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So, you want to know how to superman?

Great! If you’re here, it means you’ve practiced your beginner pole tricks and you’re ready to move onto something a little more intermediate.  

Keep this in mind…

Remember when you first did your pole sit and it hurt the inside of your legs?  

Well, you’ll feel the same with the superman pole trick

Don’t worry — it’ll only hurt for a little bit 😉 

You’re strong and you can do this. We believe in you!

The superman pole dancing trick is extremely fun and versatile! 

In this article, we’ll be breaking down one of the easiest ways to transition into the superman, but there are SO many ways you can do this!

If you want an in-depth look into the superman, make sure to check out the Fit2Flaunt app.  

Plus, you’ll get to learn tons of other glamorous tricks too!🔥 

Nail Your Superman — Step-By-Step Tutorial 

Start by getting into your jasmine

This is BY FAR the easiest way to get into your superman pole trick.

By doing it this way, you will get the pole EXACTLY where it needs to be to minimize the pole rubbing on your legs.  

And eventually, the more you practice, the less and less it will hurt! 

If you haven’t done the jasmine yet, here’s how to do it

  1. Place the inside of your knee onto the pole and imagine you’re squishing a lemon with your leg. If your knee isn’t used to this, you might get a pole kiss or two 😘 They’ll fade in no time.
  2. Stay balanced. With your top hand, you’ll be pulling the pole toward you. With your bottom hand, use a pistol grip (finger down) to push the pole away. 
  3. Then, lift your bottom leg from the ground. 

    Psst…  The best place for the pole to contact your bottom leg is the crease between your thigh and pelvis.  


Now you’re in your jasmine😍

Transitioning from Jasmine to Superman

This is the fun part!  

Moving from one pole dancing move to another can seem hard at first, but we already know you’re going to do amazing.

  1. When you feel comfortable, open your top hand and push away from the pole. Practice this a few times until you’re a natural.
  2. Lower your bottom leg (this step is CRUCIAL to minimizing pain!)
  3. Bring your top knee toward your face as close as you can, releasing the grip your upper thigh has on the pole. 
  4. Twist your hips so the front of your body begins to face the floor. As you turn more, you can grip onto the pole with your top hand again.
  5. Arch that back and smile😄! You’re in the superman!

The transition can be nerve-wracking at first.  

Trust us, we know — we’ve all been there! 

But the more you practice, the more seamless it will look 🔥

Tips For How to Superman

Tip 1 💕  

Do not bring your hips up until you’ve pushed away with your top hand and lowered your bottom leg.

This will cause the insides of your legs to burn as your skin rubs on the pole, and no one likes painful legs 🤕 

Tip 2 💕  

Just like when you’re in your pole sit, you want to twist your hips at an angle.

This will give you extra grip so you won’t slip 💅🏾

Tip 3 💕   

Feel like you’re slipping too much? 😬

Make sure your skin is in contact with the pole.  Wash off any lotion.  And ensure that you’re using extra grip on your legs and hands if you need it.

Tip 4 💕 

Practice along on the Fit2Flaunt app 💖

Get tons of amazing transitions into your superman, and discover why thousands love this pole dancing app!

For a step by step tutorial of how to do the superman - watch the video below. 



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Shelly Murdock

Shelly Murdock is an exotic Dancer turned Entrepreneur. She is the founder of Fit2Flaunt and Exotic Workout Studio. She has been empowering women through pole dancing.

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How to do the SUPERMAN Pole Dance Move (step-by-step guide)

Pole Moves, Tips

by Holly Munson


We all know that we love the Superman.

For me it was always a move to judge other moves by:

‘Is it easier or harder than a Superman?’

‘Is it more painful than a Superman?’

The more I do it, the more variations, transitions and combinations I find. It’s brilliant!

I like to teach the Superman pole move from a Side Climb – you can do this super low to the ground so there’s less chance of falling off the pole, which we like 🙂

From a Side Climb, you will have less fear and can really throw yourself into the move when twisting your hips.

