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What To Wear To A Nightclub For Men In 2022

It’s a Saturday night and you’ve been press-ganged into going to the discotheque. So what do you wear to a nightclub if you’re a guy?

Maybe it’s a young relative’s 21st birthday party you’ve been trying to evade. Or maybe you just can’t let the good times go. Either way, it looks like you’ll need to slide up to the velvet rope and do your best to impress the burly door chap without ending up in a sleeper choke.

As it happens, nightclubs take their wardrobe standards pretty seriously these days and it’s not always easy to walk away from rejection at the door with your pride intact. 

This ‘what to wear to a nightclub’ guide should help you get your wardrobe in order so that you can tell your friends that you went to a nightclub like a sophisticated cool cat.

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Wearing A Blazer With A T-Shirt In The Club

Unless you’re making a serious run at Friday night kick-ons and haven’t had a chance to change, it’s not entirely necessary to deck yourself out in a full suit. It’s easy to destroy one at a club, and they’re dry-cleaning only.

That means an errant glass of red wine will become a costly mistake if you’re not lucky enough to avoid a drunken spill. Stick to separates instead. A blazer with a button-down and smart fitted chinos or dark denim is hard to beat. Just lose the tie, and avoid a pocket square as drunk people seem to enjoy using them as a tissue.

However, for drinking establishments that are less club and more bar, a suit might be the difference between an extortionate entry free and breezing through the front door with a nod from the bouncer. 

What colour suit? If it’s a swanky bar a grey, black or navy suit will do just fine – as are separates using these colours. Also make sure your dress shoes are in decent condition – no tatty shoes from your first day on the job. We’re talking about a nice pair of Oxfords, double monks or leather loafers should the weather permit.

If you need help in this department, check out our guide to the best men’s dress shoes for those who know nothing about dress shoes.

Wearing Black & White In The Club

Monochromatic outfits are cool, but looking like one of the floor staff is not. Although black conceals sweat and other defects it’s not terribly adventurous and can look sombre in such a social atmosphere.

Add a white tee to the black jeans, and a navy or khaki bomber jacket instead of the black jacket. Or find a button-up shirt that has a fine monochromatic pattern to give your look a bit more depth like Harry above. 

It’s also important to note that you should stick to a darker colour palette in clubs. A white blazer or light pair of chinos will get totally annihilated in a darkly-lit rave cave where you can’t tiptoe around every unfortunate stain in front of you. Save the lighter garment colours for the summer parties.

The easiest combination? Light coloured shirt up top, black for bottoms. The look can be polished off with either white sneakers or leather shoes or boots depending on the venue.

Wearing A Shirt In The Club

Clubs get bloody hot. They’re poorly ventilated as it is and there’s usually a press of sweaty bodies in the way. And no one wants to wiggle their way out of six layers.

The answer is to keep things cool, light and simple. The threads you’ll want are pieces like denim shirts, linen shirts, fitted crew neck tees and anything that is a single layer.

Patterns and colours are entirely up to your individual taste but if there are two things we’d recommend, it’s to stay away from polyester shirts and always go for a fitted look. Tees are already casual enough so if you go too big you’ll look like an extra for a rap video.

Wearing Expensive Brands In The Club

Put simply, don’t do it. Clubs equal lots of drunken bodies fighting over empty space in booths and at the bar. They’re dark, noisy, and people can lose grasp of situational awareness quick smart once the cheap shots get underway.

The Seamaster, Gucci bomber, and Loro Piana super150 wool-silk-linen blazer are all likely casualties in this setting. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by wearing your best gear only to witness it being wrecked in a drunken accident. Plus, it’s dark as hell and no one can really see you. 

Our advice is to keep your personal style but pare it down with cheaper options. Instead of rocking your John Elliott jeans, go for a cheaper pair of Nudies which can look just as good but won’t hurt as much if they get stained.

Your plain white tees also don’t need to be A.P.C branded. And definitely leave the Burberry trench (or any trench for that matter) hanging safely in your closet.

Wearing Button Shirts With Trousers In The Club

In most cases, a crisp button-down with dark trousers will get you past the selective dress codes on the door. A plain oxford shirt can’t go wrong, but feel free to experiment with modest patterns to give you some point of difference from the masses.

