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How Old Is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? He's 83!

Do you know the most famous reindeer of all?
Do you know how old he is?
Santa's Grumpy Elf does!

When Is Rudolph'sBirthday?(A "Red" Letter Day)

So, when was Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer born?

So you want to know when Rudolph was born do you?  You want to know his birthday?

The short answer is that Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer was born in 1939.

The long answer, if you want to have a birthday party for Rudolph, is that the famous red-nosed reindeer was born August 10th, 1939 at 12:25 a.m. Everyone at the North Pole, except me, wears one of those blinking red nose lights on his birthday (it's one of the birthday traditions around here).

How Old Is Red Nosed Rudolph right now?

I'm Santa's Grumpy Elf and I know all about Santa's reindeer, including Rudolph.

Do you want to know Rudolph's age?  Just how old is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer right now anyway?

The short answer is that Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is 83 years old.

The longer answer is that Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is 83 years, 3 months, 13 days, 22 hours and 34 minutes old!  But that is his age in human years, not Christmas reindeer years!

Keep reading to find out even more about Santa's most famous reindeer!

More About Rudolph's Age

So, you want to know more about how old Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is?  Well, if you really must know:

🦌 In years, Rudolph is 83 years old!  (But that is human years, not Christmas reindeer years.)

🦌 In months, Rudolph is 999 months old!  (But the best month is December!)

🦌 In days, Rudolph is 30,421 days old!  (Well, the days do fly by when you're playing reindeer games!)

🦌 In hours, Rudolph is 730,126 hours old!  (What's a few hours when you have red-nosed powers!)

🦌 In minutes, Rudolph is 43,807,594 minutes old!  (Time flies fast, as fast as Christmas past!)

🦌 In seconds, Rudolph is 2,628,455,670 seconds old!  (But Rudolph is second to no one Christmas Eve!)

Even MORE About Rudolph's Age!

Rudolph is 83 human years old.   But in Christmas reindeer years, he is only 18 years old. That's young for a reindeer!

The other reindeer are quite a bit older than Rudolph.  They are in their mid-20's.  So Rudolph has plenty of years left to guide Santa's sleigh.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer story

Did you know Santa's most famous reindeer has quite a history? I guess that's why he went down in it!

Robert L. May first told the world the Rudolph the red nosed reindeer story in 1939. May's four year old daughter, Barbara, helped him write about Rudolph. It was easy for May to write about Rudolph. May was very small and weak as a child so he wasn't asked to play in games either.

Did you know that Rudolph's parents first thought of calling him Rollo or Reginald? Yikes! No wonder the other reindeer wouldn't let him play reindeer games!

When Mr. May told his employer, The Montgomery Ward Department store, about the story, they didn't want Rudolph either. Montgomery Ward had been buying coloring books to give to Christmas shoppers but they were trying to save money during the Great Depression. When Mr. May's co-worker, Denver Gillen, made some cute drawings for the story well... the rest was history! Montgomery Ward handed out 2.4 million copies that Christmas!

Did you know that no one wanted to sing about Rudolph either. Can you imagine if there was no Rudolph the red nosed reindeer song. It's true! Music publishers didn't want it. They thought a song about a misfit reindeer would never sell.

Not only that, famous singers back then, like Bing Cosby, didn't want to sing about Rudolph either. In the end, Gene Autry finally sang about Rudolph. But that was only because his wife, Ina, told him to sing it. She liked the ugly duckling feeling about Rudolph's story.

At least everyone wanted to do the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie and TV special!

There is a sad part to all of this. Mr. May's wife had become very sick and died while May was writing Rudolph's story. But there is a nice ending too. Mr. May made enough money from Rudolph's story to pay off all the money he owed taking care of his wife. May called Rudolph his "generous son".

Now if you'll excuse me, this grumpy old elf has to go give Rudolph a hug.

