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There are so many different coffee types and coffee grind types that we naturally had to write a blog about it! Not to be confused with the forbidden dance, grinding is the act of turning your fresh roasted coffee beans into a powdery-like substance that is ready to brew for maximum flavor.

With so many people asking "What is the right grind type for my coffee brewer?" We felt it was about time to set the record straight and give you an in-depth explanation. Going from whole bean to superfine – here's a look at all levels of ground gourmet coffee:

Whole Bean

We recommend you purchase your coffee in whole bean format, because grinding your own whole bean coffee ensures you brew the freshest pot of coffee around. Why, you ask? Simply because the moment you grind a coffee bean, the surface area expands monumentally exposing the fresh grounds to fresh air – and oxygen is the enemy of fresh coffee.  

Keeping the coffee bean whole until you are ready to brew your coffee has many benefits. As mentioned, less surface area is exposed to air and your coffee will keep its flavor and stay fresh longer, depending on how you store it. It’s also very versatile, because if you grind your own coffee you can experiment with different grind types and brew methods! Plus, when you purchase your beans online, you have access to coffee at its peak freshness, straight from the roaster!

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Coarse Grind / Percolator / French Press

Looking like large grounds of sea salt, coarse coffee is ground mainly for percolators and French presses. This allows for a special brewing method where the coffee sits in hot water and is removed through a screen mesh, as opposed to being sprinkled on by the head of a conventional brewer. A finer grind of coffee, when soaking in water, over-extraction would occur. A coarse grind will infuse at a slower rate and your brewed coffee will have a clear flavor - plus you won’t find grinds in your cup!

Auto Drip/Flat Bottom Filter/Ekobrew® Elite

This grind type is finer than coarse, yet still very grainy and feels like rough sand. It is perfect for flat bottom filter coffee brewers and vacuum pots. We have found the new stainless steel Ekobrew Elite to perform the best with this type of grind, although our standard All Purpose / Drip Grind is also very good.

Whole Bean Large
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All Purpose/Drip Grind/Keurig® My K-Cup

For most coffee regulars who just want a good brew, this is the grind type we recommend. This is also the only grind type available online on our website, since it covers a multitude of different brewing methods. Sitting in the middle of the grind type spectrum, this coffee is evenly granular, more along the lines of table salt and can be used in either flat bottom or cone filters. We have also verified it to be best suited for all reusable k-cups like the My K-Cup ®, Solofill® and Ekobrew® brands used in most Keurig coffee brewers. 

Fine/Cone Filter/Keurig® My K-Cup (Strong)

Extensively tested in our kitchens, fine ground coffee is a tad smoother than white sugar and perfect for cone coffee makers. It is also great for the reusable My K-Cup ® if you are looking for a stronger type brew. We do not recommend this grind type for the other reusable single serve cups as it can lead to a restricted water flow.


Espresso grind is very fine, yet you should still be able to feel small coffee grains. This grind is also very important as when brewing espresso, small changes in grind type are amplified more so than any other type of brew and going too fine may even clog your portafilter. When making espresso, the coffee grinds are exposed to water for a very short time – therefore a very fine grind is ideal.


Right next to Jessica Alba, this grind type holds the superfine title :) It is completely powder-like with no grains whatsoever and is primarily used in Ibiks or Cezves. What is so unique about Turkish coffee is that the coffee grounds stay in the water, even when the coffee is poured into a cup. The fine grinds settle at the bottom, and this produces a very strong coffee – therefore the cups are so small!

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Want to know how to make the perfect cup of coffee, based on brew method? Continue reading or save our grind chart as a handy reference.

Aeropress – Requires a fine grind. Brew 1.25 tablespoons (19 g) of coffee with 8 oz of water. Makes one 8 oz cup of coffee.

Pour Over– Requires a medium fine grind. Brew 1.75 tablespoons (26 g) of coffee with 12 oz of water. Makes one 12 oz cup of coffee.

Chemex– Requires all-purpose grind. Brew 3.75 tablespoons (56 g) of coffee with 25 oz of water. Makes two 12 oz cups of coffee.

Coffee Maker – Requires all-purpose grind. Brew 4.25 tablespoons (64 g) of coffee with 36 oz of water. Makes three 12 oz cups of coffee.

French Press – Requires a coarse grind. Brew 4 tablespoons (60 g) of coffee with 33 oz of water. Makes just over two 12 oz cups of coffee.