There are many other ways of doing the Superman (ie from a Gemini or Pike) so if a Side Climb is not your friend, you have other options.

How to Perform the Superman Pole Dance Move

  1. Stand side-on to the pole. Place your inside arm high on the pole and your outside arm just below, both thumbs up. Hook your inside leg at hip height on the pole, behind your knee. Squeeze behind your knee while you move your foot slightly closer to the ground to lock your grip in.
  2. Pull on the pole as you bring the front of the ankle of your outside leg onto the back of the pole, just underneath your inside leg. Keep your butt low while you do this.
  3. Squeeze behind your knee and push in to the pole with your outside ankle. Pull with your arms as you pull your body to climb up, to almost straighten out your legs.
  4. Pull with your top hand. Push in with your bottom hand (or your forearm.) Release your inside leg to then replace it higher on the pole at your new hip height. Squeeze behind your knee again.
  5. Keep your outside leg straight as you slide it behind the pole trying to get it parallel to the floor, with the pole as high on your thigh as possible. Move your inside (top) hand lower on the pole and take your outside hand off the pole and out to the side. This is a Viva.
  6. Place your outside hand back on the pole, as low as you can place it, with your fingers pointing to the ground. Push in with your bottom arm, keeping it straight. At the same time push the thigh of your bottom leg into the pole to secure your grip. The grip should now be in your bottom hand, on your bottom thigh and behind your top knee.
  7. Take off your top hand. Place it lower on the pole but still above both legs. Keep it bent. Pull with this hand as much as you can.
  8. Take your top leg off of the pole slightly and twist your hips up and over, aiming to get your feet together. You want your hips to face the floor. As you twist your bottom hand should naturally come off the pole. Take this hand out in front of you. Hold your Superman.
  9. To come out, keep squeezing your legs together as you bring them towards the ground. You may be low enough to put your feet down here. If not, reach back to the pole with your outside hand, taking it above your head in a cup grip. Change your other hand to a cup grip. You should now be able to slowly lower yourself to the floor.

Superman From the Floor

When first learning you do not need to climb. Simply go from step 1 straight to 4. Pull with your hands as you slide your outside leg across the back of the pole.
You can cross your ankles over once you have turned your hips to help lock you in.

Tips for Your Superman

  • Keep the pole as high as you can on your bottom thigh before you twist your hips as this helps you stay in your Superman and believe it or not, makes it less painful.
  • Don’t think too much about taking your bottom hand off the pole – it will come off naturally and you don’t want to take it off too early. There is too much else to think about!
  • The hips are the hardest part. When you are first learning you can keep the contact with the pole on your top leg to help guide you through the twist. When you are more confident with this you can take your top leg off to twist as it becomes less painful.
  • Make sure you have a good grip behind the back of the knee before trying this move.
  • Keep this move low to the ground at first. Each time you successfully do it, try it a little higher on the pole. Lowering your legs can be a little tricky so try lower until you feel more confident.
  • Use that bottom thigh – keep pushing your outside thigh into the pole to make it easier to twist as you can use this thigh to grip and hold some weight.
  • Before you twist, make sure that your bottom arm is straight and is taking some of your weight.
  • Keep trying! I have yet to meet anyone who did this the first time.
  • The twist is the trickiest part. Keep going with it and you will get there.
  • When you first try it you may feel you will never get it – as long as you keep trying you will!

Now get on the pole and make the superman pole move yours! 😀

Build Your Strength for Pole Dance

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Holly Munson

Pole Dance Instructor & PoleFreaks Founder

Holly started pole dancing after admiring the grace, skill and elegance of pole performances and immediately falling in love with the style. After half a decade of bruises, struggling and then the satisfaction of success, her own pole school Firefly Poles was born. The vision is to share that same passion with others.
Holly wished that there was more Pole Dancing help available when I was learning, so now she aims to provide that help through writing, blogging and teaching here on PoleFreaks.
Holly is also a Level 4 advanced personal trainer and an ambassador for Dragonfly pole wear, and also writes regularly for the Dragonfly blog .

