How to dance seductively for your husband

18 Secrets to Give a Sexy Lap Dance & Leave Your Man Wet In His Shorts

Sometimes we need to pull out all the stops to make an impression. Learn how to give a lap dance and your man will certainly be very pleasantly surprised!

Have you ever considered mastering the secrets behind knowing how to give a sexy lap dance? Most of us want to do our very best to please our partners. Of course, we expect them to do the same in return, but we want to feel that we’re doing all we can to make the relationship happy and harmonious.

When it comes to life in the bedroom, that means thinking outside of the box and coming up with a few sizzling moves he’s never seen before. So how about you learn to give a lap dance to your man?

You know he’d love it, and you KNOW you’d look sexy doing it!

Of course, let’s get this truth out – You don’t have to do it because it’s your job to please your partner per see. We indulge in these crazy and hot antics mainly because it makes us happy to see them happy – about anything.

We actually get joy out of doing whatever we can to please them. That’s why we’re always looking for new and interesting ways to spice things up in the bedroom, too. [Read: 20 sexy things guys like in bed but won’t ask for and why they don’t]

Does the idea of learning how to give a lap dance make you embarrassed?

Now, there’s one thing that stops most people from attempting lap dancing. Embarrassment.

We assume that we look stupid, but do you know what? There’s no chance of looking stupid when you’re moving in that slow and sexy way, showing your man the very best of what you’ve got.

He’ll be so taken with how amazing you look that he won’t even consider how you might be cringing on the inside.

Lap dancing doesn’t make you sluttish, it makes you keen to do what you can to please your partner. It’s sexy, it’s sensual, and when done in the right way, it brings seriously explosive results your way!

If you’re super-nervous, have a glass of wine beforehand *only one* or take some deep breaths. Wear the clothes that make you feel great and do some work on the lighting in the room.

This will make sure that it shows you at your very best. By setting the scene to make you comfortable, you’ll be able to focus on your moves without worrying about how you look.

When did the idea of sexy lap dances begin?

When you think of a lap dance, it’s likely your mind is filled with images of a strip club with half-naked women grinding on perverted old businessmen. Right?

Well, it’s likely that lap dances within a relationship could have been around for many years without anyone knowing, because it was in private! [Read: The girl’s guide to strip clubs and female strippers – What happens inside?]

However, lap dancing in a club setting and being paid for it has been around since Medieval times. Women of lower classes would perform for men for a fee. Although prostitution was also linked to these types of establishments, it is where stripping and giving lap dances are most likely to have started.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take the best of it and use it to show your partner a great time!

How to give a lap dance and give him an unforgettable night

Not all of us are magically blessed with the hips of Shakira. Some of us have to work extra hard in order to give a sexy lap dance that doesn’t make us look like an ungraceful fool and risk ruining the hot mood.

[Read: How to strip tease – 19 sexy moves for newbies to undress like a stripper]

There is a lot more strategy involved in a truly sexy lap dance than just being able to wiggle your hips to the thumping beat of a erotic song. If you want to know how to give a sexy lap dance that he’ll never forget, you’ll need these tips.

1. Build up the anticipation in his mind

Giving your man a heads up that he’ll be experiencing something fun and sexy that night. It’s the perfect way to initiate his sexual anticipation.

You don’t have to give him an exact itinerary for the night, but sending him naughty clues throughout the day should be enough to pique his curiosity. Even just a snapshot of a lace corner from your outfit would suffice.

2. Set the mood

You can’t give him a sexy lap dance without creating a hot and steamy atmosphere. You have to set the mood so the second he walks in the door he knows he’s in for a wild night.

Keep the lights low, the music at a soft but audible decibel, and leave a single chair in an empty space so he realizes what he’s in for. [Read: How to grind for a guy sexily and discreetly and get him hard in seconds]

3. Choose an outfit that makes you feel amazing

You don’t have to go spend a ton of money on some lingerie that you feel weird and uncomfortable in. You should wear something that not only you feel sexy in, but something that he really loves seeing you in – and out of. You can even wear a sundress if that’s what he really likes!

4. Practice your dominant attitude

A sexy lap dance is all about power, and women hold all of the power during this sex act. So you have to become a dominant, in-charge woman.

Pull him into the house, demand that he takes off his coat, and shove him onto the chair that you’ll be using for the dance. [Read: 17 femdom secrets to be a dominatrix mistress and dominate a man in bed]

5. Before learning how to give a lap dance, work out your rules and set them down

Since you’re now in charge, you get to make all the rules. If you don’t want him to make a peep throughout the whole thing, tell him that.

If you don’t want him to touch you at all, then make sure he knows. And make sure he knows that if he breaks those rules, he’ll have to pay.

