How to get a lap dance

How To Get The Best Lap Dance

Over the last 30 years, I’ve seen lots of lap dances.  Some are better than others.  The bad ones are usually the fault of the customer.  Here are my tips for how to get the best lap dance.

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People ask how to sit for a lap dance.  Just sit down and let the stripper tell you how to sit, how far to lean back, whether to slide lower in the seat, how far to open your legs and all that.  The dancer will give the best lap dance when she feels comfortable. She’s done thousands of these.  She knows what is sexiest.  She knows what you want. She wants you to enjoy yourself so you pay for more. Allowing her to tell you how to sit insures that you get her best sexiest performance.


In many clubs around the country no touching is allowed; men are required to sit on their hands.  Not in Vegas. YOU CAN AND SHOULD TOUCH DURING LAP DANCE IN VEGAS.  Here’s a great post on how much touching is allowed.  Here’s how to touch during a lap dance.

Go Slow: You aren’t some horny teenager parking in your parent’s car. Remember the old song by the Pointer Sisters about wanting a man with slow hands and an easy touch?  That’s what you should do when getting a lap dance.  Put your hands on her waist.  Slowly touch the small of her back.  Gently trace her spine.  Slide your fingers towards her butt.  Move a hand to her ribs, then her tummy. Gently cup her breast.  Don’t pinch her nipples unless she asks you to do so.  Don’t put her breasts in your mouth unless she rubs her nipples on your lips. Even then, go slowly and be gentle.  Pay attention to her response.  She will resist or encourage you to move forward. By the way, everything I say here about going slowly with the touching during a lap dance also applies to your interactions with non-strippers as well.

Going slowly accomplishes a multitude of important things.  It communicates you are a confident self-controlled man.  It communicates that you know how to touch a woman.  This helps her trust you, and with all women, including strippers, trust increases sexual responsiveness.  Going slowly both gives her time to stop you and makes it less likely she will do so.

I’m friends with many Vegas strippers and have dated some dancers over the years.  They are women, they get aroused.  Some enjoy lap dances much more than others.  Some are just into the performance and put on a great act. On rare occasion, though, they are into you and do get turned on.  I’ve had dancers kiss and make out with me–very rare but it does happen.  I even had a dancer once get frustrated that I was going to slowly and demand, “Suck my tits.”


Never try to touch her genitals.  Don’t try to slide a finger inside her G-String.  Vegas Laws allow you to get to second base.  Enjoy second base, but don’t be an idiot and get thrown out of the club for trying to steal third.  You don’t want the dancer to stop in the middle of the dance and stomp off telling every dancer in the club that you are creepy.  You want her to enjoy grinding on you and dancing for you.  You want her to enjoy your touch and reward you by giving you a sexier dance and allowing you to touch even more.

I’m embarrassed to have to include this next sentence but people google search for this and have even asked us about it on the phone, so here goes. NO, you are not going to put money inside a stripper’s vagina so don’t ask.

Yes I want you to touch me, but don’t be an idiot.


Believe it or not, there are pervert forums on the internet which talk about the best type of pants to wear for a lap dance.  They focus on how you can get the most contact of your penis to the stripper without removing your clothes. The consensus is men should wear sweat pants, track suits or gym shorts of some type.  Several years ago every dancer I knew in Vegas thought this was creepy and almost all of them refused to approach customers danced this way.  No woman wants to be close to a man who goes to the strip club hoping to shoot a load in his pants. DISGUSTING.


The dress code for Vegas strip clubs is casual, but they don’t allow gym shorts or sweat pants.  Wear Jeans or slacks. Dress like a man who knows how to handle himself in public.


If you want the best most high contact lap dance, take your car keys, your cell phone. etc out of your front pockets. The dancer doesn’t want to grind on anything sharp or painful. And since you want her to grind on you, you don’t want those things in your pocket.


You’ll get the best lap dance if you not only like the look of the dancer, but also like her attitude and personality.  So, take the time to look around the club. Find a dancer or two you like and then watch them on stage.  Watch them give a lap dance for another customer. You want a girl who puts her legs around your shoulders and her crotch in your face during a lap dance?  Then look for a dancer who is doing that. Talk to her. Listen to her.  Connect a little.  After all, lap dancing is a social interaction as well as a physical one.  Choose well and you will have a great experience.


Shower before going to the strip club and have fresh breath.  Be polite and flirty at the same time.  Focus on having fun and seeing what happens not on picking up the stripper or meeting your next girlfriend.  Show some conversation and social skills. Don’t be vulgar.  Even when rejecting a dancer you don’t like, tell her what you are looking for.  She will send the type you seek and you want her to tell that dancer you were courteous even though you weren’t interested in her.



