How to dress for a 90s dance party

What To Wear To A 90s Party? 20 Best 90s Party Outfits Ideas (In 2022)

90s Theme Party Outfits for EVERYONE! Female, Male, Black Hip-hop, Plus Size & Couples

So you’re going to a 90s Party and want to steal the show. EASY!

In this article, I’ll show you the best clothing combos to create a perfect 90s party theme for couples, female and male.

Each 90s party style curated below is effortless, highly relevant, easy to put together, and affordable.

Affordable because most thrift stores stock great 90s party clothes.

Easy because all you need before shopping is to find out the trends of the 90s fashion and the ideal style for you.

Without further ado, here’s what to wear to a 90s party – the most suitable clothes of the nineties decade – and look the best.

Female 90s Party Outfit Ideas

Male 90s Party Outfit Ideas

Black Hip Hop 90s Party Outfit Ideas

Couples 90s Theme Party Outfits

What To Wear To A 90s Party?

While all 90s party clothes must represent the nineties stylistic decade, choosing the best 90s party outfit for you depends on several factors.

There are specific 90s party clothes and styles for different genders, for women, men, androgynous, and even gender-free.

There are specific 90s party clothes and styles for different body types, from long and tall to petite and curvy, all-inclusive body types.

Even the haircut style and color matter when choosing a great 90s costume party that would have a maximum effect.

So, whether you’re attending a 90s-themed party and need outfit inspiration or want to relive your youth’s decade, this article includes a list of 20 inexpensive but effective 90s party outfit ideas.

What To Wear To A 90s Party For Female

Below are the top 5 most popular 90s party outfits for females that you can wear at a nineties themed-event.


90s Plaid Sets (with Thigh-High Socks)Clueless female 90s plaid outfit to wear to a 90s party (

The plaid set is one of the most recognizable styles of the 90s, attributed to Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) and her iconic yellow plaid blazer and skirt set from Clueless.

The cult classic spawned countless trends defining the 90s era, from fur-lined cardigans to slinky slip dresses.

But, the plaid skirt set cues up all sorts of nostalgia for the days of beepers, trips to Blockbuster, and beverages like Snapple and Fruitopia.

The ‘plaid set’ also looks great on those curvy, plus-size gals!


90s ‘Spice Girls’ Outfits (with Platform Shoes)Spice Girls 90s outfit for wear to a 90s theme party (

The 90s fashion was profoundly influenced by grunge and hip-hop bands wearing leather jackets, oversized knitted jumpers, one-leg rolled-up pants, etc.

But among all bands that influenced the 90s fashion trends, the Spice Girls were the most influential with their Posh, Sporty, Scary, Ginger, and Baby outfits.

The British band brought back the platform shoe trends of the 70s fashion to the 90s.

Regardless of your outfit choice, be that cheetah print tights, the iconic Union Jack mini-dress, or a pink slip dress with white knee-high socks, make sure you pair them with a pair of platform shoes for a maximum 90s effect.


Rebellious 90s Schoolgirl Uniform (with Platted Hair & Knee Socks)Britney Spears schoolgirl outfit to wear to a 90s party (

As a 90s teenage girl, there weren’t many ways to express your signature style, so the school became everyone’s fashion show.

Peacocking styles and looks were just as important as acing your physics exam and getting your crush to notice you.

Here’s one of the most popular 90s party outfits: black mini-skirt, white shirt with sleeves up and buttons down – crop-knotted to let the belly button out and see a bit of your bra.

Finalize the look with lots of baby barrette in your hair, a pair of black girl’s straps, and knee-high white socks.


90s Camouflage Cropped Top & Bottom (with Army Boots)Destiny’s Child 90s female outfit for a 90s theme party (

Another favorite 90s party costume for girls is the camouflage outfit – Destinty’s Child style.

The style is attributed to Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, who served as the band’s official costume designer.

In creating this Destiny’s Child signature aesthetic, Tina drew inspiration from Motown, Grace Jones, and Queen Latifah.

One of the best places to get a 90s Destiny’s child party outfit is Depop – search “CAMO “to find lots of costumes listed as Destiny’s Child ‘inspired’ cargo pants and bodysuits.

Don’t forget your army-style boots and, ideally, a helmet for a complete 90s party look that’ll make you stand out from the crowd!

Ginger Girl Long-Sleeve Crop Top & Camo Print Mini Skirt

Shop Now


Short Jeans & Vest As A Top (with A Fanny Pack)Drew Barrymore 90s female outfit to wear to a 90s party (

Made from a wide range of materials – from leather to velour and silk, 90s vests were worn as independent pieces rather than as a suit combo and matched with skirts and jeans.

Go for a black velour vest (easy to find in thrift shops) and match it with a logo statement fanny pack and a light blue denim skirt.

Finalize the style with a pair of black converse and white socks.

What To Wear To A 90s Party For Male

Below are the top 5 most popular 90s party outfits for males, ideal if you want maximum effect at nineties-themed events, celebrations, festivities, and even reunions.


Ryon Shirts & Overalls (with One Strap Down)Will Smith 90s outfit to wear to a 90s party (

Showcased in movies, music clips, and on stage by supermodels, overalls were trendy in the nineties.

However, for a classic 90s party style, you must match your overalls with a rayon shirt and rock it with one strap.

Some popular choices (shirts) came in bright colors with floral prints. Whatever you do, don’t pair a plaid shirt or denim shirt with this look.

Finalize the look with a pair of 90s-style basketball sneakers or a stylish pair of classic ‘Second Shift Work’ boots from CAT.


90s Tennis Set (with a Thick Headband)Andre Agassi 90s male tennis outfit for a 90s theme party (

Popularized by tennis stars, 90s thick headbands became a must-wear hair accessory that permeated the catwalk scene.

Headbands were everywhere, from colleges – paired with preppy clothes – to movies and music clips.

This stunning 90s party outfit requires long hair, a 90s tennis polo shirt from Nike or Head, and a pair of acid-washed jeans.

Finalize the look with a color-matching headband and a pair of 90s tennis shoes from FILA, Reebok, or Nike.


Adidas Tracksuit & Unlaced Shoes (with a Gold Chain)Run D.M.C. 90s Adidas Outfit to wear to a 90s party (

This trendy 90s party outfit was an absolute hit in the 90s, thanks to Run DMC’s commercial, My Adidas.

The oversized clothing style caught the imagination of everyone, from college students to celebrate hip-hop stars seeking to make a new fashion statement.

Ideally, you go for a classic dark-colored striped Adidas suit and a contrasting pair of Adidas Superstars lace-free.

Accessorize the look with a large golden chain (or even 2) and a classic Black Fedora hat for maximum effect.


Tees Under Blazer (with Sleeves Rolled Up)Kirk Cameron 90s outfit to wear to a 90s party (

Blazers with rolled-up sleeves and t-shirts underneath were a big thing in the early 90s fashion.

Promoted by those time movie stars, the look showcased a smart casual style to be worn at the office, going out, and even on a relaxed dinner date.

Ideally, go for a white (one size up) jacket, a contrasting color t-shirt, and a pair of light jeans or casual pants – baggy, fitted, cuffed, anything goes.

