How to do touchdown dances in madden 13

How to do a Celebration in Madden 23

In Madden 23, you can perform celebrations by pressing a specific combination of buttons after you make a big play. Here’s a guide on doing some of the game’s most popular festivals. Performing a celebration in Madden 23 is one way to show your opponent that you’re confident and in control of the game. Following these simple steps, you can rub your success in your opponent’s face and demoralize them even further. So let’s look at how to do some of the most popular Madden 23 celebrations.

What is the Celebration in Madden 23?

Madden 23 is out, and players are already getting a feel for the new celebration dances. As always, the developers have included some of the popular celebrations from the NFL, but they’ve also added a few new ones. Veteran Madden players will need to re-learn the button combination for this contemporary dance, as it differs from the other game celebrations. However, once they get the hang of it, they’ll be Worming their way to victory in no time.

How to do a Celebration in Madden 23?

One of the best parts of Madden 23 is being able to perform celebrations after you score a touchdown.


The biggest celebration in the game is probably when you’re running into the end zone. This is called a showboat, and to do it, you need to hit the following buttons on your controller: PlayStation: L2 + R2 + X, Xbox: LT + RT + A. It’s important to remember you must hit all of these buttons simultaneously to perform a showboat.

Celebration dive

The second kind of celebration that players can do is celebration dive right before entering the endzone. The celebration dive is a diving move that can be pulled off just before reaching the goal line. All players must press Square or X on Xbox to execute the dive.

Other celebrations

The Madden 23 celebration system is a tried and true way to show off some digital flair after a big play. Players have a few different options, each with its unique set of buttons to input. The dance celebration is performed by moving the right stick to the right, the spike celebration is performed by moving the right stick down, the signature celebration is performed by moving the right stick to the left, and finally, the swagger celebration is performed by moving the right stick upwards.


How to scout players in Madden 23

The new celebration dance

If you want to add a little more excitement to your Madden 23 celebrations, look no further than the Griddy. This dance was made famous by Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson and has quickly become a favorite among NFL fans. Madden 23 has included the Griddy as a celebration option, so you can now show off your moves after scoring a touchdown. To perform the Griddy, hold R2/RT and flick the right stick up twice. But beware, only Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, and DJ Chark can pull off this dance in Madden 23. So if you’re not one of those players, you’ll have to settle for the ordinary celebrations.

Regarding celebrations, there’s nothing more satisfying than doing one in Madden 23. With various celebration options to choose from, you can find the perfect way to show off your digital flair. So get out there and start celebrating those big plays!

Madden NFL 23 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Signature Celebrations in Madden NFL 25

Patrick Balanca is a Madden NFL designer who worked on new presentation features in Madden NFL 25. Read on to find out more about the all-new signature player celebrations.

NFL player celebrations have become a staple in the league, and you’ll find more than plenty of signature and common celebrations in Madden NFL 25. The best feeling in Madden is pulling off a huge play against an opponent and making them watch as your player celebrates in their face, and now more than ever those celebrations will feel like the real world of NFL football.

We’ve added more than 60 celebration animations for offensive and defensive players, including some of the league’s biggest stars like Colin Kaepernick, Alfred Morris, and Von Miller, as well as Clay Matthews, Arian Foster, and Victor Cruz. We also snuck in some classics too, so make sure to play with old school players like Deion Sanders and Dante Hall to see what they can do after a big play.

This feature started with one ambitious tester, RG, who mined hours of NFL footage from the 2012 season and edited 15-second video clips of different celebrations. Some of the celebrations were specific to a player; others were celebrations that we see throughout the league. RG compiled so much content, the team could only develop about half this year and already has enough reference for another batch of celebrations next year.

With this amazing reference material, the team spent two days in a MoCap studio with five actors practicing, rehearsing, and studying the reference over and over.

Lots of great stuff made it in. The list is loaded: Colin Kaepernick’s signature bicep kiss, Ray Rice’s flexing, and Antonio Smith’s sword fight celebration all made the cut. Madden NFL 25 also features celebrations from both Clay Matthews (the Predator and Dirty Dancing) and J.J. Watt (the Finger Wag and a take on Matthews’ Predator celebration). See the full list below.


