How much are hip hop dance lessons

2022 Dance Lessons Cost (with Local Prices) //

Average cost for Private Dance Lessons ranges from

$50 - $85 /hr

The average cost for dance lessons is $60 per hour. Hiring a dance instructor to teach you to play the dance, you will likely spend between $50 and $85 on each lesson. The price of dance lessons can vary greatly by region (and even by zip code). View our local dance instructors or get free estimates from teachers near you.

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Millions of people ask for cost estimates every year. We track the estimates they get from local teachers, then we share those prices with you.

Whether you need to brush up your dance skills or start from scratch, lessons will cost you about $60 an hour and higher, depending on the skill of the instructor and type of dance classes. Many parents encourage their kids to start early with ballet or hip hop, while other adults take it up as a gentler form of exercise after experiencing health difficulties.

Dance lessons will cost you about $60 an hour.

Individual Lessons

The prices for private dance lessons are usually based on the creation of a custom lesson plan, location, length of lesson, and the dance teacher’s years of teaching experience and awards. Lessons can last from half an hour to a full hour, and are priced accordingly. A sampling of prices is:

  • Arthur Murray Dance School Of Tacoma | from $65/hour
  • Omni Dance Studio, Houston, TX | $75/55 minutes, with reduced rates for recurring classes
  • 1st Dance Studio, St. Petersburg, FL | $85/45 minutes
  • Dance Unlimited, Los Angeles, CA | $40/hour
Lesson Length Average Cost
30 minutes $35
45 minutes $45
60 minutes $60

Lessons from Highly Accomplished Teachers

The cost of private dance classes is directly related to the accomplishments of the teacher, for example, Mile High Dance Center in Englewood, CO, has eight instructors and say “Our instructors range from Juilliard graduates, to professional NFL Cheerleaders, high school pom team coaches, Joffrey Ballet Company members and so much more!” Their prices begin at $45/month for 30 minutes a week.

The Center for Performing Arts Dance Studio, Methuen, MA, says, “All of the CPAM teachers have one or more than one of the following: college degrees in dance or theatre, professional touring experience, and/or dance teaching certifications.” Pricing begins at $36/month for 30 minutes a week.

Packages and Special Offers

You can usually score a greater price if you pay upfront for asset number of sessions. For instance, A Step Above Dance Academy in Aurora, IL, offers private lessons at $40/30 minutes if you buy a nine-week package. Gotta Dance in Chelmsford, MA charges $25/30-minute session for nonmembers, but that price is reduced if you are an annual member and if you have a family discount.

Standalone Specialties

Perhaps you have a particular event in mind and you’d rather find a private dance teacher who specializes in helping you dance properly for it.

Omni Dance Studio in Houston, TX, offers a special wedding package of “five or ten private lessons with a customized choreography specifically for you with the song you have chosen. ” Five lessons cost $399 and ten cost $650, split into two payments. They recommend starting the classes three to six months in advance of the date.

1st Dance Studio in St. Petersburg, FL, puts on dance parties regularly—such as Argentine Tango Milonga night, DJ Dance Mix night, and Open Dance night—so you can put your newfound dance skills into practice. The cost of some of these is included in the monthly membership fee.


Most dance teachers have dance certification or degrees in dance. They have danced in dance troupes, performed on stage, and are members of various dance organizations. An online search is probably the quickest and easiest way to narrow down your choice of dance teacher.


Most dance classes are given in a studio. Some of the cheaper classes don’t have one, so they rent a space in one once you book your lessons and add that onto the cost of your class.

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Hip Hop Dance classes near me Los Angeles

Hip Hop Dance Lessons In Los Angeles

Whether you pick it up as a hobby or pursue it professionally, dancing has countless benefits, no matter what age group you fall in.

This is especially true for hip-hop Dance, a discipline that relies on traditional and modern dance styles like popping, break dancing, jazz moves, and crumping.

What makes this dance style so great is the amount of creativity involved – there is no set routine – improvisation is critical, where creativity and the music dictate how the body flows.

Meaning, hip hop dance is an excellent medium for individuals to express themselves. This is why learning it can do you justice.

And there is no place to find the right instructor for you other than Superprof! Dance in Los Angeles has gained drastic momentum, considering the many studios opening up left-right-and-center.

And with the help of Superprof, you can find a credible instructor in proximity, one who resonates well with you and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

With that said, let’s explore some of the many benefits of registering for hip-hop dance lessons in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the States.

Benefits Of Hip Hop Dance Classes In Los Angeles

Apart from learning a unique style that may open various personal and professional pathways, hip-hop dance lessons have many benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

Let’s shed light on some of them:

A Complete Workout

From the core muscles to proper posture and more — dancing can help strengthen one’s body and improve functionality.

It provides the necessary cardio-vascular burn that your body craves while building muscles. Each step leads to various anaerobic benefits.

This is because the dancers give their all to grasp and attempt unique routines, toning their muscles in the process.

Not just the muscles, your joints also perform better because hip-hop dance requires a lot of flexibility.

As the routines intensify, students gain a complete workout; don’t be surprised if you’re drenched in post-session sweat.