Complete the look with a belt that matches the color of the jacket, and a pair of shoes, ideally a “Chuck Taylors” converse, penny loafers, or even suede leather Moccasin shoes with fringed design.


Turtleneck & High Waist Jeans (with Fanny Pack)Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) 90s male outfit for a 90s party (

High-waist jeans and turtleneck sweater combo was another classic piece staple of 90s fashion.

The look was sported everywhere, but Steve Jobs’s 1991 appearance at the ‘PC Forum’ gathering made it a 90s trademark style.

However, Dwayne Johnson – The Rock’s 1996 look showcases the perfect 90s party look, thanks to the high-waisted pants, platform sneakers, and accessories galore.

Match your turtleneck with a pair of grey New Balance sneakers, a jeans belt, and a belt bag.

Ideally, you add lots of silver accessories such as a necklace, bracelet, and watch.

What To Wear To A Hip-hop Black 90s Party

90s hip-hop fashion was special thanks to backward garments, neon apparel, baseball caps, gold chains, heavy rings & earrings, huge name tags, and Cazal eyeglasses.

90s styles were heavily influenced by rappers like Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie, and Tupac and had an overall feel of a gangster lifestyle.

Some of the most popular 90s party outfits comprise saggy jeans with peeking underwear (pants below the butt), workboots, Chuck Taylors sneakers, Raiders baseball caps, and sunglasses.


90s Overall, Stripes, & Backward Cap (with a Clipped Pager!)Tupac 90s outfit for a 90s hip-hop party (

One of the most accessible 90s hip-hop party outfits for men, this look requires the following:

A pair of oversized overalls, a long-sleeved polo shirt with horizontal stripes, a pair of basketball sneakers, and a backward-worn baseball hat.

The brands are not crucial here; however, the color code is critical – dark blue, light blue, and white.

Two extra mentioned here, the hat is also oversized (the whole style is oversized (so go for at least one size larger).

Finally, don’t forget the clip-on pager for a complete 90s party hip-hop outfit.


Cropped Top, Oversized Shirt, Bandanna, & Baggy Pants (with Men’s Boxers!)Aaliyah 90s hip-hop outfit for a black 90s party (

Only 22 years old at her death, Aaliyah had already revolutionized the music industry with her forward-thinking mix of R&B, soul, pop, and hip-hop.

Equally, Aaliyah’s unique fashion taste became synonymous with the 90s fashion styles.

The style is daringly androgynous and sexy simultaneously, with boyish swagger and street sensibility, setting the stage for the Rihannas, Kendall Jenners, and Jorja Smiths of the subsequent years.

For this 90s party look, you need a dark cropped top that color matches a low-profile oversized pair of baggy jeans.

Then, an oversized men’s shirt that color matches the men’s boxers, color matching bandana, a pair of dark sunglasses, and dark workwear boots.


Black Leather Suit, Leather Boots, & Leather Bandana (with One Leg Rolled-Up) LL Cool J 90s outfit for a 90s theme party (thevou. com)

LL Cool J is considered one of the most influential fashion icons of the 90s hip-hop fashion and streetwear styles.

From Kangol hats to dookie chains and Dapper Dan drips, LL Cool J’s styles made the 90s outfits undeniably cool.

Of the many styles sported by LL Cool J during the 90s, the whole leather outfit is one of the most popular at 90s-themed parties.

Don’t forget your leather gloves, leather headscarf, chunky sneakers, and the “Ghetto Style” rolled-up leg.


90s Red & Yellow Adidas Tracksuit & Sneakers (with Kangol Cap)Missy Elliots 90s Adidas tracksuit to wear to a 90s party (

In the 90s, full-set tracksuits were everywhere.

Bright, sporty, loud, and colorful, tracksuits were worn by everyone, from hip-hoppers to British footballers and from basketballers to rockers and movie stars.

One of the best 90s party outfits in the hip-hop genre is Missy Elliot’s red & yellow look.

The style is versatile and suitable for all sizes, including plus size and petite.

It comprised a classic Adidas tracksuit matched with a pair of same-color Adidas sneakers, a furry Kangol visor, and oversized gold earrings and chains.


90s Turtle Neck, Wool Coat, & Bucket Hat (with Wallabees Shoes)The Notorious B.I.G. 90s outfit to wear to a 90s party (

The Notorious B.I.G.’s usual hip-hop style is another fabulous 90s party look for those with large bodies.

The look requires a light-colored turtle neck to match a pair of wallabies’ in the same color, an oversized wool coat, casual pants, and a bucket hat.

Accessorize this look with gold rings and chains for an unbeatable 90s party effect.

 90s Theme Party Outfits Couples

The nineties decade was filled with power couples like Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake, J. Lo and Puff Daddy, or Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Below are the most representative 90s couple costumes, suitable for the most demanding 1990s party style.


Casual 90s Matching Outfits For CouplesBrad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow 90s outfits for couples to wear to a 90s theme party (

In the case of Gwyneth and Brad, everything was matching, from outfits to hairstyles, often sporting identically trimmed and dyed bobs.

Dating from 1994 to 1997, the duo always nailed 90s couple dressing with styles that nowadays staple outfits for a 90s party theme.

This is also the most effortless 90s outfit for a white couple.

All you need is a stripy sweater V-neck vest, a white t-shirt, a pair of high-waist chinos, and converse (for him).

For her, a long boho-style dress that matches her partner’s color theme and a pair of platform sandals.

Finalize this 90s party look with tiny, round sunglasses – for both.


90s Hip Hop Couple OutfitPuff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez 90s hip-hop outfits for couples to wear to a 90s party (thevou. com)

Lopez and Puff Daddy dated from 1999 to 2001, years that Combs recalls as: “a great time in my life.”

This particular 90s party outfit for couples is suitable for those with a dark skin complex that love hip-hop music.

Why dark-skin tone? Because white jeans for women, sneakers, sandals, tops, and diamond-like accessories create a stunning contrast with the skin.

Moreover, this style looks fantastic when the couple can pull some hip-hope moves simultaneously.


90s Black & White Couple OutfitJohnny Depp and Kate Moss 90s outfits for couples to wear to a 90s party (

When Johnny Depp and Kate Moss first met, she was a 20-year-old jet-setting model, and he was a 31-year-old Hollywood A-lister obsessed with the Hollywood club scene.

Their passions are visible in the couple’s outfits in the 90s, with Moss wearing long, structural coats and Depp ‘deeping’ (no pun intended) in his usual city look; leather jacket, jeans, and monochrome t-shirt.

Oh, if you’re playing Johhny, don’t forget the double glasses; there’s a pair on his head – bet you didn’t see them until now.


90s Black Couple OutfitWill Smith and Jada Pinkett 90s outfits for couples to wear to a 90s party (

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith ruled the 1990s-style scene.

From micro sunglasses and boxy blazers to excessive leather, the Smiths set the benchmark for ultra-hip dressing that looks just as sharp today.

The Smiths coordinated their outfits beautifully, spotted at the “Devil In A Blue Dress” premiere.

