How to start a dance ministry

10 steps to powerful dance ministry

Dance As A Worship Leader

Your dance has the power to elevate God's people into the heavenly realm of pure worship. We must make sure that our dances are not performances to promote ourselves, but ministry that lifts up Jesus. We must see ourselves and behave as worship leaders who dance to inspire others to worship Jesus.
You are more than a dancer.  You are a worship leader and dance is the medium that you use to lead the people of God into worship.  It is very important that we have the mindset of a Worship Leader. We might have to begin to change our vocabulary.  We shouldn’t say “Oh! I’m going to perform” or “I’m just going to dance”, but “I’m going to minister”, or “I’m going to lead worship”.  It’s very important that we change our mindset and our vocabulary to think that way. As we do, we will make a powerful impact as worship leaders.



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Ten Steps To Powerful Dance Ministry / Step Six

Ten Steps To Powerful  Dance Ministry Step 6 Be Committed To A Local Church

There is no place like home Church.

If you know Jesus as your Savior, you should be part of a local fellowship.  I don’t mean just going in and out and then dancing all over the world.  I mean really in grafted in the life of the Church. You should know the pastor and the pastor/ leadership should  knows you. Give your resources,  and service to your  Church. Because of the relationship you should receive the Church's resources, prayer support, and pastoral covering.  That is important for your protection and accountability.

The dance ministry is a serious ministry, and we should   be accountable for the things that we do outside of the local body.  So please, be part of  a Church , adhere to the tenets and the culture of that body.  Your national and international  worship dance ministry will be more powerful and far reaching  if you are dedicated  to and supported by  a local Church there is no place like home Church.

Do you want to  study to show thyself approved for powerful worship dance leadership?

 Register today for the next " Biblical Study of the Dance"

find out all the information in the link below.

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Ten Steps to Powerful Dance Ministry Step Four

Step Four to powerful Dance Ministry
Become a lifelong student of the art of dance.

 Become a lifelong student of the art of dance. In Christian dance we might come into the dance ministry with no formal dance training wondering if  training is necessary for ministry. I know that  God can use us right were we are. And,  if we want to dance  in excellence,  avoid  injuries with  longevity, training is a must  (dancing incorrectly can cause injuries) I encourage all worship dancers to get more training, and to study dance. If you haven’t had any ballet, get some. or modern dance, or jazz, some type of structured class.  Go to live professional dance concerts to experience movement on a stage with theatrical lighting,, costumes, music and skilled choreography. The experience of a live dance concert  is  a priceless asset to your ministry.  Looking at dance will make you a better student of dance. It is never to late to study the art of dance. A dance education  can only help you to be more powerful with excellence for our Lord.  

Look out for step five to powerful dance ministry.

Leave a comment for me.  I want to hear what is on your dancing heart.

Be blessed,


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Ten Steps to Powerful Worship Dance/ Step Three

Step Three to powerful dance ministry
Focus on the dance

 Focus on the dance.   If dance is what God has called you to do. Pour yourself into the ministry.  Sometimes I meet dance ministers and they are  involved in so many things other than dance. These other  ministries  are good to be a part of, but dance takes such of us emotionally ,physically,  and mentally.  If you’re torn in different directions, it might become burdensome to minister with  joy, excellence and power .

  I’m not saying don’t be involved in other things, but really pray and make sure it’s what God would have you to do.  Dance ministry is very time-consuming. Being part of a worship dance team requires  many hours of training and rehearsing.  We  also have other things in our lives that we’re responsible for.  ( family, school, work)  So just be very wise of where you put your time and energy.  You are called to dance for the Lord.  Focus.  

Look out for Step 4 to powerful worship dance.

Leave me a comment and tell me whats on your dancing heart.

Check out the praise dance life resources in the links below.

