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We were sad to hear of the death of Roy Carr, one of the NME’s most popular and influential writers during the 1970s and 1980s, who also contributed to the MM, Uncut and Vox.

Roy, a jolly, outgoing personality, blended his enthusiasm for many strands of popular music with a sly, witty humour. He championed many newly arrived artists, notably Bruce Springsteen and Elton John and his books like the Illustrated Record Guide, proved invaluable to generations of fans. He later oversaw the creation of the NME’s famed cassette compilations, cherished by broadcaster Danny Baker, and wrote an informative, illustrated history of jazz.

Cheerful, teasing company while on music press trips abroad, he would hang out with ‘rivals’ from other papers, like the MM’s Chris Charlesworth, Roy Hollingworth and Barrie Wentzel and greet them in trendy New York bars with cries of ‘Have a toffee!’ He even made Julie Burchell laugh, according to eye witness accounts.

Photograph by Barrie Wentzell

Photographer and journalist Valerie Wilmer knew Roy well, and learned that his family’s name was Mintz and that they came from Russia. His grandfather was a musician, who had played in a band for Tsar Nicolas. Roy’s father, a drummer, led his own band in Blackpool, performing under the name of Antony Carmeli, later shortened to Tony Carr.

Tony later wrote a dance number called Do The Slosh which he hoped would prove a worthy successor to his previous hit instrumental March of the Mods. The original March was recorded by Tony Carr’s group The Executives and released on the Columbia label.

Roy, who fronted the group, always claimed they ‘blew the Rolling Stones off stage’ when sharing a gig in the Sixties. Interestingly, the bass player with the Executives was Glenn Cornick, a founder member of Jethro Tull and Wild Turkey.

In the event, a cover version of March Of The Mods was a Top 40 hit for the Joe Loss Orchestra in November 1964 and not the Executives. Roy then moved into journalism. while Tony Carr carried on composing. Ironically it was left to Melody Maker to cover the story of the latest dance craze, The Slosh and not the NME.

That’s when I interviewed Roy’s dad, and learned that the dance came from Wigan (via Finland) and that Tony had recorded a demo of his song, presented it to a publisher and had it recorded by the Bob Miller band. The single was launched at a party at London’s historic Cafe de Paris, in April 1972. That’s when I gamely took part in a Slosh demonstration, with my pretty 18 year old dance partner, Rosemary Kemsley.

It was a highly enjoyable experience, a bit like a forerunner of Strictly Come Dancing. And I like to think I did better than Ed Balls or Jeremy Vine, forsooth. Strangely, Roy Carr never commented on my encounter with his dad, and looked slightly embarrassed when I mentioned it. Perhaps he thought it might undermine his newly acquired NME street cred.

Photograph by Barrie Wentzell

Even though the Miller band’s single wasn’t the big hit we all predicted, the dance lives on. Research has revealed that The Slosh was still being performed by elderly team The Clacton Dancers as recently as 2011 and it remains a popular line dance, especially with ‘inebriated women at weddings.’

Roy Carr died in hospital following a heart attack, aged 73, on July 1st, 2018. He will be greatly missed.

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30 Wedding Line Dance Songs for Groups

Planning the entertainment for your wedding and in need of a playlist? Choose from the classic wedding line dance songs to get your guests on their feet!

Why do wedding line dances?

There’s nothing like a fantastic wedding playlist to take your reception to the next level. During your reception, your DJ can pump up the crowd, and there’s no better method of raising the energy than with music. If you want your guests to start dancing the night away, consider throwing in a few line dances. 

Although wedding line dances may seem cheesy, they’re a great way to get all the guests at your reception to get out on the dance floor. While some couples may choose to put line dance songs on the “do not play” list, others don’t mind some kitschy fun!

Line dancing is the perfect activity to excite guests. Everyone knows a few line dances from weddings, school dances, and other formal events, and line dances are simple and easy. You can even find videos on YouTube with instructions for your favorite song and dance.

When more people join a group on the dance floor, it’s just more fun! If there’s no one on the dance floor, a familiar tune might just be what your reception needs to get the party moving. Once wedding guests are out of their seats, it’s easy to keep the momentum going. Additionally, as a last dance, line dances are a wonderful choice to get everyone involved in the celebration one more time.

