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Jigging + Plyometrics = JiggAerobics

  • Jigging is a dance style that started in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in response to music performed by Baton Rouge hip hop artists. Signature moves include the spirited waggling of the arms and exuberant wiggling of the knees while jumping up and down.
  • Plyometrics, also known as jump training, involves stretching then contracting the muscles with quick, explosive movements, such as jump squats, one-leg hops, jumping up onto a box and jumping over cones—exercises that increase power in the muscles as well as improve balance and agility.

LaDonte Lotts, certified fitness instructor, entertainer, businessman and motivational speaker, combined the jigging and plyometrics with upbeat rhythms from around the world, an easy-to-follow choreography, and a dash of Louisiana culture for a total workout that looks and feels like a celebration. The classes are “fitness parties.” Finally, a workout routine that people actually want to do.

LaDonte (aka “Ayo Tae”) never missed a dance lesson when he was a boy. Didn’t matter what style, as long as he was dancing, but he was partial to hip hop. When he could no longer afford formal dance lessons, he continued learning and perfecting his style by watching YouTube videos. In high school, he was on the step and dance teams and became drum major for the marching band. He also choreographed and directed routines for the band’s half-time performances.

At Southern University and A&M College, in addition to studying Business Management and Therapeutic Recreation, he was a part of the famed marching band known as the “Human Jukebox” and served on the committee that choreographed the award-winning routines. LaDonte saw the university gym going unused, so began weekly fitness/dance classes to get people into the gym.

His fitness techniques evolved into JiggAerobics, and exercise program for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It burns fat—up to 1,000 calories in a 45-minute class—to maintain a healthy weight, and it strengthens the body’s circulatory system and the upper body, abs and legs. His classes were popular with students, faculty and staff and generated interest outside the Southern U. campus and, eventually, outside of Louisiana. Both he and his students went viral with JiggAerobics online videos.

Since he graduated in 2018, LaDonte has been teaching pop-up classes throughout the south, from Houston to Atlanta. He travels to various high schools, colleges and fitness studios to teach sold-out fitness parties. In Houston, Texas, he hosts an outdoor event, “Get Fit in Midtown.” He has many followers, and you will hear them reciting his mantras: “Get lit while you get fit,” and “If you want to have a good day, follow Ayo Tae.”

LaDonte plans to take JiggAerobics to an international audience and, in particular, have it become part of school curricula around the world.

jiggaerobicsfitness. com

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Police Officer Goes Viral After Jigging With Baton Rouge Students

A Baton Rouge police officer is going viral after putting the jig in "Jigga City."

Baton Rouge is known as the home of jigging—"a style of dancing originating in Louisiana where the dancer vigorously shakes their arms and wiggles their knees at the same time. "

If you're already familiar with jigging, then you can skip past the video portion of this post to get to the good stuff.

Urban Dictionary goes on to describe it as "a weird combination of leg movements, arms movements, jumps, and head movements." Actually, the whole definitely is pretty hilarious.

Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary


Jigging is a style of dance that goes best with "jig music"—also an artform that exists almost exclusively out of Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana.

A few jig classics that you're probably familiar with include (but are not limited to):

Lil Boosie ft. Foxx & Webbie - Wipe Me Down

Mouse & Level - I Bet U Won't

Foxx - Jigga Train

HD4President - Touch Down 2 Cause Hell

BBE AJ ft. Lil Boosie - Doing My Dance (Remix)

Now that we've finished that quick lesson, let's look at one of those moments of internet joy that we love to see; this particular viral moment is framed around a cop who is cutting up with a group of jubilant Baton Rouge high schoolers for some good, clean fun.

Don't let the huge "POLICE" vest fool you—this officer knows how to get down; and apparently, this all took place at the East Baton Rouge School Day of Hope according to the Facebook post by Ziqutan Handy.

The video has been shared hundreds of times so far and the comments are full of love and positivity after the Baton Rouge police and students shared this extra fun moment.




Charitie Thomas Branch says that her son is featured in the video and pointed out that this clip is only a preview of the fun times ahead when her son graduates next May.




The officer in the video also seemed to chime in on the comments, calling it a "pleasure" to connect with the students.




There are many officers that know how to loosen up, despite the stigma of law enforcement being uptight or not knowing how to have fun. Just the other day we told you about the Lafayette Police officer that was apparently jamming NBA Youngboy in their cruiser.

Props to this officer for having fun with the kids as well as all the officers who know how to meet their community on the common grounds that they share—especially when it's a dancefloor.