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Ten Steps to Powerful Worship Dance/ Step Two

Ten steps to powerful worship dance/ Step Two
 Dance at home. 
Dance in the secret place:  I know you’ve heard ‘go to your prayer closet’.  Well, we need to go to our prayer closet to dance and pray. Give the gift of dance  that God has given you,  back to Him in the  private, closed-door setting,. Make it a sacrifice of praise  for the Lord.'s eyes only.

It’s a sad thing if you can only dance when other people are looking.  What about at home for the audience of one, Jesus?  What about in the wee hours of the morning, getting up and just lifting your hands and turning and bowing before Your King?“ 

  Jesus will enjoy the dance, and He’ll give you more dances.   And you’ll find that you’ll be dancing together.   He wants to see and enjoy your dance. He dances over you with joy.  Zephaniah 3:17 — ‘His banner over us is love.’  So you and Your Jesus, Your Father, Your Best Friend will dance together, and He’ll give you choreography, He will answer questions.  He will set in your mind the purpose for the ministry and you will be even more powerful. You will develop a better relationship with Him.

 Give your dance to the Lord first . Dance with Him, before Him, at home, in your private place, in the inner court, in the closet, and you will see a change. Try it today. I know that you will love it.

Look out for Step 3 to powerful worship dance.

Leave me a comment and tell me whats on your dancing heart.

Check out the praise dance life resources in the links below.


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Guidelines | Freedom To Dance Ministry

Dancer Covenant

Mission Statement: Teaching, encouraging, & inspiring others to worship God through the use of the movement arts.

Vision: A united body of worshipers sharing our passion for our Savior, Jesus Christ with others.


o True, heartfelt worshiping of God

o Serving the Lord through the movement arts

o Removing personal hindrances to full expressive worship

o Instilling confidence to dance before the Lord

o Dancing and praising by Biblical principals

o Praying for God’s will

o Creating loving relationships within our team

o Living and acting by faith in God’s Word

o Modeling our lives after Jesus Christ

Dancer Requirements:

o AGES: Four years old through adult.

o Be prompt to rehearsals and events and sign in on the attendance log.

o Movements must be worshipful and appropriate, must not draw attention to ourselves, and must bring glory to God.

o Dress modestly for all dances to not draw attention away from God. (Legs, stomachs, chest, etc. must be completely covered with looser fitting garments). No tanks or shorts allowed.

o Respect others and strive for unity amongst team members.

o Seek to make new friends within the ministry, especially those who are new to the team.

o Respect worship garments and instruments and use appropriately. Maintain quality. Return promptly any items that are used. Report any damages to leadership.

o Seek approval from Leadership prior to scheduling or dancing in any church service/event or in representing Freedom To Dance in an external function.

Parent/Guardian Requirements:

o Complete the required forms and keep Freedom To Dance informed about changes to contact information or medical conditions.

o Notify leaders when extended scheduling conflicts arise or if the dancer decides to leave the ministry.

o Encourage dancers to share what they have learned during ministry nights.

o A parent must attend with dancers who are five years old or under. They are encouraged to dance alongside their smaller dancer to help him/her learn the movements.

o Volunteer opportunities exist, so please communicate any desire to serve with the leaders.

The Leadership Team will commit to all of the above and will:

o Teach according to Biblical principals of worship dance.

o Be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and not bring glory to ourselves.

o Only allow worshipful songs to be danced.

o Be available for you in any way.

o Keep communication lines open.

o Pray for you.


Dancer Guidelines & Policies

Dancer Requirements:

  • Ages Preschool through adult.
  • Be prompt to rehearsals and events & sign in.
  • Movements must be worshipful and appropriate. We must not draw attention to ourselves and must bring glory to God.
  • Dress modestly for all dances and not draw attention to ourselves and away from God. Thighs, stomachs, & chest must be completely covered.
  • Respect others and strive for unity among team members.
  • Seek to make new friends within the ministry.
  • Respect worship garments and instruments and use appropriately.
  • Seek approval from Dance Leadership prior to scheduling or dancing in any event when representing our ministry.
  • Complete required forms.
  • A parent must accompany all dancers 5 yrs old or younger.

