How to make a chicken dance bustle

Chicken Dance Bell Instructions - The Wandering Bull, LLC

It’s Easy to Make your own Chicken Dance Bells!

Use the Chicken Dance Bell Kit Instructions by The Wandering Bull Native American Trading Post to made your own Chicken Dance Bells. Chicken Dance Bells are long enough to extend from the waist to the ankle. They are tied in three places, at the ankle, just above the knee and to a belt at the waist. The Wandering Bull Trading Post has everything you need to make your own Chicken Dance Bells. Use the suggested supplies here, or customize your Chicken Dance Bells with your preferred supplies.

To make Chicken Dance Bells, you will need:

  • 2 Pieces of Cowhide Strap Leather (36″ x 1″)
  • 28 1.25″ Sleigh Bells
  • 2 Pieces of Deerskin Leather Lacing 6′ long
  • 8 Yards of Coated Wire
  • Leather Hole Punch or Leather Awl

You will find most of these supplies along with the following Chicken Bell Dance Kit Instructions in our Chicken Bell Dance Kit!

Getting Started:

1. Hold the Cowhide Strap Leather Strip against your leg to determine how long it needs to be.  The Cowhide Strap Leather should be long enough to extend from your waist to your ankle. Trim off any extra.

The number of Sleigh Bells that you attach will be determined by the overall length of the Cowhide Strap Leather.

2. Starting 3″ from the top of the Cowhide Strap Leather, mark the position of the first Sleigh Bell. Mark the positions of the remaining Sleigh Bells every 2″ until you reach the bottom end of the Cowhide Strap Leather.  Return to the top of the Cowhide Strap Leather and mark a spot 1/2″ down from the position of the first Sleigh Bell.  Continue to mark positions of each Sleigh Bell 2″ lower than the second top spot.  When you have finished, you will have marks for two holes for each Sleigh Bell.

Repeat this step with the second piece of Cowhide Strap Leather.

3. Use a Leather Punch or Leather Awl to punch holes in the Cowhide Strap Leather where you made your marks.

Attach the Sleigh Bells:

4. Take 4 yards of the Coated Wire and fold it twice to make a 1 yard piece of 4 ply Coated Wire. Use this to lace the Sleigh Bells in place. (Go up through the first hole, through the loop on the Sleigh Bell, and back down through the second hole. Run the Coated Wire along the back to the next hole.) Knot the Coated Wire at each end of the Cowhide Strap Leather.

Repeat this step with the remaining 4 yards of Coated Wire and the second piece of Cowhide Strap Leather.

Finish Your Chicken Dance Bells:

5. Mark holes at the waist, knee and ankle for the Deerskin Leather Lacing ties. Punch the holes with a Leather Punch or Leather Awl. Cut the Deerskin Leather Lacing into 6 12″ long pieces.  Thread these Deerskin Leather Lacing pieces through the holes and use them to tie the Chicken Dance Bells to your legs.

Add More Accessories!

Chicken Dance Bells can be worn with Sheep Anklet Pairs and Ready to Wear Sheep Dance Bells.

The Wandering Bull Native American Trading Post offers several Native American Regalia Craft Kits.  Check out the Kits listed below, or Click Here to see all of our kits!

Men's Chicken Dance: Conversion to Chicken Dance

Conversion to Chicken Dance

                                             (Based on popular styles as of January 2012)


Northern Traditional, Grass Dance or
“Old Time Sioux”

Dance clothes items you probably have:


Chicken Dance 

How to make 'em into keen Chicken Dance clothes!


-Add ‘bouncers’ or a pair of blades

-Neck bustle

-Wear roach centered on head, add a headband


-Keep your choker

-Add beaded tie and collar


-Long, bright white bone hairpipes (no antiquing)

-Or  Crow Loop Necklace

Otter Breastplate

-Keep it whole or split it into two halves and wear in front of your chest. Add details: beadwork, quillwork, fluffs

Body Covering

-Replace with matching athletic Shirt & tights or a fabric shirt and tights


-Can be a beaded belt or a concho belt or a tack belt

Breechclout / Apron Set

-Replace with new a matching yoke and apron set; add applique designs and fringe

Knee Bells / Knee Rattles

-Replace with kneebands: beaded or quilled or fabric with short fringe or ribbon

Ankle Items


-Goats (dyed, in your color scheme)


-All hard-sole mocs are great - beaded or quilled, partially or fully. You can upgrade to Northern flat-stitch beadwork in Blackfoot or Cree designs.


-Keep quilled, brass or German silver – these can be big! Deer leg armbands are popular, as are flat-stitched beaded armbands (usually part of a matched set.)


-All beaded cuffs are great. You can upgrade to Northern flat-stitch beadwork in Blackfoot or Cree designs. You can also use brass or German silver cuffs.

