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Dance Queens : Dance and Equipment Makers

This is the list of SL Dance Makers, Animation Makers and Dance Equipment makers. There are five sections:


Dance Management and Creation

MST  - Metaharper Show Tools  - MetaHarper Show Tools is a complete, collaborative system for managing SL performances.  If you need to rez and de-rez props safely and accurately, move objects and avatars smoothly, script camera zooms and pans, choreograph animations and special effects with real time precision made by Dance Queens member Arrehn Oberlander

Barre Dance HUD now Dance Core - Dance Core Basic is designed to be simple to use, but offer some advanced features. These are old and new Dance HUDs made by Dance Queens member Racheal Young


DanceMaster - Bryndyn Burton

This has to be one of the ultimate dancing systems in SL.
Technically it is superb, easy to set up and use; it has proved invaluable at the LPBA.
Moreover the level of customer support from the creator, Bryndyn Burton is simply outstanding and is probably the best you will receive in SL.
The source for the ultimate Second Life dance machine! Features: multiple formation dancing (lines, circles, spirals, boxes, grids, and combinations), easy dance selection, dance playlists, sequence/shuffle/mix modes, couple dancing, performance control.

Fleursoft - Fleur Cooperstone is a Dance Queens member and has developed a dance HUD especially designed for advanced dancers. Fleur is always updating her system and can be contacted for support.
SL Marketplace

Huddles - The Huddles EZ Animator Deluxe lets you do sequenced choreography and manages dances. This system is not supported any longer.

Spot-On Performance Director - This is a group dance and performance management HUD made by DQ member Martin Yeats, co-creators Galilla Sinatra and Rug Halberd.   Controls multiple groups independently from each other. Change animations and smooth movement in each group when you want. Control emotes and stage props.  This system is designed to work exclusively with the the Spot On Choreography and Group Formation Systems.  Top end products, aimed at the professional dancer. Made for dancers, by dancers!
This simple-to-use but powerful device low-lag movement design system to use with your favorite animation HUD or the Spot On Performance Director HUD.  For single or multiple avatars, routes can be made in a matter of minutes, complete with customized timing between positions, pauses, and smooth transitions in turns.  Groups such as dance troupes can go in different directions, even up or down ramps and stairs, smoothly and all with a touch of a button or a simple chat command.  
Quick Start video     New features in 1.3 video


Dance Balls -

INTAN - Intan makes the group dance rezzer.

TIS Hybrid - Some Dance Queens members like the TIS Dance System which combines a couples dance rezzer and an individual dance ball into a one prim ball.


Spot-On Group Formation System - A group dance system with an intuitive HUD where you control the movement, rotation, speed, direction, and can even mirror groups.  Designed as a "drop-n-go" device.  This system works well with the Spot On Performance Director HUD.


Making Animations & Poses

Animare - This is the site to purchase the Animare pose maker, which is a useful device for making animated poses, static poses and simple animations.

Anypose - This location offers a HUD based system for making static poses and poses that can be downloaded for making animation (.bvh) files.

Avimote - This is the place for making animated poses for those with big wallets.

MOCAP (Motion Capture) Dance Makers

MOCAP dances look real. The technology was introduced to SL in late 2007 by Sine Wave and has revolutionized SL dancing. MOCAP dances are what you need.

3FX - Exists on Marketplace only
Website; YouTube Marketplace

A&M - A&M makes all MOCAP dances that are high quality. . Individual dances, couples and dance pole dances.

Abranimations - The dance area was redesigned recently.  Individual, pole and couples dances. The animation quality at Abranimations tends to be only average.

Akaesha - This dance store used to have some unique dances but not all use motion capture (MOCAP) technology, so be careful. Individual dances only.

Akeyo - Akeyo dances are well made. Often they are in a series of four that can be made into a sequence. Individual dances only. Akeyo offers animated poses also.

Bits & Bobs - This is the home of some of the most popular couples dances in SL. The more recent ones are MOCAP-like, but are really hand-made.
Website Marketplace

DaBeats - This is a new MOCAP dance maker. Some of the dances are cute, but the looping is problematic. You might find something here, but I would wait until the owner figures out looping.

Koncepto - Extreme makes MOCAP dances and animated poses. The quality is okay though the loop times are relatively short. It is worth a visit. They have a good selection of animated poses ... fun. Individual dances only.
Website Marketplace

HUMANOID - This is a new MOCAP dance maker that offers good quality but a little pricey dance series made by different dancers. There are good videos of each dancer to give you a feel for the person who made the dances. Worth a visit.

Ministry of Motion - MoM has closed but some animations available in large packs on Marketplace by Nomasha Syaka.

MocapAnimations Dance Shop - Bibi (mocapanimations) -  Join us for discounts, some free animations and keep up to date with the new products. Also Marketplace

MyAnimation - MyAnimation has a large selection of MOCAP dances in an easy to find layout. Definitely worth a visit and don't miss the balcony.
Website How Dances Are Made Marketplace


Paragon Dance Animations -  Dance animations authentically created by famous choreographers/dancers in social media and the dance industry located @ PARAGON TEMPLE OF DANCE top of Mt. Paragon where we pay homage to the RL dance icons and channel their art. Owner  Johnny (jnakagawa) a member and frequent raffle supporter at Dance Queens.

Store Location

Raymation - Raymations sells MOCAP dances but is a relatively small store

Sine Wave - Once, the most prolific producer of SL dances was Sine Wave.  There haven't been new dances in quite a while, but there is still a selection on Marketplace

Sinse - Sinse used to sell non-MOCAP dances but in 2012 moved up to MOCAP. Mostly Sinse sells AOs but the stands are good for dancing. Sinse is also a seller of Modifying Dances.