Whether you want to stick with classic and popular line dance songs like the “Cupid Shuffle” or prefer country music, there’s a line dance song to fit your wedding style. Yeah Weddings has a full list of songs for you to choose from, so get ready to put on your dancing shoes!

Popular Line Dance Songs

These line dance songs are wildly popular and have stood the test of time. If you’re at a wedding, you can almost always expect one of these songs to be played by the DJ, and when you think of line dance songs, these are the tunes that come to mind. 

Why are these songs so popular? These songs are fun and upbeat, and best of all, they’re easy dances to learn! For children and adults alike, these dances are simple and straightforward. Songs like the “Cha Cha Slide” even tell you the moves as you go, so you don’t need to be a pro to master these dances and enjoy your time with friends and family.

  • “Cha Cha Slide” – Mr. C The Slide Man
  • “Cupid Shuffle” – Cupid
  • “The Locomotion” – Little Eva
  • “Cotton Eye Joe” – Rednex
  • “Macarena” – Los Del Rio
  • “The Hokey Pokey” – Ray Anthony
  • “The Chicken Dance” – The Emeralds

Country Line Dance Songs

When it comes to line dancing, a popular genre of music is country. However, country line dance songs go beyond a typical do-si-do and square dance. Country line dances are fun and energetic, and you can be more active in these dances. If you’re looking for a high-spirited dance, country songs like “Any Man of Mine” are an excellent choice. You can send your guests a link to a YouTube video with line dancing instructions for more complex dances, or take a few minutes out of your reception to demonstrate the moves.

For rustic weddings or weddings in innovative venues like barns, a country line dance has the right mood, but don’t limit yourself! No matter your venue, if you love country music, then pick one of these songs to add to your playlist.  

  • “Achy Breaky Heart” – Billy Ray Cyrus
  • “Chattahoochee” – Alan Jackson
  • “Wagon Wheel” – Darius Rucker
  • “Watermelon Crawl” – Tracy Byrd
  • “Copperhead Road” – Steve Earle
  • “Any Man of Mine” – Shania Twain

Hip-Hop Line Dance Songs

Not a fan of country music? Try some hip-hop songs for your line dance! Hip-hop music has a great beat and energy to get the party started. These songs are also a little less structured than some of the most popular line dance songs or a choreographed country song, so you and your guests can bring your own flair and style while doing the same dance.

Younger guests will be more familiar with newer releases like “The Harlem Shake,” a viral dance craze. Plus, Beyoncé once did the “Wobble” at a block party, which only means that it should be on the shortlist for your go-to line dance at your wedding.

  • “The Harlem Shake” – Baauer
  • “Jump on It” – The Sugarhill Gang
  • “Wobble” –  V. I.C.
  • “Crank That” – Soulja Boy
  • “Tootsee Roll” – 69 Boyz
  • “Teach Me How to Dougie” – Cali Swag District

Dance Party Line Dance Songs

If you’re looking for lively and fast-paced songs, try some disco and dance music. These songs are all upbeat and quick, so these are sure to get the party going late into the night. Dance music and disco music are fun options for throwback songs that your guests will still know well. With familiar songs like “YMCA,” you and your guests can sing along while dancing!

Like the songs under the hip-hop genre, some of these songs are slightly less structured than classics like the “Chicken Dance.” Find your own choreography to hits like “Stayin’ Alive” and incorporate some funky music into your wedding playlist.

  • “We are Family” – Sister Sledge
  • “Stayin’ Alive” – Bees Gees
  • “Electric Boogie” – Marcia Griffiths
  • “Conga” – Miami Sound Machine and Gloria Estefan
  • “YMCA” – The Village People

Rock Line Dance Songs

No, this isn’t hard rock or heavy metal, but these rock songs are still full of high-energy and big, fun sounds. There are plenty of riffs to dance to, and everyone knows the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” and “Twist & Shout.” 

In addition to line dance songs, these are great songs to end the night on a bang. They’re well-known and loved, so your guests will enjoy themselves and they dance and sing along to some of the best names in rock music. 

