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  • 1-4 dancers
  • Ages 9-17
  • 5-11 dancers
  • Ages 9-17

We are looking for originality and diversity in ALL styles of dance!! Routines should be memorable and stand out from a crowd. Show us your creativity, style, technique, musicality, attitude, and showmanship.


**You must submit a video package in order to be considered for a call back audition**

Create an account on our registration website at Follow the prompts in order to complete the required application & proper releases, as well as upload a video of your routine, about me video, and photos of yourself.

If you are submitting as a group, your group leader must register first and submit the names and contact information for each group member. Once the group leader has completed their application and uploaded required videos and photos, each member will receive an email with a link to access their application. Each group member must fill out their own application, release, and upload a photo – only one video with routine and about me section is required per group. If you or anyone in your group is under the age of 13, a parent or legal guardian must complete your application, release, photos, and videos.


  1. Submission deadline: October 18, 2019
  2. Each applicant must complete and sign the following documents (i.e. if a team, each team member must submit these documents):
    1. Application Questionnaire
    2. Eligibility Requirements and Release (with Parental/Legal Guardian signatures if applicant is under the age of 18)
  3. Upload a video introducing your act and performing your routine:
    1. Tell us your name(s), team name (if applicable), age(s), where you are from, style of dance and anything else you think we should know.
    2. You must upload one routine no longer than 3 minutes that shows off your team or individual style.


Once you have completed and submitted all the required paperwork and videos, a casting producer will review your submission. All application materials will become the property of Producer and will not be returned.

Applicants will be contacted only if Producer is considering the applicant for a live call back audition. Any expenses that an applicant may incur during the application process are the applicant’s sole responsibility. You must be willing to travel at your own expense to the live call back audition in September or October 2019 (or as otherwise scheduled by the Producer) at one of the following locations nearest you: New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; or Chicago, IL. Applicants under the age of 18 are required to travel and audition with a parent or legal guardian and must also arrange for all their travel and expenses as well.

To be considered for a live call back audition you must submit your online video and application by: October 18, 2019.


  1. Completed application questionnaire and release as listed above – one per member.
  2. Two choreographed routines. Each routine should be no longer than one minute thirty seconds. Be sure to show your creativity, style, and originality.
  3. Be sure to show your creativity, style, and originality
  4. CD, iPod, or smart phone with your audition music.
  5. Come dressed in attire or costume that showcases your routine.
  6. Snacks and water. You should plan to be at the auditions all day.


Registration Closed

A new dance competition show

Registration Closed

Contact The Casting Team

This contact information is only used for casting & audition purposes.

World of Dance Auditions 2022, How to Registered {Online}

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World Of Dance – You know very well is every famous dancing show for all worldwide contestants. This time is the 4th season has going to live and candidates looking for the audition and registration. World of Dance is a dancing show that has divided in 4 groups. They are individual and group dance show. WOD audition and registration will be started as soon as possible, Duw to COVID all schedules will be late. Further details and information will be provided when issued the schedule and dates. Till you have to need to follow us and get the latest updates. We suggested to all candidates check selection criteria and process to enter in WORLD OF DANCE (WOD) 2022 session.

World Of Dance, Audition, Registration, Apply Online, Selection process

World of Dance 2022 Auditions

WOD Important Details –

Show Name – World of Dance
Season No – 5th
Auditions Dates – Available soon
Available on –

World Of Dance Division Ages and Sizes – 

Anyone willing to participate in this great dance reality show needs to appear in an audition round in any of the four categories –

  • Junior group which can comprise of 1 to 4 members below the age of 9 to 17 can participate under this category.
  • Junior Team which can comprise of 5 or more members in a team below the age of 18 years should fall in this head.
  • Upper Group – The upper group can comprise 1 to 4 members above the age of 18.
  • Upper Team which comprises of 5 or more members above the age of 18 years falls in this category.

Auditions Process – 

How to Registered World of Dance 2022 Online

You can register online for the competition on the official site of the show with any of your identity proof and also a token of money to register yourself.