SEMotion - They make female and male dances. The quality is generally good so take a look. Individual dances only.
Website Marketplace

Studio4D - Studio4D has a lot of dances. This is one of the best organized layout of dances ... easy to find and coded in an understandable way. Definitely high on the list. The sim motif is a little distracting. Also, they have sequence ending dances. Individual dances only.

Sync'd Motion Animations - Sync'd Motion Capture is a real life Animation Studio, offering a variety of movements to cater to nearly all  genres of an Avatar's experience.





There in Spirit - There are quite a few dances here and they are good quality and a style of its own. There are some couples dances too. Worth a look.
Website Marketplace

VISTA - Vista is best known for its animated poses, but they also make individual dances. It is worth a visit.
Website Marketplace


Free Dances

Here is a listing of free and low cost dance and animation sources:

Free and Low Cost Dances

DANCE QUEENS is a group for dancing in SL ... membership is open to all.

How Cartoon Network Africa leveraged iClone real-time software for dance challenge

Indie director Benjamin Sokomba Dazhi shares his behind the scenes.

When Cartoon Network Africa was looking to produce the dance instructional series ‘Dance Challenge’, they brought on Nigerian animator and director Benjamin Sokomba Dazhi (popularly known as Benny Dee) to bring a range of animated characters to life.

Using motion capture and keyframe animation, Dazhi delivered the dancing characters using Reallusion’s iClone as his central tool. Indeed, as an independent creator in Nigeria, the animator says it has been iClone’s ease of learning and ease of use that has enabled him to produce professional animation almost entirely on his own.

Making ‘Dance Challenge’

The process Dazhi followed to craft the characters for Cartoon Network Africa’s ‘Dance Challenge’–in which kids are taught different African-inspired dance routines–started with concept and reference art. Then he used Reallusion’s Character Creator to build the base characters. “I used the parameters in Character Creator to make them more stylized and more kid-friendly, not too realistic.”

“After I was done with the creation of the characters, I went into the animation process,” adds Dazhi. “This is where I used mo-cap suits from Rokoko for the dance motion capture. That was later transferred to iClone for the final set dressing and to set the stage for the final result. So I used iClone for the final software to create the whole cinematic camera lighting and the overall look of the project.”

Dazhi hired a professional dancer for reference.More dance reference from the pro dancer.A Rokoko mocap suit was used to get the dance moves into 3D space.

Lip-sync, done easily

For Dazhi, iClone became a way to ease himself into the animation process that he might not have been able to do so quickly with other tools.

One feature the director used, in particular, inside iClone was the lip-sync system AccuLips. “That helped me a lot in the creation of the Cartoon Network project,” advises Dazhi. “As an indie creator, it aided me to achieve better realistic facial animation and lip-sync. Since it is being driven by text and audio technology, it was easy for me as well.

“Mixing and matching the AccuLips lip-sync with the body mocap brought the whole character to life,” adds Dazhi. “It is something that has really been a major challenge for indies, since having to get a very expensive facial mocap camera is not easy for indies to do. The AccuLips technology brought out the facial animation accurately and the body mocap done with the Rokoko suits also came out well.”

Dazhi’s home set-up.

iClone as an indie tool

Reflecting on the Cartoon Network Africa dance project, Dazhi is thankful that he had adopted iClone early on in the process, and that he could master it quickly.

“iClone was easy to learn because iClone itself is a very user-friendly software,” says Dazhi. “It’s a software that, at first glance, I am able to understand most of the fundamentals, the parameters and the user interface. The tutorials and guidelines that were offered on Reallusion’s YouTube page also helped me.”

“I highly recommend iClone for independent creators,” continues Dazhi. “Not all animators are able to set up a big studio with a large workforce. iClone has simplified the animation process, and made the workflow very flexible and user friendly. For any indie creator looking to do big projects but don’t have a big team, iClone is the best tool available right now.”

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All about MOCAP

If you don't like mocap, then you just don't know how to cook it. The motion capture , or mocap , technology will never replace the uniqueness of hand-drawn animation, but for many projects that require maximum realism and speed, mocap is an indispensable tool. What it is, how it works, what you need to know when working with technology, we were told by the domestic "gurus" of motion capture - the recently appeared and Vilnius studio MOCAP.LT and the Samara studio , which has already proven itself in many projects.

Victor Epishin,, Samara

1. Where did it all come from

It is believed that the history of motion capture begins at Walt Disney's studio in the mid-70s. Disney animators redrawn their characters from real actors on film and inserted them into cartoon fragments. The basis was rotoscoping technology, which involves the presence of specialized machines on which animators drew Mickey Mouse and mermaids directly on top of people. It was actually manual motion capture. The new technology still required time, but allowed to take the first step to the real movements of unreal characters. nine0011

The second important step in mastering the technology was made by the medical community in the early 80s, specifically kinesiology doctors who study the dynamics of the human body. Professor Tom Calvert was the first to come up with the idea, by attaching potentiometers to the body, to digitize information about one's own movements. The method was immediately adopted by various clinics and choreographic studios. Professional 3D graphics teams very soon began using commercial optical tracking systems based on LED markers such as SelSpot and Op-Eye, and in 191983, MIT Labs developed the first Graphical Marionette scripting system that used Op-Eye. It was intended for rendering a mocap-animated character. But the low rendering speed and the high price of the hardware did not allow the puppet to become a good solution.