Recent Pole Competition Results:

2017: Miss Pole Dance UK Semi-Pro Instructor - 1st Place

2015: Pole2Pole Professional Cup Final - 1st Place
2015: Pole2Pole British Isles Pole Dance Champs - 1st Place

Pole Dance Classes in Norwich

Zhanna Ukraintseva - choreographer of Super Janne Dance School, and Superman's girlfriend

The girl with the super prefix - perhaps, this sentence can fit almost everything about Zhanna Ukraintseva - about Super Zhanna, the choreographer of Super Janne Dance School, and Superman's girlfriend. We meet Zhanna in her super-studio, and she immediately begins to prepare for shooting - she moves the mirrors in the hall to create a super atmosphere. “This studio is not so underground,” Zhanna says. “Why does it have to be underground?” I ask. “Well, we are used to seeing dance schools with somewhat marginal interiors. And for me, cleanliness, freshness, a civilized passage from the street to the hall are important. To make everyone feel comfortable."
I turn on the recorder and ask Zhanna the first question.

Your school is called Superman's Girlfriends…
Yes, but actually there are two names, - Zhanna immediately corrects me, - Super Janne Dance School and Superman's Girlfriends. Super Jane is a nickname that I once got, and therefore we did not puzzle over the name of the school for a long time. Girlfriends are one of the components of my school. The Super Janne Dance School includes different directions, individual classes, classes with children, productions of wedding and private dances. Superman's girlfriends are a team or a ballet, they perform their performances at events, compete in competitions, appear in clips and photo shoots, participate in backup dances with stars.
Superman's girlfriends are girlfriends who support a man or save the world with him?
More like both. For me, Superman's Girlfriends is something that embodies my ideology in understanding what a woman should be. They are like superwomen - kind, beautiful, elegant, beautifully built, able to present different images and generally be different depending on the situation, have a strong spirit and wisdom. Eat healthy food and do not have bad habits. Although in fact I don’t support the desire for some kind of super-perfection, that is, “the desire for the ideal” for me is rather the improvement of my features and the correct presentation of my appearance, and not the desire for parameters that someone called ideal - why is this? Superman's girlfriend in a difficult situation can simply say to herself: I am a superwoman, I will succeed. And go ahead.
Who do you think could be Superman's Girlfriend? Any? And can anyone be taught to dance?
Yes, I think everyone can. Then it all depends on the desire of the person - whether he likes to do it or not. For some, it is simply enough to observe the culture from the outside, to feed on this energy.

But Girlfriends must make some effort, right? They don't just dance, look after themselves and so on?
Of course. Beginners know the base of movements, the score. Superman's girlfriends know me. We become close in energy, connected spiritually. In general, real girlfriends.

You often do photo shoots in different looks, whether you are a cheerleader or a hip-hoper. What images would you like to embody?
The aesthetics of French erotica is very close to me. I like bright feminine expressions. I like the images of female silhouettes in intimate red light, I like the sensual and passionate expressiveness of body parts: hips, lips, hands, shoulders. It's all coming to me from Paris. Perhaps we will do a similar photo shoot by February 14th.
You did an internship in Paris. Do you have a favorite place there?
Yes, there is. This is the Juz De Bou school. I go there periodically. The last time I came to the school, it was being renovated and there was not a single person in the building. Nobody at all. I walked through the halls, through the dressing rooms; I walked around the school and realized how much this place gave me; remembered what happened within those walls. I met many top dancers there. There I learned a lot, I saw a lot of how people can work in general.

Is the teaching style different from our dance school?

Yes, different. At least the fact that we have lessons for an hour, and they have one and a half. Then, in our system, in most cases, everything relies on bundles (going from one element to another). And in Europe, the emphasis is on improvisation, on buildup. More independent work.

Do you think it's enough just to feel good about your body to move beautifully? And can all emotions be given vent in dance?
There are two types of people in dancing. The first ones are horyas. They clearly build their dance, solid logic. And there are people who just listen and beat the music. But I think that in any case there should be both. And the most important thing is energy. It is energy that distinguishes a simple dancer from a talented one.