This leads to a raised pulse and oxygen levels and reduced calories – leading to better heart health, enhanced core, arm, and leg muscles, as well as strengthened bones.

These benefits also help:

  • Burn fat
  • Reduce weight
  • Relieve stress
  • Keep your blood pressure in check

Remember, like any course, hip-hop dance lessons get complex as classes advance.

This is similar to how you increase weights during weight training. You start from a few Kgs and move up as your body develops resilience and your muscles strengthen.

Likewise, during hip-hop dance lessons, as you move up the ladder and attempt complicated routines, your body can easily handle them.

This is why you need to hire a qualified individual who can tailor the course per your performance, moving you up a level at the right time, matching your pace.

Find hip-hop dance lessons in Los Angeles and get in shape!

Better Mental Health

Another reason to pick hip-hop Dance lessons is the mental health benefits they possess. It is more like a complete workout, so it comes with all the virtues accompanying other exercise regimens.

It provides significant cognitive benefits that address potential mental illnesses.

When immersed in the art form, students express themselves while keeping their stress levels in check. Additionally, music has the innate quality of reducing depression and anxiety.

When dance and music are combined, they make for an excellent therapeutic relief, as students leave all their worries aside and match moves with consequent beats, leading to better coordination and control.

This, in turn, improves muscle memory, which can delay Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses as you age.

Better Social Life

Whether it’s hip-hop dance lessons or a Spanish language class, learning something new introduces you to like-minded individuals, no matter the discipline.

Though we encourage private hip-hop lessons, nothing cuts it better than a dance instructor’s one-on-one lessons!

Still, it will be in your best interest to enroll in group sessions alongside your private classes, which aren’t hard to find, as dance classes are usually taught in communal settings.

Even if your co-students are introverts, having common ground helps break the ice and build confidence. Students benefit from interacting with various people from different walks of life.

This develops their social skills and allows them to make life-long friendships. And they treat the setting as a safe space, where all their worries and pressures from home and school disappear.

Being involved in a productive activity also keeps people away from trouble, which is why juvenile firs-offenders and children from broken homes are encouraged to take up hip-hop classes.

Improved Memory And Brain Functionality

Hip-hop has proven to improve one’s cognitive abilities. Adhering to complex dance routines, fulfilling tasks, and communicating with peers polishes social abilities and mental functionality.

Experts state that hip-hop can help students deal with various social constructs and even technical study material related to science and math classes.

And as mentioned earlier, there is a significant improvement in muscle memory, an unrivaled benefit.

Start taking hip-hop classes in Los Angeles and improve your cognitive ability!

Enroll In Hip Hop Dance Classes In Los Angeles

The benefits of hip-hop undoubtedly outweigh any flaws that come to mind. And the dance scene in LA is praiseworthy, so finding good tutors or classes is relatively straightforward.

Even if you or your child has no intention of pursuing a career in the art, it is still worth the effort, considering that it can up one’s fitness game.

Sure, you can learn a few routines via YouTube videos or in group sessions, but private classes are just what you need if time is of the essence.

And Superprof is here to find you an instructor that resonates well with you by matching your needs.

All you have to do is register and enter the subject, i.e., Hip Hop Dance and Los Angeles, where it says location.

Within seconds all credible sources along with reviews, ratings, and hourly rates will be displayed! So what are you waiting for? Start dancing!

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The portal contains information about where you can sign up for hip-hop classes in Moscow: addresses and phone numbers of dance schools and dance studios, prices for the most popular destinations, student reviews. For greater convenience in using the portal and searching for a dance school, we suggest using a convenient filter by districts and metro stations. Visual tables will help you compare the cost of classes and trainings in different dance studios in the city, choosing the best option for the price.

Perhaps one of the most popular and sought-after styles of modern dance can safely be attributed to hip-hop. Its versatility and diversity attracts fans, and rhythmic music only adds interest. hip dance training hop involves the study of a variety of movements: sexy and playful, soft and relaxed, spectacular and sharp, undulating and others. Hip hop dance reached its peak of popularity back in nineties of the last century, today they are not losing ground, continuing win the sympathy of young people around the world.

What is hip hop dancing?

The dance is based on the so-called "groove" or "kach" - the ability feel the music on a physical level and feel like a part of it. Already on these sensations are further superimposed by the basic movements of hip-hop that distinguish it from other dance styles. The whole dance is based on improvisation and combination known elements. However, movement is not always the most important thing. Where big the role of hip hop dance training assigns to the character and expressiveness of the dancer, acting component of his movements.

Hip hop dance should demonstrate the best qualities of the performer, which manifest themselves in the form of a dance confrontation, sometimes quite sharp. Hip-hop is a dance of confident people, where sentimentality is not always acceptable. and excessive softness. However, this does not make the dancers aggressive and angry, quite no.

Modern hip hop dance lessons offer many different styles or schools. In general, they can be divided into three categories: old school (schools Cabbage Patch, Smurf, The Prep and others), middle school (Roger Rabbit, Party Machine, Steve Martin and others) and new school (Monestary, Walk it out, Harlem Shake and others). Each of them has own distinctive features, but the basic elements remain everywhere the same.