In 1988, Silicon Graphics presented their motion capture achievements by making a "Talking Head Tank" - a three-dimensional character controlled in real time with a special glove. Mike's development partners, Pacific Data Images, later developed the "exoskeleton" themselves - a plastic construction-clothing for the actor as dynamic elements of motion capture. The system was also not ideal due to noise and size, but managed to serve as a motion capture in many projects. nine0011

Motion capture was first used on television in 1991. A ghost named Mat, running a system with just one camera, communicated with celebrities invited to the studio. Mat was controlled by a whole team of puppeteers. And in 1992, the first steps were taken in the direction of processing the facial expressions of the human face. SimGraphics developed the "face waldo" system using mechanical sensors attached to the actor's lips, eyebrows, cheeks and chin and electromagnetic sensors on the helmet. The system translated the movement of the actor into the movement of a 3D character. nine0011

In 1993 Mortal Kombat ushered in the era of motion capture in game and film development. Since about this time, the technology can be considered mature for commercial use. The system, invented as an analysis tool in biomechanics research, has become more important for computer animation, education, and sports, and more recently for the film industry and game development.

2. How it works

The first Motion Capture systems were optical , and the basic principle of operation of such systems has not changed to this day. It consists in the fact that several cameras located at different angles to the movement record the dynamics of reflective markers or LEDs distributed over the body of the moving "actor". Further, special software calculates the coordinates of each marker in space at certain points in time, correlating the data from each camera. Markers have three degrees of freedom, and rotation information is computed from the relative orientation of three or more markers (eg, shoulder, elbow, and wrist markers giving elbow angle). nine0011

There are optical systems with passive and active markers . The former use reflective markers (there used to be systems with reflectors) and identify each marker taking into account kinematic constraints and various interpolation algorithms. It is these that are mainly used for the needs of the entertainment industry. Such systems can track a huge number of sensors and give an impressive area of ​​​​capture (the size of a football field and more), which, however, requires an increase in the number of cameras. Unlike active optical and magnetic systems, passive systems do not require the actor to carry wires or electronic equipment. Passive markers are usually a sphere or hemispheres made of plastic or foam with special reflective tape. Systems of this type are made by Vicon-Peak, Motion Analysis, BTS, etc.

The advantage of the active system is that there is no doubt which marker is which. But the resulting number of fps depends inversely on the number of markers - for example, if the initial 5000 fps with 100 markers, in the end there will be only 50 fps. Similar systems are finding use in the biomechanics market, two examples being Northern Digital's Optotrak and PhoeniX Technologies' Visualeyez system.

The magnetic systems calculate the position and orientation of markers using the magnetic fields of three orthogonal coils on the transmitter and on each receiver. The ratio of the field strengths of the three coils makes it possible to calculate both the distances and the orientation of the markers. The markers do not overlap at all, but are susceptible to magnetic fields created by wiring, electrical appliances, and metal objects such as rebar in concrete walls. The response of the sensors is non-linear near the border of the capture area, and the area itself is much smaller than that of optical systems. Magnetic systems are divided into systems of direct current DC and AC - with sinusoidal waves. Examples of magnetic systems are Ascension technology and Polhemus. nine0011

Inertial systems use devices such as accelerometers or gyroscopes to measure positions and angles. They are often used in combination with other systems to provide a global link.

3. About the pros and cons of motion capture several days to clear the mocap data) can create so many animations that traditional animators would have to spend months. nine0070

  • Mocap can capture "secondary" motions that classic animators might not reproduce due to lack of time or skill. Mocap can accurately capture complex physical movement like the reaction to a punch or the spin of a nunchuck.
  • The filming process is interactive and allows you to correct the process already at this stage.
  • On the other side of the scale:

    • mocap requires special programs and time to clean up the noise effects of captured and processed data. If there are a lot of mistakes, sometimes it's easier to drop them and reshoot the scene. nine0070
    • Another important point is that while mocap reproduces human movements easily, any non-human actor will have problems. Applying motion capture to animals like horses or dogs is very difficult.
    • Motion capture equipment costs tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars, staff must be paid, and all this investment may one day become obsolete when new, better software and hardware are invented. Some major film studios and game development companies install their own systems, but most sign contracts with motion capture firms. nine0070

    4. Shooting description

    Before the start of the shooting set, the cameras are calibrated. For this, special calibration sticks are used. The calibration process helps the cameras to determine their position in space relative to each other, as well as to know where the floor is. As time passes, the calibration data becomes inaccurate and recalibration is required.

    After the system is calibrated and the actor is hung with markers, it is necessary to calibrate it. To do this, under the guns of the cameras, he needs to make a ROM (Range of Motion), according to which the subject appears in the Vicon IQ program. While the system operator is processing this subject, the director explains to the actor what movements will be played in this set, the actor is preparing, rehearsing. nine0011

    When the director is sure that the actor has understood all the movements correctly, the “Motor” command sounds, and the movement is filmed.

    The recording is in X2d format, which is processed in Vicon IQ.

    Additional items used by actors in animations are also marked with markers. Based on these markers, you can track the movement of an object in the Motion Builder, and get a realistic animation of it at the output.

    5. Description of output data

    Output data can be in TRC, FBX, BVH format. nine0011

    The TRC format carries data about the movements of markers, and when processed in Motion Builder, it provides a number of tools for improving the quality (filling gaps, filtering)

    FBX format can have different implementations:

    • The file can include data like TRC format, only without the possibility of finalizing the markers, and may include a fully animated model, or several models.
    • Filmbox format is easily imported into 3D studio MAX, Maya on simple bones. nine0070

    BVH format is used by us exclusively for exporting mocap data to the skeleton of the Character Studio animation module for 3D studio MAX.