Is there a stereotype that there are fewer male dancers than dancers? How many male dancers do you know?
I know all the male dancers in this city,” Zhanna makes an even gesture with her hand, “a joke. However, I do know a lot of people. We grew up together, and professionally too, we competed at the same competitions, and in general we crossed paths in many places. Now it's great to watch each other. The only thing is that men have less choice in terms of dance directions, but this does not bother them. And, of course, there are fewer men everywhere, starting from school - there are always more girls in the classes.
Such a question: if a male dancer starts a relationship with a female dancer, does this somehow affect their work? If they don’t dance in pairs, of course, there is another case.
I think it would be easier for young people if girls understood that, for example, at a certain time he has to go to training or just work out alone. For some, it’s generally better to leave all the dances in the hall and not discuss “how do you like this track”, “how do you like this style”. Everything depends on the person himself.

It is believed that shoes are a key detail in the image of a man. For you personally, what is your favorite men's shoes?
Of course, I prefer sneakers. But recently I thought about what style I like in men in general, and came to the conclusion that it all depends on the mood. When it's a brutal street style, when it's America's style of the forties, and when it's a rock star style with gothic elements.

Do you prefer designer clothes or can you get dressed in the mass market?
And so, and so.

Do you have a favorite item? Well, let's say, with which you have some story connected or which just cheers you up?
IPhone cheers me up!

Well, the iPhone cheers everyone up. Maybe a hat? I see you love hats.
Yes, there is such a thing. It's a black brim hat. Once we performed at a sporting event, after which there was supposed to be an after-party. I didn’t have time to get ready for the party at all - literally twenty minutes. By the end of the day, the makeup was dripping, the hair was completely disheveled. I didn’t know what to do, and in the end I just put on this hat, under which neither makeup nor hair was visible.

And finally, where did your nickname Super Zhanna come from?

Some time ago, about 5 years ago, Matvey (Chase from AVG) and I once rode bikes at night. And I say to him: “Matvey, if we need to stop, let’s not shout to each other“ Hey there, I want to drink, ”but let’s give each other some nicknames for cool racers.” And here he was Racer MO, and I shouted to him "Raceper MO, we need to make a stop!", and he called me Super Jane. Well, that's all.

And so Super Jane went through life.

Interview: Anna Deiko

Photo: Kristina Vlasova

Coordinator: Daria Melnikova

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Tricks - Page 2 of 6

Element SUPERMAN is perhaps one of the most popular pole tricks in the world, and at the same time the most spectacular, with the relative simplicity of its execution.

English versions of the name: Batman, Superman.

Trick name origin: This element is hard to confuse with others! It is worth stretching your free hand forward, and now you are already a superhero flying to help someone!


There are a lot of exits to this trick: through the hanging on the far leg, through the fold, “barrel”, “martini”, etc. The most popular exit option is through the hanging on the far leg by throwing it to the other side of the pole.

Important: The element looks the more aesthetically pleasing, the more the following nuances of its execution are present:

— Good deflection in the back;

- Optional gestures - "decorations", first of all - the dancer's free hand stretched forward towards the audience with a beautifully opened hand;

- Visual contact with the viewer, because this is one of the few tricks that allows the performer to "work with his face" and show his acting skills.

Note: For the first time in the course of mastering this trick, students experience severe pain when squeezing the pole with their feet. Don't worry, this will pass soon, and the element will seem to you, let's not be afraid of tautology, elementary! The only thing that matters here is practice.

Element STARFISH is one of the most incredible and gravity-defying advanced and pro level stunts.

English name: StarFish.

Name options: Starfish.

Origin of trick : It is believed that the "Starfish" element was invented by the Hindus to be performed on the mallakhamba. If you watch videos of Hindu wrestlers performing, you will definitely find this element. The trick got its name due to the outward resemblance of the pose to the silhouette of a starfish.