Volunteer opportunities exist. Please communicate your desire to serve to leadership.


1.             Each year, dancers will be required to complete new DANCER COVENANT & EMERGENCY FORMS.

2.             The classes are free; however, dancers may wish to purchase t-shirts. If cost is an issue, scholarships are available.

3.             Dancers will be required to sign in each week and use a name tag.

4.             Practice ATTIRE: Dancers should dress comfortable & modest to practice. No short shorts. No camis. You may dance barefoot or wear dance or tennis shoes.

5.             EATING is not allowed in the dance area.

6.             EVENT ATTIRE: Depending on the event dancers should have either a plain black or a plain white shirt as well as either black or white pants. Modesty is important.


8.             Bathroom and water BREAKS:  Please use the bathroom before practice as our practices are short.  Also, please bring a water bottle.  We will try to include a water/bathroom break midway for the Joy dancers.

9.            Each dancer should treat others in a way that she/he wants to be treated

10.           Dancers must clean up after themselves.

11.          Discipline Flow: #1) Talked to about behavior #2) Asked to sit out for a 10 min period of reflection #3) Parent will be informed #4) Parent will be asked to attend #5) Dancer will be asked to leave.


Worship Garments, Streamers, Tambourines, Teaching DVDs 

If you would like to purchase your own black worship full-cut palazzo pants or any other worship garments, please visit Dance Wear Solutions / Spiritual Expressions if you would like to purchase your own metallic tambourine, streamers, or teaching videos, visit Shachah’s website.Teaching tapes are also available at Dancing For HimFor more information on dance, we also belong to the Christian Dance Network

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Lauren Sandford advised Dimitri Leo on how to start new churches

From personal correspondence of Father's Blessing Church. Experienced pastor and prophet Lauren Sandford shares practical advice with Dimitri Leo on how to plant and maintain a healthy church that is built on the principles of revival.

Church Planting Tips

Before your first church service, identify the core values ​​and principles by which your church will live and function.

As an example, the values ​​and principles used in our church and New Song ministry in Denver, Colorado. Sample topics to be covered:

  1. Worship.
  2. Doctrinal statement.
  3. Attitude towards people.
  4. How the government functions.
  5. Relationships.
  6. Evangelism.

Remember that you determine the nature of the church (the church as a body) and the direction in which you will lead it. Never start without such a statement. If you leave a vacuum, someone will try to fill it at your expense.

The best thing to do is to meet with a closed small group of people of your choice for weeks before opening the church publicly. Invest your values ​​in these people some time before you start holding public worship meetings. This way you start building on a solid foundation and avoid the problem of "renovation" once the church has started.

Line up your core group.

At the very beginning of a church opening (especially a church planted on revival principles), many people will come just to watch. They will come to see what you are. They will come looking for a platform for the gifts they think they have. They will come looking for a place to influence and take positions of power. Many people will come with their own ideas and philosophies of how the church should function. They will criticize you, "recruiting" followers for themselves and harming you if you do not serve their concepts and ideas. These people will be a hindrance to the real cause if you allow your time to be consumed by "showdowns" with them. Don't give these people a platform where they can make an impact.

Look for people who will go with you - those whose hearts and spirits will be in the right position before God and who will be humble enough to listen to you and obey your vision . Spend time investing in them—week by week, month by month—learning, modeling, and reinforcing your core values. You are creating culture and character among these people so that other people who come to you can pick up on it as the church truly grows.

Expect that many of the people who came in at the beginning will gradually disappear. Revival churches often "explode" with growth at the very beginning of the opening, but later they shrink as people who came for the wrong reasons decide to leave. Be prepared to lovingly tell some of them that if they don't agree with your core values ​​and working with them, then they need to look for another church.

Work and relationships with worship leaders and musicians.

This part contains the key element of philosophy (belief).

Worship teams are not just musicians. They are priests whose task is to connect people to God through the sacrifice of praise they offer. Their task is to bring people to the throne of the Lord and reveal His glory. They simultaneously invite God and His presence (invoke God's presence) and accompany people there.

