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Level is the main element in Dancing Line. Players aim at reaching 100%, collecting diamonds and crowns of all levels using a cube in the game. There are 61 Dancing Line levels in total, with 44 normal levels, 6 remix levels, 6 removed levels, one tutorial, and one WeChat-exclusive level. However, the last two are not included in this page. In past versions, they can be unlocked with 750 gems, real money or through Lucky Box. Now they need to be unlocked in Challenge (new), then use gem, real money or through lucky box. The difficulty order is arranged by its publisher from easy to difficult, but the actual difficulty (by stars) is not shown in the game. Those on this page are discussed and agreed by site users.

Level name Icon Date release Difficulty Notes
The Winter December 13rd, 2016 One of the first unofficial levels in the


The Desert December 13rd, 2016 One of the first unofficial levels in the game.
The Storm December 13rd, 2016 One of the first unofficial levels in the game
The Beginning December 21st, 2016
(Removal date: May 17th, 2017)
The easiest level of the time. Beat The Winter for the easiest level (Lost it's rank from its removal on May 17th, 2017.)
The Chaos December 21st, 2016 The hardest level at the time of release (beaten in difficulty on April 8th, 2017).
The Piano January 21st, 2017
The Autumn February 24th, 2017 First level to troll players.
The Plains March 17th, 2017
The Cathedral April 8th, 2017 Surpassed The Chaos for being the most difficult level (beaten in difficulty on August 3rd, 2017).

Unofficially introduces separate pathways

Introduces jumping ability.

The Earth May 17th, 2017 First level in which the line is able to leave the map and re-enter it.
The Crystal June 14th, 2017
The Winter (House Remix) June 14th, 2017 First remix of the game.
The Mountains July 1st, 2017 Contains what is considered the hardest diamond to obtain of the game.
The Chinese Garden August 3rd, 2017 Surpassed The Cathedral for being the hardest level (beaten in difficulty on July 27th, 2018).
The Beach (Dance Remix) August 3rd, 2017 The first (and currently only) remix level not to keep its original name & theme.
The Plains (Reggae Remix) August 25th, 2017
The Sailor's Tale September 28th, 2017
All About Us October 14th, 2017 First level without "The" in the title.

U-turns are unofficially introduced.

The Halloween October 27th, 2017 First holiday level.
The Time
(Formerly The Beginning, The Clock)
October 27th, 2017 A re-made and extended version of The Beginning, beat The Piano for the easiest level (Beaten in difficulty on April 23rd, 2018 by The Spring.)
The Maze November 29th, 2017 Officially introduces U-turn.

First level with 2 endings.

The Christmas Eve December 20th, 2017 (Final level of 2017)

Unofficially introduces speed changing.

The Savanna February 1st, 2018
The Valentines February 12th, 2018
The West March 16th, 2018
The Faded - Alan Walker March 23th, 2018 First level featuring Alan Walker.
The Spring April 23th, 2018 Claiming the title as the easiest level, beating The Time. (Beaten in difficulty by The Spring Lullaby on February 27th, 2019)
The Storm (Blues Remix) April 23rd, 2018 (iOS)

April 29th, 2018 (Android)

The first remix with a different melody pace than the original.
Dream of Sky May 18th, 2018
The Hip Hop Evolution June 20th, 2018
The Football July 6th, 2018 First level that is based on a sport.

First level with camera that does not follow the player.

First level with true teleportation.

The Faded Original July 27th, 2018 (Removal date: July 26th, 2019) Surpassed The Chinese Garden for being the hardest level (beaten in difficulty on August 29th, 2018).
The Ugly Duckling August 10th, 2018 First level based on a fairy tale.
The Legend of Assassin August 29th, 2018 (unofficial)
September 29th, 2018 (official)
The only level that was removed for bug fixing.

Surpassed The Faded Original as the hardest level (lost on December 8th, 2018).

The Despacito October 12nd, 2018 (Removal date: October 11th, 2019) The only copyrighted level that is not related to Alan Walker.
The Halloween Puzzle October 25th, 2018 First level with flat views.
The Alone - Alan Walker November 17th, 2018
The Racing December 8th, 2018 Claimed the record for being the hardest level.
The Christmas Party December 19th, 2018 (One of the final levels of 2018)

Officially introduces separate pathways. Previously did not have a fully defined name.