· Marshawn Lynch – Skittles Rain Dance
· Patrick Willis – Flex Muscles
· John Abraham – Got my Eyes on You
· Aldon Smith – Sack Swagger Dance
· Alfred Morris – Home Run Swing
· Antonio Brown – Bennie Biggle Wiggle
· Antonio Smith – Sword Fight
· Arian Foster – Disciplined Bow
· Clay Matthews – Dirty Dancing
· Clay Matthews – Predator
· Michael Crabtree – Crabshake
· Victor Cruz – Full Salsa Dance
· Deion Sanders – Primetime Dance
· Dez Bryant – X Arms
· J.J. Watt – Mock Clay Matthews Predator
· J. J. Watt – Finger Wag
· Colin Kaepernick – Bicep Kiss
· Gerald McCoy – Wave to the Fans
· Maurice Jones Drew – Touchdown Dance
· Cam Newton – Flip the Ball to Fans
· Shaun Phillips – Bowling a Strike
· Ray Rice – Flex his Bicep
· Robert Griffin III – Kneel and Point to the Sky
· Stevan Ridley – Kick in the Door
· Aaron Rodgers – Championship Belt
· Von Miller – Sack Swagger Dance
· Cameron Wake – Super Flex 


· The Dougie
· Air Guitar
· Beating his Chest
· Beating his Chest v2
· Big Man High Steps
· Big Man Poses
· Can’t See Me
· Cat Daddy
· Heart, Kiss, Sky
· Dunk over the Crossbar
· Windmill Dunk over the Crossbar
· Layup over the Crossbar
· Dance and Spike the ball
· Brush Dirt off the Shoulders
· Fake Toss the ball to Fans
· Feed Me
· Gangnam Style
· Teammates pat the Players Helmet
· Hush Finger to fans
· Jump up and Flex
· Jump up after a Tackle
· Kick ‘em off the Field
· Kiss to the Sky
· Place the Ball and Crossed Arms Pose
· Place the Ball and Flex Pose
· Point to the Fans
· Pray and Point to the Sky
· Punch and Flex
· The Robot
· Power Spike the Ball
· Spin the Football on the nose
· Three various Swagger Dances
· Through the Legs Jumpshot… Nothing but net

The goal of the presentation team is to get as close as possible to broadcast televised football while delivering emotional moments that bring the Madden player into the game and bonding with their favorite players. Adding these celebrations to Madden NFL 25 helps capture the spirit and identity of the players we love watching on Sundays.

Download the Madden NFL 25 demo today, and pre-order today to receive exclusive Franchise Packs for your Connected Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team!

The Griddy. All About the NFL's Biggest Dance of the Season - First & Goal

“You just need to tap your heels,” he says, explaining the essence of “Griddy,” a dance move that gained popularity during Louisiana State’s 2019 championship season. Jefferson brought dance to the NFL and made it famous during his rookie season.

The player bends one knee and kicks the heel on the floor, then repeats the movement with the other leg until the arms are involved. He begins to bend his elbows, picking up the pace.

“And then we plug in B,” says the 22-year-old receiver, mimicking homemade glasses. The thumb and forefinger of both hands form circles around the eyes.

Griddy Time @JJettas2 @LAHGRIDDY2x

— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) October 3, 2021

Even guys with a bad sense of rhythm have started scoring touchdowns this way — for example, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​first showed Griddy last year, scoring a running touchdown against "Detroit". His teammates Adam Thielen and Erv Smith joined the dance. "Griddy" sold out in the NFL thanks to Cincinnati's Jamar Chase and Kansas City's Clyde Edwards-Hileir, LA Rams' Odell Beckham and Jacksonville's Dee Jay Chark - in general, everyone who is related to Jefferson alma mater.

Ever since the NFL relaxed the rules on touchdown celebrations in 2017, football players have been looking for creative ways to express themselves after a successful action - some imitate children's games in the end zone, some put on a whole spectacle.