Invest time in key worship leaders through relationships. Pour your heart into them and help them understand their task and role. As is the case with many creative people, musicians can be prone to mood swings, low self-esteem and need to be recognized. Left to their own devices, musicians will turn worship services into concerts. They will turn the victim of praise into a "show" and relationships into personality conflicts. By investing in them – at least in key leaders – you can “build” into them the character of Jesus and the sacred awareness of the One for whom worship exists at all, as well as an understanding of what the whole task of worship leadership is all about.

If you are also a worship leader as a pastor, you need to do worship yourself from time to time in order to model the spirit you want to see cultivated so that your people can experience the nature of that worship as a whole.

Home groups (cells).

In many developing Western cultures, there will most likely not be much use for the same type of house groups. You will need to meet people and involve them in communication in different ways.

A good definition of a home group (cell) would be any group of people who meet regularly for any purpose, the product of which will be communication and interpersonal affection.

The birth of many such groups and ministries will depend on one of the core values ​​that we practice in my own church.

We say that good sheep care gives the sheep what belongs to them . We are looking for the gifts invested in our people and looking for ways to inspire them to have a vision for their own ministries that they want to see "born". We then put the church's resources into it, helping them make those dreams a reality.

Group types:

Standard home groups (cells) include worship, Bible study, sharing in each other's lives, and service time. We provide a Bible study guide for leaders of such groups. Many of these are available for download on our Church website for those who are not part of our congregation. We provide them free of charge to anyone in our church who asks.

Focus Groups are built around a common ministry or project. In our church, this could be a ministry such as feeding the hungry every week, evangelism teams, or even worship teams. It can be a dance or theater team. Intercessory prayer groups also fall into this category.

Need-based groups are centered around a common need related to life issues. "Celebrating the Restoration" is a good example. In the Celebrating the Restoration group, people focus on overcoming addictions and other life issues.

Groups of common interests or general life situations. Male groups. Women's groups. Support groups for young mothers. older youth groups. Youth groups. Our church has a group called "Foundation Fridays" that meets once a month for an in-depth study of the fundamental doctrines of the faith. The women may meet to sew quilts or do anything else, depending on their interests.

Training meetings for a limited time. Our church has what we call "Kingdom School". We offer training courses throughout the year, which take place once a week for 6-10 weeks. These courses cover specific topics such as eschatology, inner healing, apologetics, parenting, godly personal finance management, and more. We are looking for how to mentor people in different ways.

Intercessory Prayer Groups

Every church should be supported by prayer based on the information of reliable prophetic people who can recognize and give directions for prayer from the heart of God.

Intercessory prayer is often considered one of the more mystical and spiritual ministries of the church. As a consequence, intercession in new churches can attract immature and unbalanced people who are seeking experiences, who do not understand their own limitations, and who have little understanding of discernment and balance. In the beginning, pastors of new churches should be present at all intercessory meetings in order to provide direction, balance, mentoring, and strengthening of the fundamental values ​​of the church.

As mature intercessors develop, the pastor may to some extent step aside and let others lead, but leadership and discipline are needed to begin with.

In our church, I tried to let our intercessors meet without me several times in the beginning and it got crazy. At one meeting that I was absent from, they decided that a couple of flags that had been given to us by another church that had a difficult history had been demonized. They took them down and burned them without asking permission or consulting me. I resolved never to allow such an imbalance again. It took time, but gradually we developed a stable group of mature intercessors who did not require constant pastoral guidance.

Lauren Sandford, specially for Dmitry Leo

Dmitry Leo's first meeting with Lauren Sandford. 2007

Youth Conference “What God Dreams About”

Indeed, among such diverse bright young people and girls one could meet guests from Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, Bashkiria, Tatarstan, Samara, Perm Territory.

