How to play same old song and dance

How to Play Same Old Song and Dance by Aerosmith

How to Play Same Old Song and Dance by Aerosmith

In this Guitar Control video lesson instructor Robert Baker, is going to go over Aerosmith’s “Same Old Song and Dance” Chords and Main riffs. Robert describes this song as a riff masterpiece and one of his all time favorite Aerosmith songs. It has a killer groove and tons of cool details that make it stand out. There’s a lot of double tracking in this song so today we are just going to go over the main riffs and parts of this song, or as Robert calls it, “The Meat and Potatoes”.

Step 1: The Main Riff

First, we’re going to go over the riffs and the “Same Old Song and Dance” chords used to make these killer riffs. This is the main riff, but it does have Two Different versions, but don’t worry, we’re going to cover both! Version One, this riff is pretty simple. It is based off of this open E minor pentatonic scale. On the 6th string open to 3rd fret, on the 5th, 4th and 3rd strings you play the open strings to the 2nd fret, and on the 2nd and 1st strings you play the open strings to the 3rd fret. The riff starts by picking the 6th string open twice.

If you want a thicker, heavier sound you can start with an open E5 power chord by just placing your pointer on the 5th string 2nd fret and picking both the 6th and 5th strings together instead of the open 6th string by itself. Both ways are right, it’s totally up to you which you prefer. Then with your middle finger go ahead and bend the 3rd fret 6th string down to create a total cool, bluesy feel and then pick the 5th string 2nd fret.

Now, pick the open 4th string twice, then back to the 5th string 2nd fret once, then pick the open 4th string again twice. Then bend the 6th string 3rd fret down again and pick the 6th string open once. Then do two E5 power chords! Place your pointer on the 5th string 7th fret and your ring finger on the 4th string 9th fret. You can play it there or you can play the same chord but a different voicing by holding down the 4th string 2nd fret with your pointer and your pinky on the 3rd string 4th fret. Robert prefers to play it here since he feels he hears the chord played higher than the voicing on the 5th string root. So again ending by picking the E5 twice. This is basically what the main riff is.

There is one thing that changes though, after you do the opening part and then get to the E5 power chord, you change the voicing using the E5. Still an E5 , just change where you play it, and this happens no matter which voicing you chose to do earlier. Now the E5 is played in the open position, much deeper than the other voicing. This E5 is played with an open 6th string and your pointer on the 5th string 2nd fret, strumming only these two strings, the 6th and 5th strings. Everything else is the same. You’re just adding that lower octave E5, of course, strumming it twice just like you did with the other E5 voicing.

This riff is played behind the solo as well. The only time it really does the higher voicing of the E5 chord is the first time. Every other time is that open E5 we just went over. If you’re enjoying this Aerosmith song make sure also check out our video on how to play Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith for another song packed full of cool bluesy rock riffs.

Step 2: The Double Stop Riff

This next riff is full of Double Stops. Starting by playing the 5th string with your 3rd finger barring both the 5th and 4th strings. Then go to the 3rd fret and play the same strings but now bar with your pointer. Then go to the 6th string 1st fret and pick that note by itself, back to your double stops, first the 3rd fret 5th and 4th strings and then the 5th fret 5th and 4th strings this time. Then bar the 4th and 3rd strings on the 5th fret with your ring finger to the 3rd fret barring the same strings but with your pointer. Then go back to the 5th fret same strings but bar the 4th and 3rd strings this time with your pointer and then bar the 4th and 3rd strings on the 7th fret with your ring finger. Then use your ring finger to bar the 5th and 4th strings on the 3rd fret, than the same strings but 1st fret with your pointer, pick it twice and go back to the 3rd fret barred with your ring finger and then play an open A5, open 5th string with your pointer holding down both the 4th string 2nd fret and the 3rd string 2nd fret and then strum from the 5th string to the 3rd string.

