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Adorable Bunny Rabbit Dancing Delights the Internet


By Alice Gibbs

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One very special rabbit's dance moves have really caught the attention of the internet after a viral video on TikTok received million of views.

Bella Ewens is the mind behind the much-loved TikTok and Instagram accounts Bunnydayoff, where millions of followers delight in the antics of her animals.

On her website, Ewens says what began as a fun time dancing with her bunnies quickly gained traction and sensation around the world. In a range of gorgeous outfits, the super cute rabbits can be seen dancing to a range of popular songs.

Ewens told Newsweek: "My inspiration in my bunny sensation videos comes from my love for animals. Ever since I was a small child, I have had a fascination with animals of all kinds. I love the absolutely soul filling cute sensation that overcomes me when I see my pets do something hilarious. "

In a favorite video with over 20 million views, the fluffy bunny named Bubble boogies to Cyndi Lauper's 1983 hit "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," much to the delight of TikTok users.

Shared last week, the video now has 4.5 million likes and thousands of comments. One commenter wrote: "This floof makes my day," while another said: "This is exactly what I needed to see today."

The American Veterinary Medical Association says rabbits are clean, affectionate, and sociable animals that make excellent house pets. The American public seems to agree, the American Pet Products Association 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey reported that small animals are owned by five percent of U.S. households, up one percentage point from the previous survey.

An estimated 6.2 million households own small animals as pets. Among small pet owners, the three most popular types of small animals owned are rabbits (28 percent), guinea pigs (27 percent), and hamsters (27 percent).

Based in Los Angeles, Ewens also runs accounts showcasing bunnies and kittens up for adoption in the area.

But it isn't just TikTok famous pets that can play dress up. Ewens' web shop Paws Mood sells everything from bunny-sized baseball caps to toys and human clothing featuring the much-loved rabbits. "We focus on more trendy and niche pet products that you won't typically see in your chain retail pet stores," explained Ewens.

The store also aims to give back, Ewens explained: "We donate five percent of our net sales income to animal shelter resources. Most recently, we donated our 2021 five percent sales income to Much Love Animal Rescue, which focuses on taking in, sheltering, and giving medical attention to at-risk pets on the euthanasia list and then providing resources to get these pets loving homes."

Ewens continues to share frequent updates of her fluffy friends, with new videos of her dancing bunnies appearing online almost every day, including a bunny with a beautiful pink bow and one dancing along in sunglasses.

Thrilled TikTok users like, comment, and share the feel-good content. In one comment, a user wrote: "You know, I was having a really hard morning but this pushed me through."

Screengrabs from the much-loved video of the dancing bunny. Hilarious viral videos of dancing rabbits have delighted the internet. bunnydayoff/TikTok

Update 03/22/22 at 06:50 a.m. ET: This article was updated to include images, video and comment from the original poster.

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how do you do the rabbit dance



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Interactive Dancing Rabbit

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The rabbit sings and dances, during the dance his ears and hands glow, and his eyes move. Funny dances with a rabbit develop a sense of rhythm and physical activity in a child. It will cheer up every child.

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The rabbit sings and dances, during the dance his ears and hands glow, and his eyes move. Funny dances with a rabbit develop a sense of rhythm and physical activity in a child. It will cheer up every child.

The toy is made of non-toxic and safe plastic. Only need 3 AA batteries for power, not included, you can buy here .

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Genevieve Yurier - Syroezhik's Ball: read a fairy tale, a story for children, text completely online

You may have heard that rabbits are famous for their ability to dance. They especially like to dance in the moonlight. Therefore, when the full moon comes, they gather in a green meadow and arrange a ball, where everyone - both big and small - dances and has fun until the morning.

Rabbit Onestus, the father of five rabbits, has already taken his older children, Rosemary and Pirouette, with him to the ball.

And one fine day he decided that his three kids - Russula, Campion and Dandelion - have grown up and can also go to the ball.

- When the moon becomes full again, I will take you to a big rabbit festival and you will dance there! You are already big, and it's time for you to start going to dances! Let's have fun with the whole family!

However, little Russula, who was only younger than his brother Dandelion, suddenly became upset.

— But I can't dance! he exclaimed.

- All rabbits can dance in the moonlight! said Aunt Zinnia in a tone that brooked no objection.

— And all of our family has always been considered the best dancers! added Pope Onestus.

All the rabbits, the whole family... Dad spoke so confidently about this that Syroezhik felt uncomfortable: he knew for sure that he personally would not succeed. It won't work - period.

