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Furby was a popular electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster/owl-like creature which went through a period of being a "must-have" toy following its launch in the holiday season of 1998, with continual sales until 2000. Furbies sold 1.8 million units in 1998, 14 million units in 1999, and altogether in its three years of original production, Furbies sold over 40 million units.

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My Furby responds to tickle, petting and feeding and light from a flashlight. He will not sing Twinkle Twinkle no matter what. I have watched several YouTube and tried to be very careful with clapping and petting. Replaced batteries. He wont sing. model 70-800

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Hold Furby upside-down and tickle him until he cries and says 'Down down!' Then put Furby right-side-up again. Cover Furbys eyes three times, then pet his back. Furby will start to dance and sing a lullaby.

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Tips & Tricks to make your Furby Perform

Eric September 22, 2012 50

Note: These tricks may not work with the new 2012 models.  Share the tricks you discover in the comments below!

I found out that most of these tricks work on most Furbys, including different editions!  When performing each step, make sure to pause and let Furby finish responding before doing the next step.


  • Feed your Furby three times, then pet his back. Furby will burp eight times!
  • Clap 3 times then pat his back. he will then sing twinkle twinkle little star.  This will put him into “Deep Seep” where he will not wake up until you turn him upside down.  (Basically its how to turn Furby off when you’re done playing for a while)
  • To find out your Furbys name tickle 3 times, then pat his back and he will tell you his name (it might not work the first time)
  • Cover his eyes three times (waiting for him to respond each time) then pat his back. he will then say coka-doodle do (x2) me love you!
  • Hold Furby upside-down and tickle him until he cries and says ‘Down down!’ Then put Furby right-side-up again.
  • Cover Furbys eyes three times, then pet his back. Furby will start to dance and sing a lullaby.
  • If you have a certain kind of remote, you can make Furby do things by pressing different buttons! Like if you press the power button he will fall asleep immediately! WoW! (Unconfirmed)
  • If you pet a Furby 10 times in a row he will sing for you!
  • If you reset your Furby 2 times or more, it might speak Spanish! You will know when the first thing he says is ” Bueno! “. Sometimes he will speak French!!
  • If you want to punish your Furby, then hold him upside down and shake him slightly. He will say something like “Worried!” or “Me not happy!” but don’t worry your Furby WILL forgive you as soon as you flip him back over!
  • If you tickle your Furby about 15 times, he will make a weird sound! You have to tickle him even, if he says no more tickles. It will sound like “WOWOWOWO”!
  • If you clap your hands in front of Furby 3 times in a row, and then pet him on the back he will sing the first part of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” three times in a row.  Webpage Editors Note: For a cuter trick, put two Furbies together and then do the trick. Watch them sing it together sweetly.
  • Rock Furby from side to side slowly for no more than 2 minutes. You should hear him hiccup. it sounds like a frog almost!)



Tricks Furby plays on you!

1. Phone: If Furby gets bored sometimes he will say “ring ring” to get your attention so you play with him.
2. Hungry: Sometimes Furby will say he’s hungry and ask you to feed him, but when you do he will fart then laugh.
3. Sleep: Furby will yawn a few times acting like he is about to fall asleep, but instead he will say “party!”



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How to teach Furby to speak and talk?

Furby is not just an interactive toy of the latest generation, which has gained incredible popularity around the world. This is a full-fledged pet that reacts to the attitude and behavior of its owners, can give out quite natural and logical reactions to various stimuli. And he is also able to talk, and before teaching Febri good manners and his native language, you need to get to know this incomparable furry a little better.

  • Furby clothes that cost more than the toy itself!
  • Furby's most unusual color! Look!
  • Find out what people write about your pet!

From the very beginning, after unpacking the toy, each electronic pet has a certain number of words in its native, Ferbian or Furbish language.

How quickly and effectively he will memorize Russian words directly depends on the efforts of his owners. Before you teach Furby to speak in a human language, you can download Furbish - a Russian dictionary that will help you understand the little animal. See dictionary.