    6. Description of the cleaning process

    The movements captured in the set are processed in Vicon IQ. There, the markers acquire three-dimensionality, gaps are filled in, filtered

    The Vicon IQ program allows you to calculate the kinematic model of the character, as well as to perform a fairly accurate automatic recognition of the actor's body parts with pure data. If the actor's markers often overlap, then manual refinement of the data is necessary; automatic processing is not enough in this case. nine0011

    In most cases, there are no problems with fine-tuning the animation if the movement is played correctly by the actor. That is why we pay great attention to the shooting process. In the future, this pays off by minimizing the time for fine-tuning and getting the animator to enjoy the work done.

    The ease and clarity of the work depends on how all the components of the process are thought out and prepared on time. Changing the parameters of the skeleton or adding new containers in the process of working on a large order, as a rule, causes confusion and inconsistencies with the material that has been processed in the past, and as a result, delays in the delivery of the final product to the client. Everything must be prepared in advance. nine0011

    Vadim Besedin, MOCAP.LT, Vilnius Please, tell us about currently relevant mocap systems, their advantages and disadvantages.

    Vadim Besedin: Almost all modern mock-up systems can be called relevant, because they not only help to make realistic animation, but also, regardless of their type, help to significantly save time spent on animation production, and saving time and on time completed work is always up to date. nine0011

    Certainly not to be expected from a $5000 system. miracles of facial mocap or a wide range of possibilities for recording and processing mocap data, but let's say for amateur projects with minimal animation requirements, such a system will also do its job and help you save time. Before purchasing such a system, carefully study its capabilities so that you do not have to be disappointed in the process of work. I would not recommend buying cheap mockup systems (unless you always plan to create a very simple animation), if you don't have a budget for a good mockup system, it's better to rent a well equipped mockup studio with professional equipment, for example, the company's equipment is considered to be the leading and most popular. nine0019 Vicon .

    As far as I know, there are mocap systems of the following types:

    • Optical passive
    • Optical active
    • Magnetic
    • Mechanical
    • Gyro / inert

    Optical passive systems are called passive only because the markers used in these systems only reflect the light sent to them, but do not glow themselves. In such systems, light (visible, near infrared, or infrared) is sent to the markers from the high-frequency strobes mounted on the cameras and, reflected from the markers, enters the camera, thereby reporting the position of the marker. nine0011

    The only disadvantage of optical passive systems, I would say that sometimes when moving quickly and close to each other, the markers change - the system can confuse which one is which.

    Such systems have much more advantages:

    • High accuracy
    • Motion Capture / Facial Capability
    • Complete absence of interference
    • The actor is not burdened with any blocks or wires stretching to the computer
    • Large working area
    • No special requirement for work space
    • High durability and low cost markers

    Optically active systems are called active because instead of reflective markers, they use LEDs with integrated processors and radio synchronization. Each LED is assigned an ID, which allows the system not to confuse them, and also to recognize them after they have been covered and reappeared in the field of view of the cameras. And in all other respects, the principle of operation of such systems is similar to passive systems. nine0011

    Disadvantages of active systems:

    • No ability to capture movements / facial expressions
    • Additional controller box attached to the actor and connected to the LED markers
    • Fragility and relatively high cost of LED markers

    Active System Advantage:

    • High Accuracy
    • Complete absence of interference
    • Large working area
    • No special requirement for work space
    • When moving quickly and close to each other, the markers do not change - the system does not confuse which one is which.

    In the magnetic systems , the markers are magnets and the cameras are receivers, the system calculates their positions from the magnetic flux.

    Minuses of magnetic systems:

    • Magnetic systems are subject to magnetic and electrical interference from metal objects and the environment (wiring, cables, office equipment, fittings in the concrete floor)
    • Changeable sensitivity of sensors depending on their position in the working area
    • Smaller working area compared to optical systems
    • No motion capture/facial capture
    • An optional controller box attached to the actor and connected to magnetic markers, or even a bundle of wires stretching from the actor to the computer.
    • High cost magnetic markers

    Advantages of magnetic systems:

    • Magnetic markers are not covered by the actor's body and can only be blocked from camera visibility by metal objects.

    Mechanical mockup systems - directly monitor the bends of the joints, for this, a special mechanical mockup skeleton is put on the actor and moving along with the parts of the actor's body, the mockup skeleton also moves. And the data on the angles of the folds of all joints are transmitted to the computer. nine0011

    Minuses of mechanical systems:

    • Mockup skeleton, with an additional controller box attached to the actor and connected to the fold sensors, and in some cases the wires stretching from the skeleton, greatly restrict the freedom and convenience of movement.
    • No capture capability:
      • facial movements / facial expressions
      • movements of close interaction of two or more actors (wrestling, dancing with supports, etc.)
      • movements on the floor - somersaults, falls, etc.
    • The risk of mechanical failure due to careless use (for example, the actor will forget that it is impossible to fall and play a fall scene - here you have a fracture of the left forearm mockup, but now to the cast, to the nearest auto-service)

    Advantages of mechanical systems:

    • Wireless mechanical systems have a large coverage area - almost unlimited. nine0070
    • Total absence of overlapping and/or confusion of markers due to their absence.

    Gyro/Inertial Mockup Systems The uses miniature gyroscopes and inert sensors placed on the actor's body to collect motion information - just like markers or magnets in other mocap systems. Data from gyroscopes and sensors are transferred to a computer, where they are processed and recorded. The system determines not only the position of the sensor, but also the angle of its inclination. nine0011

    Disadvantages of gyro/inert systems:

    • No motion capture/facial capture
    • An optional controller box attached to the actor and connected to magnetic markers, or even a bundle of wires stretching from the actor to the computer.
    • High cost of gyroscopes and inert sensors
    • An additional mini-system (optical or magnetic) is needed to determine the actor in space

    Advantages of gyro / inertial systems:

    • Sensors do not overlap the body of the actor
    • Relatively good accuracy

    Render. ru: How transportable are mocap systems ?

