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Have you ever tried African dance? It’s non stop movement and non stop sweat. If you’ve wanted to try African dance, but can’t find a dance class near you… fear not, I’ve compiled the best African dance tutorials on YouTube ??Now you can try it at home and experience the fun for yourself.

When I hear that drum beat, my feet are ready to move and they keep moving until I’m drenched with sweat! African dance is jumping, waving, squats, levels, small and big movements and it’s so fun. When you take an African dance class, you allow yourself to release. You release positivity with the movements, you release tension from your body and you just become vulnerable. It’s a wonderful experience, but we’re not all lucky to have diverse dance classes close by right? Luckily, YouTube is an awesome resource for dance classes nowadays. You can take classes you’ve never tried before right at home. And I’m excited to show you African dance because I know you’ll love it! Check out these videos below and immerse yourself in African dance and let me know what your fave move is in the comments.

Let’s start slow and easy shall we? The Kennedy Center’s 5 ish minute intro to African dance is perfect for beginners just to get the groove of this dance style. Rujeko, your instructor teaches you how to use the clock in relation to African dance moves. She’s got great energy and the moves are easy to learn.

I love our Afrovibe workout with Zen. This is a 5 minute sample of level 1 and believe me, she will still make you sweat. You get to workout your arms and legs on this one because Zen focuses on squats with different levels and variations. I also love our drummer Indigo. Her beats are ??

Now we’re in more of a choreography territory. I think Sherrie’s video is a great way to start because she really breaks down these moves. My fave from this choreography is the foot shimmy. It’s so fun to do and it’s a bit challenging to balance yourself on one leg while you move to the side. Try it out.

Here’s another awesome choreography breakdown that will give you life! Isa’s moves are so smooth and she add a little bit of twerk at the end too and you know I can’t say no to twerking ? She breaks down every move in this dance and the best part is, if you didn’t get it, click the replay button and try again??

If you’re just ready to jump into a choreography then our Shake Body dance workout is perfect for you! Zen created this non-stop choreography that’s heart pumping and high energy. The sequence of moves repeat so by the end of the song, you will master these African dance moves. And of course, you’ll want to hit that replay button again and again.

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African dances in Moscow: prices, reviews and addresses

African dances - prices and reviews. Comparative table of dance schools in Moscow, where there are African folk dances Afro Dance.




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African dances or Afro Dance (Afro Dance) - the collective name of several styles that originated in the tribes of Africa. The movements that the tribal leaders and their peoples used in their rituals spread throughout the world a couple of centuries ago and remain popular to this day. nine0003

From the article on the portal you will learn about the main characteristics of the dance direction, its styles and musical accompaniment. On the same page you can find prices for Afro-dance classes offered by choreographic studios.

Features and varieties of dances of African tribes

National African dances still remain an integral part of culture for the inhabitants of the black continent. Important events, such as hunting, wrestling or childbirth, are accompanied by dancing. Each tribe uses their own unique movements in their rituals to connect with nature. nine0003

African culture and religion, which is closely associated with dancing, was brought to Latin America along with slaves. Despite the fact that the Europeans imposed their culture and religion on them, the Negroes still remained true to their traditions and gods. They prayed in the church, and secretly after work in the courtyards they performed ritual dances.

The peculiarities of the dances of African peoples include :

  • Rhythm to which the performers move. It is set by the drum and the voices of the dancers themselves. nine0037
  • The arms and legs, or the head and hips, move to completely different beats. Experts call this feature "dance polycentrism."

Another distinguishing feature of the Afrodan is "earthing". The dancers bend down, direct the body forward and down or back and down, that is, to the ground. So everyone praises the earth, thanks her food or asks for rain and fertility.

Dance directions differ not only in movements, but also in the parts of the body involved. For example, they move only the legs and hips, or the arms, neck and head. nine0003

The most common styles of Afro dance :

  • Azonto comes from the West African country of Ghana. The daily activities of the community are imitated: searching for food or kindling a hearth. Steps and inclinations are small and fast. Basically, the body, hands and head are involved in the work.
  • Coupe decale comes from Côte de Voire. At the heart of it is flirting, these are sexual movements. The dancers move their legs, pelvis and hips sharply. A group of men or women steps forward and performs fast and powerful swings and lunges. nine0037
  • Jazze/Djazze came from Negro slaves brought to America. There are steps from tap, hip-hop and break, the whole body is involved during the performance.
  • Afro house, Kuduro and Pantsula from South Africa, in particular from Angola. Work with the lower body: wide steps forward and to the sides, small stomping, maintaining balance while standing on the toes.
  • Yoruba is a sacred ritual dance of the Yoruba gods, which are represented by the forces of nature. They belong to the dances of West Africa. nine0037
  • Congolese and Haitian dances are also folk dances.

