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Alexis and her hip hop dance crew at recitial. If you want to see the entire dance team from Nationals, let me know in the comments. Studio- Extreme Dance Company Choreographer- Nathalie Brown #dancers #hiphop #tinydancer #alexisandmelanie #fypシ #hiphopdance #dancemom #extremedancecompany

TikTok video from Alexis and Melanie (@alexisandmelanie): "Alexis and her hip hop dance crew at recitial. If you want to see the entire dance team from Nationals, let me know in the comments. Studio- Extreme Dance Company Choreographer- Nathalie Brown #dancers #hiphop #tinydancer #alexisandmelanie #fypシ #hiphopdance #dancemom #extremedancecompany". MEGATRON.


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Nia Sioux on Overcoming 'Dance Moms' Drama, Dating and Her Goal of Becoming an EGOT (Exclusive)


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Dance Moms star Nia Sioux is back with a new series, Dance With Nia. ET's Deidre Behar spoke with the now 19-year-old dancer and she talked about her continuing passion for dance as well as how her past as a Dance Moms star has affected her.

This July marks 10 years since the very first premiere of Dance Moms. Sioux says she's still close to a lot of the original cast, and that she's also still close to her mom, Holly Hatcher-Frazier.

"I mean, I grew up so fast, not only just being in the dance competition world, but being on a reality TV show as well helps you grow up a ton, and the people that I'm around helps you grow up a ton and really fast," she says. "I learned so many lessons from Dance Moms. Even though it still does have a negative kind of effect on me, I would never change anything because it's made me the person who I am today."

"I think it took away a little bit from my childhood, but I think it was just, like, a different childhood," she continues. "I wouldn't say I didn't have a childhood because I did have this childhood, which is different from everyone else's and that was my normal childhood. That was normal to me, like, going to dance competitions every week and having a camera in front of my face. ... And we still had fun traveling to different places and everything and getting to experience that with my mom. Like, who gets to do that?"

Overall, she is appreciative of the opportunities that being on the show gave her.

"I'm grateful to have been able to do it for those seven years," she says. "To be able to say that I did it, you know, it's given me a great platform to do the things that I love now. Even though it was really challenging, and sometimes I don't have the best things to say about it, but I do have to always give them credit for just getting me to the place where I am today. ... I have a lot to thank for the show, and I will never take that for granted."

These days, Sioux is focused on her new Facebook show, Dance With Nia, premiering on June 4. The series, produced by the triple threat herself and Brat TV, profiles dancers with disabilities.

"I'm highlighting dancers who are just incredible, but highlighting their stories, their journeys, and  ... just highlighting the ableism that they face in the dance world and in the industry, because we're focusing on dancers who are disabled," she notes. "And these dancers are incredible. ... They all brought so much to this show."

Sioux is also a full-time student at UCLA, studying American literature. Sioux says one big goal she has is to be an EGOT -- an Emmy, GRAMMY, Oscar and Tony winner.

"I think I'm literally just a performer," she says of her passion. "I'm a performer and I love to help people. ... One of my biggest goals, which seems so huge, but I really want to be an EGOT one day, because I love every aspect. I want the Emmy, I want the GRAMMY, I want the Oscar, I want the Tony --  not even getting all those things, but being able to do all of those things. That's my ultimate goal one day though. I love performing in any aspect and I want that to be my life. I feel like a different person when I'm on set or on stage or just performing in general."

As for her love life, Sioux says she isn't currently dating anyone.

"Dating right now is so hard," she admits. "It is so hard. This day and age, dating, you can ask any 19, 20-year-old, a teenager, it's hard. I guess for me in particular, finding a guy who is OK with being long distance-ish, because whether I'm in Pittsburgh or L.A., it's still going to be long distance because I go back and forth all the time. ... Another thing as well, I work a lot and I'm a very independent person and I don't necessarily need anyone. So, I think the fact that I don't, like, need another person in my life, I think might be like, 'Oh, she's too independent for me', and I'm like, 'No.'"