  • “Sweet Caroline” – Neil Diamond
  • “The Time Warp” – Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • “Mony Mony” – Billy Idol
  • “The Twist” – Chubby Checker
  • “Shout” – The Isley Brothers
  • “Twist & Shout” – The Beatles

Songs from Yeah Weddings

Whether you hire a band or a DJ, be sure to plan your perfect playlist! Check out our playlist of the best group dance songs for your wedding here:

With this list of line dancing songs, you’ll be sure to get everyone in the mood to dance. Besides group dances, set aside time to choose the right song for your first dance as a couple and the last dance to end the night strong. 


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Lazy dancing game. Dance competitions for the wedding. Nothing that I am without a partner

An empty dance floor at a wedding is a nightmare for newlyweds. Therefore, it is worth taking care of entertainment for guests in advance. Shy - to relax, and active energy - to direct in the right direction. The portal offers you a selection of the best extraordinary dance competitions that will fill your celebration with unbridled fun. Everyone dances!

Original dance games and competitions for guests

When the phrase "dance competition" is heard, standard ball dances or dance games with chairs are introduced. We offer a new look at dance challenges. You will find the coolest contests for guests below.

Oak and squirrel dances

  • Participants : guests.

Men in the form of oak trees and squirrel girls are invited to participate. A circle is formed from men (with their backs to each other). As soon as the music is heard, the girls begin to dance or run across, dancing around the men. As soon as the music stops, the squirrel should jump onto the oak tree. Whoever is left on earth without an oak leaves and takes one oak with him. nine0003

I know this dance

  • Members : couples.

Couples are invited to the dance floor. The DJ plays the first musical composition from the famous film, the dance scene of which is known to absolutely everyone. Couples need to guess which movie the music sounds from and recreate the movements and character as accurately as possible. Notable Dances for the Movie Competition:

  • Pulp Fiction Twist.
  • Tango from "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". nine0023
  • Rumba from the movie The Mask.
  • Dance on the grapes by Celentano from The Taming of the Shrew.

Story dances

  • Participants : guests.
  • Props : situation forms.

It's time to take a look at the acting talent of the guests. Teams of 2-5 people are formed, each of which receives a form with a specific situation. You can prepare catchphrases or fairy tales (what will be well-known and easy to read). Participants need to assign roles and dance this situation. The audience tries to guess what the dance is about. nine0003

Sample cards:

  • The tale of the turnip (final scene).
  • Girls are standing, standing on the sidelines... (a phrase from a famous song).
  • The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing (proverb).
  • Girl picking mushrooms in the forest (simple situation).

Face dance

  • Participants : guests.

Who said that the dance competition cannot be held at the wedding table? It is possible, and now you will see it. The guests are sitting at the table, fervent music is turned on, and the contestants begin to dance. It is necessary to play musical accents and rhythm, using only the face and facial expressions. You can complicate the task and start moving from one part of the face, gradually involving the rest. The most interesting dance wins. nine0003

Spaghetti between us

  • Members : couples.
  • Props : pack of spaghetti.

Couples choose a place on the dance floor. The facilitator distributes one spaghetti to all couples. Participants clamp the pasta in their teeth on both sides. Fast dynamic music sounds. You need to move to the beat, that is, quickly. Those couples whose spaghetti breaks are eliminated.

Lazy but very inventive dances

  • Members : guests.
  • Props : five chairs.

The six most daring participants are invited to participate in the guest contest. The competition is divided into 5 stages:

  1. Free dance - after which the first participant is eliminated.
  2. Chair dance - guests dance seated, the most boring dancer is eliminated.
  3. Dance on chairs without legs - the weakest is determined.
  4. Dance on chairs without legs and arms - the dancers turn on their fantasy, another dancer is eliminated. nine0023
  5. Dance of facial expressions on a chair - the most difficult task for the remaining two dancers. From them at the end and choose the winner.

Active contests

In order for the wedding to be as fun as possible, it is necessary to involve the largest number of people in the entertainment. Shy guests can be stirred up by massive active dance competitions.

Dances of various sizes

  • Participants : guests.
  • nine0024

    Two significant teams are formed with the same number of participants. The task of each team is to make the most of the space by performing the tasks of the leader. Sample tasks:

    • Become the widest (narrowest) team.
    • Become a team that has few arms (legs).
    • Become the highest (lowest) team.