Things to LOSE

You don’t need these items for Chicken Dance clothes

Things to ADD

In order of priority, add these to existing outfits for quick conversion

Pipebags (small bags are okay – for fones & money)

1. Yoke and Apron set and Body Covering


2. Headband with rosettes drops and eye loops or fringe

Junk Bandoliers

3. Kneebands

4. Accents: Fluffs, rosettes, feather clusters, ribbon, mirrors

5. Beaded Tie and Collar – beaded or cloth applique until you can get a beaded one.

Things you can RECYCLE

These items can be used in chicken outfits with little to no additional work, keep the style in mind when incorporating old items into a new outfit

Wing Fans - avoid barred turkey – unless you dye it a strong color. White or black goose wings are great, especially with colored hackle or fluff trim.

Hoops - hoops of any kind: beaded, sweetgrass or otter fur

Roaches - longer than 12 inches is desirable

Cuffs - can be brass or German silver or beaded - look to upgrade to flat-stitch beadwork eventually

Armbands - beaded, quilled, brass, German silver

Chest Covering - bone hairpipe breast plate

Leg Bells - a strap attached at your waist and ankles, currently not attached at the knees

Bells - big bells on your ankles, smaller bells worn down the length of your legs

Belts - beaded, as a part of a set, or a concho belt, or a tack belt

Otter breastplates - either the whole fur with a split in the middle and worn resting on the shoulders, or cut into two parts length-wise and worn in front of the chest

Bustle Components - existing bustles are a great source of feathers and materials for making a Chicken Dance bustle.

Moccasins - hard-sole, fully or partially beaded or quilled are great

Goats – in colors to match the rest of your clothes / color scheme

Mirror Boards – of the Northern Plains variety

Converting Other Bustles into Chicken Dance Bustles

Trailers should match outfit (brighter colors, flashy fabric)

Add game bird feathers ( pheasant, grouse, chicken) generally as an outer ring

Bustles should look bouncy, clean and un-cluttered. It’s a relatively small bustle, like a very controlled ‘mess’ bustle, with not too many layers. It shouldn’t look thick or shaggy.

Lots of dyed feathers – in colors that work well with the rest of your color scheme

The two spike feathers can be similar to your roach upright feathers - with fluffs and in coloration

What is preparing for the new year.

Snacks for the New Year's table

The most favorite holiday of all Russians is the New Year. Indeed, this holiday is celebrated with pleasure by both adults and children. But in order for the New Year to leave only pleasant memories in the memory of everyone, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance. Therefore, in this article we decided to tell you about how to celebrate the New Year 2017 and what to cook in order to appease the proud bird so that it will be favorable to you throughout the year. nine0003

Basic rules for preparing the New Year's table

It is worth noting that the festive New Year's menu must be rich and varied. However, the Rooster, the symbol of the new year, does not like delicacies and various delights. For the New Year's table, take the menu of Russian cuisine as a basis. In this menu, as a rule, vegetables and herbs should be present. It is also recommended to cook meat dishes. But chicken meat is not recommended. It is also worth noting that there should be light snacks on the table that will be prepared without the addition of mayonnaise. nine0003

On New Year's Eve, you can't do without sweets. Therefore, dessert dishes must be present on your table. And all because the rooster loves sweets. And in addition to cakes and other sweet desserts, do not forget to place light cocktails, sweet wines and liquors on the table.

What to cook for the New Year's table

We described the basic rules for organizing a festive table above, now it's worth talking about what to cook for the New Year 2017. So, I immediately want to say that on your New Year's table a worthy place should be occupied by everyone's favorite Olivier salad. Also, do not forget about the "Herring under a fur coat." But there should be very few such heavy salads on your table. After all, the Rooster is more favorable to everything light and natural. nine0003

Laura salad.

For example, in this case, you can cook lard called "Laura". This light salad is very easy to prepare.

To prepare a light salad, prepare the following ingredients:

  • a couple of fresh cucumbers,
  • 50 grams of canned corn,
  • a bunch of lettuce leaves,
  • a bunch of any greens and mayo to taste,

How to cook? nine0038

Cucumbers cut into strips. But we chop the greens and lettuce leaves with our hands. Add the rest of the products to these ingredients and mix everything. Put in a salad bowl. And as a decoration, use bouquets of greenery.

Favorite salad for the New Year.

In addition to this salad, we would like to offer you another light salad. This salad is called "Favorite".

It is also very easy to prepare. In addition, it is very lightweight. To prepare it, take:

  • 3 fresh tomatoes,
  • 200 grams of crab meat, crab sticks are also suitable,
  • 50 grams of hard cheese,
  • a couple of boiled eggs,
  • mayonnaise, salt to taste,
  • any bunch of herbs.

How to cook?

Cut crab sticks together with tomatoes into cubes. But cheese and boiled eggs are rubbed on a grater. We mix all the ingredients, season with mayonnaise and salt. Put in a salad bowl. Do not forget to decorate everything with greenery. Serve the salad chilled. nine0026

Use salt to taste.

How to cook?

First, fry the onions and mushrooms in vegetable oil. At the same time, we cut the mushrooms into slices, but the onion into half rings. Now it is worth preparing an omelette, in which we add water, eggs and spices. The omelet should be browned on both sides. Your omelet should now be cold. Then cut it into strips. Meat or ham cut into cubes. And finely chop the cabbage. We mix all the products and put them in a salad bowl. Add salt to taste and season with mayonnaise. nine0003

Salad - Cockerel.