The Earth (Color Remix) December 19th, 2018 (One of the final levels of 2018)
The End - Theo5970 January 9th, 2019 The only fanmade level to become official.
The Spring Festival January 26th, 2019 Based off of the Spring Festival.
The Ocean February 15th, 2019 The level icon is very unique compared to other levels.
The Spring Lullaby February 27th, 2019 Shares the same soundtrack as The Spring.
The Alley February 27th, 2019
Colorful Dream of Sky (formerly Dream of Sky_color) March 21st, 2019 Has a slightly faster soundtrack compared to Dream of Sky.
The Cathedral (Rock Remix) April 3rd, 2019 (Final remix of the game)

The only level designed by the Polish designers.

The Easter April 18th, 2019
The Taurus May 16th, 2019 The only level that has a theme based on a zodiac sign.

The only level to have a crown collected without physically seeing or touching it.

The Exodus May 30th, 2019
The Basketball June 13th, 2019 Has the most falls of the game.

First level with moving diamonds.

The War July 17th, 2019 First level with sound effects (can hardly be heard).
The Amusement Park August 22nd, 2019 Beating The Christmas Party with the most routes.

Line skin cameos.

The Indian Journey September 26th, 2019 The only level that has replaced it's original music.
The Romance November 22nd, 2019 (Final level of 2019)

Accompanying line's weird movements

The Third Anniversary January 16th, 2020 Features other levels in the game.

Non-trail leftover jumping

The Video Game January 16th, 2020 Has invisible percentage markers.
The Samurai April 2nd, 2020 The first iOS-only level, as the Google Play version was removed. (It is still possible to obtain the .apk from Cheetah Mobile's website).
Faded - Easy Mode April 21st, 2020 The first level with copyrighted music to be completely free

Final level of the whole game

‎Dancing Line - Music Game on the App Store


Dancing Line combines fast-paced gameplay with a carefully selected soundtrack to create an experience like no other. Featuring different worlds of increasing difficulty, each one paints a unique picture and evokes different emotions. The key is to not only watch for obstacles and traps, but also play to the music. Listen to the beat and the melody, and after a short while you will find yourself doing better and better.

Come on! Test your reflexes and rhythm skills! See the surprises and wonders every level holds for you.

Guide an ever-growing Line through a multiple of environments, listening carefully to the music. Tap the screen to make a sharp turn, avoiding obstacles and reacting to the World changing before your eyes.

Game features:
1. Original background music
2. Multiple levels of increasing difficulty with their own stories
3. Very simple practice mode with only one finger tap
4. Music is the key to guide you

If you need any support, please send email to [email protected] or you can reach out us on Facebook @DancingLineGame.

Business Cooperation:
Cheetah Mobile is now sincerely inviting all the amazing mobile game developers globally to achieve mutual success! we are looking forward to the great games! Contact us on: [email protected]

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Version 2.9.4

Fix bugs

Ratings and Reviews

11.1K Ratings

Love the game but the lagging is ridiculous

The latest way of obtaining the new levels is completing the 4 challenge levels but only with 3 tickets. However, you are allowed revivals. So you watch the adverts to get the revivals but when the ad is over, it comes up saying “loading” - ready to give you the reward but the screen just freezes instead. The only way to solve this is to double tap and slide up on the app and re-enter the game. However when you return, you haven’t got your reward and you’ve lost a ticket even tho had you had the reward without the freezing, you would have eventually managed. This makes you think that it’s deliberately done so that you’ll spend real money to get the level instead of dealing with all the problems. I’ve tried to do this challenge many times and every time it ends the same. Other than this, it’s a great game with great music, great graphics and addictive levels. We could just use some more bug fixes in a new update and some more free levels (that you can earn without “unintended” complications).