    All tasks are performed to music, participants must dance while doing it.

    Is it okay that I am without a partner? nine0018

    • Members : guests.
    • Props : mop.

    Participants are divided into pairs, one person remains alone. He is handed a mop in the form of a dance partner. Music plays, couples begin to dance. When the music stops, the participants should switch partners. This must be done instantly, since the participant with the mop also leaves the "partner" and grabs any dancer that comes across - both a girl and a guy. Left without a partner will have to dance with a mop. nine0003

    Battle of Generations

    • Members : guests.

    Competitors are divided into two teams by age - up to 30 years and older. A group battle is arranged between them. Only for the younger generation they include music in the style of chanson, and for the older one - the most popular hits of these years. Spend several exits of both teams in turn. It's funny to watch how grandmothers dance to "The ice melts" and "Gangnam Style", and the youth dances along with the singing Kobzon. The newlyweds determine the winning team. This competition can be transformed into a themed wedding. For example, for a rock style wedding, choose the compositions of the Queen and Leningrad groups. nine0003

    After such incendiary dances, you will be convinced that everyone can dance and give fun to others. You can find even more interesting competitions on our website

    First of all, competitions at a wedding should be varied, as entertainments similar to each other quickly tire guests. By nature wedding contests can be both educational and entertaining. When compiling competitions, the toastmaster must necessarily take into account that the tasks are not very difficult, understandable to any of those present, with elements of humor, since laughter always cheered up even the most modest and boring guests. nine0005 Wedding games, one of the main components of the entertainment program of the wedding celebration. It is with their help that the audience warms up and a festive cheerful atmosphere is maintained. Well-chosen and planned games at the wedding will not allow guests to overeat and fall asleep at the tables.

    Wedding contest for guests "Dancing with balloons"

    This wedding competition for the majority of guests, or rather couples, the principle is that each couple is given a ball, which is located between the couple, and holding the ball with their bodies and not touching the ball with their hands, the couples dance. nine0005 The pair that survives the test to the end is declared the winner. Whoever drops the ball or bursts from the "strong tension" of the partners to each other is automatically excluded from the game. Fans of active body movements can continue to dance "purely for fun."
    For a change, you can use musical cuts of various styles for the competition, and most importantly, tempos. It's better to start with a slow dance, and then complicate the task with some kind of rock and roll, this will be really fun. nine0003

    Wedding contest "Masters of Dance"

    The host invites a couple of volunteers to the stage. For each couple, sheets of ordinary newspaper are spread on the floor. Participants need to stand on the newspaper and dance to the music without leaving the newspaper. A minute later, the newspaper is folded in half, thereby complicating the task of dancing couples. Etc. Whoever does not hold on to the newspaper and leaves it - leaves. The last remaining pair wins.

    Lazy dancing competition

    This competition is very simple. To participate in it, six people will be needed, who, through active tasting of alcohol, have become so uncomplexed that they are now capable of anything. In addition, you will need five chairs for this game.
    The game is starting. The host announces a dance competition. Appropriate music is turned on, and the contestants begin to dance. Anyone who does not move very actively is out of the game very soon.
    There are five people left. The host invites them to sit on chairs and dance while sitting. Tired dancers, as a rule, gladly respond to this offer and sit on chairs for some time, actively waving their arms and legs. And yet, for one of the participants it will turn out worse, and he will have to leave the game. nine0005 The remaining four people continue to sit on chairs. The host announces that now they will have to dance without the help of their legs. So, the players sit on chairs and make the most intricate movements with their hands, leaving their legs motionless. This part of the competition, as a rule, is the best for the participants of the game, but you still have to determine one loser.
    Three participants of the competition dance while sitting, without the help of their hands (the legs also remain motionless). How to dance the dance without using either the arms or the legs is up to them. Maybe they can do belly dance? At worst, each of them will be able to slightly nod his head to the beat of the music. The two most inventive players remain, and the third, not so active, is declared the loser. nine0005 The remaining two participants in the game will face the most difficult task: without moving at all, they must "dance" ... with the help of only facial expressions! If you have not had to do this yet, try it somehow: you will see for yourself how difficult it is to dance rock and roll or lezginka only with the help of various grimaces.
    The one of the two remaining players who does better in this task is declared the winner. Any prize can be awarded. But it’s not worth giving the winner the opportunity to order a dance as a prize: he won’t want to dance anyway! nine0003