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How Old is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Most people don’t know that magical Christmas Reindeer don’t age like normal reindeer. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that one Christmas Reindeer year is equal to four whole human years! So, when kids as “How Old is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?” there is actually more than one answer.

Rudolph was born in 1964, so that means he is 56 human years old. But in Christmas reindeer years he is only 14, meaning that even though Rudolph might be older than your Mom or Dad, he’s still just a kid like you!

But how did Rudolph become the most famous of Santa’s reindeer if he’s just a kid? It all started on a stormy night, far away in the North Pole. Santa's elves were getting ready for Christmas Eve. You see, Christmas was only a week away, and they had to make sure that all the presents were wrapped and ready for Santa's sleigh. Not even a snowy blizzard could keep the Christmas spirit down. The elves sang and danced as they happily filled Santa's magical bag of gifts knowing that kids all over the world depended on them.

Getting Ready for the Big Trip

Santa and Mrs. Claus both kept warm inside their beautiful home. They didn't have children of their own, but they loved the children of the world and thought of them as their children. That's why Santa never got tired of delivering presents each year. He knew that those presents brought a lot of Christmas cheer to every child everywhere in the world.

On the night of Christmas Eve, Santa got ready to board his sleigh. It was led by eight reindeer who faithfully served Santa; Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. Of all of Santa's reindeer, Donner was the only one who didn't have a family. Santa often felt sorry for Donner, because he wanted Donner to be as happy as the other reindeer. It was then that Santa planned for how he would help Donner find a lovely doe soon. But for that night, Santa had one thing on his mind, and that was to make sure all the gifts were delivered.

Delivering the Presents

Once the sleigh was ready, and all the presents were in Santa's bag, the eight reindeer took off into the night sky. Mrs. Claus and the elves all cheered for Santa as they saw his sleigh go higher and higher. "Ho! Ho! Ho!" said Santa as he disappeared into the night. The elves all sang Christmas carols to mark the beautiful occasion. Christmas Eve was an exceptional time for everyone at the North Pole since it was the moment they worked hard for all year, and they knew that it would bring a lot of smiles on Christmas morning.

Santa and his reindeer flew to all the homes in the world, dropping off presents. His list had so many beautiful gifts for the children — toy trains and dollhouses, action figures, and blocks. Santa's magical bag had pretty much every toy you could think of. Santa loved the milk and cookies that the kids left out for him each year. Santa always had a sweet tooth, so he would never leave without taking a few treats. He was happy that the children remembered him.

Heading Home

Once he dropped off the last gift at the last house on his list, Santa flew off back to the North Pole. He knew that his mission for the year was done and that in the morning, children all over the world would wake up and find their favorite presents underneath their Christmas trees. He got back to the North Pole just before sunrise, where he saw the elves and Mrs. Claus singing "Deck the Halls." Santa and his reindeer joined in and they all had a merry time.

Santa's reindeer were led away to their comfy stables where they ate their favorite treats — apples, carrots, beets, and lettuce. Just like people, reindeer have their favorite types of food. And reindeer love these treats because they make them strong and help them get back their energy after a night of hard work. So, the reindeer gobbled up their yummy treats and went to sleep, happy that they had helped Santa make Christmas a beautiful experience.

Donner Finds His Soulmate

Once winter had passed, Santa found a way to help Donner find the future Mrs. Donner. One day, Donner went out into the fields of the North Pole to practice his flying. While Donner was practicing, Santa used his magic to make a beautiful doe, named Elsa, run into Donner.

When Donner took a break, he looked up and saw the beautiful doe near him. He walked over to her, shyly said "Hi there. I'm Donner… I uh, I'm one of Santa's reindeers."

"I'm Elsa," she said looking away from Donner and blushing. They were both shy at first, but as time went by, they got to know each other. They would spend loads of time in the fields together, flying and singing along to their favorite songs. Santa was happy that he could help his friend Donner find happiness.

So, Donner and Elsa grew deeper in love with each passing day, and once the time had come, they asked Santa for his blessing to get married. Santa couldn't say no, seeing how happy they made each other.