This not only makes it fun for you, but he’ll also get riled up even more when he knows he can’t even so much as touch the amazing body that’s grinding all over him and luring him in. [Read: The sexy ways to tease your man and make him want to F you right there!]

6. Relax a little beforehand

If you haven’t ever given him a lap dance before and you’re more than a little nervous, have a drink! Hell, have two and a shot on top of that.

Lap dances can only be successful if you’re relaxed and willing to have a good time. If you fear that your nerves will hinder that, then drink up. You’ll be feeling relaxed and ready to dance in no time!

7. Pick some sexy music that gets your hips wiggling

Add both sexy music, and music that you love dancing to. The goal of this is to ensure that you’re comfortable enough to let go and have fun.

So throw on some mood music that you love, so your dance moves seem genuine and effortless. [Read: The absolute lovemaking playlist guide you need]

8. Start slowly and build up

You should start dancing while you’re still standing a couple of feet away from him. This means he can take in the whole view. Then slowly dance your way toward him with slow and seductive moves.

9. Undress slowly and teasingly

Don’t just rip all of your clothes off at once. The point of a proper lap dance is to slowly remove pieces of clothing in a way that makes him WISH he could rip them off.

To do this, take off an item of clothing every couple of minutes, while never removing your eyes from his.

10. Spend equal amounts of time on and off his lap

This can be confusing since it is called a “lap” dance, but it works. Really great lap dances do a lot of teasing, and you want to make him crave actually having sitting on his lap.

To do this, stand over him with your back to him. Give him some sexy visuals of your backside dancing before leaning back and touching his lap.

Doing things like this will give him equal viewing time and touching time – two things that can work together to create a powerful lap dance he’ll never forget. [Read: 28 hot ways to be sexier for your boyfriend and make him lust for you]

11. Gauge his reaction and change your tactics accordingly

Some men prefer to have the lap dancer facing the other way so they can get a view of their booty. Others prefer to have a woman’s boobs right in their face.

Make sure you’re gauging your man’s reactions and adjusting your body accordingly so he has the most pleasure. [Read: How to ride a man and look sexy doing it]

12. Practice before you go for it

To get more comfortable with your moves and finding the right pace for taking your clothes off, practice when you’re alone. You can even practice in front of a trusted friend and get some of their advice if you’re feeling really anxious about it.

13. Make sure you choose a sturdy chair!

There are many people who have tried giving their boyfriends a sexy lap dance only to end up breaking a chair or falling over in it! So you want to ensure the chair can hold the weight of both of you! [Read: Fun sex games to play with your boyfriend]

14. Don’t push yourself too far – stick with what feels comfortable

Don’t try belly dancing like Shakira if you really don’t have much mobility in your hips. Just do what you can to feel sexy. Don’t go overboard with the music, outfit, or dancing. Simple is always best when it comes to giving a sensual and sexy lap dance.


Choose the right lighting

No matter what time of day you’re attempting to learn how to give a lap dance, you need to choose the right lighting.

Candles are perfect because they’re instantly sexy from the get-go. A full-on light could be enough to make you feel self-conscious – it’s harsh and if you feel uncomfortable you’re not going to enjoy it as much.

However, candles and fairy lights give you that half-light that is super-flattering from the start! [Read: 24 sex room ideas to make any room look and feel sexy]

16. Always work the hips

Whilst there are no specific moves to remember when learning how to give a lap dance, it’s normally all in the hips.

By circling your hips, jiggling them up and down, moving them back and forth, and basically doing anything in a slow manner when it comes to this part of your body, you’ll get the trick just right.

The hips are a super-sexy part of the female body. This is probably because they’re directly connected to the butt!

If you want to move your shoulders in line with your hips, a little like a belly dancer, go for it. Yet, usually moving your hips means moving your butt and that’s a good place to start.

17. Cut out the distractions when learning how to give a lap dance

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t choose a time when you’re going to be distracted or when one of you has to be somewhere. Your lap dance doesn’t need to have a time limit on it.

Make sure that he leaves his phone in another room and yours is turned off. If one of you needs to go somewhere, that’s the wrong time and you need to reschedule! The likelihood of your lap dance turning into something else is very high, so bear that in mind. [Read: 16 sex tips for women to make sex so much more exciting]

18. Remember to have fun!

Don’t think so much about your insecurities! Giving a lap dance is supposed to be fun. If you’re having a good time, then it is guaranteed that your lover is going to have an amazing time, too. So relax and just have fun with it!

There are no rules to learning how to give a lap dance

The bottom line is that you can’t do anything wrong when you learn how to give a lap dance. All you need to do is move your body, remove your clothes *or just wiggle in sexy ones if you prefer*, and drive him crazy. The very fact that you’re willing to do this for him is likely to be enough to start with. [Read: How to spice up the bedroom – 22 tips to set the bed on fire]

There are no rules. You don’t have to turn your back to him, you don’t have to face him, you don’t need to follow any guidelines, you just go with what feels good to you.