Its a great game with very fun levels and great music: calming, upbeat, and I’m fairly sure that on one level it was all daisies and bunnies one second then the next you’re avoiding getting smashed by giant hammers to rock n roll. The actual levels themselves are great too, like the way in “The Time” the ticking of the clock matches perfectly with the beat of the music, and in “the piano” the way it shows the strings of the piano around halfway through (I’m very nostalgic about the piano, and I love its music)
At one point there was also a few levels with real life music like Alone by Alan walker - removed - and a few others. I just have a few complaints
- ads. I know everyone says this but there IS a reason WHY everyone says it
- lag. Again common, but true. I died on multiple levels because the screen kept freezing up.
- the free trial thing for levels. On some levels like “the ocean” or “the plains” you have to watch An ad to play the level, and sometimes it doesn’t give you your level, it just crashes. I do have an update suggestion for how to fix this issue - the too many ads, not the crashing. You could either make us watch an ad and then have the level unlocked permanently afterwards. Or you could have a format of having one level unlocked only like the piano and then it unlocks new ones once you’d finish it
Overall great app

Good game but a few things to pick up on

Overall I think it’s a great game; it’s really therapeutic and all the music and graphics are fine. But there’s one or two things that really annoy me. one being: all the ads. A lot of people are writing about the ads and I totally agree it’s really annoying. You get them literally every single death and there’s no point, no rewards or anything. Two: this is really weird and I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but I had it installed on this IPad for about three months, I hadn’t touched it in a while and I hadn’t upgraded it either. I went to play on it a week ago and it wasn’t turning on. It was just on the loading screen of cheetamobile. I thought I should leave it a bit and I came back to it today and it did the same thing. I upgraded it, and it still froze. I deleted and downloaded it again but it’s still on the loading screen. I’ve been waiting about ten minutes and I eventually gave up. Anyway I think it’s a really great game and it’s no bother because it doesn’t cost anything (not if you want to get rid of the ads) and I enjoy playing it 🙂

The developer, Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

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  • Purchases
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  • Purchases
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  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics
  • Other Data

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Usage Data
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Privacy practices may vary based on, for example, the features you use or your age. Learn More


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How to draw a silhouette of a ballerina.

How to draw a ballerina in motion

Whose movements are filled with grace and grace. We will talk about how to draw a ballerina in stages in this article.

Starting with the skeleton

Drawing the human figure is never easy. The structure and shape of our body, as well as its movements, is determined by the skeleton. It also becomes the frame of the figure. In the completed drawing, it will not be visible, but in any case, you need to start with it. Therefore, before drawing a ballerina in stages, we outline with the main lines, as it were, a wire skeleton, and only then we will create volume based on it.

Secrets of Harmony

In order for the dancer's figure to be proportional, it is necessary to take into account the dimensional ratios of body parts. The canons of proportions were tried to be brought out by ancient Egyptian artists. The universal principle of harmony was discovered by Pythagoras in the sixth century BC, it is called the "golden section". On its basis, the masters of the Renaissance developed a system of correlations that is still applicable today. According to her, the length of the human body from the base of the head to the hips is three and the length of the legs from the base of the hips to the ankle is four such sizes.

Create the outline of the figure

Let's start learning how to draw a ballerina with a pencil, step by step depicting the contours of the head, body and tutu - a specific tight skirt in which the artist performs. Let's draw a circle, which will then turn into a pretty face of our heroine, draw a gracefully curved line down from it, not forgetting the ratio of the sizes of body parts. At the level of the base of the shoulders, draw a line crossing the line of the torso. These are the future hands of the model. Since we want to draw (in stages) a ballerina in the process of dancing, we will depict the wave of her hands with an inclined line, slightly bending in the head and neck area. A little below the waist level, draw an ellipse slightly tilted from left to right (future skirt), and under it - two straight lines at a slight angle. It will be the dancers. And here, too, let's not forget about the proportions: the length of the legs is approximately four times the size of the circle that we drew for the head. Considering that approximately one size is hidden from the eyes under the ballerina's skirt, the length of the visible straight lines will be the size of the torso.

Initial sketch

Having drawn the frame, we will “build up” the volume on it. We draw a pencil around the neck, torso, arms and put it on pointe shoes - special ballet shoes that allow you to make ballet "pas" for a long time standing and moving on tiptoe. To highlight the dancer's right leg extended forward, we will impose the contour of the limb on the contour of the left leg, standing behind. This way we get a sense of perspective.