    Vadim Besedin: Mockup systems are very portable, for example, all the equipment of a 6-chamber optical mockup studio can fit in three suitcases. After arriving at the destination, the dismantled studio can be brought to full "combat" readiness in 2 hours. nine0011 How much free space do you need to install different systems?

    Vadim Besedin: Everything depends on the chosen system, as such a room is needed for optical and magnetic systems. In mechanical and gyroscopic / inert systems, the main working "mechanism" is a suit, respectively, where you put it on, you can "capture" there, just do not forget to connect to the computer.

    A minimum requirements would be:

    • Optical: facial mockup from 3 sq.m., full body mockup from 50 sq. m. and more
    • Magnetic: full body mockup from 16sqm to 22sqm.
    • Mechanical, gyroscopic / inert: from 1 sq.m., up to how much wire or radio signal is enough Are there solutions to create moc character ap-animation "in one sitting": body animation, facial animation, etc. simultaneously? What equipment is needed for this? nine0004

    Vadim Besedin: Yes, they do exist - such solutions are optical mocap systems. Of course, you should not count on a simultaneous mockup of the body, face and fingers, in such situations as, for example, a close fight between two judokas - they are pressed against each other, twisted into three deaths and their faces are often squeezed and hidden from the cameras. But, for example, a guitar-playing and singing actor can be "captured" without problems - and fingers, and body, and face.

    There are also ready-made solutions for embedding mocap into the pipeline when producing animation projects. nine0011 Please tell us about the staff of mocap specialists in your studio, are your employees professional animators or technical specialists, mainly for mocap equipment?

    Vadim Besedin: There are three mock-up specialists in our studio, all three are engaged in processing mock-up information, and one of them (I'm not being modest - I) performs the entire range of mock-up works - assembly, disassembly, adjustment and calibration of mock-ups. systems, skeleton creation, character calibration and, of course, capturing itself. We do not consider ourselves professional animators, technical specialists - certainly, and not only in mockup. nine0011 Have you ever had any unusual orders, or perhaps the specifics of the work is such that all orders are unusual?

    Vadim Besedin: While completing the next order, we encountered such a situation that due to the specifics and proportions of the character, as well as the nature of his movements, it was necessary to be able to superimpose the movements of a mocap actor on a 3D character in real time with simultaneous viewing. After some research and subsequent work, this possibility was achieved - now by putting on an actor a mocap suit, you can see not only markers and a skeleton, but also a moving character, and all this in real time. nine0011 Do you work with four-legged models? Is it possible to make a mocap animation of, say, a horse?

    Vadim Besedin: Yes, we can mock up animals. Recently, as a test, we "captured" an ordinary, untrained dog - the test showed that all this is completely possible, the main requirements I would call the use of trained animals and the presence of a working area sufficient for them - the dog strove to be out of the action zone. nine0011 How is mocap animation adapted for characters with distorted anatomy?

    Vadim Besedin: Yes, and it's quite easy, the MotionBuilder program does automatic "retargeting" of data for a character of any proportions. Please tell us about the process of cleaning the resulting mocap animation.

    Vadim Besedin: In our studio cleaning is carried out on the same program as "capturing" - Vicon IQ (such a pretty "software" - I recommend). Depending on the complexity and speed of the movements, as well as on the calibration of the system and other side factors, such as a marker torn from the actor by a random movement, etc., the cleaning process can be either easy and fast, or hard and long. In short, everything is as follows: first, which marker is determined, which one, then its trajectory is traced and it is determined whether it was always visible, if not always, then if there is a calibrated skeleton, the system will try to determine itself where it was and where it is now. After all the markers are determined, you can start filling in the gaps, short gaps (for example, 5 frames) can be restored automatically, long ones (50 frames) should be restored manually. nine0011 How is the animation set up if there are more active characters in the scene than there are costumes (for example, a fight scene with several opponents)?

    Vadim Besedin: The technical capabilities of our studio allow us to "capture" up to three actors at the same time, we have seven costumes. If you still need to "capture" more than three actors at the same time, then there are two solutions:

    • the first, we add additional cameras
    • second, the actors must work out the choreography, positions and "timing" of the fight well, and then they can be "captured" in two or more approaches (at the same time, during the capturing of the second and subsequent approaches, simultaneous viewing of the previous ones is possible). What characteristics or, perhaps, profession should a candidate have to act as a model for a mocap suit? Was it necessary to use stunt tricks to complete an order, for example? nine0004

    Vadim Besedin: As with any other actors, the requirements are very different. It cannot be said that only stuntmen and acrobats are needed, it all depends on the final character for whom the mocap animation is being done, for example, for Shrek, a healthy and not very agile man would fit, and even a professional stuntman will never perform the movements of a little girl better than herself .

    Stunt stunts haven't "captured" yet, or I don't consider them to be stunt tricks, but acrobatic "captured" tricks - there were somersaults, falls, and various other "frills". nine0011 Please rate the pace of development of this area of ​​activity in Russia, the Baltics, and abroad? What are the trends?

