How to learn exotic dancing

Exotic Dance Academy - How to start exotic pole dancing?

If you are looking to learn exotic pole dancing, you’ve come to the right place. 

Typically, when you start a pole dancing journey, it begins with pole fitness. Once you learn the basics and start exploring the pole dancing world, you will discover so many different styles you could follow.

Some polers will remain in the pole-fitness / pole-sports team, dancing barefoot, and focusing on the athletic aspect of the pole. Others become curious about exotic pole dancing and heels. Fascination with Exotic styles can happen at any point of your pole journey.

It can be a challenging transition, even for an advanced poler. Pole Fitness is difficult by default; now suddenly, you have to manage heels as well. And on top of executing tricks, you have to learn to dance and feel the music. 

During typical pole fitness classes, it’s quite common to perform very little dancing, if any (hence they are called pole fitness, duh). You learn how to enter a pole trick, how to make it look nice, how to dismount and try not to die. Then you will do some combos, but that’s about it. Especially in smaller studios or places where pole dancing is not so popular, the selection of classes can be limited. 

So, how the f!$£* am I supposed to learn how to dance? 

In this post, I will dive into two main problems I hear very often:

  • “How to start with these bloody heels?”
  • “…. but I can’t dance!”

How to learn to dance in heels? 

Let’s start with the shoes; exotic pole dancing as a dance style the way we see it nowadays, developed mainly because of shoes. They are like pointe shoes for ballerinas. And they are so much fun! 💕

Often, even a very advanced poler will look a little wobbly wearing them for the first time, and it’s easy to get discouraged. But just like with pointe shoes, your feet, calves, and ankles need to develop some strength, and it’s completely normal to feel like Bambi for a while! 

The good news is, that every time you wear them and practice pointing your toes, you are developing that strength.  

It is also essential to pick the right shoes that are comfortable and safe.

So how do I learn exotic pole dancing in heels? By learning how to walk and move in heels! Practicing pivots, pirouettes, sliding plié, and even sitting/kneeling on the floor. Yes, your feet have to get used to that too! Transitions from standing to coming down on the floor, coming back up with and without the pole, etc. All this will help you get more confident in your heels.

Once you progress, you can add exercises that will help you develop beautiful pointe which is so important in some exotic pole dancing styles. You can find pointe conditioning exercises specifically for exotic pole on our platform! 

What about:

I want to learn exotic pole dancing, but I can’t dance!

Well, yes, some people are a bit more coordinated than others. Yes, for some, this can come more naturally. However, one of the main problems with dancing is the fact many “non-dancing” polers get discouraged too easily.

Pole “dancing” may sometimes seem easier than tricks, especially the “basic” stuff, so our expectations are in line with that.

Sometimes we do not appreciate it’s not as easy as it looks, and we should be as patient as we have been with everything else in our pole journey. How long did it take you to learn an invert or a shoulder mount? Yes, dance elements require less strength, but the difficulties are somewhere else and may take a similar amount of effort and time! 

The best way to learn exotic pole dancing is to practice, practice, and practice basic exotic dance moves, paying attention to the technique. With that repetition comes muscle memory and correct movement patterns, and it will all start to become more and more fluid! I promise you, it gets easier with time. 

If you are looking to learn exotic pole dancing, you’ve come to the right place. With our unique methodology and a bunch of tutorials that cover:

  • All the Exotic Fundamentals; 
  • All Basic Exotic Elements
  • On & off the pole transitions
  • Basic Exotic Floorwork


You will become an exotic goddess! 

All broken down and explained in detail. They will help even the most “uncoordinated” creatures looking to start exotic. Fair warning – after completing it, you won’t be able to complain anymore that you can’t move, you will become dangerously sexy, and it’s seriously addictive. Just saying!

Exotic Dance Academy - Learn Exotic Pole Online

Exotic Dance Academy - Learn Exotic Pole Online

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you want to be.

The online exotic & floorwork lessons you were waiting for.