To prepare it, we take:

  • smoked sausage in the amount of 200 grams,
  • potatoes in the amount of 350 grams,
  • marinated champignons in the amount of 250 grams,
  • 200 grams of apples.

How to cook?

Cut the boiled potatoes into cubes and cut the sausage into strips. Also finely chop the mushrooms. Peel the apples and cut into strips. Mix all products and fill with small. nine0003

Put the cockerel out of the ingredients and garnish it with bell pepper feathers.

Original dishes for the New Year 2017

What holiday table can you imagine without original dishes. Therefore, now we will offer you some festive dishes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Oven-baked pink salmon.

To prepare baked pink salmon take:

  • fresh-frozen fish,
  • mayonnaise,
  • vegetables,
  • carrots and onions,
  • tomatoes and spices,
  • sunflower oil and lemon.

How to cook?

  1. First of all, you must cut the fish. Be sure to rinse the fish and cut off the fins and head from it. Then we cut along the ridge and cut into fillets. And the fillet itself is cut into several parts.
  2. Now grease a baking sheet with oil and put the pieces of fish fillet on it. After that, sprinkle everything with spices and salt. Pour over lemon juice. nine0026
  3. Next, take mayonnaise and grease the fish well with it. We leave the fish to soak in this sauce. Meanwhile, we are working on vegetables.
  4. Cut the onion into half rings, and grate the carrots.
  5. Put the carrots with onions in a frying pan and lightly fry.
  6. Place the vegetables that we have fried on top of the fish. Sprinkle with seasonings.
  7. Lay a layer of tomato on top.
  8. Next, put the dish in the oven, set the temperature to 180 degrees and bake for 45 minutes. nine0026

Serve the fish hot.

Fragrant potatoes with cheese and sour cream.

Potato baked with cheese and sour cream will be a wonderful and hearty New Year's dish. Such a dish will enchant many with its taste. Moreover, such a dish can be a great side dish. To prepare this wonderful and very tasty dish, take:

  • kilogram of potatoes,
  • 450 grams of sour cream,
  • 200 grams of cheese,
  • butter,
  • spices and salt.

How to cook?

  1. Cut the clean potatoes into thin circles.
  2. Spread a layer of potatoes and pour plenty of sour cream over them. Sprinkle with spices and salt on top.
  3. Add hard cheese.
  4. Now alternate layers.
  5. We put the mold with potatoes in a preheated oven to 200 degrees. Bake for 25 minutes.
  6. Then arrange the finished dish on plates. nine0026

Christmas canape with red fish.

Delicious and appetizing canapes can be used as an original snack on the New Year's table. In order to prepare canapes with red fish, you need to prepare the necessary ingredients:

  • small pieces of a long loaf,
  • 100 grams of red fish,
  • 100 grams of processed cheese,
  • 1 pickled or fresh cucumber,
  • half a jar of olives.
  • nine0035

    Also prepare some sharp skewers.

    How to cook?

    1. First cut the loaf into small squares.
    2. Next, fry the slices of bread on all sides in a skillet greased with oil. Cool golden slices of bread.
    3. Now brush the slices of bread with melted cheese.
    4. Red fish also cut into small pieces.
    5. Put the fish on the cheese, then put the olive.
    6. Be sure to put everything on skewers and serve it on the New Year's table. nine0026

    Another canape recipe.

    For the next recipe we prepare:

    • olives,
    • ham.

    We put everything on skewers and you will get a simple but very tasty canapé.

    Canape with herring.

    Herring is served for any celebration. And for the new year, you can make original mini-sandwiches with herring. Just take a slice of bread and a slice of herring. Sprinkle the appetizer with coriander seeds. nine0003

    In conclusion, watch the video: how to properly celebrate the New Year 2017

    The main distinguishing feature of the owner of 2017, Rooster, is pedantry. The Fire Rooster loves classics, simplicity and elegance. And his tastes should be taken into account in the process of preparing dishes for the New Year's table.

    What to prepare dishes for the New Year 2017

    In order to clearly understand what dishes (salads, snacks, etc.) to prepare for the New Year's table in 2017, and what to make new year menu 2017 , you should decide what should not be there. The rooster will not tolerate his relatives being eaten at the festive meal, so chicken for this New Year 2017 will have to be abandoned. Another forbidden dish on the New Year's menu is chicken eggs. But you should not be afraid of this, because, firstly, you do not need to use them only explicitly (stuffed, in the form of snowmen on skewers, etc.), and secondly, they can be replaced with quail ones. Adding eggs to New Year's dishes is not prohibited. nine0297

    What should be on the New Year's table in 2017

    According to the Red Rooster, the symbol of 2017, vegetables in all possible forms should be on the festive table: salads , side dishes, fresh cuts. Don't forget about fruit too. And the more there are, the more appetizing your table will become. The Fire Rooster does not like heavy cuisine. Do not be zealous with fried and very salty, with strong alcohol.