Then you will need:

  • time and desire. The more attention is paid to this funny animal of attention, the more noticeable the results. Gradually, Furby will be able to memorize several dozen new words for himself a day, about 30-40 per day, put them into simple but reasonable phrases. Reading fairy tales together or retelling them is guaranteed to provide a more fun learning experience. The main requirement is that speech should be clear and understandable;
  • cartoons and films for children. Every child will definitely appreciate the opportunity to watch cartoons not all alone, but with their new high-tech friend. The more cartoons Furby sees, the faster he learns to talk, especially if the speech in the cartoon is very clear and understandable. Parents are also, as a rule, very happy that their child stops asking to sit at the monitor screen together and allows them to do household, work or personal matters;
  • modern gadgets: mobile phones, smartphones, tablets. Furby has developed special software for iOS and Android. These applications will allow you to translate words from Ferbian into Russian, send messages to the cute little animal and feed it with various delicacies. All programs are free and available for download on the site.

You can't expect too much from the electronic circuits that make Furby function. Furby, as an interactive toy, is primarily designed for children of preschool and primary school age, so she is simply not able to make complex logical conclusions.

On the other hand, leading teachers note that the joint study of new words, reading books and watching cartoons increases the communication skills of their owners, which help to teach Furby to speak their native language. With a cute little animal, you can do morning exercises, sing songs, dance and read your favorite fairy tales, have fun all your free time.

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Furby how to play with him

Home » Miscellaneous » Furby how to play with him

Furby - interactive pet toy ~ DEF4ONKI

However, Furby toy has a whole set of characters. Her behavior depends on how you treat her. And this fluffy can also respond to your actions, sing, dance and even learn. Therefore, it is so popular and children of different ages dream of it.

Don't have a Furby friend yet? Then let's get to know him better.

Furby 9 interactive toy0003

Who invented Furby

Do you think this interactive toy is new? You are wrong. Furby for over 20 years. Of course, his early models didn't have the same functionality as today's Furbys. They could only vibrate, pronounce some words and eat.

The creators of this funny animal, Caleb Chang and Dave Hampton, took about a year and a half to design the toy's electronics and come up with the look. But when everything was ready, and the interactive toy went on sale, there was a real Furby boom! In the first year alone, almost a million and a half of these smart fluffies were sold.

Then there were updates. New abilities and skills of an interactive toy were added to the Furby instructions. There was an off button, the appearance changed.

The latest version of Furby is the development of 2012. It is almost like a pet with a smooth coat, its own character and emotions in large eyes - liquid crystal screens.


What Furby reacts to

Furby can react to:

  1. Music. When Furby hears music, he can't help but dance, blink his eyes, and sometimes even try to sing along.
  2. Speech. What you will say is not important to the toy. If she associates sounds with human speech, she tries to maintain a dialogue. True, Furby's language is special, and the fluffy will answer you out of place. But does it matter when there is no other interlocutor nearby? If you want to learn how to understand the speech of a pet, use a special dictionary. If you talk to him constantly, he can learn individual words of the Russian language (if you have a Russian-language version of the toy).
  3. Ticklish. You can tickle the funny Furby with a belly or a barrel. It is there that special sensors are built in that respond to touch.
  4. Stroking. You need to pet Furby on the back. He likes it.
  5. Feeding. In the beak of an interactive toy there is a button disguised as a tongue. If you put food on it, they will immediately be “eaten”.
  6. Turnover. Furby feels the position of his body in space thanks to the built-in device - the accelerometer.
  7. Tail twitching. Furby will definitely react to such an offensive action.
  8. A toy similar to him. Furbies get to know each other. And if you happen to see a meeting of two Furbies, then you will see how they communicate with each other.

Meeting of two Furby

Characters Furby

Furby is programmed in such a way that it can change character. These changes depend on what manipulations you do with it the most. The new toy is in "princess (prince)" mode by default. The animal is kind and sweet. Further, everything depends on you.