Watch his reaction and if he looks like he’s excited, push it a little further. He’s not going to be bored, so you don’t have any worries there.

If you want to, practice in the mirror beforehand but know that the very fact you’re willing to wiggle your hips just for him, will be enough to drive him crazy.

[Read: 24 minxy secrets to turn your boyfriend on and leave your man hard and horny]

Giving your man a sexy lap dance that he’ll never forget is one of the best ways to get the night moving in the right direction. And these tips on how to give a lap dance the right way will ensure you look amazing, and he’ll remember the night for a long time to come.

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How To Do A Sexy Lap Dance

In marriage, it can be easy to get bored with the intimate side of our relationship. We need to find ways constantly to keep things new and fresh. Being able to relax and enjoy ourselves in the bedroom makes for a more enjoyable relationship all around. While there are lots of different ways to keep things fresh in the bedroom, the one that we will explore today is a sexy lap dance! 

Confidence is Key

Confidence is sexy. So, whatever you’re doing, do it confidently! No matter how silly you may feel, be confident, and that will translate to your spouse. Be creative, but if being creative is too hard, turn to someone to be creative for you! For instance, on our app we have tons of different date ideas and even bedroom games, as do Keelie and Austin from Love Hope Adventure. Find something fun to do, and then do it with confidence!

The lap dance is one of those things that you just need to be sure to do confidently. It can feel a little awkward at first, and you may not know exactly what to do. Perhaps you just really haven’t ever seen a sexy lap dance given, and don’t know where to even start. But a lap dance is something that can bring fire into the bedroom and your relationship. Keelie and Austin are so amazing that they gave us some steps and ideas on how to make this sexy lap dance happen!

Getting Ready

There are a few things you want to have ready before you jump into your sexy lap dance. Think about where in your home is the best and most appropriate place for you to give this sexy lap dance and set the mood. Consider making some low lighting with candles, a bedside lamp, or white Christmas lights. Grab a soft blanket to lay on the chair you use for the lap dance to make it nice and cozy. Maybe spritz a little bit of your favorite perfume around the room or burn a nice smelling candle to add to the ambiance.  

Make sure you find something good to wear. You want to feel confident in whatever outfit you choose. Being able to move around in the outfit you choose is going to be extremely important. You may want to wear some lingerie or just a sexy outfit. Maybe there is something that your spouse absolutely loves to see you in, that could be the perfect outfit for this sexy lap dance. Move around a little in the outfit you choose before bringing your spouse in to make sure that it is going to work and make any necessary changes ahead of time. 

Step 1: Get A Chair

The first step and tip that Keelie gave us was to grab a chair. Get something that you can work with. Try to make sure it doesn’t have any arms, doesn’t rock, and preferably doesn’t have wheels either. A simple chair is best here as it will allow you to move around it and be able to touch your spouse from every angle. 

Check the height of the chair ahead of time to be sure that it’s not too tall and not too short. Depending on who is giving the lap dance, you may need a different chair, and that is just fine. Just know what’s going to work the best for you, and have it ready to go for your sexy lap dance. Getting into it, you definitely want to be prepared and keep the equipment simple. So don’t try to make it too crazy! 

Step 2: Pick A Song

You’ve got to have music on to give a proper lap dance, of course! Pick something you like, something that you can easily move to. Try not to make the song too fast or too slow. You will naturally move to the beat and tempo of the music. It works the same as running music- you match the pace of the song you are listening to. If it is too fast, you will be bouncing around and this can kill the mood. Too slow and you will start moving too slow as well, which can just get annoying. 

Make sure that whatever you choose isn’t something you will feel the need to sing along to. Singing along to a song is something else that can quickly kill the mood. There are times when singing can add to the experience, but for the most part, you will want to avoid this so as to not make your lap dance less sexy.

Step 3: Start Behind Them

Start behind your spouse! Starting in the back will give you an advantage and time to get warmed up. You can start to feel good about the moves you’re doing and test out a few things without any eyes on you. Get going and make sure you feel good about what you’re doing and how you’re moving before making your way to the front of the chair. 

Be sure to be touching your spouse while you are warming up behind them. They will love this! Your warm up is a teaser for them, starting to get them very excited for when you make your way around to the front. Be super hands on. You will start to feel from them the things you are doing that they really like, and be able to have that influence the moves you do as you continue your lap dance. 

Step 4: Walk Around Slowly

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to a lap dance. Take your time working around the sides of the chair and your spouse and hang out there for a minute, letting your spouse enjoy you being next to them. Be hands on here again and really give them something to look forward to as you work your way around the chair. Finally, come on around to the front of the chair. This is when things really start to get spicy! 