Refine the details

If we are satisfied with the result, we can safely remove the sketch of the skeleton with an eraser and confidently outline the entire figure with a pencil, refining the details of the body. Let's work on how to draw a ballerina step by step with a rounded shoulder line, smooth curves of thin but muscular legs, arms, hands. The figure should not be too thick or too thin. Ballet dancers, as a rule, are distinguished by flexibility, strength and harmony. Let's clearly depict the outstretched fingers on the ballerina's hands.

Before we draw the ballerina with a pencil in all the splendor of her outfit, let's work on the head and face of the model. Her hair is usually neatly combed back and arranged in a bun. Let's draw them using dense hatching. For greater lifelikeness, let's leave light highlights on the black strands. The ballerina's head is gracefully raised and proudly rests on her high neck. She is crowned with a small diadem.

Now let's focus on the face - let's designate the eyes and eyebrows, nose, mouth in the drawing. If possible, you can try to convey in the drawing the emotional state of the dancer, expressed in her features. Just by raising or lowering the corners of the lips, eyelids and eyebrows, one can depict sadness, joy, thoughtfulness, pain, laughter, contempt and concentration.

Draw the contours of the dress - sleeves, neckline, pattern, edge and relief of a translucent pack. Let's draw the details of the belt, lacing on pointe shoes.

Finishing the drawing

In general, these are the main tips on how to draw a ballerina. For beginners, it will be a good experience to draw light and shadow, making the figure the most realistic. To do this, imagine an imaginary light source. We will not shade the illuminated parts of the ballerina's body, and we will shade those that are in the shade with a pencil, compacting the shading in the darkest parts.

If this experiment is successful, you can try to depict the dancer in paint, using gouache or watercolor. The latter is the most preferable, because it allows you to most subtly depict the elusive transitions of colors in the clothes and on the body of the ballerina. And of course, it is necessary to place our artist on an appropriate background - a stage with scenery and backstage.

Drawing a ballerina. Master class with step-by-step photos Lyubinsky.
Description: For primary school teachers, educators, parents, children, organizers of circle work.
- develop fantasy
- generate interest in this type of activity

Materials : cardboard, paints, pva glue, brush, thread, needle, beads, ballerina pattern, scissors, ribbon.
Adhesive safety precautions:
1. Handle adhesive with care!
2. Apply the adhesive to the product surface with a brush only.
3. Do not allow glue to get on fingers, face, especially eyes.

4. If adhesive gets into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
5. Always wash your hands and wrist after finishing work.
6. Use a paper towel when handling the adhesive.
Safety precautions when working with scissors:
1. Store the scissors in the specified location in the specified position.
2. Pay close attention to the cutting direction while working.
3. Do not use blunt scissors or loose hinges.
4. Do not hold scissors with the blade up.
5. Do not leave scissors with blades open.
6. Do not cut with scissors while walking.
7. Do not approach a friend during work.
8. Pass the closed scissors rings forward.
9. While cutting, hold the material with your left hand so that your fingers are away from the blade.

Work steps:

Paint the background red.

Cut out the ballerina from the template

we trace along the contour

we paint the ballerina black

With the help of a thread and a needle we tighten the tape from one edge and glue the beads

the finished pattern on our skirt

Any holiday is accompanied by dances and dances. Well, except for the religious and political ones. Even if they dance there, it is not of their own accord. And people like to jump and shake their bodies. It is laid down at the genetic level and cannot be studied by science. We will not argue with this either, but on the contrary, we will try to learn how to draw a dance with a pencil. Moreover, it is also an art. As an example, I took the well-known Tango dance. Here is the picture:

This is one of the Argentine traditions. It is very energetic and has a clear rhythm. As in the picture, there are a lot of nuances here:

  • It is necessary to follow the harmony of the movements of the partner and your own;
  • Vary scope, intensity of movements, plasticity and facial expressions;
  • Watch your pace;
  • In addition, the costume and props, spatial pattern and composition are important here;

Try to convey all the elements of criollo tango as realistically as possible:

How to draw a dance with a pencil step by step

Step one. Let's allocate a place on paper, it's easy.
Step two. Let's sketch out the sketches of the bodies of a man and a woman.
Step three. Outline the contours more clearly, add elements of the face, hands, clothes.
Fourth step. Delete unnecessary lines.
Step five. It remains to add shadows. You can also come up with a background, but I leave that to your discretion.
This lesson is not over, see the continuation, we will teach you how to draw.

