How to dress for a father daughter dance

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Wondering what to wear to the father-daughter dance? You’ve come to the right place!

There’s something about the daddy-daughter dance that gets me every time. Regardless of the time, the love between father and daughter knows no distance. In every daughter’s eyes, her father is always the one and only superhero.

When it comes to the father-daughter dance tradition, it symbolizes the warmth and genuine love for each other.

Such a beautiful moment.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 father-daughter dance outfit ideas from all kinds of styles so you know how to pick the right one! Enjoy!

1. Daddy daughter dance outfits in pink


For daddy, a well-fitted suit is the fail-proof look of all time.

If you want a lowkey matchy look, matching your daughter’s dress and your tie in the same shade will always do the trick.

2. Casual daddy daughter dance outfits


More often than not, people always do cocktail attire for the daddy-daughter dance.

However, the time has changed and you can for sure loosen up a bit according to the venue and formality.

For dad, you may wear jeans but at least finish up your look with a button-down shirt.

As a rule of thumb, dress casual yet decent to a certain extent.

3. Father-daughter dance sparkly dresses on amazon

Get this dress on Amazon

If you are looking for a father-daughter dance dress on a budget, this darling one from Amazon will seal the deal.

Featuring the crafty sequin prints and attached pearl belt, this dress is bound to make your daughter feel the best.

It comes in all different colors and sizes from baby girls to adults, check it out!

4. Daddy’s daughter matching outfits


Want to make it more festive? Go for a sequin dress to add the glam!


Father-daughter dances in cute dresses on amazonGet this dress on Amazon

This one is just irresistibly cute and fluffy.

If I am lucky enough to have a daughter, I will definitely the whole look from the crow, “cotton candy” dress to sparkly ballet flats.

Such a darling princess.

According to the reviews on Amazon, this dress looks even better in reality and is perfect for family portraits. Check them out!

6. Tutu skirt x pink leggings


Never thought of this combo but I must say pairing the statement tutu skirt with pink leggings actually look so cute!

You know, some girls aren’t really fond of wearing dresses, perhaps this look can get away with it!

7. Father-daughter dance dresses on amazon

Get this dress on Amazon

To feel the comfiest, this A-line sequin blue skirt is perfect.

I love the fact that it’s fancy but not too over the top so I can reuse the dress multiple times!


Floral daddy-daughter dance dressSource

If your daughter doesn’t want to look too princessy, a refreshing floral dress may be her cup of tea!

9. Marine homecoming daddy daughter


Military homecoming x father-daughter dance.

Such a magical moment to capture!

10. Dress as fancy as you want


There’s nothing too over the top when you are a wonderful teenage girl.

I’m sure you will have the best photoshoot with your fancy prom dress!

11. Casual father-daughter dance outfits


For a casual daddy-daughter dancing look, a cute denim shirt and light blue midi skirt just look nothing but refreshing!

At the end of the day, how your daughter feels about the dress matters.

Regardless of her age, respect for her choice of outfits always plays a big role!

12. Bohemian daughter dress on Amazon

Get this dress on Etsy

Want to add a dash of elegant bohemian vibes? This sage green maxi dress is perfect!

Some of the sizes often sold out, save it to the wish list maybe!


Daddy’s daughter dances matching outfitsSource

Want to be the stylish dad? A sleeveless waistcoat and a bold pink tie just seal the deal!

14. Winter father-daughter dance outfit ideas


When the days are chilling, don’t forget to wear a puffer jacket to stay warm!


What to wear to the father-daughter danceSource

Sky blue suit and pink ruffle dress. This look just can’t be any more springy.


16. Preppy father-daughter dance outfits


Want to look extra preppy? Wear a pocket square!

I’m sure your teenage daughter will appreciate it!

17. Black dress as the classic look


Who says little girls have to wear pink? This LBD is such a classic piece!

18. Bride’s father daughter dance outfits


When you are just a little girl, a father-daughter dance is 100% joy and laughter.

But when you are the bride-to-be, you will know how precious the dance is.


So there you go, the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to the father-daughter dance.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that get you inspired! Remember, it’s never about the outfits but the precious dancing moment that makes your day.

So now it’s time to pin down your look and have fun with your little valentine!

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Wedding dance of father and daughter: types, how to stage it correctly


  • Why does the father dance with his daughter at her wedding?
  • Types of modern dances of father and daughter
  • Potpourri
  • Stage dance
  • Folk dance
  • Dance with song
  • Waltz
  • Classic dance
  • What to choose?
  • How to organize?

A wedding is perhaps the most touching event in the life of every person. On this day, excitement overcomes everyone: both parents and grown-up children. Many traditions and customs are associated with the marriage process: they are honored and believed that compliance with the unspoken rules is guaranteed to lead to a happy and strong union of two people.

One of the most beautiful and touching traditions wedding event is a dance of a father with an adult daughter-bride. But, despite the fact that many consider this ritual mandatory, few people know where it came from.

Beautiful and touching dance of the father with the bride

Why does the father dance with his daughter at her wedding?

The tradition originated in ancient times. Now no one will answer the question of who decided to be the first to dance with her daughter at her wedding, but the meaning of the rite itself has been deciphered. The fact is that a wedding in Ancient Rus' was inextricably linked with death - in the sense that a girl died, and a woman, a mother, a successor to her husband's family, was born.

The dance symbolizes the girl's farewell to her former family

For the last time her father holds her in his arms - now she no longer belongs to him. A man gives his treasure to another "owner" - her husband. The wedding dance is the last unity of father and daughter, she is no longer subject to him.

In addition, it is stated that in this way the father says that the girl is untouched, pure. He seems to guarantee that none of the men, except the father, touched the girl, and the father passes this honor to own the treasure - an innocent girl - to the groom.

