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TLC Entertainment & Event Group's Own L.E.D Party Robot is an performer like no other.

Looking to charge up your event? Want an idea to WOW your guests? Our Robot is an absolute SHOW STOPPER!!! Complete with a full body L.E.D Light suit and hand held CO2 gun, this is thee most exciting performer for any live event!

Don't be fooled by CHEAP IMITATORS, this is the original PARTY ROBOT. You are getting a professional stilt walker and a one of a kind specialty act. Many other companies try to mirror this unique concept, but no one even comes close. The party robot is an exclusive offering from our event firm!

  Fun Robot Facts:
He stands over 8 feet tall
Likes dancing to EDM or any up beat fun music
Loves to pump his fists up and raise the roof
Enjoys posing for selfies with your guests

Top 3 Reasons To Book Our L.E.D Party Robot

1. We bring the WOW Factor & Excitement

2. Professional Stilt Walker

3. One of a Kind Costume & Specialty Act

Check Out Our Event Packages Below:

(These are a great starting point, but we can change to accomodate any requests)

Level 1: "Our Most Popular Option"
L.E.D Party Robot 60 Minute Show
Robot Grand Entrance
Friendly On-site Robot Assistant
Robot Dancing with Guests
Guest of Honor Interaction
Photo Opportunity with Guests
Color Changing L.E.D Lights

CO2 Cannon Blast (Optional)
$1,400.00 With co2 blast 

$1,200.00 Without co2 blast


Level 2:
L.E.D Party Robot 45 Minute Show
Robot Grand Entrance
Friendly On-site Robot Assistant
Robot Dancing with Guests
Photo Opportunity with Guests
Color Changing L.E.D Lights

CO2 Cannon Blast (Optional)

$1,200.00 With co2 blast 

$1,000.00 Without co2 blast


Level 3:
L. E.D Party Robot 30 Minute Show
Robot Grand Entrance
Friendly On-site Robot Assistant
Robot Dancing with Guests
Color Changing L.E.D Lights

CO2 Cannon Blast (Optional)
$1,000.00 With co2 blast

$800.00 Without co2 blast

*Please Note the 30 minutes show is only offered for Nassau County, Long Island*

Popular Add on Features Include:

Add a second led robot on Stilts: $700.00 30 min - $800.00 45 min - $900.00 60 Min

Add Mini Robot: $600.00 30 min - $700.00 45 min - $800.00 60 Min

Indoor ColdSpark Fireworks Fountains $350.00

Party Giveaway Bundles: $150.00/200 items   $250.00/350 items (Hats, Noise Makers, Glasses, Leis & Balloons)

50 glow in the dark Necklaces $55.00

L.E.D Foam Battons $2.50 Each

Candid Photography of Show: $150/Level3 -  $200/Level2  -  $250/Level 1

Candid Video of Show with highlight Reel: $150/Level3 -  $200/Level2  -  $250/Level 1

Go-Pro Video Robot's P. O.V $150/Level3 -  $200/Level2  -  $250/Level 1

Customize Chest Plate $150 (Your name here)(Yours get to keep it after event)

Do you have a question about our L.E.D. Party Robot? Give us at 516.414.0914

Long Island, NYC, NJ, CT & Beyond

Our L.E.D PARTY ROBOT can be booked as a stand alone service

or along with any of our other party services for a discounted rate. 

*Please Note: All above packages are based on a 15 mile radius from zip code 11552.

Additional fees may apply for traveling outside of this area

 Please contact us for more info. These rates don’t reflect special holiday pricing.

The pricing above is based on event taking place in 2022, add 10% for 2023 and 15% for 2024

Dancing with a box on my head |

A long long time ago, I was in a rock band for a few years. We practiced regularly, worked the local bar circuits, acquired some loyal fans, and came up with some pretty darned good tunes. I even let my hair grow to some really amazing lengths. Unfortunately, none of it was good enough. It’s a hyper-competitive business, and we were missing some indefinable thing. Was it work ethic? We had that by the truckload. Talent? Far worse musicians have had far greater success. Looks? We might have been a bit weak in that department. Great hair? C’mon, get real, we were lock stars.

Regardless, we eventually realized that commercial success was either unattainable or very far into the future. We weren’t hitting the right button, and perhaps we didn’t even know where the right button could be found.

