How to grind dancing

Girls, Learn How to Grind Dance In Minutes, Right Now!

This dance is simple, but its implications are not. It’s quite the package of contradictions: a public display of intimacy, a common sight that retains an air of taboo sexuality, a product of newfound sexual liberty that still perpetuates age-old heterosexual gender roles. Grinding exists wherever young people, pulsing music and alcohol intersect. You can witness it happening in house parties, concert venues, music festivals and clubs with flashing strobe lights. Now, gender roles, silent signals and awkward body-to-body interactions govern the dance floor.

Grinding is a form of dancing that is typically found at a club or a party where a man typically dances behind a woman while they both move their hips in the same circular motion.

Grinding can be a bit intimidating for girls. They may not know how to let a guy know they want to grind, where to put the guy’s hands, or how to move their hips. But don’t worry – grinding doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to get too intimate with your dance partner, especially if you don’t know him. If you want to know how to grind with sexiness, class, and style, just follow the next steps.

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*note that we’re discussing this type of dancing in the common heterosexual setting between a guy and a girl but this works in any couple situation, and we intend no discrimination or exclusion of anyone.

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Where did it start?

Grinding goes back to some cultures in the Caribbean. We can trace it back to hip-thrusting dance moves labelled as “whining,” “wining” or “djuking”.

but it is it’s adoption by the hip hop culture that brought this dance style to mainstream America. It eventually “moved to high school and middle school dances (especially proms) in the US and Canada where there have been cases of administrators attempting to ban it due to its explicit nature” as one Wikipedia entry noted.

“Everywhere, boys in baggy pants and girls in tight ones gripped each others’ hips, from the front or the rear, and pushed, pushed. Pairs of girls entwined thighs and swiveled low to the ground. Groups of dancers formed “freak trains,” lines of tightly pressed bodies undulating through space.

All the moves had two elements in common: hips and friction.” As this article on Education Week noted back in 2001.

In 2015, a high school principal in Maine cancelled school dances because of students’ dance moves and the, “culture of grinding,” reports CBS Boston. “It is by no means the students’ fault, but the dancing they have witnessed on MTV/VHS/movies involves primarily only sexually suggestive grinding,” Record explains in the letter.

A predecessor to grinding as a sexually charged high-contact social dance was “The Bump”, which was popular in the 1970s, in which the contact between partners generally involved the hips or buttocks of one dancer “bumping” those of the other dancer in temporary contact. Other predecessor elements of grinding may be attributed to the 1987 film Dirty Dancing, and the famous lambada dance which became famous in the 1980s that featured grinding actions.

One additional note to keep in mind is that grinding is a form of dance that overlaps with a multitude of genres. You’ll see hip hop fans grinding, but also on dance music festival grounds with Trap music, Dubstep, and many others sub-genres including EDM.

Time To Learn How To Grind

You need to learn to grind dance (sometimes people call it freak dance or freaking) if you want to be able to get a little freaky on the dance floor. If you’re a beginner and want to know how to grind with a guy, or how to grind with a girl, this is section is for you.

First and foremost we need to mention that sometimes this form of dance will lead to unwanted actions that would happen without the partner’s consent. Please make sure there’s a sort of agreement with the other person before proceeding with such a dance as it is quite intimate in nature as we have just discussed.

The beginning of the dance

Unless you already know the guy you want to dance with and he’s led you to the dance floor, you’ll have to approach the dance floor on your own first. But if you already have a guy, then you can skip this section. Start by dancing with a friend or two. Someone you trust and from your initial circle. Here, it’s all about doing your own thing and having a good time.

Even when you’ve found your target, avoid looking around desperately. Instead, you’ll make sure the guys see that you’re having a a great time and they’ll come to you. Positivity like this is infectious and you’ll want people who want to be with you on the dance floor. Add to the attraction by showing off your dance moves with your friends. Let the guys see how you can work your body, follow the rhythm and enjoy your time.