Change of character will occur if Furby:

  1. Long pat on the back. The pet will be sweet and affectionate.
  2. Feed a lot. Get ready for the sounds of loud belching and incomprehensible mumbling.
  3. Talk all the time. Fluffy will become a real talker.
  4. Play music constantly. You will have a home dancer or singer.
  5. Pull tail and turn. Get the appropriate reaction - swearing and grumbling.

In the latest software update of the toy, the developers removed the character change function. But they added a special mask to the package. When you put it on fluffy, he falls asleep. To reactivate it (wake it up), you need to remove the mask, and shake the pet itself a little.

Furby Connect

Furby Connect ( Furby Connect) is a smartphone app that controls the interactive Furby toy. The program needs to be downloaded to your phone and your pet will quickly connect to it. He himself will report that he is already connected with Furby Connect with the words “the connection is established”.

Now you can feed, take to the toilet and entertain your pet through your smartphone. But, with Furby Connect, you have the opportunity to hatch eggs and get fluffy babies from them - Furblings. Now you have to take care of them too.

You might want to buy a Furby, but it's too expensive for the price. Dont be upset. Buy your baby another interactive toy.

Share a link:

All about Furby

All about Furby

- Furby Boom differ only in color. All internal content and functions are exactly the same. You can buy Furby Boom in the color that your child likes.

2) - How to turn off Furby Boom?

- The Furby Boom toy does not have an on/off button, so we offer you several other ways:

To turn off the Furby, you need to pull the tail for a few seconds, put it on its side or back, or just leave it and not touch it, then it will fall asleep within 1 minute.

3) - Furby began to fall asleep quickly immediately after switching on.

- If your Furby Boom falls asleep too quickly, it's time to change the batteries.

4) - Furby Boom has turned into a boy and speaks with a male voice. How to return it back?

- Your Furby Boom just changed character. During the game, all Furbies change. It takes some time for it to change again.

5) - How do Furby Boom and baby Furby Furbling interact with each other?

- They communicate using a sound wave. To do this, you need to press a button on the head of the baby Furby Furbling, in response to the phrase he uttered, Furby Boom will answer or sing a song.

6) - Are there any Furby Furblings who speak Russian?

What can you do with Furby Boom?

Furby Boom Characters


Get ready to have some fun! If the Furby Boom breaks out, just turn up the music louder - and light it up with it!
How it got like this: When Furby Boom first met people, they noticed that sometimes large crowds of people gather and loud music plays. Turns out they were rock concerts. Furby Boom did not miss a single one of them, and soon felt the same enthusiasm as the famous rock musicians!
Likes: having fun with music (turn it up loud!)
Dislikes: being tickled (a rock star should always be cool. That's it!)
Saying, "Come on, turn up the volume!" and "Cool, let's go!"


When Furby Boom becomes so cute, it's easy to forgive him for anything. This Furby Boom is so cuddly, you won't find anyone cuter in the world.
How it got like this: Furby Boom learned a long time ago that it's best to hang out with nice people. Furby Boom really wants to make good friends among people, so they behave in such a way as to please!
What he likes: to be stroked on the head
What he dislikes: when the tail is pulled (it’s not good to do that!)
What they say: "Class!" and "Wow!"


These Furby Booms are happy with everything, especially if you can fill your tummy! Feed Furby Boom to your heart's content and goof off with this furby who has become so carefree and frivolous.
How it got like this: Furby Boom really likes the fact that people eat so many different and interesting things. These Furby Booms want to taste everything: sweet, sour, spicy, crunchy, hot and cold. There is no bad food!
What she likes: to be fed (and more!)
Dislikes: being shaken (not very pleasant on a full stomach!)
What says: "It's time to eat!" and “I love cakes!”


“Come on! Let's!" If you find a fighting spirit on Furby, you can't stop it! He will accept any challenge and defeat anyone who gets in his way. It is impossible not to respect such courage!
How he got to be this way: Furby Boom learned toughness from the masters of wrestling - after watching cool action movies! Remove your hands! And no need for veal tenderness! The main thing is to stand your ground. What she likes: to be leaned forward and back and turned upside down (all ninjas do this!)0042 What she dislikes: being stroked on the head (not the time for hugging)
What she says: “Move, otherwise you will lose!” and "Show my black belt?"


