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F# Minor

{Modern R & B} /{Fusion}

{Techno } /{R & B Funk} 



98 BPM

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DANCE MONKEY – TONES AND I  Keyboard Notes, Piano Notes, full Song letter notes

[Verse 1]
{F#E}          {F#E F# }      {E F#E }          {F# A G#}
They say, “Oh my God, I see the way you shine

{A A G#}                 {F# F# E}   
Take your hands, my dear,

{F# E}               {F# A G#}
and place them both in mine”

{E F#E}          {F#E F# }     
You know you stopped me

{E F#E }                      {F# A G#}
dead while I was passing by

{ F# A A G#}              {F# F# E}    {F# E}      {F# A G#}
And now I beg to see you dance just one more time


{Ċ#…B}  {BA BA BA}            {G# G#}     {G# E F#}
Ooh,       I see you, see you, see you every time

{F# A A G#}   {A G#} {F# F#} {F#A}
And oh my, I , I         like your style

{B…} {G#…G# A# }    {G# A#}     {G# A#} {F# F# A}
You, you make me, make me, make me wanna cry

{F#. .A A} {G# F#} {G# A#}     {G# A#} {F# F# A} {G#}
And now I beg to see you dance just one more time


{F# F# F#}
So they say

{A A A}   {G# G# G#}   {F# F# F#}       {A G#} {F#}
Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh-oh-oh

{F# A A G#}    {F# G#}    {F#G#F#A}     {G# F# A}
I’ve never seen anybody do the things you do before

F# F#
They say

{A A A}          {G# G# G#}       {F# F# F#}    {A G#} {F#}
“Move for me, move for me, move for me, ayy-ayy-ayy

{F# A A G#}       {F# G#}         {F#G#F#A}  {G# F# A}
And when you’re done, I’ll make you do it all again

[Verse 2]

{F#E}   {F#E F# }    {E F#E }    {F# A G#}
I said, “Oh my God, I see you walking by

{A A G#}                 {F# F# E}    {F# E}  {F# A G#}
Take my hands, my dear, and look me in my eyes”

{A A G#}                 {F# F# E}    {F# E}     {F# A G#}
Just like a monkey, I’ve been dancin’ my whole life

{ F# A A G#}              {F# F# E}    {F# E}    {F# A G#}
But you just beg to see me dance just one more time


{F# F# F#}
So they say

{A A A}              G# G# G#}     {F# F# F#}     {A G#} {F#}
“Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh-oh-oh

{F# A A G#}    {F# G#} {F#G#F#A}      G# F# A}
I’ve never seen anybody do the things you do before”

F#     F#
They say

{A A A}           {G# G# G#}       {F# F# F#}    {A G#} {F#}
“Move for me, move for me, move for me, ayy-ayy-ayy

{F# A A G#}         {F# G#} {F#G#F#A}      {G# F# A}
And when you’re done, I’ll make you do it all again”

{F# F# F#}
So they say

{A A A}              G# G# G#}     {F# F# F#}     {A G#} {F#}
“Dance for me, dance for me, dance for me, oh-oh-oh

{F# A A G#}    {F# G#} {F#G#F#A}      G# F# A}
I’ve never seen anybody do the things you do before”

F#     F#
They say

{A A A}           {G# G# G#}       {F# F# F#}    {A G#} {F#}
“Move for me, move for me, move for me, ayy-ayy-ayy

{F# A A G#}         {F# G#} {F#G#F#A}      {G# F# A}
And when you’re done, I’ll make you do it all again”

About the song

Directed by: Liam Kelly & Nick Kozakis
Director of Photography: Carl Allison
Makeup by: Danielle Ruth
Produced by: Visible Studios