Jefferson found his way.

Inspired by a track called "Griddy" by rap artist Kenneth Brother. Originally from New Orleans, Brother played American football before his rap career and even became a state champion at the high school level. Jefferson dances around the end zone and thus pays tribute to his fellow countryman from Louisiana.

Embed from Getty Images

Throw your B’s, Griddy… gotta lift your knees and Griddy… score six, whole team go Griddy… score six, whole team get litty.

(Actually, “griddy” is a slang word common in the African American environment. According to the Urban dictionary, it means several things at once, and sometimes the opposite meaning. A thing or person can be griddy in terms of “dirty / rude” or “stylish / trendy "". Also griddy means "plow" and "make loot". I would venture to suggest that Brother in his composition develops a stable connection among NFL players: you score touchdowns - you row loot - you become fashionable. For whites, this concept was once explained by Britney Spears in the track "You better work, bitch" - Note ed. )

"Griddy" isn't just a short-term tiktok trend or a one-week dance, it's found its place in the NFL, which is full of Louisiana natives.

“He's memorable. We want to set trends, organize something of our own, and not just follow someone else's fashion. It's cool to see how the guys from our city grow up watching this topic, and then get their own platform for self-expression. Everything can be done in your own style. This is the peculiarity of the atmosphere of New Orleans. I want to add something of my own to it, ”says the Louisiana native Smith.

Where Griddy Came From

Chase, who played with Jefferson for Louisiana State in the championship season and was selected with the fifth overall pick in the April Draft, was introduced to the dance by his friend Allen Davis, with whom they trained in New Orleans.

In 2017, Davis, nicknamed "Lil' Griddy", was in ninth grade at school and was a fan of dance fever "Nay-Nay" (a hip-hop dance that rose to fame in 2014 and went viral on American social media). He wanted to come up with something of his own in the same style. In the school gym, he came up with dance moves that his classmates began to repeat before football matches.


— Ja'MarrChase (@Real10jayy__) October 4, 2020

One of Davis' friends posted a video of him dancing on Snapchat. The next day, Davis woke up to find several hundred of his followers trying to replicate the moves.

"I didn't think anyone would appreciate my topic," Davis said.

Rated as well. The dance began to gain popularity. I had to come up with a name. There were options: The Skeet. The Skippy Doo.

Finally, he decided to sacrifice his own nickname by removing the word "Lil'" from it. This is how "Griddy" was born.

When Chase entered Louisiana State University, he quickly became friends with Jefferson and showed him a Snapchat video from Davis. Chase, Jefferson, and their football teammates quickly picked up on the trend.

“I won't lie. We danced "Griddy" almost every day," Chase said.

cue the Griddy Touchdown dance! 🕺our NFL Insider Dylan chatted with @Real10jayy__ of the @Bengals and gave us a tutorial of his go-to celebration 🏈 #NFLSlimetime

— Nickelodeon (@Nickelodeon) October 7, 2021

As the Louisiana State season kicked off, dancing took on a whole new level. In the second game of the regular season, the third-year Jefferson had an outstanding game, gaining 163 yards and three touchdowns in nine receptions against the University of Texas. When he first reached the end zone, all of America learned about Griddy.

"This is his dance"

Let Chase bring dance to the Louisiana State locker room, Jefferson became its popularizer. Griddy soon became part of his daily routine.

“We talked about it at the beginning of the season. "Bro, you gotta play it after touchdowns. " I started to do it, and soon the whole team was connected, ”recalls Jefferson.


— PFF (@PFF) January 3, 2021

“Justin tried to make it his thing. But I tell everyone: "this is mine." I showed him,” Chase says.

In August 2020, during an abbreviated training camp, Jefferson showed Griddy to his Minnesota teammates. But because he didn't start until Game 3 of the regular season as a rookie, he wasn't the first Griddy dance in the NFL.

This achievement belongs to Edwards-Hilair, who "griddanul" in the first game of the 2020 season. 90,003 90,002 In the third round of the 2020 season, Jefferson started against the Tennessees, scored 175 yards with a touchdown on seven passes and marked the occasion with his favorite dance.