    Vadim Besedin: Basically, of course, demand creates supply, but sometimes the opposite happens. It’s hard for me to talk about Russia, but for example, in such a small country like Lithuania, no one cared about character animation, neither in advertisements, nor in clips, not to mention our few films, but a mocap appeared and little by little everyone began to move. But, in general, people still do not know what mocap is, how to use it and how it can reduce animation production time (for example, 60 times). Mockup studios, as well as technology, are well developed and their potential is huge, but because people are not familiar with mockup, they shy away from it, or consider it unnecessary to use it, not knowing all the possibilities that mockup technology provides. Fortunately, the trends are very good, more and more people are starting to get interested in the mockup and its application in their projects, for example, this article will already help you get acquainted with the mockup. nine0011 How fast is mocap hardware improving? How quickly do technology solutions become obsolete?

    Vadim Besedin: The pace of improvement of mocap equipment varies from system to manufacturer. Some sell what they did 5 or more years ago, others try to update and improve something every year, if not "hardware", then at least "software". Some systems become obsolete, while others remain relevant, they just don’t have all those new “bells and whistles” and additional “chips” compared to the new ones. nine0011 What else does your studio do?

    Vadim Besedin: Now we are conducting a series of tests and experiments with a mockup of a face, as well as subsequent animation, later the results of our work and other mockup data and lessons on using mocaps will be posted on our website for public review. We want to help studios and animators get familiar with mocap technology and show how it can speed up animation production and make their work easier. And for a more detailed acquaintance with the mocap, the MOCAP.LT studio organized a promotion in which you can completely free of charge get at your disposal a mocap studio with an operator for the whole working day. nine0011

    Our studio has also begun work on the production of two of its animation products, which are scheduled for release in 2008, all character animation for these projects will be created on the basis of mocap technology.

    We thank the and studios for their help in preparing the article and the materials provided.
    Illustrations provided by "" studio

    YouTube video ideas: 14 examples

    Running a YouTube channel can be a difficult task, even if you are passionate about it. nine0011

    Often this is not enough - the topics that you cover on your channel may appeal to you, but at the same time not hook the audience. As a result, you can lose views and subscribers, which is of course the worst case scenario for any YouTuber.

    So, the key aspects of success on the platform are enthusiasm and love for what you do, as well as the right choice of a topic for a YouTube channel according to the interests of your audience.

    To help you decide on the direction of your channel, we have collected ideas for YouTube videos that bring subscribers and examples of foreign bloggers. nine0011

    If your goal is to become a popular blogger with great stats, it's time to look at video ideas.

    Let's go!

    Gaming channels

    Gaming channels are YouTube old-timers, so you won't be surprised if we say that the YouTube channel with the most subscribers among the author's channels is gaming.

    And this is PewDiePie, he started his channel in 2010 by making Letsplay video games where he just had fun and joked while playing video games in front of the camera. Today, he continues to post action game videos as well as comedy videos, showcasing his unique sense of humor. nine0011

    PewDiePie's YouTube channel has over 110 million views and continues to grow. The fact that his YouTube channel has the largest number of subscribers among the author's channels, and that he is not the only gamer in the list of the most popular YouTubers, proves that gaming videos do not lose popularity. They are not going anywhere anytime soon, especially when you consider that by 2025 the gaming industry will generate $ 256.97 billion in revenue .

    So, if you are an avid gamer, then a game channel is a great idea for YouTube. You can turn your hobby into something more and make money on YouTube doing what you love. Game Video Ideas:

    • Lets Play
    • Overview of games
    • Explanations and walkthroughs of games
    • Game recommendations
    • Collaborations

    Beauty Channels

    According to YouTube, there are more than 45,000 makeup and fashion channels on the platform. The most popular beauty channels have millions of subscribers and views. nine0011

    Every makeup video is now available on YouTube: tutorial videos, tips, product and product reviews, makeup mistakes, and the list goes on.

    The YouTuber with the most subscribers in the beauty industry is James Charles , who also became the first YouTuber to lose a million subscribers in 24 hours due to various accusations against him.

    However, this did not affect his popularity on YouTube or other platforms. James has 25.1 million followers and billions of views overall, making him a sensation in the industry. nine0011

    But he's certainly not the only well-known YouTuber in the beauty industry: Nikkie Tutorials and PONY Syndrome are two other major YouTubers in the industry. So if your talent is transforming faces with makeup, start your own YouTube channel and share your skills with the whole world. Beauty YouTube Channel Ideas:

    • Product Overview
    • Makeup ideas for the holidays
    • Superstar Makeup Repeat
    • nine0503 Natural makeup tutorial
    • Vogue and Harper's Bazaar Tutorial
    • Makeup in the style of different eras
    • Collections of cosmetics by category

    Education channels

    TED-Ed, BigThink, National Geographic… Everyone has heard of them. At some point, all of us, regardless of age or background, have looked at these YouTube channels out of curiosity or in search of answers to our questions, and that is why it is worth paying attention to educational videos. nine0011

    The goal of educational YouTube channels is to provide users with new knowledge in a fun video format.

    Take, for example, TED-Ed . This channel has 14.1 million views and covers everything from Greek mythology to real life legends and more.

    For example, animated educational videos with short text convey important information in an unobtrusive manner, making the information received more memorable and visually pleasing. Educational videos are also designed for a large audience - both children and adults. nine0011

    So if you are ready to collect and share valuable information with the whole world, educate children and adults, and the only thing that stands in your way is shyness, then just follow the example of TED-Ed and do it with animated videos . The advantage of running an educational channel and shooting animated videos is the ability to not show your face. Just make sure the information you're about to share is accurate and pick up a doodle, whiteboard, or other kind of animation. nine0003 YouTube Educational Video Ideas:

    • A Brief History of Wars
    • Myths and legends
    • Book Reviews
    • Explaining the Laws of the Universe

    Fitness channels

    There are a lot of people in the world who want to get in shape and start leading a healthier lifestyle. In addition to gyms, they also turn to YouTube.