Tucking the shirt in is generally mandatory. Some brands offer shorter cuts that are designed to be worn untucked, so just double check the proportions in the mirror before leaving the house.

A short-sleeve button-down should be untucked, and they’re usually designed with this in mind. If you wear denim, make sure it’s a darker shade. Unfortunately, some venues still disallow jeans. In that case, smart wool trousers are a solid option.

These are the most formal pant you can wear, but again, they are the most likely to become a casualty if it’s a messy night. 

Wearing Leather Boots In The Club

Shoes are serious business after dark. First up, closed shoes are a must. Loafers can be hit and miss, depending on the whims of the folks on the door and whatever standards the venue demands, so be sure to check in advance. Additionally, your suede shoes weren’t made for busting a move to the Bee Gees.

They’re an absolute monster to clean and they will get filthy after a night of stepping through chewing gum, puke and spilled margaritas. Let us persuade (heh) you against it. Your best bet? Polished brogues or Chelsea boots. 

They’re not too corporate, nor too quirky, sitting in the middle of the spectrum of formality. You can dress them up or down with denim or smart chinos, and all it takes the morning after is a quick brush and some conditioner to set them straight again.

Wearing Sneakers In the Club

Everybody likes a pair of luxe sneakers, but that, unfortunately, doesn’t translate into universal acceptability on the nightlife circuit. R&B or hip hop venues aren’t as strict in this regard, but if you’re planning on hitting the sauce at a few establishments then you should probably give the sneakers some time off.  

Some venues just don’t allow it, even if the bar where you started the night didn’t make an issue out of them. More to the point, your pristine white sneakers will become various shades of grey and green once you start getting down to your favourite Ed Sheeran disco remix.

Save them for Sunday afternoons at the local, or trendy hole-in-the-wall bars that employ cleaners who take pride in their work.

Wearing Hats In The Club

Unless you’re a bus driver or a copper you have no business wearing a hat to town. The upscale, trendy nightspots usually have standing prohibitions against hats, and spending your time salvaging hat hair after the bouncer has told you to remove your headwear isn’t much of a fun way to spend a night.  As for beanies – just don’t do it. Wearing a beanie to a club will make you look like you smell bad.

Men’s Night Club Outfits FAQ

What pants should I wear to a club?

You can either choose jeans, chinos or trousers, depending on where you are going. Jeans are ideal for clubs with a more casual style, while trousers are best for formal settings. If unsure of what to wear, chinos are always a safe choice.

What accessories are appropriate for clubbing?

Keep your accessories minimal. Select a great watch to add interest to your outfit. If you plan on tucking in your shirt, choose a nice belt.

What should I avoid wearing at a club?

Clubs have dress codes so make sure you follow them before heading out. Wearing flip-flops or singlets are usual no-nos, but it still depends on the venue. If do not know what to wear, play it safe with a semi-formal outfit.

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A Complete Guide For 2022

Of all the questions to keep us up into the early hours of the night, it’s the eternal quandary of just what the hell smart casual dress code means for men. And to be honest, our anxiety isn’t unfounded: the Macquarie Dictionary defines the smart casual dress code for men as “well-dressed in a casual style” (whatever that means).

So, we here at DMARGE are going to try and unpack that rather vague definition and help break down exactly what constitutes smart casual style for men and the pieces of clothing you should be adding to your wardrobe to help you nail your next event.

Unsure what menswear brands to buy? Check out our round-up of the best men’s clothing brands to buy right now.

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Smart Casual Guide…
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  • Blazers & jackets
  • Casual Shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Casual Pants & Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Shoes & sneakers
  • Accessories
    • What The Fashion Experts Say About ‘Smart Casual For Men’
  • Smart Casual For Men FAQ

Smart casual dress code for men, defined

Image: @menssmartcasual

Other definitions of smart casual dress vary, such as the Oxford Dictionary’s view. This defines ‘smart casual for men’ as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style”. Urban Dictionary gets warmer, offering the incisive description that this is a “nonsensical dress code that people slap onto events, parties, and workplace which always causes confusion and often spectacular results”.

So yeah, it’s safe to say no one really has a clue what smart casual dress means, but that doesn’t stop men from asking the age-old question. in short, it’s really about adapting these silly definitions to match your personal style.