Move Closer

Found your guy? Great! Maybe it’s a good idea to lock eyes with him from across the room, this will show your interest without much effort (we’re pretty sure you know what we mean here). You’ll want to start moving closer to him, do it with the group altogether, that way it will look like a natural, gradual move, and nothing very creepy. Then, it will be a matter of waiting for him to come closer to you, too. If you lock eyes from across the room for one second and then one inch away from him the next, you won’t look cool. So avoid that.

Extra tips to keep in mind: move towards him during the course of a song, it looks better and more natural that way and avoid crowding the guy, so maybe your friends would follow but keep some distance.

At this point, some sort of physical move needs to be done.

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The Brushing Up

You should look at him and start some sort of interaction with him. Lock eyes with the guy, and maybe even give him a cute smile and then look away. Then, move even closer to him and let your body brush up against his, whether you’re facing him and touching him with your hands, or turning away form him and occasionally brushing up against him. This will communicate your interest and signal to the guy you intend to dance.

Begin The Grind Dance

Step in front of him so that you lock eyes and know you’re going to dance with each other. Spend a minute dancing in front of him, moving to the beat, and then slowly begin to turn so he can start dancing behind you and you can officially begin to grind.

First, you have to get in grinding position so step in front, facing away from him. Though you can mix it up once in a while, the typical grinding position is when a guy stands behind a girl. You can leave about a foot between your bodies and don’t have to get incredibly intimate to start grinding (especially if you don’t know him).

Next, both you should bend your knees so that you’re lower to the ground. If the guy is much taller than you, then you won’t have to bend your knees very much. If the guy isn’t much taller than you, however (happens if you’re wearing high heels for example) then you should bend your knees a bit further so he’s a bit above you.

Now it’s time to move your hips and butt in one continuous circular motion, continuing to move from side to side while moving your legs up and down just a bit while keeping your knees bent. If the guy knows what he’s doing, then his hips should find a similar rhythm to yours. Both your hips should be moving in the same direction to the beat of the music.

Feeling bold? Know the guy you’re dancing with? You can touch the guy’s front side with your butt as you move it from side to side. But you can also maintain your distance. There are no obligations, keep in mind this is your move, and the dance is under your control.

The next thing to do is to move your arms and chest to the beat of the music, rotating your arms and chest in the same fluid motion. Look ahead or slightly down as you continue to work your arms and chest while you move your hips. You can bring your arms down so they’re on your knees or near your waist, and wait for the guys hands to land on top of yours or around your waist as you continue to dance.

These are the basics in general. To help make things even more clear and give you extra pointers, we’re providing below some additional training:

Learn These 3 Simple Grinding Moves

Guys, These Important Secrets Are A Must-Know!

What about the guys? Most men are beginners and somewhat clueless when it comes to grinding on the dance floor. The video below will show you some secret moves that will have you grinding with the best of them!

Grinding can be very tasteful and not raunchy at all, dancing partners don’t have to be very touchy while grinding especially when they don’t know each other. Bottom line, respect each other and have fun!

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Say Bye to Being Shy By Learning to Do the Sensual Grind Dance

For learning grind dance, one needs to do away with inhibitions. Or on the contrary, if one is a shy individual, this type of dance can prove to be a fantastic ice breaker. Scroll down to know how to get those steps right!

Christine was always enthusiastic for dancing. She knew salsa, tango, cha cha and a few more styles. Her favorite was club dancing. She used to impress one and all with her dancing skills. There was however, one thing which she did not have in her dancing kitty. That was how to freak dance or do the grind dance. Seeing the people in a club doing the grind one day, she finally made the decision to learn it.

Has this happened to you? Did you feel something is amiss when you went to a club just because you did not know how to grind dance or what is called freak dancing? Well, that would not happen the next time you go as you would surely be getting to learn it through this text below!

Learn How to Grind Dance

Shall We Dance

You cannot do the grind if you are not with a partner. So when you go to a club or any place where you may do that, a partner is required. The fun begins after you get a partner.