    YouTube has a huge number of fitness channels with millions of subscribers offering free exercises and workouts that anyone can participate in. Zumba, exercises with and without dumbbells, workouts with dance moves, yoga, stretching - it's all available on YouTube. nine0011

    If you are into fitness or dancing, then a fitness video is a great idea for a YouTube channel. Start sharing your knowledge, create your own workout channel, and post videos with helpful tips and exercises to achieve concrete results.

    For example, Chloe Ting's YouTube channel has a total of 21 million subscribers, her channel is all about workouts, but she also gives helpful tips between exercises.

    Chloe kicked off the 2 Weeks Press program, this video has already received over 371 million views and is attended by people from all over the world. She asked people to record the process and the result of the training, which undoubtedly helped her in promoting YouTube channel .

    Fitness Channel Ideas:

    • Various Fitness Challenges
    • Exercises with elements of dance
    • Beginner Full Body Workout
    • What you need to know before you start exercising
    • 20-30 minute workout for weight loss
    • How to exercise and eat right

    Comedy channels

    Comedy channels are very popular on YouTube. Of course, creating humorous content is not easy, it is impossible to predict how the audience will perceive the jokes, but if you come up with a good concept and smart jokes, it will definitely pay off in the form of subscribers and views.

    Another feature of comedy channels is that your videos don't have to be professional or expensive. You can just grab a camera, sit in front of it, and shoot a funny video while telling stories, replying to funny comments, or reacting to something in a humorous way. nine0011

    One of the biggest YouTubers in this niche is MrBeast . He started his channel with gaming videos where he didn't show his face, and in some videos he even talked about PewDiePie (the YouTuber with the most subscribers). He could hardly have imagined then that in the future he would have a huge channel with millions of views and subscribers.

    Today he has more than 64.3 million subscribers, a huge number of comedy videos on various topics and prank videos that are gaining millions of views and comments. nine0011

    Consider another example of a comedy channel. QPark is a well-known influencer in various venues, known for his funny "Dancing in Public" videos in which he dances and sings (actually screams) to famous songs in the streets. He captures the reaction of people watching him and sometimes even plays pranks on the audience. His YouTube channel is unique because he has developed his own style and signature content type that sets him apart from most. Here is a video in which he tries to cover "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas in public, he does not take away his confidence, not everyone can do this in front of strangers. nine0011

    YouTube comedy video ideas:

    • Pranks and pranks
    • Hidden camera
    • Try Not to Laugh Challenge
    • Funny story about your failures
    • Frightening strangers
    . 0011

    Nastya's parents started her YouTube channel Like Nastya to unpack toys, but then the video format changed and they started filming about visiting different places and dressing up as characters. So she became the most famous YouTuber in the children's YouTube niche with 75 million subscribers and a billion views.

    Its success is confirmed by statistics: children aged 4 to 15 spend 85 minutes per day watching videos on YouTube, which makes them active users of the platform. They enjoy watching toy unboxing videos and reviews even if they don't understand the language the youtuber speaks. nine0011

    But children are not the only audience for these videos. Before buying a new PlayStation or a toy for a child, adults also watch video reviews of toys.

    Attached as a good example is a video that has received millions of views:

    If you like ordering new products or toys, you can safely shoot videos about them - reviews or unboxing, this can be done without even showing your face.

    Technology and gadget channels

    According to experts, the profit of the technology sector will reach $ 5 trillion by the end of 2021, so the interest in gadgets among users does not disappear.

    However, most people don't start buying right away, they first study the device. This is where video reviews come in handy.

    Technology YouTube channels are a great way to share your knowledge in the field with users, share reviews of new and old gadgets, talk about their pros and cons, and help users with their purchase decisions. nine0011

    And when your channel gains subscribers and becomes influential, you will be able to partner with brands to send you new gadgets for reviewing, and thus you will save money on buying them.

    In addition to reviews, you can publish videos with tips, life hacks and tutorials to attract the attention of not only tech lovers, but also people who face difficulties using their devices every day.

    One of the most popular YouTube channels is Unbox Therapy hosted by Canadian YouTuber Lewis George Hilsenteger. All Lewis videos - whether it's a review or an unboxing - are gaining millions of views, such videos are a real gold mine.

    At the time of this writing, Lewis has 18 million subscribers and over 4 billion channel views. Here is one of the most popular videos on YouTube in which he reviews the "phone of the future".

    YouTube tech video ideas:

    • Best phone apps
    • Gadget Comparison
    • Old and time-tested gadgets
    • Gadget tips and hacks
    • AI news

    More tech channel ideas can be found in this video 40+ tech YouTube channel ideas.

    Vlog channels

    Many users like to share moments from their lives. They do this in a variety of formats - some shoot videos and post them on the Internet and gradually begin to conduct a video blog about their lifestyle, hobbies and tell stories from their lives. nine0011

    Vlogging (short for video blogging) has long been an important part of YouTube. There are a huge number of channels on YouTube, and the bloggers who lead them are gaining millions of views and subscribers.

    Take, for example, Lin Tong . She is a rising YouTuber who has captivated 905k YouTubers with her aesthetic videos and eye-catching previews.

    On his YouTube channel, Lin shares videos of his daily life, fashion ideas, room tours and room makeovers, city tours, painting and more. nine0011

    And this is the most beautiful part of vlogging - you can choose any topic (lifestyle, travel, fashion, etc. ) and make a vlog about it. The most important thing is to find your creative side and make a video that matches your personality, and not a copy of what has already been done thousands of times before you. Vlog ideas:

    • A day in my life
    • Decorating my room
    • Shopping with me
    • One day at my job
    • Moving to a new city
    • My looks for summer

    Cooking channels

    When it comes to YouTube video ideas, we can't ignore cooking.

