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Save The Last Dance For Me Chords - Chris Hillman

Save The Last Dance For Me Chords - Chris Hillman - Cowboy Lyrics
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• Chris Hillman Sheet music
 Chris Hillman Save The Last Dance For Me by Doc Pomus
 Herb Pedersen Mort Shuman
 You can dance every dance with the guy
 Who gives you the eye let him hold you tight
 You can smile every smile for the guy
 Who holds your hand neath the pale moonlight
 But don't forget who's taking you home
 And in his arms you're gonna be
 D7 G 
 Oh darling save the last dance for me
 Yes I know that the music's fine
 Like sparkling wine go and have your fun
 Dance and sing but while we're apart
 Don't give your heart to any one
 And don't forget who's taking you home
 And in his arms you're gonna be
 D7 G 
 Oh darling save the last dance for me
 You can dance go and carry on
 Till the night is gone and it's time to go
 If he asks if you're all alone
 Can he take you home you must tell him no
 And don't forget who's taking you home
 And in whose arms you're gonna be
 D7 G 
 Oh darling save the last dance for me
 You can dance every dance with the guy
 Who gives you the eye let him hold you tight
 You can smile every smile for the guy
 Who holds your hand neath the pale moonlight
 But don't forget who's taking you home
 And in his arms you're gonna be
 D7 G 
 Oh darling save the last dance for me
 D7 G 
 Oh darling save the last dance for me
 >From Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen "Way Out West"
 Back Porch Records 2002
 Uni Chappell Music(BMI) 
 Chris Hillman vocals/acoustic guitar/mandolin
 Herb Pedersen lead vocals/acoustic guitar
 Jim Monahan guitar
 Bill Bryson bass
 Jay Dee Maness steel guitar
 Sergio Gonzales drums
 Flaco Jimenwz accordion

Chris Hillman Chords • Chris Hillman Lyrics

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SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME Chords - The Drifters

Capo on 4th fret

 C C C 
 You can dance every dance with the guy who gives you the eye 
 Let him hold you tight 
 G G G 
 You can smile every smile for the man who held your hand 
 C C 
 'Neath the pale moonlight 
 C7 F 
 But don't forget who's taking you home 
 F C 
 And in whose arms you're gonna be 
 G G C 
 So darling, save the last dance for me 
 C C C 
 Oh I know that the music is fine like sparkling wine 
 Go and have your fun 
 Laugh and sing but while we're apart 
 C C 
 Don't give your heart to anyone 
 C7 F F 
 But don't forget who's taking you home 
 C C 
 And in whose arms you're gonna be 
 G G C 
 So darling, save the last dance for me 
 C G 
 Baby don't you know I love you so 
 G C 
 Can't you feel it when we touch 
 C G 
 I will never never let you go 
 G C 
 Cause I love you oh so much 
 C C C 
 You can dance, go and carry on till the night is gone 
 and it's time to go 
 G G G 
 If he asks if you're all alone can he take you home 
 You must tell him no 
 C7 F 
 'Cause don't forget who's taking you home 
 F C 
 And in whose arms you're gonna be 
 G G C 
 So darling, save the last dance for me 
 C7 F 
 'Cause don't forget who's taking you home 
 F C 
 And in whose arms you're gonna be 
 G G C 
 So darling, save the last dance for me 
 (Repeat to fade:) 
 G C 
 save the last dance for me 
 G C 
 save the last dance for me 
 G C 
 save the last dance for me 

Indila - Derniere Danse - (Last Dance)

 Intro:  Am   Dm   C   E  }x4 Capo 3 fret  Am   Dm   C   E  e||-------1--------0-------0------|| B||-----1---------3--------1-------0------|| G||*----2---------2--------0-------1-----*|| D||*----2------0-----0-------------------*|| x4 A||--0-----0-------------3---3---2--------|| E||-----------------------------------------------------|| Verse 1: nine0003 Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C  Oh, my suffering, tell me, why my torment?  E   Am   Dm   C  I'm like an insignificant creature  E   Am   Dm   C   E  As paranoid without him, I wander at the subway station.  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C  In the last dance, my sorrows will dissolve.  E   Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C  And all again, as a punishment. Oh my suffering. Chorus 1:  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  The skies will tremble and the winds will follow the rain. nine0003 Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  A little honey and love, dance me, spin me in the dance.  Am   Dm   C   E  All alone in the crowd.  Am   Dm   C   E  My destiny, my role. Pain comes.  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  In Paris I leave my soul, fly away, melt, melt, melt. Verse 2:  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C  In the hope of happiness, in its absence - a curse.  E   Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C  And no matter how great the effort, but the existence is meaningless. Chorus 2:  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  The skies will tremble and the winds will follow the rain.  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  A little honey and love, dance me, spin me in the dance. nine0003 Am   Dm   C   E  All alone in the crowd.  Am   Dm   C   E  My destiny, my role. Pain comes.  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  In Paris I leave my soul, fly away, melt, melt, melt. Play:  Am   Dm   C   E }x4 Verse 3:  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C  Merciless force, I paid you in full.  E   Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C  My heart was not spared. From now on, I am a child of the world. Chorus 3:  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  The skies will tremble and the winds will follow the rain.  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  A little honey and love, dance me, spin me in the dance.  Am   Dm   C   E  All alone in the crowd.  Am   Dm   C   E  My destiny, my role. Pain comes.  Am   Dm   C   E   Am   Dm   C   E  In Paris I leave my soul, fly away, melt, melt, melt. Ending:  Am   Dm   C   E  }x4 