Rudolph Makes His First Appearance

As Christmas got closer, Elsa found out that she and Donner were going to be parents. Once Donner had returned from his Christmas Eve mission, she told him the good news, and he was over the moon! He couldn't believe that he was going to be a dad. The good news spread, and Santa, Mrs. Claus and everyone at the North Pole were happy that Donner and Elsa were going to have a little reindeer of their own.

So, in the summer of 1964, Elsa had a beautiful little calf, and they named him Rudolph. Rudolph was a perfectly healthy little calf except for his shiny red nose that nobody could explain. Santa, in all his years, had never seen a red-nosed reindeer. He was happy for them, but he told them the bad news that Rudolph would never be able to pull his sled like Donner. Heartbroken, Donner and Elsa were worried that Rudolph might not fit in with the other little reindeer. Donner even covered up Rudolph’s nose with mud to hide his special nose.

Rudolph Grows Up

Rudolph grew up in the North Pole, running and playing in the same fields where his parents had met. Some of the other reindeer made fun of his red nose, but that didn't stop Rudolph from saving Christmas!

One year, there was a blizzard so thick, that Santa was afraid he’d have to cancel Christmas. Santa was very sad, knowing that so many good boys and girls would be disappointed, until he remembered Rudolph’s bright red nose! Santa realized then he was wrong about Rudolph and asked him to become the leader of his sled, using his nose as a guide.

So Rudolph, with his bright nose, saved Christmas and even today, 56 years after he was born, Rudolph continues to lead Santa's sleigh every Christmas Eve, helping to bring Christmas cheer to all the children of the world.

Donner is a reindeer? –

Yes . Santa's reindeer were first named in the song "A Visit from St...." In the 1949 song "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer", they are called Donner and Blitzen, German for "thunder and lightning". This is how they are most widely known today.

Then how old is the deer Comet? The comet is 84 human years old. But is 21 years old for the Christmas reindeer .

Who is Rudolf's father? In the Rankin/Bass holiday special, his father is thunder and his mother is a tan doe named Mrs. Donner. In the GoodTimes retelling, Rudolf's father is Blitzen and his mother is Mitzi, although many believe that Vixen should be the real mother.

exactly the same, Who is the seventh reindeer? None of them forgot Rudolf. They agree with Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet, Cupid and Blitzen. But is the seventh deer called " thunder ," as the USDA says, or is it "Donder"?


Is Rudolf a girl?

Girls! Science says that Santa's reindeer are actually all females. Surprise! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and yes, even Rudolph, ladies .

How old is Cupid's reindeer? Cupid 92 human years . But the Christmas reindeer is 23.

Who is Santa's youngest reindeer? Rudolf . Rudolf - the youngest and most famous of all deer, world famous for his heroic behavior during storm 1939 years old No one knows how he was born with his legendary bright red nose, but children all over the world are very happy that he was the way he was. like a shining beacon led the team through many winter nights.

Who is Santa's oldest reindeer? One of Santa's oldest reindeer, beat is known for both lightning speed and endurance. - Dancer - girl - first from the left. She is very agile, and often when Santa gets stuck in the snow or mud, it's the Dancer who can help get the team out of the mess.

Who is the father of fireballs?

Fireball is a minor character in the 1964 Rankin/Bass television special "Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer". According to the 2017 storybook TEAM Rudolf and reindeer herding, he is the son of Blitzen .

Who is Rudolf's girlfriend? Clarice – Love interest and later girlfriend of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and one of the tritagonists of the 1964 Rankin/Bass TV movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and deuteragonist in its 2001 sequel Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Isle of Losers ". Toys.

Donner is spelled Donder?

The change from "Dunder" to "Donder" was probably a mistake that Moore did not notice when he retyped the poem (since he did not speak Dutch). As a result, "Donder" turned into "Donner". , ”Which means thunder in German. The original eight reindeer and Rudolf became Mr. Klaus's established sledge team.

