How to learn napoleon dynamite dance

'Napoleon Dynamite' Turns 10 So Here's a Step-by-Step Guide For His "Canned Heat" Dance Routine


by Kristie Rohwedder

10 years ago, moviegoers were introduced to the eponymous hero of Napoleon Dynamite, and he changed the way we looked at chicken feet forever. (They are not feet. They are talons, GOSH.) We watched Napoleon stockpile tater tots in his cargo pant pockets, hunt for a fresh tube of Chapstick, play tetherball, feed Tina the llama, and bruise Kip's neck meat. He's a strange cat, but I'll be damned if many of us didn't grow to love him. And yeah, you read that right: As of June 11, Napoleon Dynamite is a decade old. Whoa. And in honor of this anniversary, Twentieth Century Fox Studios unveiled a Napoleon Dynamite/tetherball statue. Flippin' sweet.

Though I knew I could not compete with a life-size Napoleon statue, I wanted to celebrate ND's birthday somehow. After weighing all of my options (I could make a Vote For Pedro t-shirt! Or attempt to put my very short hair in a Deb-esque side ponytail! Or adopt a llama!), I ultimately decided to pick out all of the life-changing moves from Napoleon's dynamite (sorry not sorry) dance routine set to Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat." I may not be able to build a statue, but I can definitely handle watching a video of a dance routine over and over again.

It's been a hot minute since I've seen the movie, so I'd forgotten just how intense the choreo is. Every millisecond is screengrab worthy/a slice of magic. But! I hunkered down, analyzed the tape, and chose the best of the best. It was a grueling task, but I gave it my all. Heck yes I did.

The Hands In Pockets

The audience has no idea what they're in for.

The jump out with hands in pockets


The Throw of the Hands


The Backwards Wolverine Claw Shuffle

Quite possibly one of the more intimidating moves out there.

The pelvic thrust

It's a classic dance move for a reason.

The Shoot That Basketball Without Looking


The arms over head rocking to the side

Get into it.

The Bird Flap

Feel the wind beneath your wings.

The squat + hip swivel + arm isolations

So much power to behold.

The pose to end all poses

Only those who can truly handle this pose may strike it.

The “I see you, audience” point

Show 'em who's running this.

The overarm side clap

Go on...


The hands have a mind of their own move

This is their dance routine now.

The Swat the Bee


The Elvis/umpire “you’re outta here” move

A move steeped in nuance and complexity.

The Somersault

You've been dancing for two minutes? You're getting winded? Too bad. Can't lose steam now. Gotta kick it up a notch.

The Jazzy Slither

Like a snake with legs.

The I'm Done

When you're done, you're done.

Watch the masterpiece in its entirety here:

Don't freak out: At around the 2:17 mark, the choreo reverses. Like a mirror. That's why the routine seems longer than you remember. It's weird, yeah, but it was the clearest video I could find. Such is life.

Images: Fox Searchlight; Tumblr [2]

How to Do The Napoleon Dynamite Dance

How to Do The Napoleon Dynamite Dance

The movie Napoleon Dynamite showcased the kid’s dance in which he presents how a nerd can dance as he shows his moves over the climactic school assembly. The actor, Jon Heder, shows the world how he can dance on three different songs. However, all those three songs were mashed together as one. You can always impress your friends by copying the dance he does and showing how you can be as goofy as he was. You should just keep your knees and arms smooth and loose. From then on, you will just need to practice a little and you’ll be good to go.


  • 1

    First, face the audience and keep your hands in the front pockets. Start nodding your head as soon as the music begins. Only try to bring your thighs and knees together so that they see how stupid you can get while dancing.

  • 2

    As the lyrics of the song start, take your hands out of your pockets. And sing with the person who is singing the song. Start nodding your head and as soon as the violin part finishes say: “The boogie is for real.”

  • 3

    Now it’s time for you to raise your hands and palms. Then start clapping while looking up in the air. Drop your arms back onto the sides and start swirling towards the audience. Cycle your arms around and pretend as if you are jogging while you are stepping back.

  • 4

    Now get straight back up. Now walk forward at the same pace and then stop with your legs far apart. Then punch your left arm up in the air. Keep repeating this with both the arms, one-by-one. Right at the end, use your index finger to point at the floor.

  • 5

    Face left and place the left foot in front of your right foot. Now pull your arms right into your body. Then raise them both out and then start circling them clockwise. Slap your thighs as well.