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[GL] [GL] [GL] [GL] [GL] [GL] [GL] [GL] [dj] [dj] [dj] [dj] [dj] [dj] [dj] [dj] [fk] [fk] [fk] [fk] [fk] [fk] [fk] [fk] [fk] [SH] [SH] [SH] [SH] [SH] G f G f G f Gf G j H
Gj jH GG f G f G j H
f G f G f G f G fG j H
Gj jH GG f G fG j H
L k k j k j k j jj H f G
Gjj H j H G GG h
j Lj H G H G H G GG j
Gjj H G H G H G Gj H
j Hj H Hj H GGjj G
Gjj H HGHGHG HGj j G j
j Hj H Hj H GGjj G
Gjj H G H G HG j H G j
G f G f G f Gf G j H
Gj jH GG f G f G j H
f G f G f G f G fG j H
Gj H GG f G fG j H
L k k j k j k j j-j H f G
Gjj H j H G GG h
j Lj H G H G H G GG j
Gjj H G H G H G Gj H
j Hj H Hj H GGjj G
Gjj H HGHGHG HGj j G j
j Hj H Hj H GGjj G
Gjj H G H G HG j H G j
j jjk j jH GG jj G j G j G
j Hj H Hj H GGjj G
Gjj H G H G HG j H G j
G j k j H
jH jH
j k L k j k
j H G H G
j Hj H Hj H GGjj G
j Hj H Hj H GGjj G
Gjj H H G H G HG j H G j
j jjk j jH G-G jj G j G j G
j Hj H Hj H GGjj G
Gjj H G H G HG j H G j
j HH G

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Fun Happy Australia Meme

  • A song by Tones and I

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Stas Piekha - biography, photo, personal life, parents, wife and children, son, height and weight, listen to songs online 2022 Stas Piekha (Stanislav Pyatrasovich Piekha) is a popular Russian singer, poet and musician, grandson of the legendary artist Edita Piekha, winner of the fourth season of Star Factory.

In the photo: Stas Piekha


The representative of the younger generation of the Piekha family received his name long before birth. The fact is that his grandmother, People's Artist of the USSR Edita Piekha, lost her father in early childhood and even then she vowed to name her future son after him - Stanislav.

Little Stas Piekha with his grandmother

That's just the woman's daughter was born, the now famous actress and TV presenter Ilona Bronevitskaya. But when Bronevitskaya and jazz musician Petras Gerulis had a son, the question of the boy's name was decided by itself.

Young Stas Piekha with his mother and sister

From the first years of his life, Stas plunged into the backstage atmosphere, accompanying his grandmother during the tour. At the age of 7, young Piekha was sent to the Choir School. Glinka, where the boy studied choral singing and playing the piano. At the same time, he changed his father's surname to the legendary grandmother's.

Stas Piekha in childhood

For higher musical education, Stas Piekha went to the school. Gnesins, having entered the pop-jazz department, however, was expelled for absenteeism. According to the young man, he never wanted to become a professional singer - he was “overfed” by the stage in childhood, and if it were not for the persuasion of his grandmother, Stas would not have decided to participate in the Star Factory.

Metamorphoses of Stas Piekha

Star Factory

The Piekha dynasty was often jokingly said: "grandmother is a singer, mother is a singer, and son is a singer." But, despite the stellar origin, the young man built his career himself (although there was nowhere to escape from the invisible influence of the name Piekha).

It all started in 2004 - it was then that Stas passed the casting of the fourth season of Star Factory, got on the project together with Dominic Joker, Irina Dubtsova, Timati and Anton Zatsepin.

Stas Piekha at the Star Factory

The producer of the show was Igor Krutoy, with whom Piekha did not have a relationship from the very beginning. Krutoy did not hide his antipathy for the young singer, which he later admitted on the Andrei Malakhov show. The hostile attitude of the “boss” did not prevent Stas from opening up: he did an excellent job with any number, formed a harmonious duet with any artist, and invariably delighted the audience at the reporting concerts of the Factory.

Stas Piekha at the "Star Factory-4" with other participants

We can say that Viktor Drobysh cut the talent of the beginning star - he wrote the song “One Star” for Piekha, which became the artist’s first hit.

Stas Piekha and Viktor Drobysh

The Star Factory-4 project ended in victory for Piekha. The young man took the third, prize-winning place. The gift of Channel One was solid: Piekha found a producer for a solo album, received a free video clip and, as a nice bonus, got a scooter. In addition, Stas sang a duet with singer Valeria - the young man dreamed about this long before participating in the project, and performed the ballad "July Morning" along with rock legend Ken Hesley.

Stas Piekha and Ken Hesley - "July Morning". "Star Factory-4"

Debut album

The first serious project of Stas was not long in coming - the solo album "One Star" was released in May 2005, less than a year after the end of the "Factory". Some of the songs were composed by Piekha Jr., two hits belonged to Viktor Drobysh. One of the compositions, "City of Childhood", was recorded by both famous Piekhas - grandson and grandmother. The singer's mother refused to directly participate in the recording of the album, but acted as an expert, having carefully listened to all the compositions included in the record.