Jada challenges the film’s title with her Hawaiian-style blue dress, matching Will’s oversized striped suit and a white T-shirt.


90s Grunge Rock Couple OutfitKurt Cobain and Courtney Love 90s outfits for couples to wear to a 90s party (

Another 90s power couple to get inspired by for a perfect 90s party costume.

While Love’s overall aesthetic and dressing style is described as ‘kinderwhore,’ the look is straightforward to construct.

A very long white satin dress, white pearls bracelet, and white low-heel pointed shoes. That’s it.

For him, the style is equally simple, grounded in the classic grunge style.

From the bottom up, Converse sneakers, ripped jeans, long sleeve sailor-style top with horizontal stripes, and oversized round glasses, ideally in red.

Don’t forget the matching suicidal-bleached hairstyle, and a milk bottle, for a complete look. The baby’s optional.


Following the 90s party outfit examples in this article, you’ll find that putting together your own 90s party-style costume is convenient, affordable, and fast.

As a key takeaway, remember that finding and wearing the best 90s party outfit depends on your current style, age, haircut, and even skin complexion.

Most 90s fashion pieces comprise garments that are not necessarily representative of those times, such as bowling shirts, flared jeans, skinny jeans, and even double denim.

Other 90s outfits comprise flannel shirts and leather blazers, giving a sense of style that’s more relevant to the 80s fashion.

But, above all, the looks you choose must represent the nineties stylistic decade worn by celebrities of those times.

So, whenever in doubt, come back to this article for the best 90s party outfits inspiration.

Now it’s your turn…

Which one of these outfits are you going to wear to a 90s party?

Are there any other outfit ideas for a 90s theme party you’ve tried and want to add to this list?

Comments below, please!

What to Wear to a 90s Party- 32 Easy Ideas » Thrifty Little Mom

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The invites are out, the planning is underway and you are going to have a blast at a 90s theme party. “BUT WHAT AM I GONNA WEAR?!” Don’t worry! There are so many great options for outfits! I have the ultimate list to help make your evening a success! Here’s what to wear to a 90s party.

Where to look for 90s clothing:

The first place I always think to go looking for 90’s clothing is the thrift store.  But recently I found that a lot of 90s fashion is actually back so you may even be able to head to the mall and find exactly what you are looking for.

I usually find the most on point 90s options at stores like Rue 21.  If you are lazy like me, I just order it on Amazon haha (you’ll see those options in the image examples in this post).

Wherever you decide to go shopping, I hope this post inspires your 90s party wear search!  Good luck!

Ideas For What to Wear to a 90s Party

The Starter Jacket

Start off your outfit with the easiest and most recognizable piece of 90s fashion. The starter jacket was everywhere in 90s boasting your favorite sports team logo.

Starter Men’s Throwback Half-Zip Pullover Jacket, Amazon Exclusive, Black with Iron Grey, Medium

The Jean Jacket

In the 90s this was oversized and cuffed. It was a wardrobe staple and what to wear to a 90s party. Light colored and even acid washed, this was a veritable fortress of protection to most teens. Buttons and patches help to customize the look.

Anna-Kaci Oversized Grunge Chic Distressed Boyfriend Long Sleeve Denim Jacket, Small

The Plaid Flannel Shirt

During the grunge movement, the flannel shirt was iconic as an over-layer to any ensemble. Tied around the waist or draped over a band t-shirt it provided a “neutral” no matter what the pattern of plaid was.
Romacci Women Oversized Plaid Tartan Shirt Buttons Pocket Turn-Down Collar Boyfriend Long Sleeve Baggy Check Blouse Tee Shirt

Pleather Jacket

Whether this was short or floor length, worn over your t-shirt or your prom dress, it was the answer to the traditional leather jacket of the previous decades… not to mention a fraction of the price.
Bellivera Spring Faux Leather Jacket For Women Womens Long Sleeves Winter Faux Leather Embroidery Floral Zipper Jacket,Black1702020,Medium

The Crop-Top

Luckily for your costuming search, this shirt has made a huge comeback! You can’t throw a hacky-sack through a campus without hitting 3 people wearing them. But in the 90s it was huge for dudes to wear them as well. So remember, anyone can rock this look
Marek+Richard Core Crop Tee(Small, Burgundy)

The Band T-shirt

What to wear to a 90s party? Looking for easy 90s attire? Any 90s band touring t-shirts were popular (this is consistent through many decades, of course). Here are a few band t-shirts that would have worked well with the grunge look:

  • Pearl Jam
  • Nirvana
  • Bush
  • Hole
  • Alice in Chains
  • Soundgarden
  • Foo Fighters
  • Candlebox

Official Hole Flag T-Shirt Licensed Band Merchandise White

The Oversized Shirt

It seems like in the 90s it was very fashionable to drape yourself in copious amounts of fabric from head to toe. The oversized men’s shirt is indicative of this fashion statement.  One that had a print that could be seen for miles was the key to completing this 90s trend.
Ragstock Men’s Casual Button-Up Icon-Printed Woven Shirts (Medium, Abstract-90s-1942)

The Mandarin Collar Shirt

Wings on collars? Get them out of here! We don’t need these! I believe it was a personal rebellion against the ties of the working man. Don’t have wings? Can’t wear a tie. This classic 90s shirt was everywhere.
Idopy Men`s Chinese Traditional Mandarin Tai Chi Kung Fu Collar Frog-Button Shirt Beige US XL Asian 5XL

The Zipper Turtleneck (also available in short-sleeved)

The zipper turtleneck made a statement that was simply, “this neck? now you see it, *ZIIIIIIIIIIIIP* now you don’t”. My personal favorite in my collection was bright green and ribbed. We definitely had an obsession in the 90s for ribbed clothing. (See corduroy pants)
Women Harajuku Kawaii Checkerboard T-Shirt Turtleneck Plaid Front Zipper Streetwear Crop Tops (M, Pink)

The Bowling Shirt

Do you bowl? Doesn’t matter. This shirt was worn in and out of the bowling alley and automatically made you 5 levels more “chill” when you wore it. Sport this look with a backwards Kangol hat and you were ready to lean against any brick wall in style.  All I can think about when I see these shirts is Noel Crane from Felicity.
Anchor MSJ Men’s 50s Male Clothing Rockabilly Style Casual Cotton Blouse Mens Fifties Bowling Dress Shirts (XXL, Maroon)

Satin Shirt

Satin was the rage. Shining, shimmering splendor. These shirts were fantastic if you didn’t mind sweating for the entire day. Men and women both fell prey to this sweltering fashion statement.
YOUMU Women Satin Silk Long Sleeve Button-Down Shirt Formal Work Silky Blouse Top Champagne


Make sure if you’re going to rock this look you do it with only 1 shoulder strap. Extra points if these have some sort of Looney Tunes character embroidered on them.

Jynco Jeans

The bigger the better. When you walked through a puddled, these would soak up to your knees and would basically never dry. But, you looked so cool. Make sure you look for these with as many unnecessary pockets as possible- especially the cargo pocket at the ankle.