    New Year's menu 2017 for the year of the Fire Rooster

    Sushi will be an excellent dish for the New Year's table in 2017. In order to cook them - you do not need meat, which you will definitely like. He will also definitely approve of fish dishes and rice, which is the main Asian cuisine.

    A wonderful option for the New Year's table in 2017 will be festive New Year's dishes from shrimp or other seafood. They go well with vegetable casseroles, stews, fresh vegetables.

    From the dishes of Russian cuisine, in the festive menu, you can include baked or aspic fish. If you want to pamper your family with the classic dish “Herring under a fur coat” for holiday tables, then it is recommended to use homemade mayonnaise instead of purchased mayonnaise, which can be prepare for the New Year 2017 - independently. It is made very simply, but much more useful than its store counterparts. To make a classic dish a little more original, you can approach its preparation creatively: give the salad the shape of a roll, a Christmas tree, or put it in portions on separate plates, decorating with greens.

    European cuisine offers us lamb roasted in pots with vegetables. You can also include in the menu and cook dishes from pork, beef, for example, Wiener schnitzel. You don't need to resort to poultry dishes much: turkey, so beloved in the USA as a classic Christmas dish, or Russian roast duck, of course, cannot greatly affect the attitude of the Fire Rooster to the festive meal, but it is preferable to do without poultry dishes this year. nine0003


    From alcohol, the Fire Rooster prefers wine, champagne, cocktails. Very strong alcohol will not appeal to those who love concentration.

    New Year's desserts

    As for desserts, here fantasy can allow you to do almost anything. One has only to take into account that very heavy food or one to which strong alcohol is added will not please the Fire Rooster.

    How to properly serve the New Year's table 2017

    • Tablecloth. It should be monophonic soft tones. The best option is white, but you can use gold, pink.
    • Service. Naturalness is the motto of 2017. No plastic. Only glass, wood and clay.
    • Napkins. Choose matching tablecloths. If paper napkins are used, they should be placed on a plate. Linen or cotton are placed under the plate.
    • Glasses. Set the table depending on what type of alcohol you will provide. Don't forget a glass of water too. nine0026
    • Jewelry. It would be appropriate to put a small plate with sprouted grains in the center of the table - this will please the symbol of 2017. Let the table be decorated with a large number of candles in red or gold tones, this will perfectly complement the New Year's interior and add an overall atmosphere of elegance and mystery.

    The most beloved and long-awaited holiday - the New Year - is just around the corner - which means that it's time to start planning the New Year's menu for 2017. This issue should be approached responsibly, as it is believed that a successful New Year's Eve is the key to a successful next year. nine0003

    When planning your menu, consider the complexity of preparing meals and the time it will take to prepare them. By the end of the evening, you should still have strength left for the Holiday itself. Easy-to-make New Year's Eve recipes are best for a holiday night. Dishes for the New Year of the Red Fire Rooster must certainly be bright, like the bird itself. Yellow, red, green, orange are favorites among the colors in the New Year's menu 2017.

    New Year's dishes, as a rule, symbolize wealth and prosperity, so they should be tasty, original and beautifully presented. The first thing you should pay attention to is New Year's salads. You should not limit yourself to classic salads, which are served on the New Year's table from year to year. Salads for the New Year can be supplemented with edible decorations in the form of Christmas trees and snowflakes, or you can prepare an appetizer in the form of a talisman of 2017. nine0003

    Cold and hot New Year snacks are one of the most important details of the holiday. There are a lot of options here - you can cook colorful sandwiches, canapes, tarts with fillings, rolls and rolls, stuffed snacks.

    The main hot dish on the New Year's table will deserve special attention of your guests, and although the coming year, the year of the Fiery Red Rooster, nothing prevents us from preparing chicken dishes, leave these superstitions, the chicken is not the Rooster, and the coming of the real Chinese New Year is worth Expect only January 28th. You can also use pork, beef, veal, rabbit and various types of fish. nine0003

    Serve with roasted or fresh vegetables to keep your guests alive for dessert. So, jelly, fruit salads, low-calorie cookies and cottage cheese pastries will perfectly complete the New Year's meal. New Year's cocktails can be a wonderful addition to delicious food. Most importantly, cook with joy and pleasure, because positive emotions are the main key to the success of a good dish! Start planning your 2017 New Year's menu with our selection of New Year's Eve recipes. nine0003

    Plan ahead by preparing most of your meals ahead of time so you have the energy and desire to eat, drink and celebrate the New Year 2017 when it really matters.

    Happy New Year!

    Bright and cheerful New Year holidays are coming soon. Experienced housewives begin to prepare for New Year's Eve in advance - they select recipes for interesting dishes, table settings and home decorations. With the approach of New Year's Eve, questions become especially relevant - what to cook for the New Year, how to set the table, what products to use in festive dishes to please guests and earn the favor of the symbol of the coming year? nine0003

    According to the Eastern calendar, 2017 will be held under the sign of the Fire Rooster. The coming year will be successful for those who are not afraid of obstacles, make deliberate decisions and move straight towards the goal.