My K-Cup® (lower line) – Requires all-purpose grind. Brew 0.6 tablespoon (8.5 g) of coffee with 6 oz of water. Makes one 6 oz cup of coffee.

My K-Cup® (upper line) – Requires all-purpose grind. Brew 1 tablespoon (14 g) of coffee with 10 oz of water. Makes one 10 oz cup of coffee.

Final Thoughts

You can be creative when it comes to brewing coffee! Purchasing your coffee in whole bean format allows you to stay flexible. Go ahead and try different grind levels and experiment with different manual and mechanical coffee brewing methods. All you need is a coffee you love, a grinder, and you’re set to go! 

The Cold Grind Uprising — Coffee Technicians Guild


Undoubtedly, a high degree of obsession is required for engineering better coffee grinders in the pursuit of making coffee better. Re-engineering, tweaking, and testing with the objective of product improvement and optimization is the only road to the elusive grinding utopia. As with all great journeys the path is windy and long, and progress is realized in years, not days or months.   

The beauty of the journey allows for deep learning and reflection, and through this process I have found that the factors that have historically plagued coffee grinders are unfortunately intrinsic to the grinding process; burr speed, friction, and traditionally sub-optimal materials. These deleterious by-products of the grinding process contribute to damaging the delicate nature of exceptional coffees, and must therefore be minimized in order to enhance the quality of the grind and the results in the cup.

As one continues to peel the proverbial onion, it becomes apparent that these damaging by-products can be narrowed to one principal condition, which is the generation of HEAT. I believe that the reapplication of heat to a product that had already been carefully crafted using heat (roasted coffee beans) is critical to avoid. Minimizing the undesirable by-product of elevated temperatures resulting from the grinding process is a precise dance that plays an outsized role in the final characteristics of how the brewed coffee tastes.

Opportunities to reduce heat during the grinder-bean flow process include but are not limited to: internal air flow, burr speed, friction reduction, and materials used. Below are some of the controls that I have found to help ensure a cool grind:

Increased Internal Air Flow: By placing strategically located air vents, along with a dual fan system which draws internal, warm air out the upper section of the unit near the motor, and a second fan drawing cool air up through the bottom of the grinder, temperature stability is greatly enhanced.

Low Burr RPM: Slow burr rotation speed should be precisely configured to optimize quick production while minimizing heat generation. Gear reduction systems allow for SLOW cold rotation commonly found on conical burr grinders as well as some large flat burr models found on the market. This has played a huge part in striking this critical balance of performance and low temperature stability.

Large Flat or Conical Burrs: Using large diameter, deeply cut flat or conical burrs increases ground coffee rate per revolution, and fewer revolutions means reduced heat and friction. 

Burr Material Optimization: Selected burr materials such as K-110/D2 steel for burrs are a low friction, high strength cold work steel. Commonly used in the pharmaceutical, medical, and oil drilling industries, such materials are optimal for temperature control and stability for high friction applications.

The end result of the exhaustive task of purging heat generating factors is wondrous temperature stability. After all, there is nothing cooler than experiencing a coffee’s flavor the way your roaster carefully crafted it to taste.

Festival "Coffee Grinder" under the motto "Fight with creativity, not with weapons"

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On August 19 and 20, on the Red Square of the city of Cheboksary, as part of the celebration of the 537th anniversary of the capital of Chuvashia, the VII International Hip-Hop Festival "Coffee Grinder" will be held under the motto "Fight with creativity, not with weapons."

The festival will cover the most popular and sought-after areas of culture among young people: the art of broken dance (upper and lower breakdance), recitative (rap teams and MCs), graffiti, DJing, skateboarding, BMX (acrobatics on bicycles).

48 teams from more than 40 regions of Russia, CIS countries and Europe will take part in the Coffee Mill.

On the first day of the festival, competition programs of all participants will be held, diluted with each other in the form of a bright hodgepodge.

The highlight will be Light Dance "Dance of Light" - a talented mime team from Vladivostok, which works in the style of a broken dance. She will show numbers with a storyline built on the play of light.

The competition block "graffiti" can be called a unique part of the festival. Real masters of their craft from all over the country will take part in it. They will paint the surfaces in the On-Line mode, that is, during the entire course of the competitive show programs of the participants.

A gala concert will take place on the second day of the festival.