High-waisted AKA Mom Jeans

“Mom jeans” as we like to call them. But in the 90s, they were the sexiest pant for a lady to wear. If your zipper wasn’t 10″-12″ at least you weren’t doing it right.
ruisin High Waist Boyfriend Jeans for Women Vintage Sexy Mom Jeans Denim Pants Light Blue 30 x L28

Carpenter Pants

Wide legged, big pockets, and the classic hammer strap. Wearing these pants as a female gave you a sense of edginess and empowerment, you were totally cool.
Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Men’s Carpenter Jean, Light, 32×32

Couderoy Pants

These were popular with very wide wales (the ribbing). The distinct whooshing sound that was made when walking still haunts the halls of your high school nightmares. Maybe this is what to wear to a 90s party if you want to be warm.
Haggar Men’s 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy Expandable Waist Classic Fit Plain Front Pant, Brown, 36×32

Doc Martin’s

Bouncing souls and yellow stitching with eyelets that could stretch from the tops of your toes to the top of your knee. While these shoes have never gone out of style, they are iconic for this era. They grew in popularity during this decade and made a mark that would put them down in fashion history as THE boot to be seen in.

Dr. Martens 1460 Originals 8 Eye Lace Up Boot,Black Smooth Leather,11 UK (12 M US Mens / 13 M US Womens)

Chunky-Heeled Clog Sandals

Oh yes. These were the epitome of sexy with their clopping wooden heel. Shiny rivets gleaming in faux leather, you were every bit of that 90s sitcom fashionista.
AMS Women’s Adjustable Buckles Chunky Heeled Platform Sandals Summer Dress High Heels Shoes (White, 11 US)

Black Slides with nylon band

You remember wearing these to everything! They could be your fancy church shoe or your casual cookout kicks. But either way, they seemed to go with every outfit in the nineties.

DENER Women Ladies Black Flat Sandals,Chunky Kitten Heels Slide on Wide Width Dressy Shoes Slippers (Black, 38)

Sketchers Tennis shoes with THICK soles

Walking endlessly around the mall required a comfy shoe. This shoe also needed to make a statement. That statement was that we were going to be 3 inches taller than normal and mostly sit in the food court.

Spaghetti Strap Dress

Short, medium or long, this dress was worn for every occasion there was. If you were into grunge, you’d wear it with a flannel. If you were preppy, you’d wear it with a sweater. No matter the look, this dress was your base.
SweatyRocks Women’s Spaghetti Strap Lace Up Back Casual Short Mini Gingham Dress Black and White S

The Floral Dress

“Ground breaking”. While the spaghetti strap dress was the style, the floral print was huge for patterns. It was the 90s version of leopard print from the 80s. Its was everywhere and absolutely what to wear to a 90s party.
MSBASIC Women’s Sleeveless Adjustable Strappy Summer Swing Dress (Medium, MS6216-8)

Oriental Dresses

These faux silk dresses could be worn to either a dinner date or a grunge show and no one would blink an eye. Make sure you wear pigtail buns with chopsticks and complete the look with your calf-high Doc Martins.
7Fairy Women’s Vtg Navy Blue Dragon Mini Chinese Prom Dress Cheongsam Size 8 US

Classic 90s Dresses Materials:
  • Crushed Velvet
  • Plaid
  • Lace
  • Marabou trim

Bottle cap Seatbelt

A classic of the 90s era, this belt was created from an old seat belt, usually a chevy or ford, with metal bottle caps nailed into it. You could rarely fit it through any belt loops on your pants, but it would be great layered over your ribbed tank top.

International Coca-Cola Bottle Cap Seatbelt Belt

Braided Belts

Make sure you’re keeping your shirt tucked in tightly to sport this classic look. Pair it with a double pleated khaki pant or short. It needs to be long enough for you to do the classic flip and tie down action.
Men’s Leather Braided Belt, WERFORU Cowhide Leather Woven Belt for Jeans 1.3 Inch Wide with Prong Buckle,Fits Waist from 45-48 Inches,1-Black

Pay attention to #3 for your classic belt flip.

Belly Chain

While this was completely useless for any type of belt, it was perfect for a pair of high waisted jean or crop top. If you were really cool, the more rhinestones, the better.
Bellady Sexy Rhinestone Body Chain Jewelry Waist Belly Chain for Dance, Heart


Usually, these were some funky pattern of the front, heavily woven with a black silky back. Rock this look with a pair of high-waisted pants and a tucked-in black t-shirt. Don’t forget the braided belt!

Tribe Azure Women Fashion Vest Handmade Embroidered Boho Hippie Sleeveless Open Front Short Summer Beach

Fanny Packs

Love them. Never leave them. They could be worn all the time. Keeping your valuables close to you while you were skateboarding or cruising the mall.
Travel Fanny Bag Waist Packs Multiple Functions Hip Bum Chest Back Bags Chest Pouch with Adjustable Belt Strap for Men Women Fit for Outdoor Events Hiking Cycling Running

Slap Bracelets

How aggressive yet stylish. This iconic trend was popular in age ranges from 3-19. The brighter the better. Love that pattern? I’ll trade you. This is definitely what to wear to a 90s party.
Novelty Place Animal/Heart Print Slap Bracelets Party Wrist Strap for Adult Teens Kids – 9″ Assorted Colors (Pack of 25)


The most popular choker was the black woven stretch choker they referred to as the “Tattoo”. You can still find these at accessory stores. But any choker will do for this classic nineties look.
BodyJ4You 12PC Choker Necklace Set Colorful Flowers Stretch Elastic Jewelry Women Girl Kids Gift Pack

Hemp Necklace

Itchy. Super itchy. But man, you were cool. It doesn’t matter that you have a red rash around your neck and you smell like wet grass, you were cool.
FROG SAC 6 Hemp Necklaces for Men and Women Braided with Natural Hemp Cord, White Puka Chips and Wood Beads – Unisex Beaded Hemp Necklace – Quality Hemp Jewelry (2)

Puka Shell Necklace

Did you live in a land-locked state? It didn’t matter. You could still be as cool as those California dream boats by simply adding this beachy accessory to the mix.
TIKCOOL Cowrie Shell Necklace for Women Seashell Choker Necklace Set Puka Shell Necklace for Summer

Ball Chain 

Feeling edgy and angsty? Please feel free to don this classic piece of metal. From tiny to marble sized, this necklace made the statement that you were deep and emotional and that you had heard the latest Pearl Jam b-side.
9.5mm Extra Large Silver Steel Ball Chain Mens Necklace with Extra Durable Color Protect Finish – 13 inches

Butterly Clips

Here’s a Video on How To Use Them for the perfect 90’s look:

  • Take your hair, part it down the middle.
  • Take a comb and run it along your hairline 1/4 of an inch, where all your “baby hair” is located.
  • Keep that forward.
  • Now, in inch wide parts parallel to the middle part, pin back your hair with these clips
  • FIT AT LEAST 10!