Donner comes from Donder? So how did we go from the name that Clement S. Moore ultimately settled on - "Donder" - to "Donner ", the name we're all familiar with from "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer"? Apparently through the New York Times!

Is Santa real?

Let's start with what we all know is true: Santa Claus is real . The New York Sun reported this in 1897. There are historical records of Saint Nike dating back to the 3rd century.

Who is Rudolf's girlfriend?

Hermy the elf is named after "Herbie", a childhood friend of screenwriter Romeo Muller. Beloved Rudolph was called " Clarice » in honor of the bride of another close friend.

What is Santa's favorite reindeer? As for Father Frost's favorite reindeer, Rudolf takes the crown, hands down. It is quite obvious that she is the captain of the ship, and without her guidance, the crew would be useless. Here it is, folks!

Why was Donder changed to Donner? The change from Dunder to Donder was likely. is an error which Moore did not notice when he typed out poem (because he did not speak Dutch). Eventually, "Donder" became "Donner", which means "thunder" in German.

What is Santa's phone number?

Kids can now contact the big guy at the North Pole by phone! That's right, Chris Kringle has a direct line: (951) 262-3062 . Apparently Santa is busy in his workshop this time of year, so don't be surprised when it comes to voicemail. These toys don't make themselves!

How old is Mrs Claus? According to Email Santa, Mrs. Claus is slightly younger than her husband. She is 1,139 years old .

How old is the elf?

How old are they? The oldest video elf we work with is over 4000 years old and his name is Kringle. Dandelion, the youngest video elf, just turned 700 years old.

Son of Rudolf Donner? One spring in a cave at the North Pole, Donner and his wife, Mrs. Donner, became parents. son, whom they call Rudolf . However, shortly after his birth, Rudolf's nose lit up, much to the shock of his parents.

Why does Rudolph have 7 reindeer?

When Santa leaves at the end, with Rudolf leading the team, there are seven reindeer in total (including Rudolf himself). Must be nine. The deer were separated in a storyline that was cut from the final film.

Why isn't Rudolf in Santa Claus? After the sleigh crashed in the original film, it was up to Teddy and Kate Pierce to help Santa before the world lost the Christmas spirit. … It turns out that The Christmas Chronicles, like other television and film projects, cannot use the well-known Red-nosed reindeer because it is copyrighted .

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Vecherka correspondent learned how reindeer live in the suburbs

Deer from a farm near Orekhovo-Zuyevo are in a team. They rush briskly through the forest near Moscow / Photo: Reindeer Farm

Reindeer carry Santa Claus: there are nine horned ones in his team, led by a deer named Rudolf. The deer herd near Moscow is headed by Porthos. We went to him.

Porthos is a guy anywhere. Stately, powerful, with beautiful black eyes. A true alpha male.

- Lazy only. He doesn’t want to work,” reindeer herder Naim Khubunshoev grins.

He speaks of Porthos with friendly reproach. Like, a healthy dunce, but a terrible loafer. But how can you be angry with him? Porthos is a textured deer, the leader of the pack, and his horns are the longest.

They adapted as best they could

Naim, like the rest of the deer farm workers in the Orekhovo-Zuevsky district of the Moscow region, treats his noble pets with love and respect. Reindeer appeared here 10 years ago, when Alexander Bondarchuk, a resident of the village of Antsiferovo near Moscow, brought two horned ones from the Kola Peninsula. He took them from the "slaughter herd".

“Alexander served in the North and fell in love with this extraordinary land,” recalls the guide Olga Yudina. - At first it was not easy for everyone - the animals are completely savages, but over time things got better. Now seventeen deer live with us, six were born here, the rest were brought from the North.

Olga has been on a reindeer farm for several years. Before her eyes, the northern beauties adapted to a new place of residence, got used to people.