Whatever you do doesn’t have to look sexy in your mind. At this point, your spouse is just simply going to be floored that you are even doing this for them. They won’t care if you look super sexy at that moment. They just love that you are trying this out! Again, remember, confidence is sexy. So whatever you do, just do it confidently!

Step 5: Basic Moves

There are a few basic moves that comprise any sexy lap dance. Try a few of them out to make sure things go smoothly and you’re both enjoying yourselves!

  • Bend over in front of your spouse
  • Lean into your spouse
  • Lean away from your spouse 
  • Give your spouse a good rub down (not necessarily just with your hands ;))
  • Kiss your spouse all over 

Try out these moves and any others you would like to experiment with. Get creative. You never know what will feel good to you and what will help your spouse really enjoy the lap dance you’re working so hard to give them. 

Fun For All

Something that is super great about this, is that sexy lap dances do not have to be performed solely by the woman in the relationship. It is just as much fun for the man to perform the lap dance for his wife, and the wife will absolutely love it! So don’t be afraid to both try out these steps. Get creative with it. Once you’re feeling a little more comfortable with your lap dance, start adding in a few things that fit with your personality. Make it individual, unique. After all, this is a lap dance that only you can give!

Perhaps you will want to consider practicing ahead of time. You have all the steps now to make a great lap dance, but if you’ve never tried it, you may feel extra awkward in the moment. Take some time to try out any moves you think could be fun around the chair you pick in your sexy outfit or lingerie. And when it is time to do this with your spouse, take control of the moment. You’re in charge of where they sit, what you do, and for how long it goes. Enjoy this power and use it well!

Love, Hope, Adventure

Keelie and Austin Reason are the wonderful couple who gave us these tips today on how to do a sexy lap dance. They run a great company called Love Hope Adventure. You can check them out here for more tips and tricks, date ideas, and more:

Love Hope Adventure

Like what you heard? Be sure to listen to the full podcast episode here! And be sure to download the Intimately Us app, the fun and sexy app for your marriage! It’s full of games, connecting activities, and ideas to increase connection and pleasure in the bedroom.

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D & R

This is by far the #1 sex app for Christian couples! My wife and I played the games like 5 times over the last week. Sparks are flying and we’ve never felt so close before. Thank you!

C & L

Hi there, my name is Jaina (pronounced like Jay-Nuh) and I am so happy to be here! I am an outdoor enthusiast and love doing everything with my hubby and 3 dogs. I focus a lot on fertility in my own life and am learning to help other couple's on their intimacy journeys while struggling with infertility. I have a degree in psychology and absolutely LOVE helping others discover their greatness!

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Joking aside: 5 tips on how to dance for your favorite striptease and not look funny

Love and sex

00:30, February 26, 2019

Striptease is a real art that can spice up the sex life of both partners. If you want to give a man such a surprise, but are afraid to seem ridiculous or look ridiculous, heed the advice of experts and coaches from the Secrets family and sex education center on how to dance a striptease and be on top of it.

1. Practice in front of a mirror

Read on the topic:

Training and having at least a rough plan of action is not only 50% success, but also a guarantee of your own confidence. It is not necessary to put on real choreography and learn the movements by heart, but it will be much easier for you yourself if you imagine in advance what and how you want to do. Otherwise, if you want to dance for a partner without being prepared, you run the risk of getting nervous, withdrawing into yourself and becoming “numb”. In advance, you need to take care of the props, if any. It could be, for example, a chair. Check it for stability, figure out what you're going to do with it. Why is a mirror needed at this stage? Because with its help you will be able to find out from which angles you like your own view more. This will help during the dance, because in the process you will most likely ask yourself the question “How do I look right now?”.

2. Choose simple movements

Striptease is an erotic dance that does not require the presence of acrobatic elements or spinning around a pole. If you are afraid that you lack flexibility in movement or stretching, concentrate on simple movements. For example, swinging the hips along the figure-eight trajectory and smooth sliding movements of the hands over the body can excite a man no worse than transverse twine. Choose movements that suit your physical abilities and don't try to impress a man. Believe me, he will already be delighted with the very fact that you are dancing for him. Here are some basic movements that you can repeat, even if you do not have special body plasticity:

Lap dance

Striptease is needed primarily to tease a partner, to bring him to the peak of excitement. But that doesn't mean you can't touch it. On the contrary, if you alternate movements at a distance and the opportunity to touch you, you will get a very interesting effect - from desire to possession, and vice versa. In order to repeat a man's lap dance, you need to stand with your back to him so that you are close enough to him. It is better to put a chair in front of you, on the back of which you have to lean with your hands. In a smooth motion, begin to lower yourself down, bending your knees until you feel that your buttocks are touching the man’s knees. Now you can make circular movements with your hips or move back and forth. Look back over your shoulder and glance at the man, you can give him permission to put his hands on your buttocks or even unbutton your bra if you haven't had time to get rid of it yet.