How are the hip hop dance classes?

hip hop training begins with the mastering of the basic elements by future dancers with subsequent complication of elements. If before that there was no serious physical activity and no experience in this direction, it is better to prefer hip hop dancing for beginners. The teacher will not offer difficult exercises, allowing you to gradually plunge into the wonderful world of dance. For those who already was engaged in hip hop, there are special groups for those who continue.

Depending on the chosen school, lessons can be built as follows manner. At the beginning of the lesson, there is always a warm-up, after which the students learn dance elements. Some teachers conduct universal workouts that everyone can attend - in one lesson it’s easy ligaments and elements are studied, allowing them to be used in the dance in the future. It is not necessary to attend every training session to master the style. However there are also classes where students learn a full-fledged dance and its individual elements. Skipping one lesson is skipping a certain segment of the dance, which will need to be addressed in the future.

Hip-hop dance training in Moscow

It is difficult to find a modern dance school that does not have lessons in hip hop. Our portal contains the most up-to-date information about dance studios in Moscow. In visual tables, you can quickly and easily compare the cost of one-time hip lessons hop at different schools and subscription prices. Feedback on hip hop classes will help find a truly worthy and qualified teacher.

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Hip-hop school in Moscow » hip hop dance lessons and training courses for beginner children and adult dancers from scratch at dance school

About school

Our school was founded in 2019. Process we build training on the principles of modern education - productively and fascinatingly.

Our professional teachers have won awards in the field of music and dances, and are ready to charge their students for the accomplishments. We understand how important quality equipment, so collected, in our halls, all the best.

We give children and adults the opportunity to study with pleasure - after all, this is the only way to reveal their talents and become a real artist!


For new dancers, learning the moves of hip-hop dance and other dance styles begins first with getting to know each other. The teacher will determine the student's level of preparation, his interests and goals. At the first lesson, an approximate program is selected based on the interests of the student.

There are no exams at our school, which are always a huge stress for students. Instead, each of our students is invited to a reporting concert: we hold them twice a year, and there, in a fun and creative atmosphere, you can show your progress and get to know other students. And we hold intermediate gala concerts every few months, and each of our students can try themselves on stage.

As for the frequency of hip-hop street dance classes, our teachers recommend doing hip-hop dance at least twice a week - this is the most effective way to develop your skills and movements and not forget what you learned. For each student, we can create an individual schedule with the number of classes he needs.

Change of plans? Not scary! You can easily cancel the lesson or reschedule it to another convenient time, but no later than one day before the lesson itself. Otherwise, we will ask you to pay for the lesson.

Payment for training in hip-hop dance (hip-hop dance) and other dance styles is possible in any way convenient for you - using a bank card, at

Twice a year we hold reporting concerts in Moscow, and once every few months - gala concerts. On them, our students can show their achievements in hip-hop dance style (hip-hop dance), as well as communicate with like-minded people. Our studio is a close-knit team of young and adult dancers who are in love with music and dance, and you can find new friends and be inspired by their success.

In addition, our most successful students will be able to participate in various events - we take part in big concerts and festivals, shoot videos and arrange a permanent musical movement. In Indie Rock School you can feel the atmosphere of a real rock party.

- Star teachers. They performed at the largest concert venues and in the brightest television projects in the country.

- Convenient location. We are located within walking distance from the Frunzenskaya metro station, in one of the greenest and most beautiful areas of Moscow - Khamovniki.

- Participation in children's bands. If your children dream of assembling their own rock band, and then catching up and overtaking Queen themselves, then they will find like-minded people here! Our children's bands regularly rehearse together, and then perform at various concerts and festivals. In total, the school has three age groups:

  • junior (7–10 years old),
  • medium (11-14),
  • senior (15–18).

- Infinite Music Movement. We arrange concerts, shoot videos, communicate with each other - with us you will feel like a part of the music industry!

Each hip-hop dance and other dance instructor teaches in his own individual style - any future dancer will find a suitable teacher with us. But at the heart of each lesson is a scheme: warming up, then working out the material, and only then learning something new. So you can achieve maximum efficiency in the process of training and learn to dance.

If you are not sure which teacher is best for you, then sign up for a trial lesson - so you can not only get to know your future teacher, but also get to know our school better.

Of course! Many of our teachers themselves have experience of performing at major festivals and TV projects, such as “Voice” and many others. The judges have already told them “Yes!” – and they know how to prepare their students for a successful performance.

Of course! New knowledge and skills are perhaps the best gift that can be given to a creative person. At the administrator, you can issue a gift certificate for any of our classes in Moscow - vocals, instruments or hip-hop dances (hip-hop dance). Give your friends the joy of music!

Successful teaching of hip-hop style and other dance styles requires a well-established relationship between the teacher and the future dancer. It is important to find your teacher, and it is difficult to do this only from photos and reviews on the Internet. Therefore, we invite you to sign up for a trial lesson with one of our teachers. At the trial lesson, you will be able to communicate, learn more about the teacher's methodology, ask all your questions.

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