Fast forward a decade or two, when a hip-hop/electronic dance group by the name of LMFAO enjoyed some fleeting success with the catchy tune, “Party Rock Anthem.” The infectiousness of the song was played upon in their video, which featured clever references to modern-day “outbreak” movies such as 28 Days Later. Their videos and stage performances also featured a unique character known as the “Shuffle Bot,” which, well, was basically a guy with a box on his head dancing around. I’ll just wait here a minute while you Google it.

I envied the Shuffle Bot. He wasn’t much to look at, but he carried himself well. His attire was golden, his box-head was symmetrical and oversized just the right amount. His box-eyes were large and somehow full of life, and his box-mouth, while neither turned up nor down, seemed so happy. He was surrounded by talented people and he clearly knew it.

I imagined how satisfying his life must be: instantly recognizable, yet no one really knew him. Undoubtedly making a good living, without having to do a whole lot. Bouncing and twitching around, generally looking happy and golden, while those around him did all the heavy lifting. Kind of like Justin Trudeau, I guess.

Go back a couple decades again, when Bon Jovi released one of the all-time greatest rock anthems, You Give Love a Bad Name. I won’t wait for you to Google it, because we all know it, and we’re all hearing it in our minds right now. My apologies for doing that, but at least it wasn’t Nickelback (oops, I did it again). I swear I never belted it out loud (really, never), but whenever I heard it played, I also felt some envy, this time for what I called the Bracket Guy.

The Bracket Guy screeched out “bad name” every time Jon Bon Jovi finished singing, “you give love a bad name (bad name).” Everyone knows that part, and everyone can screech it about as well as the guy that did screech it. I have no idea what else that guy did, and if I did my research I’m sure I’d learn he’s actually quite talented. I suppose I could Google it, but who has time for that? The point is, he too was surrounded by people way more talented than him, he too enjoyed the riches of his band’s popularity, and all he had to do was screech out the same accusatory mantra. Kind of like Doug Ford, I guess.

Perhaps this means that talent isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for success. Certainly, we’ve all scratched our heads over the years: Milli Vanilli, Britney Spears, anything Kardashian, college admissions, Jagmeet Singh, Sam Oosterhoff. How do you get there? How do you get to that sweet spot where input yields disproportionate amounts of reward? Hard work? Determination? Luck? Or just coming up with that perfect little thing at the perfect time?

Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that talent isn’t always obviously visible. The Shuffle Bot was a fellow by the name of Andrew Furr, a DJ, dancer and rapper. He won a contest to secure a place with a dance crew who had also won a contest to join LMFAO. You can debate the definition of “talent” when it comes to various genres, but Mr. Furr did have to rise above the rest. He had to prove himself to secure the right to wear that box on his head and get paid darned good money to do so. Yes, I Googled it, and yes, I wish I could get paid to dance with a box on my head.

As for Bon Jovi, love them or hate them, nobody can argue their commercial success. They didn’t achieve it overnight. They worked hard for it, and underneath the catchy lines and amazing hair was a base of determination and musical ability.

So what about all those politicians, the rich kids getting into Harvard, the Vanillis and Spears and Kardashians of the world? Meh. I’m instinctively distrustful of the whole lot. Maybe they poured in tons of time and talent and sacrifice. Maybe if I worked hard enough, honed my talents further, and put in more time, I could get to the same lofty perch. Or maybe I’ll just put a box on my head and start dancing and screeching. ♦

Everyone has a tale to tell. Share yours with Column Six, at [email protected]


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Shuffle dance style: history and features

At first glance it seems that the shuffle dance is not difficult. A few stomps, steps, waving arms and a joyful smile - all that is required of a dancer. However, try to repeat the dance, and at the same time move to the beat of infectious, active music in electronic style. Indeed, these simple movements cannot be immediately implemented. And the speed, smoothness and sharpness, sliding movements of the legs create the feeling that the dancer is literally floating in the air! That is why many choreographers recommend learning shuffle dance exclusively in tandem with an experienced teacher.