200Pcs Mini Claw Clips,Assorted Color Butterfly Flower Shape Hair Clips Candy Colors Hair Clips For Women Hair Accessories Clips

Tiny Backpacks

If you had one of these with the zipper that transformed it from two straps to one, you knew what was up. Maybe it was black shiny vinyl with a white flower on it. Either way, if you had a tiny back pack, you were as cool as the nineties could be.
SEALINF Women Girl Bling Mini Backpack Convertible Shoulder Cross Bags Purse (black-2)

Floppy Hats

Blossom, Clarissa, and Tia and Tamara. Our sitcom icons were know for this hat especially if it had a giant flower sprouting from it. This hat came in every material- denim, linen, velvet, and patchwork.

Small Colored Lens


The nineties’ glasses were small. The popular lenses were holographic, red or just a light smoky grey. They were angular or perfect circles. They were… useless for actually blocking sunlight. The frames were thin metal that would snap if you opened them too quickly. Or they were more plastic than lenses creating a strange alien eyed look that limited any peripheral vision one might need.
FEISEDY Fashion Designer Sunglasses Retro Small Petals Shape Arc Temple Design B2298

I hope this helps you decide what to wear to a 90s party! Have a totally rad time!

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90s make-up and women's hairstyles, how to dress for a 90s disco, haircuts and look

Main accents

Printed T-shirt and denim overalls

Main differences of similar concepts


It is desirable that it be general a table without any newfangled receptions, a la carte dishes and fast food. If you are a little over 30, remember the new year or any other childhood holiday - voila, a ready-made menu! Everything that was on the tables fits into the style of the party 90x: potatoes, oven-baked chicken and fish, meat in pots, salads Olivier, Mimosa, vinaigrette, herring under a fur coat. Herring in oil and with onions! Pickled mushrooms, sausage cuts, sprats and sprats in tomato, sandwiches with caviar, cucumber-tomatoes. The feast can be chic - restaurant, expensive. Or “at the newspaper”, by the courtyards – we gathered to sit somehow…

For dessert – any candies from the Krasny Oktyabr or Babaevskie factories, salted crackers, glagolitic. Eclairs and protein baskets, cakes "Flight", "Fairy Tale" or "Apricotine". Ice cream and fruits, berry compotes, lemonades, jelly. From alcohol dashing 90-x - vodka, beer, cognac, port wine, tinctures. Pour high-quality alcohol into old bottles or re-stick the labels (we strongly do not recommend poisoning with “natural products”, albeit in the name of blessed memory of the crazy years).

Party in the style of the 90s: how to dress appropriately for the occasion?!

The beauty of the female body

A significant event of the nineties was the increased attention to the female body. Women's fashion dictated new conditions, where, along with clothes, fashion trends were represented by the body

Piercing, tattoos and make-up have become an integral part of the fashionable image. Moreover, this direction has found admirers among men.

The boundary between the style of clothing and the artistic delights of fine art is gradually blurring: artists use the female body as canvases.

For example, Alexander McQueen created clothes from compressed leather, which conveyed the contours of the female figure as accurately as possible.

And Jean-Paul Gaultier used materials so elastic that, looking at the models, the impression of having a second skin was created. In collection 19In 1996, the designer presented a dress made of blue nylon mesh. It was filled with moire patterns and completely followed the contours of the female figure.

How people dressed in the 90s

Olympic jacket

Sports suits that were not gym wear, but were perfect for walks under the moon, dates in a cafe, going to a discari. The “Olympic”, that is, the upper part of the suit, was once combined with a white blouse with lace and stilettos, and a rare girl who considered herself cool did not use this fashionable trick to feel at ease.

Biker jacket

Stylish and heavy, fitted, rattling with zippers, with a belt and a lot of pockets and pockets - to match the style of Tsoi's fans, the biker jacket was the most squeaky.

“Crinkled” jacket

Very comfortable clothes – not only do you not need to iron them, but even the exact opposite: when washing and storing, twist and wrinkle harder. The more chewy, the better! Color spectrum? Of course, neon-acid - and what, does it make sense to wear something else ?!

Weekly briefs

As the name suggests, this trendy underwear set consisted of seven briefs, each with the name of the day of the week. Clear-red, it was unrealistic to achieve a strict correspondence between the calendar and underwear in practical life. But not having a “week” at all was somehow stupid.

Checkered shirt

Baggy-wide to shapeless checkered shirts (mostly red and black) were worn by both ladies and gentlemen. One option was thinner - and for greater coquettishness, the beauty could, without fastening the lower buttons, tie a knot at the waist. The second option was denser - and it was extremely problematic to freeze in such armor or make a hole through it.

Decoration of the venue

The room where the party will be held can be decorated in the style of a discotheque of the 90s.

For this you will need:

  • light music;
  • colored balloons;
  • posters of musical idols popular in the 90s - for example, such as "Tender May", "Combination";
  • mirror ball.

The highlight of the stylized disco will be the main rarity - a cassette tape recorder and cassettes for it. And if it is also in working condition, then the participants of the holiday will be able to fully plunge into the atmosphere of the disco 90-s.

Vehicles for the delivery of guests

It is better to think over this question in advance. It would be nice if you could find a car not only to deliver guests to their homes, but also to the event itself. Since you have a thematic party, it means that the car must correspond to the conceived idea. In those years, the VAZ-2109 (nine), Mersedes Gelendwagen (Gelik), BMW E-38 7 series (Boomer) and others were very popular.

Try to have one of these cars come for your friends. They will be very pleased!

4. Menu

What was cooked for the holidays in the 90s? Yes, everything is simple: salads "Olivier" and "herring under a fur coat", cutlets and baked chicken (aka grilled), herring with onions, sausage and cheese cuts, canned food, sandwiches with sprats, canned cucumbers.

For dessert: custards, ice cream, bird's milk sweets, toffee, Chamomile, chocolate cake or Napoleon!

Drinks: compote, instant Yuppies, jelly, Pepsi, cream soda. Alcoholic: tinctures (cherry, plum, cranberry!), vodka and / or beer. Yes, this is exactly that rare theme party where cheap vodka is the theme, which you need to wash down with cheap carbonated sweet drinks.

Entertainment and competitions

Background music is played.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We officially welcome you to an illegal gathering of gangsters, inveterate mafiosi and honorary kings of the underworld! Everyone has gathered here to have a good time and discuss important criminal cases along the way.

I consider the gathering of clans open!

We raise the first toast to luck in business and increase in income. I remind you that we have a dry law. Everyone has a kettle on the table, pour stronger tea and raise glasses!

Friends! I wish you all good luck, Have a wonderful, friendly mood! I wish that money would fly to you like a bird, And that all faces would be joyful! Let everything that everyone wished come true! For this we will raise a crystal glass!

Acquaintance contest

Gangsters have other names, in a foreign manner. Funny nicknames are written before the start of the holiday on the back of the cards and folded into a hat. To distinguish cards by gender, they are marked with different colors.

For example, you can take the following: Red Beast, Little Mary, Terrible Harry, Big Boss, Little Johnny, etc. Guests take turns drawing funny names and attaching them to their costumes. Now, during the evening, you need to call yourself only that.

You have a special 10% discount on all retro party costumes!

