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When you dance these choreographies, repetitive strain injury will be the least of your worries...

Just Dance

  • "Acceptable in the 80's" features sudden movements and complicated motions long before either became commonplace.

Just Dance 2

  • "Rasputin" is widely considered the hardest song in 2. Its attempt to recreate traditional Russian folk dance (and not only including That Russian Squat Dance) while keeping up with the disco-like rhythm leads to very quick sudden movements and extremely intensive footwork that makes the player get on and off the ground really quickly.
  • "Jump", courtesy of the choreographers: Les Twins.
  • "Maniac" has some strenuous stretching at the beginning, a Gold Move that could do some serious damage to your spine if performed incorrectly, and ends with a split. And its difficulty level is rated as "Medium" by the game.

Just Dance 3

  • "Pump It". It's the third song the player will come across after loading the game, and boy is its difficulty not beginner-friendly.
  • "Hey Boy, Hey Girl". Flexible movements combined with a really long song? No, thank you. It's actually considered to be the "boss" by some fans!
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the first Extreme choreography in the series: "Barbra Streisand".

Just Dance 4

  • "Call Me Maybe" is one of the easiest routines in the game. This makes it all the more jarring when you unlock the alternate version.
  • "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life", which also qualifies as a Marathon Level. Thankfully, the move where one of the players lifts the other is not scored, so it's purely optional.
  • "The Final Countdown". The gimmick of this routine is that it has a wrestling theme. This means players will be jumping, tumbling and rolling in quick succession during certain parts of the song.
  • Rock n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) has sudden and borderline random hand movements, especially during the bridge.
  • "Disturbia" has rapid movements that lead right into each other with very little time to react. In addition, several moves are also very awkward to pull off at the speed you have to move at.

Just Dance 2014

  • The Candy Sweat-Mashup in 2014 is nigh-impossible to earn 5 stars on. It wouldn't be too bad if the section that is taken from "She's Got Me Dancing" was easier to score PERFECTS on.
  • The alternate choreography for "Applause" is considered the hardest of all of the 2014 choreographies. Yes, harder than the Extreme choreographies. It's based on the original choreography for the VMA performance... which means the game is asking you to dance as well as Lady Gaga herself.
  • "Alfonso Signorini" in 2014 is easy... until the chorus starts. From then on, most of the song requires fast and flexible motions and pelvic thrusts. And those who think they're are good at Just Dance should sing along. The throat will hurt when it's over.
  • "Isidora", which happens to be the song with the second highest tempo in the entire franchise, only surpassed by "Sayonara". Many moves in the Routine are fast and precise, which can tire out most players. Even the coach falls to the ground in the end of the Routine, to indicate how much tired he is.
  • "#thatPOWER" is just egregious. There are four choreographies for this song, and their difficulties are ALL rated "Hard" or "Hardest" by the game. Fortunately, the Classic routine is the least challenging and even rated "Easy" in Unlimited.
    • Same for "Where Have You Been".
  • Flashdance... What A Feeling has probably the most challenging Gold Move in the series up to this point, since it requires players to touch their feet while performing a jumping split.
  • "Moskau". Everything that was said about "Rasputin" in 2 is also valid here, only this one adds an extra degree of difficulty by making it a duet, meaning if one player messes up, they may end up dragging the others down with them.

Just Dance 2015

  • There is "Holding Out For A Hero", which is easily the most energetic choreography in the game, complete with a split.
  • "Walk This Way". Both versions, but mainly the alternate. There is a reason why the level has a background that is usually reserved for Extreme dances.
  • "Summer" (Alternate), quite possibly the most exhausting choreography in the series up to this point.
  • Remember how tough "Applause" (alternate) was in 2014? The alternative dance for Bad Romance (which managed to snatch the title of longest song in the series from the aforementioned "I Don't Feel Like Dancing") in 2015 took it up a notch. It should be noted that this routine, as well as "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" and "She's Got Me Dancing", among others, were all invented by the same guy, Mehdi Kerkouche.

Just Dance 2016

  • 2016 has its own Boss routine in the Extreme version of "Animals". And yes, that is Mehdi Kerkouche once again.
    • He was also the choreographer for the Extreme version of "Circus", and it shows!
  • "This Is How We Do" is pretty tame compared to other examples in this list, at least until the bridge kicks in: Then the players are required to make "K" and "P" shapes with their bodies, which demands much more flexibility than can be expected from the average person.
  • Another song from the same game that has a very easy routine save for one particular dance move: "You Never Can Tell". Namely, the move where one player has to slide under the other's legs in under a second.
  • If you hurt your back while dancing to "Maniac" in Just Dance 2, "Fun" in 2016 will finish wrecking it. Just watch all those whiplashes near the end of the song!
  • Stuck on a Feeling is notorious for being one of the hardest Classic routines ever made.
  • The duet version of Want to Want Me requires utmost coordination between players, in one of the most fast-paced levels in the series.
    • The same could be said about "Gibberish".
  • The alternate version of "Rabiosa" is called a "Fitness" routine by the game, though it is about as hard as an "Extreme" level.
  • "Kool Kontact", also from 2016, has a move where a player has to kick several times while doing a handstand.