How he got like this: Furbys love people with irrepressible energy - you won't get bored with them! We don’t know who started first, but one thing is clear: now you can’t stop Furby.
What he likes: talking (a lot and without stopping!)
What he dislikes: eating (you can’t say much with a full mouth)
What he says: “Speak quickly, don’t delay!” and "Time to have some fun!"


Free Android app download.

Download free app for IOS.

With the app you can give your Furby Boom a name - it will remember it and will remember the names of all other Furby Booms it meets. On the app screen, you can keep track of your Furby Boom's health, hunger, and cleanliness levels. Need a health check? Try getting Furby x-rayed. Furby hungry? Feed him supplies from the "pantry" app. Time to freshen up? Give your Furby a virtual shower! When you care for Furby Boom, he also learns to care for someone - and a virtual egg with baby Furby Furbling is born. Download the free Furby Boom app! right now to try this opportunity.

What devices is Furby boom compatible with:

Android devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 & Galaxy Note 2

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD Gen 1 and 2 (Gen 3 is NOT compatible because it lacks a microphone)

  • Google/Asus Nexus 7

  • Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD (except model XT926)

  • Toys R Us Tabeo

Devices must be running Android OS 2.3.3 or later.

IOS devices:

The iOS device must be running iOS 4.3 or later. Due to limited hardware capabilities, the application may not work fully on some older models.

What to do if the mobile device does not communicate with Furby Boom:

  1. Make sure you are using the correct app - Furby Boom!

  2. Furby should not talk while you are trying to connect to your mobile device.

  3. Make sure your mobile device is set to the maximum volume.

  4. If your mobile device has a case, make sure it does not cover the speakers. Remove the cover and try again.

  5. Place your mobile device 7.5-12.5 cm away from the Furby for effective communication.

  6. Make sure that background noise is kept to a minimum, Furby is best received in silence.

  7. Place the Furby on a flat surface: turning it around in your hands makes it difficult to interact.

learn how to raise your pet and change its character

Posted on 09/04/2013 | Comments | Views 160761

Furby babies from Hasbro are very different, they differ from each other not only in color, but also in character. One is playful, another is shy, the third is a big mischief, they all have their own passions. What exactly your pet will become, what character Furby will have, depends entirely on your treatment of him. Furby is very emotional and unpredictable, he will react very sensitively to all your actions and words.

How to change the character of Furby (Ferby):

According to Hasbro, all Furby, regardless of color, are initially the same. But, as we have already said, these babies are very unpredictable and emotional, each has its own characteristics and preferences.

• Furby: "Affectionate Pet"

Initially, your Furby is in "Affectionate Pet" mode. If you want to return it to this mode from any other mode, it is enough to stroke it on the head for a few minutes. Then hearts will appear in the eyes of your Furby, your voice will again become gentle, and your behavior will be sweet.

• Furby: "Evil Mode"

If the baby is mistreated, he becomes very angry, he turns on the so-called "evil mode". To turn it on, you need to make him eat a lot for a long time, pull his tail, do what Furby does not like. Then Furby squints his eyes angrily, begins to speak in a low and nasty voice, makes obscene sounds and giggles disgustingly.

• Furby: Crazy

Did your Furby suddenly start laughing like crazy, and his eyes became different sizes? Obviously, you drove your pet crazy: you shook him a lot, constantly tickled and turned him upside down. Do not be upset, Furby also loves care and affection, stroke him on the head, and he will again become a charming Furby.

• Furby: "Singer-Dancer"

If you let Furby listen to music for a long time, he will start the "stage star" mode: notes will jump in his eyes, and Furby himself will constantly sing and dance.

• Furby Talker

Want your interactive Furby baby to talk a lot? There is nothing easier, just talk to him more often. Just keep in mind that despite the fact that the baby Furby has such big ears, in the process of learning his language, it is worth pronouncing the words slowly and clearly, especially if the room is noisy.