Spanking and stroking the buttocks

This is a very simple move that can drive a man crazy with its frankness. In order to perform it, it is enough to stand with your back to the man and slowly bend over, allowing him to see your buttocks. After you bend as low as possible (try to do it so that your back is straight), you can start stroking your thighs and buttocks with your hands. Returning to the starting position, playfully slap your buttocks.

On a chair

A dance that requires a chair becomes both harder and easier at the same time. This, firstly, creates the need to use a piece of furniture in the dance (otherwise why is it needed?), and secondly, it gives you a point of support (you can sit or hold on to the back). What can you do with a chair while dancing? At least imagine that you are Sharon Stone, seductively shifting your legs. At the same time, you can not only show your partner your legs, but also take off their stockings, erotically stroking them.

3. Choose the right clothes in advance

The requirements for the clothes that you will get rid of during the dance are quite simple. It should give you self-confidence, emphasizing your dignity, and be easy to remove. In general, one of the most important rules in striptease is not to let a man get bored. Therefore, we advise you to choose the minimum number of items of clothing. It is best to make a choice in favor of erotic lingerie, throwing on a dressing gown so that a man, when he comes home or gets out of the shower, does not even suspect what sweet pleasure awaits him. The bathrobe can be thrown off almost immediately - this will not be a big deal, but then it will be more difficult.

Let's start from the bottom: shoes, stockings and a belt

If you are going to wear them, you should also take care of a chair, sitting on which these items can be removed. We advise you to take off your heels almost immediately or not to put them on at all, because striptease itself is a rather energy-intensive process, and dancing in heels can take more energy than it seems. Getting to the stockings, do not rush to take them off immediately. Slowly unfasten each clasp on the garter belt, but do not remove it yet (this can be done at any time after). We have already mentioned above how to take off stockings. To summarize: the main thing is to do it sitting and slowly.


It is better to remove it following a clear sequence of actions. To begin with, you can lower the straps from your shoulders - this will serve as a signal for the man that now the bra will disappear from the battlefield, which means that he will again focus his attention on you if he suddenly managed to get bored while you were pulling off the stockings. You can squeeze your chest in your hands, lift it, lean close to your partner's face. When unfastening the clasp, it is better to turn your back on the man so that he can observe the process from all sides (except if the clasp is located in front). After unbuttoning the bustier on the back, holding the cups on the chest, turn to face him again. After that, you can play with the breasts a little more and finally throw the bodice into the far corner of the room or into the lap of a man.


The most long-awaited and desired part of the show. Now only this piece of clothing separates you from sex with a partner. You can remove them yourself by lowering them to your knees and then stepping over them first with one and then with the other foot. And you can leave this part to the conscience of the man. He will be happy to take part in the process of your exposure.

4. Choose the right music

Music creates most of the atmosphere, is responsible for the mood and pace with which you take off your clothes and generally move. Choose smooth, melodic compositions and form a playlist of them in advance so that in the midst of the dance you do not have to frantically flip through a hundred tracks in search of the desired melody.

By the way, during the rehearsal you will be able to find out approximately how long it will take you to undress, but it is better to make a playlist with a margin. It's even better to loop it so that after the last song is played, it starts over. Then sex, if you lead everything to it, will take place to the music, and this also changes a lot.

5. You are unlikely to look funny, so there is nothing to be afraid of

Feeling shy, constrained and afraid of being laughed at is completely normal. But, if we are talking about striptease, such emotions are better thrown aside, and here's why.

Striptease is not only a dance way to get rid of clothes, it is also a process of seduction, it is an opportunity to demonstrate your beauty, confidence and sexuality. Remember that you are dancing for your partner, husband, beloved man. He has probably seen you naked more than once, so the sight of your naked body will definitely not make him laugh. And the movements that you will do, even more so, because he will be fascinated by your beauty and courage. Of course, you are afraid that something might go wrong: you will get tangled in your own panties, trip or lose your balance. Even if this happens (and it will not happen if you follow our advice), then do not lose your temper and continue as if it never happened.

If you do not draw your partner's attention to some misunderstanding during the dance, he is unlikely to notice it. Take striptease as an ode to love for your body, because you not only give a man the opportunity to admire your dance, but also allow yourself to feel sexy and desirable, and these feelings play an important role in a woman's life.

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Video : a scene from the film "From Dusk Till Dawn"

How to learn erotic dance.

How to lap dance for my husband

Erotic dance - the art of seducing a man

What kind of man, not seeing an attractive girl on the street, does not mentally begin to undress this divine creature?!

For a man, the process of undressing women is a real surge of emotions, it is a new world, shrouded in mystery and passion. Which of us does not dream of a passionate night, of that moment when love and elements unite together, which are sometimes beyond the control of the human brain.