First you need to learn how to perform the element from the floor. Place your far foot on the base of the pole and hook the toe of your near foot on the pole at about head height. The knee of the upper leg should be turned towards the ceiling to increase traction. If you feel that you are holding on, let go of your hands: first the lower one, then the upper one. Important: The element is quite difficult and painful, so it is worth training it when your level of pylon skill is already quite high. When performing a trick not from the floor, but from the pylon, be sure to lay a mat or ask a friend to insure you.

Element FELIX FOLD is a subject of sigh for many even advanced level pylonists and Hit No. 1 of 2008, which forever inscribed the name of its author in the history of Pole Dance!

Alternative names: Chicken on a spit, Chicken on a spit, Spachcock.

English name: Spatchcock.

The origin of the trick: " Felix Fold" is the original trick of the Australian performer and current Director of her own Pole Dance Academy in Melbourne, Felix Cane, who, according to her, has been training this element for 3 years. Largely due to this beautiful element, Felix won the Miss Pole Dance Australia - 2008 competition. Subsequently, the trick quickly acquired a new name - Spatchcock, or Chicken on a Spit, since the pose, especially on a dynamic pylon, invariably evoked corresponding associations in the audience.


One of the possible entrances to the element starts with the “Sholdermount” with a female grip. Raise your legs up and hook the pole with the heel of the leg that is on top of you, between your hands. After that, move your lower hand to point-blank range, pushing off the pole to hook the pole with your other foot from below. Move your hand in front of the pole so that your shoulders are resting on the pole and push your torso further behind the pole. Now you can release your hands.

Important: To perform the trick, you must have worked out a confident "Fold" * with open legs! You need to be able to touch the floor with your chest with your heels lying on the cubes. Remember that you need to pull the “Fold” with your back arched and try to reach the floor not with your shoulders or even with your chest, but with your stomach (abs muscles).

Element SCORPIO is one of the most popular tricks for beginners.

English name: Butterfly.

Name options: Butterfly, Swastika.

Not to be confused with: Scorpio trick (hanging on the near leg).

Origin of the name of the trick: This is exactly the case when there is a significant difference between the Russian and English names of the same trick, which can cause confusion. In many foreign schools, under the trick "Scorpio" ("Scorpion") they mean Hang on the near leg , with a similar position of the legs, and the element we are considering is usually called 9 abroad0014 "Butterfly" ("Butterfly"). In Russia, the name “Scorpio” is much more common, and “Butterfly” is a similar position with straight legs “ Extended Butterfly” , which we considered earlier. Be prepared to meet both variants of the name for this element.


The trick is performed from a hang on the far leg. The far hand is placed on the pylon near the thigh with the ring up, or with an eversion grip. The second hand is placed in a thrust, after which it is necessary to deploy the body facing the pylon.

Note: "Scorpion" will look more beautiful if you bend more in the back and pull the toe towards the head into the Ring.

Element FOLD on the pylon is the simplest base level trick.

English name: Inverted pike.

Not to be confused with: Felix crease trick.

The origin of the name of the trick: The trick is a basic one, many elements in pole dance are performed from it. The name "fold" is borrowed from gymnastics, when performing the element, the performer, as it were, "folds in half" - straight legs stretch to the stomach, forming a "fold". At the same time, in the English version, such a position of the legs is called “pike” (“peak, spear”).


Hang on the far leg and move the near leg to the stomach, pressing it as close to you as possible. Now the pole is securely clamped between the thigh and the stomach, you can lower the second leg to the stomach in the crease. The legs should be moved straight and in a circle so that the performance is aesthetic.

Note: Many elements use a pole pinch with the near foot. If you master the pleat, it will be much easier for you to do the Jamilla Split, Hanging Change of Legs, etc.

Item SUNRISE is considered suitable for beginners and intermediates.

English name: Sunrise.

Not to be confused with: Superman trick.

Trick name origin: Sun Rise means "Sunrise" in English. The beautiful curves of the body and the hand raised up to the sky - that's what makes us think about the dawn and the beginning of a new day.


