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These Are Channing Tatum’s Best Moments in the Magic Mike Franchise

By Hannah Shortt

Magic Mike gave us a lot of laughs, amazing soundtracks and some fantastic dance scenes. Here’s some of Channing Tatum’s best moments in the films.

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On the surface, stripper movies often seem like gimmicks that draw audiences in with promises of nudity and sex around every corner. Once you dive a little deeper, most of these films have interesting characters and intriguing stories balanced out by amazing dance scenes. The Magic Mike franchise is an excellent example of stripper movies done right — due in large part to the fact that it's a Steven Soderbergh movie — and there are plenty of great moments throughout both installments in the series.

Magic Mike introduces titular protagonist Mike, played by the ever-entertaining Channing Tatum, as he attempts to fund his own small business by stripping at a nightclub. The sequel Magic Mike XXL shows the aftermath of his career: a few years after quitting the entertainment scene, he and his fellow Kings of Tampa decide to get in one last hurrah by performing at a stripping convention in South Carolina. There are countless hilarious, sweet, and real moments in the series. And with news that HBO Max will produce Magic Mike's Last Dance, here's a look back at some of Channing Tatum’s best moments in the Magic Mike films.

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7/7 The Umbrella Dance Scene (It’s Raining Men)

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This scene is tons of fun for several reasons. Mike leads his posse of dancers onstage in full trench coats and hats, which gives the whole performance a sultry, noir feel — the guys look like sex symbols that just walked off the set of Casablanca, and it's an interesting change of pace. Once the umbrellas come out, the guys use them as props in a way that's both hilarious and sexy! Mike does a phenomenal job leading the other strippers, and he takes center stage with some of his coolest dance moves yet.

6/7 Convincing Paris to Let the Kings Perform

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Throughout both films, we see Mike use his charm, good looks and smooth talk to achieve anything he sets out to do. When he faces off with Paris (Elizabeth Banks) at the stripping convention, the two are an even match; Paris gives him every reason his group can't perform, and Mike comes back with every reason they should get a spot in the show. It's an interesting dynamic of power, and Mike comes through to get his boys onstage. He's not willing to back down and cost the guys their opportunity for one last hurrah, and it adds a bit of integrity to his character.

5/7 The Original Pony Choreography

Of all of Channing Tatum's dance routines in film, his first choreography to Ginuwine's 'Pony' is the most fun to watch! The song is a smooth, sexy slow jam, but his moves are surprisingly high-energy and provide fantastic contrast. His jumps and turns are mesmerizing to watch, and there's no feeling like that split-second of panic when he flips off the stage and into the audience. This dance is iconic to the series, and rightfully so.

4/7 Pony, Revisited

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We can't talk about the first 'Pony' choreography without talking about the steamy follow-up! Tatum revisits his jam in Magic Mike XXL; we see him working in his shop several years after quitting the entertainment business, and the song comes on the radio. What follows is an incredible freestyle dance, and the way he uses his power tools as part of the performance lends to the improvised feel of it all. Mike is finally feeling himself again, and watching him come back to life is a joy. Plus, we get to see him add a chair to his routine, which is surprisingly uncommon in the films.

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3/7 “Make Her Smile”

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One of the sweetest moments in the franchise is the scene where Mike convinces fellow dancer Richie to make a young woman working in a gas station to smile. He's not encouraging Richie to hit on or harass her — rather, Mike is reminding him that their job as male entertainers is to make women happy. The gang is watching through the window while Richie works his magic, and the way they cheer when the cashier finally cracks a smile is truly wholesome. It's a sweet display of bromance and positive interaction between men and women that's rare in stripper flicks.

2/7 Walking the Beach With Brooke

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What makes this scene special is that there's no stripping going on. It's just a normal conversation between Mike and love interest Brooke as the two walk along the shore at the beach. Brooke admits that she doesn't understand the appeal of working as a stripper, and Mike responds with clarity that he has his reasons for enjoying it regardless of what other people think. It's not magical, romantic or sexual, and the duo actually agrees to disagree on their views. In the middle of all the movie's hypersexual themes, this is a nice human moment that rounds everything out. It also shows that couples aren't always perfect just because they're attractive.

1/7 The Drag Show at Mad Mary’s

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When the guys find themselves in the audience at a drag show, Mike challenges them to get onstage and show how committed they are to their careers as performers. Mike leads the charge and kicks things off with his own fantastic spin on voguing, and he encourages the entire gang to get wild and have fun. Some of them grab props like feather boas, and Tobias caps it all off in a fruit basket head wrap and heels! They're so entertaining that drag MC Tori Snatch tips them, and we're sure the entire audience would have done the same.