“This is my favorite game ever. On the first touchdown, I had to show the world something else because the league started doing the dance before me,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson began to stomp his heels at the five-yard line and danced to the end zone.

"We had to make this moment memorable so everyone knew I was the Griddy king of the league," Jefferson said.

Griddy 12 😤@JaMorant | #GrizzMediaDays

— Memphis Grizzlies (@memgrizz) December 7, 2020

Jefferson had many occasions to dance later on. He broke the two-decade club record of Hall of Famer Randy Moss with 1,400 receiving yards, the most any rookie in the Super Bowl era had. "Griddy" from Jefferson, the audience saw six more times.

“This is his dance. Many people perform it, but I'm sure that it was he who staked it, ”Smith believes.

"Everybody Dance"

"Griddy" performed by Thielen needed some work. He first attempted a fashion dance in October 2020 when Minnesota defeated Houston. The cameras snatched out the receiver as he waved his arms erratically and stomped his feet.

Over time, he learned.

“Kirk [Cousins] said here that he looked at all his games from last season and tried to make the most of them. Well, so, I reviewed all my attempts to dance “Griddy” and tried to become better in this direction in the offseason, ”Thielen joked last summer.

lawdddd 👌🏽

— Ja'MarrChase (@Real10jayy__) April 26, 2021

"Griddy" has become famous outside of the NFL. Numerous Griddy challenges can be found on tiktok. Representatives of other sports - Houston Astros infielder Alex Bregman, Memphis Grizzlies basketball player Ja Morant, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Peyton and the entire US junior hockey team - also tried themselves.

Even at the Tokyo Olympics, German footballer Ragnar Ake imitated glasses, part of the Griddy dance move.

The virtual world was conquered next.

In April, the popular video game Fortnite featured Jefferson's "Griddy" animation. He was the first NFL player to make it into the game, so of course he played for himself first.

“Fortnite is incredibly popular, kids are playing it binge so everyone saw the Griddy animation. I remember once I got flunked in a game and the dude who flunked me started dancing Griddy. It was crazy,” Jefferson recalled.

HIT THE GRIDDY @camyork2 👌

— USA Hockey (@usahockey) January 6, 2021

His next goal was getting "Griddy" into the new Madden NFL.

“That the dance I started went viral in the league is a dream come true. The whole league dances it, including the players I've watched for so many years. Not only in the NFL, the whole world is dancing. It is amazing!"

If you find a mistake, please highlight the text and press Ctrl+Enter .

Hungry. Why Wes Welker will be good in Denver?

Well, what about the beginning of the season, friends (after the games of the first week, I want to add “unfortunately”)! Seven agonizing months of waiting have passed, and again, like some damned zombie from a regular Hollywood series, we reached for the screens to taste all the sweetness of American football. No other sport has ever driven me to such a frenzy while waiting for the start of its season. Just like a zombie, I tell you.

In a completely unconscious state, I woke up at four in the morning Thursday-Friday, thousands of kilometers from my home, in a small hotel room and turned on the three-inch screen of my Google phone. It didn't work out right away, but thanks to the NFL, they gave me 33 minutes to postpone the opening game (I'm still sure it was only because of me) so that I could sort out all the hiccups " androidmarket" and "googleplay" and install the coveted Gamepass. So here it is: three hours of sleep, a zombie state, a three-inch screen, Google, and the four hours of vision damage that followed. But that's why I love American football, that this can only be for his sake.

Isn't it the same with you?

What did I get in return for my suffering, you ask? Breaking his second favorite team. By the way, you can't find a more politically correct word than the word "gap" to describe what happened on the field in Colorado. As it turned out much later, this was only the beginning of my suffering in the first week. After a long Saturday corporate party, a three-hour sleep, followed by two Sunday flights in a row, I decided to once again spit on sleep (for the third time in the last four days) and still watch a couple of matches - the first week, after all. Yes, I already said zombies. And what did I get as a gift for my dedication to the Game? I got it"! “It” took place at “Heinz Field” and there are no politically correct words to describe “It”. Therefore, more about "It" no words. Then again, like any respectable zombie, I did not go to bed and decided to cheer up the former "stealer" Bruce Ariens. In general, you understand.