    Competition "Threes-fours"

    Those who want to dance go to a specially designated area for dancing and just dance for a while. A few minutes later, the host gives the command: "Threes!" This means that the dancers must quickly break into threes and dance like this for a while. Those who succeed, after dancing a little, can leave the area. Those remaining in the game continue to dance until the leader gives the command: "Fours!" The participants of the game are divided into four and dance. Those who succeed also leave the site. The game continues until two or three people remain. They are declared the winners. nine0005 How: You see, the catch is that in this game, those who do not cope with the task win.

    Game at the wedding "Dancing on the newspaper"

    The host offers to play this game and announces that he needs several pairs for it (three or four is enough). A newspaper is spread out in front of each couple.
    The rules of the game are as follows. Slow music is turned on, and couples begin to dance the usual slow dance under it. A prerequisite: in no case go behind the newspaper: the one who stumbles will be out of the game. nine0005 The music stops, the newspaper folds in half, and the partners continue to dance in a smaller "square". After a while, the newspaper folds in half again. The game stops after the couples dance while balancing on a small piece of newspaper. The pair that proves to be the most persistent and resourceful in inventing means to maintain balance is considered the winner. The ability to dance, of course, should be rewarded with small memorable prizes.

    Competition "Girl on her knees" nine0178

    The host calls the couples. Men sit on chairs in a row, cross their arms behind their heads. After that, newspaper sheets are placed on their knees, a girl sits down on all this “good”. Her task is for a minute, while the music is playing, the girl should dance while sitting on the lap of a man and try to crush the newspapers as much as possible. The pair with the most wrinkled sheets wins. If the situation is controversial, the winners are determined by audience applause.

    Wedding contest "Lambada with a balloon" nine0178

    After everyone has had a good time, you can invite them to move around. Guests are divided into pairs for dancing, each pair receives a balloon. Task: dance to several different pieces of music while holding the ball so that it does not fall. You can't touch the ball with your hands. The winner is the couple that lasted the longest on the dance floor and managed to keep the ball.

    Competition "Music of different nationalities"

    Several pairs are called. Each gets the task to dance a dance to the music of different nationalities: Jewish, Georgian, Gypsy, Russian, Italian, etc. They are given attributes for dancing. Well, then each couple dances to the appropriate music. nine0005 A couple of winners are determined by popular vote and receive a prize!

    Endurance Dance Competition

    We invite real men to slow dance. Choose beautiful women. Beauty is a great power. Now take your women in your arms and hold them until the end of the dance.

    To participate in the "Seated Dances" competition, you do not need to have honed choreographic skills. Enough ability to improvise and good exposure. If you have such qualities, you can safely count on winning an interesting competition. nine0003

    Despite the fact that the Sitting Dance competition is considered to be a drinking competition, the selected participants will have to leave the table rich in treats for a while. At least 2 participants are selected for the competition. If there are more people who want it, it's okay - up to 10 guests can participate in the Sitting Dance game at the same time.

    The facilitator invites the players to the center of the room, where there are chairs on which the participants will dance. No, they don't have to climb on a chair like a pedestal. Dancing will really take place sitting. nine0003

    So, each contestant sits comfortably in his chair and at the command of the presenter, that is, he starts dancing to the music without getting up from his chair.

    But it's not so simple. Only one part of the body should dance, while the rest should be completely motionless. At the same time, you can’t comment on your actions, laugh, move unnamed parts of the body.

    Leader's commands can be as follows:

    • Eyebrow dance
    • "Only feet dance"
    • "Now let's dance with lips"
    • "Our hands began to dance"
    • "Let's dance with our eyes"
    • "Let's dance with our priests"
    • "Arms and eyebrows are used"
    • "Dance with feet and booty"
    • "And now with legs and eyebrows"
    • "The chest has gone"
    • “Trying to dance with our ears……”

    Such dances are simply unforgettable. The site "This Holiday" offers to diversify the "Seated Dances" contest by cutting short funny melodies, among which there will be a lambada, a streptiz, and a gypsy girl. nine0003

