How to do wobble dance

Easy Instructions for Beginners to Learn the Wobble Line Dance

Love watching the wobble line dance? Now you will love doing it as well! All the beginners out there, we at DancePoise bring step-by-step instructions of the wobble for you. Have fun, and do the wobble!

Burn that fat with some wobble!

Wobble line dance not only burns lots of calories, but also is a very fun group activity. If you are looking for some offbeat idea for exercising, include this dance form in your workout.

Unconventional dances are a craze nowadays. All we want is another excuse to go crazy. In the ever expanding list of these quirky dances, like the “Gangnam style” or the “Harlem shake”, comes another worthy addition―the wobble line dance.

Line dances have been very popular since the 1950s. The wobble has become famous in the last couple of years. Today, you can see people doing the wobble everywhere, right from parties to weddings to reunions. In these dances, a group of people stand in one or two lines and do similar steps. The best thing is that anybody can wobble; yes, it’s very simple and super fun. No need to worry even if you are a beginner or haven’t heard of this dance as we come to your rescue with these step-by-step instructions. So ladies and gentlemen, young and old alike, it’s time to do the wobble.

Do not immediately start the steps; get into the groove first, feel the music, loosen your body, and then begin.

Step 1: Jump Forward

Jump forward (one-step distance) in such a way that both your feet touch the ground simultaneously. This is the first step of the four-count step.

Step 2: Wobble your hips

As soon as you jump, start swaying your hips from right to left. This is called wobbling your hips. Don’t forget to cross your arms to the beat. Wobble your hips for four counts.

Step 3: Jump back

Jump back to your original position to start the four-count step again.

Step 4: Wobble them again!

Now repeat the wobble again. Sway your hips from side to side, and move your hands as well.

Step 5: Twist to the right

Now it’s time to wobble your entire body. Twist to the right in such a way that you are facing left. Now sway your shoulders and hips alternatively for a four-count step.

Step 6: Twist to the left

Twist to the left, and repeat the wobble of the shoulders and hips. You can do the hand roll at chest level or cross them as well according to the beat.

Step 7: Wobble and wobble more!

Enjoy the dance by wobbling your body like a waving flag. When your shoulders are in front, your hips should be at the back and vice versa. You can try a variety of movements with your hands.

Step 8: Do the step

Now, it’s time to “do the step.” It’s a four-count step, and your hands should sway as well. Take a step with your right leg, and then bring the left leg in front as well. Take a step with your right leg again returning to the original position followed by your left leg.

Step 9: Step forward and do the cha-cha

You can also go forward normally and come back by doing the cha-cha step. Step your right leg in front, followed by the left. Now, do the cha-cha; that is step back with your right foot, left foot, and right foot again. But this should be quicker with more swaying of the hips.

Step 10: Cha-cha step

Now do the cha-cha step in your place. Take a forward step with your right leg, followed by a backward step with the left one. Quickly step in place with your right foot, left foot, and right foot again.

Step 11: Swing to the right

Now start swaying your body from side-to-side and cross your arms to the beat. Continue wobbling your shoulders and hips alternatively.

Step 12: Swing to the left

Gradually turn your body to the left and continue the wobble. Turn very slowly and naturally, continuously swaying your body.

Now, you will be facing left. Repeat all the above steps, complete the entire circle, or continue this pattern till the song ends. The above steps are the basics; you can combine them or try out different variations as well.

Dance is about losing all your inhibitions and having fun, so just relax and let yourself loose. Don’t get too mechanical with the steps; feel the music and do the wobble!

How to Do the Wobble Line Dance

Learn how to do the Wobble line dance in this Howcast dance video with expert Robert Royston.


"Alternative Line Dancing: How to Do the Wobble: ""Hai I am Robert Roysten. I am five time World Champaign of Country dance with methods like skills with . I really hope that you learned how a line dance and experience what it is like, to move to America's music and that's country music.