“Real romantics never betray their dreams!” Interview with Vladimir Shishov.

30-07-2021 Alexey "Astarte Eel" Irineev nine0353

Perhaps, what kind of interview is now in front of you and what it will be about, everything has already been told by its title, but this does not make our conversation with Vladimir Shishov less interesting. Vice versa. No matter how the world around us changes, no matter what cataclysms shake it, sincere guitar rock coming from the heart will always stay afloat and find its listener, and Vladimir is just one of those patriots of the author's rock composition who have changed very little since times of Tsoi, Butusov, Kinchev and Bashlachev. I can’t be called the biggest fan of this direction, but even Volodya Shishov’s albums inspired, pleased and remembered me. And then this interview appeared, in which I clarified for myself all the points that interested me about the work of this musician, and even received incredible pleasure from communicating with Vladimir during its preparation, and now I can only invite you to read it. It turned out really interesting and, as they say, on the topic of the day. nine0356

Greetings, Vladimir! How are you and how are you spending this summer? Does the heat interfere with creativity?

- Hello, Alexey! Creative mood. Many new songs have been written. And I like summer. Let it be hot, unusual for us, Petersburgers, but this is “our” summer, we have been waiting for it for too long.

How did your journey as a guitarist and rock musician begin? Where did it all begin?

- After the army. As soon as I learned to strum on the guitar, there is no other way to call it, I immediately began to write my own songs. After their performance, they always asked me - “Who sings this?”, I answer - “This is my song. And I sing it only while I am. I was not immediately believed, only after some time. They thought I was joking. nine0353

What bands and artists made you fall in love with rock music and start playing and composing yourself? Have your tastes changed in any way over time?

- Kino Group, Alice, Zero. Yes, tastes have changed. When I worked as a DJ, I abandoned rock music altogether. Completely immersed in dance culture. I tried to keep abreast of everything that happens in the world of music and what is becoming fashionable, turning into a music lover.

What inspired you to create your own songs and what inspires you now? How do songs usually appear? nine0356

- Emotions and only emotions. And the stronger they are, the greater the desire to write something. Or the stories I heard, if they got me hooked.

Maybe you could even give a specific example of how some event or situation inspired you to write a song?

- In his youth, one of my friends was a cadet. He studied at the Makarov Naval School. After the third year, during practice, he was lucky - he went around the world on a sea yacht. When they got up for repairs in the port of Boston, then all the cadets were released until the evening on their leave. And so, in one of the coastal bars, he met a girl. Fell in love at first sight. And she turned out to be the daughter of Russian emigrants. My friend spent all his free time with an American woman, running away every evening to AWOL and returning from her only in the morning. And then everything - he returned to Russia, to his native St. Petersburg. And the girl remained there, in America. My friend was very worried about this. And at that time I served in the Navy. When he returned, at the very first gathering he told me this story. I was so impressed that the very next morning I came to him with a new song - "American". nine0353

Did your friend like the song? How did he react to the fact that the story of his life became a song?

- Yes, very much! At all joint gatherings, I played the song "American" three or four times, for an encore.

Do you have any other dedication songs that are addressed to some specific people?

- Yes. To my beloved wife, Katyusha. Thinking about her, in the first days of our acquaintance, he wrote his best rock ballads. Such as "Every Morning", "Not the Last Dance". I remember when she first stayed with me for the night, waking up first, I looked at her and for a long time could not look away. Then he jumped up abruptly, grabbed a piece of paper, a pen, and in one breath wrote the song “Kiss of Coffee Taste”. nine0353

And what kind of coffee taste kiss is it? How would you describe it?

- When you drink aromatic coffee in the morning, and instead of a croissant, a passionate kiss from your beloved woman. You go out into the street, and you still feel the taste of a sweet kiss mixed with coffee on your lips for a long time. It is snowing, winter, but the kiss warms all the way, returning me to that moment again and again.