“Deer are cautious animals,” says Olga. - If a herd of, for example, three hundred deer sees a silhouette of a person on its way, then it will definitely turn off the route. Deer are strong animals, but safety is paramount for them. At our farm, the deer felt a good disposition and, if I may say so, reciprocated. They realized that they were not in danger.

Quite the contrary.

The best conditions were created for reindeer at the farm near Moscow.

Space, nourishing food and "physical education" - loads to maintain good physical shape are a must.

Free space - more than enough. There are two enclosures, symbolically fenced with logs of medium thickness - a little more than a meter above the ground, but for the reindeer this is a very conditional barrier.

Olga smiles: these fences are to calm the conscience and calm the visitors of the deer farm.

Any deer, if he wants to, will jump over the fence with ease.

“And not the most jumpy ones, those that are heavier will carry these logs like thin twigs,” Olga assures. They are free-spirited animals.

Let's say they would feel uncomfortable in the Moscow Zoo. But they don't run away from us.

By the way, there are no reindeer in the zoo. Still, endangered species are saved here, and the horned inhabitants of the tundra are not among those. Although, for example, the same Olga Yudina has a different opinion on this matter.

— Numerous herds that live on the Kola Peninsula, on Yamal and beyond, live next to humans, — the girl explains, — there are few truly wild reindeer left in nature.

Reindeer breeder Maxim Aivasedo treats the handsome Wolf / Photo: Anton Gerdo, Vechernyaya Moskva

Yagel is better than imported

Horned animals are fed on the farm three times a day. According to Naim Khubunshoev's estimates, deer eat a ton or two different kinds of food per month.

“Gluttony,” says the reindeer herder. - They eat a lot. And when they see that the tour has come, immediately to the people. They know what they will be serving.

Farm tours - up to ten per day.

— When people got interested in our animals, we decided to expand, — says Olga. — Over time, the farm has become a center of attraction for tourists.

Here we talk about reindeer, give them food, take guests for a ride in a team.

In September, a museum of northern peoples was opened on its territory. I wanted to show how nomadic northerners live. In the museum, you can touch everything with your hands.

There is even reindeer moss in the exposition, the favorite food of reindeer.

“We have a carpet of moss, like this,” reindeer breeder Maxim Aivasedo spreads his arms half a meter, “you walk in the summer, and it crunches under your feet.

Like a dog

Maxim, a hereditary reindeer breeder, was specially “discharged” from Tarko-Sale, a city in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. In winter, the hot season comes, there are a lot of rides in sleds, New Year's programs one after another - the help of a specialist is very much needed: to train deer, fix special teams, monitor the safety of children, who are drawn to these symbols of the New Year in winter. For Maxim, it's a trifling matter. In his homeland, deer are like our street dogs: almost always in the field of view of a person, they feed nearby. Although these animals do not really depend on people.

“The reindeer is self-sufficient,” says Yudina. “He doesn’t need a human like, say, dogs or cats. On the contrary, deer migrate, and people roam with them. Guiding the herd on the right route.

After the "invasion" of a large reindeer herd, the reindeer moss recovers for 10-12 years, so a person helps the animal to look for new feeding places: so that the herd does not follow the same routes. Recently, Maxim Aivasedo was looking for reindeer moss in a forest near Moscow for a farm deer. His stomach ached, and the moss, though not as useful as the northern one, helped.

“My father was also a reindeer herder,” Maxim says, “he taught me many secrets. Most importantly, he showed how to give commands with a whistle. We have over 40 deer at home.

True, they do not look like the local ones.

In Yamal, the reindeer breeder says, the animals are lower and their horns are not so branched.

“Probably because of the harsh weather conditions,” Maxim suggests. - Still, up to minus 50 happens.

And the skin of reindeer in their natural habitat is different. Dense - no frost will get through this. The inhabitants of the farm near Moscow are not very fluffy. As Olga Yudina says, "they don't recruit."