""Hai, so now we can teach you how to do the wobble. You may be seen the wobble at a wedding or you may be seen the wobble at club. You know that is not done with the country music. It was done with the song called wobble. It was more the hip-hop on the song, but it is incredibly popular in the line dance right now, in the country bars, all the in the state and in some country dance conventions that happens. So we think it is appropriate to teach you the wobble in the country attire. So starting of the wobble, we can start with the and you can jump forward right foot and apt to you can go an one. and you just gone to group two, three, four and you can jump back and to five, six, seven, eight. So that can be jump forward a wobble and then back wobble. So this is five, six, seven, eight and one. Then four, five, six, seven and eight. So you can board your left both hands and you can do one, two, three, four. Other side, five, six, seven and eight. You can to put on flare on this. Right, you know this is not the exact way to wobble. Right, so like as you go forward, you can jump forward, you can just and jump back and just on a group you can do that. Use that to point that way and that way, you can do it everyone as there or you can really get the end. So again, jump forward wobble, jump backward wobble point to the left with group, and point to the right with the group. So we will start one more time. Five, six, seven go and one, two, three, four and five, six, seven to the left and one, two, three, four and five, and six, seven and eight. Now we go to the cha-cha step. Right foot you can go forward, and cha, cha, cha, left foot forward and cha, cha, cha. Go again with right foot forward, back cha, cha, cha, forward back, cha, cha, cha. From here you go the touch-touch steps. You want to go touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and. You can do it with turn to the left. You can simple by this steps by doing it eight counts of walks, so you can do it one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. And we can do and one, and three, and four , and one, and two, and three, and four, and five, and six, and seven, and eight. So you can do it with several walks. After you complete the jerk, you want to turn you at the new wall and you done all over again. And one, two, three, four and five and the left, five, six, seven for the left and one, two, three, four and five and now the cha-chas right forward and cha, cha, cha left forward and cha, cha. cha, and one, and two, and three, and four, and five and six and one more time for one, two, three, four and back five, six, seven and eight to the left and two, three, four and five and now the cha-cha step, one, two, cha-cha step forward and backward and you can walk if you walk it, walk one, two, there, four, five, six."

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    Former ballerina dances to dubstep. Here is a French movie "Polina" about the Russian soul

    An amazing film festival "Echo of Unicorns" is taking place in Russia. It shows films that were made about Russia and Russians, but not by domestic filmmakers, but by foreign ones. It turned out that there are not just a lot of such films, they are also extremely diverse: for example, there is a documentary "Soviet Hippies" about whom, the drama "On the Nickel Moon" about Norilsk, filmed by a French Canadian, and the sensational British film "Lady Macbeth" based on Leskov. The film "Polina" opened the festival in Moscow, which was shown in the Venice Days program, which runs parallel to the Venice Film Festival, shot by Frenchwoman Valerie Muller, but in two languages, Russian and French, and, accordingly, with actors from both our countries. nine0007

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    Here is "Polina" - an interesting, at least in terms of film studies, a film about the symbiosis of cultures that actually seem not very far from each other, at least to the author of the film. For the heroine, who at first is just a young ballerina from the Russian hinterland, attending an appropriate circle run by an aging teacher (Aleksey Guskov), the transition from Russian culture to French seems very natural. Growing up, she decides to leave with the guy she met when she entered the school of the Bolshoi Theater (where, by the way, she successfully passes), to his homeland in France, quickly learns a new language and sets off towards new life difficulties. nine0007

    © YouTube/UniFrance

    Precisely difficulties, because in the end nothing good awaits our Polina either at home or abroad. In her hometown, her whole childhood is spoiled by her restless father, who, apparently, gets involved in criminal dealings. To illustrate this, in one of the scenes in the first half of the film, a sinister-looking man comes to his father and speaks in suspicious phrases that everyone will not be well. The father replies: "Okay, I'll go to Afghanistan." He reacts: "I love to cooperate with you, Anton, you are quick-witted." (By the way, this is also an interesting symptom: in this film everyone speaks as if in translated remarks, sort of in Russian and at the same time somehow not “in our way”, too literary, or something.)

    In addition, the whole family as a whole lives in poverty: the daughter, together with her mother (Ksenia Kutepova) and father, helps to carry some bales of clothes in the market in winter and misses ballet classes, for which she receives quite a fair scolding from the teacher: "At the ballerina one job is to dance!"

    And in the middle of the film, where before that only Russian was spoken, the wonderful French actress Juliette Binoche suddenly appears, and the heroine leaves for good to her, to a place where she, too, is not going well. Everything there is clearly clearer to the director than in mysterious Russia: Polina immediately finds herself in Aix-en-Provence, where she ends up with a director who is not at all as conservative as in the Bolshoi, and Binoche plays her. nine0007

    In general, this is a familiar movie about the ghosts of the past, which, as is customary with them, do not let go, and the most remarkable thing in the film, of course, is not drama, but ballet, a thing that is obviously international and universally understandable to the French author, what to us - viewers. With the help of all these fifth positions, glide paths and plies, the artists manage not only to tell the plot, not only to convey in motion the complex emotional background of often fictional characters, but even to express some kind of feelings and sensations that cannot be described in words, only with the most difficult academic dance . nine0007

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    But this conflict between more modern and more traditional schools of dance, as well as the meaning of the story, is completely blurred by the end to the sounds of good, by the way, electronic music. Here, probably, there is some kind of author's observation: it all began with the heavenly sounds of the classics, and ends with the beat of a straight barrel. The former ballerina dances to dubstep.

    © YouTube/LemonDrop

    Although in "Polina" it is not the change in musical style that seems to be much more important, but the bottomless sadness in the eyes analyzed here, apparently borrowed from Baryshnikov, which can also be seen in the eyes of the young actress Anastasia Shevtsova.

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