The lesson "How to draw a ballerina" is designed for those who already know how to draw well, because drawing a person is not at all easy. Drawing a picture of a dancing ballerina is especially difficult, because the drawing needs to convey the grace and grace of a ballet dance. But, if you want to try to draw a ballerina, try to do it step by step with me. Drawing in stages with a simple pencil, you may well get a beautiful drawing of a ballerina.

1. Initial steps for drawing a ballerina

The main thing is to strictly observe the proportions and location of the contour primary lines, then the drawing will be more accurate. First, draw a ballerina's skirt (tutu) in the form of an inclined oval, only draw the left edge sharp. Next draw two lines for the ballerina's legs, two arms and a circle for the head. Now it will be easier for you to draw a ballerina .

2. The general shape of the dancing ballerina

In the next steps, you only need to add lines to the main outline with a pencil, drawing out the figure of the dancing ballerina completely. Draw first the line of the shoulders, then the line of the waist and the approximate shape of the legs. The ballerina should be slim, so try to draw her figure graceful and tall so that the ballerina does not turn out to be too full.

3. Completely draw the ballerina's legs and arms.

Completely draw the shape of the ballerina's legs and arms. In the dance, she stands on her toes, so drawing them is actually not difficult, especially since she has pointe shoes on her feet. The ballerina's legs should be slender, don't make them too full.

4. Remove extra contour lines from the drawing

This stage of the ballerina's drawing can already be said to be final. In any case, after you remove the extra contour lines with an eraser and draw the palms and fingers, the ballerina will already be "dancing". Will only be left by ballerina pattern add some details and draw the girl's face in detail.

5. How to draw a ballerina's face

Drawing a ballerina's dress is easy, but drawing a face is quite difficult, especially without experience. If you draw a picture on the whole sheet, then you need to try to draw a face in great detail. If the picture is small, then it is quite possible to get by with just a few general strokes of the mouth, nose and eyebrows and then slightly shade the face. The ballerina's hair is always tidied up, so a small contour around the head is enough. Now the ballerina in the picture has almost come to life, and all that remains is to decorate her dress, or rather the ballerina's costume and add shadows in the ballerina's picture with a soft simple pencil.

6. The final stage of the ballerina drawing

Make the ballerina's tutu transparent, for this you need to leave as much white as possible. Draw the details of the corset and shade the entire drawing. Look again carefully, maybe you missed some little things, for example, strings on pointe shoes. Do not forget that any drawing of a person always looks more alive against the background of his surroundings.

7. Draw a ballerina on a tablet

Since the ballerina is dancing on the stage, it is desirable to draw the floor as well, even with the environment and scenery in perspective. Just do not overload the drawing with additional elements so that they do not distract attention from the main character of your picture - a dancing ballerina.

If you need to draw a close-up of a ballerina's face, this lesson will help you do it right. Human eyes attract the most attention, and therefore they must be drawn very accurately. In this lesson we will learn how to draw a person's eyes with a pencil in stages.

First try to draw a conventional person, study his proportions, and then draw a ballerina. First of all, a few tips. In the fine arts, the most important thing is not the accuracy of the proportions and lines of the drawing, but the image of the main, the most important. For a person - his mood, character, expression of the eyes, some other features.

Learning how to draw a portrait of a person, even with a simple pencil, requires not only time for learning, but also talent. The complexity of drawing a portrait of a person lies in the ability to convey the emotional state of a person, his facial expressions, the depth of his gaze, etc. But, it’s quite possible to learn a simple technique for drawing a person’s face on your own, especially if you draw a person’s face in stages. If you will draw a ballerina "close-up", this lesson will help you draw the ballerina's face correctly.

The drawing of the Snow Maiden, as well as the drawing of a ballerina, is made on a graphics tablet in stages. You can use these lessons to draw with a normal pencil.

Everyone represents an angel in their own way. Someone sees him as a child with wings, someone represents him as a girl.

It would seem that it is quite difficult to draw a person in motion. But for those who really want to learn the basics of fine art, nothing is impossible. The main thing is to be patient and hone your skills step by step. Let's try, for starters, to draw a ballerina standing in a swallow pose. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, we take a sheet of paper, a pencil, a soft rubber band and begin to create.