Afroplasty is singled out in choreographic schools as a collective direction of Afrodans. It allows you to improve flexibility, learn to control your body better and get used to the specifics of movements. It is studied at the first stage of classes, in order to then move on to complex choreographic elements.

Prices for learning African dances in St. Petersburg

In choreographic schools and studios, you can purchase a one-time visit or a subscription to incendiary African dance lessons. The cost of teaching Afrodans is different, for one lesson they take:

  • Maximum in the city - 1,200 rubles;
  • On average, a lesson costs 600₽;
  • Minimum - 265 rubles.

Some schools offer free entry to the first Afro Dance class. For those who want to save money, it will be more profitable to buy a subscription for 24 or more lessons during the promotion period.

Expert editor: Iya Nikolaevna Baval

Director, choreographer and teacher. She studied folklore dance and dance show in Cuba.
Teaching since 2009of the year.

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This Is America choreographer teaches you how to dance like Glover

Childish Gambino This Is America's music video choreographer Sherry Silver has skyrocketed in popularity, along with the hype around the video itself. Prior to this, the 23-year-old girl posted her own videos of traditional African dances on social networks, where she was noticed by Glover's manager. Sherri now hopes that her popularity will help her do more charity work, and also tells how to repeat the movements from the clip.

Donald Glover's hit This Is America has become so popular in recent days that there are probably very few people left who don't know anything about it. The video currently has 136 million views on YouTube. This is partly due to the huge number of references and hidden meanings that we have deciphered for you. Partly thanks to the unusual choreography of the video. nine0003

The dances for the Childish Gambino video were choreographed by a very young and previously little-known girl named Sherry Silver. Sherry is 23 years old, she was born in African Rwanda, but moved to the UK as a child, but she did not forget her roots, regularly returning to her native country.

Sherri spent most of her life dancing or staging dances. At first, she simply posted her performances on her Instagram and YouTube pages, and gradually they gained more and more popularity. nine0003

And for good reason. Sherry's dances are very, very colorful.

It was thanks to this that Donald Glover, or rather the niece of his manager, found her, writes Forbes.

She watched my videos and somehow showed them to her uncle. And he's Donald's manager. The manager showed them to Donald, who said, "Yes, I like her." Of course, I didn’t expect this at all, so when I was introduced to him, I went up, looked at him and was like, “Wow!” nine0003

According to Sherri, Donald chose her precisely because of her experience with children from Africa, because he decided that the American choreographer could not choreograph the dance as authentically as Sherri did.

Initially, Glover's team had only one wish: they wanted to include the famous Gwara-Gwara movement, which was also performed by Rihanna, in the video. Sherry herself thought of everything else. She mainly composed the dance from familiar African dance movements, but given the many references to Glover's video to pop culture, she included elements of hip-hop and other modern styles. nine0003

Sherri promised that if the video reaches 100 million views, she will make a step by step dance instruction in the video. She had to keep her promise. So now you can repeat the movements from the famous clip.

Sherry begins her tutorial, of course, with gwara-gwara, a dance movement that came to us from South Africa.

The following movement is most common, according to the girl, in Côte d'Ivoire. His kids sing when they follow Glover with the words "hunnid bands, hunnid bands, hunnid bands". As the girl herself says, she explained it very simply to the children on the set. nine0003

Imagine you are walking into a party. How would you enter? I know that in Africa people are all very emotional, expressive, they like to give some sort of grotesqueness to their movements, so I thought that with such an explanation, the children would succeed. When teaching dance, I try to convey not just a sequence of movements, but to tell where it came from.

And this is what this movement looks like.

Finally, Sherri spoke about the Neza movement, whose name means "good" in Rwanda. Learning to perform it, you can imagine that you are collecting something from the sides. nine0003

Dancing is not Sherry's only activity. In Rwanda, she set up a whole shelter for homeless children and a job center for women with a difficult past, where they can come and, for example, sew. It is in charity that Sherry sees her future and hopes that her now rapidly growing popularity will help her in this.

Dance is a universal language that will help to establish contact with a person even when all other ways of reaching an agreement have been exhausted. This was once again proved by the brother and sister from the USA, who resolved their dispute with an absolutely silent dance battle.

Learn more