Then play a C5 power chord with your pointer on the 5th string 3rd fret and your ring finger on the 4th string 5th fret. Strum once and then move the power chord up two frets to a D5 power chord with your pointer on the 5th fret 5th string and ring finger on the 7th fret 4th string, and strum once. These last two power chords act as a transition leading you back to the main riff. After you play the main riff and before you play the next riff there is another small transition. You just add a tiny fill, a double stop on the 3rd string 7th fret and 2nd string 8th fret. Strum twice with a ton of attitude and vibrato and slide the double stop off the neck down towards the headstock.

Step 3: Riff 3

When this next riff happens in the song it’s at the point where there are two guitar parts happening. This guitar won’t be tabbed out, because one guitar is doing a steady, constant low end rhythm on the open 6th string. While the other guitar is playing an E5 chord. Starting with the E5 where your pointer is on the 5th string 7th fret and your pinky is on the 4th string 9th fret. Strum the E5 once and then move down two frets to a D5. Now, your pointer is on the 5th string 5th fret and pinky on the 4th string 7th fret and strum this chord twice. Followed by a lick, pick the 8th fret 2nd string, then the 7th fret on the 3rd string, then 7th fret 4th string, and end with the E5 power chord on the 7th fret 5th string, pick it once.

After this riff we start getting into repeating riffs, but in a slightly different order. Back to the double stop riff and then the pull off lick and then all again. It gets a little tricky when we go back to riff 3, but the final time it changes is in the middle of our final time through the double stop riff we actually go back and repeat it. See the video at about 7:07 to see Robert demonstrate this. It goes back to a lick we did in the beginning.

Go to the 3rd fret on the the 5th and 4th string with your ring finger. Pick once and then do the same thing but now on the 1st fret same strings and pick twice, then back to the 3rd fret once and then now for the change, into an open A major chord, pointer in the 4th string 2nd fret and open 5th string. Into a C5 followed by a D5 on the 5th string and then now we are really just repeating riffs again.

Step 4: The Last Riff

For the change we start with a B5 power chord. Pointer on the 2nd fret 5th string and ring finger on the 4th string 4th fret and pinky right under your ring finger on the 3rd string 4th fret. Strum this chord twice, once down and once up. Then pick your pointer finger up so that the 5th string is now open.

Strum the same strings again but now with the 5th string open and your ring finger and pinky still down where they were for the B5 chord. Then pick the 3rd fret 6th string with your middle finger down on the 6th string, and pick only that string, then place your pointer finger on the 2nd fret 6th string and pick that note and then an open 5th string, and back to the B5 and repeat all, it does this part for quite a while. This part happens before the next solo.

Then chromatically move your B5 power chord to the 3rd fret where it becomes a C5, to the 4th fret becoming a C#5, to the 5th fret becoming the D5, to the 6th fret becoming a D#5, and last the 7th fret becoming an E5. All on the 5th string. Chromatic means next to one another, so all in a row when we moved from 2, to 3, to 4, to 5, to 6, and to 7. And back into the same riffs again. So that is all the riffs!

Recap: How to Play Same Old Song and Dance by Aerosmith

I hope you guys enjoyed learning how to play “Same Old Song And Dance” by Aerosmith. A good, fun Aerosmith song with many classic riffs you’re sure to recognize and realize. Remember to pay attention to the details and slight variation that happen in this song.

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A Popular Guitar Riff – Mozart Project


same old song and dance is a popular guitar riff that has been used in many songs over the years. It is a simple, but effective riff that can be used in a variety of styles of music. If you are a beginner guitarist, learning how to play same old song and dance is a great way to start developing your guitar skills. In this article, we will show you how to play same old song and dance on guitar.

Steven Tyler and Steven Tyler’s song Same Old Song and Dance is one of Robert Baker’s most enduring favorite songs. The song has a killer groove and a plethora of cool details that make it stand out. We’ll go over the main riffs and chords that comprise these killer riffs in this lesson. The E5 is played on two strings: the open sixth string and your pointer on the 5th string, which is played from the second fret on the 5th string. There’s no need to fret because the chord can be played there or in another voicing. Because he believes the chord played at the third string root is higher than the chord played at the first string, Robert prefers to play it here. To begin, play an E5 chord on the 5th string 7th fret with your pointer and pinky on the 4th string 9th fret.