Just Dance 2017

  • The Chinese version of 2017 has the song Qia La Yong Yuan OK, which has a tumbling move in its choreography.
  • The extreme version of Scream and Shout is often considered to be one of the hardest routines in the franchise, for a good reason.

Just Dance 2018

  • The alternate version of "Another One Bites The Dust". Hope you know how to perform a jumping hook kick before attempting this one.

Just Dance 2019

  • "Havana" (Tango version). Most of the dance moves are very technical, come suddenly and can be exhausting, given that the male dancer carries the woman in several of them. And then there is the part when players are forced to kick the other person's groin.
  • "OMG" and "Bang Bang Bang" are challenging, but not exaggeratedly so. However, what really puts them in this category is the requirement to get a high enough score in order to unlock their alternates. Speaking of which, these are about as tough as you would expect from an Extreme level.
  • By the way, "Bang Bang Bang" gets the honor of being the first song to have two Extreme alternate routines. The second one is performed by Matt Steffanina and is even more challenging.

Just Dance 2020

  • "bad guy" (Billie Version). Lots of knee and back bendings will guarantee that you'll get literal bruises on both your knees by the time you complete the routine. Hope you're flexible.
  • Most games have around three to six Extremes waiting to kick your butt. In Just Dance 2020, we come back to nine of these. And they're all beyond crazy.

Just Dance 2021

  • "Samba de Janeiro" (Samba Version) is another duet routine similar to "Havana" (Tango Version), except that every move performed is faster and even more unforgiving. The choreography also requires players more movement with their legs and feet while performing the moves at the same time, which can catch players who are more comfortable in stationary choreographies off guard.
  • "Without Me". Arguably the hardest extreme in this installment, no repetition during the verses, and a variety of complex moves. Its gonna take a while for you to get this one down.
  • This move during "Till The World Ends" also remains infamous for being incredibly hard to pull of correctly.

Just Dance 2022

  • "Levitating". While not as intense as some of the others, this routine is no less difficult, with players being tasked to perform a variety of moves in quick succession.
  • Three out of four K-Pop routines featured in the game received equal love and notoriety as they are revealed:
    • "BOOMBAYAH". The full routine uses the official choreography, including the floor side that is performed by So. Given the fast-pace track, it is
    • "POP/STARS". K/DA is back for this installment and harder than ever, with this level containing intense choreography and fast paced movement that requires upmost coordination between players.
    • "Jopping". Considered by fans as the most difficult K-Pop routine out of the four, and it isn't even a hyperbole. Quick jumps, hand and feet movements, and even planting with one hand to the ground while in an angled position are all applied to the routine, making it so difficult that fans quickly latched into it as a test for endurance.

Just Dance 2023Where to begin with? As the Just Dance franchise enters a new era, the choreographies are proven to be harder and harder. Here are the routines that stood out the most in this game:

  • "Anything I Do", performed by House of Revlon. Aside from performing vogue moves for the routine, it is also notable for featuring the dip in the middle of the song, requiring more flexibility for the players to performer. It is not helped that additional moves are performed after the dip.
  • "Farfalle", the first ever Italian exclusive in the franchise and the choreography doesn't disappoint either. Featuring moves that do not repeat in the verses, fast and flexible moves, quick and lightning fast hops and Gold Moves that are difficult to execute if you ended up performing the moves even a second late, the routine does not feature the "Extreme" tag for nothing.
  • "Love Me Land". This sensual dance manages to be as difficult as Extreme routines of older games, featuring twirling moves and lightning quick and flexible hand movements. One of the moves during the pre-choruses becomes a meme within the fan community due to it being difficult to execute if caught off-guard.
  • "Radioactive", despite being a routine performed almost exclusively with their upper limbs, should not be underestimated. Their hand and arm movements are stiff and robot, but also fast enough for players who do not memorize the moves to have great difficulty to achieve even a 5 Star rating.
  • "Therefore I Am" is a routine that is tagged as "Easy", despite featuring moves that are smooth yet complicating, especially when it comes to the choruses. It's only Gold Move makes the song even more difficult, requiring the players to lean their backs with enough flexibility to avoid spraining or breaking their backs, and this Gold Move happens BEFORE the final chorus!
  • "Toxic" (Extreme Version) already has the difficulty of an Extreme routine, but it becomes notorious for its first Gold Move, where you have to spin around with your knees on the ground.
  • Disney songs are generally considered as one of the easiest songs by fans to dance with, thanks to their routines designed for kids. Not "We Don’t Talk About Bruno", however. Aside from a high production in comparison to the previous Disney songs, the choreography is a lot harder and reactive, featuring exaggerated body movements that are in sync with the song and lyrics. This makes "We Don’t Talk About Bruno" a surprisingly difficult routine for Disney song fans.