When placing an order, specify the promo code: DR-10

Competition "Gangster Associations"

The evening continues with the guests' memories of the attributes of the retro era. Any associations are suitable: the names of films, objects, elements of clothing, historical facts. The table or group of guests who remember the most wins. Toast "For sobriety of mind and memory!"


- Gentlemen, I remind you that at the end of the evening, as a result of the universal vote, we will choose the king and queen of our underworld. We will also distribute other titles and prizes. You just need to actively participate in competitions, dance and have fun!

Playing "Mafia"

Music 2, for "Mafia" is put on.

A pre-purchased set of cards is perfect for playing Mafia. However, you can also make them yourself. Guests are divided into mafiosi and honest citizens. The facilitator can assign roles himself. Throughout the game, the inhabitants of the city must figure out the impudent bandits. This game is always popular and will be appropriate at a gangster party.

Retro dance


– Dons and matrons, the famous Uma Thurman promised to visit us. She wanted to give a dance master class, but something is late. We'll have to start without her!

Participants are invited to the dance floor. To the music of different styles, they dance twist, tango, dance Marilyn Monroe. Then, united in two lines, they unanimously perform the cancan.

The leader may sometimes show the first movements. After all, the twist is not familiar to everyone.

Music for twist, tango, Monroe, can-can.

Competition "Find the liquor!"

The evening continues, real mafiosi and just lovers of alcoholic drinks are invited to the stage. The men line up. Each is offered a tall glass with a straw. There is water in glasses and only alcohol in one. The contestants drink the contents through a straw. Guests must guess by the expression on their faces who exactly has vodka in a glass.

The secret of the contest is that a strong drink is poured into a glass for everyone.

Game "Forfeit Cards"

Next, guests are invited to play "Forfeit Cards". Tasks for guests are written on the back of the cards. They can be very different. The temperament and creative abilities of the guests are taken into account. Examples of tasks:

- to say an ornate toast in the spirit of Don Corleone

- to confess your love to those present in the style of an inveterate scoundrel Little Johnny

- to portray a boy delivering newspapers

- to tell the fairy tale "Gingerbread Man" in the style of a gang war

- dance in the style of the 30s

- imitate a shootout of gangsters, etc.

"Successful disguise" contest

Set music for the game "Disguise" .

The most active ladies are invited to urgently disguise two men from the police chase. All suitable props are used: hats, heels, boas and bright cosmetics. This is an imitation of a scene from the movie Only Girls in Jazz.

At the end, the dressed-up men should reproduce excerpts from the conversation between Daphne and Josephine.

Dressy daredevils will surely succeed.

You have a special 10% discount on all retro party costumes!

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Game options

What contests can I prepare for a casino-style party?

  1. Fortune's Smile. Distribute cards to guests at the entrance. Then take the deck and draw one. The guest whose card matches receives a valuable prize.
  2. "Shake the bank." For this contest, you need to prepare a coffee can with a slot in the lid. Or you can take a piggy bank. The task of the participants is to pour out all the little things from their piggy bank faster than the rest. The bet must be fixed and the winner gets all the winnings.
  3. Find the Joker mini-quest. Print out some joker cards and hide them in the hall. Guests who can find one will exchange it for money or a prize.
  4. Scrooge. The task of the participants is to collect a stack of coins as high as possible. The bet is also fixed, the winner gets the full amount. If the tower has fallen, but the player wants to continue to participate, then he needs to repeat the bet. Chips can be used instead of coins.
  5. Thimbles. One of the most famous competitions. It should be carried out after several cocktails, so that it is not easy to observe the movement of the glass, under which the ball is hidden. The winner is the one who correctly determines where the ball is.

These are examples of games in which both one person and a group of people can take part.



First you need to create the appearance of the rooms in the USSR style. Therefore, it is recommended to find furniture of that time. To do this, just look for accessories in the market for used or old goods. As a rule, wardrobes and chests of drawers in provincial cities cost a penny. The most suitable would be a Czech set, since it was extremely difficult to purchase such furniture. It was the ultimate dream of any Soviet family.

A red carpet must be hung on the wall. Offer to hold a bright photo shoot against its background.

Cassette boombox (tape recorder) - the musical basis of that time. Get cassettes with recordings of the popular bands Alisa, Agatha Christie, Hands Up, Mirage, Ivanushki International, Prodigy, to which they danced at school and student evenings and listened to at home. You can bring your guitar with you for live performances.

Building a basic wardrobe

Everything from a white T-shirt to black gladiator sandals can fit in the closet. But the main "backbone" can still be distinguished. These things will always be relevant, moreover, by playing with them with other interesting details, each time you can get a new ensemble.


  1. Jeans. It will be great if in several copies. Skinny skinnies are suitable for long-legged young ladies, mums are for glamorous mothers, boyfriends are for a bright street look, and classic straight lines will look good in the wardrobe of an aged woman.
  2. Beige or black turtleneck sweater (any color can be used). Matches most trousers, jeans and skirts.
  3. Plain T-shirt. Combining it with various feminine things, you can get a completely new casual look. Today, a T-shirt is allowed to be worn with a pencil skirt, any jeans, under a jacket or blazer, even with trousers.
  4. Pencil skirt. If she is alone in your wardrobe, then you will feel great in black or beige leather. If there are several, it is worth considering different options: from a neutral color to a model with a print. The style does not fit the figure? Let the trapeze skirt lead then.
  5. Jacket. Corduroy, denim, tweed in neutral colors of non-classical style will fit perfectly into most looks. Elements such as rounded corners on the shelves, collar, an unusual slot (or two), interesting lapels and buttons will come in very well.
  6. Little black dress. The classic case has already set the teeth on edge, so it is worth stopping at an unusual style and good-quality fabric. Subsequently, you can complement the image with a dress with any accessories, clothes and shoes, and each time you get a new bow.
  7. Checked shirt. Worked great in black and red. You can wear it with jeans in informal looks on the street.
  8. Pants. And several pairs are recommended here. Cropped skinny, culottes, palazzos, chinos, carrots - any option will take root in casual.
  9. Biker jacket. Probably the most essential item in your wardrobe. It is successfully combined with almost any thing and shoes. Suitable for both black and beige leather.

From outerwear, a denim jacket, trench coat, cashmere coat, down jacket with a hood, sheepskin coat will perfectly fit. It is worth choosing something fashionable this season, but not pretentious. This dress is not for once.


Comfortable only. Of the basic options, they have proven themselves:

  • beige pointed pumps;
  • ballerinas - black, snakeskin, nude;
  • All Star sneakers in jeans;
  • low-rise uggs for winter outfits;
  • ankle boots and classic boots in matte leather - black, brown.

Accessories and hats


  • textile gizmos, for example, stoles, snoods, silk scarves;
  • roomy bags, glamorous bags, suitcases, small shoulder bags;
  • city backpacks;
  • sunglasses, also frameless, decorative, different colors;
  • handmade items;
  • gold and silver jewelry in small quantities;
  • beanies, caps, takori knitted with buboes, caps.