Dirty Dancing, Part I

After you get a partner, get into the act and the position. Facing in the same direction, with the guy behind or in front (either ways), one individual’s groin should be in contact with the other’s butt. That is one of the basic things. Then you have to grind or rub your groin and hip area against your partner’s.

Dirty Dancing, Part II

Once you get in the groove, get some flattering and seductive moves in. It is time now to face your partner and straddle in each other’s laps. Ideally the girl supports her weight on the floor using her hands and the partner has to be standing directly behind. He holds her legs or feet up.

Dance with Me

Bending your knees and swaying rhythmically to the music is the next in the line up. Continue with the grinding motions, that is pressing together front to back and back to front. Eventually, the girl should make grinding moves around the crotch of the guy and follow a pattern. It could even be the case that the girl leads off, with hip movements and the guy follows.

These are the basic things involved in the process. It is just grinding or rather rubbing your pelvis and groin area onto your partner. There are, of course, variations where a chain of dancers either mixed or single sex dance to the tune or 2 dancers of the same-sex have a member of the opposite sex in between. In case you really want to build up more on how do you grid, here are some grind dancing tips.

Few Tips

Number 1

It is all in the hips my dear gals and guys, particularly for the girls. It is imperative to know how to move your hips in clockwise and counter clockwise movements to the music beats.

Number 2

Another important factor when it comes to grind dance is to pop your shoulders back and forth or up and down. That helps in regulating the beat of the song. It also allows to have better hip movements. Moreover, it is also imperative to keep your moves subtle to avoid coming across as vulgar or slutty or cheap.

Number 3

For a guy, if you ask a stranger to dance with you, it is better to begin standing behind the girl. A stranger would not normally want you to move in closer immediately. Thus, technically it is a better option to play it safe till you are sure that she does not mind and is liking it.

Number 4

A sure shot mantra to be a good grind dancer is to dance a little, move away from your partner. Again come back, do the grind, move away once more. Then do the front grind a bit and then again do the jog together with the guy behind! That will make you an instant hit on the dance floor and will also show that you respect your partner!

All in all, you cannot be shy to learn this dance form. You need to have that spunk in you and one has to be comfortable with such a concept! That is where the last thing comes in and that is to enjoy dancing in this manner! I say adios for now! Meanwhile you go and have a hearty grind!

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Show Dancing - the most incendiary movements in computer games

Everyone dances! Many games have popular, meme or just beautiful moves. Let's figure out which of the characters would say an unequivocal "yes" on the "Dancing" project.

Dance is an element of social interaction that has been known to people since ancient times. Even before the invention of writing, with the help of movements, people communicated with friends, enemies, loved ones and relatives. Some people sincerely believe that they cannot dance, and in everyday life we ​​often do not notice that we use various steps - and this feature has been added to many games.

Dance can be different: evil and kind, daring and sweet, sexy and warlike. The message that it carries is more spectacular than in-game dialogues, visually pleasing and allows you to painlessly introduce elements of cultural heritage into the game.

Dance is a challenge: Dota 2 taunts

Various taunts are sold in Dota's in-game store. A good half of them are short dance moves that can be used to amuse allies and bully opponents. Leshrac loves to rock the disco, Lion flexes great, and Lifestealer brings down the bottom break. And you know what? It is unlikely that anyone will be delighted to see dancing on the corpse of their hero - personally, this makes me incredibly tilt. And Pudge and Alchemist shake their belly no worse than the "chubby" in the Little Big video - maybe take them to Eurovision?

I will give my vote for the best dance in Dota to Troll Warlord. Choreographers will definitely appreciate his turnout.

League of Legends celebrity dance references

All champions in LoL have dances, to activate them, you can type /dance or /d in the chat or press Ctrl + 3. Many of them are based on the iconic movements of stars . For example, Michael Jackson's dance to the song Thriller got Warwick, Twisted Fate performs the famous PSY moves from the Gangnam Style video, and Elementalist Lux repeats the movements from three K-pop videos at once - Me gustas tu from GFRIEND, Pepe from CLC and Why from TAEYEON.