Second, strum the E5 once and then move down two frets to a D5 chord twice. Next, play a riff with two guitar parts. Because one guitar is playing a steady low end rhythm on the open sixth string, this guitar will not be tabbed. In order of order, we continue our riffs with a double stop riff after that. When we return to riff 3, the final change occurs in the middle of our final time through the double-stop riff; it gets a little tricky at first, but it resolves itself in the middle of our final time. The chord change begins with an open A major chord, followed by a pointer in the 4th string and a fifth string. It’s called Same Old Song and Dance, and it’s by Steven Tyler and the band Aerosmith.

This week, we will be learning how to play the riffs in the song. There are numerous classic riffs in this song that will be familiar to you. Remember to pay attention to the details and slight variations in this song.

Same Old Song And Dance Chords

Image Source: amazonaws

There’s nothing new under the sun, and that includes the chords used in popular songs. The same old song and dance chords have been around for centuries, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

Old Song Dance

Image Source: jpost

There’s something special about dancing to an old song. Maybe it’s the feeling of nostalgia that comes with hearing a song that you used to love, or maybe it’s the joy of dancing to a classic tune. Either way, old song dances are always a good time. Whether you’re dancing alone or with a group of friends, you’re sure to have a blast dancing to an old song.

Fun Aerosmith Song

Image Source: pinimg

One of my favorite fun Aerosmith songs is “Walk This Way”. It’s a great song to sing along to and it always gets me moving. Another one of my favorites is “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”. It’s a fun, upbeat song that always makes me smile.

This article will provide you with 20 of the best Aerosmith songs of all time. The list is not arranged in any way, but it is guaranteed to be of great interest. These talented artists have been around for decades and have a large collection of outstanding songs to their credit. The song Angel is from the 1987 album Permanent Vacation. In the song, a man is hopelessly in love with a girl. The guitar solo and percussion in this tune are incredible. The Last Child is a danceable tune that you can dance to whenever you want.

Cryin, from the Grammy-winning group Aerosmith, is the best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. The song, which debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, was the band’s first chart-topping single. The song is featured in the film Armageddon, which centers on a romantic love that only a man can understand. Toys in the Attic is a 1975 album that includes Walk This Way. The song describes how it is like to be in love during high school. The plot of “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” is based on an incident that happened in real life. During the time of Baba Ragamuffin, he describes how to deal with life when it gets difficult.


Peter Williams is a graduate of B.A Arts and Culture from the University of Technology Sydney. Peter is very much interested in cultural practices around the world including music, history, languages, literature, religion and social structures.

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Songs of the 90s |

April 18, 2016 Island of the 90s


© Paul Bergen

On April 24, the Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg will host the Island of the 90s festival, a large part of which is dedicated to famous songs of the 1990s. On this occasion, we are publishing a hit parade from the 1990s, compiled by the editors of the Silver Rain radio as part of the 100 Best Songs in 100 Years project. Here is the result of this musical research: the main hits 1990s with comments by Mikhail Kozyrev.

1. No Doubt - "Don't Speak"

In the early 90s I worked at an alternative student radio station in California, and I must say that we played tail and mane the works of this achieved worldwide success. Then it was a punk band, a real Californian. Absolutely all the students adored her, but then a terrible thing happened - a poignant ballad was written about a girl who breaks up with her boyfriend. The girl's name was Gwen Stefani, and the boyfriend's name was Tony Kanal, and this tragic story of theirs formed the basis of composition " Don " t

2. Scatman John - "Scatman"

John Paul Larkin - this name says something to few people even today, but the pseudonym will definitely remind you of the most amazing story when an artist managed to turn his disadvantage into his main advantage and do dizzying career in stuttering. I'm talking about Scatman John, aka John Paul Larkin. And I think without it 90 is simply unimaginable. That's all Ski-pa-pa-para-pam. I remember how we practiced on the air, who can copy it very accurately. So, Scatman John .