Why do you think your songs are worth listening to and paying attention to? What is special about them and worth your time? nine0356

- I don't think so. But I, like many songwriters, want to be heard. Otherwise, there is no point in writing them. Each artist has his own audience, you just need to find it. I really want to have time to convey my songs to those who lack them in their music collection.

How did the White Hole group appear, and what inspired the name of the group?

- In 2015, in November, I wrote the song "Star". The song went so well among my circle of friends that it prompted the idea of ​​​​recording my first professional rock album. The group itself was not. There was only a myth. From the very beginning, I have always been alone. Why "White Hole"? Yes, just all the other worthy titles were already taken by someone. I thought that in the near future I will create a group, hence the variant of the name as a group, in advance, like I'm not alone. And so that the secret would not be revealed, my friends portrayed a rock band in my first videos. nine0353

How is a white hole different from a cosmic black hole and should we be afraid of it?

- In my understanding, I associate a black hole as evil, and a white one as good. And you should not be afraid of the name, but of what stands behind it. And I'm not a villain, honestly.

Who is in your solo project and was it easy to recruit?

- I invent everything myself, and Vadim Timchenko makes arrangements for my songs, bringing them to the final result at a professional recording studio, while understanding the concept of my work well. Recently, I have the opportunity to independently record my own versions of songs in my home studio. I think that someone will definitely like this idea. This has its own zest. The song "Fireproof Wardrobe" confirms this. nine0353

You just said about professional recording in the studio, but I saw your opinion on the net that sometimes such professional studio processing only harms the song. Why do you think this is happening?

- There are ideas that can't be explained right away, and then it's too late. The arranger works not for the sake of an idea, but for money, not worrying too much about the final result. He is not included in the work at full capacity, but only half, enough to work off the money. And this, sometimes, is not enough. nine0353

At the moment the project is Volodya Shishov is it a purely studio idea or concerts are also planned?

- Yes. So far only studio. Thank God there is internet. Something may change in the future.

How do you feel about apartment houses and acoustic concerts, the so-called unplugged?

- Very good. At the apartments, the musicians are closer to the audience, on more equal terms. You can be more yourself and not make a star out of yourself. And if you mess up during a concert, you mix up the chords somewhere, everyone will pretend that they didn’t notice. nine0353

Have you ever had similar apartments before?

- So far only they have been , leaving warm memories and new friends.

You have already been reproached several times for being out of date, the album title also contains the old name of St. Petersburg, which immediately makes it clear that there will be something nostalgic on the album. Is this your principled position? Do you think the music used to be better?

- Each generation has its own idols, its own fashion for musical trends. And fashion always goes in circles. Everything that is forgotten today may again be in trend tomorrow. I just play the way I want. And in a different way - it's easier to sing popular cover versions. nine0353

Have you ever played other people's songs? Whose songs have you played or would you like to play?

Yes, of course. At any party, they always want to hear and sing popular songs with me. Mostly I sing songs by Viktor Tsoi, or something from retro. For example, "Old Maple".

Who drew the cover of the album “A Girl from the City of Leningrad” and who came up with the idea of ​​such design?

- My close friend's girlfriend, Anastasia Pankova. She graduated from art school with honors. The idea is hers too. I used her voice in the recording of the first and second albums as backing vocals. nine0353

Is there a specific person on the cover or is it just a drawing?

- Just a girl, I don't know her. Zhenya answered the same.

But did you like the cover? Do you think it matches the mood of your songs, suits them?

- To be honest, not really. It is addressed to one song, not the album as a whole. But what's done is done.

How is it that most of your songs are romantic and dedicated to the fairer sex? Is this the intention of the project? nine0356

- No. It's just that a lot of the lyrics were written before the creation of the musical project. Before recording new ones, you need to get rid of the old ones, give them "life", release them into the world.

And what or to whom will newer and more modern compositions be dedicated? Will they become more pragmatic and down to earth?

- I don't think about it. The main thing is that they are remembered and do not cause aggression in people.

Are you a romantic in life? Can you remember and bring some of your very romantic act? nine0356

- When I was young, I saw romance only in the actions towards the girls I courted. But all actions depend on our capabilities. And now one is able to take the girl to restaurants, give chic bouquets and gifts every day. Arrange surprises that are worth a lot of waste. In the eyes of the fair half, he is all so romantic, cool. The girl's friends go crazy with envy. But it won't be long, trust me. Another spends the last of his money on movies and flowers, and then borrows from a friend until payday. And he's also a romantic, in his own way. And also not for long. But if you compare them, then for me the second is cooler. After all, unlike the first, he gives the last. And for someone, romance is the sea or driving around the night roads of the city on a bike. And for me, real romance is a way of life with a touch of adventurism, where the road is much closer than home. Real romantics don't betray their dreams. We are ready to go on any adventures so that they come true. And yes, I consider myself a romantic. nine0353

And your main dream was to write songs and sing them? Or is there some other more important dream?