In modern times, the ceremony of the wedding dance of father and daughter has lost its true meaning.

Types of modern dances of father and daughter

Custom does not state what exactly the wedding dance of father and daughter should be. Below we list the most common options. Mix. It attracts by the fact that the movements do not need to be learned, it is more like a fun improvisation. The potpourri dance gained popularity after the performance of a father and daughter from an American family - they danced cheerfully and fieryly, not really thinking about the rhythm and synchronization of movements.

Types of wedding dance of father and daughter


Most often performed to a song from a famous cartoon or movie. Heroes - father and daughter - play well-known characters. You need to prepare for such a dance: think over the plot and movements.

Folk dance

Popular among middle-aged people, and young people often play along with them. For example, a square dance looks great: its movements are simple, and the music is cheerful and incendiary.

Dance with song

Requires at least minimal vocal skills. More often, the bride sings a song in honor of her beloved father and invites him to dance, and a slow composition is usually chosen. This option is good because only a girl can rehearse, the father’s business is just to circle his daughter in a dance.


The most beautiful dance. For the first time, a father and daughter performed it at a wedding in the 19th century, since then the waltz has not lost its relevance and has not gone out of fashion. Requires joint rehearsals of dancers.

Classical dance

The simplest and most affordable option: even those who claim they can't dance can do it. Dad does not have to rehearse, it is enough to remember his young years and circle his daughter in a dance.

Classical dance - the easiest option

What to choose?

First of all, focus on individual abilities. Everyone knows that some people find it difficult to perform in public - in this case, choose a regular slow dance, or let the daughter sing a song and invite her father to dance.

Remember that a wedding is a very exciting event for everyone. Whatever acting skills a father or daughter has, at such a moment it is very easy to get confused: you should not be wiser with movements.

The following melodies are suitable for slow dance:

  • Mozart "Music of Angels";
  • Sanna Nielsen Undo;
  • Garou "Gitan";
  • Alsu "Father's Daughter";
  • Soso Pavliashvili "White veil";
  • L. Agutin "Father next to you";
  • Eric Clapton Wonderful Tonight.

Choose the closest one. Perhaps there is a particular composition that particular dancers like.

If a dance scene is planned, it is necessary to rehearse - in this case, professional choreographers or wedding planners can help.

A wedding is an exciting event for everyone

How to organize?

This dance shouldn't come as a surprise. Therefore, if the young people decide to include a father-daughter dance in the wedding scenario, both parties must be ready.

It would be nice if the background on the screen were shots taken from childhood photographs of a girl in a family circle.

Usually it looks very touching, brings tears to the eyes of guests - such moments are remembered for a long time

Take care of comfortable clothes and shoes. Especially if you are planning a fast, incendiary performance. A broken heel can ruin not only the dance, but also the bride's evening.

If the father of the bride is shy, choose a composition familiar to the man from his youth. Perhaps it will be jazz, blues or even incendiary lambada.

Announce the beginning of the dance and warn the guests that the performers are nervous, ask for silence. A calm environment will help you concentrate on your movements.

The bride must definitely support her father, say words of gratitude after the dance. The same should be done to the father - it was he who raised the girl who becomes a wife.

Don't try to replicate the blast you saw at someone's wedding. Remember, this is only your day, your wedding and your dance. Whatever they turn out, it will remain only your bright memories.

Good traditions can turn a wedding celebration into a colorful, bright event. Only the right attitude, smile and confidence will make the wedding an extraordinary, fabulous event!

wedding dance of father and daughter

In today's world there is a huge variety of wedding traditions. The dance of the bride with her father is one of them. For many people, this part of the celebration is obligatory and the most important, the site is sure.

As a rule, the first wedding dance is the dance of the newlyweds, which also carries a certain meaning. After this dance, the bride invites her father to dance. It would seem that everything is simple here, but no. This ritual requires a certain organization no less than other wedding chores. In order for everything to go smoothly, it is necessary to provide for some points.

The simpler the better

In the traditional dance of the bride and father, it is important that both feel comfortable. If you, and even more so your father, do not have special dance skills, then it is better to choose simple dance moves so that you feel confident in the most intense and exciting moment.


Seek help from professional instructors. Be sure to organize several rehearsals. Train not only in the classroom, but also at home. Spend a few rehearsals in the shoes and outfit that will be similar to your wedding attire. Perhaps the length of the dress or the height of the heels will ruin your dance “pas” honed in training.

Don't overdo your workouts, because the wedding dance is not the only main event of the evening. Treat dance rehearsals with pleasure and get positive emotions from them.

Style and music

Remember that the wedding dance is an eloquent body language, even between father and daughter. To express your feelings and attitudes, you can choose any dance of your choice. It can be an incendiary salsa, a romantic rumba or just a classic waltz.

The touching and emotionality of the bride's dance with her father is enhanced by the right music. The general mood of the entire festive event depends on the musical composition of the dance. However, choosing the right melody for the dance is not so easy. In choosing music, rely on your personal musical preferences, childhood memories, or your father's preferences. Choose the tune that will be meaningful to both of you. In general, it is up to you to decide whether this will be a lyrical or eccentric performance.

Honoring other men

The white wedding dance does not necessarily mean that the bride dances only with her father. The bride has the right to invite any other man to the dance, for example, her stepfather, brother or uncle.

Special circumstances

Unfortunately, not always, for some reason, both parents can be present at the wedding, or, conversely, both father and stepfather are present. What to do in this case? Who should the bride dance with first? In such a situation, everything depends only on you. The dance can be divided into several parts and invite everyone in turn. Moreover, at such a moment, you can attract your mother to the dance - an equally significant character in your life. Why not?! This is your wedding and you set the rules for it.

Also, don't forget that there are guests at the wedding and they also want to show off on the dance floor.

Learn more