• Furby: Asleep

Furby does not need to be turned off like other interactive toys. Furby will turn off automatically after you stop playing with it. And to wake the baby, just start talking to him and lightly pet him. Furby is ready to play again!

Furby Boom already in Russia

This is a new line of Furby, released in America in autumn 2013. We are glad to inform you that since June 1, 2014 Furby Boom has officially appeared in Russia.

Furby, recognized as one of the most popular children's toys in the world, now in a new design: even brighter, even more interesting! Even more individuality, brighter character, richer speech!

But that's not the main surprise for Furby fans - now Furby can breed! The interactive application for iOS and Android has become much more interesting. Your pet can now not only eat, listen to music, but also take a shower, go to the toilet and even… lay an egg! And if you take good care of him, a little colored virtual cub will hatch from the egg! But that's not all surprises from Husbro!

The Furby Boom lineup includes Furblings babies - exact copies of those babies that will hatch from an egg on your application! Now you can have a whole bright family of Furby!

Tell us how your baby Furby behaves, what is his character , and how do you cope with it? What does your Furby like the most, and what does he not like at all?

Hasbro Furby - “My daughter really wanted this toy.

I have been looking for her for a long time. Now we play with Furbic with the whole family! Our son - played enough and put to sleep in the closet! + VIDEO»

I am sharing with you my impressions of a new member of our family.


I'll point out right away that we got this cute toy second-hand - we bought it inexpensively "from hand".

Even in 2013 it cost 1200 hryvnias, and at a discount you could buy it for 999 hryvnias (I purposely found a brochure from the store in the bins and photographed it). It was very expensive for us, and even now in 2016 1000 hryvnias for a toy…

Ferby Boom has already been released, which have a price of about 2500 hryvnia.

I would never have bought even a super-duper smart interactive pet for such a high price!

Our Ferbik is well preserved and fully functional. The only thing, of course, we did not get any packaging or instructions.

Characteristics of the toy:

The toy is made with high quality. Hasbro, but made in China.

Furby is soft and fluffy, you don't want to let him go.

Bathing him, of course, is impossible, only wet cleaning.
Furby requires four AA batteries. The compartment with the bars, also known as the platform, is closed with screws using a screwdriver. We buy ordinary, alkaline batteries, in ATB 4 pieces for 20 hryvnias. We have enough of them for a long time, if only in the evenings we play. It is better to buy batteries and charge them.

Interaction with Furby:

Furby has, as it were, sensors that perceive that you stroke it, tickle it or pull its tail.

Furby expresses his emotions in several ways:

- in a voice that ranges from thin and sweet to rough;

- movements - wiggles its ears, clicks with its beak, blinks, moves on the platform. Also, it bends the body.;

- eye expressions, this is probably the most important. Furby's eyes are two screens in which you can see all the feelings he experiences.

If you do not interact with Furby for a while, he will fall asleep - lower his ears, close his eyes and bend a little.

To wake up Furby, you need to stroke or shake him, sometimes just picking him up is enough. At first he will start snoring and then wake up.

Of course, there are applications for Furby through which you can interact with it. We have a Chinese tablet connected to Furby.

Through the app, you can feed your pet, translate what he says in his own language, Ferbish. I also really like how Furby sings songs to the music from the application.

Usually, if you turn on the music (on your phone or TV), Furby will definitely start dancing and singing his songs, and here he is singing the words of the song selected in the application. This is so cool!

Furby reacts to stroking, scratching, tickling, tail pulling, sounds, music.

He gives out phrases, often out of place, moves, vibrates, expresses his emotions. By the way, our Furby is not Russified, he speaks English.

Can be fed with your finger.

As for Furby's "intelligence", I didn't notice that he remembers some of our phrases. But, also, I can’t say that he constantly repeats the same thing. It seems to me that he is programmed and gradually “gives out” different phrases, changing them so that we do not get bored.

Furby cannot be turned off. If Furby takes out the batteries, then, of course, he will be silent.