The trick is very similar to "Superman", but the grip on the pylon is less stable with it. Most often, an element from the “rider” is performed with the straightening of the upper leg and the turn of the body. And yet, from "sunrise" you can go into "superman" or "sholder".

Proudly named element RUSSIAN TWINE is one of the most famous pylon tricks in the world and, perhaps, one of the most beautiful.

English name: Russian Split.

Trick origin: This twine was named Russian for a reason, because in 2008-2009. he first began to appear at competitions precisely with Russian pylonists. At first, the trick was performed only from the floor, but in 2009 it was “lifted” to the pylon, and now it is included in the trick program of many pole dance artists.

Important to note: The element is quite difficult, because you need to have not only a good stretch, but also strong arms to keep your body in a horizontal position and then pull yourself back to the pole. Moreover, you need to make sure that the stubborn leg does not slip, because the main support goes to the foot, and there is nothing to insure yourself in case of something. But do not worry, in the hands of an experienced trainer you can not be afraid and master this beautiful and fascinating element in a short time.

Basic trick SLINGSHOT is not an independent, but rather an "intermediate", transitional element, used mainly for climbing with a flip to the pylon.

English name: Chopper, Open-V.

Variants of the name: Footboard.

Origin of the name of the trick: It is obvious that because of the shape of the opening of the legs, this trick is called "slingshot" or "spreading". But the English version is also quite interesting, because “chopper” means helicopter, and your legs reminded the authors of the helicopter blades. You should also pay attention to the name Open-V, as it means opening the legs in a V shape. You will find the qualifier V in many foreign names of elements where you need to hold your legs in a slingshot, such as the V-flag, Shoulder Mount V.


Usually this element is the first "victory" for beginners in pole dance. Ideally, it should be performed solely due to the strength of the abdominal muscles with raising straight (and not at all bent at the knees!) Legs. Hands are placed at the level of the head, the farthest from above, the nearest one from below, as if “embracing” the pylon. You can put your hands higher, but then you will have to pull yourself up during the execution of the element, which complicates the process. You can start learning the trick by throwing the legs bent at the knees and then straightening them, while the pylon rests on the waist.

Important: In order for the hips to go up, it is necessary not only to make a good leg swing, but also to take the shoulders down, thus outweighing the body. Remember to keep a firm grip on the pylon while doing this.

Element BIRD OF PARADISE is a trick for the "Advanced/Pro" level from the so-called "second wave of Pole Dance elements".

English name: Bird of paradise.

Not to be confused with: Bird trick.

Trick origin: The Bird of Paradise trick is relatively new, having become widely known only in 2014. Invented the Marlo Fisken element, a dancer with extensive experience, the creator of the Pole Flow direction. The yoga-inspired trick, due to the similar foothold, was named after the pose "Svarga Dvidasana", which means "Bird of Paradise" in translation.


The trick is performed from a hang on the far leg. It is necessary to turn the body so that the back "lies" on the pole. Then you need to bring the elbow of the far arm behind the pole, while the neck “hugs” the pole on the other side. Then pull the nearest leg with your near hand, hug it under the elbow in front and clasp your hands in the castle. Only now is it possible to remove the far leg from the pole and take it back into the split.

Note: The trick requires a very good stretch. Before doing it, be sure to warm up your back, sides and shoulder girdle.

Element MARCHENKO'S RAINBOW is a kind of business card of any "pro" level performer, it is this trick that made its author famous all over the world.

Origin of the trick: A beautiful and complex element borrowed from a circus puff in half-dance thanks to a circus performer and later a talented pylonist Valeria Poklonskaya (Marchenko). According to Valeria, the most difficult thing was to come up with an entry into this element, and the rest just "came out of nowhere in my head." By the way, the name "rainbow" was not given to the trick by the author, but was given later among half-dancers.


The entrance to the element is carried out through the four, the hands are placed in the same position as in the "brassmanka". Then, with the far hand, you need to intercept the near leg and open the twine.

Learn more