How to make a cheap outdoor dance floor

Build Outdoor Dance Floor on Ground

If you're wondering how to build a dance floor on uneven ground, then consider this DIY dance floor option, the quick answer is you should check into portable dance floors from Greatmats.

One of the great advantages of portable DIY dance floors is that they can be used in many different locations, so you can literally take the dance floor with you. Whether you're setting up a dance floor for a special performance or need a dance floor for a wedding or other event, you may find yourself in search of flooring for dance that can be used outdoors.

DIY Dance floors are versatile, but they aren't all versatile enough to be used on grass. Grass poses a number of different challenges. First of all, you'll need an outdoor dance floor on uneven ground that can withstand moisture without being damaged. Secondly, outdoor use means that you'll need a floor that can withstand UV rays. This article can inform how to build a outdoor dance floor on uneven ground.

Don't worry, though - at Greatmats, we understand the importance of being able to install a DIY dance floor over grass. That's why we stock a number of suitable temporary dance floor products that can give you the versatility that you're looking for. This article can inform how to build a portable outdoor dance floor on uneven ground.

Necessary Features for A DIY Dance Floor on Uneven Ground or Grass

Waterproof Flooring: Make sure that any dance floor you consider for use on top of grass is fully waterproof. Even if you plan on covering the floor with a tent, there will still be moisture in the grass which a non-waterproof floor could absorb. We offer plenty of waterproof flooring options that are suitable for outdoor use.

As an added benefit, if you're working with waterproof flooring, it's no big deal if a guest spills a drink. Cleanup is easy.

If the ground is uneven, you'll need to provide a surface to help level it out before installing a dance floor, such as a waterproof composite mat system with strong interlocks. If you are confident that the ground won't get wet, simple plywood may do the trick to create a stable subsurface.

Shop Waterproof Flooring

UV Resistant Dance Flooring on Grass

Even a temporary outdoor dance floor on grass will be exposed to UV rays, which can cause your average flooring to fade, and possibly degrade the quality of the flooring over time. Look for a dance floor that has been treated for UV protection so that it can safely be exposed to the sun.

Portable DIY Dance Flooring

When you're working with a grass area, chances are you won't have a flat floor to wheel a flooring cart over. This means you'll need to carry the dance floor, so the portability of the floor is a major factor.

Modular dance flooring tiles are an ideal solution. These tiles are conveniently sized and easy to lift and carry, so even if you're installing the floor in a large field, getting the flooring into location won't be an issue. This will make installing the portable outdoor dance flooring on uneven ground or grass, and depending on the size of your floor, it's a task that a single individual can perform; no need for a professional installation. If you're attempting to install an outdoor dance floor over uneven ground, you may want to consider first laying down a layer of plywood, ground protection mats, or composite mats to level out the surface and prevent tiles from separating.

Easy DIY Dance Floor Installation

When you're working with tiles, you'll want a flooring product that connects together easily. Most of our tiles have a snap together or tab and loop closure design. Either of these systems is easy to use, and lets you quickly connect and disconnect tiles. This means you can quickly assemble the dance floor on grass, giving you plenty of time to finish with the rest of your event preparations.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Right Portable Dance Floor on Grass

We outlined a few specifications above about what to look for in a dance floor that will be installed on grass, but there are a few other tips you should know about choosing a dance floor for any event or venue.

  1. Consider the type of shoes dancers will be wearing - Footwear, particularly high heels, can damage some types of dance flooring. Make sure you select a product that-s appropriate for what people will be wearing.
  2. Think about the aesthetic that you want - Are you looking for a classic floor with a wood grain finish? Or is a more generic tile suitable for your needs?
  3. How large of a dance floor on grass will you need - How many dancers will you have, and how large does your finished floor need to be? Remember, you can always add or remove tiles to customize the size and dimensions of your floor during different events.
  4. Think about additional accessories you'll need, like ramped edges. Many of our products are available with ramped edges for safety, and for an overall clean finish.

Dance Floor on Grass - DIY Tile Options

Portable Dance Floor Tiles: Our Portable Dance Floor Tiles are versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. These tiles are UV treated, so they'll resist fading when used outdoors. The tiles fit together tightly so you don't have to worry about them pulling apart while in use, and the commercial grade vinyl top surface is durable enough to hold up to serious dancing. Ramped border edging is available to create a clean, finished edge that is both safe and attractive.

One major benefit of these tiles is in their construction. The tiles themselves are built on a raised base, so air and moisture can circulate freely beneath the tile's surface. This helps to prevent water from working its way up to the actual dancing surface, even when the tiles are used outdoors.

Sized at 12x12 inches, these portable dance floor tiles are easy to handle and transport. You can vary the size of the floor by setting up just some or all of the tiles, and can also customize the floor's dimensions according to your needs. The tiles fit together quickly and easily, and you can assemble a 10x20-foot dance floor on grass in just minutes. They can be installed over grass, but note that they're only intended for temporary outdoor installations and do still require a hard, flat surface. Significant bumps, spongy ground and/or mud in you grassy surface can cause the installation to become difficult and/or uneven.

With a choice of eight different finishes, including six eye-catching wood grain options, you can have a beautiful floor suitable for any event.