And everyone will see how clumsy he is, and they will laugh at him, and no one will even give a paw. From this terrible thought, goosebumps ran down the back of Russula and immediately lost his appetite.

- Well, worry! Pirouette reassured him. “Repeat the movements after us, and everything will be all right. We will dance and have fun together!

But Russula didn't believe her for some reason. Only his mother could convince him. A young and cheerful mother who would laugh at his fears and quickly teach him to dance at least a simple polka.

But mother was not there: she was killed by an evil hunter when Russula, Campion and Dandelion were just babies. Since then, Aunt Zinnia has taken care of the Onestus family. She dearly loved her nephews, but the constant household chores occupied all her time, and it never even occurred to her to dance with Syroezhik.

Therefore, instead of going to play in the sun, our little rabbit, sighing heavily, sat down on his soft tail and felt sad: he no longer hoped that anyone would help him.

And then a magpie appeared - a large black bird with white sides and a breast. The inhabitants of the forest did not like her, because she dragged everything that lay badly, loved to lie and often played other animals, exposing them to the general ridicule.

“Come on, little rabbit,” she rattled, “quickly confess what you've done?

- I didn't do anything! - Syroezhik exclaimed offendedly.

“Forgive me, please,” the sly bird immediately changed its tone. "So you're so sad because you're in some kind of trouble?" Then tell me why are you so upset? the hypocritical magpie asked sympathetically.

And the ingenuous Russula told her about his fears. Magpie shook her head sympathetically.

“I think I can help you,” she said. Are you sad because you can't dance? Then learn, start taking lessons. .. But just don't tell anyone about it!

- Lessons... but when? And who?

- Good dancers! I know two: a dove and a frog. The dove dances best of all, and the frog dances so famously that no one has yet been able to dance it. And how she bounces! I will introduce you to them.

And the magpie led Syroezhik to the wood pigeon. He, of course, was very surprised when a rabbit came to his dance lesson, but he didn’t show it and started learning.

“Dancing is not hard at all,” he said. - Look carefully: three steps to the right - a bow; three steps to the left - bow. Started! And one, two, three - bow to the right. And one, two, three - a bow to the left. The back is straight! Fluff the feathers ... that is ... fur! Come on, repeat ... And one, two, three ...

Hiding behind a tree, the magpie watched Russula roll over on its paws and bow so that its ears touch the ground.

For several days in a row Syroezhik learned to dance from a wood pigeon. From constant bowing, his back even hurt. But the dove was very pleased with them.

— Not bad, one might say excellent! At least to the ball today!

Tired and hungry Russula returned home.

— Where have you been? asked Aunt Zinnia anxiously.

— I… danced with my friends…

— And I saw him talking to a magpie! shouted Campion.

- With a magpie? Pirouette was surprised. - Do not trust her, Russula, she is evil and, moreover, a liar.

“Enough, stop it, no need to slander those who are absent,” Aunt Zinnia interrupted her. - I am very glad that you do not lose heart, my little Russula, and together with your friends you are preparing for the holiday.

The next day the magpie brought Russula to the frog Jumper.

Jumper had to be persuaded for a long time: she did not want to give dance lessons, and even more so to the rabbit. But the magpie begged her so much, praised her talents so much that the frog agreed.

“It's very easy to dance,” she said to Syroezhik. - Watch attentively. The main thing is how to push off with your hind legs and jump, jump, jump! You see it in the grass! And finally, the most difficult, but the most beautiful jump: jump, jump and - plop! Right into the swamp! Let's repeat!

“P-please,” said Russula in fright, “I’ll p-jump, but don’t jump into the swamp.” Rabbits can't dive...

— Really? And I didn't know! Okay, jump ahead!

Poor Russula! How he jumped! And what a demanding teacher the frog turned out to be!

- Head up, back straight! Higher, higher head! Bend your legs! Breathe smoothly!

There was so much work to do that Syroezhik barely had time to run home for lunch.

And at home everyone was talking only about the upcoming ball. Pirouette was making herself a new pink bow. Dandelion was trying on a new vest. Goritsvetik every morning invented a new hairstyle for himself: parting on the right, parting on the left, no parting at all ...

And everyone was asking Syroezhik:

— Which bow tie do you want: red or blue? Polka dots or stripes? - But the new tie did not interest the rabbit at all.

The frog's lessons were not in vain, but the results were completely unexpected.

