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The Despair of Generation “Notti Bop”

In early October, a video of two high-school students and a teacher dancing to a rap song began making the viral rounds. The clip, which runs just nineteen seconds, shows a middle-aged white man and two teen-age Black boys, facing a camera in a classroom. The boys are dressed in blue hoodies and black sweatpants. The middle-aged guy’s look is teacher casual: he is wearing baggy jeans and a shirt and tie, with several pens in his shirt pocket. He has a close-cropped beard, a ponytail, and is carrying a few extra pounds.

The video opens with the teacher and students mugging and pantomiming conversation over a singsong sample from a children’s record. Then, nine seconds in, the beat drops, and the trio erupts into a dance routine: leaning back, bouncing on bent knees, swaying from left to right. The main feature of the dance is a clumsy bit of hand jive. While a bass line thumps and a rapper barks lyrics (“Notti, Notti Boppin’, punchin’ my hips / Come here, gotta do it like this”), the dancers ball their fists and repeatedly deliver punches to their own midsections.

It’s a goofy spectacle, like many “dance challenge” videos. The humor lies in the contrast between the students—who execute the dance moves, such as they are, with ease and glee—and the teacher, with his fashion-backward apparel and enthusiastic but tenuous relationship to the beat. Over the past couple of months, videos set to the same musical excerpt—from “Notti Bop,” by the Brooklyn rappers Kyle Richh, Jenn Carter, and TaTa—have exploded on TikTok, with untold numbers of young people (and, occasionally, roped-in adults) grooving and punching to the song’s blaring soundtrack.

There’s nothing novel in this; these days, pop hits routinely inspire rafts of TikTok videos, and many videos feature custom dance steps. But “Notti Bop” is different in a crucial respect: the song, and its accompanying dance, lampoon the murder of a child.

On the afternoon of July 9th, Ethan Reyes, fourteen, was fatally stabbed at the 137th Street–City College subway station, in Manhattan. The incident began with a brawl on the street that spilled onto the uptown 1-train platform, where Reyes suffered a knife wound to his abdomen. He was pronounced dead after being rushed to Mount Sinai Morningside hospital. The following day, police arrested Reyes’s alleged assailant, Kelvin Martinez, fifteen, filing a second-degree-murder charge that prosecutors downgraded to first-degree manslaughter when they learned that Reyes and a friend had cornered Martinez and beaten him with a broomstick. In October, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office confirmed that it had dropped all charges in the case, stating that prosecutors could not disprove that Martinez had acted in self-defense.

Reyes was better known as Notti Osama, the name he used while building a reputation as a rapper. He was a rising star of drill, a brooding and aggressive strain of hip-hop that chronicles, and occasionally promotes, street violence. Like much New York drill, Notti’s songs—often recorded with his older brother, the rapper DD Osama (David Reyes)—focus obsessively on the byzantine rivalries and turf wars of the city’s gangs, with lyrics that pour out in a rush of hyperlocal allusions, acronyms, and slang. “Dead Opps,” released just days after Notti’s death, is typical: a string of taunts and threats aimed at “opps,” or enemies, delivered in a rasp over a scraping, scouring beat. One of Notti’s opps, evidently, was Martinez. According to the Manhattan D.A., the boys were “associates of rival gangs.”

For months, Notti’s death has been a hot topic in the world of New York drill. On the Web sites and apps where drill discourse unfolds—an ecosystem of YouTube videos, Instagram live streams, TikToks, message boards, and comment threads—fans have mourned and mocked the late rapper, while following the ongoing hostilities between Notti’s crew, OY, from the Sugar Hill section of Harlem, and its adversaries. A video posted on TikTok shows Notti’s friends grieving at a sidewalk shrine where Notti’s name is spelled out in candles; a subsequent TikTok captures an opp sabotaging the shrine. DD Osama has put out a string of tribute songs and social-media shout-outs. Other rappers have released songs, and teasers for forthcoming songs, with rhymes insulting Notti.

Dissing the deceased is a standard move in drill. To be “caught lacking”—ambushed by an opp when you are unarmed or otherwise not on your guard—is considered a failure worthy of ridicule, and many songs include taunting references to real-life murder victims. Followers of the city’s drill scene have grown familiar with the names of several New York teen-agers, killed over the years in gang-related violence, who have become something like stock characters, invoked repeatedly by rappers as objects of pity and scorn. Notti himself often engaged in this brand of insults. In “Dead Opps,” he derides the rapper C-HII WVTTZ (Jayquan McKenley), an eighteen-year-old from the Bronx who was killed in a drive-by shooting in February, and Rah Gz (Ramon Gil-Medrano), an alleged member of the gang Young Gunnaz, or 800 YGz, who was shot dead in a livery cab in the Bronx in the summer of 2021. Another Notti song, “41K,” features mocking rhymes about both Rah Gz and Esmerlyn (Smelly) Toribio, a seventeen-year-old who was stabbed to death in the Bronx in 2016, during an altercation arising from the sale of a motorcycle. “Smelly a bitch,” Notti raps. “He got poked for a bike.”

