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Tools to Make Dance Marathon Fundraising Easier – Miracle Network Dance Marathon

| By Brian Golden ([email protected])

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is happy to make fundraising easier for Dance Marathon participants in order to help them make an even bigger impact on their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

Read more below about how you can utilize Venmo, Facebook Fundraisers, and the Dance Marathon Fundraising App to help you with your fundraising efforts!

Set Up a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook Fundraising is available for Dance Marathon participants who have a DonorDrive account. Facebook Fundraisers have recently become one of the fastest ways to fundraise for charities. This is due to the fact that it is placed high on the Facebook newsfeed and is also sent out in an alert to friends. On average, $150 more is raised by individuals using Facebook Fundraising.

Are you ready to join in on the convenience of utilizing a Facebook Fundraiser as you fundraise for your Dance Marathon event? It can be done in just a few simple clicks.

Step 1: Log in to your DonorDrive account.

Step 2: Click on “Dashboard.”

Step 3: Click on “Create Facebook Fundraiser.”

Step 4: Log in to your Facebook account.

Step 5: Create a post to go with your Facebook Fundraiser about why raising awareness and funds for your Dance Marathon program is important to you!

Once your fundraising page is connected, your fundraising progress syncs in real time between DonorDrive and Facebook Fundraisers. If you update your fundraising goal on DonorDrive, it will also update on Facebook.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Thanking Facebook Donors – You can thank donors by commenting on their donation, sending a message on Facebook Messenger or giving them a shoutout in a public post that you create. You can then go into your DonorDrive account and mark each donor as “thanked” on your fundraising page.
  • Need a Receipt – It was issued by Facebook and sent through the email that was provided with the donation.
  • Formatting – Photos and text formatting will not show up on Facebook Fundraiser like they do on your DonorDrive account. Facebook Fundraiser allows only plain-text to sync, so the rich content on your DonorDrive “My Story” tab will not sync on Facebook.

Check out this DM Facebook Fundraisers Resource Guide for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Donate With Venmo

We all know the faster people can pay, the more likely they are to complete their transaction. Venmo on DonorDrive, especially when paired with Express Donate, offers one of the fastest donation experiences available. CMN Hospitals is thrilled to be able to offer this to Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs on DonorDrive!

Anyone can pay with Venmo on their mobile device while donating, registering for Dance Marathon even

ts, or purchasing tickets. All donors, fundraisers, and ticket buyers need to do is select “Venmo” as a payment option to complete their transaction.

Download the Dance Marathon Fundraising App

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and Miracle Network Dance Marathon announce that the first-ever Dance Marathon DonorDrive mobile app is available now for iOS and Android users! Watch the full announcement and see features in action here.

The app is live and can serve as your one-stop-shop that does it all! With a simple interface that mirrors the user-experience you know and love on DonorDrive, as well as improved technology and increased capabilities such as QR code creation and a newsfeed with updates from your Dance Marathon program and CMN Hospitals, we believe that through the app, you will raise more money for your local CMN Hospital, continuing to change kids’ health and change the future!

Best of luck with your fundraising efforts!

Miracle Network Dance Marathon is an international movement, involving students at over 300 colleges and universities across North America that fundraise for their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Students work to raise funds and awareness throughout the year with their efforts culminating in an 8-40 hour Dance Marathon event. Since its inception in 1991, Miracle Network Dance Marathon has raised more than $300 million–ensuring that no child or family fights pediatric illness or injury alone.

Learn more about Miracle Network Dance Marathon:

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Best Resources for Dance Marathon Student Leaders and Advisors – Miracle Network Dance Marathon

| By Blair Janis

Looking for resources specific to your position? Look no further! We’ve compiled the latest and greatest video content for you to learn from your peers and from our network! Check out the best resources for Dance Marathon in each of these YouTube Playlists below, organized by common Dance Marathon committee and leadership positions.