Data for this list was acquired from trusted online sources and news outlets. Read on to discover what major law was passed the year you were born and learn its name, the vote count (where relevant), and its impact and significance.

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Cajun music Cajun music Cajun is an ethnic group that…

to_watch @ 10:59 pm: Music Cajun

Cajun music

The Cajuns are an ethnic group living mainly in Louisiana and descended from emigrants from Acadia, a French-speaking colony located in western Canada (the territory of modern New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island). 90,007 Acadians were for the most part from France, as well as England and the Basque country.
In the period 1755-1763 during the war between England and France for the colonies in America, the Acadians as French were evicted from their places by the British and moved south to the state of Louisiana.
Cajun is a corruption of acadian.

The settlers brought with them songs, ballads, many of which were born in France. They are rarely performed today, but form the basis of what is called Cajun music today.
In the mid-19th century, German settlers in Louisiana introduced the local population to the accordion, which quickly found its way into Cajun and Creole music. At that time, these two musical traditions developed in parallel: waltzes and two-steps were usually played to the dance on the accordion and violin.

The earliest recordings of Cajun music date back to the early 20th century.
By the mid-1930s, under the influence of English-speaking Americans who came to work in the Louisiana oil fields in large numbers, and due to the migration of French-speaking Louisiana residents to southeast Texas, Cajun music began to be performed in both English and French, and was heavily influenced by popular country music and Texas swing, which were played on the radio.

The so-called renaissance of Cajun music began in the 60s. The accordion came to the fore again, which was almost forgotten in the period of the 30s and 40s (the time of stringed instruments).
In the 70s, the influence of rock music began to penetrate into the traditional sound.

Caijang music is relatively simple, with a clear rhythm and dynamism. The main instrument is the accordion. The second main instrument is the violin, the rhythmic accompaniment can be played on a metal triangle. Harmonically, caijang music is also simple, with the predominant harmonies being tonic and dominant. The range of melodies is small - as a rule, one octave.
The vocalist often performs his part in falsetto.

Traditional Caijang

This style is at the heart of Caijang dance music and traditionally uses only a few instruments - accordion, violin and triangle. The music is clearly rhythmic, the game often uses staccato and double notes. Violin solos are typically a major scale passage played between verses. This form has existed since the beginning of the 20th century, and the most common dance genres are waltz and two-step. Many of the songs that have become standards in the Cajun repertoire were recorded during this period (20s-30s).

Country/Texas Swing Cajun

This style contains many elements of Texas country music and no longer relies on the accordion as the lead instrument. This music is more like "swing" popularized by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. The place of the accordion in this style is occupied by the violin and piano. Bands in the 1940s began using the steel guitar, an instrument also found use in the Cajun dancehall style. The Country/Texas Swing Cajun is characterized by a dance called the jig.

Dancehall Cajun

This style is similar to traditional Cajun played with accompaniment such as bass guitar, drum set, rhythm guitar (acoustic or electric) or steel guitar. The same staccato technique is used as in traditional caijang. Since the late 40s - this is the music of small cozy provincial dancehalls in Louisiana.
Today, electrical equipment allows the violin to play more smoothly and compete with the accordion. The guitar leads the rhythm. Cajun is usually played in dancehalls like this: first the melody is played on the accordion, then the bridge is the vocal verse, then the guitar break, then the violin break, the accordion break again, and then the bridge again. And so on.

Cajun Revival

In addition to early influences from the traditional, Texas and dancehall periods, the Cajun renaissance also includes elements of folk, blues, jazz and swamp pop and bluegrass. Violinists play more smoothly, legato. Choppy playing and double notes are rarely used and are replaced by dominant blues chords and jazz slides. Pioneers such as Beausoleil and violinist Michael Doucet, Zachary Richard, Jambalaya, Bruce Daigrepont and others create new sounds, while other musicians such as Eddie LeJeune, Robert Jardell, the Michot Brothers continue to maintain traditional forms.

Modern Cajun

This style incorporates influences from rock, rhythm and blues, soul and zydeco music, moving away from the traditional sound and becoming more modern. Despite the fact that the accordion is in the first place, it is accompanied by an electric guitar, a washboard and synthesizers. Since the 1980s, the modern form of cajan has been popularized by musicians such as Wayne Toups, Damon Troy, Hunter Hayes, Kevin Naquin, Steve Riley, and The Mamou Playboys.