Before drawing a ballerina, it is necessary to outline her so-called base. It will consist of three circles and lines connecting them. We arrange the circles in such a way as if the ballerina is standing in profile towards you, with her head slightly thrown back. The first circle is, in fact, the head itself, the second is the chest and the third is the hips. Since the dancer's posture assumes an arched back, therefore, the circles should be located in such a way that when they are connected with the help of auxiliary lines, an angle is formed.

Next is a sketch of her limbs. To the second circle we add a slightly curved line directed backwards. This will be the hand. We add lines to the lowest circle, which then “transform” into legs: the dancer will stand on one, and take the other back, parallel to the floor or slightly higher. After that, you can draw the limbs in more detail.

Imagine that the sketchy lines are bones, so they should be inside the arms and legs, as it were. To maintain proportions, keep in mind that the length of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow is equal to the length from the elbow to the wrist. The same with the legs: the distance from the hip to the knee is equal to the distance from the knee to the ankle. In order not to make a mistake in growth, you need to remember that the head of an adult "fits" seven times in the length of the rest of the body (up to the ankle).

Now let's move on to the next step in solving the problem of how to draw a ballerina. You need to outline her face in profile, as well as her hairstyle. We detail the arm and torso, add the curve of the back, outline the chest, stomach and waist. Draw the legs, add pointe shoes. On the third circle (hips) we outline the skirt of the pack, which looks like a slightly curved disk. We make the edge of the skirt wavy. A little lower, you can make a couple more layers of "wavy" to make the pack look more magnificent.

When you are satisfied with the resulting sketch, the contours of the dancer can be traced more confidently, and all auxiliary and extra lines can be erased with an elastic band. It is worth noting that the second hand of the girl, taken to the other side, should also be slightly visible, but, according to the law of perspective, it will appear smaller. Draw her.

Since we are drawing a ballerina, we can get creative and decorate her outfit. Maybe it will be an original neckline or a closed neck, or unusual sleeves. You may want her to wear gloves. You can also think over her hairstyle, add a diadem or other decoration. If desired, the finished drawing can be colored. Now you theoretically know how to draw a ballerina. It remains to put your knowledge into practice and believe that everything will undoubtedly work out.

Answers to the game Umnyasha from 1701 to 1750 level in Odnoklassniki

The entire list of levels
answers from 1701 to 1750 level

Level 1701
Sailor blouse with a large direct layer collar
- sailor

Contactly painful abbreviations of the abdominal muscles, uterus

- omit

Stick under something, add, sticking

Become healthy, get cured

Show your attitude to something
- react

Big Ocean bird with a long beak and with long sharp wings
- Petrel

located at a short distance from each other
- frequent

The upper movable part of the dam to regulate the water level
- shield

Level 1702
Take away somewhere

Knitted women's pantaloons

This one, this particular one

Fair, so it should be 9

Document for the right to enter, enter somewhere

Sprinkle, sprinkle

Sexual debauchery
- Fornication


An unexpected, unusually old act. * Throw away, soak, split to

Level 1703
Induce to abandon one's belief in something, assure the opposite

A person rejected by society

An increase in the volume of some organ or tissue

Weed of the clove family after squeezing, pressing

Set a limit for something, limit

A small coin in the USA and some other countries, equal to one hundredth of a monetary unit
- Center