How to Give a Lap Dance

I don't know who needs to hear this, but you don’t have to be an amazing dancer to give someone a lap dance. Seriously. Even if you have zero coordination and can't hold a beat to save your life, lap dances have little to do with "skill" and more to do with confidence. (It's like the saying look good, feel good, do good.)

In other words, there's no right or wrong way to give someone a lap dance, so long as both parties are enjoying themselves.

That said, there are a few things you should know before diving head first into it. And luckily for you, we've tapped experts Jaclinne Cheng, CEO and founder of Spicy Lingerie, and Rori Gordon, owner of gentleman’s club Billy Deans Showtime Café to drop all the tea.

Here's what to do when you literally don’t know what to do. Enjoy!


The average lap dance should last at least two songs.

This would equal a total of six or so minutes, but obviously adjust this to your own preferences and add time as you see fit, says Gordon. If two songs seems excruciatingly long to you, remember that it's not. You can watch 6-7ish TikTok vids in that same amount of time, don’t let your anxiety win this one.


. Plan your song playlist ahead of time.

Just like you check your PowerPoint before giving a big presentation, make sure you have your music cued up and ready to go. Depending on what kind of vibe you're going for, picking from this playlist of sex songs may be ideal.

“A lap dance is supposed to be seductive, so choose songs that inspire your sexuality,” says Cheng. Her picks: “Climax” by Usher, “Girl With the One Eye” by Florence and The Machine, and “Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé.


Wear the right clothing.

You should put on anything that makes you feel extremely sexy, says Gordon. “I love lingerie, garters and thigh-high stockings with a long sheer gown,” she says. You can also pair your outfit with some slip-on heels since they accentuate the hell out of your body. Just make sure you walk around in the shoes beforehand to get used to them, suggests Gordon. No shoe is worth breaking an ankle over.

It's also important to layer your clothing, especially if you want the lap dance to lead to sex. This may involve stripping down as you give your partner a lap dance, which is like a super-sexy added bonus.

4. Do a quick lil stretch before.

“It’s important to stretch before you perform to prepare yourself for any extraneous movements,” says Cheng. There's no greater buzzkill than bending over your partner and killing your back in the process.

5. That said, please don't do anything your body can't handle.

If you can't do a somersault, it's probably not worth trying a backbend. Same goes for the splits. But if you are flexible, definitely show it off. Going for a backbend while sitting on your partner’s lap is definitely a crowd pleaser too, says Cheng.

6. Set the mood with dimmed lights and candles.

But don't make it too dark to which your partner can't see you. You might also want to play into a role-play fantasy if it's something you and your partner have discussed beforehand. Dress up as a nurse, devil, teacher, whatever—just make sure your setting resembles the theme at least a little bit too.

7. Make sure you have mastered some moves beforehand.

No need to plan a full-on dress rehearsal, but you should have an idea of what you want to do, how you want to touch yourself, how you want your partner to touch you, etc. before just going into it blindly. Here are some v common moves you can add to your routine:

  1. Stand between your partner's legs and lean your upper body forward with your back arched and your butt up in the air. This gives your partner a super-hot view of your body. Trust me.
  2. Turn around and hover your butt just above their crotch, moving your butt in circles like you're painting their lap with your cheeks. (Feel free to place your hands on their thighs or the arms of the chair for balance.)
  3. When in doubt, know your hottest seduction tool is your hips. So slowly start swaying your hips from side to side, and then move them in a figure eight to the beat of the music.
    1. 8. Choose your setting wisely.

      This can be in a bed, on the couch, on a chair, or wherever you’re most comfortable. Just make sure that with whatever setting you choose, you can switch between standing above your partner, sitting, and squatting easily and whenever you want.

      9. Think less about dancing and more about connecting with your partner.

      If you’re not a dancer, taking the pressure off of a lap dance can help. I don’t know any receiver who isn’t going to enjoy the view (the view being you, someone they’re already super into, stripping and undressing right before their eyes). I can promise you, the last thing they’re thinking about is how on-beat you are with the music.

      10. Have fun and be confident.

      “If you’re not having a good time, your partner will be able to tell, and it won't be an enjoyable experience for both of you,” says Cheng. Let loose and don't be afraid to move to the music in whatever way you want to. There's nothing you can do here that would be wrong or incorrect. Remember, so long as everything is consensual, it's literally impossible to fuck up a lap dance.

          How to dance a lap dance for your husband at home

          When passion attacks you and your beloved, then, of course, you rip off each other's clothes and indulge in love right on a dog rug or some other unsightly place. But how common it all is, just to the point of nausea. Why not diversify the noble impulses of passion? Why not lap dance for your husband? And you won't have to buy any poles. You can get by with simple improvised cheap means. But first…

          Overcome shame

          Without internal liberation, a lap dance will turn into a miserable awkward clowning. Of course, alcohol can help here, but if you are cold to it, then you will have to engage in self-hypnosis - stand in front of the mirror, stroke yourself and suggest that you are the goddess of body movements, the true queen of bacchanalia.