Instead of surrendering to looking like duds, we’ve decided to break down this nebulous term and demystify it for the confused public (and our own good).

Here, we go through the common elements of the dress code piece by piece, so you can get at least one thing right in your life.

What is smart casual dress code?

Smart casual might be meaningless, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook entirely. This confusing no-mans-land is about finding the middle of both ends of the formality spectrum. Like what Byron Bay locals constantly say, everything here is about balance.

Ultimately, as the very naming of the dress code implies, smart first, casual second. When in doubt – and this should apply to all areas of your life – play it safe and dress on the smarter side. People say it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed for a bloody good reason. You’d hate to turn up to an event wearing a t-shirt, tailored shorts and some crisp white sneakers when everyone else is wearing chinos, shirt and a blazer, for example.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, we’ll break down the wardrobe staples to give you an idea of what will and won’t look the part for the smart casual and nailing your next outfit.

Blazers & jackets

Blazers, bombers, trucker jackets all classify as smart casual.

With smart casual outfits, it’s better to be overdressed than under, but a work suit jacket is a big style no-no. They’re too structured and just scream corporate attire. Save these for properly formal events. A smart casual blazer, however, should be a staple if you want to lean on the smarter end of the spectrum.

Cotton-linen blends are the thinking man’s option for the warmer months (linen on its own can be fragile), while merino wool or wool-silk blends should be worn in winter. Go for unlined, soft-shouldered jackets or an unstructured blazer with patch pockets, and functioning buttons to roll the sleeves a little if it’s hot.

Bomber jackets and trench coats are also totally acceptable style options when it comes to smart-casual too. Perhaps a striped t-shirt underneath and neatly pressed trousers. Yes, now you’re talking.

You’ll get more mileage out of plain colours, but don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder shades of blue, burgundy, tan or the odd pattern here and there. Just don’t go overboard with novelty colours, neon, or obscene statement prints someone could spot from the other side of the bar.

For daring men, try a leather jacket with a shirt to spice things up. Just a sample of smart casual clothes.

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Casual Shirts

Keep it crisp or add some colour

When it comes to shirts in the context of smart casual, a single-colour shirt in a traditional hue is a safe option, but it certainly isn’t your only option. Patterned casual shirts (stripes or fine houndstooth, for example ) or even printed shirts, bring personality into your style and can be balanced out with more classic pieces elsewhere if you’re concerned about going over the top. Hell, even printed shirts are totally okay these days, just don’t combine too many colours.

If you do want to throw on a printed shirt, then pair it with a neutral blazer and chinos if you want to show you’re here to party, but do so sensibly at the same time.

Do you need to tuck it in? If it’s designed with long shirt tails, yes. If not, then no. But if you’re wearing a jacket, you should always find a way to keep your shirt tucked in, unless you want to resemble a fourth-rate DJ from the mid-2000’s.

Hot tip: The button-down shirt is a no brainer for men when it comes to smart casual shirts. If you’re wearing one in summer, then try a lighter or brighter smart casual shirt.


Colour, stripe or plain will work nicely

This is where the smart casual dress code can work in favour of men who like to be a little lazy with their syle, or just really don’t like the idea of wearing a button-up shirt. T-shirts can most definitely be considered smart casual, but there are some rules to follow.

A t-shirt is a perfectly acceptable part of a smart casual wardrobe, but be sure you stick with the basics only. Go for a crisp, fitted tee with a crewneck. This will help accentuate your broad shoulders and cover up as much skin as possible. Avoid thin, wispy fabrics, because no one is interested in the dimensions of your nipples.

V-neck t-shirts are a complete no-go here unless you want to be known as one of ‘those guys’ from down the pub.

Casual Pants & Jeans

Trousers or denim is okay… even wide-legged is cool

As with your upper half, when it comes to putting on some pants, you can take advantage of the more ‘smart’ casual nature intended for your outfit. This means you can forget wearing suit pants or formal trousers entirely and buy chinos or a pair of slim denim jeans instead.

There are still some rules to abide by, however. Keep your pants and chinos fitted, keep colours neutral, and keep them on the shorter side to prevent any ugly folds over your shoe.