  • 6

    Bend your knees a bit, and then start rolling your shoulders back. Separate your hands and then slide them into the air once again. Pretend as if you are trying to fix your hair, but don’t touch them. Then toss your head back and then put your fists down while you’re making fists.

  • 7

    Pretend you are playing a guitar in the air. And right when it is time for chorus, bend your knees and step out. And while you are doing that, keep pointing at the floor whenever necessary.

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Dancing with the stars: learning to dance like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and other pros


Dancing everywhere: in movies and music videos, on television and on the Internet, at home and on the streets. To keep up with the trend, we learn from the best of the best - Pharrell Williams, Shakira, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Maddie Ziegler, Jeff Bridges and Tom Cruise.


Dancing with the Stars: Learning to dance like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and other pros


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The 1983 film Flashdance still inspires choreographers and singers: Geri Halliwell's demonstration performance was repeated by Geri Halliwell in the It's Raining Men clip, and Jennifer Lopez's spectacular workout in video I' m Glad.

in the style of

Dancing with the Stars: Learning to Dance Like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and Other Pros


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Madonna Vogue's cult video brought the eponymous hand dance into fashion. nine0003


In the video Whenever, Wherever, Shakira was born from the foam of the sea and taught the world how to make waves with her stomach.


We mastered hip-hop moves and danced like boys to Ciara's Like a Boy video.


Lady Gaga remembered Michael Jackson's Thriller and brought back broken zombie plastic

in the Bad Romance video.


Young Maddy Ziegler in the video of the singer Sia Chandelier gave a master class in contemporary dance. nine0003


Coaching staff

You can learn how to move to music without leaving your computer: open YouTube and download dance videos from your favorite music videos. To find them, type in the search bar the name of the clip and the training channel.

Young choreographers teach you how to move your ass like Nicki Minaj in the Anaconda video and analyze the main mistakes of beginning twerking queens.

Eleven million people have learned Megan Trainor's dance from the All about That Bass video from the lessons of dancer and DJ Mandy Giroux (who, by the way, is friends with Miley Cyrus). nine0003

Movements from Eric Prydz's Call on Me video are ideal for morning exercises. Fitness instructor Dian Berry will help you learn them.

Girls from Bronx Dance School repeated the trio of Single Ladies from Beyoncé's video and collected more than two million views.

daily routine

To dance from morning to night, without stopping from work, you just need to find the right soundtrack.

before work

Charlie's Angels: Straight Forward: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu warm up to MC Hammer's hit Can't Touch This. nine0003

before a date

A still from Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction: Uma Thurman tuned in romantic to the languid ballad Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon performed by rock band Urge Overkill.

before the party

Nine: Hot dancing with Kate Hudson to an ode to the Italian cinema Cinema Italiano is a great warm-up before the club.

at any time of the day

"24 Hours of Happiness": in every fragment of the Pharrell Williams video for the song Happy there is a dancing person, sometimes there are two or three of them. In the full version, at 16:40, a minion from the cartoon "Despicable Me" appears. nine0003


kings of the dancefloor

Following Mark Twain's "Dance like no one is looking at you", these star guys get into character and give themselves completely to the music. Let's take an example!


Jeff Bridges, The Big Lebowski (**Kenny Rogers - Just Dropped in). **

Hugh Grant, Love Actually ( Pointer Sisters - Jump ).

Tom Cruise, Risky Business ( Bob Seeger - Old Time Rock and Roll )

John Heder, "Napoleon Dynamite" (Jamiroquai - Just Dance) .

Omar Sy, "1 + 1" ( Earth, Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland ).


Dancing with the Stars: Learning to Dance Like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and Other Pros


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Dancing with the Stars was invented in the USA ten years ago: 20 years ago seasons, more than two hundred celebrities took part in it, including Kelly Osbourne, Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger. The Russian version is only a year younger, but comes out less often: the ninth season ended in the spring, where Irina Pegova and Andrey Kozlovsky won. nine0003


Dancing with the Stars: Learning to Dance Like Beyoncé, Shakira, Uma Thurman and Other Pros


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You don't have to be a star to dance on TV. This year, two channels at once launched new competitions for talents from the people. Alla Dukhovoy's favorite Alexander Mogilev won at the First, and Ilshat Shabaev won at TNT (not without the help of Yegor Druzhinin and Miguel).