As a result, from Thursday to Monday, I spent only 14 hours in a dream, while any normal Russian resident should have spent all 28, and witnessed the "gap", "This" and the third defeat of the teams for which I basically suffered. Nice, don't say anything.

But in general, I don't know about you, but I still love this Game! Happy start of the NFL season everyone!

Rewind: Due to the fact that when watching matches I was in a state where it was difficult to analyze and notice something, I did not keep notes in a notebook, as I usually do. Therefore, today in this section I am forced to deviate from the usual plan for the analysis of one of the games. And I will write here what popped up in my heavy head during the games of the first week. Something will seem ridiculous to you (and most likely it will be just that), and something provocative.

* * *

The first thing that came to my mind when the new season started was the Madden video game. I remember when I played it (although I haven't bought it for two years now, and this year's demo again kept me from buying), I was constantly surprised how players constantly appeared in free agents with an overroll rating under 90 during the offseason. or even higher. Who in their right mind throws such footage overboard? I constantly tried to pick them up in the game. In some incomprehensible way, I could not connect this with the fact that the same thing happens in life, just, apparently, the absence of “overrolls” in reality affected. And just then, when my brain shook off the download and began to think more freely, everything suddenly fell into place - Damervil, Boldin, Abraham, Jackson. All of them changed their registration, being very decent players. Why they were released and why (Baltimore was flooded with tears for Boldin) is a complex question and clearly not for today's column. Today we need something faster.

Have you noticed how strange these players look in their new uniforms? Especially those players who have spent their entire careers in their former clubs. Well, for example, how can you look at Stephen Jackson without surprise, who played in the blue colors of the Rams all his life, and now puts on the red and black “plumage” of the Falcons? You look at him, and it seems that he is cramped and even hurt in this form. Or how can you not click your tongue when appreciating Elvis Damerville's Baltimore outfit after his bright orange years at Denver? And I'm not talking about James Harrison yet. And it should. After all, every time I look at him, my lower lip begins to tremble, and tears well up from this lurid orange-striped suit.

In general, every year it is unusual, although one could have gotten used to it a long time ago. It's all because of them, because of the money. It is because of money that many things are unusual, and not only off-season perturbations with rosters, but also gigantic and ridiculous contracts.

* * *

Giant contracts were my second big thought. Moreover, she came from afar, and I was inspired by such a great master of words as Bill Simmons. I don't need to explain to you who Bill Simmons is, do I? So that's great. In general, since I discovered it for myself, and for some reason this is only the last two years, I have been reading everything that goes beyond his authorship. He writes sharply, aptly, with humor and ideas. Moreover, I personally endured one of his ideas for myself before I met a similar approach from him. This approach was that in order to find the answer to any tricky question (like, "Who are these elite quarterbacks?"), you need to ask yourself a series of simpler leading questions. According to this rule, in order to answer the question enclosed in brackets of the previous sentence, I solve for myself the following probing problems: “Is this guy able to parse any defense in any given match?” and “Would I choose him or not as my quarterback if my life was on the line?” Personally, I immediately line up a quartet of players (you all know who we are talking about), which is rapidly trying to turn into a quintet thanks to the efforts of Matt Ryan. This is all a prelude for now, Simmons came to my mind during the game in Denver for a completely different reason. A little more explanation. As you all know, before the summer flurry of huge quarterback contracts, there was Joe Flacco's spring "fat" contract, which would have him on average earning more than any other player - Manning, Brady, Breeze, you go on. Some even argued that Joe deserved such a sum, that he was an elite and, in fact, should receive so much. That is, he is a leader, a leader, and can decide games alone? And if not, how can he get so much? Elite, damn it, is Joe Flacco coming to mind when answering the above two questions? No, of course not, unless you are his personal fan. Yes, even the average Baltimore fan would not think of such a thing. In general, and here Simmons? Since February of this year, I've read his awesome book, The Book of Basketball, in its entirety three times (which is 700+ pages, by the way). A lot of things caught on, and something even remembered. So, one phrase stuck in my memory so much that during the game between the Ravens and the Broncos, I almost completely quoted it in relation to the situation with Flacco. Simmons used it in regards to how Michael Jordan pointedly dealt with the Utah Jazz the year he was robbed of the MVP title. Peyton Manning pointedly dealt with Baltimore when people tried to dishonor the phrase "elite quarterback", and so Bill's phrase took on the following shape:0003