We have to inform all contest you have to need to submit your video of the dance to registered online.

First, all the candidates registered or make an id on the available Application / Website at After you have followed the steps and fill in the required details step by step and also uploaded your dance video on a particular link.

Important Note – If you are a group, Then you have to need to submit your group details and each member registration first individually. After complete the individual application form fill, you have got the notification of email to click on it and easy access to that link to check the details you have fill. A group member must fill out their own application form, release, and upload a photo – only one video with routine and about me section is required for each group. If you or anyone in your group is under the age of 13, a parent or legal guardian must complete your application form.

World OF Dance WOD Registration / Auditions Process


  • Submission deadline – Available soon
  • Every applicant must complete and sign the following document.

Application Questionnaire – 

  • Eligibility Requirements and Release (with Parental/Legal Guardian signatures if an applicant is under the age of 18)
  • Upload a video introducing your act and performing your routine:
  • Tell us your name, age, address, style, Dance Style, Contact number other details.
  • Applicant must be upload 3 mint videos with have group member shows moves that show off your team or individual style.


Candidates must be remembered the things we have mentioned – after completing the registration and paperwork or video submitted. The casting producer will review your submission. All materials will become the property of the Producer and they will not be returned

Candidates will be contacted only if the producer is considering them, after that they have a call back for auditions. You have to travel to the audition place at our expense on a live callback audition 2022.

WHAT TO BRING to Call Back Audition to carry Individual –

  1. The Completed  Application questionnaires and release as per the listed for per person/member
  2. Two choreographers routined per day as per the 1 mint 30 sec, At that time period, you have shown the style and moves you have to carry.
  3. Candidates are sure you have shown creativity originality and your styles too.
  4. You have to carry a CD, Phone, audition music other required things too.
  5. Water and Snakes will be available or planned for the audition day.
  6. Candidates should become dressed, costume, etc.

Other countries have also a world of dance, here you check some details & audition details related to World Of Dance –

World of Dance Philippines is a Philippine reality competition series which is directed by Jon Raymond Moll and presented by Luis Manzano and Pia Wurtzbach. This show was named after an American reality competition show “World of Dance”. This popular show will air on the well-known channel ABS-CBN.

World of Dance Philippines was first premiered on January 12, 2019, till date it has hosted only 1 series with 26 episodes in total, and the second series is yet to come this year as it is postponed due to the pandemic. Billy Crawford, Maja Salvador, and Gary Valencia no serve as the judge in the first series along with the two hosts named, Luis Manzano, and Pia Wurtzbach.

The winner of the show will receive a grand cash prize along with an opportunity to compete in the well-known show World of Dance USA. The winner of the first season was from Team Division, FCPC Baliktanaw.

Wolrd Of Dance 2022 Online

A very well-known show World Of Dance Polska which is also known to be as World of Dance Poland is a Polish reality competition television show which is based usually on a dancing program and is a version of the American Show “World Of Dance USA”.

The well-known show is presented to the world by two well-established people, Olga Kalicka and Karol Niecikowski. The show features varieties of dancers with varieties of forms who can perform solo acts, and also in groups.

To date, the reality show has premiered only a single series with 10 episodes in total which was a very short season as the number of contestants was low. The very first episode was premiered on the 14th of September, 2018 on the network of Polsat. The show is judged by Edyta Herbs, Rafal Roofie Kaminski, and Michael Malinowski.

The first series ended up with a winner who was crowned as the Champion with a token of $100000 as a sum of cash prize.

Method panorama - Case "World of Dance"



"World of Dance"

Additional general educational general developmental program "World of Dance" is aimed at a deep study of Russian, Udmurt dances; introduces folklore dance; gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the national culture of the peoples of the Volga region and the Finno-Ugric peoples.