"I'm happy," she adds. "I'm truly happy how I am right now. If someone can add to my happiness that's amazing, but having fun in my life won't necessarily make me happy because I'm already happy, but it will add to my happiness. "

Still, Sioux isn't closed off to the idea of dating and jokes that her "DMs are open."

"If anyone wants to slide in," she cracks.


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Nia Siu Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Dance Moms & Net Worth

Famous People In The Usa

Biography Nia Siu - Nia Siu Frazier

Nia Siu is an American dancer, singer, actor, and You Tuber. She is one of the contestants on the dance reality show commonly known as "Dance Moms".

Her latest music video is called FLXXN ft. RIDDICK. Growing up in New York, Nia was able to watch 4-5 Broadway shows every year. She always wanted to be a Broadway actress.

Before that, she could play the piano and drums and was also a songwriter. Along with Maddie Ziegler and Kendall Vertes, Nya was featured in the February 2016 issue of Seventeen magazine.

In addition, she has also appeared on the cover of other magazines such as Big City Kids and Sesi. In 2015, Nia released her first single "Star In Your Own Life" along with a music video.

Nia Siu Age

A young and talented American star and social media personality was born on June 20, 2001 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. So as of 2019she turned 18 years old.

Besides, she celebrates her birthday every day.

Nia Siu: height and weight - how tall is Nia Siu

Near is approximately 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 55 kg as of 2019.

Nia Su's Family

Nia was born as the middle child of parents Holly Hatcher-Fraser and Evan Fraser Sr. Prior to that, she grew up alongside her two brothers named Evan Fraser Jr. and William Fraser.

Holly, who has been on Dance Moms with Nia and supports her in all her endeavors, says she is supportive of her. Moreover, she reminds her daughter that, despite her success, everything can disappear any day if she does not work hard and persevere.

Photo of Nia Sioux

Boyfriend of Nia Sioux

Su has been in a relationship with her boyfriend named Bryce Xavier since 2017. Before his girlfriend's career, Bryce was a dancer, model, and actor. For the first time, the magnificent lovebirds met at the end of 2016, when they studied together in a dance class.

who is Taya Smith engaged to?

However, Siu made an official statement, telling Teen Vogue more about how they got together.

“We met a year ago at a dance,” Nia told Teen Vogue about her first relationship. “It was hip-hop class and we got to know each other and maybe five months went by and we ended up working together on the same project for Target and we became really close friends. Like, we were best friends. We ended up falling in love and started dating.”

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It's a great experience for Nia to have her first boyfriend with someone who is also her best friend. She added: “He is very cute. So cute and fun. And he's one of those people that when you're around him, you just smile because he makes everyone happy."

The former Dance Moms star continued that the most important thing she's learned from a relationship is that it shouldn't be stressful. She and Bryce spend a lot of time apart, but she says she always makes time for each other, whether it's a phone call at night or a text message in the morning. She also says that sometimes distance makes the heart grow tenderly. "It wasn't a problem," she said of the time and geographic differences.

Nia says that what she likes most about keeping fun memories and adventures with her new beau is just because he is "such a wonderful person. " As for whether the two will collaborate anytime soon, Nia says it would be "really cool."

Congratulations to the happy couple - and we can't wait to see them show off their dance moves together.

Nia Sioux dance moms

First appearing on Dance Moms in 2011, Nia Sioux was called the dark horse. She was regularly denied performances, and her instructor, Abby Lee Miller, placed her at the base of the pyramid. Despite this sign, however, Nia remained focused on her adoration for execution and eventually grew into a gifted star who continued to shine long after Dance Moms.

By creating hit tunes and music recordings on YouTube, following events on Broadway, and doing recurring drama work, Nia has established herself as a trained performer. As she continues to take on new opportunities and challenges, she usually remains grateful to Dance Moms for getting her to where she is today.