    To appease the Red Rooster, you need to make a New Year's menu and set the New Year's table according to his preferences. So, what to put on the festive table so that the Rooster is satisfied and gives us well-being in the coming year?

    How to serve New Year's table 2017 nine0293

    Since the next year's host will be the Red Fire Rooster, red color must be present in the New Year's table decor. Lay a linen or cotton red or red and white tablecloth on the table and match the napkins to match. Rounded candles of red and golden hues will perfectly fit into the decor of the New Year's table.

    Chairs can be beautifully decorated.

    The symbol of the New Year itself should be present on the table. Rooster - a figurine or decoration on a salad. nine0003

    Like a country bird, the Rooster will approve dishes made of natural materials on the table - clay pots, wooden spoons, ceramic salad bowls. Find a place on the table for a bowl of sprouted or regular grain to appease the symbol of the New Year. If you have a copper samovar, put it on the table when it's time for dessert, adding a bunch of bagels.

    Rooster loves everything bright and colorful. On the festive table, a variety of meat, vegetable and fruit cuts, elegantly decorated salads, tastefully selected portioned snacks will be appropriate. Feel free to show your imagination - decorate the salad in the form of attributes of this holiday. An excellent solution for the New Year's table will be tartlets made of puff, waffle or shortcrust pastry with various fillings, jellied dishes, snack bars and meat rolls. nine0003

    When compiling the menu, remember that the Rooster is not indifferent to grain products. As a side dish, you can use friable rice, buckwheat or wheat porridge. Also a great option is boiled or baked potatoes, potato roses.

    Serve delicious cuts of vegetables, small sandwiches on skewers with colorful ingredients.

    Another feature of the New Year's table 2017 is that the dishes should be simple and you can do without laborious methods of cooking. You should not spend the whole pre-holiday evening fussing at the stove - prepare cold snacks in advance, make more bright and light snacks and salads. When planning a menu for the New Year's holiday table, traditional whole chicken dishes should be avoided, but chicken meat can be used in salads. nine0003

    Desserts and sweet dishes are an obligatory attribute of the festive table for the New Year. To please the Rooster, put on the table multi-colored fruit slices, light fruit or berry jelly, prunes dessert with nuts in sour cream sauce. To celebrate the New Year, bake a cake with light sour cream or custard.

    Refreshing fruit drinks, fruit juices, compotes, light homemade liqueurs or tinctures should be preferred.

    The best recipes for New Year's dishes nine0005

    Each of us is looking forward to New Year's Eve, when all our cherished wishes come true. In addition to the New Year's menu and decorations, attention should be paid to the preparation of a festive program, where there will be a place for jokes, songs, funny stories and New Year's contests. By alternating gatherings at the table, walks and outdoor activities, we can make New Year's Eve the most unforgettable and fabulous holiday of the year.

    The original - a house under the snow will appeal to both children and adults. nine0003

    Delicious light and healthy and sour cream

    A proverb familiar to all of us from childhood advises to prepare a sleigh in summer and a cart in winter, that is, to take care of everything ahead of time. To make the New Year holidays a success, it is also worth thinking about how to celebrate them, what to serve on the table and what outfit to choose.

    New Year 2017, the year of which animal

    In accordance with the Chinese calendar Xia New Year 2017 has a feminine nature Yin, the year is ruled by the element Fire and the zodiac animal Rooster. Thus, the new year 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster (Yin), and its characteristics are determined by the symbols under which it is controlled. nine0003

    The rooster in Chinese mythology is a sign that is characterized by insight, organization, pedantry, responsibility, vigilance and exactingness. One of the most characteristic features of the Rooster is his conservatism and love of order. Therefore, in the year of the Fire Rooster, one should not expect revolutionary breakthroughs or global transformations. The Rooster will try to put things in order where the restless Monkey, the hostess of the previous year, made a mess.

    With all its virtues, the Fire Rooster can be arrogant and arrogant, stubborn, picky, vain and has a penchant for bravado. Therefore, the year 2017 of the Fire Rooster can be very successful for ambitious show projects and successful undertakings in the entertainment industry. But significant breakthroughs in the scientific field this year should not be expected, for this the conservative and arrogant Rooster does not have enough courage or patience. nine0003

    The element of Fire in the new year 2017 will be softened by the nature of Yin, so all international contradictions of the previous period will have to be softened: the opposing forces will finally begin to seek compromises and try to reach an agreement. World systems (financial, economic, social and religious) will begin to order, strive for balance and balance.

    Year 2017 of the Fire Rooster promises favorable conditions for the development of industries that are patronized by the element of Fire: the production of metal, electrical goods, show business, catering and the gas industry. Oil prices are forecast to rise and stabilize. But for the industries associated with the tree, the year will be unfavorable, since the Fire destroys the Tree. Problems may arise in the furniture industry, the paper industry, publishing and bookselling, crop production and construction. nine0003

    The Fire Rooster does not promise in the new year 2017 disasters related to land or water: earthquakes, tsunamis, floods. But everything that is connected with fire can happen: volcanic eruptions, explosions or large fires.

