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Serena Williams reminded the Wimbledon tennis club crowd that although she’s now living the high life in the rich sport of tennis, she came from the tough streets of Compton. After beating Maria Sharapova in straight sets in the 2012 Womens Singles tennis final, William’s proceeded to celebrate by performing an impromptu Crip Walk. ‘I didn’t think it could get better than winning Wimbledon,’ an elated Williams said after the game. When asked about the Crip Walk, William’s said ‘I don’t think I’ve ever danced like that, I don’t even know where the dance came from.’

Watch the short video of Serena below:

Serena William’s not only holds securing a career Golden Slam in tennis, she now holds the record of being the first sports person to do the C-Walk in the Olympics!


Crip Walk Pictures

Snoop Dogg doing the Crip Walk The Crip Walk



The Crip Walk originated in the 1970s in Compton, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. The Crip walk is often referred to throughout many rap songs, including Xzibit tracks such as “Get Your Walk On” and J-kwon’s “Hood Hop”. The C-Walk was originally a symbolic dance strictly for Crip gang members in the early 1980s in South Central Los Angeles, however by the early 1990’s the dance had evolved into a popular hip-hop dance. Today the dance is known to many as the “Clown Walk”. The dance was originally used by Crip members to spell out their names and other Crip symbols. Gang members would often spell out the word “Bloods”, the name of their rival gang, before crossing it out with a nimble movement of the feet. It is believed that the Crip Walk was used as a signal to initiate robberies – a lookout would scout out a location while other crip members watched and waited for the C-Walk to signal that the coast is clear. It is also believed that the Crip Walk was performed soon after the slaying of a rival gang-members.


Today the C-Walk has received mass media coverage and now has now become mainstream after West Coast rap icons such as Ice-T and WC performed the dance live on stage. Rapper Snoop Dogg has made it very clear to his listeners that the dance is dangerous and should not be performed by non-gang members: Snoop Dogg – Streets “And just cause we talkin’, what you doin’ C-Walking? It’s not just a dance it’s a way a’ living Now if ya C-Walking, ya best to “see” Crippin’ And that goes for kids too, and R&B singers N1gga quit Crip-Walking if ya ain’t a gang banger” In an attempt to perform the same style of dance while distancing itself from previous ties, variations on the dance such as the Clown Walk have appeared. The original move has been now labeled The “V”. This move involves moving your body by making “V” shaped movements with the feet. Bouncing around in the “V” motion allowed gang members to spell out names and words.


Variations Other variations have been developed, such as:

The Shuffle – This involves moving the feet backwards and forwards. This style of dance appears in Snoop Dogg’s music video “The Streets”

The Heel-Toe – This move involves crossing on leg to make a part twist with the toes and heels. This move involves your right foot being directly at 90 degrees behind the left foot to make the partial twist. It is said to be a much harder move to learn. This move has recently been popularized as one of the major Clown Walking techniques.

The Snake – This is another Clown Walk movement. The dancer must move his front leg left and his right on his heel, shortly being followed by his back leg.


Misspelled and Altered spelling In recent times The Crip Walk or C-Walk has been referred to as the “Crypt walk”, “Krypt walk” and “Krip walk” – Possibly by mistake, or possibly to remove all reference to the original dance.


Dance Origins believes The Top 10 Songs to Crip Walk to are:

1 – Xzibit – Get your Walk On 2 – Xzibit – Multiply 3 – J-kwon – hood hop 4 – 2Pac – Loyal to The Game 5 – Westside connection – gangsta nation 6 – Tonedeff -Heads Up 7 – Xzibit – Alkoholik 8 – Mase – Breathe, Stretch, Shake 9 – 2pac – Still Ballin 10 – Cunninlynguists – 616 Rewind


Crip Walk Steps – How to do the Crip Walk The How to Crip Walk Steps

a) Stand up with both feet together.

b) Jump & turn towards the right slightly.

c) Land with right foot in front on heel & left foot towards the back on toes.

d) Jump & turn slightly to the left and land how you began, with both feet together.

e) Do the same with left foot in front as you turn slightly to the left.


Explanation First stand up tall & relax. It will look strange if you’re all tense. Now, position your feet about 3 inches apart. For people right handed, start with your right foot, for people left handed start with your left foot. Now make a baby step hop on to your better foot. Your foot should end up at a 45 degree angle & your toes should be up with your heel on the floor. Then you slightly bend your knees & put your foot down. Repeat the same pattern with your other foot. It sounds pretty confusing, but it’s not. It just takes time & effort.