Our bedroom is a place of mystery and a place of passion. This is the place where all vital problems are solved.

Having received our portion of pleasure, we will be full of strength and energy, we will rejoice even on a cloudy day.

Power of sorcery

The bedroom is the keeper of our secrets. Miracles happen in this room and our sex life is transformed.

One of the stages of learning the mystery is erotic dance . He has been assigned one of the leading roles.

You have been waiting for this night for so long, and now a miracle has happened, the person whom you consider the object of your love is next to you. The dream came true. Now the main thing is to captivate your partner with an interesting game. He is waiting and hoping that you will give him those unforgettable moments that he will keep in his memory for a long time.

You should try to be seductive, to show by your temptation that you are the woman that he needs so much in life.

And for this a woman has to put in a lot of effort. She must show her skill and her inspiration in this difficult science called "witchcraft". You must be able to make sensual movements and must put all your power of seduction into them.

The science of victory

You don't have to learn how to dance Gogo or New Burlesque. But to have the simplest basics of seduction is your duty.

You should not confuse "house" striptease with Gogo or New Burlesque dance. "Easily put on" Gogos can only fire up the audience, and your task is much more difficult. You need to get your partner to come to the point where he loses control of himself.

On this night, all means of struggle are good, as long as the woman feels like a winner, and the winners are not judged, they are admired.

Perseverance and labor

Everyone knows that persistence and hard work always lead to the desired results.

No worries. You have seen more than one movie that made you admire the female erotic dance. You haven't lost everything yet. Each of you can learn this craft. In almost every city there are all sorts of courses where you will be taught the important moves of seduction. If you live in a small town, don't despair. There is a mirror in front of you… Train, dance. This is very useful, as the process of dancing burns calories. You will learn not only to dance and seduce a man, but also to declare war on excess weight.

However, you need to understand that after five or six hours of training you will not become a master. This is hard work and you need to endure it, master it, if you want to bewitch a man. Nothing happens without difficulty, and no one will bring your happiness to you on a silver platter. Try to master at least the elementary art of erotic dance. This art can bring freshness to a relationship with a loved one.

Preparatory process

Remember that erotic dance is the true art of seduction. Those women who can dance, they are more likely to captivate a man.

You must learn to move freely and sexually, you must learn to make your body supple and graceful. Having mastered the dance moves, you will be able to create your own improvisations to any music.

Under the chords of relaxing music, you just want to dissolve in the sounds of a melody next to your loved one. The body becomes beyond our control and begins to move plastically, smoothly, slowly, like the body of a panther or a cat.

You need to learn how to move from smooth music to rhythmic music. You should learn to make clear and sharp turns, it would be nice to learn to “own” some parts of the body: arms, hips, head, stomach.

You must impress your loved one, you must be different from his previous woman.

It makes sense to learn a little choreography and hone your skills to impress your loved one.

First of all, it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere. This is the atmosphere in which you will feel confident and at the same time relaxed. You should let your loved one know in advance that tonight will be a special evening, completely different from previous evenings.


Before you start erotic dances, you can pamper and relax your one and only in the bath, you can gently wipe his body with a towel, slowly describing each fold of the body, while whispering tender and affectionate words in his ear.

You must set your partner in a lyrical way in advance. He should be ready for the fact that you will surprise him with your originality and uniqueness.

Basic golden rules

Before you conquer your one and only trade as a beginner stripper, don't forget about the correct timing. Meet him after work at the door of your apartment with a gentle and affectionate face and do not forget to say a compliment.

Make sure that the apartment has a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. Cheer him up, let him feel that you need him, and that he is the most desirable and most beloved man for you.

Try to "turn" his head with the help of the dance. Let him feel that this erotic dance is for him, and only for him.

Don't forget to cast dance looks at your loved one while dancing. It's no secret that your eyes and your movements can say much more than words. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Try to undress slowly and with pleasure. You should see a fire in his eyes, which, igniting every minute, can turn into a flame.

Do not forget to involve your partner in an erotic dance. He will be grateful to you for this.

The ability to control one's body makes a person more confident and free, which undoubtedly helps in many life situations. In dance, a woman feels her strength, her grace and her perfection. Remember that the application of the acquired skills depends on your female fantasy and your inspiration.

Who will help a woman seduce a man , showing his sexuality. To look more sexy and seductive during dance try to look a man in the eyes from time to time, but it should be natural and in no case should you constantly "stare" at him. When dancing, try to let him know that you are dancing with him and that he is not like everyone else.

To make a man guess that you like him during slow dance you can hug him around the neck, but this should not look vulgar or overtly sexy. Also, when you slow dance, you can turn your head to the side and get a little closer to him, so he will feel the captivating aroma of your perfume, which will help awaken desire and interest in everyone in you.

