad for Nikolai Kozeko, who was unable to hug the pupil immediately after the medal, and who, perhaps, now reproaches himself a little that he could not be in Beijing, suggest, help and improve the athlete’s medal to gold.

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