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          Create the right atmosphere

          Without atmosphere, the dance will not find a proper response in you or in your beloved.

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          Choosing a place

          Start with the room. Which one to choose? It's hard to say, but definitely more spacious. Everything superfluous from the room will have to be removed.

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          You will need a couple of chairs, of course with a high back. One, of course, for her husband - you will parade around him, right? You can't do without a chair either - it will help you not to fall off when you slowly undress.

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          Declare a temporary war on Ilyich light bulbs and all energy-saving technologies, well, proclaim the world to romantic candles and the mysterious play of light and shadow. You can also hang a shawl with a scarf on table and wall lamps - this will add romance, a charming twilight will reign in the room. Floor lamps and garlands will also perfectly fit into the exciting atmosphere of temptation.

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          They should be special too, so don't feel sorry for your favorite perfumes and fumigate the room with aromatic incense.

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          It greatly liberates. Without beautiful music, it will surely be difficult for you. Pick something to match the lap dance. It can be, for example, Kylie Minogue's relatively simple song "Chocolate" or Madonna's full of passion and very exciting composition "Justify my love". If you don't want to rack your brains, then just turn on the classics of the genre - Joe Cocker's song "You can leave your hat on". The choice is yours. The main thing is to catch the rhythm, become one with it.

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          Get dressed and comb your hair

          Have you decided on the atmosphere? Well done. Now dress up. You can put on a nightgown that is usual for home conditions or create a unique image of a teacher or student girl. In any case, the choice is yours. You can also put on a work overalls - the main thing is that you feel comfortable in it, and your husband is turned on by such an "outfit".

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          Easy-to-remove outfit

          Choose clothes that are easy to get rid of - dance is a dynamic thing, you have to remove everything deftly and quickly. Men's shirts or a jacket are considered classics for intimate movements. So don't use the same jeans. Although a button-down shirt and a pencil skirt are fine, they are much easier to take off quickly.

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          Choosing underwear

          The most important element of strip clothing is, of course, underwear. Try to create a "composition" so that the bra matches the panties, creating a whole image. By the way, tanga panties and tights are almost perfect for such an “event”. High-heeled shoes are another classic of the strip genre. But if you are not sure that you can keep your balance in them, it is better not to wear them.

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          sleep. It would also be nice if the head was wet and shiny, and the guy wanted to stroke you.

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          Pick up teasing accessories

          You have a wide choice here:

          1. For example, you can take a scarf, ribbon, or (for especially riotous) handcuffs to tie your husband's hands, and he would not be tempted to drag you into bed before the end of the dance or try to masturbate. There is a time for everything - let him suffer, deserve the main prize with his long-suffering.

          2. You can also take a pen (they sell them in bulk in a sex shop) to tickle your lover or move it over your body while sitting on a chair.

          3. Tie is another great accessory. "Clamp" him with it, drag him to you, pierce him with a passionate look and abruptly let him go.

          4. If you like to please yourself, then, of course, a "dildo" will also come in handy.

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          How to tease

          You are the forbidden fruit. The one that is sweet. The husband should get excited, but not get discharged! That's the whole point, after all, to bring his excitement to the limit, to wake up a real beast in him!

          1. Explain to him right away - you look at me, you get excited, but touch - no, no! By the way, you also need to touch him in moderation, and you certainly don’t need to pull your loved one’s penis.

          2. Gently stroke, pinch and smack him on the cheek or neck, whisper something in his ear and run your hand through his hair, but nothing more.

          And be sure to throw seductive playful glances in the direction of your man. Try not to lose eye contact with him.

          By the way, it wouldn't hurt to learn how to turn a man on with words.

          How to defile

          Imagine yourself as a model and defile like you are on the catwalk. Put your hands on your hips and walk with your head held high, your back straight and your chest forward. As you do so, swing your hips, place one leg as straight as possible in front of the other, and try to exude confidence.

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          How to undress


          1. Do not take off more than one piece of clothing at a time. Start from the top and move down: first you take off your glasses (if you are in the form of a teacher) and let your hair down, then you start pulling off your skirt, then your bra, tights, panties - in that order.

          2. Don't forget - the purpose of a lap dance is to tease, so you should not just take off your clothes, but first hint that you are going to do it - for example, unbutton one button, or a zipper, and not just take everything off right away. Run your hand over your dress, and only then start pulling it off. Pull the panties a couple of times, lower them down and only then take them off completely.