Shop Portable Dance Floor Tiles

Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles

For a highly durable option, consider our Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles. These tiles are extremely strong, and can even support the weight of vehicles. While they don't offer the traditional wood grain finish of a dance floor, they are highly versatile, making them a great investment for event facilities.

These tiles are both waterproof and UV resistant, so they can be safely used outdoors. Their unique hinge system makes installation a breeze, as it quickly locks into place for a secure fit that won't separate during use. Measuring 3/4 inch thick, these tiles are made of a polypropylene plastic that is strong enough to easily support large crowds.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of these tiles is the fact that they can be used over many different existing surfaces, including uneven terrain. There's no worrying about finding a perfectly flat space, which will save you both time and stress. You can place these tiles directly on top of grass, and the tiles can even be rolled up for easy storage and a faster installation the next time. Just keep in mind that the tiles will, to a certain degree, conform to the ground it is sitting on, so you will not have a completely level dance floor on grass if the subsurface is uneven.

Shop Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles

Durable Dance Flooring Tile

Want a durable dance floor on grass with the look of real wood? Our ProCourt Gym Flooring Tiles offer you both. These tiles feature a generous 20-mil wear layer that is both scuff and stain resistant, ensuring the tiles continue to look great. Please note that these tiles aren't UV treated, and should only be used outdoors temporarily.

These tiles offer a raised flooring surface which will grip and accommodate grassy surfaces. They snap together easily for a fast installation, and are designed to withstand repeated installations.

Shop Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles

What You Need to Know About Installing a Dance Floor On Grass

While the above products are suitable for use as a portable outdoor dance flooring on uneven ground, it's important to realize that these products are only intended for temporary use. Don't leave them in place longer than necessary, and if possible, install a tent or find another way to protect the flooring from the weather, which will prolong its life.

When deciding where to install the dance floor, look for an area that is as flat and as level as possible. Installing the flooring on an uneven surface may make it difficult to get the tiles to connect correctly, and can place unnecessary stress on the tiles. It may also make the flooring itself uneven, and an uneven dance floor on grass can be dangerous for dancers.

You'll have the best results if you install the flooring over grass that has been mowed, since it will create a firmer, flatter surface than you'll have if you're working with grass that is longer. Placing a layer of plywood under any of these tiles will definitely help create a flatter, more stable and safer dance surface as well.

When it comes time to uninstall the flooring, try to do so when the flooring is thoroughly dry. If the weather isn't cooperating, then dismantle the flooring and allow it to dry indoors before stacking it and storing it away in a closed space, like a closet.

Most of our dance flooring tiles are designed to be easy to clean, but be sure to review the specifications for the particular product that you purchase. In most cases, you can damp mop the floor with a household cleanser.

Please don't hesitate to contact our great customer service team if you have any questions as you explore our many outdoor dance floor options.

How to Build a Dance Floor

Home / Latest Posts / Life / Party Ideas / How to Build a Dance Floor

By: Leigh Anne Wilkes

This tutorial will show you how to build a dance floor using 2 x 2’s and sheets of plywood. So easy and less expensive than renting one.

I shared with you in a previous Wedding Carnival post the story of our dance floor.  When we decided to book a live band for the Wedding Carnival I thought we needed a dance floor. My husband did not.  We have a large backyard and plenty of grass and he thought dancing on the grass would be just fine.

I am not easily dissuaded or discouraged.

I got on line and immediately started pricing dance floors from rental companies.  They are not cheap, between $700-800 for the size we needed.  It wasn’t in the budget so I decided I needed to get creative.

To make a somewhat long, 5 month long story short, I had a dance floor and then I didn’t have a dance floor, I had a dance floor and then I didn’t.   In fact I thought I had a dance floor until the Sunday before the Wedding Carnival.  It fell through – five days before the event.

Remember I am not easily discouraged so I decided we were going to build a dance floor.  Or rather my daughter Cali and her friend Hannah were going to build me a dance floor (with some help from dad of course.)

By this time I had totally broken Jim down and he agreed so we headed to Home Depot on Monday night (the Wedding Carnival was Friday).

Dance Floor Supplies

  • 6 sheets of 1/2″ plywood
  • 30 eight foot long 2 x 3’s – cut 18 of them into two 45″ pieces (you will have pieces leftover)  This will leave 12 of the boards 8 ‘ long.  They cut them for free for you at Home Depot.
  • Nails and hammer
  • Floor Paint and supplies for painting
  • Painters Tape
  • 6 Mending plates to join the pieces together

How Big is the Dance Floor?

The dance floor measured 12 x 16 and was created out of 6 sections that were 4 x 8 which is the size of a sheet of plywood.

How to Build A Dance Floor

The whole neighborhood got involved or enjoyed watching the process taking place out in front of our house.
The above photo is about how involved Tessa got – she held a hammer for a photo but she was working full time so we need to cut her some slack.

  • Create 6 frames from the 2 x 3’s that measure 4′ x 8′.
  • Add four support pieces to each frame
  • Nail a sheet of plywood to the top of each frame. Nail it down along the edges and across the support pieces.
  • The moms got involved in this step of the process. Had to bring in the big muscles!

How to Paint a Dance Floor

The next step was the painting process. I decided that I wanted the floor to be checker board to go along with the carnival theme so I purchased black and white floor paint. We primed the boards first and then added a coat of white paint to each section.