“Reindeer adapt very quickly to external conditions,” the guide explains. “Here they don’t need such a hot skin as in their homeland. And in the summer they generally shed, and the coat becomes very short.

Neither the rain causes any particular inconvenience to the deer, nor the strong wind, nor even, oddly enough, the heat. The villi of their wool are hollow inside, like needles filled with air. We can say that the reindeer is a living thermos: in winter, an air cloud protects it from the cold, and in summer it cools.

“Because of this property of wool, the snow under the reindeer does not melt,” says Olga. — By the way, there is evidence that tens of thousands of years ago, reindeer lived in the middle lane. But when people appeared here, they were forced to go far to the North and adapt to harsh conditions.

Reindeer breeder Maxim Aivasedo treats the handsome Wolf / Photo: Anton Gerdo, Vechernyaya Moskva

They are also artists

— Despite the fact that the deer is a strong and hardy animal, the farm workers protect them from unnecessary stress.

On New Year's Eve there are more than enough "vacancies" for horned ones, but the offers have to be "filtered". Deer from a farm near Moscow are all stars: many of them appeared in commercials with Dima Bilan, Dmitry Nagiyev and Sergey Svetlakov. On the latter, according to the author of the video, two large deer were supposed to run.

“He was baptized, poor thing,” says Olga with a smile. - I understand him well: when horned animals rush at you, you feel uncomfortable.

In general, the farm does not mind light shooting.

“Those during which animals are not loaded,” Yudina specifies. - Let's say, our Phil in the video with Dima Bilan stood, harnessed to a beautiful New Year's sleigh, looked beautiful - this is for us. But when one company wanted the deer to fly in advertising, we refused. Suspending animals, lifting them into the air is too much.

The same is true of parks and festival organizers: as a rule, "reindeer farmers" do not agree to their conditions. Many people want to get reindeer teams in their list of services in winter - original, profitable and New Year's, but Olga softly calls the proposed conditions "unsuitable".

“We know how much each of our reindeer can work in a harness,” guide Yudina explains the position, “in how many hours how many people to ride.

It is not permissible to torture animals.

Porthos, Rudolf, Wolf, Sven, Vaska - and let the horned ones remember their nicknames only as a combination of sounds, and Olga, and Naim, and Maxim unanimously repeat: deer are smart creatures. Not all, of course, hard workers - there are also lazy people, such as the world has never seen - the same handsome Porthos, for example, or D'Artagnan, but every one of them is impossible cuties.


Reindeer in our country are not associated with the New Year, but in the minds of Americans and then Europeans, they are clearly associated with this wonderful holiday. Our Santa Claus is more and more on a troika with bells or on foot, and Santa Claus is exclusively on a sleigh with reindeer. They are still flying! There are nine of them: Dasher (Swift), Dancer (Dancer), Prancer (Rider), Vixen (Quick), Comet, Cupid, Donder (Thunder), Blitzen (Lightning) and Rudolf. As the North American fairy tales say, the Christmas wagon, harnessed by this nine, delivers gifts to adults and children.

Rudolf - the leader - the one who sets the direction of the team. Its glowing red nose illuminates the road beautifully.

Santa's reindeer owe their appearance to the American writer Clark Moore, who on Christmas Eve 1823 published the poem "The Night Before Christmas".

Initially, there were eight deer:

...Suddenly, a roar and stomping
and an utter noise,
, and the roof responded with a roar
in response.
Sleep as if it never happened -
and who would fall asleep?
I opened the shutters and window
Playing staring with snow
The moon illuminated with radiance
(I froze at the window
in amazement) ...
wonderful sled and eight
For the coachman - a lively dashing
old man.
Yes, yes, this is Santa —
well, who else
could overtake
eagles in a tiny sled
and shout to cheerful deer
in a bass voice ...

The ninth reindeer, Rudolph, appeared more than a hundred years later, when the poet Robert May wrote Rudolph came up with his own fairy tale about Santa's team.

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