    Particularly interesting are the "Seated Dances" performed by people of non-standard build or respectable bosses and important young ladies. Therefore, be sure to include such entertainment in the program

    This competition is very simple. The necessary props are five chairs. Participants should be one person more, that is, six. The game starts. The leader announces the dance. Appropriate music is turned on, and those taking part in the entertainment begin to dance. The one who, in the opinion of those not participating in the competition, dances the worst of all, is eliminated from the game. There are five people left. Then the host invites the remaining contestants to sit on chairs and dance while sitting. Already tired dancers gladly agree to this proposal and even sit on chairs for some time, actively waving their arms and legs. nine0003

    But still, someone will get worse and he will have to leave the game. The remaining four people continue to sit on chairs. The presenter explains to them that now they will have to dance without the help of their legs. It turns out that the players sit on chairs and do the most bizarre movements with their hands, leaving their legs motionless. This stage of the competition, as a rule, is the best for the participants, but you still have to look for one loser. Three participants of the competition dance sitting, without the help of their hands (the legs also remain motionless). nine0003

    How to dance the dance without using either the arms or the legs is up to them. Perhaps they know how to do a belly dance? At worst, each of them will be able to nod his head to the beat of the music. After that, the two most inventive players are chosen, who continue the fight, and the third, not so active, is declared the loser.

    The remaining two participants in the game will have the last task: without moving at all, they must “dance” ... with the help of only facial expressions! If you have not had to do this yet, try it somehow and see how difficult it is to dance rock and roll or lezginka only with the help of various grimaces. The winner is the one of the two remaining contestants who coped with this task better. The prize can be anything. Just do not give the winner the opportunity to order a dance as a gift: he will not want to dance anyway! nine0003

    Dance movements "Lazy Antoshka" for boys of the preparatory group.

    Kindergarten teachers, school teachers and educators

    Dance competitions

    Married dancers The host invites all married couples to the dance floor. Music sounds. Everyone is dancing. The DJ stops the music. The host announces - all couples who have less than 5 years of married life experience - sit down (on their haunches / on chairs), and then in a circle: after each song, the host announces the date for 5 years more. And so on until the most experienced couple remains. Which at the end of the competition says instruction to the newlyweds. nine0003

    Back to back dance The host announces a dance competition and calls any number of couples. The idea is this: couples should dance with their backs to each other to well-known dance melodies: kan-kan, dance of little swans, lezginka, waltz, etc. . Task: I round. Dance to the music while sitting. The one for whom the least number of people voted is out. There are four members left. II round. Under the next song, you need to move without the help of your legs. The audience votes. The one who danced less interestingly is eliminated. III round. Three participants need to dance without the help of arms and legs. You may ask if this is possible?) You can do it with your head, with your body… what is the imagination enough for) IV round. Then two participants remain and they get the most difficult task: to dance only with the help of facial expressions. The most active wins. nine0003

    Another variation of the competition. The host asks the men who came in a couple, what was the first thing they noticed in appearance when they first saw their girlfriend? What they liked ... They answer - eyes, dress, hairstyle, etc. Then these girls are called to the stage. And the leader says the task. They must dance to the music with those parts of the body that the men called them. Then the voting is won by the one for which they were rooting the loudest.

    Dances of the peoples of the world №1 The leader calls 5 couples. Each should pull out a piece of paper with the name of the dance: For example, • Russian-folk • Gypsy • African • Oriental • Georgian And their task is to dance the dance. Ideally, each couple should be given national costumes and props. If there is a plasma or a screen, you can show videos of national dances during their dances. And at the end, a general vote can be held. nine0003

    Dances of the peoples of the world №2 The host calls the guests to the dance floor. Folk songs from different countries are heard. The leader shows the movements for the first song. And everyone repeats after him. Then he chooses another person who will show the movements, and so on.

    Limbo Two people hold a stretched rope first at the level of their height, then they constantly lower it down at the leader's command. The task of the guests to dance to the music is to pass through it without touching it. Whoever fails is out. The competition continues until one person remains - the winner. nine0003

    This dance is a hallmark of the Caribbean and is very popular with tourists there.

    Everyone is dancing The host calls three couples. The music turns on and their task is just to dance. The music stops and they have to call another couple to the dance floor. And so every time the music stops the number of dancers increases. This competition smoothly flows into a disco.