Yes, I sat in a chair and watched it dry! I like watching paint dry.

After it was dry, the girls used blue painters tape to tape off the squares. The squares measured 24″ x 24″ so each 4 x 8 section had 2 x 4 squares.

Using small foam rollers the girls rolled the black paint into the taped off squares.

We waited for the paint to dry, removed the tape and we had a dance floor!

Finally, we numbered the pieces so that we knew how to put it back together once we moved it into the backyard. 

The mending pieces were hammered into to hold the pieces together.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Dance Floor

Total Cost of Dance Floor (including paint but not including labor)  Approx. $300.00.

It was perfect and it was a wonderful addition to our carnival and YES, we needed a dance floor.  Even my husband admits that now.  It added such a fun element to the carnival and really got people dancing.

Who wouldn’t want to dance on a black and white checkerboard dance floor!!!

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Bars with a dance floor in Warsaw.

Nightlife in Warsaw. Clubs and pubs in Warsaw

Warsaw's lively nightlife cannot be missed on your resume for a good party! Let's see what the club is not to be missed..

Warsaw Nightlife

Warsaw nightlife has undergone a major overhaul in recent years and can be very well compared to nearby Eastern European cities. Numerous rooms of the center provide entertainment for every taste. We recommend starting the evening with a cocktail or a glass of wine in one of the stylish bars dotted around the city. Club lovers can choose from numerous clubs, an alternative to the crowded clubs and the best jazz clubs. In any case, there is entertainment!
Mazowiecka Way This is where trendy clubs turn 5 or 6 side clubs to all ’ others.

Clubs and pubs in Warsaw

Hybrydy Klub (Zlota 7/9, Warsaw)
Open daily from 21.00 to 4.00
Tourist disco, always very full, every day of the week. Big dance floor, He plays predominantly commercial music.

Platinum (Fredry 6, Warsaw)
Open Thursday-Saturday (21.00-6.00)

Opera Club (plac Teatralny 1, Warsaw)
L ’ Club Opera is located in the theater in Warsaw, open on Fridays and Saturdays (22.00-6.00).
Fashion club, clothing treatment is recommended.

Klubokawiarnia (Srodmieście, Warsaw)
Today 22.00 – 7.00
Open Wednesday to Saturday (22.00-5.00)
Alternative club, with several rooms that play music of various genres in one room, which compresses l ’ watch propaganda posters and other artefacts from the communist. Popular, large crowds, not everyone can enter. Music of various kinds: Mall, Rock, Folk, Acid Jazz, House, etc. Worth a visit.


Underground Club (ul. Marszałkowska 126/134, Warsaw)
Open every night
Nightclub is located in a clearing on the side of mc donald. Environment, easy with commercial music and rnb. Update July 2015: il The underground club was closed to make way for the construction of a new metro line in Warsaw . In its place is the word drawing “Underground club forever”, located on the wall near the escalators leading to the metro station.

Enklawa Club (ul. Mazowiecka 12, Warsaw)
Open from Tuesday to Saturday (22.00-4.00)
Beautiful disco club frequented by young people, youth. Inside, the décor is ultra-modern with mirrored marble columns illuminated by Fuchsia lights. The upholstered furniture is light and simple and linear contribute to give a touch of elegance to the local. It is considered one of the most fashionable metropolitan and a very interesting event in cycles.

Room 13 club (ul. Mazowiecka 13, Warsaw)
Trendy club, dresscode combed and fashionable. Many beautiful girls visit. I don't do all the input selection, but you still want the shirt.

Sketch Nite (ul. Mazowiecka 11, Warsaw)
Open Friday and Saturday from 23.45 to 6.00.
Great club located on Mazowiecka, Warsaw nightlife. The club is spread over two floors, First, a large bar, While the second floor consists of a spacious dance floor, always well crowded with beautiful girls. Entrance fee 20 ZL. Recommended!

Warsaw nightlife: Club Nite sketch

Klub Organza (Mazowiecka 12, Warsaw)
Open Wednesday to Sunday (22.00-6.00)

Lemon Club (Sienkiewicza 6, Warsaw)
Open Friday and Saturday (21.00-5.00)

Bank Klub (ul. Mazowiecka 14, Warsaw)
Open Friday and Saturday (22.00-6.00)
Another famous club located on Mazowiecka street. The club has two floors. On the second floor there is a large dance floor for the dance hits of the moment. On the ground floor there are two areas for dancing and around some benches where you can enjoy a drink in the company of some red maiden. Entrance 20 ZL.

Warsaw nightlife: Bank Club

Panorama Club
Club at the top of Marriott, which offers a unique view of the city of Warsaw.

Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa (ul. Mazowiecka 11, Warsaw)
Open from Thursday to Saturday from 20.00 to 6.00.
Popular pub located on Mazowiecka (there is another Wódki Pijalnia Piwa Located in Nowy Świat 19th) always very busy in the evening. Here you will find a wide range of spirits shots at a modest price of 4zł each! The bar is located next to the clubs and is therefore a must for those who want to drink on the cheap before you go dancing.
The first floor also has a small dance room.