"At exactly the moment when Joe Flacco threw his second interception and Peyton Manning had six touchdowns, all the people who defended the idea of ​​​​flacco's elite and the deservedness of his contract felt very, very, very stupid!"

Here, I stole Simmons' phrase, but it was perfect for the occasion, and I'm not ashamed.

* * *

And shame on those who came to my mind in connection with the third (very short) thought of the weekend - the players in yellow and black uniforms who participated in "It". Remember, last year your humble servant wrote that he did not see a spark in Ben Roethlisberger's eyes, did not see in him the desire to tear and throw and draw games, as he had before. Many then answered me that, they say, this is your panic (I'm sure many will say so now). Well, now try to explain something to me after his performance in "It". Moreover, he has a lot of strength, it is precisely that he does not want to do anything to win. And this is truly the worst thing I could say about him as a fan. That, in fact, is the main thing that I thought about during the first game week. What of this is sad, what is ridiculous, and what is provocative - decide for yourself.

Smehopanorama : Continuing Simmons' theme, he often suggests strange, unrealistic, and sometimes simply absurd ideas in his lyrics, such as introducing a four-point line in basketball. I also decided to follow his example and offer my innovation. It happened after I flew into planes for a week until I was blue in the face. Here, explain to me, please, why, despite the fact that most people already treat air travel, if not with fear, then with apprehension, airlines continue to stuff us with a ten-minute speech before each flight, which contains the terms “cabin depressurization”, “oxygen mask” , "decompression" and the like? Instead of just relaxing people, they deliberately make them into frightened psychopaths. I have an idea - instead of demonstrating life-saving equipment, let's just line up in the central aisle and dance something incendiary. I bet that those who are afraid to fly would become many times less.

Surprising Nearby: In 1970, a seemingly ordinary practice session was taking place on the Eastern Illinois University field. In one of the drawings, the young quarterback of the team received a not very strong blow, however, having fallen to the lawn, he remained motionless. He was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a rupture of one of the kidneys, which later led to a half-minute cardiac arrest. The clinic staff even called the priest to sing the player, but by some miracle, the quarterback came back to life. His career on the field was out of the question, so he plunged headlong into coaching. This is how the successful path of one of the best NFL coaches, Mike Shanahan, began in an extraordinary way.

Documentary: Continuing the theme of players who are hard enough to represent in new uniforms, let's talk about one of the League's best receivers, Wes Welker. It's not often that superstar skill position players move from club to club before they're in the twilight of their careers. Welker caught the most passes in six years and still somehow ended up worse than the extra $2 million in two years he wanted. In general, Wes' paths with Belichick and Brady diverged.

Wes has taken a liking to Boston and made the decision to leave rather hard, but he certainly will not remember the time he spent in the camp of the "patriots" with a heavy heart. Wes is a very open, positive and cheerful person. He is always welcoming to life, even if she hits him or teases him. For example, when he first signed with the Miami Dolphins, he immediately bought a small house in Fort Lauderdale. On the very first day of the move, short and slightly awkward Wes was carrying boxes of his belongings from a truck when a new neighbor approached him and asked what Welker did for a living, that he had bought a house here. Wes replied that he was a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins. The neighbor raised his eyebrows in surprise and unexpectedly reacted with the phrase: “Ah, well, then it’s understandable why they played with a result of 4-12 last season.”

“Of course, I was hurt by such an insulting reaction,” Welker says, “but, you see, it was a great joke. We laughed and that's how we got to know each other.