3. Ace of Base — “All That She Wants”

There was no hiding from this group, no hiding in the first half of the 90s. She even, according to experts, has become perhaps the best-selling non-American team on the globe. I'm talking about Ace of Base . And now we will listen to one of the songs. I must say that the group owes the success of this song to the magician-producer Dennis Pope. I discovered such a curious detail: one of the members of this group, Ulf Ekberg, was fascinated by the ideas of racism and even neo-Nazism as a teenager. And this information was published in Sweden just in the wake of the success of Ace of Base . I must say that the guy denied everything, said that when he was a teenager, he was just an idiot, and this did not hurt in any way Ace of Base . It is amazing that even after this information became public, Ace of Base performed a concert in Tel Aviv in front of the largest audience that ever gathered for their concert - 55 thousand human.

4. Bruce Springsteen - "Streets of Philadelphia"

1993 Philadelphia was released this year on the screens of the entire globe. It was an event because it was the first monumental Hollywood statement about the problem of AIDS and HIV. You remember Tom Hanks in the role of a lawyer of a large office, who has the so-called lysia, which clearly means that he is sick. And the whole tragedy that unfolds later is, of course, inextricably linked in my memory with the next song. This song is by the great artist, Bruce Springsteen. The video was filmed by the same director, Jonathan Demme, on the streets of Philadelphia, and it is curious that the soundtrack sounded, and all of Bruce Springsteen's vocals were recorded on a hidden microphone that was hidden under his jacket. And it seems to me that this video is absolutely powerful, it was some kind of strong emotional period for me. This song definitely refers to him every time I hear it. nine0003

5. Cher - "Believe"

Whatever happens on the globe, Cher has always been. Once again, she invented a new career path for herself in 1998, using a curious effect on the voice that you now clearly hear. After this song was released and entered the popularity ratings around the globe, this effect was called the “Aunt Cher effect”.

6. Everything but the Girl - "Missing"

No one could have imagined that a band with such a complicated name could ever succeed. Calling your team “Anything but a girl” was, of course, a very bold step. But the song that you are about to hear brought the band incredible success, not in its original performance, but in a remix of the cult, of course, DJ Todd Terry. The song is tragic, about love for a person who is seriously ill, but this combination of dance rhythm and some hidden sadness in the vocals is the seed of success Everything but the Girl .

7. Enigma — «Principles of Lust»

This band can rightly bear the title of “Russian national”, because Enigma influenced everything. This is the most favorite music in any bars, well, I don’t want to go deep into where else it could be heard often.

8. Fatboy Slim - "Praise You"

I don't know any other artist who has so many stage names. He first started playing in a band called The House Martins , then Beats International (remember this track - “To be to me” ), and we know it as Freak 9000) Power , Pizzaman , Mighty Dub Cuts, and all this is actually Norman Cook, and in this song he will be called Fatboy Slim .

9. Garbage - "You Look So Fine"

Many years have passed since we first heard this band, and since then they have been visiting us often. Many have probably already seen the concert of a group with a garbage name. It must be said that, of course, the producer of this band, Bucci Vig, who is also a drummer, did not fail by choosing the fiery red Scotch Shirley Manson as a soloist.

10. Los del Río - “Macarena”

Well, now, on the count of three, you will need to remember how to dance correctly to this composition. It's 19It was 94 when it came out, and this is the very rare case in the history of music, when a fashion was created not only for a track, but also for a dance. So, feet shoulder width apart.

Moby - "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?"

There is no sadder story in the world than the story of a musician's work Moby . These wonderful cartoons ... By the way, the cartoon that was filmed for this song was inspired by the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery "The Little Prince".

12. R.E.M. - "Losing My Religion"

At the very beginning, in the 91st year, the group R . E . M . released the album " Out of Time " . There was a song on it, the riff of which, that is, the melodic consonance, was born on the mandolin. Do you remember this clip? It was an absolutely amazing, revolutionary video, which, as I unexpectedly found out many years later, was inspired by the works of the Italian artist Caravaggio and our great director Andrei Tarkovsky. nine0003

13. Sheryl Crow - "All I Wanna Do"

1994 The little-known Los Angeles artist shoots a video and writes a song that is included in her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club 0 . Note that the first line will be " This Ain ' t No Disco » - "This is definitely not a disco." Her name was Sheryl Crow. All she wanted was just to have fun.