Just Dance Unlimited

  • "Shut Up And Dance". Lightning-fast moves with little to no repetition? Better practice if you want to obtain those sweet 5 stars.
  • "Drum Go Dum" by K/DA manages to take the concept done by the extreme routine of "Worth It" and made it even more challenging. Hope you better even gain a Megastar with the routine.

7 Viral TikTok Dance Challenges You Can Master at Home

Table of Contents

Dancing is a great way to release energy, get creative and stay in shape. You may want to brush up on your dancing if you are getting ready for a special event, or you may just want to learn certain dances as part of your personal self-improvement. There are plenty of dance challenges out there, whether on TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, that will inspire you to get up and move. Here are a few viral TikTok dances you can master at home.

Toosie Slide

Ever since Drake released his Toosie Slide video, people everywhere have been trying to cop that smooth hip hop style. The lyrics of the song will give you some insight into how to do the dance, but if they are a bit complicated for you to follow, there are also plenty of tutorials available online.

Foot Shake Dance

The Foot Shake Dance originated in 2018 but there has been a resurgence due to a current challenge to perfect the dance and record it in a TikTok dance video. If you want to try your hand at it, YouTube has several instructional videos you can reference.

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The Wobble

The Wobble is a line dance that originated in Philadelphia in the mid-’90s. The rapper, V.I.C. also wrote a song called ‘Wobble’ which became his second single. You can bet his video includes dancers doing their best variations of the dance steps.

Seven Rings

Seven Rings is a dance created by TikTok user Devin Santiago. He created the TikTok dance to a remixed version of the Ariana Grande song of the same name. The dance took some time to take off but after one popular TikTok user posted a video of herself doing the dance, it started trending big time.



Renegade is one of the first dances to break out of the TikTok platform. It was created by a 14-year-old girl and began gaining popularity among middle schoolers. It is often featured in talent shows and TikTok dance competitions.

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The Box

This dance was created by Charli D’Amelio, one of TikTok’s most popular users. It was choreographed to the Roddy Ricch song of the same name. D’Amelio posted several videos of herself doing The Box dance moves and her posts have gotten millions of likes.

Don’t Start Now

This dance took off when teenage TikTok user Hannah Balanay posted a video of herself doing choreographed steps along to the Dua Lipa song, Don’t Start Now. She included the caption, “pls. do my dance” and 3.8 million people listened.


So, if you’re looking to get some moves under your feet, what’s stopping you? These seven dances going viral on TikTok right now can improve your poise, your self-confidence and get you into great shape. We’re looking forward to seeing you cut it up next time you’re on the dance floor. You may try to experiment with your dance steps to get viram on TikTok. To get more engagement may check out the best sites to buy TikTok followers.

Featured Image Credit: Drake

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A “crazy tea party” took place in the Kurgan theater | News of the Kurgan and Kurgan region

  • Theater

Svetlana Koshkarova 02/17/2016

Gulliver invited the audience to visit the Hatter, Rabbit and Alice

Feel the heroine of the famous fairy tale Lewis Karroll in the Wonder Wandle ” happened to the journalists who looked at the “crazy tea party” at the Gulliver Theater.

At the entrance we were met, as expected, by the White Rabbit and his friend - the Mad Hatter, smiling affably and hurrying to sit down at the tables. So, in a cheerful fuss and with a slight madness, "Alice's Tea Party" began - the premiere of a theatrical program that includes a string of transformations, violent entertainment, incredible dances, strange riddles, very active games and treasure hunts in the Cheshire Cat's smile area.

The most intelligent character in this company was, of course, Alice. But she also did not give rest to the guests and, together with the Rabbit and the Hatter, let hats of all stripes and cuts over the heads of those present, which, stopping with the sounds of music on someone's crown, expressed various desires. Either they offered to sing a song about love, or to dance something unusual ... And we danced the famous jig-jump already in a large general circle - whoever is in what much.

The Hatter and the Rabbit completely drove the discouraged guests. Well, how to sit down to rest if the Red Queen, enraged by the inappropriate color of roses, is about to appear? They also needed to be urgently repainted from white to red! And then, to celebrate, play golf, hammering small green hedgehogs into the holes with long-legged flamingos (instead of clubs). Not all adults can withstand such tests - some begin to grumble that they have outgrown children's fun. But children and adult "children" are satisfied.

The crazy journey in the company of Carroll's heroes began on the first floor of the theater and then continued on the second. There, the mysterious Cheshire Cat was waiting for us, with the ability to appear and disappear, giving a dazzling smile at parting. The cat gave not only a smile, but also prizes for the most ingenious - those who answered all the riddles according to the legendary book.

"Tea at Alice's" was created and staged by the young actor "Gulliver" Sergei Kotelnikov. This is Sergey's debut as a director, he also plays the role of an extravagant Hatter.

Learn more