The earliest form of Cajun music was an unaccompanied ballad. The songs told about death, loneliness and unrequited love, as well as about holidays and funny adventures - all the diverse experiences that the settlers of the border areas experienced. Ballads were traditionally sung at weddings and funerals and were usually sung by a small group of people at home while food was being prepared and the like.
Early songs came from a mixture of country dances, reels and jigs, as well as other influences from the Negro or Native American tradition. The language of the early songs was predominantly Cajun-French.
Although the language is still in use today, Caijang music is often sung in English by young people today.


In the early years, the violin was the dominant instrument. A combination of two violins was common, one of which played the first part and the other the séconde or accompaniment part.

The two fiddles represent the pure Cajun tradition as it was brought to Louisiana by early settlers and not yet influenced by popular American melodies.
The violin was gradually replaced by the diatonic accordion. We owe its appearance to German settlers in the area of ​​Roberts Cove in Louisiana in the early 1800s.
In the early 1930s, the accordion faded into the background under the influence of the string bands then fashionable. Mandolins, banjos and pianos have been added to traditional violins, bringing with them a jazz-swing rhythm influenced by Western Swing music from neighboring Texas.
The accordion became popular again after the second world war. In 1930 and 40s. Cajun music was dominated by country music, bass guitar and steel guitar came to Cajun.
Contemporary Cajun music develops under the influence of jazz and modern country, resulting in a more sleek and less folk sound. Acoustic guitar and traditional triangle are used as rhythmic accompaniment.
Drum set, electric guitars, electric bass, as well as violin and accordion sounding are widely used.

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band album (vocals, accordion, violin, guitar) can be downloaded here~100MB.

Beausoleil's album (less traditional) can be downloaded here~70MB.

loosely translated by Viking
special thanks to freebornman

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The meaning of the word "DANCE"

The art of plastic and rhythmic movements.

See all meanings of the word DANCE

The meaning of the word "CONCERT"

Public performance of musical and other works.

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Dance concert offers

Other results

Our live concert from the Lassalle Hotel dance hall in Montreal on this wonderful Christmas Eve.

At the end of the move-in and the beginning of the True Bruin Welcome, UCLA hosts the Bruin Bash, which includes a concert, dancing and a pre-release movie.

He is preparing a wonderful song and dance number for the concert.

In 2007, after a concert in Poland, Wilson met dancer Małgorzata Melech, also known as Gosia.

During the finale of the concert, she spontaneously danced on stage with a group of African percussionists.

The song was recorded during a benefit concert for the Minnesota Dance Theater at the First Avenue nightclub in Minneapolis on August 3, 1983.

In the summer of 2006, Hana was invited by Kylie Minogue to stage a dancer section of her concert.

The tour included the first edition of the band's own annual dance show, The Warriors Dance Festival.

His waltzes were also written specifically for the salon concert, not the ballroom, and are often performed at a faster tempo than their dance floor equivalents.

The video was filmed in black and white, showed live clips from the concert and showed 2 damn noisy dances.

There he performed weekly dance recital almost every Sunday night from 1939 to 1969.

A play about Swan's later life dance concerts, Paul Swan is Dead and Gone, was released in New York in 2019.

At their concerts, people used to take amphetamines to dance the night away.

In any case, the piano tangent is a suitable choice for a keyboard instrument in concerts.

Jorrin noticed that many of the dancers at these concerts had difficulty with the syncopated danson-mambo rhythms.

The diverse music of Madagascar is reflected in the many concerts, cabarets, dance clubs and other music venues throughout Antananarivo.

She loved music and swimming, she loved to dance in programs and concerts.

At the age of three, she began taking dance classes in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana and was selected to perform as a solo artist at the annual concert.

Diana Gould first felt the thrill of dancing when she danced an Irish jig at a school concert when she was eight years old.

Hammer later danced and rapped the lyrics to this song at the first Vh2 Hip Hop Honors concert in 2004.

The cars are then charged with electricity generated by the dancing and jumping people attending the Guetta concert.

In general, choreography is used to design dances that are intended to be performed as a concert dance.

Modern dance is a broad genre of western concert or theater dance, primarily originating in Germany and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Martha Graham is often considered the founding mother of 20th century modern concert dance.

For example, Sinawi is a musical form that can be used in shamanic rituals, or to accompany folk dances, or for urban concert performance.

The ballet opens with an orchestrated version of Weber's concert waltz, an invitation to the Pauli dance.

They visit disco clubs, concert halls to listen to music and dance.

Daft Punk toured throughout 2006 and 2007 and released a live album, Alive 2007, which won a Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album.

Concert dance, like opera, as a whole, with its large-scale form, depends on the narrative dramatic structure.

Theatrical dance, also called performance or concert dance, is conceived primarily as a spectacle, usually performed on stage by virtuoso dancers.

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