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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17 Review: Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance Of Death

Now THAT was an explosive chapter!

Plenty of plots reached their thrilling conclusions on Riverdale Season 5 Episode 17. The momentum at times felt like a season finale based on how the stories were being wrapped up.

However, how will they top "Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death" with two episodes left? Riverdale threw everything and the kitchen sink.

Veronica's journey through "Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death" continued her strong momentum these last few chapters. If the last few episodes were about her growth, this captured her moment rising like a phoenix.

Chad and Hiram were unprepared by the queen, who came to slay their petty villain behinds.

I worried that Veronica initially giving in to all of Chad's divorce demands was a troubling sign. Like we discussed before, Archie isn't worth throwing everything away; it's all about getting rid of the baggage first. But thankfully, that was a red herring before a truly glorious moment.

Veronica signed, sealed, and delivered on the justice. She came out as one of the biggest victors, from taking down her villainous ex to getting the last word on Hiram.

Chad messed up so bad and buried his own grave. Like, how could he go from winning it all in his divorce to losing everything?

He had a major Hiram complex from his narcissistic attitude. Chad should've taken his new winnings and left Riverdale for a new life; winning back Veronica in an unwinnable war was never going to work out for him.

As a wise man once said, “never send a boy to do a man’s job!” Get out of my sight, Chad. You disgust me. Better yet, get out of Riverdale because you lost my daughter forever.

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The second he tried to kill Archie, I knew his world would come crashing down. He was the epitome of a bumbling fool, and if he couldn't fight Archie, there was no way he'd be a match against Veronica.

Their fight in the apartment perfectly showcased Veronica's ingenuity and cleverness. Using the home system to her advantage gave her the upper hand; it was a smart move and one of Riverdale's best fights that didn't need a lot.

Hiram should learn from Chad's mistake and heed Veronica's warnings.

Their entire confrontation in his office gave us viewers the long-awaited breakthrough we've waited for years. Veronica's therapy session during Riverdale Season 4 Episode 8 started the journey, but she fell back into bad habits pretty quickly.

[To Hiram] If Archie dies, you die.

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This time felt like the last straw, the moment that Veronica pushed back against her father for his bad behavior all her life.

Hopefully, Veronica sticks to her word and moves on from Hiram. Riverdale has dwelled on this plotline for years and kept Veronica/Hiram in an exhausting loop. It's time for everyone to move forward in this battle.

Did you think anyone would die in the mine? It's almost a shame that the twist didn't happen.

Eric or Frank seemed like the obvious possibility. When Eric got trapped and bloodied under the pile of rocks, it seemed like his time was fleeting. Riverdale would've shocked all of us if they had killed off a character from the series since it's been a while since a significant death.

Still, it's nice that everyone survived the blast, and Archie's development overcoming the dead soldiers came back to find some peace. If it takes a traumatic moment like a mine collapse to push him to face his demons, it worked out in the end to give him the inner strength.

Hiram and his cartoonish mine explosion couldn't compete.

Cheryl's development with the ministry took an interesting turn that could affect Riverdale for seasons to come.

Granted, Kevin abruptly leaving the ministry wasn't that big of a deal. He seemed more connected to the idea of performing in the church rather than believing in the faith. I'm not surprised in the least that Penelope's little push shoved him right out the door.

Cheryl praying to nature, on the other hand, could be how Riverdale injects magic into the series. Her prayers set all the elements ablaze in a way that couldn't just be a coincidence.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is in the same universe as Riverdale, and Greendale is just across the river from Riverdale. Could Cheryl be from a long line of witches? Will characters from CAOS appear on Riverdale?

At this point, magic entering Riverdale wouldn't be that outlandish of a plot that we and the characters have faced before.

The Brita storyline was where "Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death" showed its bloated structure.

A lot happened in this chapter to move the plots toward their resolutions. For that to happen, the characters needed to move forward too, which gave Toni and Fangs a reason to be at the junkyard.

Toni and Fangs weren't essential to the overall Lonely Highway/Mothmen storyline. Riverdale just needed an extra pair of hands to join the fight to make the scene more action-packed.

Don't get me wrong, Brita's storyline was touching, and the discussion between Fangs/Toni about coming out showcased an important conversation about how tough it is to come out. I wish the reason for this D plot wasn't merely to get side characters involved in the A storyline.