The evening will start with demonstration tricks of rollerbladers and skateboarders, after which the baton will pass to cyclists (BMX). A good addition to the program will be the numbers of masters of kung fu and karate, and then a show of fashionable youth clothing collections for the street and sports. In Freestyle - the ability to re-read or re-sing the rival team - the best rap teams will fight.

On the second day, graffiti writers will complete their work, and that's when it will be possible to see what was conceived in the minds of young artists.

The main block will be the performances of the top four breakdance teams in Russia (qualified for the final), which will show their brightest show programs on the main stage of the City Day. The performance of the breakers will end with a real "Battle of the Dancers" for prizes.

Then the long-awaited titled guests - the most popular break-dance team in Russia "TOP NIGHT" (St. Petersburg) will come to the main stage of the holiday. The team will perform an exclusive performance "Accents", which became a highlight in the theatrical life of Russia in 2006.

At the end of the evening on August 20, the popular youth group Dolphin (Moscow) will perform on stage.



Video where you have to repeat the dance movements, dance TV

FIXIES - HELP - a fun dance and a fixie for children. Under it, we will sing and dance together. Join Lyrics: TV, TV, TV, TV, Te-te-te-te-tv. Dryts-tyts TV, Dryts-tyts TV, Dryts-tyts TV And two fixies inside. Kick-tyts TV, Kick-tyts TV, Kick-tyts TV And two fixies inside Fridge! Refrigerator, Refrigerator, Refrigerator, Refrigerator, Ho-ho-ho-ho-refrigerator. Dryts-tyts refrigerator, Dryts-tyts refrigerator, Dryts-tyts refrigerator And two fixes inside. Dryts-tyts refrigerator, Dryts-tyts refrigerator, Dryts-tyts refrigerator And two fixes inside. Coffee grinder! Coffee grinder, Coffee grinder, Coffee grinder, coffee grinder, Co-co-co-co-coffee grinder. Dryts-tyts coffee grinder, Dryts-tyts coffee grinder, Dryts-tyts coffee grinder And two fixes inside. Dryts-tyts coffee grinder, Dryts-tyts coffee grinder, Dryts-tyts coffee grinder And two fixes inside. Fan! Fan, Fan, Fan, fan, Ve-ve-ve-ve-fan. Dryts-tyts fan, Dryts-tyts fan, Dryts-tyts fan And two fixies inside. Dryts-tyts fan, Dryts-tyts fan, Dryts-tyts fan And two fixies inside. - Calculator! - No-no. - Transformer! - No-o-o! - Synthesizer? - No, you didn't guess! – Excavator?! - No! Helper, Helper, Helper, helper, Po-po-po-po-pomogator! Dryts-tyts helper, Dryts-tyts helper, Dryts-tyts helper With tools inside. Dryts-tyts helper, Dryts-tyts helper, Dryts-tyts helper With tools inside. Helper! With the help of entertaining video lessons, we teach children to dance. Taking into account the psychology of kids, we record all dances to funny children's songs, including from popular cartoons. Children's dances can be studied at home - on their own, with the participation of their parents. Educational video classes include: exercises and warm-ups for children, rhythmic exercises, developmental exercises, the basics of choreography. We are sure that moms and dads will also be interested! And to make it even more interesting - the child can sing and dance at the same time; repeat the words and movements of your favorite cartoon characters. #dancing #children_songs #children_dances #dance_lessons #developing_dances

For everyone who loves dancing, games and endless fun, we have compiled a top 5 list of the best dance apps for smartphones. With them, you will definitely not miss your way to school or the rehearsal room!


    • 1. Just Dance Now
    • 2. Hip-Hopspan Dance
    • )
    • 5. "Finger Dance Evolution"
  • Dance Games: "Everybody dance!"
    • Useful materials:

1. "Just Dance Now"

This cool application will allow you not only to hone your dancing skills, but also have a lot of fun with your friends! Created for the Wii U console, this toy is now available on smartphones (IOS 6. 0, Android 2.3). You can play Just Dance Now anywhere, as long as you have a computer (laptop, TV, tablet) connected to the Internet and a smartphone that will act as a controller. All you need to do is to follow the dancers on the screen and repeat their movements as accurately as possible, scoring points and moving to the next level.

How will the game "understand" how accurately you repeat the dance? Very simple - you need to hold the smartphone in your right hand, then the signal about your movements will come from it directly to the screen. It's great that an unlimited number of people can play Just Dance Now with you, which means you can have a great party at home with real dance battles!
You can also share your dancing achievements in all social networks, as well as watch the rating of your friends. A similar Dance Party toy also turns your smartphone into a controller and reads all your movements, but its difference is that only 4 people can play it at the same time.