Warsaw nightlife: Wódki Pijalnia Piwa

Ulubiona (ul. Nowy Świat 27, Warsaw)
Open daily 24 hours on 24
Located on the main street that leads to the Old Town, this small bar offers shots of vodka for the price of 2ztl or 50 euro cents l ’ one! Do not miss!

Paparazzi (ul. Mazowiecka 12, Warsaw)
Open Monday to Saturday (18.00-1.30)
Stylish cocktail bar with all ’ typing choices. You enter very combed


Ul. Nowy Swiat 21

The exclusive atmosphere of the club will satisfy the most demanding

Tuesday - Salsa point, starting at 21:00. Entrance: 5 zl.
Friday - Black Friday, starting at 21.30. Surprise program.
Saturdays - Saturday Ladies Night, starting at 20.00. Entrance: free for ladies.

Club Stereo, ul. Zgoda 9

The club has existed since 2012. This is a music club with an author's program of DJs.

Friday - City motion, DJ Arent, 80s music. Start of the program: 20.00. Entrance: 10 zl.
Saturday - Stereo Recall, Mr. Arqsh, music from the 70s, 80s and 90s. The program starts at 22.00. Entrance: 10 zl.

Tygmont Live Club, ul. Mazowiecka 6/8

Club with its own atmosphere, which often hosts regular programs, located in the very center of Warsaw.

Tuesday - Ladies Night Crafts, or the POWER OF SWEETS for ladies! ¦ In other words: free, branded cocktails especially for the fair half!
Admission for ladies all night is free, men - 15 zl. The program starts at 22.00.
Wednesday - Girls Just Wanna To Have Fun starting at 10pm. The prices are the same.
Thursday - True life... F.. K IT!, because Thursday is the perfect time to take a break from work or study. Start: 22.00. Entrance: ladies all night free / men - 15 zl.
Friday - Summer Sensation - music program. The program starts at 22.00. A from 3.00 author's program until 6 am! Entrance: ladies until midnight - for a smile, later / men: 15 zl.
Saturday - Disco Fever, or disco-style program. Start: 22:00. The prices are the same.

Room 13, st. Mazowiecka 13

Modern furnishings in an old building and good music - the perfect place to relax.

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays outside holidays.
Monday - Summer In The City, Start: 22:13 - open bar and free entry. Admission for ladies all night is free, men - 20 zl.
Tuesday - like on Monday, only the ladies also pay the entrance fee, but the bar is open!
Thursday - Ladies Night. Open bar for ladies and free entry. Men - 20 zl.
Friday and Saturday - concerts.
Sunday - Dance Sunday - active completion of the week. Start: 22:13. The entrance is free! Open bar for ladies and 50% discount for everyone!

Dekada, ul. Grojecka 19/25

Dance floor energy.

Thursday - Ladies Night. Entrance: by club card and for ladies - free of charge, men - 10 zl. Free open bar for ladies who are members of a Facebook club.
Friday - Freak Friday, 70s music. Entrance: with a club card - free of charge, ladies - 20 zl, men - 25 zl - the price includes a cocktail.
Saturday - Warsaw by night. Entrance: with a club card - free of charge, ladies - 20 zl, men - 25 zl - the price includes a cocktail.

Klub Hybrydy, ul. Zlota 7/9

One of the oldest clubs in the capital. Offers a program primarily for students.

Medium - Ladies night. Start: 22:00. Ladies until 23:00 free entry. Ticket: 10 zl - the price includes a beer for men and a welcome cocktail for ladies.
Thursday - Twister Night, Program starts at 22.00. Entrance: 8 zl - students, 12 zl - others.
Friday - Opcja Zlota 7 in house rhythm and r "n" b. start at 22.00. Ticket: 12 zl for students and 20 zl for others.
Saturday - Hybriday. The program starts at 22.00. The best club mixes from house to disco. Entrance: 12 zl for students, 22 zl for others.

Opera Club, Plac Teatralny 1

An exclusive club in the basement of the Opera House of the Bolshoi People's Theatre. Designed in oriental style.

Friday - Eska Summer City, Beginning at 22.00. Entrance: ladies - free of charge, students - 10, men - 20 zl.
Saturday - Lick me. Start at 22.00. Entrance: ladies and students - 10 zl, men - 20 zl.

Club Capitol, ul. Marszalkowska 115

Combination of classic theater architecture with the modern look of a music club.

Klub Harenda , Krakowskie Przedmiescie 4-6

The club was founded in the 90s. Traditional London pub atmosphere.

Monday - Funk&Jazz Jam Session, running for over 5 years. Start: 21:00.
Tuesday - Blues Session, starts at 20. Entrance: 20 zl.
Saturday - Hot Saturday's. Hot rhythms r&b, funk, solo, hip hop. Beginning at 22.00. Ticket: 15 zl (for ladies until 23.00 admission is free).
Sunday - Sunday meetings with traditional jazz. Entrance: 15 zl.

In Warsaw you can find entertainment for every taste. Even the most picky will be completely satisfied. The repertoire of theaters is beyond praise, the cinemas show the newest films. In spring and summer, many cultural events take place outdoors. Street cafe tables appear in parks and on the streets. Nightclubs in Warsaw are also very popular.