Riot Games is adding these dances to the game more and more often, delighting celebrity fans with juicy references. My favorite dance in LoL is Jhin - and yes, it's a lezginka.

Dirty Dancing in Lineage II

Lineage II has few built-in emotes: each race has a short dance and a couple of separate moves like Fight and Wait. However, in later versions - old people with C4 may not know about it - the ability to invite any character who is close to you to the dance was added to the game. Calling a busty elf to tango together without her consent will not work: the partner must confirm the action.

In Ruler, you can communicate with a Korean or a Chinese with the help of movements, who has wandered into an international server to play, but does not understand a word of the languages ​​you know. During the many hours of waiting for the raid boss Cabrio, there are only two options for having fun: challenge the running players to a duel or invite them to dance. This option can also be used in PvP: some bards "aggro" damage dealers and throw a request for a lambada - a dirty trick that forces you to enable automatic refusal of joint actions in the settings.

Dance memes in World of Warcraft

There are a lot more emotions in WoW than in Lineage II: you can spit, pet, bite and even “rudely burp in the face” at the target. However, most of these interactions are not accompanied by specific movements, but are only recorded in the chat. Therefore, the dance is still the most striking way to show your affection to the sexy draenei - perhaps after that she will even meet you in the "Stuff" section.

Blizzard has added several items to World of Warcraft that the player can use to make a group, raid, and even random characters attend an auction in Orgrimmar or Stormwind. Usually, raid leaders swear if one of the group members decides to put up a dancing statue during the mastery of the boss, but in LFR mode, almost every battle ends with an incendiary jig.

World of Warcraft also has references to popular dances. Draenei, for example, with the light hand of the fans became ardent fans of Michael Jackson and his Billie Jean. And the goblin dances as if she was in the Beyoncé - Single Ladies video.

In the new Shadowlands addon, Blizzard has added a special island for beginners called Exile's Reach. In one of the quests, an inexperienced gamer is taught to use in-game emotions. The player ends up in the camp of the ogres, whose culture is close to primitive. You can get into their confidence with the help of dance.

The NPCs you enter the island with will joke that you've adapted too quickly to the habits of the local ogres. National dances are an important element of their cultural heritage, and the ogres themselves without complexes have already won my heart.

Emotional dancing in BioShock and Mass Effect

In multiplayer, dancing is an element of interaction, but in single player games it helps to feel the character. I believe that the movements reveal the character of the characters better than any off-screen explanations. It is unlikely that a character who turns out to be a villain in the end will dance carelessly in the city square. Unless, of course, this is a memory from the past, hinting to the player that the darkness in the soul of the antagonist did not always live.

There are a lot of opportunities to manipulate the mood of a gamer through dancing. For example, Elizabeth performed a very beautiful dance in BioShock Infinite: she was so passionate that the hero barely managed to attract her attention. This scene made me smile.

Dance always sets the player in the right mood. In Mass Effect 2, Kelly Chambers can join you for a lap dance. Not only does this affect the storyline, but it also looks sexy as hell!

Controversial dances in Fortnite

Fortnite's most famous dance, The Floss, isn't choreographically brilliant, but it's a plus: almost every kid in the world has learned it thanks to simple movements. Repeating seemingly simple steps is not so easy: I succeeded on the tenth attempt, and this with a rich dance experience.

The movements of The Floss were borrowed by Epic Games from teenager Russell Horning, better known as Backpack Kid. He originally performed on stage with Katy Perry, and the developers adapted the dance for Fortnite.

Backpack Kid's mother was opposed to a large company profiting from her son's art and sued her. Luckily for Epic Games, US law doesn't have clear rules for assigning copyright to movements, unlike music or literature. Judges are still deciding whether the dance can, in principle, be considered authorial. The legal confusion didn't stop other stars from bombarding Epic Games with lawsuits: BlocBoy rapper JB, actor Alfonso Ribeiro, saxophonist Leo Pellegrino and others filed complaints against the game studio.