Tip: You can add some quick jumping to the left and right rapidly, harlem, wave, whatever for style. But for the basic concept of crip walk, the above explains it well.


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Pole-Dancing for Snoop Dogg | OZY

Last week, University of Kansas Director of Athletics Jeff Long invited Snoop Dogg to be Snoop Dogg at an event. When Snoop Dogg did just that, Long then felt the need to issue an apology. No word at press time whether Longs apology has been accepted.

I was 17. ’N Sync was in town at the SAP Center, and my best friend and I quickly bought nosebleed-section tickets. The high-pitched screams of 20,000 teenage girls were deafening. I screamed as loud as I could for my main man JT, but it was drowned out by my raging jealousy.

“Why do they get to be onstage! That should be me! One day it’s gonna be me!”

I tried to enjoy myself, but I was so angry that they were having the moment up there I was sure I should be having. Little did I know that my Christian-club, cover-the-cleavage-and-never-said-a-swearword self would be getting two calls 18 years later. Calls to just, you know, see what I was doing on Saturday night.

Why? Well, because Snoop Dogg needed pole-dancers.


The first time I got the call I was given three days’ notice for a gig that was almost three hours away, and on a night I was supposed to have dinner with my mom. I apologized to my mom, rescheduled dinner and wrangled my 21-year-old niece to make the drive with me.

While we drove I dialed everyone I ever knew to tell them it was really happening: I was getting paid to dance at a Snoop Dogg concert. A year before I had gotten the same text from a friend saying that Snoop needed dancers. The concert came and went, and I never heard another thing about it.

When we got to the venue, I hung around the stage and snagged some paparazzi-style video of Snoop walking by me right before he went on. When it was my turn to go onstage, I was so scared. It was an outdoor venue and the crowd went farther back than I could see and even though none of them were there to see me, all of them could see me.

I did the same set of three moves all night and forgot that I even knew how to dance. To wind me into more of a mess, I was sitting on the pole during “I Wanna Fuck You” and the laces on my boots got tangled. I couldn’t move. I was at the top of the pole, trapped.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Snoop strolling over with a money gun. A money gun is exactly what it sounds like: a toy gun that sprays money. In this case, though, it sprayed Snoop bucks, fake money with Snoop’s face all over it.

While the other girls did something cool when Snoop was making it rain, there I was: stuck. When Snoop shot me with the money gun, I tried to look cool and whip my hair and arch my back. But the moment was over. 

The author (far left) with the other dancers and the Doggfather himself.

Source Kimmy Fitzpatrick

And after Snoop left the stage? My boots magically became unstuck. But by this time the money had stopped raining down and I proceeded to forget how to body roll or really do anything, while the other girls killed it. 

After the concert, Snoop was standing about 10 feet from me, waiting to leave. “Hey, Uncle Snoop, I was one of your pole-dancers. Do you mind taking a picture with me?”

That’s what I should have said. Instead, I stood there staring at him as he got in his car and drove off. I waved at the tinted windows as he drove past. Cold comfort.

On the long drive back home I had plenty of time to think about all of the people who were going to be disappointed with me for not getting a picture with Snoop. I pounded two double shots of Starbucks in a can and a Red Bull and got over it. After I got home, I posted the only reasonably decent clip of me dancing that night and bragged to the internet about how I got to dance for Snooooop!

A month later, I got a call that Snoop was coming to the SAP Center. 

“Are you free to perform again?” 

Redemption! I was determined for this time to go better.  I picked new outfits and new shoes, and started flashing back to my teenage dream of performing on the SAP Center stage.

As it turns out, the concert featured all of the Kings of West Coast rap. I got to take a photo with Ice Cube, who wasn’t super excited about taking a photo with me, saying, “Be quick.” When I saw Warren G I went full starstruck again but managed to get a two-second video of him walking by.

This time the dancers got to dance to six songs. I was pumped and fully ready to have a better money-gun moment. Except … Snoop didn’t bring the money gun this time. How was I supposed to have my moment if he didn’t have a reason to come over to me?

I thought I went all night without him noticing me up there until two days later, when one of my pole-dancer friends who had friends in the audience that night sent me a video. I was at the top of the pole when the song ended, and then Snoop turned toward me.

“Oh, wow! She went to the motherfuckin’ top of the pole. Wasn’t nuthin’ else up there. Damn. Bet she can’t do it on a dick like that.”

The author with the impresario.