Practical information
Every day something interesting happens in Warsaw. The main problem is to choose entertainment to your liking. An excellent source of information is the Friday issue of the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and its supplement So jest grane. Here you will find the program of cinemas and theaters, as well as reviews of performances and plays. There is also information about the program of nightclubs in the newspaper. The weekly Wprost and its biweekly supplement, Wprost i Kultura, will also be useful.

Many bars, restaurants and clubs distribute free flyers and booklets with the upcoming program. Pay attention to publications such as City Magazine and Aktivist, where not only the program is printed, but also reviews. In large hotels you will always find information in English. Take the booklet Warsaw: What, Where, When.

Naturally, an indispensable source of information is the Internet. Take a look at the websites,, Most theaters, cinemas and clubs have their own websites, the addresses of which can be found in advertising booklets and leaflets.

Purchase of tickets
Tickets can be purchased both directly at theater box offices and at specialized theater box offices - ZASP (Aleje Jerozolimskie, 25, tel.: +48-22-621-94-54). Tickets are also sold at EMPIC stores (Nowy Swiat, 15/17, tel.: +48-22-625-12-19; ​​Marszatkowska, 106/122, tel.: +48-22-551-44-37).

Opera and theater
The renovated stages of the National Philharmonic, the National Opera and the Bolshoi Theater meet the highest standards. Local performers perform here, as well as tours of foreign artists. You can listen to classical music in the Schuster Palace or at the Academy of Music in the Okólnik district. Here students play Chopin's music. Classical music concerts are also held at the palace in Wilanów, the Royal Castle and the relatively modern Ujazdowski Palace. In addition, concerts are regularly held in the Evangelical Reformed Church (Aleje Solidamosci). Excellent acoustics in the Warsaw Chamber Opera, where Mozart festivals are held. Concerts on Easter and Christmas are held in some Catholic churches.

Operettas are performed at the Roma Musical Theatre, musicals are staged at the Syrena (The Threepenny Opera), Rampa (The Magician of Lublin), Zydowski (Fiddler on the Roof) theaters. Even in such serious theaters as Drama or Ateneum, stars of folk music, jazz and rock music often perform. Concerts are also held in the Congress Hall.

Youth and experimental theater companies often perform in cultural centers or in the Old Arsenal (Stara Prochownia, ulica Bolesc, 2). Art exhibitions and jazz concerts are held in the former factory, now turned into a cultural complex Fabryka Trzciny (Okopowa, 14). The Nowy Praga Theater also operates here. For jazz lovers, the main event of the year is the Wujek Jazz Festival, where you can hear real improvisation.
Warsaw also has its own music hall - Małgorzata Potocka Sabat, in many ways reminiscent of pre-war cabarets Morskie Oko and Qui pro quo. Here you can not only have fun, but also have a good dinner.

Another interesting place is the Kordegarda gallery in the Krakow suburb. Art exhibitions are organized here, and in the evenings - concerts. Music has penetrated even the most respectable exhibition hall - the gallery "Zachenta". It hosts the International Festival of Contemporary Improvised Music. The gallery is tired of the classic, traditional role, so now it hosts exhibitions of innovative photographers and hosts the Art Photography Festival.

Finally, you can even listen to music at the Center for Contemporary Art in the Ujazdowski Palace. This hall is famous for its experimental installations and happenings. True lovers of the avant-garde come here.

In 1989, after the political situation in Poland changed, a new type of cinema began to appear in Warsaw - the so-called multiplexes. These are large rooms with many halls where several films are shown at once. There are such cinemas in almost every shopping center. Thousands of Warsaw residents are happy to combine shopping with watching a new movie.

More demanding audiences prefer elite cinemas, where author's and experimental films are shown in small halls. One such cinema is Muranow, operating under Lenin's slogan "Of all the arts, cinema is the most important for us." We can also recommend the cinemas Zbyszek and Gerard. After renovation, these are the coziest and most comfortable cinemas in Warsaw. Muranow has a small bookstore and movie cafe where you can discuss the movie after watching it. On Marshalkovskaya near the Savior Square there is a cinema Luna. Two of its halls have recently been renovated. Romantics and lovers come here, who really like double sofas.

The National Film Library has its own cinema, fluzjion, which has been operating for 50 years, although during this time it has changed location several times. In the end, "Illusion" was located in the building of the old cinema "Capital" (Nartutta, 50a) in the Mokotow district. Lovers of the old, communist repertoire come here. Illusion is famous for its film marathons, during which a wide variety of films are shown - old Hollywood melodramas, European, Polish and Latin American films. Silent films are accompanied by music played on the piano or organ. In addition, Illusion shows films stored in the National Film Library.

There are many clubs in Warsaw where you can listen to good music in a cozy atmosphere. One of the most interesting is Tygmont (Mazowiecka, 6–8). Real stars of Polish jazz perform here - Zbigniew Namyslovsky and Yaroslav Smetana. However, in the club you can just dance. The publishers of the most respected Polish jazz magazine Jazz Forum hold their festivals here.

Another club that enjoys an excellent reputation in the artistic community is Jadtodajnia Filozoficzna (Dobra ulica, 33). Not only concerts, but also dance evenings are held here. The club performs modern jazz, reggae, ethno and punk rock. Interesting club Metro Jazz Club (Marszałkowska, 99a). The famous Yan Ptashin Vrublevsky quartet performs on its stage.