Stas Piekha in his youth

After the release of the album, the first places in the Russian charts were taken by a new duet with Valeria called “You are sad”. The catchy refrain “You are sad, I am sad ...” was heard on the radio every now and then. It was this track that brought him the first award during the MTV Russia Music Awards 2005 in the Best Composition nomination.

Stas Piekha and Valeria - "You are sad." "Star Factory-4"

Prime of a career

The second disc, released in 2008, received the mysterious name "Otherwise". However, the meaning became clear to the fans after the first listening to the album - the fans noted that the new brainchild of Stas is fundamentally different from the first solo album. Piekha confirmed - yes, he experimented, yes, the album is completely different.

On the disc one could hear both classical French chanson ("About you"), and dance floor hits ("Write to me"), blues rock ("She's not yours") and purest pop ("I'll give you a present"). Something could remind the listeners of the compositions of Sting (the title track "Otherwise") or even Jamiroquai ("In the cloud melting"). Victor Drobysh again helped Piekha with music and words.

Presentation of the second album by Stas Piekha

An undoubted hit was the composition “She is not yours” - a duet with Grigory Leps. With her, Piekha won the Golden Gramophone, Muz-TV and God of Ether awards.

Stas Piekha and Grigory Leps - “She is not yours”

In 2013, Piekha's third solo album, "10", was released. With his recording, Stas summed up the results of the first decade of his singing career. The disc includes both light pop hits and works on deeper topics.

In 2016, Piekha continued to work on his singing career, starring in the video for the song "Allegory". The young man devoted this year to creative experiments and the search for new concepts. In the same year, Stas released a second collection of poems.

Drug addiction

Like many children in creative families, as a teenager, Stas Piekha was left to his own devices and felt lonely. Having contacted a bad company, already at the age of 12, the young man tried drugs and rolled down the slope.

Stas Piekha in 2016

Shortly before participating in the Star Factory, he once again left the elite rehabilitation clinic, where his grandmother persuaded him to go to bed by hook or by crook. According to the artist, he felt a terrible emptiness in his soul and did not know how to replace it. As a result, I gained excess weight and did not want to look at myself in the mirror. However, the "Star Factory" and creative upsurge gave him a new impetus to life.

Stas Piekha. Empathy Manuchi. big interview

However, illicit substances, to one degree or another, were present in his life for more than one year. There was a time when he went to the eyeballs, once he stayed clean for 11 years, but then he again went into all serious trouble.

When Stas was 34, he suffered a heart attack due to drug and alcohol abuse. Almost leaving his life, he realized that the approach to life must be changed. Since then, he does not drink or use anything forbidden. And he honestly says: there are no former drug addicts, there are only drug addicts in remission.

Stas Piekha inside his clinic

In 2016, Piekha opened a center for helping drug addicts. According to him, many close people of Stas died from an overdose, so the undertaking was very important for the singer.

Human Talent

The younger Piekha did not limit his talent to stage performances. In 2007, the grandson and grandmother became the faces of the Moscow Jewelry Factory under the slogan "your sign of love." The Piekha dynasty was not chosen by chance, because the concept of the jewelry brand was based on the continuity of generations.

Stas Piekha with his grandmother

In between tours, Piekha was engaged in dubbing, voicing the cartoons “Masha and the Magic Nut” (emperor), “Princess and the Frog” (Frog Prince), for some time he was co-host of the Cosmopolitan. Video version ”together with Victoria Bonya, and also starred in the television series“ My Beautiful Family ”in the role of himself.

Stas Piekha and Victoria Bonya - hosts of the show "Cosmopolitan. Video version"

Fans know that Stas wrote the words for many songs himself. And the most dedicated fans know that their idol writes poetry. In early 2008, under the name of Stas Piekha, the poetry collection Naked was released.

Fragment of a poem by Stas Piekha

In the spring of 2011, Piekha starred in the TV show "Voice of Ukraine". The singer took a place of honor among the jury members next to Diana Arbenina, Alexander Ponomarev and Ruslana Lyzhychko.

Stas Piekha on the jury of the show "Voice of Ukraine"

In 2017, Stas judged the young participants in the project “You are super!” on the NTV channel. Producer Viktor Drobysh invited him to the project. Piekha admitted that he learned a lot on the project, communicating with the participating children from orphanages. “The show taught me to talk less and do more,” he said in an interview.

Stas Piekha on the show "You are super!"

Personal life of Stas Piekha

Stas Piekha preferred not to take his personal life out of the frame, so little is known about the singer's beloved. In August 2014, the media published information about the birth of Piekha's first child - Viktor Drobysh let slip.