And while there is some casual leeway, that doesn’t extend to anything ripped – you’re not in a Pearl Jam cover band or going to a music festival.

If you decide to wear a pair of jeans, you should look to be wearing darker shades of denim blue, or go for black jeans, and be sure to avoid rips to ensure you keep with the ‘smart’ part of the casual. Ideally, pair your denim with a shirt or t-shirt and a blazer.


Go plain or printed just keep things above the knee

With smart casual shorts, it’s probably easier to tell you what to avoid. Boardies, cargo shorts, anything below the knee, and anything you could be seen playing sport in should be firmly ignored.

Instead, you should be wearing something tailored, to show you’re putting in a bit of effort, in cotton or cotton-linen. Chuck in a pattern if the rest of your outfit is plain to keep your style credentials on point, but otherwise keep it simple with navy, grey, or cream. And we did say keep them tailored, but they shouldn’t look like retro footy shorts where beans contour reigns supreme.

Shoes & sneakers

Sneakers, loafers, espadrilles, derbies are all acceptable

Unlike cocktail dress (smart casual’s older, aloof brother) smart casual shoes are less of a problem. You can get away with a lot, but not quite everything. The rule is to keep them harmonious with the top half of your outfit. Don’t wear oxfords with shorts and a linen oxford shirt, for example.

The nature of the event will certainly dictate the style of footwear we as men can get away with. If it’s a friend’s 30th birthday, then by all means, wear a pair of clean white sneakers or Chelsea boots. If you’re headed to a wedding, however, then you’ll need to wear a pair of smart casual dress shoes instead.

And you might want to think about avoiding Converse All-Stars with chinos and a blazer. Yes, style-wise they can look good, but you have to remember your audience and where you’ll be wearing them. Anything from tennis shoes and suede derby’s to monk straps and loafers all fit the fashion ticket – provided they’re clean and not scavenged in a frenzy from the bottom of a clearance tray.

You probably know better already, but remember that shoes make or break the outfit and you’ll be judged on their merit even if you’re wearing a Rolex and shouting everyone beers.


Go easy with accessories

Ties are optional, but to be honest, we can’t foresee a smart casual attire event that ever screams out for one. Leave it at home and bring a pocket square instead to add some colour. Coordinate it with your shirt, ensuring you avoid hankies that are too bold or contrived.

You’ll also want to be sure you add a belt into the mix to ensure you understand style. You don’t necessarily need the fanciest full-grain leather belt from a high-end designer brand, as you can certainly play around with materials, such as woven and textile belts.

Sunglasses for the daytime are a must (especially if your conversation partner is a bit dull and your eyes wander). Tortoiseshell is the best pick for individuality, but conservative black or brown frames are fine if the rest of your outfit has plenty of colour.

You should also look into investing in some pieces of jewellery. A simple leather bracelet or a sterling silver signet ring can instantly transform a perfectly passable smart casual outfit into one that will help you stand out and be the subject of gossip the following day.

And remember, men, never leave the house without a good smile and a courteous attitude. They’re the best accessories you can bring.

What The Fashion Experts Say About

‘Smart Casual For Men’

“Denotes giving thought to your casual outfit. The ‘smart’ in smart casual also implies clever dressing. Considering comfort, and relaxed style, the key for me is to have one smart or hero piece in your casual ensemble. A denim shirt with a linen suit, a pair of box fresh sneakers with an unstructured suit or handmade loafers with your favourite jeans, just may do the trick. Tucking in your shirt or rolling cuffs can make a remarkable difference to your casual outfit, rendering it ‘smart casual’. Smart casual is the ultimate mix of tailoring, smart footwear choices and core casual wardrobe staples.”

Jeff Lack @jefflack

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Smart Casual For Men FAQ

What is smart casual?

In its most basic form, smart casual dress code refers to pieces that are less formal than suits and black tie, yet not as casual a t-shirt, shorts and outlandish, colourful sneakers. A simple smart casual attire outfit for beginners would be a clean oxford shirt, dark jeans and a pair of clean, minimalist sneakers. Hopeylly that makes sense to our male friends.

Is a t-shirt smart casual?

Yes, you can wear a t-shirt as part of a smart casual outfit. Just be sure it fits well, and if possible, tuck it into your pants.

Are polo shirts smart casual?

