How to learn footwork dance

7 Tips That Will Take Your Footwork To The Next Level

Footwork is ESSENTIAL when you dance!

If you’re not moving your feet, then you’re not utilizing your whole body to create a complete movement!

Keone, Bam, and Lyle can show you just how effective footwork can be – ON ITS OWN:

So how do we train our feet and legs to take our freestyle and choreography to the next level?

Or even just to move ‘em naturally so we don’t look so stiff?!

We’ve got 7 training tips that you should start doing today to take you from footwork.. to foot-werrrrk.

1. Know where your weight is

Let’s start with the basics – stabilizing your balance.

To do this, feel how your weight is distributed through each move.

For example, if you have to lift your left foot up, then most of your weight should be on your right foot.

Maintain a sturdy base the next time you dance and you’ll notice how much more controlled your bottom half is!

Play around with different positions, whether it’s on one foot or both, so you get comfortable with where your weight is and how to shift between them.

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2. Stay on the balls of your feet

When we asked Carlo Darang for tips for his fast-moving pieces, here’s what he had to share.

"Always try to be light-footed and ready to move from one part of the floor to another!

If you dance on your toes and heels and not set everything your entire foot, then it’s kind of like jump-roping – you’ll be ready to jump from one place to another.

This skill is like a triple-threat for basketball players, or even your ready stance for football players… for us dancers, it’s the same thing, same idea – be in a position where it’s easy for you to go anywhere."

So when you’re dancing, don’t always be flat footed! Being on the balls of your feet will help you spring and rebound off the floor much more easily.

Watch him in action in his STEEZY Studio class!

Thanks for the tips, Carlo!

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3. Take it high and low

Footwork doesn’t just involve your FEET.

You can utilize your LEGS to can take your body to different levels and make your changes look more drastic.

Bend your knees to dip it low (cue Christina Milian~) and releve to reach up high.

The more burn you feel in your thighs and calves, the more dynamic your dancing is. Just kidding.

But do incorporate high and low levels to jazz up your dancing!

4. Don’t be afraid of the floor

I’m one of those people that groan when the choreographer says “there’s a little bit of floorwork..”

But once I do it, I realize how awesome it is.

For starters, it trains your athleticism by taking your body out of its comfort zone of being upright.

Second, it makes the piece look so much more dynamic because that whole level change to get to the floor is a chance to do something cool.

And lastly, working with the floor opens up a whole new door for creative choreography concepts!

You can use your hands to trace things on the floor, lay down flat and do some synchronized-swimming-esque leg movements, swivel around on your knees.

It’s like having a dance partner to work off of – except your partner is flat and unmoving.

For inspiration, check out how Chris Martin plays with the floor in his STEEZY Studio piece:

5. Travel!

Using your legs means that you can MOOOOVE.

Like literally. Move across the floor.

Get out of your box and use steps to travel! It’ll add another dimension to your dancing and bring the audience along with you for the ride.

When you’re choreographing, try challenging yourself for a segment to come up with a way to dance from point A to point B maybe 10 feet away.

When you freestyle and feel yourself repeating the same steps you can utilize those same steps but change them in direction to travel!

6. Drill steps

Drill steps that you find in footwork-heavy styles like House and B-boying.

A big key here is repetition.

If you do the loose leg or 6-step a zillion times, then your feet are going to become conditioned to move in those combinations without you even trying.

This will also allow you to be more creative with variations of those steps!

So when you encounter a tricky step or piece of footwork, don’t just get through it but master it so you’ll be ready for next time.

7. Polish your turns

A sloppy turn can totally ruin the flow of a piece. You don’t want to clumsily jump out of a turn!

Here are some tips to make your turns clean:

Engage your core musclesImagine a line from the ceiling to your head, to your toes, to the floor.

You want to stay in that alignment as you visualize your turn – Plie for leverage, Spot!

TURN UP your piece or freestyle with some clean ass turns!