          3. Try to let the clothes fall freely on the floor at the end, and you can just get off without bending over.

          Basic actions during the dance

          You don’t need to learn any complicated choreographic figures at all, but still the most elementary rules of beautiful and seductive body movements, you need to know their sequence:

          1. At the beginning of the "warm up" just move your hips and dance.

          2. After taking off each item of clothing, approach your husband with a defiling step, but immediately move away from him.

          3. A couple of times you can gently lower yourself to the floor and bend forward on your knees like a cat.

          Suppose you have already passed the first "simple" stage of the dance, took off your outer clothes and moved on to the main "dish" - taking off your underwear. So:

          1. Grasp the back of a chair, lean forward very slowly so that your tempting ass is in the field of view of your beloved.

          2. Put your foot on a chair and slowly lower one stocking, and then the other.

          3. Without getting up from your chair, completely get rid of stockings.

          4. Turn your back on your husband and unfasten your bra, lower its straps.

          5. Turn to face your beloved. Keep your hands on the bra, as if not letting it fall.

          6. Start moving your hips before letting go of the bra.

          7. Stand with your back to your husband again, spread your legs wide and start taking off your panties.

          8. Turn sharply so that the panties fall to your ankles.

          9. Lift one leg and free it from the panties, and throw the other to the side.

          During the dance, constantly move your hands, passionately move them over your body - as if it were not you, but your beloved.

          Privat on your knees

          It is better to go to private on your knees when you have almost completely undressed, left in your panties. Before that, just sit on your beloved for a couple of moments, rub your ass, but immediately get up and return to your chair:

          1. Approach your loved one, “saddle up”, put your hands around his head, and put your hair down on your face.

          2. Pull sharply towards you so that he buries his face into your chest. Let him kiss her, but don't let him touch her.

          3. Touch your loved one, jump on him, hug him to you - in general, do whatever you want, but don't let him touch you too much.

          Actually, this is where the dance ends. The "icing on the cake" for your loved one can be oral sex - in a "bar" striptease, they usually dance and decorate it. But in the "home" version, the scope for imagination is much wider.

          How long the dance will last

          Not long - 10 minutes maximum. It is better to limit yourself to 7-8 minutes. Do not forget that you have passionate sex ahead of you. If the dance is too long, then your man may "burn out", get too excited and "cool down" prematurely.

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          Lap dance for your beloved home: what you need


          When you visit a night club, you see beautiful dancers, do they inspire you and do you want the same? A private dance for a loved one is not only an outfit and movements to the music. In a private show, everything is important - posture, flexibility, ability to play, seduction, mystery. A man will certainly be fascinated by the game if a woman thinks through the show in advance, chooses an outfit and appropriate music.

          Creating an image

          Having decided on the image it is important to think about an outfit that will match the idea. Accessories and things that will never be superfluous are stockings with a belt, a corset, garters, high platform shoes. In addition to aesthetic beauty, clothing should not constrain movement in dance.

          Some recommendations when choosing an outfit for a private dance for husband:

          1. If choice fell on the image of a fatal seductive, then the outfit can be minimalistic. It may be a chic evening dress embroidered with various patterns of rhinestones. Dress can be with an open back and a deep neckline. For beginners, this image ideal if the girl does not yet know how to dance a private dance for her beloved, so that he liked.
          2. Coquette look means cute costume. You can wear a short skirt with a pleat or with checkered print. A shirt with unbuttoned buttons is ideal for a skirt or a revealing top.
          3. Lolita is a puppet image that conveys the infantilism of a person. To create a private show for a man in the image of Lolita, it is worth making bangs, tying pigtails with bows. From clothes it would be ideal to wear long socks, a schoolgirl skirt. The image of the Nymphet in dance, it should convey the energy of seductiveness and fun of a young dancer.
          4. Catwoman - it is desirable to dance professional plastic privat in such an image. After all the very image of a cat is a symbol of physical flexibility, beauty, grace.

          Attributes and atmosphere of the house

          Use in dance foreign objects and attributes, such as, for example, a scarf or a weightless a transparent shawl, men's tie, hat or even an ice cube. Can be tied your loved one's eyes and turn on special music for a private dance - this is necessary for creating intrigue in private dance for a man. To kindle a great desire and passion in a loved one, you can forbid him to touch his body parts for a while.

          Men are not always freely and openly welcome such a seductive show joyfully with relaxed face. He may have a tense face and a stiff posture. A tense facial expression does not mean at all that dancing and seductive actions are discouraged or undesirable. Just a man can feel a little out of his depth and doesn't know how to show his reaction, especially if for him such a gift occurs for the first time.

          Music selection and choreography

          Lap dance for beginners is the secret of body movement known only to two. This is a small romantic performance that can be played even without choreographic skills.

          Many women interested in how lap dance for her husband to produce a stunning impression. Of course, the musical component of the show should be sexual, and here is a fast or slow rhythm - it depends on the general concept of private "show". The song on average can last 4-5 minutes.

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