We recommend visiting the Hybrydy club (Ztota, 7-9), located in the very center of the city. It has been in existence for 50 years. The club opened in 1957. Since then, the most famous jazz musicians from Poland and other countries have performed here. The multi-story building now houses an excellent Cafe Vogue restaurant, several bars and a club where soul, funk and Latino music reigns.

Club Piekarnia (Młocnska, 11) is not distinguished by strict rules. Local and foreign DJs and bands perform here. In this club you can hear music from all over the world.

Club Organza (Sienkiewicza, 4) is chosen by those who want to hide from everyday life. A cozy, unique atmosphere reigns in the hall. An additional room is open on weekends.

The superbly located club Le Madame (Kozla, 12, very close to Rue Freta) is the center of independent, avant-garde music. Here you can see solo performances for one actor, performances by youth theaters from other cities in Poland.

Techno music is played in the CDQ club (Burakowska 22).

One of the most popular discos in Warsaw is Quo Vadis located in the Palace of Culture and Science. It plays commercial music and is always crowded, despite the high prices. It will be nice to dance on a day off at the Tango&Cash club (Aleje Jerozolimskie). The disco has a large dance floor and cozy bars on every level.

Classical disco music is played at the Park disco (Aleja Nie-podlegtosci, 196). Styles change depending on the day of the week: on Mondays - dance music, on Tuesdays - metal. The club is inexpensive and quite safe.
Ground Zero (Wspólna, 62) was one of the first clubs in Warsaw. It was founded by two Americans, using for this purpose the premises of a nuclear shelter connected to the Palace of Culture and Science by an underground passage. In this disco, a variety of music sounds and various concerts are held. Both Polish and foreign artists perform in the club.
The Lokomotywa disco is located in a former foundry (Kolejowa, 37–39). This is a great place for techno music lovers. Particularly pleased with the moderate prices for drinks.

Don't miss the Stodota disco (Batorego, 10a). Students have been gathering here for several generations, and the tradition has not died to this day.

The repertoire is predominantly rock and pop music, although you can also hear something else.

Dance halls and casinos
Dancing to live music, light snacks and alcohol is a long tradition in Warsaw, which, unfortunately, has now almost disappeared. Dances in the old sense of the word are sometimes arranged on the Marshalkowski in the restaurant "Budapest". They are trying to revive this tradition in the Gromada restaurant. On weekends, people in their 50s and 60s often dance here.
Players will feel quite comfortable in Warsaw. Casinos operate in the Marriott and Polonia hotels on Jerusalem Alleys, as well as in the Gromada Hotel on Warsaw Insurgents Square.

Gambling establishments are also located in the hotels of the Orbis chain: Grand (Krucza), Sofitel Victoria Warsaw (Królewska).
From spring to autumn, you can try your luck at the races held at the Słuzewiec hippodrome, a great place for fans of such entertainment.

Outdoor activities
During the summer, many events take place in the squares and parks of Warsaw. Students of local universities take part in the Juvenalia festival, which is held on the fields of Agrikpola or Mokotowskie.

But the most interesting events take place in January - these are the concerts of the Grand Christmas Charity Orchestra. Proceeds from the concerts go to charity. Thousands of people gather on Paradov Square and in front of the Polish Radio and Television House on Voronicza Street in Mokotow.

Less emotional but no less interesting events are historical shows. On Nowy Świat Street, you can see people in historical costumes reenacting the events of a November night in 1830, when a group of military school cadets broke into the Belvedere Palace and proclaimed the start of the November Uprising. Another interesting performance associated with this uprising is the heroic battle near Olszynka Grochowska. The battle in which the Polish light cavalry fought the Russian army is played out in Skaryszewski Park. Participants are in awe of the historical authenticity of their costumes and weapons. They are advised by the staff of the Museum of the Polish Army. People who came from different parts of Poland, from Russia and Lithuania take part in the historical battle.

Unfortunately, festivals dedicated to the colorful Slavic customs are not popular now. They are only interesting for schoolchildren and tourists, although Slavic traditions still remain at the center of trade fairs, where you can buy dry herbs, talismans and honey.

Autumn is the time for ecological picnics. On Earth Day, activists of environmental clubs hold various events dedicated to environmental protection.

Jazz festivals

During the harshest communist times, Warsaw was famous for the most original festival in Eastern Europe, in which real stars took part. Now the most prestigious international jazz festival is fazz jamboree. The idea of ​​such a festival originated in the Hybrydy club at 1958. At first, it united only a few lovers of jazz music. In September of the same year, a rather modest festival was held at the student club Stodofa. The name of the festival was coined by the leader of the Polish beatniks, the writer Leopold Tyrmand. Soon the concerts of the festival began to be held at the National Philharmonic, and since 1965 - in the Congress Hall of the Palace of Culture and Science. The festival was attended by real stars - Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck, Benny Goldman and the Manhattan Transfer ensemble, as well as famous Polish jazz players - Nagorny, Urbanyak, Stanko and Muniak. Festivals turned into a real school for the exchange of experience. Young musicians tried to approach the standards of true masters. The Polish composer Krzysztof Komeda also honed his art at this festival. It was here that he composed his famous lullaby for Rosemary's Baby.