It’s not surprising that Notti’s death has inspired a round of cruel musical commemoration. “Notti Bop” minces no words, with rhymes that savor the grisly details of the killing: “He got poked one time, stopped breathin’/ His mans left him, he was on the floor bleedin’/ I cannot die on a train like Ethan.” But it is the dance—those punches to the midsection, mimicking Notti’s stabbing—that has set the song apart and made it an Internet sensation. It can be difficult to pinpoint the origins of viral trends, but “Notti Bop” appears to have first surfaced online around September 20th, with the arrival of a brief teaser video that features Kyle Richh and a young child dancing to an excerpt of the song. On October 3rd, another clip previewing the song was posted to Richh’s TikTok feed, showing him doing the dance with a bunch of friends. By the time the official music video was released, five days later, the wildfire spread of the “Notti Bop” on social media was well under way.

There are videos of teen-agers Notti Bopping on street corners, in subway stations, in clothing stores, in bedrooms. There are countless TikToks shot in schools: in cafeterias and gymnasiums, in science class and a music room, during a lockdown drill. School bathrooms, evidently, are Notti Bopping hot spots. “Damn everybody notti boppin down to teacher, family members, and house pets” reads the caption on a video, posted by a user with the TikTok handle zayybandz. There is indeed a subgenre of “Notti Bop” videos starring cats, dogs, iguanas, and, in the case of one viral clip, an otter. Notti Bopping infants are also a thing.

At first, the “Notti Bop” appeared to be confined to New York, but it swiftly migrated beyond the five boroughs. A high-school football player in New Jersey celebrated a pick-six interception return with a “Notti Bop” end-zone celebration. The song reached school kids in Massachusetts, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana. A video surfaced that seems to capture members of the Golden State Warriors Notti Bopping during a preseason game. Another TikTok shows two young men in military fatigues, evidently members of the U.S. armed forces, dancing to the song. (The caption reads, “Notti Bopping our country to safety.”) In the U.K., a drill hotbed, TikTokers recorded “Notti Bop” videos on the London Underground and in front of Buckingham Palace.

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Health benefits of dancing | RBC Style


Shot from the movie Pulp Fiction

© kinopoisk

Author Natalya Germanovich

August 08, 2021

We will tell you why dancing is sometimes more useful than regular fitness, and what effect dance exercises have on the body and psyche

We are all looking for ways to feel healthier, more energetic and happier. According to research by Japanese scientists, dancing is the most effective exercise that helps maintain not only physical but also psychological health. For eight years, experts have observed 1,000 women who practiced yoga, walking, rhythmic gymnastics and other sports. It turned out that 73% of those who practiced dancing specifically had the highest health scores compared to other participants in the study who chose other sports. [1

The main advantage of dancing is that people of any age and any build can do it. Tap or twerk - you can choose any dance rhythm. “Bonuses” from these classes can be felt already in the first week of classes.

How to choose a dance?

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In addition to aesthetic and musical criteria, physical activity should also be taken into account in dancing. On average, a person is able to burn 250-400 kcal per hour of training. But it depends on the intensity of the movements and the style of the dance. Step is one thing, in which the lower body is more actively involved, and acrobatic types, where all muscle groups work, are quite another.

How many calories are spent on dancing:

  • pole dance — 800 kcal/hour [2]
  • jazz-modern/jazz-funk — up to 600 kcal/hour — [3]
  • breakdance — 650 kcal/hour [4]
  • twerk — 480 kcal/hour [5]

Such intense exercise is suitable for healthy people who may have already had or already have experience in sports.

Beginners who still want to move actively are more suitable:

  • classical ballet - 429kcal/hour [6]
  • tap dance — 394 kcal/hour [7]
  • latin dances — 343 kcal/hour [8]

Do not write off the classics. Waltz and foxtrot on average will help to spend 283 kcal / hour. This is an ideal load for people who have limitations associated with the state of the body.