All the basics you need—from single moves and transitions through combos & tricks, to your first routines! Get started with thorough explanations, packed with tips. Are you ready to become an exotic queen? Careful, it’s addictive.


Exotic addicts and instructors, this platform the place to be! Learn unique combos, tricks, and transitions that will drastically improve your dancing. Full choreographies in different styles (exotic flow, hard) will keep you constantly inspired.


No pole? No problem.

Welcome to the comprehensive floorwork tutorials you’ve been waiting for. With proper guidance through every step of the way, we’ll teach you all the basics.

Looking for advanced floorwork tricks and dynamic frame-up choreographies? We’ve got you covered.


Discover chair dancing!
Doesn’t require much space or equipment. Just you mastering how to move and feel incredible and… a chair. Are you ready?


Get all the hot tips for your exotic journey from looking after pole dancing shoes to the greatest Russian exotic secrets, revealed. Learn a touch of theory that’ll prove to be a real game changer.


Work on strength, lines, and flexibility. Get beautiful arches and strong pointe.

Warm-up and work out with us—follow along workout-style videos specially curated to exotic pole & strip. No pole necessary.

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I love the choreographies. When I am lacking motivation I just log in and practice my favorites


The best lessons for exotic beginners. I tried different schools and teachers but it wasn’t even close to exoticacademy. I need special care :p


After I signed up I was totally blown away by the number of lessons! Then I was blown away once again when I tried them.


I am self-taught exotic poler and this website helped me tremendously. You guys are doing such a great job.


I rarely take time to post feedback but this site is just dope. So happy I found it.


Videos are very professional, everything is thoroughly explained, I love it!


OMG finally I have found a website to learn sexy pole from home <3


I have been training with your lessons for a few weeks and I see the difference in my dancing already. So many details I didn’t pay attention to before, now I am getting better and better.

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We talk about five exotic dance styles in the city

The IMC author found five exotic dance styles in Yekaterinburg: from African dance to acrobatic exercises on canvases.

African dances

It turns out that there are studios in Yekaterinburg where everyone can learn African and Afro-Peruvian dances. African dance is considered to be the oldest form of choreography in the world. There are many varieties of traditional African dances: warrior dances, initiation dances, hunters' dances, love dances, harvest dances, a welcome dance in honor of a dear guest, dances that summon spirits and dances of healing.

Dances from Africa are also characterized by movements not in pairs, but not solo either: usually in African tribes, group performances are divided by gender (men dance for women, women for men). Also an important feature of African dance is the presence of percussion instruments, the inhabitants of the southern continent do not play the drum for the simple performance of music, the drum for them is a synonym for movement. The dance school Elcuba will teach the entire complex of dances of the peoples of Africa, as well as the dancer from Mexico, Talia Tello, will help to master the Afro-Peruvian styles (information in the Vkontakte group).

Indian dances

One of the oldest choreographic styles dates back 5000 years, having started as a ritual dedicated to Lord Shiva. Classical dance in India is considered one of the forms of yoga, which embodies the unity of the physical and spiritual.

Indian dances are a variety of styles. The most common types are the grace of temple art (Odissi style), the elegance of palace festivals (Kathak style), as well as what we are used to seeing in Indian cinema (Bollywood style). The art of controlling emotions brings Indian dance closer to the art of theater, and the plots of living myths and legends connect ancient times with modern times with an invisible thread. Indian dance studios "Jagannath" and "Santosh" are invited to learn the exotic direction.

Canvas dancing

In the studios of canvas dancing and aerial gymnastics today everyone can feel like a circus gymnast, and in specialized schools you will be taught graceful flight and pirouettes on the aerial ring.

It is difficult to determine the exact origin of this art form. The origins of the dance direction arose in the 17th century in China: gymnasts performed their tricks suspended on belts. But aerial acrobatics as a direction could only appear in the 20th century, when synthetic fabrics were invented that can withstand the weight of a person.

