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Lil Key

Footwork ! 🔥🤣 #ohnana #ohnanana #ohnananachallenge #fyp #foryoupage #fy #trending #viral #dance

158.6K Likes, 473 Comments. TikTok video from Lil Key (@bmorelilkey): "Footwork ! 🔥🤣 #ohnana #ohnanana #ohnananachallenge #fyp #foryoupage #fy #trending #viral #dance". Oh Nanana - Remix.


Oh Nanana - Remix - dj 6rb & Bonde R300


Camryn Lockhart

nana the dancing queen🤩⭐️👑 #meangirls #AmazonMusicJingleBellTok #GEICOGiveHappy #jinglebellrock

TikTok video from Camryn Lockhart (@camrynclaire): "nana the dancing queen🤩⭐️👑 #meangirls #AmazonMusicJingleBellTok #GEICOGiveHappy #jinglebellrock". Jingle bell rock.


Jingle bell rock - The Best Videos 🎞



@the1975 really punched me in the gut with this one #nana #the1975 #dance

TikTok video from cambro (@camrynbrothers): "@the1975 really punched me in the gut with this one #nana #the1975 #dance". original sound.


original sound - cambro


Hi I'm Susan

Part Two! #fyp #nana #dance #bay

191.6K Likes, 2.1K Comments. TikTok video from Hi I'm Susan (@susan.the.nana): "Part Two! #fyp #nana #dance #bay". Spaz.





Oh na na an tutorial! #ohnananachallenge #tutorial #ohnananachallenagetutorial #howto #dance #foryou #foryoupage #challengetutorial #dancetutorial

154. 2K Likes, 667 Comments. TikTok video from alecia_tolosa (@alecia_tolosa): "Oh na na an tutorial! #ohnananachallenge #tutorial #ohnananachallenagetutorial #howto #dance #foryou #foryoupage #challengetutorial #dancetutorial". Tutorial oh nanana dance | -Right -Left -Triple right -Left | -Hop to Right -Hit opposite side of foot -Step down -Touch left feet behind you | .... original sound.


original sound - alecia_tolosa



Nana is a queen #fyp #preppy #ShowUrGrillSkillz #FilmTeyvatIslands #mascara #tanned #nana #gramsdance #nanadances

5.9K Likes, 39 Comments. TikTok video from Isabella (@bellasvlogs6): "Nana is a queen #fyp #preppy #ShowUrGrillSkillz #FilmTeyvatIslands #mascara #tanned #nana #gramsdance #nanadances". original sound.


original sound - ⠀



Nana said she did the dance so well she’s going viral guys! You are viral in my eyes!@nanadoran #fy #fyp #viral #nana #winter #colorado

TikTok video from Denver (@daisies_and_dandelion): "Nana said she did the dance so well she’s going viral guys! You are viral in my eyes!@nanadoran #fy #fyp #viral #nana #winter #colorado". Neon Moon .


Neon Moon - DJ Noiz



nana choreo 🧏🏻‍♀️❤️ @theestallion #nana #japan #dancer #dance #dancevideo #nanachore #choreography #ダンス #megantheestallion #バズりたい #オススメ乗ってたら教えて #インスタも見てね #fyp

TikTok video from 菜々 (@shoji_nana0): "nana choreo 🧏🏻‍♀️❤️ @theestallion #nana #japan #dancer #dance #dancevideo #nanachore #choreography #ダンス #megantheestallion #バズりたい #オススメ乗ってたら教えて #インスタも見てね #fyp". Body.


Body - Megan Thee Stallion

Dance Nana -

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When I started rehearsals, I soon felt how difficult it was for me. And it's not about the actors, because all of them were not random people: someone already played with me, someone met me for the first time, but after passing the casting. It seemed to me that Zola was not working today - this particular novel - that his letter, as well as Flaubert's, no longer corresponded to our perception. They are in a hurry, trying to put too much information into the page. "Nana" seemed almost like a Hollywood film, where the viewer is immediately taken by the breasts, the plot is fast-paced - as if a locomotive is traveling on rails. Today it is more interesting for me to slowly plunge into the inexplicable. I remember I said to the assistant: “Oh, how I don’t like this material anymore, how can it not go.” I didn't know how to get out. And there were weekends, I finally decided to watch Lars von Trier's film The House That Jack Built. And the next day - his "Nymphomaniac". And then everything worked out, I realized that I would be conducting a dialogue with Trier in this performance. And it became much easier to breathe.