Source Kimmy Fitzpatrick

Snoop laughed. The audience laughed. I did nothing because I didn’t hear him at the time. I just meandered down the pole and continued on my merry way. I’d like to think that had I heard him I would have taken advantage of the moment and had some viral interaction with Snoop that would somehow land me on The Ellen Show for my 15 seconds of fame.

Which I would have turned into 15 minutes by locking down some gigs and, eventually, a book deal. Although none of that came to pass, a sold-out concert did cheer for me. So there is that. And the big ego that goes with that.

An ego big enough that after the show I followed our ring leader, Nicole the Pole, and camped out by the side of the stage. I was going to catch Snoop on the way out for a picture. No ifs, ands or buts.

I stood quietly while Nicole got his attention. Then I pounced and got my photo.

Snoop thanked us and said that we did a great job. I told him, “Thank you,” and asked him to say hi to my husband on video.

“Hi, Kirk” was the last thing I heard Snoop Dogg say. Another bucket list item is now checked, and I can lay at least one of my teenage dreams to rest. 

Dance Plane - C-Walk


Crip Walk is the basic style from which various modifications are derived. He is not very fast, so all the attention of the dancer is focused on the correct style. In improvisation, movements can be repeated, and the pauses between them can be long.

In recent years C-Walk has spawned other types of dances such as the Clown Walk and its own interpretation of the Bloods called Blood Walk or simply Blood Bounce or B-Walk.

The Clown Walk was created to distinguish between the dance style and the dance of the Crips gang. This has been done in many schools to reduce gang activity, but not to ban the dance.

Although Crip Walk and Clown Walk are often confused, they are different from each other. Since they both start with the letter C, they are called C-Walk for short. This creates some confusion, although significant differences can be identified in them. Clown Walk, on the one hand, is a form of dance that has evolved from Crip Walk. It is usually faster than Crip Walking (which, in principle, may not always be a pronounced difference). Its basic moves are the same as those of Crip Walk, such as The Shuffle and The V, but in Clown Walk they are performed in a more mobile and entertaining manner. It's basically an impromptu footwork, some of which evolved from Crip Walking.

What really sets Clown Walking apart from Crip Walking is that it doesn't feature gang signs and other gestures to position one's affiliation with one group or another. Clown Walk is a dance adapted to hip-hop culture. Many dancers who perform the Clown Walk do it in public or in front of a camera so that they can improve their moves by finding mistakes and getting advice from the discussion. Clown Walking is both footwork and improvisation, although some people include other dance styles such as popping and waving to make it even more interesting for the audience. Clown Walking's movements are connected by transitions and are based on a musical beat. It must always be remembered that Clown Walk is an improvisation, which means that the dancer must look at ease, as if he is just walking. Anyone who has mastered Clown Walking can freely improvise without planning the sequence of steps.

The V is a movement adopted from Cripwalking. It consists of movements forming the letter B by moving the feet from side to side. Variations of this movement can allow you to move the way you want, from left to right, forward or backward.

The V Step - Performing a V with one foot while the other is pushing off the floor.

The V Back Step - a variation of the V - step back with one foot when you make a "tick" with your feet.

The Foward V (V-Forward) - a variation of V for moving forward, just like left or right.

The Shuffle is a set of movements that allows the legs to move alternately back and forth in a toe jump. To begin, take your right leg back while putting your left leg forward. Although this movement is very simple to execute, adding to it can make this move more spectacular and more difficult.

The Shuffle Kick is a type of shuffling where instead of moving your foot forward on your toe, you put your foot on your heel.

The Shuffle Spin - When you perform a shuffle, you slow down and spin on one foot while bringing the other to your knee. Usually a 180 or 360 degree rotation is performed.

The Heel-Toe is a movement that involves twisting the body with your right foot on the heel and the other behind on the toe. Although the movement looks difficult to perform, it is actually very simple and is often used only by beginners in Clown Walking.

Inverted Heel-Toe - the movement is exactly the same as the previous one, but with the right foot turned in the opposite direction.

The Heel-Hop is another popular Crip Walk movement. This movement is similar to the Heel-Toe, but it does not need to make turns - just transfer the support from one foot to the other.

The Shuffle . First, clean your shoes of sand. Then jump or slide one foot back and the other forward. Your back foot should be in the same place as the heel of your front foot - or vice versa, depending on which foot you started with. Then you jump or slide again - this time so that your back foot takes the position of the front front leg - the position in which the back was. You need to change the positions of your feet and repeat this movement - this will be the shuffling. Tips: keep your foot close to the floor when you do this so that the movement looks like you are sliding. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't work out exactly right at first - it will take some time before you reach the desired speed of movement.