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Life is cool. At the time of the start of the project, I was 24 years old and I understood that in this world there are a lot of things that I have never tried, or did them not consciously enough. There was no time, desire, money, mood ... In general, I always found an excuse to avoid some crazy deeds or pleasant hobbies that my friends were fond of.

I decided to improve and made a list of 100 things to bring them to life in the near future. nine0003

The idea to make my own list came while watching My Name Is Earl, but at the time I didn't know what the list would contain. A little later, I came across Leo Babauta's blog - every month he tried to get out of his comfort zone and give up things he was used to. Well, just recently I saw the ProjectOneLife YouTube channel, where a dude records all sorts of crazy things on video that he decides to bring to life. The coolest thing, in my opinion, is a repetition of the dance from the movie "Napoleon Dynamite" 🙂

Inspiration is the mother of movement, so I created my own list.

  1. Throw your shoes on the wires
  2. Ride on the roof of a vehicle
  3. Make a real tattoo
  4. Learn to skateboard nine0162
  5. Play at the casino
  6. Shoot in commercials
  7. three days without speaking
  8. Watch Star Wars
  9. Complete any game nine0162
  10. See the house where I spent my childhood
  11. Come up with a song on the ukulele
  12. Learn to ride a bike without hands
  13. Take part in sports competitions nine0162
  14. Take part in the development of the application
  15. Ride a motorcycle
  16. Walk down the street with a boombox
  17. Ride a snowboard
  18. Master the music program and record a beat nine0162
  19. Learn to knit
  20. Do not shave your beard for six months
  21. Walk 50 km in one day
  22. Master Photoshop / InDesign or another professional program
  23. Go to a striptease nine0162
  24. Go to ballet
  25. Read "War and Peace"
  26. Voice the series
  27. Learn to juggle
  28. Ride the roller coaster nine0162
  29. Hitchhiking
  30. Take part in the creation of graffiti
  31. Listen to the entire Beatles discography
  32. Be a donor
  33. Cycle for 75 km nine0162
  34. Learn to cook something
  35. Walk in shoes, jacket and trousers for a whole week
  36. Visit a major open air
  37. Survive a week without internet nine0162
  38. Come up with a project with foreigners I meet
  39. Go to your university
  40. Learn to drive
  41. bungee jumping
  42. nine0161 Spend the night outdoors
  43. Write a letter to an idol
  44. Participate in a tea ceremony
  45. Go to a classical music concert
  46. nine0161 Throw a party
  47. Learn to meditate
  48. Ride a horse
  49. Ride the surf
  50. Visit the birthplace or grave of a cult figure nine0162
  51. Travel with a backpack for several weeks in unfamiliar places and cities
  52. take a vacation
  53. Read a book on a topic you've never been interested in
  54. Launch a kite nine0162
  55. Try a raw food diet
  56. Be a vegan
  57. learn origami
  58. Tell 5 friends about the list and ask them to do the same
  59. nine0161 Travel first class
  60. Learn sign language
  61. Participate in a costume party
  62. Wake up at 5 am
  63. Stay under a waterfall nine0162
  64. Write a note, put it in a bottle and release it into the open sea
  65. Go to an unfamiliar city for the whole day
  66. Attend a football match in a giant stadium
  67. Ride a camel or an elephant nine0162
  68. Read the original "Harry Potter"
  69. Read the Bible
  70. Go for a massage
  71. Run on jollyjumpers
  72. Bathe in clothes nine0162
  73. Ride a Segway
  74. Watch Twin Peaks
  75. Go to the Bazhov Museum
  76. Try standing up
  77. Listen to a style of music you never liked nine0162
  78. Paint a picture
  79. Watch "The Godfather"
  80. pet the cow
  81. Make a bet
  82. Go to a concert by a musician you never loved nine0162
  83. Donate some of your belongings to the poor or needy
  84. Find an old photo with your friends, collect them again in the same place and make the same
  85. Live a day without electricity at all
  86. No alcohol for a month nine0162
  87. Shoot with firearms
  88. Learn to drum a popular song
  89. Swim in a boat
  90. Learn to bowl
  91. Try archery nine0162
  92. Learn to play poker
  93. Learn tricks
  94. Learn how to make a cocktail
  95. Taste three exotic fruits
  96. Play the lottery nine0162
  97. Solve the Rubik's Cube
  98. Launch an airplane from a high altitude
  99. Order your portrait to the artist
  100. Write a book

After I started the project, I told everyone about it everywhere.

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