    In general, the new year 2017 is expected as a time of stabilization and ordering in the world, a time of attempts to reach an agreement, a time for people to realize responsibility for what they do both at the level of their personal destiny and at the level of their countries and continents.

    New Year 2017, what to meet

    It has already become a tradition in our country to choose an outfit for a New Year's party in accordance with the tastes of the zodiac animal - the owner of the coming year. And since the tradition has developed, then let's find out what is better to dress up in order to welcome the 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster.

    The element of the new year 2017 is Fire, and this means that all shades of fiery color will be held in high esteem in holiday dresses, it is he who will set the tone for your image. In order to please the Rooster, it is not at all necessary to purchase or sew a bright scarlet dress. After all, if we look at the fire, we will see there a whole palette of colors from deep red to flashes of orange and yellow. So your party outfit can be made in any shade of red, yellow or orange, depending on which color suits you best. Red shades can be combined with emerald green, deep blue, rich brown or white. nine0003

    At the New Year's party, any lady wants to shine, but do not forget about the pragmatism and vanity of the Rooster. Consider these features when choosing an outfit for the New Year 2017, and do not spend too much on new clothes - the prudent Rooster will not like it. It’s still not worth putting on, as the famous song says, “all the best at once”, it will be too much - they can start laughing at you, and the conceited Rooster does not like ridicule. What can be considered too much in a festive way? There will be a bust if you wear jewelry with a red dress, especially large ones. After all, a red dress in itself is an object that attracts everyone's attention, and jewelry will only make your image cheap and vulgar. A dress with too many decorative details, and even worn with shoes with a twelve-centimeter stiletto heel, also looks tasteless. Remember also that complex, high hairstyles instantly turn your look into "a la bust", in addition, they grow up a lot. Keep from excesses, try to dress in such a way that the outfit does not overshadow you, but only favorably emphasizes your dignity. nine0003

    Astrologers advise in the New Year 2017 of the Fire Rooster to avoid clothes with "cat" prints: spotted leopard and striped tiger, as the Rooster does not like the Cat too much. And do not wear silver for the holiday, gold or pearls would be the best choice. Well, and most importantly: in order not to look ridiculous, and this, as we remember, the Rooster does not like very much, choose a festive outfit in accordance with the venue of the party, the circle of guests and the degree of formality of the event. Agree, you will look funny at the festive table in the country dressed in a long silk dress on the floor! And a deep neckline or an extreme mini will be completely inappropriate in the company of colleagues or in a circle where representatives of the older generation are present, for example, the parents of your boyfriend or husband. nine0003

    Men can also please the Fire Rooster by wearing a bright brown-red tie, gold cufflinks or a red-brown pullover for the holiday.

    New Year 2017: what to cook? What should be on the table?

    New Year's dinner is not just a feast, it should be special, because it is not for nothing that they say: "As you meet the year, so you will spend it." What to serve to the festive table for the New Year 2017?

    When choosing a menu for a New Year's dinner, let's remember that the year of the Fire Rooster is coming, and the Rooster symbolizes housekeeping and prosperity in Chinese mythology, which means that a festive dinner should be hearty, but without frills and excessive frills. Preference should be given to simple dishes, it is best if it is traditional national cuisine. In order not to upset the Rooster, it is better to exclude chicken dishes from the festive menu, as well as refuse to use semi-finished products and not serve canned foods for dinner. nine0003

    Salads, traditional for the Russian festive table, can be served as appetizers. If you want something original, then try serving a familiar traditional dish in a new form, for example, cook herring “under a fur coat” not in layers, but in the form of a roll. How to decorate a salad for the new year 2017 see . In addition to salads, serve veal jelly or aspic fish on the table. Rolls of pancake dough with salmon or caviar, potato nests with meat or mushroom filling, tomatoes with mustard dressing, marinated fish or battered fish will perfectly complement the festive dinner. On the eve of the year of the Fire Rooster, it is better to serve grain bread to the table, and those housewives who would like to especially please the proud bird can prepare a salad with sprouted wheat, rye or lentils for a festive dinner. nine0003

    Fish, pork, beef or lamb can be served as a main dish. If you dream of surprising your guests and are ready to spend at least two hours just preparing the main course, then you can aim for a whole suckling pig baked in the oven with potatoes and cabbage, lamb with green beans or stuffed pike. And if you want to cook a delicious main course without spending too much time on it, then serve spicy veal with dried fruits, pork ribs in honey sauce, pike perch baked with vegetables or salmon in mustard sauce for a festive dinner. As a side dish for meat, you can serve baked potatoes, cabbage in tomato or sour cream sauce, stewed green beans or grilled vegetables. Fresh, baked or steamed vegetables, boiled or fried potatoes seasoned with parsley and celery, crumbly rice are good for fish as a side dish. nine0003

    A festive dinner in honor of the arrival of the 2017 Year of the Fire Rooster must certainly end with a homemade dessert. It can be fragrant homemade cookies cut out in the shape of stars, the most delicate chocolate roll with nuts or yogurt cake. If you want to serve a fruit dessert on the table, then keep it simple and unpretentious. It can be fruit salad, pears baked in wine, creme brulee from fresh strawberries or apples baked with honey in lingonberry sauce. As for drinks, the Rooster will highly appreciate the homemade fruit drinks and liqueurs served at the table. nine0003

    New Year 2017 how to decorate the house

    Interior decoration has a serious impact on the self-perception and emotional state of a person, that's why in order to create a festive mood, we strive to decorate our home, to add variety to the familiar environment.