Worshiped on the first evening the first youth team of the Philadelphia church in Izhevsk. The Psalms helped in the best way to break away from all vain thoughts and tune in to a calm spiritual dialogue with God.

The conference was opened by the sermon of the pastor of the Izhevsk church "God's grace", the head of the rehabilitation ministry of the RCCA Alexei Ivshin. He suggested that we think about how we can find out what God dreams about. This can best be seen in His actions. He sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ for our salvation. Such an act speaks volumes. God is ready to share His dreams with us, but are we ourselves open to Him, will we listen to what He has to say, or will we try to ignore His call when it is not very convenient for us. The pastor urged us to purposefully follow God, trying to fulfill His will, while we will begin to understand what is really important and valuable for Him.

After this first session, the participants were able to socialize with each other in a cozy cafeteria.

The second day of the youth conference “What God Dreams of” in Izhevsk turned out to be very eventful, but despite this, there was no desire to leave the hall filled with doxology. The morning service kicked off with inspiring songs of praise from the Blagoveshchensk team. The rector of the Moscow Theological Institute Sergei Yastrzhembsky immediately after them made the youth think about their age. It seems to us that old age is far away, we have a lot of time and therefore we manage it sometimes very unreasonably. The minister even offered to imagine that in a moment we open our eyes, and we are already 50. How would we behave now? Jesus Christ did not waste His time. He knew why he came to earth, and acted, focusing on the moment when he would have to leave it. We also need to live and manage our time in such a way that it would be of maximum benefit for the Kingdom of Heaven, because the determining factor for us is not whether we know God, but whether He knows us, whether we deserve such reverence with our lives.

Immediately after the incendiary worship group from Perm, Alexander Khudyakov, head of the youth ministry department of the RCCE, youth pastor of the New Testament church, spoke. He urged the conference participants to hold on to God no matter what, just as David did. He was very afraid of losing the Spirit of God and asked the Lord to stay with him even when he sinned. We must be afraid of losing the anointing that God has poured out on us, because if we are not faithful, He will deprive us of the opportunity to fulfill our destiny. Even the most difficult problems are solved if we seek God.

Then the participants went to master classes. Alexander Khudyakov spoke about how to build a youth ministry, Sergey Yastrzhembsky spoke about the importance of Christian education, the pastor of the youth ministry of the Philadelphia Church in Izhevsk taught how to start and how to develop small groups. The master class of Sergey and Yana Bushuevs was devoted to the organization of camps and leisure, the leader of the youth music team from the New Testament church in Perm Vladislav Baidin spoke about praise and glorification, the editor of information resources of the Philadelphia church in Izhevsk spoke about Christian journalism and PR Mikhail Krasilnikov and Andrey Derbenev, editor of the magazine "Primitel".

Vladimir Batalov preached after the break. He dwelled on a common problem faced by unrestrained youth who are always in a hurry somewhere. The word "wait" for us at times becomes simply hated, provoking impatience, the desire to achieve our goal now. However, God has a completely different understanding of time, He can better pick the right moment. To us, this may seem like a criminal procrastination. That is why some people begin to do what God did not call them to, and vice versa - to pretend that they did not hear His appeal to us, because we do not like it. When God tries to stop them, they may take it as a challenge to overcome. The Holy Spirit did not allow the Apostle Paul first in one place, then in another, only in the third direction the Lord favored him. We, too, may not immediately find the right direction after God has spoken to us. The most important dream of God is that we fulfill His will, the pastor noted.

The evening of praise and creativity became the crown of the day. It was opened with praise songs by a team from the Good News Church (Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan). Sensually and vividly they worshiped God with psalms. The guys from Blagoveshchensk amazed everyone with their ability to perform different dance pirouettes in the style of breakdance to the music. Mikhail Krasilnikov ran around the hall with a microphone, asking the conference participants what they dream about and whether their desires coincide with the desires of God, and volunteers spoke about their dreams on stage using pantomime. The Philadelphia Church theater ministry presented a donation skit, and the dance ministry performed a beautiful dance.

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