Classes in such schools combine choreography, sports and acrobatic elements. Regular training will help develop flexibility, agility, endurance, strength skills, and the ability to balance. In today's trendy direction, the pole dance studio "Invasion" and the pole dance studio Poleart are waiting for you.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a couples dance that has its origins in Lindy Hop. The direction refers to social dances such as hustle, salsa or boogie-woogie. West Coast Swing is distinguished by its softness, smoothness and

musicality. You can dance it in a club, at a house party, in a cafe and on the street. The dance has a characteristic feature - to dance "in a narrow corridor" (dancing in a slot), and this does not require much space.

The history of dance goes back to the musical trends that were popular in the 1940s and 50s, later combined into rock and roll. As an independent direction, West Coast Swing broke away only in the 1980s and continues to evolve, adapting to modern music, fashion, and the latest dance trends. In Russia, dance has become popular only in the last few years. In Yekaterinburg, a new pair direction will be taught at the PROJECT dance studio and at the GallaDance dance club.

Quickstep or Fast Foxtrot

Quickstep is one of the five dances of the European program in ballroom dancing. Like the foxtrot, the dance is included in the standard European competition program. The quickstep is called the dance of joy because of its perky nature, and today it is the most fun and carefree dance. Its movements are simple, beginners will not find it difficult to master them, and for dance masters, the fast foxtrot will be of interest to the richness of variations and improvisations.

The first dancers of quickstep were Africans, they performed the dance during the First World War in the suburbs of New York. The origin of the quickstep is connected with the foxtrot. In the 20s of the last century, these two dance directions diverged, the foxtrot tempo became slower, and the quickstep became its fast variety. The dance was standardized in 1927, but today's quickstep is no longer the same as the one danced in the 1920s. You can learn the basics of joyful dance in Yekaterinburg at the Shar Academy of Arts and at Alla Glukhova's dance school.

10 tips for beginners to know

1. What is the essence of poledance?

Poledance is a dance that combines elements of choreography, acrobatics and gymnastics. Do not confuse Poledance with the usual striptease or strip plastic, because during this sport there is a significant physical load. It's like gymnastics on the bar, only the pole is upright.

Pole dancing is especially suitable for women who often slouch. It has a good effect on muscles and joints. Therefore, by exercising regularly, you will achieve a beautiful posture and, as a result, an easy gait.

2. How does this affect my body? Why is poledance good for health?

Pole is a great exerciser for arms, legs, back and abs. Poledance not only helps to get rid of complexes, it teaches you to move beautifully, improves stretching and endurance, and also helps to lose weight and make your figure slim. During the exercises on the pole, you lose a large number of calories, the muscles are tightened and strengthened. Active movements speed up the metabolism, thus increasing energy consumption and forming a beautiful body. This happens almost imperceptibly, because during the dance it is much more interesting to form relief muscles and beautiful skin than sweating in the gym.

3. What do I need to bring to my first poledance class?

Pole dancing involves serious physical activity. Therefore, before each lesson, we warm up all the muscles of the body, joints, do stretching exercises. This requires clothing that will cover the entire body, thereby retaining more heat. Therefore, for a warm-up, we recommend using long T-shirts, T-shirts, leggings, leggings. A good warm-up, when all muscles, ligaments and joints are involved, allows you to avoid serious injuries and sprains.

In addition to warm-up clothes, you need to have a uniform for training - a short top and short shorts. The body must be in constant contact with the pole, so this is the kind of equipment that is needed. In long clothes, you will not be able to stay on the pole.

4. How are the poledance classes at your school?

All our classes begin with a warm-up. First comes a set of exercises for warming up the muscles, then stretching and flexibility exercises, then for strength in the arms, back, etc. Next, we proceed directly to classes with the pylon.

Pole dancing requires a special approach. Our teachers work with students who have different physical fitness and expectations from the lessons. In our classes, we learn tricks, twists, stalls (dance on the floor, near the pole) and learn to combine all this into a beautiful, graceful, feminine and sexy dance.