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And a good morning it is indeed. If you need a quick break from perusing all the drop-dead red carpet ensembles and stunning beauty looks from the Met Gala last night, here's a 17-second one—but it's 17 seconds full of abs and Channing Tatum. Magic Mike XXL dropped a flip-book-esque new teaser on us, and though it may be brief, it is certainly not lacking in the sexy department. Take a look: We have an XXL surprise for you this #Humpday- the full #MagicMikeXXL trailer! Enjoy this little treat from the boyshttps://t. co/6efY3pIz7y— Magic Mike (@magicmikemovie) May 4, 2015 The film also released a new poster yesterday, and in honor of May 4, it gave a Star Wars twist to our favorite male strippers. They've got all the force you need. #MagicMikeXXL #MayThe4thBeWithYou— Magic Mike (@magicmikemovie) May 4, 2015 Magic Mike XXL hits theaters July 1.


You're Welcome: Come See Joe Manganiello's Super-Sexy Magic Mike XXL Poster

Our jealousy of Sofia Vergara just increased tenfold: The actress's hunky fiance, Joe Manganiello, took to Twitter to reveal the latest poster for Magic Mike XXL. Not surprisingly, it's sexy to the max. Without further ado... Bigger is better... #BDR #MagicMikeXXL— Joe Manganiello (@JoeManganiello) April 27, 2015 Yowza. The actor and his abdominals are returning to play Big Dick Richie in the sequel, which follows Manganiello, Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, and Adam Rodriguez as they head to South Carolina for a stripping convention (obviously). By the looks of Manganiello's larger-than-life poster and this steamy trailer, the sequel might have us blushing more than the original—a feat I didn't think possible back in 2012. Magic Mike XXL hits theaters on July 1, but until then, who wants to join me in a game of "count the abs on Manganiello"?


The Magic Mike XXL Trailer Is Here!

If you thought Channing Tatum's first poster for Magic Mike XXL was hot—well, folks, there's much more where that came from, thanks to this just-released teaser trailer. Tatum dropped by The Ellen Show this morning to deliver the first preview, and as expected, it's 90 seconds of shirtless bliss. You're welcome: If there is one thing I just cannot get enough of, it's Channing Tatum's dance moves. And all.the.abs. And Ginuwine's "Pony." OK, OK, so three things! But all that said, I feel equal parts attraction and awkwardness at the first peek (as I did during the first movie)—anyone else? What do you think of the trailer?


Get Your First Look at the Magic Mike XXL Poster (Spoiler: It's Hot)

There's a reason we put the much-anticipated Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL, on our must-see movies of 2015: abs. And Channing Tatum, knowing how important this is, was kind enough to reveal a first look at the poster. Check it out: Look, but you can't touch...until tomorrow. Tune in to @theellenshow! #MagicMikeXXL— Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) February 3, 2015 Nice caption, Channing. He's going on The Ellen Show tomorrow to discuss the film—so stay tuned for more details. Who's excited?

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Both strip clubs and movies use music as a useful thing; one that is either unobtrusive enough to serve as a backdrop or can instantly create a label for a strong emotional response in the audience. While a film can be made without music or even sound, a stripper cannot strip without music. The only thing a dancer needs besides a bodily form is a rhythm to which he can dance. A dancer can dance without costume, makeup, or a stage, but without music, a stripper is just a sexy pantomime in a thong.

Magic Mike had a soundtrack with elements of classic rock and dark atmospheric indie - Toro Y Moi, Cloud Control, unknown - and the dance was not as integral to the plot as for Magic Mike XXL . It was a movie soundtrack where MMXXL has a strip club soundtrack. The former ends with Foreigner's "Feels Like the First Time" and the latter ends with DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win" and they, like Dallas Rising and Rome, two different club impresarios from each film, come from different stripper eras. as much as dancing and music.

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avalanche since I left you

Dropping the previous soundtrack format was as good a move as losing Alex Pettifer and Cody Horn. It has benefited from what looks like quite extensive research from the music director and some input from the cast. In the meantime, Joe Manganello made Naked , a documentary about a strip club in Dallas, and may have learned a bit about the type of music that is actually heard that is meant to excite the crowd - and that's what MMXXL music made.