    You don't have to be a chef to create interesting cooking videos, share recipes, and generally enjoy cooking.

    Because everyone (well, almost) loves to eat delicious food, and everyone periodically searches YouTube for recipes - how else can you cook the perfect carbonara pasta or tiramisu? It is always more pleasant to prepare a delicious dinner yourself - if you have the ingredients and instructions at hand. nine0011

    This is why culinary channels are in such high demand. They not only introduce users to new dishes, but also help to master the art of cooking and help in the process.

    Gordon Ramsey (17.8 million subscribers) and Nino's Home (5.91 million subscribers) are the most famous YouTube cooking channel hosts.

    Hmm, what if I'm a terrible cook, but I taste like a true professional? Everything is fine! Start making videos of yourself tasting different dishes and talking about your taste sensations. Don't forget the humor! Viewers adore bloggers with a good sense of humor. nine0003 YouTube Cooking Video Ideas:

    • Funny behind-the-scenes videos
    • The most necessary things for the kitchen
    • How to make french fries at home
    • 5 easy breakfast ideas

    Movie Reviews

    Very few people like to watch a movie without knowing anything about it, which is why movie reviews are so in demand.

    Video review channels help people understand what the movie they are about to watch is about, directing, cinematography, cast, and other interesting details. nine0011

    Many YouTube channels that do reviews are humorous, dynamic, and make interesting comparisons to impress viewers.

    Notable movie review channels include CinemaSins , Chris Stackman and Alex Myers .

    CinemaSins, for example, have come up with their own unique style and call each video “Everything wrong with…” (“What is wrong with…”) and indicate the duration of the video. For example, one of the latest videos was called “Everything Wrong With Interview with the Vampire In 23 Minutes Or Less” (“What's wrong with 'Interview with the Vampire' in 23 minutes or less”), which you will find out if you press the play button . nine0011

    YouTube movie review ideas:

    • Movie strengths and weaknesses
    • What would happen if a dead character were alive
    • Interesting facts about movies
    • What I think about (character name)

    Experiment Channels

    There is a YouTube channel HaerteTest where you can watch various videos on the topic “video against the subject”. They also make videos on the channel where they shoot iPhones, flush whole eggs down the toilet, and experiment with firecrackers, matches, and expensive items. nine0011

    And people love these videos!

    At the time of this writing, the channel has over 19.6 million subscribers who enjoy watching cars crush crunchy or soft objects.

    Their most popular video has over 470 million views and thousands of comments.

    The purpose of such channels is to entertain the audience. as well as answering weird questions like what it's like to run over spaghetti in a car, or how would a melon pizza turn out. If you decide to create such a YouTube channel, be careful not to do tricks that can harm you or other people. A human life is more important than a million views. nine0011

    Justin Bieber, who was heard about in all corners of the world, became famous thanks to YouTube.

    It all started when Justin's mother posted several videos of him singing, , on his YouTube channel to show friends and family.

    And then American sound engineer Scooter Braun came across one of Justin's videos while looking for another singer. Brown was so impressed with his covers that he set off in search of a young singer. A week later, Bieber was already singing in front of Usher and signed a contract with him, and even Justin Timberlake was not averse to collaborating with him. nine0011

    Today Justin Bieber is the most subscribed musician on YouTube. He has over 65 million subscribers and billions of views.

    Conclusion: You can be the next Justin Bieber of your generation. Your talent can also be discovered on YouTube. Music channels are a great idea for a YouTube channel. A YouTube music channel is a quick way to show your talent to the world. If you have amazing vocal skills or a musical instrument (or maybe both!), create your own YouTube channel. Another idea: you can remix popular songs and lyric videos, like 7clouds . You can create "situational music", that is, set the mood and aesthetics of the song for a certain situation.

    Ideas for YouTube music channel:

    • Cover with household items
    • Music according to the mood or certain aesthetics
    • Rooftop singing
    • Quiet Music Compilation

    Photography Channels

    Everyone on social media tries to impress their followers and likes to create aesthetically pleasing profiles. Today, you don't have to be a professional photographer to create impressive photos, YouTube can teach you the best photography techniques and techniques. nine0011

    If you're a photographer and have an artistic flair and want to share helpful tips with others, create your own YouTube channel.

    You can teach people how to take better photos, what tools to use for editing, or show them the process of a photo shoot.

    Ideas to teach your audience: create filters and effects while promoting your site and presets (if you have them).

    Brandon Welfel, for example, is known for his photographs with magical atmospheres, neon and other effects. nine0019 On his YouTube channel , he shares tips on the art of photography and retouching, behind-the-scenes footage from his shoots, ideas for props, and more. At the time of this writing, he has over 5 million subscribers and over 442 million views. Now he posts videos not only about photography, but also motivational videos to inspire his followers, as well as videos with reactions and experiments. Here is one of his most viewed YouTube videos with over 8 million views. nine0011

    Photography YouTube video ideas:

    • Comparison of various
    • cameras
    • How to take the perfect photo for Instagram
    • The best programs and applications for processing
    • How to set up a camera (for beginners)
    • Ideas for a photo shoot at home / outdoors / in nature / at sea
    • Photo Editing - Before and After

    Video Channels

    The purpose of the Video Channels is the same as the Photography Channels - to share useful tips with newbies and video enthusiasts in the creative process.

    Learn more