2.”Dance Hip-Hopspan”

If you really want to learn how to dance hip-hop, but you still can’t go to a dance school, then rather download the Dance Hip-Hop application to your smartphone (IOS 4, Android 2.1) - for you! In it you will find step by step video tutorials that will allow you to master the basic hip-hop moves. So, by the time you decide to go to the dance hall, you will already be able to do a lot!
Open the app every night after school, and the result will not keep you waiting!

3. Coco Party

Do you miss your way to your favorite dance school? — A cheerful and bright toy "Coco Party" will be great entertainment for you on the go!

Download Coco Party to your smartphone (IOS 6.0, Android 2.3) and help the beautiful Coco not only choose an outfit and make-up for the party, but also surprise everyone on the dance floor! You don't have to dance - you just need to have time to press the smartphone display so that Coco gets into the rhythm and keeps up with her girlfriends.

4. Gangnam Dance School

Want to carry fun in your pocket? - Then download the funny toy "Gangnam Dance School" to your smartphone (IOS 5.1, Android 2.1).

This is a cool arcade game in which you play as the famous Gangnam. With a characteristic Gangnam style gait, you move across the playing field, overcoming obstacles and escaping from enemies. Your task is to escape from the kingdom of the evil sorceress, having overcome only 700 meters. It sounds simple, but it turns out that in order to complete the task, you will have to be pretty nervous.

5. "Finger Dance Evolution"

When you really want to dance, but the situation is not particularly conducive (queue at the store, long journey or trip in public transport) - play Finger Dance Evolution (IOS 4.3, Android 2.3).

This application is a real salvation, because now in any incomprehensible situation you can dance ... with your fingers! Circles will appear on the display, which you need to quickly press, getting into the musical rhythm. Each level will be more difficult, the speed will be faster, and the music will be more fun!

Who is most often on the dance floor, likes discos and parties? There is no single answer to this question, since every creature likes active recreation. In the world of dance stories, there are a variety of characters. The gamer can choose who exactly today will plunge into an ordered dynamic chaos and get a lot of pleasure from the music and related activities. Among the possible options:

  • stars of the dance floor - you can dance like Michael Jackson and with him, learn ballet with Nikolai Tsiskaridze and conquer the heights of the dance Olympus with the Todes team;
  • boys and girls - there are many dance options here, from a simple disco to popular music to battles for the title of the best dancer;
  • Animals, Birds and Fishes are totally unique and adorable toys featuring hummingbirds as "Little Swans" and bears learning to twist or rock 'n' roll;
  • any objects and things - the fairy-tale world of "Beauty and the Beast" is also embodied in games, so teapots, hangers, chests of drawers and large wardrobes can dance.

Dancing games are loved by many, and the developers offer more and more new ideas. In games, you can become the Queen of the Ball, learn new steps with professionals, take part in your favorite TV show. Dance and have fun, because there are so many cool ideas, interesting plots and non-trivial developments in the right category.

Many people are familiar with the game Just Dance 2015 or at least have seen how it is played on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles and danced in front of TV screens. Just Dance Now is the same game made for those who don't have a console.

However, a smartphone is not enough to play Just Dance Now. You will also need a PC, laptop, Smart TV or tablet - any device with a screen and Internet access. All actions will take place on a large screen in a browser window, while the smartphone will become a motion controller.

To start playing, launch the Just Dance Now app on your smartphone and open the game website on your second device.

After launching the application, you will see a catalog of songs. Now there are 346 of them, the music library continues to grow. The songs are divided into categories: “Smile and dance”, “Rhythm Latino”, “Hall of fame”, “Fitness”, “Children's corner”. There is also a search by name.

Before choosing a song, you can see how to dance to it. If you liked the track, add it to "Favorites" or go to the "Dance Room".

To start dancing to the selected song, you will need in-game currency. You can earn it by dancing to free songs. If you want to buy coins for real money, then there is an in-game store for this.

After selecting a song on your smartphone, you will need to enter the numbers from the Just Dance Now website or scan the QR code from there to enter the party. So the application on the smartphone is synchronized with the web game. Then take the smartphone in your right hand - this is now your game controller.

Stand comfortably in front of the screen and begin to imitate the movements of the dancers, as if it were your reflection in the mirror.

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