To seduce man dancing your appearance is very important. The most important thing is that while touching you, he does not feel discomfort. Therefore, there should not be any varnish on the hair, cosmetics should be used very competently, to a minimum, "Amazon war paint" is categorically unacceptable. You should also pay special attention to your wardrobe. Your clothes should be soft and pleasant to the touch. play a very important role, so when a man touches you, you must do everything so that he wants to repeat his touches.

If a man behaves passively, then you should tickle his feelings a little with some sexy ones. For example, straighten your hair and, as if by chance, run your hand over your knee. If, in addition, there is a romantic atmosphere around - pleasant music plays and soft lighting is on, then your efforts will soon be rewarded and the man will succumb to your charms.

But don't forget that you have to be on the lookout and watch the guy's reactions. Flirting with him in the dance, touching him, you get into his intimate space and this man understands that you want something. Here it is important that he understands correctly what you really want. The main thing for you is that he feels the warmth emanating from you and wants to shorten the distance between you, spend his time and energy on you. But if you put too much pressure on him with your charms, then he may perceive your desire as a hint of a quick transition to, bypassing the bouquet-candy period of courtship. Therefore, if a man behaves actively, then seduce his touches should be kept to a minimum.

I would also like to note that it is welcome if in your evening wardrobe for dancing will be all sorts of accessories. It can be elegant earrings, beautiful beads or a bracelet. Such little things will give you extra charm and show your personality.

Do you know that the erotic, seductive dance of your beloved is one of the ten erotic fantasies of the stronger sex? So why not pamper your loved one? Therefore, today the site will delight you with information on how to arrange an amazing one.

Let's start with the fact that down with all the complexes, you do not have to weigh 48 kilograms, and pose with a glass of champagne, wearing only a huge red bow on your chest. Here, the main thing is to remain yourself, but you simply have to move beautifully and undress excitingly.


The eyes can say a lot. When dancing for your loved one, try to look into his eyes. Your look should be playful, voluptuous, a little seductive, saying how you want it, but not dreary, expressing: "I'm already tired of squirming!". The dance itself should give you pleasure. Slowly look away, and then sharply return it to the eyes of your lover, such a maneuver is very enchanting.


One of the important things is refreshment. And it is better if the lighting is subdued, turn on the sconces, or better, light a few candles. The game of shadows will add mystery, and you will feel more relaxed. And if during your speech you were seized by shyness, call on your sense of humor to help, a joke will always defuse the situation.


You need to dance in the “right” clothes, which you can easily take off without getting confused with numerous buttons. The classic of the genre is a men's jacket with a tie on a naked body, or a men's shirt, thongs, stockings and high-heeled shoes. Entering the image, do not rush to quickly pull everything off yourself, the movements should be slow and tempting and not necessarily completely naked. It turns out that naked ladies are only 40% more exciting than men, this is what inflames their imagination, and what's behind the "frame".


The working tool of a real dancer is a pole, but as such, it is not found in the apartment. But for sure there is a chair with a high back. Turn it back to your partner and slowly lower yourself into the seat, showing off your legs. The next chic maneuver, holding on to the back of a chair, smoothly bend in the lower back, showing the buttocks ... No chair? It's not scary, you can dance in the doorway, leaning against the jamb with your back and bending, and sliding your buttocks over it. After that, you can kneel down... and then only your imagination... Most importantly, your movements should be natural, slow and seductive!


Of course, music, without it lap dance impossible. Choose the one that you both like. And if you like pop and your partner can't stand it, it's best to look for a compromise. By the way, your movements should be in time with the music. And they can be different: smooth, sensual and slow, sharp and fast. Do not forget that your goal is to tease and intrigue, so in the process of dancing you not only get rid of clothes, but also stroke yourself in the most seductive places: breasts, hips, stomach.


No comment, a beautiful seductive dance intrigues and fascinates, but don't overdo it, five to seven minutes is enough. After all, your goal, unlike real strippers, is not just to give pleasure to the dance, but also to drag him into bed, isn't it ...?

Pearl bracelets can also serve as decoration during the dance. Which have always adorned a woman. The man will be amazed by your serious approach and will be in your hands. Don't miss the moment, order now.

Year after year, many girls and women ask themselves the question: what to give a loved one?

Some do not want to deviate from stereotypes, and without thinking twice, they buy something necessary for everyday life or for personal hygiene.

For example: screwdriver set, cologne, razors and more. But, if you want to make an unforgettable gift to your loved one, then we will help you in this choice - an erotic dance as a gift for a man will be a great option!

The most original gift

What gift can surprise a man? It must be original, enchanting and, most importantly, sexy. The most suitable choice is erotic dance. To do this, you need to follow a plan for its preparation.

First of all, you need to acquire skills in the field of erotic dance.

