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Updated August 22, 2022


To create our salary estimates, Zippia starts with data published in publicly available sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Foreign Labor Certification Data Center (FLC) Show More

$23.03 hourly

Entry level Salary




10 %




90 %

How much does a Dance Teacher make?

Dance teachers make $47,909 per year on average, or $23.03 per hour, in the United States. Dance teachers on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $32,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $71,000.

Location impacts how much a dance teacher can expect to make. Dance teachers make the most in New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Highest Paying State

New York

Highest Paying City

New York, NY

Highest Paying Company

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

What Am I Worth?

Highest Paying State

New York

Highest Paying City

New York, NY

Highest Paying Company

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

What Am I Worth?

Highest Paying States For Dance Teachers

The darker areas on the map show where dance teachers earn the highest salaries across all 50 states.

  • State View
  • County View

Average Salary:

Dance Teacher average salary by State

Rank  State  Avg. Salary  Hourly Rate  Job Count  
1New Jersey$61,894$29.76966
2New York$70,698$33.99889
4South Carolina$51,311$24.67373
5New Hampshire$52,205$25.10167
10Michigan$49,351$23. 73626
16West Virginia$52,289$25.1422
21South Dakota$48,290$23.2217
23Kansas$45,636$21. 94233
29North Dakota$46,095$22.1620
33Rhode Island$46,007$22.1253
34New Mexico$42,140$20.26209
36Pennsylvania$41,893$20. 14903
41District of Columbia$44,732$21.51112
42North Carolina$41,205$19.81788
49Mississippi$39,003$18. 7595

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Top Dance Teacher Jobs Near You

Highest Paying Cities For Dance Teachers

Rank  City  Avg. Salary  Hourly Rate  
1New York, NY$70,827$34.05
2Newark, NJ$61,963$29.79
3Newton, MA$54,984$26.43
4Stamford, CT$53,700$25.82
5Baltimore, MD$52,807$25.39
6Las Vegas, NV$51,904$24.95
7Goose Creek, SC$51,269$24.65
8Detroit, MI$49,532$23.81
9Berkeley, CA$49,001$23.56
10Saint Petersburg, FL$46,561$22.39
11Yuma, AZ$46,323$22.27
12Newport, RI$46,220$22.22
13Washington, DC$44,747$21.51
14Chicago, IL$43,622$20. 97
15Atlanta, GA$43,201$20.77

Dance Teacher Salary Details

Average Dance Teacher Salary Graph, Trends, and Summary

What is a Dance Teacher's Salary?

Percentile  Annual Salary  Monthly Salary  Hourly Rate  
90th Percentile$71,000$5,917$34
75th Percentile$59,000$4,917$28
25th Percentile$38,000$3,167$18
10th Percentile$32,000$2,667$15

Average Salary By Related Titles

Job Title  Annual Salary  Monthly Salary  Hourly Rate  Job Openings  
First Aid Instructor$44,903$3,742$21. 5950,978
Field Instructor$52,928$4,411$25.4569,156
Martial Arts Instructor$34,287$2,857$16.4824,925
Driving Instructor$51,752$4,313$24.8828,948
Guitar Instructor$46,506$3,875$22.3624,514
Piano Instructor$53,474$4,456$25.7124,512

Here are the five companies hiring the most now:

  1. Boston Public Schools Jobs (5)
  2. Distinctive Schools Jobs (5)
  3. Victoria's Secret Jobs (4)
  4. MADE Jobs (4)
  5. California Center for the Arts, Escondido Jobs (4)

Which Companies Pay Dance Teachers The Most?

According to our most recent salary estimates, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and Success Academy Charter Schools are the highest paying companies for dance teachers.

How Much Do Dance Teachers Make In Different Industries?

Dance teacher salaries can vary depending on the industry. In fact, our data shows that the hospitality, education, and media industries tend to offer much higher salaries for dance teachers. For example, dance teachers make a whopping average salary of $51,036 while working in the hospitality industry. Meanwhile, other people in this field are making $50,744 in the education industry and $48,688 in the media industry.

Dance teachers may want to avoid working in the health care industry as it offers the lowest average salary of $37,314.

Highest Paying Industries For Dance Teachers

Rank  Industry  Average Salary  Hourly Rate  
4Health Care$37,314$17. 94

High Paying Dance Teacher Jobs

Dance Teacher Salary Trends

Average Dance Teacher Salary Over Time

Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average.

Recently Added Dance Teacher Salaries

Dance Teacher Salaries FAQs

What state pays Dance Teachers the most?

New York pays Dance Teachers the most in the United States, with an average salary of $70,698 per year, or $33.99 per hour.

