How to do the candy cameo dance

The Electric Slide (AKA The Candy Dance)

Have you ever wondered how to dance The Electric Slide (also known as The Candy Dance)? We’ve been asked a few times recently by students to teach them the dance for parties they’re attending. Today’s lesson therefore moves on from our Beginner Guide To Disco Dancing and Saturday Night Fever lessons.

[00:00:41] We start off by showing you the first basic move of the Electric Slide. It starts with a slow chasse to the right, and back to the left again. This is followed by three walks back with a tap. To allow us to repeat this initial sequence we’ll briefly use three walks forward.

[00:03:35] Next up we finish off the routine by replacing the walks forward with the step tap and turn. This results in a quarter turn anti-clockwise to then repeat the routine facing the next wall.

Now we start to show options that you can include to make the Electric Slide routine your own. You can see a few of these options in the Candy Dance scene of the movie The Best Man.

[00:08:38] The first variation we show you is to replace the Chasse action with a Grapevine. You can choose to cross in front, or behind, or switch between.

[00:12:11] You can choose to replace the original chasse with a syncopated chasse movement.

[00:15:15] Then we talked about a few different options that you can use during the step-tap options. Whether you want to click, clap or introduce a lasso.

[00:17:56] Finally you could choose to replace your chasse or grapevine options with a spin.

[00:20:15] We finish up with a final practice of the Electric Slide routine.

The Electric Slide (aka Candy Dance) Video Lesson

We hope you enjoyed our The Electric Slide lesson. Hopefully next time someone asks if you know the Candy Dance, or Electric Slide, it’ll be an emphatic yes!

Music Dance Playlist

A popular song choice for this is Candy by Cameo (hence it is often referred to as The Candy Dance). For music licensing reasons we use a variety of different tracks but similar speeds.

All of our song choices work well for the Electric Slide and you can enjoy our playlist below:

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What is all this Candy Dance malarkey then? |

I don’t know how or why, but a few weeks ago I came up with the idea to do the biggest ‘Candy Dance’ ever on record.

It makes sense as it’s done at nearly every single party I’ve played at since I’ve been a DJ, especially at weddings and I’m quite sure that you know what it is.

I was amazed when I told some people about my ‘big idea’ and they didn’t even know what the hell I was talking about! Some people call it the Electric Slide so you get a little leeway, but C’mon son! Watch it being done here:

Do you not know what this is son? If you don’t know hurry up and learn it and get to know!

The written instructions of the dance are as follows:

(On the beat) Two steps right (1-2, 1-2)

Two steps left (1-2, 1-2)

Two steps back (1,2 – 1,2) Hold

One step with left foot forward (lean forth)

One step with Right foot Lean back

Hop ‘n’ kick sideways with right

(Repeat for all 4 corners North, south, east, west)

Now, I’m not silly enough to think that somewhere in the world (especially in the US) more than 300 people haven’t done ‘the Candy dance’ all at once before, even at the 2010 Brent Respect Festival 1000+ attempted to do it together:

But, to my knowledge (and Google’s) no one has ever done it at a party on record. So, me being me, I contacted Guinness Book Of World Records and they told me that it’s a viable record to set. They’re processing the application now and we will be filming it for their review.

So let’s do this!

Monday 27th December 2010 at Fantastic Five Part 2:

The ‘Candy Dance’ is usually done to the song ‘Candy’ by Cameo in 1986. Song is OLD son, but never seems to get old. It’s part of our history and seems like it will be current forever. If you haven’t seen the video before or didn’t even know it had a video, watch this:

It has some of the most memorable production ever and has been sampled loads of times, my favourite remakes are:

  • Will Smith – Candy
  • Mariah Carey – Loverboy
  • 2Pac –  All About You

And even this random UK one lol:

AND this one on roller skates at ‘Rollermotion’ looks kind of sick son:


See you on the 27th.

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Wizards of congratulated 33 little residents of Revda on the New Year | Society

On Saturday, December 21, in the morning, Father Frost of the City News went to visit the Revda children. In the company of the granddaughter of the Snow Maiden, he congratulated the winners of, perhaps, the kindest action - "Father Frost's Post" on the upcoming holiday. Loaded with a large bag of gifts, he looked into the houses of thirty-three children, listened to dozens of poems, saw happy children's smiles and gave gifts. nine0003


  • Father Frost — Sergey Kibardin
  • Snow Maiden — Tatyana Gerasimova
  • Photographer, author — Tatyana Zamyatina