Warsaw confirms its reputation as the Slavonic capital of jazz with numerous festivals and concerts. In the early 90s, the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days festival was organized. If jazz jamboree is a festival of traditional jazz, then during jazz Days you can hear the most modern music. The festival takes place in the Congress Hall at the end of June. The day before the final concert, a grand outdoor concert is held.

The International Outdoor Jazz Festival is held in the Old Town Market Square. For two months, thousands of people gather for free outdoor concerts. Polish and foreign artists take part in the festival. The main task of the musicians is to promote jazz in all its forms, be it swing, fusion, latino, ethno or modern. During the year, 40,000 people attend jazz concerts in Warsaw, making the festival the largest musical event in Poland. In Europe, only the Paris Jazz Festival can compete with it. In the summer of 2004, the Tenth Warsaw International Jazz Festival took place.
For several years, Warsaw has hosted the Era jazz festival. This festival originated in Poznań. Its main idea is mobility. That's why concerts move from place to place. In Warsaw, festival concerts are held in the Congress Hall and the National Philharmonic.

On the Vistula, even Chopin's music is performed in jazz rhythms. At the Chopiniana Festival, which takes place in the Mokotowskie Polje, jazz musicians amaze the audience with brilliant improvisations.

Jazz clubs host jam sessions and concerts. The musicians freely improvise in a cozy atmosphere. But these clubs know their ups and downs. A few years ago, the building that housed the Aquarium club was demolished, and a new skyscraper appeared in its place. The club "Remont" on Varynskogo Street was more fortunate. Although the building has been rebuilt more than once, students of the Technical University still gather here. Newly emerged clubs keep old traditions. This applies to the Tygmont club, where festivals and concerts are organized by the publishers of the reputable jazz Forum magazine.

You can diversify your walks in historical places and museums by visiting various entertainment centers and shops. In the very center of the city, the Warsaw Zoo is located, which will be a great place for a family holiday. The enclosures are home to many rare animals that were brought to the zoo from exotic countries. For young visitors, there are interesting excursions and events, during which children can learn a lot of interesting things about the peculiarities of the mysterious world of animals.

Fans of water activities will love the Wodny Park water park, located in a suburban area of ​​Warsaw. On its territory there are not only fun rides, pools and slides, but also a Russian bath, several health rooms and a fitness center. The main pride of the center is the swimming pool, the parameters of which fully comply with the Olympic standards. Fans of elite sports should visit Golf Parks Poland. In addition to high-class sports grounds, there is an excellent store offering visitors to purchase sports equipment, as well as a cozy bar, which is perfect for relaxing after training. Champ Tennis is considered the most popular tennis club in Warsaw. It is located in a beautiful garden and also offers its guests a lot of opportunities for recreation.

Numerous night clubs and bars await guests after dark. Tygmont jazz club remains a popular place for music lovers and dance lovers. Several times a week it hosts performances by popular jazz bands and interesting themed parties. Guests can enjoy not only their favorite music, but also excellent treats and signature cocktails at the bar. Copyright

Shoppers will not be bored either, as there are large shopping malls, elite boutiques and colorful markets in Warsaw. The largest shopping center in the city is Arkadia, with more than 200 stores, as well as about 30 coffee shops and restaurants. In the Blue City center, in addition to various shops, souvenir shops and restaurants, there is an excellent entertainment center for children called Magic City. For souvenirs, it is best to go to the Cepelia store, which presents the work of local artisans. Interesting home decorations, amulets and handmade national clothes will be the best memorable gifts.

Another popular activity is kayaking on the Vistula River. Tours of this kind are offered by Kajak W Stolicy and naKajak. Having tried kayaking, you can diversify your leisure time and get a lot of pleasant impressions. Just like riding a luxury yacht on a beautiful river, which in some way has become synonymous with beauty. And if there is beauty, then it is definitely worth looking at - and, of course, I would like to do this for eternity. But you should at least do it a little, for this you should use the services of Po Wisle, Miami wars, Warsaw Boat Party or Loewentin - companies that have the best cruise ships at their disposal.

You can visit Plaża nad Wisłą, which offers beautiful views of the Old Town bathed in the Warsaw sun - and the spectacle, it should be noted, is extraordinarily amazing. This is a great place for both sunbathing and picnicking. Another picturesque place is Gorka Szczesliwicka. Here the views are amazing from the very first minutes - we can say that this is it, that same love at first sight. It is especially good to take a walk here with your soulmate, and in winter it becomes a favorite place for skiing enthusiasts.

20 restaurants overlooking the rooftops of St. Petersburg

20 restaurants overlooking the rooftops of St. Petersburg

restaurant Terrassa

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restaurant "Moscow"

A photo:


A photo: vk. com

Big Kitchen Restaurant

A photo:

Moskva restaurant

A photo:

Mansarda Restaurant

A photo:


A photo:

Yunost Restaurant

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Restaurant Barashki 18+

The stylish and cozy Barashki restaurant with a view of the ancient roofs and the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral invites you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

st. Efimova, 2 (TC "Peak", 5th floor)

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Restaurant Terrassa 0+

The restaurant is located on one of the tallest buildings in the city center. Its spacious terrace offers breathtaking views of Venice of the North. Here you can order a dish of any cuisine of the world, and in winter you can even go ice skating.