How do I know if I'm being paid fairly as a Dance Teacher?

You know if you are being paid fairly as a Dance Teacher if your pay is close to the average pay for the state you live in. For example, if you live in New Jersey you should be paid close to $61,894 per year.

What type of Dance Teacher gets paid the most?

Voice Teacher gets paid the most. Voice Teacher made a median salary of $56,670. The best-paid 10 percent make $69,000, while the lowest-paid 10 percent make $45,000.

Have more questions? See all answers to common education, training, and library questions.

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Updated August 22, 2022

How to Set the Price for Your Dance Tutorials

“The Dance: A minimum of explanation, a minimum of anecdotes - and a maximum of sensations.” - Maurice Béjart

Which dancer hasn’t dreamed of being able to live off their passion for dancing by becoming a dance teacher or instructor and starting their own dance company? Superprof is here to help make your dream a reality by helping you teach people about dance! A lot of tutors struggle when it comes to finding the best price for their dance education and sometimes end up charging far too little for their dance class or workshop. If you want to settle on a fair price, just follow our guide on how much to charge for dance instruction!

The best tutors available

Let's go

Dance Tutorial Rates: Set Your Price Based on Your Town!

The first thing you need to take into account when setting the price of your private tutorials is the competition and the market where you live! Different places have different costs of living. (Source: derwiki)Does your town have talent? That's the big question. The average rate for lessons will undoubtedly depend on the average salary of those living in your area and the dance styles taught. Ballet classes or dance training for experts in London will probably have higher rates than a contemporary dance choreographer offering beginner casual workshops, for example. So where should you teach dancing lessons? For example, tutors living in the capital or in the south can charge more than those living in the north due to the local economies. That said, if you live where there are more dance studios or with a lot of professional dancers, you may have to lower the rates of your dance instruction. Price can vary inside a given region, too. In fact, tutors who live in the larger cities will usually be paid more than those who live in small villages and towns. Here’s the average price for dance tutorials around some of the largest cities:

  • Dance tutorials in London: £18
  • Dance tutorials in Birmingham: £19
  • Dance tutorials in Glasgow: £12
  • Dance tutorials in Bristol: £20
  • Dance tutorials in Liverpool: £19
  • Dance tutorials in Sheffield: £30
  • Dance tutorials in Edinburgh: £25
  • Dance tutorials in Cardiff: £20
  • Dance tutorials in Newcastle: £35
  • Dance tutorials in Brighton: £30
  • Dance tutorials in Wolverhampton: £20

As you can see, the price can vary wildly depending on the town and the offering available in each area. On Superprof, you can quickly find the average rates for dance tutors in your area. You should also check whether or not there's a tutor or choreographer specialising in the same kind of dancing that you teach and make sure you stand out from the crowd with an impressive and highlighting your skills as a performer. Make sure you check the average rates where you live before you set your rates for bachata or salsa lessons, for example, and don't forget to check the costs of renting studios if you don't have your own space. Discover available online tutoring jobs UK here.

Set Your Rates Based on Your Speciality

Whether burlesque, jazz, capoeira, classical ballet, hip hop, tribal fusion, contemporary dance, or dance fitness: the speciality a tutor teaches needs to be taken into account when deciding upon their rates. In fact, some styles (like ballet) are considered more technical than others and the less technical styles are often popular with absolute beginners. The greater the competition, the more competitive your prices will have to be. On the other hand, if your speciality is rather rare, then you’ll be able to increase your rates for those looking for intermediate or advanced lessons. You should plan your lessons accordingly. Our advice: check to see if your speciality is being taught by the local school of dance or academy of dance in your town. If you’re the only person teaching ballroom or tap, for example, then you can charge a premium for your dance tutorials! Here are the average rates for different types of dance tutorials on Superprof:

  • Choreography: £15
  • Salsa: £26
  • Latin Dance: £20
  • Hip Hop Dance: £23
  • Classic Dance: £25
  • Ballroom Dance: £31
  • Tango: £35
  • Rock and Roll: £44
  • Waltz: £29
  • Modern Dance: £15
  • African Dance: £27
  • Modern Dance: £15
  • Breakdancing: £30

Don’t hesitate to tie in cultural elements with your offering: for example, instead of just offering classic tango lessons, you could offer Argentine tango or Cuban tango. You could also do Viennese waltz or English waltz, Puerto Rican salsa or Colombian salsa, etc.

If you offer a certain type of a given dance, you should be able to charge a premium for it as there will be fewer dance schools and tutors offering this specialisation.