In our school, you can start poledance without being physically fit. The program of our classes is designed so that you first master the basics with a gradual increase in intensity and load. You yourself will not notice how, after a few lessons, you will already be able to perform tricks that previously seemed unrealistic.

5. How is the Polepassion school different from other similar schools in Kyiv?

Polepassion classes are held in small groups of up to 7 people. When attending a poledance class, you can be sure that no one else will take your pole! You will dance on it 100% of the time, that is, a whole hour.

Teachers, true professionals and experts in love with their work, as well as an individual approach distinguishes our school from others of its kind. These benefits allow you to exercise effectively while developing strength, sexuality and flexibility!

We have an affordable price! You can sign up for a trial class to see if you want to continue with poledance. You will have the opportunity, for a nominal fee, to try your hand at the art of pole dancing, and then make an informed decision. Check out all the necessary information on our website, look at the photos - we are waiting for your call!

6. Tell us about CrossFit training - what is it and what are they for?

CrossFit - a word of English origin: cross - cross, combine, force; fit - in good shape, strong, healthy. There is no exact analogue of the word crossfit in Russian. CrossFit is a broad concept, it is a set of training, a fitness exercise program designed to work with all muscle groups, which brings up the strength and endurance of an athlete.

When the need arose for training suitable for any sport and people of all fitness levels, CrossFit was born. This technique includes the techniques of such sports areas as light and weightlifting, gymnastics, bodybuilding, powerlifting.

CrossFit is a complex of trainings for the work of various muscle groups (sometimes several at the same time) with high intensity. CrossFit develops not only the muscles of the athlete, but also trains the heart muscle, respiratory system and brings up the overall endurance of the body.

7. Don't you think CrossFit is too aggressive for the female body?

Many women feel that CrossFit exercises are not suitable for their fragile bodies and they will not be able to withstand training. Fortunately, these fears are unfounded. You can train, having any physical fitness, and at any age. You have the opportunity to independently select a load for yourself, based on your own feelings.

How useful is CrossFit for women? A variety of exercises and the high intensity of their implementation affects the metabolic rate, so the body begins to actively burn subcutaneous fat. Interestingly, this state is maintained even after the end of classes, for several more hours. CrossFit for women is an effective way to quickly get rid of excess weight and put your body in order.

8. Are there any health restrictions, such as CrossFit? How do you follow this?

Given the high intensity of this set of exercises, of course, there is an extensive list of contraindications. Simply put, CrossFit can be done by those whose health does not cause any concern. However, below we provide a list of contraindications when it is absolutely impossible to do CrossFit:
• Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding period;
• Any recent trauma;
• Recent surgery;
• Pathology of the musculoskeletal system;

Do not underestimate the upcoming load and before deciding to do CrossFit, you should consult a doctor.

Before class, the trainer asks about various illnesses/injuries/general fitness; then he explains safety precautions, and before starting the lesson, he shows how to perform all the exercises: how to do push-ups, pump the press, legs, etc. correctly.

9. Tell us about exotic poledance? What is this direction and what benefits does it bring to the body?

Pole Dance Exotic - one of the types of pole dance, aimed not only at the study of tricks and dance sequences on the pole, but also at the development of plasticity and sexuality. Pole dance exotic (floor dance exotic) includes the study of the elements of strip plastic and strip dance.

Exotic Pauldance is, first of all, a dance that symbolizes women's freedom, joy, femininity, theatricality and artistry. All women who want to discover new facets of their character and their sexuality, regardless of age, height and configuration, can practice this dance .

10. Do I need to have some basic physical fitness to practice pole dancing? How do you select students for your school?

Being physically fit is an advantage, but not a requirement to start training. Most people who have expressed a desire to take up pole dancing have no sports or dance experience. In the classes, we pay attention to general and special physical training, as a result of which you get an excellent sports shape, improve your physical abilities and easily perform tricks that previously seemed impossible.

Recommendations for beginners:
You need to be prepared for difficulties, especially at first.

Learn more