st. Kazanskaya, 3A
Bellevue Restaurant

Panoramic restaurant with stunning views of the very center of St. Petersburg.

emb. river Moika, 22
Restaurant "Mansarda" 0+

The restaurant offers an incredible panoramic view of St. Isaac's Cathedral and the historical center of St. Petersburg.

st. Pochtamtskaya, 3-5


Restaurant "Sails on the Roof"

The panoramic restaurant is located on the 10th floor of the tallest building on the Petrograd side. While you enjoy aromatic coffee, breathtaking views of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Peter and Paul Fortress and the countless rooftops of St. Petersburg open up to your eyes.

st. Leo Tolstoy, 9
Wine bar "Sky and wine"

Sky and Wine Wine Bar is a democratic wine bar in Kolomna, the same “Petersburg of Dostoevsky”. The institution is located on the roof of the creative space "Palma" and offers visitors to try tapas, pizza, pasta, salads, soups, hot dishes, desserts or breakfasts and drink tea, lemonade or wine with a panoramic view of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

Pirogova, 18
Fondue Restaurant "Attic of the Artist" 0+

Atmospheric "Attic of the Artist" is located in the contemporary art gallery of the same name. Here you can try fondue, which is made from different combinations of cheeses: each blend has a unique taste. And also admire the panoramic views of the city and communicate with creative people.

st. Lomonosova, 1/28
Luce Restaurant

On the top floor of the boutique gallery "Grand Palace" there is a panoramic restaurant Luce.

st. Italian, 15
Restaurant "Gastronomica"

The restaurant in the historic center of the city is located on the 6th floor of the Olympic Plaza shopping complex. Guests of Gastronomika can enjoy a varied menu with modern cuisine, a colorful interior and an excellent view from the window.

st. Marata, d. 5/21
Jungle Cafe

Rooftop in the center of St. Petersburg with a view of the Kazan Cathedral and the Singer House, where the real jungle is green, and guests are offered author's variations of popular Asian dishes. The menu features Asian dishes such as salad with grapefruit and tamarind dressing, Korean cold kuksi soup with roast beef and poke with tuna, mango and Anticucho sauce.

set Griboyedov Canal, 18-20


Restaurant "Big Kitchen"

A huge restaurant is located on the top floor of the Galeria shopping center. The observation deck offers stunning views of the city. A summer terrace with an open kitchen and a stage awaits lovers of romance and author's cuisine.

Ligovsky prospekt, 30A
Restaurant "Youth"

The restaurant is located on the fifth and sixth floors of the shopping center on Savushkina Street in the Primorsky District, from where you can see the Lakhta Center skyscraper, the Zenit Arena stadium and the Ferris wheel in the Central Park of Culture and Culture. The establishment specializes in Georgian cuisine: here they offer to try both classics, such as khachapuri from Aunt Eliso or fragrant ajapsandal, as well as author's variations - sheep's cheese with raisins or cherry plum with tarragon, red wine, chips and duck. For young visitors there is a children's room with educational games.

st. Savushkina, 21
Restaurant "Moscow" 0+

The panoramic restaurant is known for its romantic views of the city and an extensive menu featuring cuisines from around the world.

Ave. Nevsky, 114
Restaurant R14 18+

Ryba Restaurant is a place where you can enjoy excellent Italian cuisine in a romantic and inviting atmosphere. The institution settled on the seventh floor of the retail and office complex River House.

st. Academician Pavlova, 5

A view terrace with affordable prices is located on the roof of the Renaissance St. Petersburg Baltic hotel. The new menu includes a variety of snacks and European cuisine, as well as a wide range of grilled meat dishes. On any day, you can come here for a late breakfast until 14:00 and drink coffee with a view of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

st. Pochtamtskaya, 4
Restaurant "Scarlet Sails" 18+

Restaurant "Scarlet Sails" is located opposite the Peter and Paul Fortress. After a walk through the historical places of the city, you can relax here, drink tea and eat, admiring the majestic panorama of the Neva and the famous sights of the city.

Kronverkskaya emb., 3a
Restaurant "Roof 18" 0+

The loft-style restaurant attracts visitors with its spectacular design and, of course, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the city. The open-air dance floor is dominated by music of different genres. On the menu you will find popular hits of European cuisine, grilled dishes and all kinds of cocktails made from very unusual ingredients.

emb. Petrogradskaya, 18
Block Restaurant 18+

Carlson lives on the roof in Stockholm, and Blok lives in St. Petersburg. The restaurant occupies the fourth floor of the "Leningrad Center" in the Tauride Garden and attracts guests with two open terraces. The menu contains mainly meat dishes, half of which can be tasted only in Blok. Local celebrities and visiting stars often drop in here, so be prepared for a high price tag.

st. Potemkinskaya, 4
The Hat Bar

In summer, The Hat Bar, a 1950s-style jazz bar that used to have only standing room, opens its rooftop veranda. On the site you can enjoy drinks in a chamber atmosphere with a beautiful view of the city rooftops, and listen to jazz music in the evenings.

st. Belinsky, d. 6


Panoramic restaurant NEVESOMOST 18+

What is weightlessness for you? Freedom and a sense of flight? Scenic views that cannot be found on earth? Guests of the NEVESOMOST restaurant rise above the bustle of the city, admire the romantic panorama of old St.

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