Amazingly, Nia started to become famous when she starred in Dance Moms. In 2015, she released her first tune and released the music video "Star In Your Own Life" which has over 12 million views on Youtube. She has since released several unique tunes and recordings, including a coordinated composition to a random tune and another seminal video to the tune "Kill".

At that moment, in 2016, she got a job in an off-Broadway show called The Journey of Love, where she tested her acting skills, singing and moving gifts and encouraged her attachment to performing.

She returned to Dance Moms in 2017, competing in The Irreplaceables, led by Dancing With the Stars expert Cheryl Burke and featuring Nia, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes and Chloe Lukasiak.

When the seventh season ended, Nia began investigating acting. She did a regular job on the CBS drama The Bold and the Beautiful, playing a design assistant named Emma. Constantly looking for new and inspiring opportunities, Nia even found an opportunity to travel to South Korea as a reporter for the 2018 Winter Olympics for NBC and Musical. ly, an online life video app.

Nia Siu is bold and beautiful

Nia Siu portrays "Emma" as a bright, young and socially conscious intern with a flair for fashion and design in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Nia Siu wowed audiences as a dancer, singer and actor on the small screen and in live performances, proving herself to be one of today's hottest triple threats. Best known for her role on Lifetime's hit series Dancing Moms, Nia has since moved out of the real world and into a TV actress. Nia plunged into the world of music when she released her first single "Star In Your Own Life", which has over 11 million views on YouTube.

She continued to release music, and her latest single "You Don't Really Wanna" reached number one on the iTunes Music Video pop charts. Her skills with multiple hyphens were showcased when she performed as a performer in the Broadway musical The Journey of Love. Soon after, Nia starred in her first film, Running from My Roots, and co-hosted a popular digital series. "Ready style".

NBC Sports has named Near as Special Correspondent for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Nia's talent was recently recognized when she was chosen "Favorite Dancer Under 17" at the IDA Awards and was nominated for the Tiger Beat "19up to 19".

It's important for Nia to be a good role model, and she tells the children about how they can "become a star" in their own lives, which is very important to her. In addition, she has a clothing line called Popular Poison (Nia Sioux X Popular Girl), which conveys her positive image through clothing.

Nia Sioux leaves courage and beauty

Nia Sioux made her last appearance in The Bold and the Beautiful as her character, Emma Barber, finally met her demise.

The actress addressed her departure from the show and said, “Old Emma can't answer the phone now…why? Because she is dead. Many thanks to @boldandbeautifulcbs for giving me a chance. This was my first scripted show and I will always be grateful for this amazing experience. Those last scenes were bittersweet, but they were so much fun to film. And to all Emma's fans, a huge thank you for all the love and support. Until next time, B&B. '

Despite her determination to tell Hope Logan (Annika Noel) the truth about baby Beth, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) caught up with her and silenced her forever.

how much is Carol King

Although she is no longer seen in The Bold and the Beautiful, fans can look forward to seeing her in two upcoming films currently in post-production: The Code and Lies I Tell Myself.

The young and versatile actress became popular as a regular on Dance Moms, where she made her debut at the age of 10. She starred in the popular reality show for seven seasons. However, it turned out that she had been dancing since the age of three.

Sioux also loves to sing. Her first single was "Star In Your Own Life", which already has over 11 million views on YouTube, followed by "You Don't Really Wanna", which hit number one on the iTunes Music Video pop charts. She also appeared in "Runnin' From My Roots", which was her first film, and she also co-hosted the hit digital series Ready Set Style.

With his talent, Su is definitely on his way to the top. But she also has other priorities, including getting a college degree.

In an interview with Naluda Magazine she said: “In 5 years I will be going to college. In my family, education comes first, so I will think about my future specialty. In addition, it is difficult to imagine what I will be doing in 5 years. I hope I will do what I love - singing, acting and dancing."

In the meantime, stay tuned for all the latest news and updates from Celebrating The Soaps right here.

Nia Siu Dancer

Nia started dancing at the age of three and joined Dance Moms when she was 10 years old. Nia's hard work has made her a fan favorite for the dance show. In addition, she has been interested in music since childhood.