- Find musicians who are ready to stand on the same stage with me and play my songs. I'm still underestimated. And someone wants everything at once, without putting any effort into it. But with or without them, I will go my way to the end.

Which songs from the album do you like best?

- "Cold", "On the sand barefoot", "Not the last dance". And from the first - "Star", "Every morning", "On the other side of the moon." nine0353

What do you think, in what atmosphere and in what situations is it best to listen to “A Girl from the City of Leningrad”: at home, in nature, just on the street, alone, with friends or in some other way?

- At concerts. Or where she is asked to sing.

Is the album going to be released on physical media, CD or vinyl?

- No. This is no longer relevant. Only as a gift, to order.

And if you compare your first solo album and the album recorded under the name White Hole, which release seems more powerful and interesting to you? nine0356

- Every album has good tracks and not so good ones. It would be wrong to say which one is better.

I noticed how much hatred and rejection about your work is on the net and that you react very calmly to the most critical reviews. What do you think is the reason for so many negative reviews?

- Nothing. There is just such a breed of people. With the advent of the Internet, they have become very visible, like cockroaches in the kitchen when you turn on the lights at night. But I don't care about them. nine0353

Why do you think classic Russian rock was mega-popular 30 years ago, and now it has much fewer followers? What has changed during this time?

- It only seems so. That's what the media tells us. In fact, it is far from being the case. Yes, dance music today brings producers much more money than rock, where, often, the main thing is profit, not talent. There are no irreplaceable in show business, you can make a star out of anyone, they will sing and dance for you. And in rock culture, everything is arranged in the old way. In it, musicians are not equal to fashion. nine0353

Is it always easy to adequately respond to negativity?

- It is better to remain silent, leave a negative comment without a response.

As far as I know, your second solo album “The World Through the Spyglass” is coming out soon, let's talk about it. Where does this name come from? The album will be dedicated to dreamers and travelers, or maybe it's a tribute to your childhood?

- Neither. This is my view of the modern world. There is no more precise definition. nine0353

- Is “Friend Winnie the Pooh” also a song saturated with nostalgia for a bygone childhood perception of the world?

- Winnie the Pooh's friend is just an allegory, veiled as fairy-tale characters, a story from life. Many were in the place of Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Rabbit. This song is better to hear once, everything will become clearer.

Why did you decide to add some old songs to the album in the “ best of” mode? Will they be re-recorded and get new arrangements? nine0356

- Only some songs. The main idea is to unite all my songs under one label.

How did your friendship with the Estonian project Oliva start? How is it that Estonian musicians come to your place so often and arrange jam sessions together?

- The lead singer and songwriter of OLIVA is my childhood best friend. In Soviet times, I spent half of my childhood in Estonia. Until the fourth grade, he studied in St. Petersburg, living with his grandmother. And then he returned to his parents again, in Estonia. There he finished school. So you can say that Estonia is my second homeland. And of course, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, I still have many friends and relatives there. nine0353

Do you miss your childhood, Estonia? Do you want to return to this country?

- Yes. Whatever they say, but at that time we were not afraid for tomorrow. The people were much closer. They listened to the song, and did not look narrowly at what chords you play.

And now some very simple questions that can be answered in one word.

- Discs, vinyl or cassettes?

- Vinyl. nine0353

- Russia or Estonia?

- Choose between them, like between mom and dad. Therefore, I will remain silent.

- Choi or Syutkin?

- Choi.

- Realism or romanticism?

- Romanticism.

- Summer or autumn?

- Summer

- Beer or kvass?

- Beer.

- Blondes or brunettes?

- Blondes.

- If you had an envelope with the date of your death in your hands, would you open it? nine0356

- No.

- Favorite place in St. Petersburg?

- Nevsky prospect

- What is your ideal day?

- Friday

- Favorite band?

- Cinema

- A book that you would advise everyone to read?

- «In the gorge of the devil» (A. Dumas)

What are your plans for the nearest future and what is the situation with new songs?

- In the near future, vacation at sea. Then writing new songs, recording a home album and promoting my work in general. nine0353

What are your final words to those who read us today?

- Do what you like. Live with the one you love. Don't talk about what you don't know. Don't try to know the future and don't live in the past. And if you like my songs, tell your friends about it. Good luck to all and love!

Thank you for the interview!

Alexey "Astarte Eel" Irineev

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