Party Style 90-x – scenario, competitions

Era of casual

All these were just preconditions. The casual style originated in the Scottish city of Aberdeen. Fans of the local club decided to stand out by replacing the clothes with the symbols of their team with the collections of two brands - Fila and Sergio Tacchini. These things have become a calling card.

Following the new image, English fans attracted attention. Gradually, they expanded the wardrobe with new brands

Ready-to-wear collections, imagination and a developed sense of beauty did their job. A comfortable, practical, unpretentious style of casual clothing appeared, which appealed to many.

Translated from English, casual means "casual, careless, everyday." These words can describe the basic images of the new informal style. For British fans, the main elements of the wardrobe were polo shirts, jeans, jumpers, parkas, sneakers and sneakers. They chose branded items that were of high quality and high cost. Casual British fans have crossed the borders not only between fan clubs, but also between countries. This style has become incredibly popular and in demand

Even eminent couturiers noticed it.

In the 90s, casual style looks appeared on the catwalks of the world. From that moment on, his "football career" ended. The first who dared to take street style on the catwalk was the Italian designer Nino Cerruti. He decided to ennoble the uncomplicated casual by releasing a collection of everyday models from expensive fabrics. This is how the direction of casual chic, or "casual elegance" arose. Fashion virtuoso Giorgio Armani did not stand aside, who also turned to this style.

Since the end of the 90s, thanks to such promotion, casual has taken the first position in the collections of modern brands. He became many-sided, absorbing the features of other directions. The combination of traditions and democratic trends is seen in business casual. Street casual style is original and bright. Basic sets, coupled with sports details, formed an all-out-casual. Smart casual was developed for office work, allowing white collars to look elegant even in casual business clothes. And finally, sport casual - sports collections for every day.

Preliminary Questions

Before you start creating the necessary entourage, you need to answer a few questions.

  • Guests. How many guests will be at your party? Do you want to limit yourself to the circle of your closest friends or is it a corporate event? The requirements for the premises, the number of invitations, the menu, the number of competitions and much more depend on this.
  • Location. Where exactly will the holiday take place - in a cozy home environment, in nature, in a club or a hall specially rented for this? Based on the size of the room, it is necessary to think over the decorations and arrangement of tables, allocate space for competitions and dances.
  • Frames. The Soviet Union existed for seventy years - a huge, in fact, period, and it is quite possible to somewhat narrow the subject of the upcoming event, outlining certain limits. For example, whether to dedicate the evening exclusively to pioneers, dudes, military or collective farmers - the choice is yours. If you decide to define the topic more specifically, do not forget to warn the invitees about this.


Decor Ideas

The right decorations will help you create the right atmosphere. You can install the famous sign "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!" as a decoration at the entrance. You can make it out of cardboard or plywood and decorate it with a flashing garland.

Also decorate the room with garlands: there should be as many of them as possible, because there are a lot of lights in Las Vegas. Complete them with images of playing cards or other casino attributes. Drape windows with heavy curtains, cover furniture with satin or velvet fabric. Decorate the room with the inscriptions "Las Vegas", "Casino" and "777".

Try to find casino themed balloons or use regular helium balloons in matching colors. Add large playing cards to the room, and use the boxes to make dice. They can also be used as tables. Fix other paraphernalia (chips, dice, cards) in the form of a garland and hang them around the hall or decorate tables with them.

Hang posters with stars, pictures of people relaxing in casinos and cityscapes of Las Vegas on the walls for a touch of fun. And to give the atmosphere more chic, use boas, feathers, cigars and other objects in retro style. A tower made of playing cards, dice placed on edge, bouquets of banknotes and stacks of chips will look very impressive and original. Such little things will organically complement the atmosphere of the casino.

Menu and table setting

At a casino-style party, the table is very important. The emphasis should be on light snacks: canapes, tartlets, snacks on skewers. These are perfect options for such a holiday. The atmosphere of luxury is emphasized by a pyramid of fruits, seafood, expensive cheeses. But it’s better not to serve hot, because people come to the casino to play and have fun.

In dishes, use color combinations that are the main ones in the party. For girls and women, prepare light desserts - muffins, sweets, cakes, puddings and mousses. Of course, the main alcoholic drink of the evening is champagne. Also on the table should be wine, martini, whiskey. From soft drinks - juices, cocktails, tea and coffee. You can make beautiful ice cubes.

Decorate your dishes with homemade counters, dice or card suits. For toothpicks, use casino-themed pictures. But do not use too many decorations - the table should look sophisticated.

Style trends

Fashion in our country was several years behind the trends in the rest of the world. Dealers made their way across the borders, bringing in huge quantities of Turkish clothes of the 90s. Often traded fakes of famous brands with fake logos

It's not so important to follow the fashion requirements anymore, all the girls dreamed of buying any clothes from abroad

Several styles emerged, denying glamorous trends. Despite the apparent diversity of the wardrobe, each girl followed one of them.


Kurt Cobain's fans adopted his style, buying ripped jeans and faded T-shirts. And so the grunge style arose, denying glamorous things, expressing the spirit of freedom. Baggy clothes 9The 0s became so popular that it migrated from the streets to fashion shows from famous designers. The popularity of the style was first noted by Mike Jacobs, who created a collection of elongated sweaters and T-shirts, asymmetrical dresses, and large-plaid shirts. Styles of clothes of the 90s from designers tried to repeat adherents of style.

Grunge features:

  • stretched baggy;
  • protruding loops of knitwear;
  • tights with holes or arrows;
  • ripped boyfriend jeans;
  • faded print tops;
  • floral dresses or sundresses;
  • patches on jackets and shirts.

Stretchy clothes on teenagers have become a trend. Although at first glance they might seem like children from the garbage, in fact, they adhered to the grunge style. The image was complemented with worn-out sneakers or heavy boots.


The spread of minimalism occurred after fashion shows from Jil Sander and Helmut Lang. All clothes were sewn from high-quality material, laconism of cut, neutral colors were welcomed. Minimalism balanced the rebelliousness of grunge, brought elegance to the clothes in style 90-s.

Signs of minimalism in clothing:

  • plain cut jackets with shoulder pads;
  • Plain T-shirts or tops, white;
  • skinny jeans;
  • dresses with open back;
  • miniskirts;
  • little or no accessories.

Calvin Klein also realized the idea of ​​minimalism, turning it into a unisex style. The simple lines of the cut of clothes became a symbol of the elegance of the era.

Rave and neon

Under the influence of the musical flow, the rave flow arises. Rave is associated with crazy times, extravaganza of acid colors, tear-off parties. The period of the reign of neon, plastic, platform shoes, catchy makeup, unusual hair color.

If there was no such madness of colors at shows from famous fashion houses, then the street picked up a new fashion trend. The girls wore vinyl outfits, bright leggings, dyed their hair purple, blue or orange.

The heroine of Mila Jovovich characterizes the time of the rave in the film The Fifth Element. Everyone remembers carrot hair, plastic miniskirts, fantastic shoes. Hairstyles in the style of the 90s required a lot of free time. I had to fix the bouffant hair with varnish, braid hundreds of braids or do “chemistry”.