In addition, Nia dances contemporary and musical theater numbers during her tenure with the Abby Lee Dance Company. She also has a talent for singing and has been featured in several viral videos.

Referring to this, she made her Broadway debut in Love Ride in New York in 2016. Prior to this, she performed in a concept video with co-star Wilson Mayo in the same year, so she takes on voice and acting lessons every week to prepare for her career goals.

She has also appeared on the cover of several magazines, including; City kids and Sesi magazine.

Nia Siu Net Worth

The young star's net worth is about $2 million, which she has earned over her career, but her salary has yet to be revealed.

Nia Sioux Songs

  • Star in Your Own Life (2015)
  • Kill (2015)
  • Dance (2017)
  • You Really Don't Want (2017) 9

    Reasons why moms in dance is completely fake

    Getty images

    Dory Jackson

    followed in the footsteps of other successful shows starring young girls and their pushy, squabbling mothers. I guess tots & tiaras with franchise flavors real housewives mix in for good measure. Moms in Dance revolves around Abby Lee Miller of the "Pittsburgh" studio of the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC), and her junior elite standings. What drives the show is the consistent yelling and insane demands from Miller, coupled with Mom's drama. The series presents a behind-the-scenes look into the world of dancesport, while lighting a steady dose of over-the-top chaos.

    From the beginning, many dance mom fans were wondering if certain aspects of the show were being rolled out on camera. How entertaining, how dramatic can it be, how real is it? Conflict on the series as a choreographer, like his performances? Let's find out what's really going on behind the scenes at one of life's most lucrative programs.

    Show choreographer drama

    It's not rocket science to the viewers that "reality" TV is not entirely authentic. Reportedly, elements of many programs are improved to keep viewers interested, and life seems to feel free to use this method. Dancer Kalani Hilliker opened OK! A magazine that in some situations were staged during the season 5 finale.

    As a rule, the girls at the show are required to perform every week for a new competition. Sometimes, if they land on Miller's good side, they get the opportunity to showcase a solo. During the finals, Miller had Hilliker and ballet dancer Nia Frazier compete against each other in a fight to the death to determine who would get the chance to perform solo at the Nationals. In the end, Frazier was declared the winner of the challenge. Naturally, Miller's decision caused an air of rift between the dancers' mothers.

    However, a few key components of such a tense situation were reportedly omitted from the footage that was shown on TV, such as this important piece of information: "I did do a solo on the Nationals," Hilliker said in a buzzword. "It just wasn't on TV." Yes, all that TV drama was ostensibly for nothing, since both girls got their moments in the spotlight. While it's fair to say that a staged version of this story sounds much more interesting than the so-called truth, fans want to keep this tale alive next time Moms in the Dance tries toying with the audience's emotions.

    His big stars say it's fake

    Dancer Maddie Ziegler became a worldwide sensation after starring in Dancing with the Stars. She demonstrated her abilities for five seasons before taking on an international title for herself as the heroine of Asya's "Chandelier" video. Miller's mom and bandwagon certainly catalyzed Ziegler's career, but despite acknowledging the show's impact on her life, Ziegler also confirmed that more than just dance moves are being performed on the show. “It's hard to do a reality show when there are so many tears and drama. Manufacturers tweak it to make us all yell at each other,” Ziegler told USA Today. “Moms fake sometimes fight. Then they just start talking and laughing about it.”

    Even Miller's boss says the show team has gone too far. “They're just spurring people on. They push you to the brink of exhaustion and the brink of going insane," she told TMZ. “I just don't think the show should be played. I think we should just let things happen."

    Practice (and reshoots) to make it perfect

    When it comes to TV shows and movies, it's not unheard of for scenes to be shot multiple times from different angles, but where does the line lie with reality TV? You may have heard of Kim Kardashian requesting that her marriage proposal to basketball player Kris Humphreys be re-shot for E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but did you know dance moms are too much, even with actual dance competitions?