    Dance of the little swans The leader gathers two teams of 3-5 people. The task is this: music plays, both teams dance. The music stops, and the task of each team is to collect their hands in a wattle fence. Whose team will do it faster gets 1 point. And so the game is played until one team collects 3 points. The losing team dances to the song chosen by the newlyweds. Or if friendship won, then everyone dances together. nine0003

    Dance master class from the bride and groom The host calls the bride and groom to the stage. From the side of the bride, female guests stand up. From the side of the groom - male guests. Cheerful music sounds. And the guests must repeat the movements: women follow the bride, men follow the groom. Then the bride and groom change places and vice versa. The male guests follow the bride, and the female guests follow the groom. Very well, this competition flows into a disco.

    Dance battle Several participants on the stage - men and women take turns demonstrating the movements. Men show different dance moves, repeat all the girls at the tables in the hall. When the girls show the movements, all the guys are dancing in the hall. Since there are a lot of people, it is better that the movements are repeated in their places in the hall. There are variations when you can call people to the dance floor.

    Dance movements "Lazy Antoshka" for boys of the preparatory group

    Galina Romanova

    Dance movements "Lazy Antoshka" for boys of the preparatory group

    Dance movements "Lazy Antoshka" for boys of the preparatory group

    Song "Antoshka" in a new arrangement.

    For the introduction Antoshka reluctantly goes to the center with the harmonica, lies on his back, sideways to the audience, his head on the harmonica, his legs crossed. The boys run out with a wooden spoon in their right hand - they become a semicircle around Antoshka.

    1. Antoshka, Antoshka, let's go dig - imitate digging with a shovel three times,

    potatoes. “wipe the sweat from the forehead”

    Antoshka, Antoshka, let's go dig , - imitate digging with a shovel three times,

    potatoes. “they wipe the sweat from their foreheads”

    At the end of the phrase, spread their arms to the sides, and Antoshka sits on the floor, facing the audience, legs to the sides.

    Chorus: Dili-dili, the boys threaten Antoshka with their right index finger

    Antoshka to the right threatens with an index finger

    trawl Boys threaten the left-handed finger of Antoshka

    Antoshka threatens with an index finger

    9039 903 903 903 904 903 903 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 904 spreading his arms to the sides to the right


    We were not asked this . shrug their shoulders, spreading their arms to the sides to the left

    Dili-dili, Traliali Children perform 4 springs, clutching their heads with their hands, but

    We didn’t go through this, Antoshka waves his fists over his head, stamping his feet


    We were not asked this.

    Param - pam - pam Children put their right foot on the heel forward, then to the side,

    put it to the left, stamping, "angry". Antoshka waves his right hand away. nine0003

    Param - pam-pam . Children put their left foot on the heel forward, then to the side, put

    to the right, stamping, "angry." Antoshka waves his left hand away and lies down again.

    2. Antoshka, Antoshka, play the harmonica for us . Perform 2 side steps with a spring

    to the right, “playing the harmonica”.

    Antoshka, Antoshka, play the harmonica for us. Perform 2 side steps with spring

    to the left, "playing the harmonica".

    At the end of the phrase, they spread their arms to the sides, and Antoshka sits on the floor, facing the audience, legs to the sides.

    faucet: “Whoa!” perform 4 low springs, "stretching the harmonica bellows a lot."

    Chorus: movements are repeated.

    3. Antoshka, Antoshka, move in a counter-moving side canter, two halves of a semicircle

    Prepare a spoon for dinner. stand, wave a spoon over their heads, stroking their belly.

    Antoshka, Antoshka, move in a counter-moving side canter, returning to their places.

    Prepare a spoon for dinner. stand, wave a spoon over their heads, stroking their belly.

    At the end of the phrase, they spread their arms to the sides, and Antoshka sits on the floor, facing the audience, legs to the sides.

    Chorus: Dili-dili, the boys narrow the circle 3 steps, walking towards Antoshka, showing off the spoon.

    Antoshka stretches his hands to the right to the spoons.

    Trawlers run back, hiding the spoon behind their backs

    Antoshka stretches his hands to the left towards the spoons.