14. Sinéad O'Connor - "Nothing Compares 2 U"

Not a single person on the globe could tear himself away from this clip. Moreover, it was filmed in the simplest way - it was just a close-up of the artist. The song, by the way, was not written by her. This is a song by a great artist named Prince, and it became famous thanks to the performance of Sinead O'Connor, an absolutely crazy, beautiful Irish woman. She sat in this very Silver Rain studio and even sang a couple of songs at our request. nine0's would be incomplete without it.

15. The Cure - "Friday I'm in Love"

When Robert Smith composed the melody that is about to sound, he, being an emotionally unstable and prone to depression, suddenly decided that this was not his original melody that he slammed her from somewhere. And so he tortured himself and everyone else that he just brought it to some kind of absolute insanity, before the rest of the band, having tried a bunch of songs similar to this melody, convinced: no, this is your original melody. She was released and became perhaps the main hit of the group. nine0003

16. Whitney Houston - "I Will Always Love You"

The 90s was also the age of great soundtracks. Never before have the songs that became soundtracks for Hollywood films conquered the whole world and become so sticky. By the way, I'm talking about the song that will now sound. It is impossible to hide or hide from her even today, although in fact few people in Russia know her author, Dolly Parton, but this is the soundtrack to the film "The Bodyguard", and in it the late Whitney Houston will convince us that she will always be love Kevin Costner. nine0003

17. Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry - "7 Seconds"

We're now going back to 1994. I remember it was an important event when this song was heard on the airwaves, we saw the video clip of the wonderful director Stephen Signowi, and another important thing is that it is sung in three languages. Youssou N'Dour sings in Wolof (one of the languages ​​of West Africa), in French, and Nene Cherry in English.

18. The Offsping - "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)"

1998, album "Americana" - stebalovo in the best punk spirit. You know, when from the first chord, from the first word you recognize the song and make it louder - this is exactly the case. Give it to me, baby, aha-aha .

19. Nirvana - "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

The whole 90s began with this very track, which, in turn, was born from the writing on the wall from a spray can. Caitlin Hannah wrote in the band's lead singer's home, "Kurt smells like teenage deodorant." And for Kurt, it was some kind of revolutionary appeal, although in fact, as it turned out, he really just smelled of his girlfriend's deodorant. nine0003

20. U2 - "One"

In 1990 U 2 were going through hard times: disagreements within the group, a lack of understanding of what musical style to move on to, what to use in their music. They flew to Berlin on almost the last flight before all flights were closed (the Berlin Wall was collapsing there). And it was in the old studio Hansa , where David Bowie used to record, they, inspired by how walls collapse and people separated for years, stretch out their hands to each other, touched a few chords on the guitar and wrote a ballad that actually saved their existence . nine0003

21. Radiohead - "Creep"

In England, I saw a country club where this group played, composed and rehearsed their songs. The track that I will put to you is, of course, the eternal anthem of all sociopaths and nerds. There is a legend that the song was born because at the concerts of Radiohead some girl appeared all the time, for whom Thom Yorke was very dry, but was always afraid to approach her.

22. Depeche Mode - "Enjoy the Silence"

Of course, you don't have to imagine the next song, we recognize it from the first sound, from the first chord, but nevertheless, the interesting story is how the band filmed the video for this song. According to the concept, it was supposed to be the leader of the group, who travels to different mountains in different countries, on different continents, and, in fact, Dave Gahan had the opportunity to visit the Alps. Initially, when Anton Corbijn, who directed the video, proposed this concept to the band, the band rejected it, but then he pushed the wagon about being a king without a kingdom, looking for the quietest place on earth. nine0003

23. Céline Dion - "My Heart Will Go On"

The 90s is the time of soundtracks, you can't get away from them. It is worth playing a major song, a serious masterpiece in one of the Hollywood blockbusters - and all of humanity will begin to shed tears and whine to this song. Initially, Celine Dion categorically refused this, and with some incredible efforts, Walter Afanasieff and Tommy Mottola persuaded her to sing after all. From the first time, Dion sang so that a second take was not required. This recording was included in the movie "Titanic". nine0003

24. Aerosmith - "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

Once again, Bruce Willis saved humanity in 1998's Armageddon. Remember this video, remember this song? The only detail I'll add is that Steven Tyler injured his knee the day before, and as a result, a lot of close-ups had to be shot, since Tyler was practically immobilized during the filming.