  1. To do this, you can sign up for strip plastic lessons, where professional choreographers will teach you the art of undressing sexually to the music. But I warn you, such activities at this stage of life are not cheap! Therefore, there is an option to download online strip dance lessons or watch a number of videos on this topic.
  2. If you calculate your figure is not ideal, then you can visit strip aerobics. This is a great way to tighten your forms, as well as become more flexible and plastic.
  3. Of course, no one canceled self-improvement. You will have to take some time to get to know the capabilities of your body and prepare a series of clear movements. But, in no case do not prepare a clearly choreographed dance, because in a sexual gift for a man there must be improvisation in order to give free rein to your feelings. And also be sure to spend some time in front of the mirror to hone facial expressions.

If you decide to give a man an erotic dance, pay more attention to the beauty of your body, and not the correctness of the movements, because in front of you is your beloved man, not a choreographer.


For your unforgettable surprise, your loved one needs to prepare a place where, in fact, everything will take place. Be sure the room should be twilight and candles to create an intimate atmosphere. You can still use an aroma lamp, but after consulting with experts in choosing the oils used.

If you are embarrassed, due to lack of experience, in speaking in front of an audience, try to illuminate the place of your performance more brightly, but at the same time darken the place where the hero of the occasion will be, so as not to see his face.
Some women say that in the first minutes of an erotic dance for a man, they did not know where to put their hands, so you can use additional items, such as a hat, scarf, chair, etc.


To make your gift sexier, opt for well-fitting and flattering lingerie.

A more suitable color for this kind of dance is red. Many scientists consider it the most exciting.


For erotic dance, choose the music that touches your feelings and awakens your passion to dance.

Of course, it is better if it is a slow composition, preferably one with which you and your loved one have positive memories.

Charming look

The guarantee that your erotic dance for a man will go with a bang is your look. Do not look at the wallpaper or at the ceiling. Look only into the eyes of your partner, without looking away!

The finishing touch

To set the man right before your surprise, or take a bath with rose petals and wine together. This will set it in the right direction.

Do not be afraid to be sexy, because in front of you is your loved one who loves you. Be sure - your man will appreciate such an extravagant gift!

Approx. author: Men do not read. :)

For the man you love, you can cook a delicious dinner, light candles, on the table - a crimson tablecloth, two glasses on a high stem filled with Laurent-Perrier wine (it is possible for others, it is not so important).
And you can add something else to all this!

You apply a pleasant, sophisticated fragrance on your body, wear beautiful underwear in red tones, stockings, high heels (this is a must) and above... One detail is important here. You don’t have to wear an evening dress, but you need to wear something so that there is more to shoot. The bigger, the better. For example, a revealing blouse and skirt.
Why? But for what - you will dance a striptease. Yes yes exactly!
But just let it be unexpected for him.

And here comes your favorite...
You put him on a chair and turn on the music (for example, Clara Morgane feat. Six Coups Mc - Strip tease).
Important: Dear, beloved and dear, you must warn that you must not be touched! You can't and that's it!

So... let's go...
Stand in front of him and begin to move slowly to the beat of the music. The emphasis is on the hips. Their movements should be rhythmic, in time with the music. You look at yourself and caress yourself with your hands, along the body, along the clothes. Swipe the back of your hand over your face, across your chest and further down, like your hand is an autumn leaf that has fallen from a tree and falls down. The movements must be very smooth. Then slowly take off your blouse and throw it on the floor. While looking at him.
Then you turn your back to him, and take off your skirt, teasing with your ass. You twist it, move it, stroke it. In general, anything, but the most exciting.
Then come to the chair on which sits this charming creature - your beloved man. Put one leg between his legs, and throw the other on his shoulder. (Just don't say that this action is not possible. If this is not possible for you, the gym and other institutions cry for you. They are waiting for you). Now you need to slightly cuddle up to him, and just rub a little. You can't touch! Don't give it to him. (Hit your hands a little. Well, or ... you better know how to deal with your man).
Then sit on it and start moving your hips, leaning back a little. Touch him: stroke his face, lips, nose with your finger. Run your hands through your hair. Then touch your lips to his lips, but do not kiss! Now you are just teasing him, warming him up. Then let your chest touch his lips, but immediately lean back.
Next, stand up, turn around. Sit on your man with your back to him and move as if you are making love to him, but very, very smoothly.
And get up again, move away from him, turn your back to him, wrap your arms around yourself and sway from side to side to the beat of the music. It looks very impressive if the hair is long. (If the hair is not long, it must be grown. Men like long hair. Most of them). Then unfasten the fastener on the bra.
Unbuttoned? Wonderful. And now it is very important to remove it correctly! First remove one strap, then the other. And throw the bra at his feet.
And now, ladies, let's take off our panties!
So, how can you take off your panties.

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