Speaking of the main storyline, there was a lot to take in about the Lonely Highway and Mothmen twist. Did anyone predict their connection?

The Blossom family twist should've been something Nana Blossom spilled months ago when Jughead, Tabitha, and Betty were investigating all the mysteries. Her words could've saved lives and brought people home, like Squeaky. She wanted a major dramatic effect to have her moment.

Jughead: You’re saying there’s a secret illegitimate clan of Blossoms that have lived in the woods for two generations? Why did you call the corpse a Mothman?!
Nana Blossom: The family kept to themselves, didn’t like eyes prying into their business. So, they created a fiction. The Mothman. One which we Blossoms swore to embrace.

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The Blossoms having a secret group of murderous illegitimate children didn't sound outlandish in the least. Of course, this family would have plenty of killer skeletons hiding in their closet.

Between the Coopers being Blossoms and the Blossoms killing their family members, anything is possible when it comes to a Blossom.

"Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death" took an interesting approach by giving a believable answer for the Mothmen mystery.

The serial killer truckers could've pulled off this urban legend with their costumes and kidnappings. If the story spread from trucker to trucker, the tale could've easily moved to the townsfolk and neighboring cities.

Plus, they were the ones spreading and adding to the story.

Dreyfus Starkweather's only mistake was telling the story to Jughead himself. He brought himself into the story, so the group knew exactly whom to go to for answers.

The Mothmen mystery kept us on our toes for months and provided some fun visuals.

Alien encounters, though? That seemed too farfetched for Riverdale's storyline. There had to have been a plausible answer for the legend and what people saw on the Lonely Highway.

Serial killer truckers, on the other hand, tied up loose ends quite nicely.

Whoever is terrorizing our town, committing these inhumane murders, you have to stop! Every time the phone rings, I pray it’s about my daughter. I pray for closure. Just today, another victim was found. Their dismembered body is down at the Riverdale morgue. What does it say about me that I want it to be my daughter? So that this nightmare will end. [Sobs] So that I can wake up. Please, help me wake up.

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Sadly, Polly ended up being the biggest casualty of serial killers. The chances of her still being alive were slim, but you hoped for the possibility of her reuniting with Alice and her children.

Polly will be missed! Let's hope Alice and Betty come together over their grief instead of tearing each other apart.

Last Thoughts From Sweetwater River:

  • Archie and Veronica are back together now that the divorce is finalized. They seem happy, but I'm still curious about Veronica/Reggie and Archie/Betty pairings.
  • Were there not any alarms/locks in the morgue?
  • Jughead and Betty reuniting for another investigation brought back a lot of Riverdale High memories.

Now, over to you, Riverdale fans.

What did you think of "Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance of Death"?

Are you sad that Polly is dead? Will Veronica and Archie last as a couple? Which plot resolution did you like the best?

If you missed the latest episode of Riverdale, you can watch Riverdale online via TV Fanatic. Then, come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chapter Ninety-Three: Dance Of Death Review

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The Riverdale Dance Team! — The Riverdale Review

Watch out for the Riverdale Dance Team–under the guidance of new coach Ms. Lauren Spagnuolo, they have big plans for this year! I interviewed two of the three team captains, seniors Dariana Almonte and Isabella Garbutt. This is Almonte’s fourth year and Garbutt’s ninth year at Riverdale. Almonte described the group as “a club that meets during Activity periods…and learns student-made choreography. The dance team performs for major school events, including Homecoming and the Diversity Banquet.” Their primary style is hip-hop: some past performances have included the songs “What’s Poppin” by Jack Harlow and “Chun-Li” by Nicki Minaj. 

The Dance Team holds a unique significance for each captain. It provides Garbutt “with a sense of community,” and she described the team as “always a really tight-knit group of people [who] have such a great time dancing together.” Almonte emphasized how “it’s an outlet from the academic stress here at Riverdale.” Both also feel that rehearsals provide a necessary break during the day and create a space to foster connection outside of the classroom.  