25. Madonna - "Ray of Light"

In 1998, Madonna, queen of the pop scene, reinvents herself. She releases a song that at first glance seems to be just a dashing dance track, but if you listen closely, the vocal part is extremely complex. She sings it very cool at concerts and rightly considers this song her pride. nine0003

26. Pet Shop Boys - “Go West”

I remember that feeling when a world famous band suddenly releases a track in which everything is built on Soviet symbols, and even though this song is deeply ironic and interpretation they have such a cheerful and provocative, all the same, the very fact that all the eyes of the globe are fixed on your country - this made a strong impression on me. You probably already guessed what I'm talking about.

27. Robert Miles - "Children"

This track is probably the highest achievement of the Italian composer Robert Miles. You remember how this song sounded, in my opinion, even from washing machines and coffee pots. It's called " Children " . Robert Miles drew inspiration for this song from the events that took place in Yugoslavia. In addition, he needed some kind of track with which to end his DJ sets, so that the audience would calm down and, inspired, with a bright feeling, would go home. nine0003

28. Spice Girls - «Wannabe»

Well, alas! In the 90s, you can not do without five impudent, unbridled girls who drove not only Great Britain, but the entire globe crazy. I remember how they arrived and I even had a chance to record interviews with them. Sitting next to me, this very red-haired "spice" was very flirtatious, and after the interview she came up to me and said that, by the way, she had a Russian boyfriend. But I was a modest young man, not arrogant, and on that they parted. So 1996: "So tell me what you want, what you really, really want" .

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90,000 11 popular songs that everyone has heard but can't remember their names

There are hits that everyone loves and knows. And there are such compositions that they recognize, but do not know. Most people have heard these melodies many times, but they cannot remember their names or the names of the authors. Most often these are instrumental pieces, but there are others. Some gained popularity thanks to a catchy melody, others - because of a vivid phrase, others - because of the movie in which they sounded, fourth - because of an Internet meme ... Soyuz.Ru decided to compile a selection of songs that you definitely heard, but, You probably don't know their names. nine0003

Vaya Con Dios - "Nah Neh Nah" (1990)


This Belgian band has been in existence for a total of 20 years and has released six albums, selling a total of 7 million copies. But for those who are not fond of jazz, soul and blues, its name will not say anything - unlike the line "na-na-na-na".

People remembered it so much that once it was even put on the poster of the group's Moscow concert.

Curious fact: the video for the song was filmed in one take. nine0003

C+C Music Factory - "Gonna Make You Sweat" (1990)

Everybody Dance Now!

The second and much more title of the song is “Everybody Dance Now”. The vocal part was performed by Martha Walsh, formerly of The Weather Girls, known for the hit "It's Raining Men".

In 2006, Bob Sinclair released the track "Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)" with a sample from "Gonna Make You Sweat" - it also became quite popular. And in 2012, a video with dances of 12-year-old Ryan Gosling and his sister got into the network - they danced to “Everybody Dance Now”. It got over 2 million views. nine0003

Darude - "Sandstorm" (1999)

Song name?

The phrase "Finnish music" is most often associated with rock bands. But none of HIM's or The Rasmus' songs can match the recognizability of the dance track "Sandstorm", recorded by their compatriot Darude.

The composition was quite famous in the year of its release, but received a new surge of popularity in 2013, when it turned into a meme after one of the broadcasts on Twitch. A common Internet joke - in response to any question "What song?" answer "Sandstorm". nine0003

See also: 15 main characters of one hit

Gershon Kingsley - "Popcorn" (1969)

Looks like the one from Just You Wait!