Finally, make sure you highlight your specialities on your Superprof profile.

The best tutors available

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Set Your Rates Based on the Type of Lesson

The Level

Prospective students will look very closely at the level of your lessons. This is quite logical: the higher the level of your course, the higher your rates can be; those hoping to attend a ballet school will be more serious (and less frugal) than those just looking for a recreational class. The easier the class, the less you'll expect to pay for it. (Source: tazzanderson) There are three main levels when it comes to dance tutorials:

  1. Beginners’ dance tutorials
  2. Intermediate dance tutorials
  3. Advanced dance tutorials

Some tutors will offer several different levels, generally beginners’ and intermediate tutorials. Of course, you can alter your offering and your rates depending what your student’s asking for and the type of syllabus you may have to put together for them. For example, adults may learn a routine more quickly than children so even though they're both beginners, you may have to charge more for children's classes. Some students may ask for services that require more involvement and planning from their tutor:

  • Preparing for a school dance or function
  • The first dance at a wedding
  • A choreographed sequence for a hen party
  • Choreography for a flash mob or other informal dance performance that they want to participate in
  • Putting on a dance show
  • Ongoing training for a student who wants to become a professional dancer or attend a prestigious dance school
  • Learning specific types of dancing (classical ballet technique, for example)

To remain credible, tutors should never undersell themselves and should always ask for rates appropriate to the difficulty of the tutorials they’re offering.

The Materials Used

Some tutors will provide their students with specific materials during their tutorials: of course, these materials will also come at a price. Alter your rates depending on the materials and equipment you provide:

  • Dancing shoes (ballet shoes or slippers, tap shoes, trainers, etc.)
  • Dancing clothes (leggings, tights, etc.)
  • Audio equipment
  • Specific music

The Location of the Tutorials

A trained dance instructor can teach their tutorials in various places:

  • Their home
  • The student’s home
  • A rented dance studio or classroom
  • A dance hall in a dance school or dance academy

Generally, tutors will rent a room in a dance studio since not all tutors and students have a space in their homes dedicated to coaching people of all ages how to dance. If this is the case, it’s the tutor’s job to book the room or studio and they can take this into account when deciding upon how much to charge.

Set Your Rates Based on Your Profile


Experience is the best weapon in a private tutor’s arsenal. Qualified and experienced tutors can expect to charge more per lesson. (Source: skeeze) Experience is one of the key factors that prospective students consider when choosing their private tutor. It’s therefore very useful to have a lot of experience in both teaching and dancing so that you have the dancing skills and are able to effectively teach them. There are three main types of dance tutor:

  1. A dynamic self-taught tutor who learnt their skills on their own or through private tutorials without having ever attended formal dance classes.
  2. A talented student tutor who’s currently studying dance at a dance academy or at university.
  3. A qualified professional tutor who’s worked in a dance academy and is looking to supplement their income or make a career from their dance workshop.

Experience in aerobic dance (zumba, pilates, stretching, step dance, etc. ) can also be useful for students wanting to tone up or become more flexible.


The best way for a tutor to prove their credibility to prospective students is with a dancing qualification! There are several options for those wanting to become a dance tutor:

  • Get a level 3 qualification (A Level or higher) in dance or performing arts.
  • Gain qualified teacher status (QTS) if you want to work in a British state school.
  • Get a degree in dance or performing arts.
  • Study dance or performing arts as a master (if you’re interested in teaching at the best dance academies).

Private tutors with qualifications should be able to charge more per hour than their counterparts without them, especially if they have a prestigious certification. Nevertheless, you don’t actually need to have a dance qualification to teach it as a private tutor. If you don’t have any formal qualifications, you can make up for it with your experience as a tutor.

Increase Your Rates According to the Testimonials of Your Students

On Superprof, our teachers are rated by their students! The students with the best ratings will appear on the first page of results, which will allow them to attract even more students. You’ll have to offer technical dance classes, of course, but you’ll also need to create a friendly teaching environment. The more positive reviews you have, the more you can charge per class. As long as you’re charging the right rates, you could even teach dance disciplines such as:

  • Cuban Salsa
  • Bachata
  • Foxtrot
  • Kizomba
  • Jazz
  • Waltz
  • Flamenco
  • Mambo
  • Rumba
  • Dancehall Ragga

Price of Dance Tutorials: Offer Discounts to Attract More Students

Why not offer discounts to make yourself stand out from the crowd? You could always offer a discount for couples wanting to learn how to dance. (Source: Bernard-Verougstraete) Offering discounts can help you find new students as well as building a solid base of loyal and regular students. With weekly private dance tutorials, a tutor can both help their students and also build their reputation as a dance instructor. Here are some of the ways you can offer attractive rates on Superprof:

  • Offer free tutoring for the first hour of dance tutorials
  • Offer special rates for intensive dance classes, rehearsal for an audition, etc.
  • Offer discounted rates for students who take longer tutorials (an hour and a half instead of an hour)
  • Offer dance tutorials over Skype at a reduced rate
  • Lower your rates per person for group tutorials and those willing to have lessons when your class schedule is quiet
  • Offer discounts for friends and family tutorials (couples’ dance classes, children’s dance classes, etc.) and encourage them to tell others about you with referral discounts

With all this advice, you should now be able to work out the rates of your dance tutorials on Superprof! See here about teaching ballet!

Vacancies for a zumba instructor in Moscow, work and a part-time job as a zumba trainer on YouDo

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  • Get paid after completing task

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In 2022, YouDo turned 10 years old. During this time, hundreds of thousands of performers have connected to the service and successfully earn money by completing orders. Well-known Russian and foreign mass media write about us.

YouDo customers are ordinary people who need a service right now. To learn more about a client, take a look at their profile and read their reviews.

In tasks with a risk-free transaction, the money is credited to your bank card after the successful completion of the task. You can also agree with the customer on any other payment method convenient for you.

Start with simple orders and leave as many responses as possible. When the first positive reviews appear, it will become easier to receive assignments.

You can read authentic reviews in your customer profile, and our support team is available every day to answer your questions.

If you want to perform assignments from legal entities, get the status of a business executor.

Thousands of orders are posted daily on YouDo. We are constantly working to increase this number, and performers always find suitable tasks for themselves. To receive an order, you need to respond to it. Along with advertising the services of the contractor, we send the customer contacts that remain with him forever. For this we charge. The contractor pays for each response separately or connects an unlimited package and responds without restrictions. Money for the response is returned only if the task violates the rules of the service.

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how much they earn on average in America



Many domestic sports and fitness professionals are thinking about moving overseas. It is not surprising, because working conditions and financial rewards are better there. For example, the salary of a coach in the US is much higher than our earnings. It should be understood that there are not so many specialists working at the highest level throughout the country. Therefore, in order to make the information clearer, we will analyze the situation using more common examples, in particular, using the example of specialists in coaching positions employed at work in schools and universities.

A coach in America earns quite well

Who is a high school athletic coach and how to become one

Responsibilities and qualifications for working as a high school athletic coach vary depending on the sport or fitness you coach and the school district in which you are working. Most high school athletic coaches (largely the "advanced" version of our physical education teacher) have current teaching qualifications, such as relevant undergraduate coursework and a license from their state.

If you are not a teacher but just a coach, you only need a high school diploma or GED certificate, and sometimes an associate's degree. You also need to pass a criminal record check to work with high school students, and some positions may require you to complete first aid certification programs annually or biennially.

What does a school sports coach do?

As a high school sports coach, you have a number of responsibilities. These include working in the sports department of the school where you will:

  • teach students the basics of a particular sport,
  • help them acquire the necessary qualities and skills of athletes,
  • guide players to teamwork, train players,
  • conduct training games and competitions.

Some public or private high schools have special coaches who specialize in a particular sport. It is also your responsibility to collect funds from the players for equipment (if necessary), maintenance of equipment and equipment.

How much does a school sports coach earn?

As of January 2022, the average salary of a coach in the United States (we are talking specifically about coaching at school) is $44,199 per year. This is equivalent to approximately $21.25 per hour, $850 per week, or $3,683 per month. Salaries listed here and below do not include taxes.

Jobs and job site talks about a big discrepancy. According to his data, the salary of a coach in America ranges from $11,000 to $82,500. At the same time, most high school and university coaches in the US receive an annual salary of $28,000 (25th percentile) to $55,500 (75th percentile). The top 10% earn an average salary of $75,500 a year. The average high school athletic coach salary range varies widely (up to $27,500). This indicates that there are many opportunities for promotion and income, depending on work experience, skills, and where you live.

Top 10 cities with the highest high school sports coach salaries

And here is a list of 10 cities where the salary of a coach in America per month is higher than the national average. To be precise, the level of income there is the highest among all cities in the United States.

City per year Per month Weekly Per hour
Sunnyvale $52,765 $4,397 $1,015 $25.37
Santa Cruz $52,277 $4,356 $1,005 $25.13
Santa Rosa $51,099 $4,258 $983 $24.57
Williston $50,069 $4,172 $963 $24.07
Manhattan $49,938 $4,161 $960 $24.

Learn more