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Translation Olly Murs feat. Snoop Dogg

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Olly Murs
Big Snoop Dogg
You know we 'bout to make moves, ya dig?

[Verse 1: Olly Murs]
I walk in the club like a million bucks
First I hit the bar for a couple of shots
Wink at the beautiful women, I think I'm makin' 'em blush
Then I spill my drink tryna cover it up
Got the dad dance moves, they ain't ready for 'em
Got the Batman groove, go steady on them

Hey señorita in a beautiful dress
Do you wanna dance? She's tellin' me "yes"

[Pre-Chorus: Olly Murs]
I got confidence in myself
But that's just Tequila giving me help
Tryna cover it up, so you never tell
I feel like dancin' with you

[Chorus: Olly Murs]
It's your moves, baby
'Cause I can't dance in the way that you do
But I got that love that you ain't used to, hey
And when the DJ's spinnin' that song that we groove to
Oh my, come and teach me how to dance

[Verse 2: Olly Murs]
Slow down!

And DJ, play that track
Check out my kung-fu kicks, like I'm under attack
I wave my arms like this from front to back
But you never seen a bad mother dance like that
Then you're picking me up with a kiss on the lips
Jump into the middle, come on, wiggle your hips
Source teksty-pesenok. ru
My love, take my hand, I'll give you a spin
Step once, step twice, let the party begin

[Pre-Chorus: Olly Murs]
I got confidence in myself
But that's just Tequila giving me help
Tryna cover it up, so you never tell
I feel like dancin' with you

[Chorus: Olly Murs & (Snoop Dogg)]
It's your moves, baby
'Cause I can't dance in the way that you do (yeah)

But I got that love that you ain't used to, hey
And when the DJ's spinnin' that song that we groove to
Oh my, come and teach me how to dance

[Verse 3: Snoop]
Dance to the rhythm of the D.O. dog, G and a thug
Watch how I be in the club
Lookin', starin', darin', comparin'
In my book, they say sharin' is carin'
So give me a taste (ha ha)
And make your hips just dip to the bass
And watch me run the line
See what I come to find?

[Chorus: Olly Murs & Snoop Dogg]
It's your moves, baby (ya dig?)
'Cause I can't dance in the way that you do (yeah)
But I got that love that you ain't used to (ha ha), hey (Snoop!)
And when the DJ spinnin' that song that we groove to
Oh my, come and teach me how to dance
It's your moves, baby (dance to the rhythm of the D. O. dog)
'Cause I can't dance in the way that you do (in my book, they say sharin' is carin')
But I got that love that you ain't used to (dance to the rhythm of the D.O. dog)
And when the DJ spinnin' that song that we groove to
(you know we about to make moves)
Oh my, come and teach me how to dance (ya dig?)

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
Olly Murs is here
Big Snoop Dogg
You know we're going to move, you know?

[Verse 1: Olly Murs]
I walk in the club like a million bucks
First I go to the bar for a couple of drinks,
Wink at pretty women, I feel like I'm blushing them
Then I spill my drink and try to hide it.
I have daddy's dance moves, they are not ready for them
I have Batman style, I'm getting closer

Hey senorita in a beautiful dress
Do you want to dance? She says yes to me.

[Pre-Chorus: Olly Murs]
I'm confident,
But it's just tequila that helps me,
I try to hide it so you won't know0075 I want to dance with you.

[Chorus: Olly Murs]
It's all about your moves baby
'Cause I can't dance like you
But I have a love that you are not used to,
And when the dj puts on a song that we'll rock to
My God, come and teach me how to dance.

[Verse 2: Olly Murs]
Do not rush!

And you, DJ, play this track.
Check out my kung fu leg moves like I'm being attacked
I wave my arms like this, front to back.
But you've never seen a badass motherfucker dance like that
And then you peck me on the lips.
Jump in the circle, come on, swing your hips0075 Source
Darling, take my hand, I will spin you,
One step, two steps, let the party begin.

[Pre-Chorus: Olly Murs]
I'm confident,
But it's just tequila that helps me,
I try to hide it so you won't know0075 I want to dance with you.

[Chorus: Olly Murs & Snoop Dogg]
It's all about your moves baby
'Cause I can't dance like you

But I have a love you're not used to
And when the dj puts on a song that we'll rock to
My God, come and teach me how to dance.

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