Yep, polo shirts can definitely be considered smart casual if they're not too colourful or have large prints and patterns on them. Both short and long sleeve polo shirts in single block colours such as navy, black or burgundy look great when paired with jeans or chinos.


A military smart casual look. A shirt with a cropped field / trucker jacket with trousers.


I’m on my way to a boat party smart casual vibe. The classic look with open collar shirt and blazer with white trousers.


Modern smart casual is drawstring trousers and a camp collar shirt. Wide trousers are back, baby.


Chinos, shirt and a bomber jacket is a favourite smart casual look for many.


Or the blazer and chinos with a striped t-shirt. This would be classified as an evening smart casual outfit.


In colder months opt for a heavy jacket and t-shirt with trousers. Yes you can wear big jackets and still be smart casual. Just ensure you have a polo or shirt underneath.


Try wearing your suit with sneakers and a t-shirt. This is a great way to dress down a suit to meet smart casual standards.


For the smarter end of the smart casual spectrum, go trousers, blazer and a buttoned up shirt. No tie though. No socks is okay too.


A trench coat over a t-shirt is a good option when it’s wet outside. Nothing better than a pop of colour when dressing smart casual.


Again, we have a bomber with chinos for a smart casual style alternative.


Stripes for days with wide legged trousers for relaxed smart casual.


Shorts? Absolutely. Short make a great smart casual piece in warmer months.


Shorts again? Yes, yes, yes. Just choose well. No Quiksilver shorts with smart casual.


The bold blazer and jeans is a simple solution for smart casual.


Bold colours and a polo shirt is a good smart casual option.


Print pattern bomber with jeans.


The suede trucker jacket and trousers is smart as hell.


Not everyone likes classic. In this case the oversize blazer and trousers is a good solution. Sandals are okay if the top half is ballin’


A cap? Yeah because the rest of the look is clean and smart.


The suit and t-shirt will forever be smart and casual.


Trousers and blazer with boots works nicely too. It’s designer chic.


And finally, the white jeans and suede jacket will always be a classic smart casual go to for men.

How to dress for the club | Night club Pilot


  • 1 Modern youth in night clubs
  • 2 What to choose from clothes for a night club?
  • 3 Clothing for those who love to dance
  • 4 A few tips for visiting a nightclub

At any time, the younger generation was distinguished by activity, energy and attendance at various public events: cinemas, clubs, dance floors.

Today's youth also loves fun parties and holidays. A favorite place of today's youth can be called night dance clubs, where you can have fun, meet friends, make new acquaintances.

In order to have a good time and not seem like a black sheep among the mass of young people, any girl thinks about how she will look and what she will wear when going to a club.

Modern youth in nightclubs

To feel comfortable among a large number of young people and possibly attract the attention of young guys, you need to carefully choose clothes, shoes and accessories for going to a nightclub.

It is worth noting that visitors to this kind of establishments have different goals. Some come just to hang out with their friends, others feel like shaking themselves up and dancing in a pleasant company, others can sit at a table all evening.

There is also a category of young people who hope to meet a soul mate for a long-term and serious relationship, or vice versa, find a girlfriend / friend for entertainment for one evening.

In any case, it is necessary to set a specific goal in order to choose the right clothes for a particular occasion. But, be that as it may, clothes should combine comfort, style and sit perfectly on the figure.

What to wear for a nightclub?

It is very important for young girls to feel attractive, to look no worse (and many prefer even better) than their girlfriends, in order to please guys.

In such cases, girls wear mini-skirts, expressive dresses, high-heeled shoes, jewelry. Such an outfit is more suitable for those who expect to spend most of their time at the table, hoping to meet someone while drinking various drinks.

However, you can attract attention not only with a bright outfit. Guys pay more attention to beautifully dancing girls, therefore, it is not worth wearing shoes with too high heels, so that later the whole charming image is not spoiled by the crooked gait of tired legs. Shoes should be stylish, comfortable and match the clothes.

In addition, a skirt that is too short can “spoil” the reputation if the girl sits unsuccessfully, so you need to be very careful with the length of the dress or skirt.

Everything should be in moderation: a beautiful dress of medium length and comfortable shoes. This will allow you to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and enjoy dancing, feeling comfortable.