Stas Piekha and his son Peter

The mother of the baby, who received the name Peter, is the model Natalya Gorchakova. The child was born on March 22, 2014. In September of the same year, the newly-made parents arranged a modest marriage ceremony “for their own” in Spain.

Stas Piekha and Natalya Gorchakova with a child

However, as Piekha later admitted, drugs destroyed their marriage. In 2015, they broke up, but the divorce was not officially formalized.

Since then, Stas has not been seen in a new relationship. He is not registered in dating applications, he is not greedy for tuned beauties and does not want to plunge into the abyss of crazy feelings again. “In general, marriage is an unnecessary procedure that has become obsolete as a ritual,” he believes.

Stas Piekha now

In 2020, Stas Piekha celebrated his 40th birthday. He gave an anniversary concert at the Green Theater at VDNKh. In parallel with his creative career, he is engaged in the affairs of his rehabilitation clinic. He is full of plans and dreams of concentrating on dance music in order to give fans more happy moments.

A man dreams of moving from a noisy city to a private house, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, his financial situation, like that of many artists, has worsened.

Son beating scandal

On July 20, Stas Piekha and his ex-wife Natalya spoke about an incident with a neighbor who attacked their son Peter. Gorchakova and her son rested in Roshchino (a resort village near St. Petersburg). The family of referee Vladislav Bezborodov moved into the neighboring area. Petya became friends with one of the Bezborodovs' sons, but Irina Bezborodova, the judge's wife, asked the boy not to communicate with her children. Peter was offended and pierced the neighbors' inflatable pool.

Irina Bezborodova threatens Piekha's ex-wife and her family

As Stas noted, the damage was trifling - the boy pierced the part that did not deflate, and the problem could be settled in a jiffy or compensated with money. But the enraged Irina ran to the neighbors' plot, threw Petya aside and hit his grandmother, who was protecting him. Irina told the law enforcement officers who came to the call that she was the injured party - allegedly her spine was broken during the fight. Fearing that influential neighbors would be able to "twist" the case in their favor, Peter's mother asked subscribers for publicity. Petya had to be taken to the hospital. The boy has a concussion. Stas Piekha is not going to put the brakes on the case and wants to turn to lawyer Sergei Zhorin.

Elon Musk's startup showed a monkey playing video games with the "power of thought"

  • Technology

Elon Musk's startup posted a video of a monkey playing video games without touching a joystick. The company previously claimed to have successfully implanted a chip into a primate that would allow it to literally play with "mind power" and showed for the first time how it works in practice.

Elon Musk's startup Neuralink posted a video of a monkey playing video games on a computer and controlling a cursor on the screen without a joystick or other controls - literally "with the power of thought."

The voice-over explains that the video shows Paige, a nine-year-old monkey, who had neural chips implanted in her brain about six weeks before filming. They can even be connected to the iPhone, like any Bluetooth gadget, the narrator said.

The opening frames of the video show a monkey being trained to play video games, initially with a joystick. To motivate Page, they used a banana smoothie served through a tube under the monitor. While the monkey was playing with the joystick, neural data from its brain related to the coordination of the movement of the hands was transmitted to the computer via a wireless network. The collected records of neural data were then put into a decoding algorithm. He, in turn, mathematically modeled the relationship between the patterns (often repeated sequences) of neural activity and the joystick movements that this activity led to.

Musk announced the successful implantation of a video game chip into the brain of a monkey. A few minutes later, the Neuralink decoder algorithm was calibrated. After that, the company turned off the joystick. As you can see in the video, the monkey still uses it out of habit to play, although the wire is disconnected. Already at this point, Paige is in complete control of the cursor with decoded neural activity, the voice-over says.

At the end of the video, the joystick was removed altogether. This did not stop the monkey from playing "Pong" - a video game where you need to hit the ball towards the opponent with a small platform moving vertically. At this moment, the monkey simply thinks about the movement of the brushes up or down, these signals are read by the algorithm and used to control the game, the announcer explained. The monkey never missed the ball, despite the fact that scientists at one point increased the speed of the game.

Rocket Ilona: how the founder of Tesla became 500% richer in one year

Neuralink explained that its goal is to make computer and phone use accessible to people with paralysis. Since they won't be able to use a joystick to learn the algorithm, they'll just have to imagine the movement of the brush, the voice-over said.

"The monkey is literally telepathically playing a video game using a brain chip!!" Musk wrote on Twitter (punctuation retained).

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