Shuffle dancing: history

The shuffle dance style began to be implemented in Australia in the early 80s of the last century. Local youth energetically performed original movements, mainly focusing on the legs. The basis was taken not just music in electronic style, but “torn” tracks. Also at that time they liked very much to stage dances under acid house, and she, in turn, had different sub-directions and mixes. As a result, over time, rhythmic music in tandem with energetic movements settled in the clubs of noisy Melbourne so much that not a single party was organized without them. Why is shuffle a dance that is not like all the others, despite its outward simplicity? It is the basic, simple movements that make it unique. Professional dancers literally wear out the soles of their shoes from expressive tapping, which is combined with a clear beat of electronic music.

The new peak of Shuffle's popularity came in 2010, when his choreography began to appear on social networks such as Instagram or YouTube. The LMFao group brought great popularity to the choreography. Their infectious music and synchronized footwork in video clips have become popular around the world.

How to dance shuffle

Many people ask how to learn to dance shuffle dance, but first you need to understand the nature of its formation. Modern dance, as a rule, is performed in 2 variations, we will consider them in more detail.

  • Australia style. It is danced with inclinations or a straight body, sliding with the feet is always present - all these techniques are called hardstyle and soft style. No less popular is the new school - this is a set of movements that includes the active work of the hands with their sliding. Australia Style can not do without old school - this is when the body and hands of a person are practically not involved at all, only the legs work.
  • Malaysia style. A completely different approach to shuffle. There is constant work with the body, arms, sometimes sharp bends are allowed - stomps (stomp), as well as jumps, turns and spins (spin).

It is noteworthy that many choreographers adopt both Australia Style and Malaysia Style, skillfully combining sharpness and lightness, airiness and playfulness. The main thing in all this is to hear the music and get into the rhythm all the time.

How to learn to dance shuffle dance: what else can be interesting for a dancer

The fundamental elements of any choreography are the basic elements that are included in the performance of a particular number. That is, shuffle dances begin with the fact that a person studies several basic elements, let's analyze them:

  • T-step and Running Man are techniques that a dancer must practice to perfection. They are jumps in which the foot bounces sharply off the floor. At the same time, jumps and oversteps are adjusted so that they fit the music.
  • Kiki lessons are an original addition to the dance, which appeared already in the 2000s. It is a beating of knocks with the feet to the beat of music. As a rule, this approach consists of two stages: the first is bits with toes, the second is bits with the whole foot. In addition, sometimes such footwork is so sharp and amplitude that many future dancers are also recommended to actively work on stretching so that the dance sequences are as ideal as possible.
  • Spin or movements with spins - this refers to rotations that are carried out to the beat of the music. This also includes sliding and even Michael Jackson's world-famous moonwalk. However, when performing a shuffle dance, you need to work so that all rotations are performed with the correct load on the legs.

Thus, you first need to master the listed basic elements, and then learn how to combine them. As a result, a rhythmic dance to active electric music will certainly correct a bad mood and allow you to keep your body in good shape.

Shuffle dance is good for health

Shuffle dance is a universal dance that is suitable for a performer of any age, and given the performance technique, both boys and girls love it equally. Regular practice of this choreography will allow you to give up going to the gym, yoga and Pilates workouts or fitness classes. Shuffle dance is a good alternative to painful cardio and other physical activities. Dancing in the Shuffle style will help restore the beautiful shape of the legs, hips, and “pump” the buttocks well.

How the shuffle dance is performed

It is quite difficult to recognize the person who performs the shuffle dance style. This is a street direction and can be confused with other types of choreography. At the same time, dancers always look cool and relevant not only on the dance floor, but also in the hall. As a rule, here students wear light t-shirts, tights or pants with a wide enough width at the bottom to make it comfortable to move. We also note a few other tips.

  • Skinny trousers and light jeans should be used for plastic movements. Wear a top or t-shirt over the top. You can also choose a "kangaroo", but an overly large hoodie can get in the way. From shoes it is better to choose comfortable sneakers.
  • For an active, aggressive dance to loud music, it is better to choose loose trousers, light jeans or bananas. Leave the top tight, this will visually improve your plasticity.

Pay special attention to the choice of footwear - its sole should be thick, and the nose should be as strong as possible. The choice of material for costumes for performances is also important. Often, high-quality denim pants are worn, and fluorescent prints, bright patch pockets, expressive suspenders, and rivets are used from the decor. The best option for the Shuffle dance is a flared jacket and a jacket with a large hood. Thus, during movements, the clothes will look as impressive as possible. Phosphorus, neon, acid tones are chosen as colors.

Learn more