    The owner of the new year 2017, the Fire Rooster, is a lover of order, he is pedantic and accurate in everything, therefore, before proceeding with decorating the interior, you should arrange a general cleaning in the house. Sort out things in closets and pantries - throw away the trash, and neatly arrange the remaining items using modern storage systems. Move the furniture away and remove the dust where it has been accumulating for months and until the “hands didn’t reach” - and only then get down to the festive interior design. nine0003

    New Year 2017 of the Fire Rooster is best celebrated with family and friends in a house decorated with elements of a rustic style. Do you have an embroidered pillow, a patchwork quilt and towels trimmed with crocheted lace gathering dust somewhere in your closet? Great, that's what you need. Get out a linen tablecloth and napkins, wicker baskets, earthenware pots, a bag of scraps of fabric and a box of buttons - and start creating.

    It is best to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2017 in an eco-style - for this, we hang beautifully decorated fresh and candied fruits on the branches, cookies baked in the form of various figures, gingerbread, sweets, cinnamon sticks tied with red ribbons, gilded cones and nuts. And under the Christmas tree next to Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden we put a figurine of a rooster and a clay pot with germinated grain. nine0003

    You can also decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year 2017 with handmade toys. A Christmas tree decorated with figures cut out of felt will look great: it can be snowflakes, boots and mittens, snowmen, carnival masks, angels and much more, which is enough for your imagination. Well, if you are not ready for such experiments and want to decorate the Christmas tree quite traditionally, then give preference to toys and balls of red and golden hues, and make sure that there are no figures of predatory animals on the Christmas tree. nine0003

    Complement your festive design with compositions of spruce paws and original bouquets of deadwood twigs, and build a decorative nest in a conspicuous place. Put red apples, chocolate eggs wrapped in gold foil and coins to bring prosperity and good luck to your house in the coming year.

    A table for a gala dinner can also be served with rustic elements. This does not mean that guests should put wooden spoons and earthenware bowls. The rooster will be quite pleased if you lay a beautiful linen tablecloth, place candles in ceramic or wooden candlesticks on the table, and place the guests' utensils in original thin burlap envelopes. nine0003

    Children born in the year of the Fire Rooster

    According to Chinese astrologers, the character and fate of each person is initially predetermined by the time of his birth, and in order to know the fate, you need to calculate your personal binomial. This task is only possible for specialists in horoscopes, however, only one year of birth can already predict what personality traits a person will have, what abilities he will be gifted with and in what types of activities he will be most successful. What awaits children born in the year of the Fire Rooster? nine0003

    The Rooster is perhaps the most controversial and extraordinary zodiac character in the Chinese horoscope. On the one hand, he demonstrates authority, straightforwardness, practicality and conservatism, a high degree of responsibility and organization up to pedantry. On the other hand, demonstrativeness, vanity, boastfulness and pickiness. Although Chinese astrologers find a fairly simple explanation for this: any positive quality in an exaggerated form begins to appear as a negative one. So, excessive organization and love for order lead to captiousness towards others, and the reverse side of authority is despotism and vanity. nine0003

    Children born in the year of the Fire Rooster, depending on the month, day and hour of birth, can manifest themselves either as calm, somewhat closed, sedate, reasonable and prudent individuals, or as sociable, easy-going with well-developed intuition, but somewhat windy people. The former will be able to prove themselves and succeed in such professions that are associated with technology, as well as where perseverance, accuracy and scrupulousness are required. These are engineers, designers, IT-specialists, programmers and architects. The latter need to be given the opportunity to show their demonstrative nature and satisfy their need to be in the spotlight. Such children in the future will be best able to realize themselves in creative professions or sports. These are future talented actors, dancers, singers and directors, journalists and radio hosts, preachers, showmen and athletes. These children should be given the opportunity as early as possible to realize their desire to be the object of everyone's attention - depending on their inclinations, take them to a dance or sports school, to a circus or to a theater studio. nine0003

    Children born in the year of the Fire Rooster are in great need of praise in order to feel comfortable and confident. Parents of children born under the sign of the Rooster need to remember that their children are very touchy, hypersensitive to criticism, especially expressed in a tactless form, and it is very difficult for them to manage their anger. Therefore, adults should choose their words very carefully, criticizing the behavior of a baby born under the sign of the Rooster, not be afraid of violent manifestations of rage and teach the child to properly discharge his anger so as not to harm others. nine0003

    Characteristics of the new year 2017 according to the Chinese zodiac

    The Chinese horoscope, which determines each year "belonging" to a particular animal, was created more than four centuries ago. In China, the horoscope, based on the division of time into cycles and the attribution of certain characteristics to each cycle, was taken very seriously. So, the Chinese emperor did not make a single more or less major decision without checking the calendar and horoscope, and before marriage, with the help of personal horoscopes, it was found out whether the newlyweds would be compatible, and only then the decision was made about the wedding. nine0003

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    "Chicken race", bike festival and beer-starts.