Sport chic

Sport chic stands apart from fashion trends, promoting the convenience and comfort of clothing. Tracksuits became the basic set of any fashionista. Such clothes were suitable for everyday wear, became the subject of dreams for boys and girls. Regarding the color scheme, there were no preferences.

Girls wore short tops or T-shirts with leggings made of shiny fabric. Short tops have become a universal wardrobe item, harmoniously complementing mini-skirts, jeans, vests, jackets, jackets. The outfit was completed with heeled shoes or sneakers. An example of sport chic is the clothes from the TV series Charmed and Beverly Hills



Eco-style was born against the backdrop of environmental pollution from industrial waste. Adherents called for altering old clothes, using natural fabrics, and abandoning fur products. Designed by fashion designer Helen Storm, the collection features eco-friendly apparel, complete with boots and sandals.

Dancing and fun until the morning


In a casino-style party scenario, there must be entertainment for guests. Of course, the most important thing is gambling. You can buy board games on such topics, make props yourself. It will be great if you can rent some of the professional casino equipment.

Be sure to print out several copies of the game rules. This is necessary so that the guests do not have to explain them several times. The most popular scenario for such a party is to get a big win. To do this, you can distribute fake banknotes to guests at the entrance, which they can exchange for chips. Or you can bet in cash, and increase your capital by participating in contests. Then the guest, whom Fortuna helped most of all, will be awarded the main prize, and the others - incentive gifts.

You can also have participants exchange money for prizes. Only you need to calculate their cost. In addition, the script can include:

  • competition for couples "Mr. and Mrs. Fortune";
  • contests for teams that have a common capital.

For the convenience of guests, place small tables near the slot machines with snacks and drinks. If a person has lost all his savings, think of a way so that he can earn more money and continue to take part in contests. In addition to gambling, you can also include contests that will allow guests to earn capital.

It is not necessary to run the contests in a specific order. Just post the list with the rules, and when people show up, run it. This will emphasize the relaxed atmosphere of the gambling establishment.

Disco style of the 80s, clothes and its features

In this era, girls preferred to be bright, catchy and outrageous. Imagine a girl in bright leggings, over which a fluffy airy skirt is worn, and a printed top falls sloppily from her shoulders. This is the classic representative of the fashion of the 80s. At this time, such attributes as a leather jacket, a wide belt at the waist and pumps were also popular. The passion for aerobics was reflected in everyday bows of those years: baggy sweaters with bright leggings were incredibly popular in the 80s.

Fashionistas of that era preferred plastic jewelry in bright colors, colorful bracelets and lace gloves as accessories. Their hairstyles were full of lush bouffants, curls and thick bangs. Makeup at that time was no less bright than outfits. Incredibly popular at that time was a make-up called "fox eyes", where dark shadows were applied to the eyelids with bold strokes. Accompanied by "fox eyes" with a lot of mascara and exorbitantly bright blush on the cheeks.

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Characteristic features

In the 90s, denim clothes became especially popular - absolutely everyone went in it. These are not only jeans, but also skirts, shorts, sundresses for girls and overalls for both sexes.

It was then that a denim suit was created - trousers and a jacket or jacket, which were always worn together. Moreover, designers created denim bags, hats and even denim shoes. No wonder this era is sometimes called "denim".

Also for the first time, unisex clothing became popular - with jeans, T-shirts, oversize sweaters, sneakers or other comfortable shoes were worn.

At the same time, deliberate theatricality and an abundance of bright colors were in fashion, especially in female images.

More attention was paid not so much to clothing as to the human body. It had to be either pale or very tanned, a slender, sometimes even too much, figure became an integral part of a fashionable look. Cosmetic surgery has become very popular. There was a cult of supermodels - everyone tried to be equal to Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss.

Since clothes could surprise few people, fashionistas began to modify their bodies - to make piercings, tattoos, the style of which is a topic for a separate discussion.

How to spend a holiday in the style of the 90s

Everything related to the dashing 90s of the last century is back in fashion. Any holiday will become a bright and memorable event if you arrange it in the style of the 90s, regardless of the occasion. It can be either a birthday or a bachelor or bachelorette party.

From "Friends" to "The Brigade" series of the past era, the atmosphere of freedom and fun reigns. This is essential for the success of the party.


  • Choose a place
  • How to dress
  • 90s vibe at the party
  • Contests
  • Decor

Choose a place

Disco of the 90's - it's "Hands Up", "Tender May", "Disco Crash". Incendiary dances to the hits of past years are possible only if there is a large space. Therefore, you should make sure that there is a spacious dance hall and a bar counter. Guaranteed to provide atmosphere 90s disco ball located in the center.

How to dress

The choice of clothes is very important. After all, it is necessary that the image is not only recognizable, but also stylish. For many people, 90s fashion is associated with leggings and leopard print. In fact, the choice of clothes is much wider. After all, at that time they wore mini-skirts, and bombers, and jeans. Of particular note are dresses in linen style.

One of the outfit options is a denim jumpsuit or a suit. T-shirts with bright prints and sneakers will complete the look and help to attract attention. For young people, the same thing can be advised, because 90s is the height of unisex. Bulky jeans and a plaid shirt, leather jackets and sneakers - and a stylish, but up-to-date look is completed.

Those who prefer to stand out should pay attention to mini-skirts with voluminous bomber jackets. At the same time, you can experiment with colors and choose brighter ones, because in the 90s this was only welcomed! On the contrast of volumes, you can advantageously emphasize the dignity of your figure.

Sporty style is recommended for young people. A T-shirt or bomber jacket with prints and slogans will look great with pants with stripes, and is fully consistent with the theme.

If you prefer a romantic style, then you should pay attention to a dress in linen style or a baby doll. Pair them with tractor-soled boots or a hoodie to make you stand out on the dance floor. This style adheres to Courtney Love, who created a whole collection of clothes based on his motives.

Raspberry blazer is a must for a 90s party. It is recommended to wear it to those who prefer a bright dynamic look. The jacket can be complemented with a plain T-shirt and light-colored trousers.

The atmosphere of the 90s at the party

To create the right atmosphere, you need to choose the right music. It will cheer you up, help you relax or, on the contrary, cause a drive. The sites of such radio stations as Retro FM or Radio Record will help you choose music.

The playlist should include songs by Irina Allegrova, Valery Meladze, Alena Apina. Do not forget about the incendiary hits of the groups "Hands Up", "Ivanushki International", "Disco Crash". Among foreign performers, Dr. Alban, Modern Talking, etc. The most important thing is that each composition should be on the topic and cheer up.

When choosing a venue for a party, you should pay attention to the presence of a disco ball. It will create the right atmosphere and remind you of the discos of the 90s.


For breaks between dances, prepare exciting competitions so that guests do not get bored. So, the thematic game "Guess the melody" will allow you to remember the main hits of the 90s. If you take a projector, then you can invite guests to guess the series by excerpts from them.

Hot and cold game easily stylized as 90th. The host can hide a stash or a small prize that the guests must find.

"Musical Chairs" is an up-to-date competition for all times. They were popular in the 90s and are still popular today. And, of course, forfeits are considered one of the most fun contests, suitable for various occasions.

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