— Why are you jumping further than me, Russula? You are cheating! Rosemary yelled resentfully as the brothers played catch-up. "You can't jump any further because I'm older than you!"

“Being older does not mean jumping further, young man,” said Pope Onestus. - Of course, your little brother jumps very strangely, but he does not cheat.

Campionflower and Dandelion tried to imitate their brother.

— Will you teach us to jump like that, Russula? You're doing great!

— It's all about the hind legs, — Syroezhik answered proudly. - you must first push off, and then pull them back.

He didn't say a word about the lessons, because the magpie told him to keep them a secret.

The long-awaited full moon has finally arrived. Pirouette tied a magnificent pink bow on her head. Dandelion had adorned his waistcoat with stars he had cut out of glitter paper, and now they shone brightly in the night. Campion put on a new cap, and Rosemary ... took a new book under his arm. However, he never parted with the book.

Russula in a new bow tie was not worried a bit now: he was no longer afraid of dancing. More precisely, I was afraid, but just a little bit.

The whole family of Pope Onestus joined the other rabbits gathered at the edge of the forest. The host of the holiday was the old Owl.

The magpie, determined to have a good laugh, settled on a branch of a neighboring tree. She was sure that everyone would ridicule Russula: where was it seen that a rabbit paced like a dove and jumped like a frog?

The moon rose and the dancing began. Aunt Zinnia moved smoothly, but not always in time. Pope Onestus danced with great dignity, as befits a rabbit bearing the sonorous name "Onestus", which in ancient language means "venerable" and "worthy."

Little rabbits joined their peers. You should have seen how they merrily jumped up and stamped their paws on the ground! Confident in himself after the lessons he had learned, Russula jumped along with everyone. At first, no one paid any attention to him. However, little by little the rabbits noticed that Russula was moving and jumping differently than everyone else. Many even stopped to watch the dance of the Syroezhik.

Suddenly, one of the kids laughed. In response, a malicious chuckle of a magpie was heard from the darkness. The rest of the rabbits laughed as well. The poor Suroezhik was embarrassed, and his ears turned red, like hot coals. Pirouette ran up to Aunt Zinnia:

— It's the magpie's fault, it's all her tricks, I know for sure! Ah, Aunt Zinnia, how can we help our little brother?

While Aunt Zinnia was trying to figure out which of her nephews needed help, the Owl was already rushing towards poor Russula. I must say, the Owl is a very wise and intelligent bird. Glancing first at the magpie, and then at the blushing Syroezhik, she immediately understood everything. The chatty magpie will certainly tell all the forest dwellers about the rabbit's strange jumps, and they will laugh at him.

In a fit of noble indignation, the Owl flapped its wings and, having risen above the meadow, loudly hooted, calling the merry dancers to silence.

- My friends! she said solemnly when silence fell. I'm glad you all have fun today. But you still don't know what surprise Syroezhik has prepared for you. This rabbit knows how to portray other animals. He just divorced you, imitating the dances of other inhabitants of our forest. What? Guess! The most ingenious will receive a prize from me!

Everyone stopped laughing and applauded in unison. Pope Onestus puffed out his chest proudly, Aunt Zinnia drew herself up, and Pirouette breathed a sigh of relief. At the request of the Owl, Russula performed his first dance again: one, two, three - a bow, and one, two, three - a bow ...

In the ensuing silence, a voice suddenly rang out:

- This is a forest pigeon!

- Well done! - Owl exclaimed.

And, bringing forward a little black rabbit who had guessed the riddle, she handed him a beautiful oak leaf, promising to give him two more fresh carrots tomorrow.

Everyone perked up: what a wonderful game the Owl came up with!

And Russula happily jumped like a frog: jump, jump - slap, jump, jump - slap! And no one laughed at him anymore!

- Ha-ha-ha! Yes, this is a real frog! sang the oldest rabbit in a raspy voice.

— That's right, grandma! Here is an oak leaf for you, and tomorrow you will get the freshest salad! And a big thank you to Syroezhik! And now I invite everyone to the foot of the oak to taste ice cream. Just let's clap again - everyone!

And everyone clapped happily, because everyone, led by Owl, deserved this applause. Syroezhik has never had such a fun evening. He instantly forgot all the lessons and now danced like a real little rabbit.

The return of the rabbit family turned into a real triumphal procession. Clutching an oak leaf in his paw, in front, between his father and Pirouette, stepped Russula, and his father held him by the shoulder. Behind them, surrounded by a crowd of neighbors enthusiastically looking at Russula, followed the brothers.

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