Level 1704
Loud, strong and sharp sound of the voice
- Scream

Long wide strip of fabric for winding leg
- Turn over

Turn over the bottom or fall to the side, to the back
- to tip over 9000,

Changing the friend of the friend friend in turn

Try to grab

Inside of fabric, clothes

Level 1705
Splashed out

Product made of wheat flour in the form of narrow thin strips of dough

device, fastening something

Rooms for receiving guests
-living room

We have to feel sorry for

Part of the shock mechanism in manual manual firearms

Quite decent

Dinnerware - a kind of wide salad bowl

Level 1706
Second month of the calendar year

Go somewhere for someone to take with you

Lightweight folding bed

bottom edge of the leg

Bevel around something, clean with a mowing

Dodgy, fraudulent behavior, dishonest act

Product obtained by rolling, pressing, forming between rolls

One carrot spine

Level 1707
To bring with conversations, predictions
-to bully


to replace someone

Master, draper

Spectacles without temples, held by a spring that pinches the bridge of the nose

Proportion in which something is distributed

Violation of the promise

Level 1708
The most outlet

Czech, Tires

Add something, make a less strong, more liquid
-dilute 9,0003

Petition. Get the registration something

With jagged edges

A piece of music of a virtuoso nature

Part of something away from the center

Street, hostile

once, once earlier than

Level 1709
put in humiliating position

A stunning experience, misfortune


Towards evening; advance

One that can be measured with the same measure as something else

Territory, extreme part of some area

Level 1710
Similar to the arrow

Producer in animals

to do something in response to something

Poisonous plant of the nightshade family, used in medicine and cosmetics, belladonna

Science that studies the quantitative indicators of the development of society and social production

Very cold

Yellow with a reddish tint, orange color

Spend some time in a plow

Telescope with a concave mirror or mirrors

Level 1711

Tropical herbaceous plant of the sedge family

Smudge all around, on all sides

A person who leads, leads someone

To direct the course, movement of someone, something

Stiff brush for cleaning horses

Simplified to distortion, vulgarity - VUL4GAR6 900

Fraudulently presented as true or sincere. sympathize

Level 1712
Beginning, initiative, starting something

Start to get along

Set the highway

to do, make something

Nasila, with difficulty

Very audible, well-audible

observe, experience

A small sea fish of the herring family, usually used in canned form

Put up a fence somewhere Regio
— FURNISH 9Ol000

Library Registration Card

Level 1714
Country Store

Spoon Musician

is almost not prominent, difficult to distinguishable

Side wall of the vessel

abundant tina


A sharp denser tint an animal or bird formation at the end of the finger

Evening black jacket with an open chest and long silk-trimmed lapels

Business trip abroad; for sailors: overseas voyage

Change your belief, intention, make sure the opposite

Formed as a result of separation from something

Special room for parking and maintenance of aircraft, helicopters, airships

6 - 03 ANGAR , coarse-grained packed snow


Level 1716
Flat piece of wood

Branch of zoology that studies birds and their distribution
- ornithology

- to maintain

A set of actions united by one socially significant task
- Event

Long quality, bring to high quality
- withstand

- accrual

Level 1717
Buy, make money from a well-fed, calm life

International treaty

Festive meeting of youth with songs and dances
- game

Such an amount of
- so much

gives abundant foam
- soap

White butterfly, whose caterpillar eats cabbage
- cabbage

Public or state duty of the population
- service

The year -old calf
- Support

14 - Support

14 - Support

14 Level 1718
Broad strong shoulders

Aromatic resin, ex. for smoking during worship

Sweep under something
- Sweep

Teenage boy

Housework, household arrangements, home life of the family

During the journey — PITTING

Level 1719
In relation to modern concepts of the future: forecasting social processes

Crawling out, crawling
— Crawling out

Cut hair to the root

Move by rotating or sliding on some surface


Performed by one person, individually

SINGLE narrow, shorten, hem

Justify something

Level 1720
A person who loves a phrase, rant

Radia, leave or head somewhere

Decisive, active action in difficult circumstances

from fatigue or illness to lose
-to get away

located behind the river

Relationship ratio of mutual dependence, conditionality, commonality between something

Related to accounting

In its development, activities to stay behind others, let yourself be overtaken
-lag behind

Level 1721
Giving a satisfaction of pride

Wintering room for wintering bees

Start green

Box in the apparatus, device for investing uniform products, parts of something, parts