Clothing for those who love to dance

For those who like to have a blast and dance the whole evening, clothing should be as comfortable as possible, not restricting movement. Shoes should also be comfortable.

You can wear stretch trousers or comfortable jeans that fit well without restricting your movements. The top is chosen according to the weather, but the clubs tend to be hot (due to the large crowds), especially if you move all the time.

It can be a trendy top, light blouse, T-shirt or T-shirt. Since you will have to return home late in the evening or at night, you can take a light jacket or blouse with you. Many people tie them on the belt, which gives the movements in the dance a special flavor.

A long, light tunic with leggings is also suitable for dancing. The main thing is that the clothes “breathe”, be made from natural fabrics, and not synthetic ones, no matter how fashionable they may be. From synthetics, the body will immediately sweat and itch, which will cause great inconvenience.

Accordingly, shoes should be sporty, with comfortable wedges or flat soles: sneakers, ballet flats, moccasins, short sneakers or sandals with a low heel closure.

A few tips for visiting a nightclub

If you plan to go to a club, you need to clarify the rules for entering a nightclub.

If you are going to go with a group, it is better to ask your friends what they will wear, because an elegant dress will not look very close to worn jeans or shorts, for example.

Make-up and accessories should match the overall look and style so as not to look ridiculous.

Care must be taken with a business suit and sportswear, it is better to know the rules of the club in advance.

How to dress a man in a nightclub. Club dress code: the basics for men

The club is an institution that has become an indispensable attribute of modern life, a common pastime for many people, especially in large cities. Even in small settlements, advanced youth always go to a nightclub, although, of course, it differs from the salons of the capital. But in any case, wherever this place is located, the question always arises: how to dress in a club?

How to dress a girl

As with any exit, the girl approaches this event carefully. After all, this is an opportunity for her to forget about boring office suits, to dress brightly, individually and stylishly, to look as impressive and feminine as possible. Following some recommendations, a girl can try different options, choosing the most optimal one for herself, which will allow her to shine.

  • Absolutely light fabrics suit the club in summer. After all, you should remember that you will have to dance most of the time. And in winter, warm clothes should be left in the wardrobe so as not to burden yourself with excessive workload and not feel stuffy in the room.
  • When going to a trendy club, keep in mind that it is always dark in it, which means that dark-colored clothes are not quite suitable for such an institution. Of course, if you want to stay completely in the shade and not pay attention to yourself, then black and its shades are just right. But still, people come to the club to shine and light, and not hide in the corners.
  • Clothing should be bright, festive, because the club is the embodiment of the festive atmosphere. It can be decorated with rhinestones, various ornaments. That is, you need to look non-standard, but at the same time do not overdo it with brightness.
  • As for accessories, then, of course, bijouterie is applicable for clubs, and not natural metals and stones. This is a world of dreams and fantasy, where exactly such decorations are suitable.

It is also important for a girl to understand that if she came to the club to relax, and not run into trouble in the form of harassment by drunken boyfriends, then it is best not to dress too provocatively, i.e. it is recommended to do without too short dresses or skirts. If a girl wants to emphasize her figure, there are thousands of other ways, and a worthy man will always see the unsurpassed forms of his chosen one and appreciate them. In this case, everything will happen peacefully, by mutual agreement, and possibly end in marriage.

  • skirts of different cuts, above the knees and below, tight and puffy - all of them are quite suitable for club style;
  • tight jeans in combination with high-heeled shoes, but jeans should be decorated with inserts, appliqués, rhinestones, that is, they should attract attention by themselves;
  • is a great option - shorts combined with a T-shirt and bright accessories.

Jeans, shorts in our world belong not only to women's clothes, but also to men's. Therefore, to emphasize your femininity, the most win-win option is a dress, just above the knees, in discreet colors. Its owner will feel completely comfortable throughout the evening and cause admiration from the male half.

You also need to remember about shoes, they should fit the image as a whole, but at the same time you need to understand that you will have to spend most of the evening on your feet, which means that the best option is platform shoes, examples are in the photo.