Case materials can be used by teachers of additional education and leaders of amateur choreographic groups in the preparation and conduct of classes. nine0003

Regulations on the additional general educational general development program


Student questionnaires


Additional general educational general developmental program "World of Dance"


Dynamics of educational achievements


Achievement Diagnostic Help


Parent reviews


Teaching diplomas


Certificate based on the results of an independent quality assessment


Independent quality assessment report


Methodological development "Fractions and fractional percussion in Russian dance"


Methodological development “Parterre gymnastics. Development of physical data»



The main positions of the hands when performing Udmurt dances.


Lecture material "Features of Finnish folk dances"


Abstract "Dance combination on fractions"


Examples of tasks for self-test


Visual material

Download nine0002 Set of diagrams "Basic movements of classical dance in drawings"


Presentation "Anna Pavlova - the swan of the Russian ballet"


Game Technology


Improvisation as a means of developing creativity


Scenario of the calendar folk holiday "Maslenitsa"


Scenario of the concert "When the stage comes to life"


Scenario of the dance and entertainment program "Ektom Ali"


Working with gifted children


Links to publications of software and methodological developments


Publication certificates


Diplomas of students


Student achievement

Download nine0002 About us in the media

Night of the Arts in Science took place!

The world of dance visiting the scientific library: On November 4, another Night of the Arts took place in the scientific library. Student chamber ballet "Gestus" of Vladimir State University named after Alexander Grigorievich and Nikolai Grigorievich Stoletovs under the direction of Andrei Marchenkov, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Choreographic Art and Sports Dance of the VlSU, presented to the guests the diversity of national dance traditions of the peoples of the world. Day of national unity in dances: how it was. The concert featured dances with the author's choreography of the teachers of the department and masters of folk and classical choreography. nine0003

In the first dance "The Tale of the Russian Land" (choreography by A. Marchenkov), the ballet "Gestus" greeted the guests according to the ancient Russian tradition with bread and salt.

Variation of Pearls from the ballet The Little Humpbacked Horse (choreography by Arthur Saint-Leon), performed by 4th year student Yulia Pakhareva and 2nd year student Maria Abramova.

Dance is perhaps the oldest of the arts: it reflects the need of man, dating back to the earliest times, to communicate his emotions to other people with the language of his body. The dance arose from a variety of movements and gestures associated with labor processes and emotional impressions of a person from the world around him, and was the main ritual component. Over time, the dance turned from a ritual into a spectacle, became a stage art. nine0003

Old Russian waltz "Birch" (choreography by People's Artist of the USSR Nadezhda Nadezhdina), soloist - Anastasia Morozova.

The guests saw the "Pamir Dance" in the choreography of the outstanding master of Russian choreography Igor Moiseev performed by Maria Prevezentseva, Maria Abramova, Maria Ivanova and Yulia Pakhareva.

The diverse world of dance: lyrical girlish round dance "Chain" (choreography by N. Nadezhdina):

Choreography by Ivan Gromakov, Yuri Derevyagin: lyrical Cossack dance "Tenderness". Performed by Maria Ivanova and Ruslan Mamadaliev:

Dance of the Kazan beauties "Shawl" (choreography by Raila Garipova):

"Russian dance with a scarf" performed by Maria Donskova, Alina Shilnikova, Ksenia Gorshkova and Anastasia Andrianova

Slovak polka. Performed by: Maria Abramova, Yulia Pakhareva, Ruslan Mamadaliyev

Armenian dance “Tavih”, choreography by Andrey Marchenkov

Azerbaijani dance “White Flower”, choreography by Rosa Jalilova

After the wreath of national dances, the concert continued with pop numbers. Acting takes a significant place in the profession of a choreographer. Plastic parody is one of the exercises in student classes, which then becomes a full-fledged concert number. The guests of the Night of the Arts in Science were able to appreciate the parodies of Russian and foreign pop stars:


Edita Piekha: “Good!”

Bony M

Verka Serduchka

Modern stylization of Russian folk dance "Swallow" (choreography by Andrey Marchenkov)


Perky point in a colorful and emotional concert was put by "Igor's Youth Rock and Roll" choreography Moiseev, edited by Andrey Marchenkov, performed by student chamber ballet "Gestus" VlSU .

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