They also reflected on the importance of the team to the larger Riverdale community. Garbutt said that “it integrates fun into the community. Our dances are always high energy and we always choreograph to really popular songs, so everyone watching can have just as much fun as the members that are dancing.” Almonte highlighted how the Dance Team is “here as a way to support other communities. Whether we’re dancing at the football’s halftime or for the Diversity Banquet, we bring attention to other spaces here at school.”

The Dance Team typically meets in person or on Zoom, picks their songs, and then makes cuts of those songs to dance to. Garbutt explained, “I make a mix of the songs and we start from there. We don't really have a method; we just listen to the music and start moving, and if we like something one of us did, we'll keep it and continue from there. It's really just a big trial and error process.” Almonte echoed this, saying, “We mostly freestyle with the music for a while until something remotely cohesive happens.

During the height of the pandemic, dance was imperative for these captains. Almonte explained, “I would do mini celebratory dances after stressful days on Zoom just as a way to release stress. I wasn't choreographing anything, but I made sure to incorporate dance into my self-care routine.” Similarly, Garbutt said that “dance was a way for me to bring back a sense of normalcy to my body. The transition from getting up and switching buildings between every class to sitting at one desk all day during remote learning was really hard on our bodies, and dance really helped me to take a break in the middle of the day. Moving really helped me reset and definitely improved my mood!”

The Dance Team’s work is about to pay off, as they have many exciting performances lined up for this school year. Garbutt explained, “Our two upcoming performances are going to be really fun! We're going to be dancing at the pep rally on Friday, October 15th, and will be performing the same dance during halftime at the football game on Homecoming Day. As for future performances, we will probably be performing at the winter Diversity Banquet, the Buzzell Games, Best Buddies prom, and definitely at the Dance Concert at the end of the year!”

Please support the Riverdale Dance Team at these events! If you want to learn more, or even join the team, reach out through email to any of these captains.

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Riverdale Cast

Artist: Riverdale Cast
Title: Dance Dance Dance

I am lost in the memory of the place where summer ends.

Late at night when this town gets small,

I'm running through the streets again.

Let's make it hard to hold on.

Come on, turn on the radio!

And, honey, let's dance, dance, dance

Until the end of the night,

This is best left unsaid.

Yes, come on, play the remix loud

And sweet, well, dance, dance, dance

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I can't remember the song, the lyrics are still Until there is no end…

Answer: One of my favorite songs is Until There Is No End Lorn

Amazing lyrics of the song Dance Dance Dance, it sinks into the soul

Riverdale's last album Cast is brilliant. I sing Dance Dance Dance around the clock, everywhere))

The chorus in Dance Dance Dance is very soulful... Straight to the point, well done Riverdale Cast

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Riverdale's Weirdest Moments

Let me start with a little confession - I've been trying to write something about Riverdale, the premier teen show of recent times, for three years now. It turns out that approaching this topic is not so easy - Robert Aguirre-Sacasa's show is so illogical, strange and absurd that it is difficult to even describe, let alone analyze. The concept of the show was originally described as a modern interpretation of classic American comics, but in reality it turned out to be a wonderful mixture of intrigue from Gossip Girl, cozy Twin Peaks aesthetic, musical numbers from Glee Men and investigations in the spirit of Scooby-Doo.

It would seem that this is already a rather strange idea for a show, but Riverdale is also constantly reincarnated: individual arcs of the series resemble a mystical detective (there is a serial killer in the town! and a cursed board game!), while other episodes are a gangster show ( Archie is in prison!) or a thriller (a sinister cult has appeared in Riverdale!). So the easiest way to introduce readers to this series and capture its unique spirit is to talk about the most shocking and simply absurd plot twists that have been over the show's three seasons.

Formally, there will be spoilers in the text, but personally I would not advise you to worry about this. At least because each episode of the series is a new crazy story, and you are unlikely to ever seriously follow its twisted plot. However, after watching the series, you will have even more fun reading the material - at least, because you can once again roll your eyes and whisper "what is going on in this crazy show?".

Archie's Love Affair

The first season kicks off with a bang as we learn that high school student Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) is secretly dating his music teacher, Miss Grundy (Sarah Habel). It may not seem so shocking now, but consider that Riverdale was positioned as an adaptation of the hugely popular American comics for teenagers. In the original source, the characters sometimes faced danger or quarreled among themselves, but they certainly never drank alcohol and did not have an affair with older women.