What to wear to a club for a guy

This is a difficult question that a young man has to solve when going to a fashionable club. At the same time, it must be remembered that in some of them there is a rule that guys under 21 are not allowed to enter them, that is, face control is in effect. And in general, the guards at the entrance to the club most of all pay attention to the guys in the sense that their appearance matches the rules of the institution. Therefore, when choosing clothes, consider the following:

  • upper part of clothing: T-shirt, t-shirt, fitted shirt - can advantageously emphasize the figure of a young man, visually give him additional masculinity. In addition, we should not forget that in the club you will have to constantly move, and there is absolutely no need for clothing that restricts movement;
  • The bottom consists of light trousers or jeans, in which you can move freely, so that during sudden movements there are no tears at the seams. Otherwise, it will be a complete embarrassment for the young man;
  • selection of shoes depends on age. If under 30 years old, then you can wear sneakers or sneakers. If more than 30, then you must comply with the rules and wear shoes or, in extreme cases, sandals, but in classic colors: black, brown, etc.

Men of all ages should not go overboard with accessories. Watches, bracelets, rings, interesting, high-quality belts with original buckles will always look organic. A silver ring in the ear would be quite appropriate, it adds masculinity. Piercing, of course, is welcome, but in clubs of a certain orientation.

Club life is one of the modern ways of spending leisure time, familiar to many people. But, unfortunately, not every person can dress in such a way as to enjoy all the moments of the disco rhythm, namely, to look attractive in the eyes of others and feel very comfortable at the same time. What do you prefer - comfort or fashion? What to wear to the disco?

Before answering these questions, it is necessary to understand the institution itself - what is the custom to go there and how one should behave in general. In other words, you should follow the rules and ethics of a particular dance institution. So, for example, you should not wear too solid outfits to an ordinary disco, you will be misunderstood and will be mocked. No need to be closed in the style of clothing, choose strict and incongruous outfits. So what to wear to the disco? We answer - fashionable and comfortable club things - jeans, tops.

Modern men, going to a disco, also ask similar questions - what to wear, what accessory is more suitable, what shoes to choose. And so here you also need to find out the style of the club itself, its rules and traditions. Men and women should follow a certain style of dress, an evening dress with a baseball cap or they will look ridiculous and ugly.

What to wear to a disco if it is in a traditional style? Firstly, things that look beautiful and wear comfortably, these qualities should complement each other. The lack of one of them can lead to stiffness and isolation at the party. The best option would be the clothes that always look advantageous, add an accessory in the form of a belt or a scarf to it - and the disco outfit is completely ready. You should not wear a completely new thing, as it has not yet been worn, which means it will cause inconvenience. You should also choose shoes to match the outfit, do not forget about the right and beautiful underwear.

What to wear to a disco if it is designed for a secular reception? In this case, there is no hint of flirting and exposure in clothes, everything should be harmonious and loyal. But at the same time, an evening party, business party or corporate party does not mean that it is necessary to dress extremely strictly and respectably. Not at all, here you also need to be catchy, gorgeous and attractive. Do not abuse glitter and tinsel, the outfit should be calm, but at the same time evening and beautiful. When going to a party, no matter what style and kind, you need to choose only neat, clean and ironed clothes.

Many men ask what a guy should wear to a disco. There are several answers to this question:

Democratic attire is welcome if the young person's goal is to dance. For example, sneakers are an excellent option as shoes;

Sexy outfit is relevant if a man wants to attract attention. For example, a silk shirt with trendy trousers.

How can a man dress in a club and look stylish in a nightclub? It is known that going to such an institution, a man wants not only to dance or drink a cocktail at the bar, but also to win the heart of some beauty. In addition, proper clothing is required to pass face control. If you choose the right clothes, you will become the most stylish member of the stronger sex in the nightclub.

You will need

  • stylish jeans;
  • T-shirt or shirt;
  • club jacket;
  • accessories.

Eliminate certain items of clothing that will definitely not let you into a good club. Such wardrobe items include sports shoes, sneakers, and in general clothing designed for sports. Also, make sure you look neat and clean. On the websites of many clubs there is information about what requirements they have for visitors so that they can pass face control without any problems. If you can’t find out the information in advance for any reason, do not despair. And without it, you can quite successfully choose an outfit for even the coolest and most fashionable nightlife.

Please note that sporty styling is not entirely excluded. If you are an adherent of such clothes, the entrance to nightclubs is not at all closed to you.

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