Rapid and decisive offensive

Clothing of the same cut, color

Spend on carousing

Dischanting, attached by one edge

Level 1722
A counting unit equal to ten

A set of letters or other badges of this letter

The text of the text of some work

Lack of alignment


- ornithologist

Strong blizzard, snowstorm
- Purga

Add by mocking the mixture
- brake

Level 1723
to cut into a cut place
- notify

The fruits in the form of nuts
- otigoprodnoy

Inventor invents something

Computer specialist

Dark red

Touch slightly, touch

with embossed decorations

Level 1724
A small humorous literary or musical work

Inner part of something, middle
— NO

Person who pays alimony

Oral or written order in case of death
-Hide a testament

, hide for a while, for which case

to blink, giving a sign

Home species of such an animal

Level 1725
Part of the Bible, Book of Psalms

Living on earnings from his labor, toiler

Dry edible goods

Become wet

Artist, performing tricks

Coin of gold, chervonets

Rolling, move somewhere

Having needles, not leafy

Sunset level

time of such a call

Specialist in astronomy

Go somewhere and, after visiting, come back

Teaching, learning

Calculation, calculation
- laying out

Small juicy fruit of shrubs, half -brushes, shrubs and herbaceous plants
- berry

difficult, confused
- complex

Level 1727
shaking a little, from time to time

, which protects itself, which protects itself, which protects itself, which protects itself, which protects itself

Lightweight portable or hanging ladder

Figure of two lines intersecting at right angles
- Licker

Musical work in free form
- Fantasy

narrow practicalism, in which the social side of the case
is overlooked - dividing

, which is carried out on two sides
- bilateral

Level 1729
try, try

A sheltered place for something
- A NEST0046 - corrector

jumps, very fast
- jump

Actor, performing tragic roles
- tragic

Close close
- approach

Level 1730
literate people
- letters

to be attached, join
- attach
- attach
- attach
- attach
- attach 9,000

Position, circumstances, conditions for the existence of someone or something

Tireless, tireless

Feeling of shyness, shame

Ready-made industrial production product

, which consists of someone dependent

Level 1731
Having turned up, screw up


to agree, agree among themselves regarding something- anything

Very thorough, requiring special attention to detail and detail

Put inside, deep into something

Armed forces of fascist Germany

Hide in reserve, for some case
-to hide

Level 1732
to fix in writing

. Kholopstvo

Future, expected, views of the future

Send, send, assign

The smallest, insignificant

The totality of industrial, social and spiritual achievements of people

Compress, press; Create a tightness of
- crowds

Level 1733
Great October Socialist Revolution
- October

Combat shooting from several guns or manual weapons
- shelling

people, who considers himself higher than the other
- Superman

Remand to the bell as a signal to gather people in case of fire, alarm

Derived from wood

A person who constantly mumbles or speaks quickly and indistinctly

Farewell party with comrades in the groom's house before the wedding


Level 1734
Hair Curlers

Make you start moving with some purpose, make you start doing something

Very tight, close

It is not clear how, in a strange way or by a lucky chance

To regain consciousness, regain self-control

Level 1735
Become outwardly cultured, learn good behavior, manners

Lose someone by negligence or dropping, leaving no one knows where

Create some literary or musical work

received by division by eight


with faded back

by mistake to say not what was needed, make a reservation

Daughter of a grandson or granddaughter

Level 1736
Several welded pipes or rails

Nonality, poverty, mediocrity

in an outstretched hand-stretch

on the coma lovely, enchanting

strongly offend

of a circle of one or another circle. Sciences

Teaching about melody

Beet growing specialist
- Beet grower

Level 1737
Part of the mechanism, device, which is taken by hand to control, turn

Build with your efforts, achieve

to concern something, give concessions

Related to air and aviation

Chemical element, solid poisonous substance that is part of some mineral lov

Daily work

Procreate, giving offspring

Conduct a rehearsal of something, learn

Level 1738
existing Iskoni, radical

Send another address

to spend some time, boiled something

, knowing about the existing risk, danger

Be gentle; to speak tenderness
— to be gentle

a voluntary commitment to do something

in general — a set of a large number of people united by something
- Army

Level 1739
Counted or paid at the rate of time spent on labor, not piecewise
- time -based

Wool, covered with abundant perspiration
- Prophery

, Detecting the depth, void, failure

A person who is devoted to a cause, an idea, acts with enthusiasm

Entrust something to someone

A group of people united by a common work, study, common interests
- collective

to shift, shame
- shame

Level 1740
Open kidnapping of someone else's property
- robbery


- osproves

Assistance for a long rose , the scooping part of the mechanism

Finally convince, assure

Show off, dexterously and valiantly ride

Section of defectology, engaged in speech disadvantages and their correction
- speech therapy

Level 1741
Wash in washing
- Wap

, acting ineptly
- packing

Specialist, aircraft control, helicopter

- Pilot of

- Pilot of

for something

Greenish-yellow caustic chloride solution, used.

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