For presenter info and video times, check out the full presenter guide here: On-Demand-Session-Guide

Advisors – Watch HERE

  • Taking it Back to Step 1: Providing Organizational Context to Onboard Your Program’s Next Leadership Team
  • New Advisor? No Problem
  • We’re All In This Together
  • Small School, Big Impact
  • DMLC 2020 Advisor Workshops (4 separate sessions)

Alumni Relations – Watch HERE

  • Alumni Engagement: Push Days Don’t Need to End After Graduation
  • To Graduation and Beyond: Keys to Keeping Your Alumni Engaged
  • Ready, Set, Alumni!
  • Building Alumni Connections

Branding and Social Media – Watch HERE

  • Creating an Effective and Engaging Brand
  • What an Inspirational Website Can Do For Your Program

Campaigns – Watch HERE

  • Cause Connection Campaigns
  • Creating a Clear, Concise Campaign

Communication – Watch HERE

  • Organization Engagement: Experience Mapping
  • Creating Communication That Will Boost Your Program
  • Lifecycle of a Participant

Corporate Partnerships – Watch HERE

  • How Engaging Community Members Leads to Success
  • Creating and Maintaining Intentional Partnership
  • Building the Ideal Corporate Partnership

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Watch HERE

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce
  • Defining Inclusive Environments for Optimal Engagement
  • Diversity and Inclusion: It’s More Than Just Checking a Box
  • Things That Make You Say “Oh”: Case Studies of Diversity and Inclusion in Dance Marathon

Family and Hospital – Watch HERE

  • Connecting with Families on Another Level
  • Creating a Cause Connected Campus
  • Be a Kid for a Kid

Fundraising – Watch HERE

  • In-Event Fundraising Ask: Challenge to Reach Goal
  • In-Event Fundraising Ask: Light Up the Room
  • In-Event Fundraising Ask: Venmo Your Why
  • In-Event Fundraising: How to Maximize Dollars When Participants Are Present
  • The One with the Donor Renewal Plan
  • Inspire your Donors with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Incentivizing Your Fundraisers

High School Dance Marathon – Watch HERE

  • Working with High School Programs
  • The Ins and Outs of High School Programs
  • High School Acquisition
  • Engaging and Creating a Community with Your High School Programs

Leadership and Management – Watch HERE

  • Transitioning Back to In-Person While Maintaining Virtual Successes
  • Retreats
  • Implicit Bias, Microaggressions, Bystander Intervention
  • Inclusion as a Leadership Skill
  • Managing Up
  • Conflict Management
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

Main Event – Watch HERE

  • Thinking Outside of Your Event Venue
  • Big Event Boxes and Family Programming
  • Build Your Own Big Event
  • Emphasis on Event Experience

Push Days and Weeks – Watch HERE

  • Using Social Media to Host a Successful Fundraising Push Day While on School Breaks
  • How to Host and Execute Multiple Pushes Throughout the Year

Recruitment – Watch HERE

  • Dance Marathon Impact Program
  • Diversifying the Morale Program
  • More Than Just a Table
  • Team Captains – Help Them Help You!
  • A Fresh Look at First-Years: Creating a Community of Young Leaders
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life: Building Authentic Relationships
  • Activating Your Campus on a Registration Push Day
  • Level Up with Morale

Special Events – Watch HERE

  • Dance Marathon the Marathon Virtual Race Day
  • TikTok Dance Off
  • Increasing Participant Engagement Through Special Events

Stewardship – Watch HERE

  • Exec Engagement
  • Stewardship 101
  • Stewardship: Participant Appreciation and Recognition
  • One Team, One Dream: Building a Team Environment That is Worth Fighting For