Russians associate this melody, first of all, with the cartoon “Well, you wait!” and a scene at a construction site, as well as the "Sportloto" screensaver. But in fact, it came out seven years before the release of this episode - it was written in 1969 by the German-American composer and one of the pioneers of electronic music Gershon Kingsley. nine0003

"Popcorn" is considered one of the first works in the synth-pop genre. However, the composition gained worldwide fame a little later - in 1972, when Hot Butter recorded their version of "Popcorn".

Blur - "Song 2" (1997)

"Whoo!" - some words - "Whoo!" - some words...

Fans of British rock, of course, know the song, but the majority of listeners do not call it anything other than "woo-hoo" or "woo-fu". In Russia, "Song 2" gained recognition thanks to the advertising of Tuborg beer. Interestingly, the song lasts exactly two minutes and two seconds and consists of two verses and two choruses. nine0003

But in Britain everyone knows it for sure: listeners of BBC Radio 1 put "Song 2" in 15th place in the list of the best tracks of all time.

By the way, "Song 2" was its working title, but in the end the musicians decided to make it final, as they got used to it during rehearsals.

Suzanna Vega - "Tom's Diner" (1989)


Another song, the name of which is well known to music connoisseurs and little known to everyone else (unlike the motive " tu-tu-tu-ru"). Tom's diner, which gave the name to the song, is real: scenes from the Seinfeld series were even filmed in it. Tom's Diner's road to fame has been a long one: it first came out at 1984 as a supplement to Fast Folk magazine, was officially released as a single in 1989, and the DNA remix, released a year later, brought her popularity.

In recent years, interest in it has increased: in 2014, Fall Out Boy sampled "Tom's Diner" in the hit "Centuries", and a year later, a Giorgio Moroder cover was released with vocals by Britney Spears.

Francisco Tarrega - "Gran Vals" (1902)

The same Nokia ringtone

Better known as "Nokia ringtone". 10-15 years ago, each of us heard this melody at least once a day. Of course, not the whole song was included in the ringtone, but only a fragment of it - "Gran Vals" lasts almost three minutes. nine0003

The Spanish composer wrote this guitar work at the beginning of the 20th century, and they decided to make it a ringtone in 1993 (although then there was not even such a word). The choice of "Gran Vals" was a joint decision of the Vice President of Nokia and the head of the company's corporate communications department.

The Righteous Brothers - "Unchained Melody" (1965)


"Oh, my love, my darling...". An inexperienced listener may mistake "Unchained Melody" for the creation of Elvis Presley. And he will be partly right, because he also has it in his repertoire. But the most famous version still belongs to the duo The Righteous Brothers. But producer Phil Spector did not believe in her, seeing in "Unchained Melody" an exclusively album song. It even originally came out as a b-side to another single. nine0003

The composition was written in 1955 by Alex North and Hy Zareth for the little-known film about the prison "Unchained" - hence the name. Its first performer was Todd Duncan.

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Dave Brubeck - "Take Five" (1959)

Over 40 covers

One of the most famous compositions in jazz history and the most commercially successful jazz single in history. Over 40 covers have been made of it, including versions by Stevie Wonder and George Benson. The author of "Take Five", however, was not Dave Brubeck at all, but the saxophonist of his group Paul Desmond. nine0003

According to Dave, he asked Paul to write a song in 5/4 - at first Desmond did not succeed, and he even wanted to quit this idea. "Take Five" was one of the first jazz pieces not written in ¾ and 4/4 time signatures.

Boots Randolph - "Yakety Sax" (1963)

Funny video classic

This composition is often used as a musical accompaniment to funny and funny videos. Initially, "Yakety Sax" showed modest success (#35 in the UK). But later she began to sound in the "Benny Hill Show" and gained popularity. nine0003

Yakety Sax artist Boots Randolph was a Nashville saxophonist who collaborated with Roy Orbison. The original version of the song was written by James Q "Spider" Rich. On "Yakety Sax" you can hear excerpts from Julius Fucik's "March of the Gladiators" and the English folk song "The Girl I Left Behind".

The Alan Parsons Project - "Sirius" (1982)

For those who know who Michael Jordan is

This composition has gained popularity due to sporting events.

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