However, I think the best dance in Fortnite is the classic Dance Moves. Movements similar to the dance from the series "Clinic" are available to all characters, they are simple and easy to remember, and the music that accompanies them gets stuck in the head for a long time.

From the point of view of staging, most of the dances in the games do not meet modern standards: it is unlikely that the characters from them could conquer the juries of dance competitions. But these movements are short and capacious, and with due diligence even an unprepared person can perform them. However, they have an important social function, give positive emotions and atmosphere. Dance more in games and in life: it is useful and fun, and with due diligence it is also beautiful!

90,000 dancing games (players) - choreographic ensemble "Surprise"

N. Strekalovsky,
Educational education teacher
MAUDO "Center for Children's Creativity",
- Nizhnevartovsk - 2016

“Dances-games (game dances) as an element of game technology in the lessons
choreography” for children 7-10 years old

The game is the leading one in the activities of students, therefore the game method is especially applicable for preschoolers and younger schoolchildren. And teaching consists in organizing children for classes, in directing their attention, curiosity, activity during the educational process, purposeful activity.

Game dances - include: movements to verses, games with acceleration that develop dexterity, mobility, and funny rhymes help relieve nervous tension. They can be used as exercises that give rest after or during games and activities that require physical activity.

The goal is to develop musicality and a sense of rhythm, creativity, coordination, and the ability to embody a musical and motor image.


  • develop communication skills in a situation of psychological comfort;
  • develop spatial thinking, the ability to navigate in space;
  • to develop creative imagination, attention and ability to motor improvisation;
  • form tactile sensations, self-awareness, develop self-awareness;
  • to cultivate interest in musical movement, dance creativity.

The idea of ​​including play in the learning process has long attracted the attention of teachers. Playing in choreography classes can be used to teach children. With its help, various psychological problems of the children's team are solved.

The game is of great importance in the choreography lesson. The game is the closest form of children's activity, in it the child draws images for solving new life problems that arise in cognition, in work, in artistic creativity. Reliance on the game is the most important way to include children in learning activities, a way to ensure an emotional response to educational influences and normal living conditions. The game immerses the child in self-exploration, teaches them to understand themselves and cope with difficulties. The study of the development of children shows that in the game more effectively than in other types of activity, all mental processes develop. The changes in the child's psyche caused by play are so significant that the view of play as the leading activity of children has been established in psychology. It is difficult to imagine today a game program for children, and often adults, without a game dancer. And let's start with the name igrodanets. Two words, so clear and known to everyone. What is the main thing in the game? Who will say that getting pleasure, someone will remember about joy and pleasure. What is the most important thing in dance? Firstly, movement, secondly, rhythm, thirdly, music. That is, dance is rhythmic movement to music. And it is not difficult to combine the two concepts of "dance" and "game": a game dance is rhythmic movements to music that bring joy, pleasure, and inspire self-confidence. The game dance includes: dance game songs, mass dances, show dances (mirror dance), rhythmic games, animation dances, game dance, mirror dance, etc. They can be used as exercises that give rest after or during games and activities that require physical activity. Each game dance is designed for its audience, aimed at developing a sense of rhythm, creating a special atmosphere, and the ability to quickly change roles. The introduction of game situations creates a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom; facilitates the process of memorization, mastering and performing exercises; increases the emotional mood, and also contributes to the development of thinking, imagination, and creative abilities of children. Such exercises have a positive effect on the body of children: prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system; posture improves; increases endurance and strength; flexibility develops; acquired vital motor skills and abilities. Such activities bring joy to children, cheer up, increase vitality.

"Musical snake"

Purpose: to consolidate previously learned dance movements, develop coordination, ear for music. Preparation for the game: all players are divided into 3-4 groups. Teams line up in columns in parallel one after another and are called "snakes". Each snake remembers some musical melody. (For example, 1 - polka, 2 - waltz, 3 - march). The accompanist plays all the melodies several times in order for the players to learn their melody. A player who knows the dance step well is placed in front of the team.