Dance marathon | Glamor

A healthy mind in a healthy body. A good person must be in good shape. You need to love yourself. We add up these well-known truths - we get: in order to love yourself, you need to like yourself, and in order to like yourself, you need to put yourself in order. So, it's time to lose weight, tighten muscles and generally keep yourself in good shape. You can't do without sports here... And our offer is dancing: aerobic and power loads in the company of music, drive and good mood! Glamor recommends: top dance styles for weight loss. Classical and body ballet - tone and posture Anyone who appreciates line and refinement should pay attention to ballet classes. In addition to exercises at the barre, which develop a proud posture and the ability to hold your back, classical choreography is an opportunity to touch (even dive!) into the world of dance. Classes combine stretching and muscle strengthening exercises: arms, legs, back, neck - all this will gain a line, smartness and a special smoothness inherent only in dancing people. Perhaps you won’t lose weight at the barre, but even if it’s not your destiny to stand on pointe shoes, the ratio of fat and muscles in the body will change, and the figure will acquire the chiseled outline of a ballerina. Bodyballet is a fitness direction that will allow you to keep your muscles in good shape thanks to power movements. Classes combine elements of ballet gymnastics, aerobic training, jumping and stretching. The main advantage of bodyballet is the “pumping” of muscles without increasing their volume. And it looks like a dance. Strip dance - flexibility and sensuality Strip dance - one of the most fashionable modern dance styles. It combines modern choreography, elements of oriental and Latin American dances, striptease, stretching (stretching). Classes necessarily involve stretching exercises, increasing flexibility and strengthening the muscle corset, because in the strip posture is the basis of the basics. Rotation of the hips, various "eights", swings, waves, squats load almost all muscle groups: abs and back, chest and arms, legs and buttocks. Of course, the lines of the body will improve, but strip dance is also a very energy-intensive dance, which means that with proper regularity of classes, the “weight loss” effect will be pronounced. Belly dance - plasticity and femininity Belly Dance , as this type of dance aerobics is usually called today in clubs, improves posture, develops the plasticity of the arms and body, makes the walk graceful, the waist narrow, and the hips more feminine. In addition, belly dancing speeds up metabolism, helps to maintain youth and slow down aging. Classes are shown to all women without restrictions on age and weight (a small tummy here, perhaps, will even look more organic). Especially well Belly Dance strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and legs, and, despite the seeming low intensity of training, allows you to burn a sufficient amount of calories. And as a bonus - a charge of energy and positive emotions. Flamenco - posture and sense of rhythm Of course, those who dance flamenco are the least likely to think about losing weight, because Spanish dancers are not at all slender. However, in the process of training, the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle are strengthened, the arms become plastic, the muscles of the legs are loaded from the hip to the foot, which provides them with a beautiful shape, and the hostess with an easy gait. Coordination of movements, agility, speed and self-confidence are honed. The most pleasant thing for women is that a thin waist is formed, because one of the main dance movements, twisting, trains and keeps in good shape the oblique abdominal muscles responsible for this part of the body. Add in the graceful gait and proud posture that also distinguish bailaors (flamenco dancers), and it becomes clear why this Andalusian dance conquers more and more women in clubs. Hip-hop — coordination, strength, tone

The dance marathon "Dance Accord" started in Moscow

This year, within the framework of the 19th Open Championship of Russia in dance sport "Dance Accord-2013", the final fifth stage of the Grand super series will be held Slam, world championship among juniors in the European program and even a children's Grand Prix. To establish competitions among the smallest dancers of 7-9 and 9-11 years old was proposed by the president of the Dance Sports Union of Russia (STSR), the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, who is making a lot of efforts to make this sport stylish, popular, and successful.

- These are the largest competitions of the year in our country, - said Veronika Butuzova, member of the UCSR presidium, chairman of the student sports committee. - A large close-knit team worked on the preparation. This is a complex but well-established mechanism.

The most prestigious and spectacular tournaments are yet to come. However, the very first competitions showed not only a high level of organization, but also a high intensity of the struggle. The World Cup among adult duets in ten dances, in which 18 couples took part (one from each country), was won by representatives of Italy Maurizio Benenato and Tatyana Veselkina. Russians Alexander Gorelov and Inna Kocharyan confidently advanced to the semifinals and finals, but took fourth place.

- We worked for a month and a half without days off, - Inna Kocharyan told about the preparation for the tournament. We had two workouts a day. From 8 in the morning we prepared the standard, then we went to the other end of Moscow to the Latin coach. We gave all our strength in training, so the two days before the competition lay flat.

Now the guys will get ready for the re-dancing of the Russian Championship. “We were bronze medalists and we want to improve the result,” the partner admitted. “Although it’s hard to perform now. The peak of the season is in April-May. world and Europe".

In addition, on the first day of "Dance Accord" the best among the students were determined. 44 couples from 49 universities of our country took part in the All-Russian student biathlon competitions. The winners were Alexei Polovnikov and Maria Potemkina.

- The Russian Student Sports Union has signed an agreement with the Russian Dance Sports Union. Now we are implementing projects together to develop this wonderful sport, - said Irina Praskanova, Director for Regional Development of the RSCC.

Learn more