MMXXL functions more like a musical, as it deliberately uses dance sequences to advance the plot; Mike doesn't talk about wanting to get the band back together, he dances to it when 'Pony' comes to his workshop. Richie's big cock finds his stripper's heart dancing to 'I wish it was like this'. Malik challenges 'Sex You' Mike. And in the end, they all learn something about themselves when they create new melodies for new songs in the finale. He could move smoothly onto the stage. They're even already playing out lyrics that are, for the most part, the R&B tradition of "this is what I want to do with you."

The film is at the heart of strip club culture with scenes set in Domina, an exclusive club run by Mike's former lover and work partner, Rome. All the best strip club ideas come from black clubs, especially in the south. Every good innovation in strip clubs, dance, music and costume styles originated in clubs in Atlanta, Houston or Miami. The way the Florida dancers feel when they walk in and see Augustus, Andre and Malik outdo them is exactly how they feel when they enter Magic City from The Cheetah. That's the future, that's how far behind you are with your firefighter routines and Kiss songs.

All the guys are working together to have their grand finale, with Malik and Andre joining the troupe and helping them create their new show shows, but apparently what just happened was a direct collaborative take on their excellent programs. This option applies to the audience. The physical act of making it rain by showering the dancers with bills? Not so long ago, there were clubs where it was frowned upon as a less elegant way to give strippers money than a decent move to tuck them into panties or garters. We're all better off for it that Fat Joe and Lil Wayne put it into vernacular and helped spread the practice.

Saint-Étienne - home counties

The songs played during the Domina scenes by Malik and Mike are by two artists from Atlanta, Bando Jonez and Jacquees. The importance of Atlanta strip clubs in hitmaking is well documented; The Atlanta strip club DJs have a team to help decide what gets into the rotation each week, which includes Billboard and GQ . If you've ever been to Magic City when a new track comes out, the interdependence of dancers on fresh music and artists on the strip club is obvious.

It's also an opportunity to pay homage to two of the best stripper songs of all time: 'Pony' and 'Closer'. Their beats are instantly recognizable, and both were at the forefront of their time: "Pony" is one of Timbaland's first massive hits, and "Closer" is arguably the most popular industrial song of all time. They never seemed dated, perhaps because I heard each of them at least twice a week at work while they were away.

This is not an exaggeration. My very first stage performance was Revolting Cocks' 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' and Nine Inch Nails' version of 'Closer' about a month after it came out. It's one of those songs that strippers fight to perform because it's so good and it resonates so much with the crowd. "Closer" might as well be strip club furniture. I can't even tell you exactly if I'm like like it or not, just like Richie couldn't tell if he liked "Hotter Than Hell" because he was always there.

The place of "Pony" in popular culture is obvious. There was a whole Tumblr dedicated to people making YouTube videos of them dancing alone to it, Ginuwine was a guest on 'Parks and Recreation', and a 'clean' version was even Sings on 'Glee'. The location of "Closer" isn't that easy to discern, although the influence of his video is everywhere, from the opening credits of True Detective to the entire aesthetic of Professor Snape in the film. Harry Potter movie. It was half the popular In Da Club mashup back when hybrid apps were popular. But my immense joy at hearing that instantly recognizable beat during Big Dick Ritchie's solo was entirely due to his place in the strip club musical canon. It's been played non-stop in strip clubs for 21 years, I promise you, and it was my excitement about her status, not my actual enjoyment of the song, that prompted me to send the only tweet I ever or ever will. sent from the cinema.

That's the kind of reaction that the strip club's widespread use of music elicits, whether it's the excitement of listening to a new hit track or the sentimental impact of an old favourite. Whether the intention is to excite, thrill, or charm, 10 seconds of the right song can make over 10 minutes of dialogue. Eight bars attract customers more effectively than eight yards of walking on your hands. It's the one thing strippers just can't do without after everything else has been ripped off.

Magic Mike dance tutorial - strip dance training video for men |

Home Video Magic Mike dance tutorial

Magic Mike dance tutorial - strip dance training video for men

Video Strip plastic (strip dance) Lessons of strip plastic (strip dance)


We don't often see men's strip dance, but it's always an incredible act that causes excitement in almost every woman. And this video training is especially for guys who want to make a pleasant surprise for their ladies - strip dance training for men - "Magic Mike dance tutorial". the universe of dancers. After all, to make a really colorful show for ladies, it is enough to have a beautiful body and self-confidence. While of course it's also important to put in some charisma, learn a few chords, and pair it all with upbeat music, the most important thing is to look confident in it and be confident in what you're doing.

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