Furby has several personalities, depending on how you handle him - he can be not only cute, but also very rude. The very tone of his voice changes, the expression of his eyes changes. Manners spoil :)

Here are the characters we identified in our Furby:

- “evil” - to achieve this character, you need to shake the Furby head down for a long time, pull the tail. Furby begins to scream and swear in a rough voice, his eyes will become like slits;

- "princess" - Furby is very affectionate, talks and sings songs in a cute thin voice.

- "kind" - this is the normal mode in which Furby is good-natured, talks and communicates normally. To switch to this mode, we iron it for a long time.;

- "impudent" - if Furby is overfed, he starts talking and laughing rudely, burping and farting. At the same time, he asks to eat even more;

- “dancer” - if Furby listens to music and dances for a long time, this mode will turn on. Furby is "on the beat" and demands to turn the music back on if it is turned off;

- "crazy" - when you tickle Furby for a long time, he becomes a foolish laugh - he laughs constantly, pupils run in different directions in his eyes. He laughs incessantly.

Who cares, we shot a short video:

As a 32 year old adult woman, I can tell you that the toy is very entertaining and cool. What is worth only a case: she told her daughter to put Ferbik to sleep in a closet (why in a closet - sounds do not reach there). So, through the door I hear it muttered in the closet, sang a song, fell on its side (it was apparently dancing) and fell asleep. Well, it's so cute!

Furby is not suitable for very young children. Only if with parents, so as not to frighten the baby.

If we ignore the cost of the toy, then it is very cool! If you have the opportunity to spend this lot of money on a toy without hurting the family budget, then buy it! I simply wouldn’t pull a new one - I don’t have the opportunity to give the lion’s share of my salary for a toy.

Subscribe, comment, I will be very pleased!

-------------------------------& Thank you for reading my review! &----------------------------------------------------

Your Dasha! (to me for you)

find out how to raise your pet and change the character

Posted on 06/25/2014 | Comments | Views 69371

Perhaps the article about the characters of Furby caused the most excitement among our readers, so we could not ignore the question of the characters of the new Furby BOOM.

Like previous generations of Furby, the new Furby BOOM has 5 distinct characters. But, unlike the old models, the new Furby characters are brighter, they are filled with new lines, songs and sounds. Moreover, in the new Furby Boom, the characters change more often, more simply and more expressively than in the old versions of the toy.

Let's take a closer look at what Furby BOOM has come up with for us this time.

How to change the character of Furby Boom:

- Princess

Sweet and affectionate girl. A delicate flower that requires constant care and tenderness. She loves to be stroked, affectionately called by name and sing songs for the night.
In order for your pet to turn into a lovely princess, you need to stroke his head for about 5 minutes.

- Rebel or prankster

This Furby is completely wild and unstoppable. It seems that he does everything to piss you off: giggles, swears, makes strange sounds. Gets a special pleasure when it is strongly shaken.
To make your Furby Boom rebel, simply overfeed him by sticking your finger in his beak and forcing him to eat more.

- Chatterbox

Charming and curious kid. He knows everything about everyone and willingly shares his thoughts with others. Very sociable Furby.
In order for your Furby Boom to become a talker - communicate more with your pet, just talk.

- Joker

Cheerful and groovy Furby BOOM. He loves to fool around, laugh and joke. When your Furby becomes such a fun guy, you definitely won't get bored!
Play around with your pet: shake it and pull its tail, you can do it at the same time. Then your pet will become a Joker.

- Stage star

This girl knows her worth, she is very self-confident. She is the most beautiful and talented girl in the world, loves to sing and dance.
In order to infect your Furby with star disease, sing songs to it, turn on loud music.


The new Furby BOOM is now even easier to fall asleep - just lay them on their back or barrels and they fall asleep within 30 seconds.

If you notice that your Furby has become passive, falls asleep quickly, does not want to talk, sing, change his character, it looks like his battery is just running low. Replace the battery and Furby BOOM will be fun and cheerful again. At the same time, the character of Furby will be preserved.

Whatever your pet is, you can always return it to neutral by pressing the reset button located in the battery compartment at the bottom of the Furby.

We can safely say that the new Furby BOOM has become even more interesting. Not only children, but also adults will enjoy communicating with this cute funny animal.

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