Wes is a very big joker. For example, in one of the many morning breakfasts, when he was dressed in a shabby bathrobe, and shaving foam had not yet been completely washed off his face, it occurred to him that he and his girlfriend had been living together for quite some time and it came time to take the plunge. No sooner said than done. Being in slippers on his bare feet, he came to the bathroom, where his other half in a nightgown was brushing his teeth and, getting down on one knee, made an offer.

- I hope this isn't one of your jokes, Wes? the future Mrs. Welker asked seriously.

But at that moment he was very serious, and in 2012 they got married. Their house often enough became the central place for Wes's reckless jokes. He beat one of them with almost every guest of his. He tied a very authentic stuffed rat to the inside of the kitchen cabinet, and then at some point his wife asked the guest to serve something from the top shelf of the cabinet. Many reacted to the unexpected appearance of a rodent with screams, many simply jumped away, but Rob Gronkowski, with a hysterical female sob, jumped with his feet on the sofa, for which he later apologized. But the most memorable was the reaction of Tom Brady. When the rat appeared, he jumped over the table in one step and ran out of the house at a speed that, according to Wes, no one had ever seen him moving on the field.

So you can imagine how hard it was for such an open and funny guy in the tough hands of Bill Belichick. Welker himself talked about this a lot in the offseason. Things should have been easier in Denver, because they have one of the most fun quarterbacks in the League. Remember at least his numerous commercials (yes, football on your phone) and TV shows. Peyton Manning knows how to joke, and Welker was convinced of this almost immediately.

At the beginning of the summer, Manning Sr. called all his receivers to a training camp and they spent a few days studying the playbook and developing "chemistry". At the end of the gathering, Peyton gathered everyone for a dinner party and distributed envelopes to his hosts. In the envelopes were his thoughts about the playbook, about the routes, about the cuts and other things that he expects from the game of his receivers. But in Eric Decker's envelope, for some reason, there was not a drawing with a tree of routes at all, but quite a significant bill for the weekly training camp that had just been held. You should have seen his face as he looked at Peyton in bewilderment. Manning extended his thanks to everyone for taking the time to come and for their interest in the team's success. And only at the end of the evening, when everyone was about to leave, did he tell Decker that it was a joke.

After this incident, the wide receivers tried to figure out how to play their own quarterback and finally came up with an interesting plan. In July, all the Denver receivers and their star passer were invited to a Sports Illustrated cover shoot (even a magazine photographer was drawn in by the wide receivers to carry out their plot).

When Manning appeared, his partners told him that to heighten the effect, the shooting was planned with bare torsos.

- You should have seen Peyton's long face when he heard that. He turned to the photographer with clarifications, and I silently prayed that he would not give up our prank now,” says Welker, “he repeated our words, and then a sad Peyton came up to us and said: “Guys, take pictures without me if If it had been a couple of years ago, then I would have been with you. ” Ha ha ha. It was awesome!

So Wes Welker is in good company, both in terms of game and spirit. Let's see how it all pans out in the end.

Three questions to fill :

Will Mike Vick get another $100 million contract?

Will Peyton Manning break the record for touchdowns in a season?

In... what round of the next draft will the Steelers pick a new franchise quarterback?

Their manners : Lawrence Taylor loved hard shots so much that he asked his coach, Bill Belichick, to rewind the footage of the match, even to see the clashes of the players who were on the edge of the frame and twenty yards from the ball. At times, he even loudly rejoiced at captures in which his teammate became the victim.

Fast forward: This week, I was originally going to watch Tampa vs. the Jets in the early session of Sunday games. I'm serious. I was very interested in the question: how many times will Darrell Revis intercept a pass from Mark Sanchez? But as soon as Sanchez broke down, interest in the match immediately disappeared. Below are three matches that I really, really want to watch next week, but what if the opportunity happens again, so I'm not guessing:

Miami vs. Indianapolis: one of the reasons and my prediction for the Colts this season, and the predictions of many analysts were that it was impossible to win tight games on a consistent basis. In 2012, Indianapolis won seven out of ten games in similar situations. And now the new season has come and absolutely nothing has changed - the Colts again make a comeback and pull out the game at the finish line. Miami, most likely, will not give up the game easily, and again Andrew Luck will have the opportunity to comeback. On top of that, it's also very interesting to see the Indianapolis offense in the absence of quarterback-friendly coordinator Bruce Ariens. Well, there is a highlight in another team - Miami is tipped to have a very bright future. True, it is still unknown whether it is justified or not, since only Cleveland was beaten in the first week and it was beaten not that very distinctly. The loudest acquisition in Mike Wallace generally made only one reception for 15 yards, hitting criticism of his coaching staff along the way. No matter how his career collapsed, it didn’t really start. True, a day after the game, he already said that it seemed that there were no complaints about the coaches, but about his game. Let's see how he fixes it.

Minnesota vs. Chicago: divisional brawl. First, about the Vikings. Did you also remember Devin Hester when Peterson scored his first touchdown? Not? Weird. Remember how before the Super Bowl in 2006, everyone was just talking about stopping Hester, and he took it and ran the entire field at the starting kickoff? So the analogy is the most direct - everyone knew that Peterson was aiming for another 2,000 yards, that if he was not stopped, it would be very bad, and he scored 78 yards and 6 points in addition with the first clearance. Awesome. Yes, his take-outs were later tightly closed, and this “Vikings” clearly needs to be worked on, because there is little, if any, hope for Ponder. Especially against a team that likes to create losses and hunt the ball. How many shots will be intercepted by Tillman and Jennings? Three? Four? It will be even harder for Minnesota if Jay Cutler repeats the calm and confident rhythm of the game, which is not quite typical for himself, which he demonstrated against the Cincinnati's not the weakest defense. It seems that everything should be clear in this game, but why then watch, you ask? Yes, because personally I am very interested in seeing the only NFL club led by a runner.

Manning vs. Manning: my match of the week. Yes, I know that the majority of the game of the week choose the massacre for the NFC West, but for my taste it’s impossible to pass by the brotherly match-up. One brother threw seven touchdowns, and another brother threw seven touchdowns, plus interceptions. Yes, even if you do not add interceptions, will it turn out that the brothers have 11 touchdowns for two in one week? Wrap it up, please, I take them without even looking.

Headless Horseman: A phenomenal number of players, as if by agreement, have been trying to get into this prestigious section since the very first week: Trevathan, Raynaud, David, and Clay Matthews can also be added to this list. And I'm giving today's prize to all those smart Pittsburgh Steelers executives involved in Jonathan Dwyer's expulsion. I think that the fallacy of their blockhead decision does not even require any explanation after the work of the Pittsburgh runners in the first week and after Dwyer was immediately returned to the Steelers at the earliest opportunity.

From the world of numbers: In the modern game, a lot is tied to passing. Moreover, many analysts and even some fans have already understood that it is impossible to measure a quarterback only by “naked” accumulated yards. After all, let's say it's much easier to get 4,000 yards by throwing the ball 600 times, and much harder if you make only 500 attempts. Therefore, the combination of yards and their number per pass attempt is a much better indicator of the ability of the passer than the total figure. So why not treat receivers the same way? It's much easier to catch 1,500 yards if your team throws the ball 700 times in a season, and much harder if they're only 500. Now, the average receiving yards per pass attempt is much higher for players of the last century. Moreover, those who played before the so-called Live Ball Era (1978, when the rules changed critically in the direction of passing attack). This is most likely due to the fact that the passer had few adequate goals and most of the passes went to the same receiver, who produced yards. However, the funniest thing is that in the first place in this list, dominated by the legends of the past, is our contemporary. Steve Smith gained just over 4 yards on a Carolina pass attempt in 2008. He also entered the top 10 with his 2005 season. And if you consider only those who have played in this millennium, then Smith's lead is phenomenal - 4.04 yards, followed by Roddy White with 3.18 yards. Andre Johnson rounds out the top three for this millennium with 3. 14 yards.

I bid you farewell until next week. Sophomoric Couch Quarterback season is open. Hooray!

author: Galerus

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