Same as any other step, turns just take a lot of repetition to master.

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Ready to get those feet moving? Comment below with something that helps you with your footwork!

We recommend Ray Basa, Julian Sena, Carlo Darang, or Paul Ross’ classes on STEEZY Studio to train for quicker, more dynamic footwork.

Happy (feet) learning!

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In the Breakdance heading, free video lessons on this dance are collected. Breakdance is a street dance, one of the currents of hip-hop culture. A dancer's clothing typically combines comfort, freedom of movement and style. Music - Funck, Breaks, Electro, Rap, etc. Break dance requires special, almost acrobatic, physical preparation and great endurance of the dancer. Many of its elements are very technically difficult, this is one of the most extreme dances. Usually includes such elements as rotations on the head, jumps on one hand, revolutions on the hands, twisting of the legs relying on the hands and others. The dance is judged by the quality of the performance of the upper and lower breakdance. Learning to breakdance with video lessons online will be useful for both beginners and more experienced dancers. You can watch video lessons from the Breakdance category for free at any convenient time. Some video tutorials on Breakdance have additional learning materials that can be downloaded. Happy learning!

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Video “Break dance for beginners. Barrel" is devoted to the question of how to perform the Barrel element. If you still don’t know how to make a helix, at least 5-6 revolutions, then you’d better not try the barrel roll, because you won’t be able to swing your legs correctly and you won’t understand how to move your shoulders, i.e. It will be very difficult for you. The entry in the barrel is the same as in the gelek. We stand on our hands and swing our legs. But when we go on the back, we perform the movement with our feet. Make sure that you are spinning on your back by inertia...

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If you have high-quality video lessons that are not on our site, then you can add them to our collection. To do this, you need to upload them to a video hosting (for example, YouTube) and add the video code to the form for adding lessons. The ability to add your own content is only available to registered users.

House dance lessons - dynamics and a special manner of performance

House dance is a moving dance to house music, which originated in the 80s in clubs in New York and Chicago. House dance is based on three main techniques - footwork / footwork, jacking / jacking, stomping / stomping and lofting / lofting (“footwork”, “bodywork”, “jumping elements” and “work on the ground”, respectively). Thus, the house is an impromptu combination of fast steps with body work and movements on the court.

House attracts primarily with its dynamics and special manner of performance, which is based on the ability to perceive and interpret music, as well as on the feelings and emotions of the dancers. The musical style of electro-house appeared on the basis of funk.

Why attend house lessons?

If you still don't know whether to choose this particular style for learning, then most likely you are not well informed about the benefits of practicing this dance.

House is a very moving dance. Regular training will correct the figure, because it is very difficult to gain excess weight, being in constant and dynamic movement.

As a rule, active training and regular physical exercises stretch and strengthen the muscles. And if you work at the office at the computer, then dancing is not only useful, but also vital, as it will save you from such consequences of sedentary work as blues, stiff muscles and weak muscles.

Dance teaches you how to properly distribute energy. Throwing out the accumulated negativity and feelings, you will definitely cheer yourself up and relieve yourself of stress.

We guarantee that you will get a lot of drive from fast movements, perky music and the feeling that you are one step closer to your goal.

House dance lessons at Brooklyn Dance School

Learning the correct movements and mastering the dance style can only be done with the help of professional teachers. We explain the principles and movements to our students, help them cope with mistakes, develop their own individual style and achieve success.

You will need comfortable clothing to practice. Since house is a fairly democratic street dance style, sweatpants, shorts or leggings that will not restrict movement, t-shirts, tops or long-sleeved turtlenecks are best suited if you are afraid of freezing. As shoes, it is best to take sneakers or sneakers.

Brooklyn Dance School has three branches in Chelyabinsk, which are located in the Center, on Severka and in Churilovo. We invite everyone to sign up for house dance training. You can find out all the information you are interested in by calling the single reference number +7 (351) 223-6-224 during business hours.

Learn more