Andriy Zholdak, interview with the Izvestia newspaper

Anna Blinova, a young Alexandrinsky actress, plays Nana with incredible dedication, boldly, frankly, difficultly, embarking on an experiment with a theater system unfamiliar to her, like with a drug that expands consciousness. Zholdak sculpts a character, starting from her psychophysics - thin, with small features, ordinary, a face from the crowd. What the director does with these colors, how he expands the range of its possibilities, is the most interesting thing in the play. He recodes the French femme fatale into a little rubbish that we can understand, a victim and a bitch at the same time, depraved, treacherous, rude and childishly defenseless. Kokotte from Zola's novel, who drove absolutely everyone crazy, from a young lesbian to a venerable Catholic, "the daughter of the Parisian streets, possessing a natural passion for grace", in the performance turns into a groovy girl of the South Russian spill.

theater magazine, blog

Nana is a child, a wounded deer, a broken doll, fragile, sharp, angry, Nana is a prostitute, Nana is a petty bourgeois, Nana is a disease. Anna Blinova plays Nana grandiosely, completely fearless, this role is a real event.
Knowing no shame, ready for any pain, any crazy ecstasy, she gives and torments her body, but nothing can fill that huge emptiness that gapes inside her, tossing and turning and hungering. Emptiness forces Nana to constantly twitch, dance, flutter, spin, bend in the most unimaginable poses. Her defenselessness is sometimes such that we see her turned inside out, as if she is a whole unhealed wound.
Nothingness stirs inside the fragile little Nana. She is thrown up by convulsions, but not by lust, but by the body, which seems to be dying. She constantly copulates, but in the play it happens mostly in emptiness, with emptiness. The innocence of this infinitely depraved creature is stunning, confusing. She senses her doom, as if the smell of decay is constantly haunting her, she rushes to love and loves as passionately and fruitlessly as she masturbates.
The world is taking advantage of her illness. Her power over men is just a crude illusion. Readers in a measured even voice ask her the trajectory of movement. The novel sounds like a sentence, Nana obediently plays whatever she is told. Nana grimaces, trying to fill her emptiness, albeit with chaos and dirt, but to drown out this sucking hunger. Nana stares into the emptiness in front of her with a terrible look of a madman, the emptiness is torn out.

Vladislav Kuprin

The performance follows the original source, ending with a terrible retribution for the "illegal" bodily permissiveness, but, fixing the conflict between the "bottom" and "top", does not rush to conclusions. No justifying romance, this is not love - but something stronger; attraction, body language, which is all the time in action, in eternal, pornographically uninhibited movement.

Cool Connections internet portal

Photographs by Vladimir Postnov used on this page

on - Na-Na above the earth lyrics, lyrics

Like the Sun and the Moon we will always be with you,
The whole world is dancing like clockwork
with us above the Earth.
"Na-Na" over Earth
The whole world at a glance will be in front of you,
The whole world is dancing like clockwork
with us above the Earth.

Your ears are in place, your eyesight is fine,
Only we can sing and jump around the site like that,
We are, we are cool, we are groovy guys,
Nervous please leave, fur coat-oak, opa-dries,
We are always happy to whistle, cheer,
We are Godzilla pops, we are stage monsters,
Look at us,
Yes, we are just atas,
We show the class exclusively for you,
We will revel from dawn to dusk,
We are on stage, we are with you, we are "Na-Na", "Na-Na", Na-Na".

"Na-Na" above the Earth
Like the Sun and the Moon, we will always be with you,
The whole world is dancing like clockwork
with us above the Earth.
"Na-Na" over Earth
The whole world at a glance will be in front of you,
The whole world is dancing like clockwork
with us above the Earth.

Look here - who we have here,
Our handsome Volodya, you can't take your eyes off,
God, how he sings, it's just a plague,
And all, all, all the girls are crazy about him,
Well, he knows how to build eyes so cool,
Which is probably self-indulgent.
And our other Vovka is a master of fun,
It's easy for him to get pinned - hello,
He will tie a knot for fun,
What would we all be away from him!
So with us guys you will not fall asleep from boredom,
We are here, we are with you - raise your hands!

How Pasha is dancing is a must see,
He sausages all day and all night until he drops,
Yes, there is clearly talent, there is no need to hide,
We all-all-all friendly envy him,
Yes, what is there to talk about - he jumps so cool,
That the whole universe has been crying for him for a long time.

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