Rules of the game:

  1. Players can only move to their own tune.
  2. At the signal of the snake, all snakes must stand in their original place, the players in their team stand in random order. Description of the game: As soon as one of the melodies sounded, the snake, according to the movement, must move in a different direction, passing by other snakes. Then the melody changes, and the snake that was moving stops in the main stance, and the next snake moves to its melody, and so on. At the signal of the teacher, the snake should quickly take its original place. The snake that takes its place earlier than the others is considered the winner.


Purpose: To consolidate the execution of movements and connect it with the tempo of the music. Rules of the game: children stand in a checkerboard pattern or in a line. At the command “get into the car”, the children follow the command - depicting with their hands that they are holding the steering wheel. On the command “start the engines”, the children make sounds that imitate the sound of a motor. On the command "let's go", the children move freely around the hall, without knocking each other down to the tempo of the music. The teacher raises the traffic light cards, where the task of performing the movements is written: red - gallop; yellow - jump; green - running with tucked legs. On the command “cars to the garage”, the children must take 3 counts to their original places, and whoever does not have time to put the car is out of the game. Whoever collides during the game and gets into an "accident", he also leaves the game.

“Recognize by voice”

Purpose: To develop timbre hearing in children, start and end movement in music, respond to changes in musical parts and phrases. Description of the game: the children stand in a tight circle, in the center with their eyes closed - the leader. 1 - 4 measures (introduction), diverging with an energetic step, the children expand the circle. 5 - 8 bars - holding hands, the children move at a gallop around the leader. 9-12 bars, the children slowly squat, and the leader, stretching his arms forward, approaches the children, takes any child by the hand. 13-16 bars - everyone slowly rises, the leader takes the child to the middle of the circle. The child calls the name of the driver, who must find out who called him. The driver opens his eyes, and they dance together in pairs. At the same time, all the children move in a circle at a gallop or clap their hands. Music sounds, the guys again converge in a tight circle, in the center there is a new driver, the game continues.

Whose circle is faster

Description of the game: Children form 4 circles, in the middle of which stands the leader, in his hands he holds a handkerchief (or a toy). Round dance music plays, children lead a round dance, the leader performs the movements of the Russian character. The nature of the music changes to dance, fast, children dance freely, performing fast movements (running). The music stops, the children crouch and close their eyes. The driver changes his place and raises a handkerchief. With the beginning of the music, the children open their eyes and run to their leader, and stand around him in a circle. The winner is the circle that gathered the fastest and joined hands.

“Remember the melody”

Purpose of the game: Identify the melody and fix the dance movements in the nature of the music being performed. Description of the game: Players stand in 2 - 3 columns of 5 -6 people. There is a chair in front of each column. A melody sounds (polka, waltz, round dance, gallop) and the participant must reach the chair with dance movements, the melody that sounds. Participants who perform the movement correctly bring the team a point. Recommendations: When selecting music, take into account the level of knowledge of musical and dance material of children.

Find Your Pair

Preparation for the game: The players stand in two circles (inner and outer) and hold hands. At the same time, in the outer circle, there is one more person than in the inner one. Description of the game: Music sounds, the players start moving (jumping, running with legs tucked in, etc. ). One circle moves clockwise, the other moves in the opposite direction. At the signal of the teacher, the music stops, the participants in the game are randomly divided into pairs, and they try to do it as quickly as possible. For the participant who was left without a partner, the teacher offers to dance or tell a tongue twister, guess a riddle, etc. After that, everyone stands in two circles, and the game is repeated.

Clockwork Toys

Purpose of the game: To reflect the character of music through movement. Start the movement after the introduction, end exactly with the end of the sound of the music. Game description: Movements to convey in the nature of the music.

Of course, dance art is very multifaceted in terms of personality education, and not only. The use of dance games in lessons develops the ability to understand music, to coordinate one's movements with it, while simultaneously developing the body's muscular strength, plasticity, grace and expressiveness.

Learn more