In any case, both fast and slow movements lower the heart rate, burn calories and help improve the functioning of the body. [9]

A frame from the movie "Dirty Dancing"

© kinopoisk

What else is dancing good for?

Increases the overall tone of the body

Dancing involves a large part of the body, so this hobby can easily replace routine cardio workouts. Since a sedentary lifestyle reduces the health of the cardiovascular system (according to WHO, a person should move at least 150-300 minutes a week, but more is better [10]), dancing helps reduce the risk of getting hypertension, as well as problems with the heart and blood vessels. [11]

More strength appears

Constant fatigue and drowsiness have a negative impact on the quality of life. According to a 2017 study, weekly dance classes make adults more energetic. And if you increase the load to 150 minutes a week, this will reduce the risk of insomnia. Physical fatigue contributes to rapid sleep. [12]

The brain begins to work better

Dancing stimulates several parts of the brain at once, because it makes you focus on the constant movement of the body in space and on memorizing dance patterns. First, this is how we develop coordination. Secondly, long-term memory and cognitive abilities are improved. Studies have confirmed that dancing helps the growth of "white matter", which helps the brain perform these functions smoothly. [13]

Thirdly, it reduces the risk of dementia and Parkinson's disease in old age. Dancing also helps develop new neural connections that are responsible for orientation in space and the executive functions of the brain: concentration, planning, cognitive inhibition, and any other decision-making activities. [14]

Mental and emotional well-being improves

Through dancing, the body produces “happy hormones” – serotonin and oxytocin. The first is formed due to physical activity, and the second is when we begin to feel that we are getting dance moves.

All these chemical processes, as well as music, rhythm, monotonous repetitions of movements, help to get rid of obsessive unpleasant thoughts, which often lead a person into a state of anxiety and increase the risk of depression. University of Hertfordshire psychology professor Peter Lovatt, in his book Dance psychology: the science of dance and dancers, claims that a person receives a charge of good mood while dancing, enough for a week. [15]

A still from the movie "Chicago"

© kinopoisk

Increases self-esteem and leaves the feeling of loneliness

Dancing is social entertainment. Starting classes, you get to know a large number of like-minded people. Regular training not only improves the physical and psychological state, but also helps a person to express himself, remove psychological blocks, and liberate himself. Sometimes, some people are the only way to throw out their emotions. Such a hobby, indeed, can strengthen self-esteem and help to believe in yourself. [16]

What is important to consider before starting to dance?

In dancing, as in any other sport, precautions must be taken to minimize the risk of injury.

  • Before you start exercising, stretch to warm up your muscles.
  • Drink water during and after exercise.
  • Stop if you feel pain. Some types of dances are a heavy physical load that beginners are not always ready to cope with the first time. A five-minute break won't make you a worse dancer, but it will help your body adjust to the stress.
  • Give yourself time to cool down when you're done. A ten-minute walk at a calm pace will help the muscles relax gradually.
  • Previous injuries, illnesses, pregnancy - an occasion to once again consult a doctor before starting training.

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Dance FOR me - dance ON me - To shine!


Cleaning was routine for Jimin. He often helped his mother with housework, so he had enough experience to clean huge rooms to a shine in very short periods of time. Although, of course, their house is much smaller than the palace. In three hours, Pak managed to clean 7 rooms, which is undoubtedly his personal record. His hands ached, his lower back ached, but the omega did not think to give up. And now, once again rinsing the rag, he again bends over and starts washing the floors in already 8 out of 15 (yes, he counted) rooms. Thinking about his own, the guy does not notice that Donghwa enters the room.

- Wow, what a quickie! Let's go get some rest and have a bite to eat. I asked the chefs to cook something for us.

-Oh, that's very nice of you... that is, your side, - Jimin immediately straightened up, - Thank you!

- Come on, it's not worth it, - the servant dismissed, - The kitchen is on the right along the corridor. You won't get lost... -thinking a little, the butler added, can, -Pak smiled embarrassedly, -Come when you get home, in short.

"Okay, give me a couple of minutes hyung," receiving a nod, Jimin went back to work.

While cleaning the floors, I caught myself thinking that I was so carried away by work that I did not notice how hungry I was. His stomach was rumbling at full speed, so the satin-haired one quickly dealt with what he had planned and, throwing a rag, rushed to the kitchen.

It seems that he was not lost in this palace for the first time, which could not but rejoice. Although, it would be really hard to get lost. And it's not just that the kitchen, just like Donghwa said, is not far from the room Jimin cleaned. The main reason is the most delicious, as it seemed to the hard worker then, the smell of roast beef.

Learn more