    According to Radar Online, "everything I've recorded multiple times to ensure the producers got the maximum take for the show. " As a result, the days were long and the young people were often exhausted. The show may air for a 60-minute block, but daily shoots reportedly can last as long as nine hours. The girls allegedly got multiple opportunities to perform dances too in the competition, which definitely doesn't sound fair to other teams. "Dance mom stars got a few chances to perfect their dances," Radar reports. "The other participants in the competitions were allowed only one performance."

    Still in denial? Reportedly attended by a reporter from Business International once one of the contests for girls in 2014 and checked the inequality. "I can confirm clicking on [the show] does not represent a typical event," the journalist said. "Not only is the number of participants noticeably less than average...the production and single-handedly pushed back the start time of the competition are awaiting the arrival of the OANRC's group."

    Competitions manipulate

    The seemingly exhausting pace of life for the dancers on the show raised eyebrows among the audience. The OANRC girls attend a new competition every week and somehow manage to win with honors in the vast majority of them. How do the kids pull off such memorable performances, as well as filming shows, attend school, and try to lead pretty normal lives?

    By manipulating reality, of course! From the moment the girls arrive at the competition, the whole stage turns into an organized event. According to the International Business Competition time shown on the program, there is often not enough real competition. "OANRS LA swept the devotion competition 2 dance [season 6] but that's not certain because they were the 'cream'," NTT reports. "Looks like [Miller's] two teams were the only groups to compete. " In the addition of a farce cast, the contestants are reportedly given a reserved seat for the competition, and the crowd's reaction is allegedly staged too, because they were filming separately from the actual performances.

    And it turns out like this: bossy Miller, they say, they don't talk much because of the music and choreography that you see on the show. While viewers tune in for a week to watch her coach the girls on a gorgeous routine, the network reportedly selects and approves all of the music and dance featured on the show.

    Not all girls are loyal members of the OANRC

    If the reality show was going to call itself "Dancing with the Stars", one would assume the dancers and their moms would be full members of the dance studio, but you know what they're saying about assumptions?

    The Hilliker dancer has been an asset to the Pennsylvania OANRC studio since she jumped on our TV screens, but you knew she was trained at a club dance studio in Mesa, Arizona. before joining mom in dance and, at the time of this writing, continues to be an active member of the dance club? According to USC Annenberg media, Hilliker only trains with OANRS when filming is shown; during the off-season, she returns to Arizona to resume training with club dances. Ballet dancer Ziegler told the International Business Times that Hilliker "don't go to the [OANRS] studio". Hilliker isn't the only one hiding a dick at the dance moms part of the time. Season 5 addition JoJo Siwa is also reported to train with Miller only during filming.

    So why throw these outsiders around? Drama, of course. "These new moms of girls usually start problems with the original mothers, claiming that their kids will keep the spots of the originals," USC Annenberg told media. "Once again, all hell breaks loose."

    Fan favorite Mackenzie Ziegler, the younger sister of superstar Maddie Ziegler, is not even a member of OARRC's most elite team. Sis is reportedly just joining Maddie and the rest of the elite squad for filming. "I don't really dance with them," McKenzie told the International Business Times. "I'm dancing with another group, it's completely different." In reality, little Mackenzie spends much of his time with dancers his own age. Sorry guys, photos this time.

    Game Over

    Getty Images

    No matter how much the dance mom tries to produce suspense, the ratings say viewers can see through the façade and move on. During the show's fifth season, ratings began to drop after several stars, including showgirl Chloe Lukasiak and mom Christy Lukasiak as well as sisters Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler and their mother, Melissa Gisoni. The aforementioned ladies seemed to take a lot of unmissable drama with them as they left.

    To stir up interest, the series refocused on a cold, hard dose of truth: the coach's legal troubles. At the time of this writing, she is facing federal charges of fraudulent bankruptcy and money laundering. According to the Post-Gazette of Pittsburgh, Miller is "accused of withholding $755,000 in assets from her television shows from bankruptcy proceedings.

    Learn more