    June 3 "festival" on the Augustow Canal (+ Program) After two intense festival days, city bustle, dancing until you drop and tasting national dishes, sleepy Grodno residents and guests of the city are invited to the Augustow Canal on Sunday to continue the festivities. Today we will tell you what the most interesting will be at the August Mix festival.

    It’s worth going to the Augustow Canal on June 3 to, firstly, walk beer mile

    Beer Starts is an unusual race walking event. Distance is a mile. For those who don't know, it's 1600 meters. They should be overcome on foot, “cheerfully shaking their hips,” the organizers advise. If you do not know how it is, do not despair, everyone will be taught and everything will be explained. However, other original ways of walking are also welcome, as long as they do not contradict the rules.

    There are several obstacles along the way, a kind of pit stops. Those walking will be met by girls in national costumes, treated to beer from different countries. nine0003

    The winners at the finish line will be determined in several categories, from the “most cheerful” participant to the “fastest”.

    The fastest walker is clear, “the most beautiful” is a nomination for girls and women, everything is more or less clear here too. But in order to qualify for victory in other categories, you will have to try. For example, come up with your own original way of passing the distance in order to win the title of the funniest or most original walker. Or dress up in an unusual costume and become the brightest participant. In general, it will be fun for both participants and spectators. Anyone can be either one or the other. But for participants there is an age limit - 18+. Registration will take place from 13.00 to 14.30. nine0003

    Bonus competition - tasting the best beers.

    Secondly, to become a queen

    Or rather, one of the two queens. They will be chosen among spectators and professional bikers .

    For girls, girls, women and grandmothers, the main thing is to take selfies in the image of bikers. Entourage - tales, brutal men in leather jackets, helmets - everything will be at the bike rally "Under the August Wave". The best photos should be posted on Instagram without delay with the hashtag #mixfestbike2018. Next, we collect likes. The winner will be announced towards the end of the festival. nine0003

    Another queen will be a professional biker. True, only likes are not enough for this title, the number of decibels is much more important: the girls who arrived on a bike will arrange a competition for the loudest exhaust. This competition promises to be deafening!

    In their free time, all guests, without exception, will be able to take a closer look at the equipment and take pictures on motorcycles. And someone else will be lucky to ride with the breeze through the picturesque surroundings of the Augustow Canal.

    The theme of different nationalities, which runs like a red thread through the festivals of national cultures and their individual episodes, will also be reflected in the current one. After all, the equipment will be very different - from Japanese sports motorcycles to American Harleys. And everyone is unique - bikers simply do not know how to be like someone else.

    Third, see chicken race

    Unlike cockfighting, this competition is very humane towards the bird. The organizers promise that no chicken will be harmed. And they also pay attention: there have never been such competitions in Grodno and its environs. nine0003

    If you know how to make a chicken go in the right direction, feel free to place your bets and participate in the competition. Or just hope you get lucky. It is very easy to become the owner of the participants - you will need to choose your chicken from several representatives and bring it to the finish line first during the race. Distance - 9 meters. You can’t push the birds, they can only be “cheered up” with exclamations and cries. However, the owners of chickens will tell you, these birds do not always listen to advice and may well turn around halfway in the opposite direction. If in five minutes none of the chickens reach the finish line, the one that turned out to be closer to him than the other rivals will win. nine0003

    And the owner of the bird that won the final race will receive a well-deserved prize. Which one is still a secret.

    Fourth, to eat sausages

    But not just to eat - but to speed.

    The rules are extremely simple: chew the faster. Does not exceed? Just enjoy the delicious sausages of the agricultural complex "Skidelsky"!
    By the way, at the farmsteads that will work in the area of ​​the Dombrovka lock, guests are promised to be treated with national dishes of different nations. A competition will be held among the hostesses, and the winner will be determined by the “test purchase” method. nine0003

    Fifth, become a judge

    During the "August Mix", viewers will be able to become judges. The presence of a referee's whistle and a stopwatch will significantly increase the chances of trying on the role of a referee.

    There will be a lot of competitions, as well as spectators. Therefore, the role of the judge is an excellent opportunity to consider everything carefully. And at the same time make sure that everything was fair and the main prizes went to the participants deservedly.

    Sixthly, start dancing

    Professional artists and all guests of the Augustow Canal will be forced to start dancing by the "Dance whirlwind". The best teams of Prynemanya will perform their programs. There will also be master classes in household dances. They should not be ignored. The jury promises to carefully look at the dancers in order to choose the most active and persistent participant in the master class. A prize has already been prepared for him - “Diploma of Friendship of the XII Republican Festival of National Cultures”. nine0003

    The prize is truly unique. It is given to an individual for the first time. Such diplomas are awarded to the best national public associations that presented the most interesting programs and bright farmsteads during the final events of the Republican Festival of National Cultures.

    Learn more