This storyline was resolved rather tragically - Miss Grundy died at the hands of a maniac named the Black Hood, who was trying to exterminate all the sinners of the town.

Maple syrup is the root of all problems

Probably the most difficult task for the cast of Riverdale is once per episode to argue about maple syrup with a perfectly straight face. The fact is that the town was built precisely on this industry, so all the old rich families of Riverdale earned their fortunes thanks to this sweet liquid, which their descendants regularly recall. The Coopers and Blossoms are the most ancient and influential dynasties, and until recently hatred reigned between them, sometimes turning into a bloody war. Why? Because great-grandfather Blossom once killed his partner, great-grandfather Cooper, and took all his maple syrup.

Fortunately, everything was resolved thanks to incest (the writers of the series are for some reason very obsessed with incest) - cousins ​​Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom fell in love and tried to escape from the town. It ended, of course, with another tragedy - Polly's parents found out that their daughter was pregnant and forcibly sent her to a monastery (yes, the series takes place in the 2010s), and Jason was killed by his own father.

Musical episodes

If you haven't watched the series, you might think that Riverdale is an incredibly dark story with no room for jokes and frivolous digressions. In fact, the ubiquitous killers and sects do not prevent the protagonists from having fun and, for example, from putting on school musicals. Over the course of three seasons, we saw two musical episodes, one of which was a kind of interpretation of the Broadway musical based on Stephen King's Carrie, and the second was an adaptation of the play based on the black comedy Deadly Attraction. What for? What does this give the plot? Some questions will remain unanswered. But during the production of "Carrie" the main maniac of the town managed to behead a schoolgirl, so there is some irony in this.

Cheryl is a skilled archer

Just accept it as a fact: Cheryl Blossom (Madelyn Petsch) has learned to shoot brilliantly from somewhere and regularly appears out of nowhere to accurately shoot some villain and disappear into the night. Betty Striptease 16 years!). Betty is initially not ready to come to terms with the fact that her boyfriend will become a criminal, but in the end she decides that her feelings for him are stronger than some conventions and rules. To show Jughead that she supports him, Betty goes to a bar where the Southside Vipers hang out and dances an incredibly slow striptease to Mad World. It is not known who was more embarrassed - the viewers watching the schoolgirl's sad erotic dance to the music from Donnie Darko or Betty's mother, who at that moment also decided to go to the bar.

Veronica's Speakeasy

Meanwhile, Betty's best friend Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendez) has opened her own Speakeasy, a Prohibition-style underground bar. True, due to the fact that Veronica is 16, her institution turned out to be quite unique - they really don’t serve alcohol here. But the institution becomes an excellent platform for spontaneous musical numbers, showdowns in the spirit of the mafia (Veronica's father is an influential gangster) and just friendly gatherings.

Chad Michael Murray - cult leader

In the third season of Riverdale, the town suffered from another disaster - the local cult "The Farm" was activated. The charismatic leader of the sinister community was played by Chad Michael Murray, best known for the teen series One Tree Hill. Somehow, a good half of Riverdale falls under his influence - even though the Farm followers periodically lose organs.

Killer board game

Do you think that a maniac and a sect that sells human organs is too much for one seemingly quite calm American town? Where is it! Season 3 introduces yet another source of strange menace, a Dragons and Dungeons-esque board game that turns players into limp zombies and then forces them to lay hands on themselves in the name of the Gargoyle King. It sounds creepy, but it's pretty unrealistic - if you've ever tried to gather a group of friends for a board game night, you can imagine how difficult it is to get the whole city to play a fantasy role-playing game.

Red circle

Riverdale takes the popular "adults can't protect kids" trope to the extreme - not only do the teenage heroes investigate the crimes of a local maniac, they also have to protect the town from him. Okay, forced - too strong a word, most likely, the guys just really wanted to play ferocious superheroes. So KJ Appa's character convinced the high school football team to wear red masks and walk around the town with bats in their hands in search of the Black Hood.

Archie in prison

In the third season, Archie had a particularly difficult time - while his friends were solving the riddle of the mystical game and fighting the sect, our protagonist ended up in prison (thanks to his girlfriend's mafia dad, how embarrassing).

Learn more