    This, my brothers in strength, The children and Antoshka are stroking their belly.

    I can hardly refuse now. The children are spinning, Antoshka is rubbing his eyes with his fists “crying”

    Dili-dili, dili-dili. the boys narrow the circle 3 steps, walking towards Antoshka, showing off the spoon


    Antoshka stretches his hands to the right towards the spoons.

    Trawled, trawled . run back, hiding the spoon behind their backs

    Antoshka extends his hands to the left towards the spoons

    Dili-dili, trawl - go. Children and Antoshka are stroking their belly.

    Dili-dili, trawl - wali. Children are spinning, Antoshka is rubbing his eyes with his fists “crying”

    Param - pam - pam Children approach Antoshka, holding out spoons - "teasing" him

    -ba-bo and a large spoon.

    Children run back.

    Par! Pam! Paaaaam! Antoshka takes a spoon out of the iron with his right hand, a frog with his left,

    up. Children sit on the floor, "frightened", legs to the sides, arms up.

    Tralee - go! Children shake their heads, holding their heads. Antoshka smiles.

    rock and roll contest..lazy dancing | Lyrics

    • Lyrics
    • contest
    • rock n roll lazy dancing

    Gonna tell Aunt Mary *bout Uncle John He says he has the blues but He has a lotta fun Oh baby, yes baby, whoo- oo-oo-oo baby havin* some fun tonight yeah well! nine0003

    Long tall Sally has a lot on the ball And nobody cares if she*s long and tall Oh baby, yes baby, whoo-oo-oo-oo baby, I*m having me some fun tonight

    Well, I saw uncle John With long tall Sally He saw Aunt Mary comin* And he ducked back in the alley Oh baby, yes baby, whoo-oo-oo-oo baby I*m havin* some fun tonight

    We*ve gonna have some fun tonight Gonna have some fun tonight We*re gonna have some fun tonight Everything will be all right We*re gonna have some fun Gonna have some fun tonight

    Another contest

    Other names for this text

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    • Bllej By Dima Smirnov - Charges - For the whole day (1)
    • EP - Oh, Baby (1)
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    • 0024

      How to record a hand dance video

      Newbies who have never created Tik Tok content often find it difficult to record their first videos. To make the shooting process not too difficult, you will have to familiarize yourself in advance with how to record dance videos.

      Mounting the camera

      The quality of the footage depends on the camera used and how it is mounted. Some tiktokers do not bother about this and record video on the front camera of the smartphone. However, in this case, the picture is blurry. It is better to use the main camera located on the back of the phone. nine0003

      Before shooting, the smartphone must be securely fixed so that the picture in the frame does not shake. For this, it is better to use a professional tripod. It is mounted on a table or any other stand. The main thing is that the blogger should always be in the frame and be clearly visible.

      Additional information! It is necessary to think in advance about the lighting in the room where the shooting will take place. Natural lighting will not be enough and therefore it is better to buy additional lamps. nine0003

      How to choose music for dance

      One of the most important components of any dance is its musical accompaniment. The track largely determines how interesting the audience will watch the video. Do not add little-known compositions that no one has heard of to clips. It is better to use popular pieces of music. They will definitely appeal to the Tik Tok audience.

      To find famous music, you can go to TT Trends. This section displays the videos that get the most views. After viewing them, you will be able to select songs for video clips. nine0003

      Another way to find suitable tracks is to view the content of tiktokers who also film dances with their hands. You can spy on them what musical compositions they prefer to dance to and try to record videos to the same music. In this case, the selected track should be in harmony with the dance.

      Trendy hand dances from Tik Tok

      People who have their own TT channels often record dance videos. They gain a lot of views and likes from viewers, which contributes to the popularization of the profile. During the existence of the platform, many trendy varieties of dances have appeared. Most often tiktokers shoot such dance videos:

      1. Shuffle dance. This is a common dance that is recorded by both beginners and well-known bloggers in TT. The main feature of the dance is that it is performed with the help of steps sliding along the surface. Reminds me of Michael Jackson's moonwalk.
      2. Shake dance. Such a video will have to be shot in tandem with another tiktoker. Bloggers should repeat actions synchronously one after another.
      3. With Spiderman And Thanos dancing.

        Learn more