More photos can be downloaded here.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Six-year-old Uliana and three-year-old Eva Trudovishnikov were the first to meet the magician - with smiles and in smart dresses. The girls took turns reading poems to Grandfather and Snow Maiden and received color-changing slimes (jelly-like toys) and sweets as a gift. nine0003 Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Eight-year-old Kirill Golubyatnikov is seriously interested in the Gravity Falls cartoon and knows almost everything about it (and even wears a T-shirt with images of the main characters!). The little boy told Santa Claus about his favorite work, and he gave Kirill a diary book based on the cartoon.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Nikita Chebykin is three years old, he loves to assemble and disassemble construction sets, play with cars and do crafts. The boy drew several drawings for Santa Claus, showed his collection of cars and read a poem about the New Year tree dressed as a teddy bear. And Santa Claus gave him a multi-colored KAMAZ.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Two sisters, nine-year-old Ilona and three-year-old Margarita Cherednichenko, sang together a song about the Christmas tree for Grandfather and Snow Maiden. Ilona reads a lot, especially she likes encyclopedias, so the wizard gave the girl a Red Book for the New Year, and Margarita - kinetic sand. nine0003 Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Eight-year-old excellent student Nastya Gostyukhina studies in the second grade of the Eurogymnasium, loves to draw and goes to music school. She has never met Grandfather Frost, so he decided to surprise the girl and came to visit with a sweet gift and books. And Nastya played her favorite piano melody for the guests.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Eight-year-old Arina Vorkunova started first grade in September, she loves to study mathematics and literature, and she also dances. She met Santa Claus with her friends, five-year-old Pasha and three-year-old Ksyusha. The children took turns reading poems and received gifts - books about animals for Arina, dumbbells for Pasha and a cute doll for Ksyusha.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Ilya Kolomitsky is only six years old, but he himself wrote a letter to Santa Claus and told that he loves robots. The boy was a little shy about reciting the poem, but he sincerely congratulated the guests on the upcoming holiday. And the wizards gave him a robot and a book with fairy tales. nine0003 Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

At the home of the Plotnikovs, Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden met Uliana (8 years old), Liza (4 years old) and little Dima (he is a year old). Lisa and Dima Dedushku were a little shy (of course, wizards don't come every day!), so Ulyana read poems for her brother and sister. The girl goes in for swimming and performs on stage from the theater studio Play City. For future performances, Santa Claus gave Ole a costume of Princess Jasmine, Lisa a doll, and Dima a microphone for songs. nine0003 Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Next Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden went to visit eight-year-old Yaroslav and two-year-old Polina Perebeitos. Yaroslav is an athlete - he practices karate, skates and bikes, and also loves mathematics, fine arts and physical education. And little Polya loves dolls and her brother. Grandfather gave the kids a car on the remote control and a huge doll.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info,ru

Sisters Alina (7 years old) and Vika (6 years old) The Garipovs are fond of gymnastics and reading. They showed Santa Claus how to sit on the twine and read New Year's poems. And they themselves made a Christmas tree with sweets and paper crafts and presented them to the guests. And in return they received large sets for creativity.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Six-year-old Lera and eight-year-old Gleb Ivkov are engaged in hand-to-hand combat and always protect and support each other. The guys told Santa Claus an instructive fable about the Dragonfly and the Ant and a poem about the Christmas tree, and Grandfather in response gave the kids a doll (for Lera) and kinetic sand (for Gleb). nine0003 Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

In the house of the Motherless, Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden were met by a funny three-year-old sailor Trofim and a six-year-old spider-man Vanya. They told the guests how they can bake pancakes, draw and read poems. Grandfather Frost gave the kids a set of racing cars.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Five-year-old Vitalik plays dominoes well and really wants to learn how to play checkers. Therefore, when he, together with his great-grandmother, read a poem for the guests, Grandfather Frost pulled out a training set from a large magic bag. Now Vitalik will play both checkers and chess. nine0003 Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Darina Fayzrakhmanova is six years old. In a festive dress, she read a poem to Santa Claus about himself and told how she loves to braid pigtails. “Then you will train,” said Santa Claus and gave the girl a mannequin doll.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

At the houses of the Ilyichevs and the Dilyavirovs Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden did not find all the children (Oleg, Maxim and Sonya for various reasons went away), but only five-year-old Ilyusha. On the other hand, he recited poems for everyone, treated the guests to great-grandmother's mannik and received gifts for himself and the children - Lego sets and toys. nine0003 Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

image of Tsar Koshchei. But not at all scary, but friendly. The boy told a poem and, together with his grandmother Anna Grigorievna, sang a folk song and danced. Grandfather gave the boy a concrete mixer truck.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Ten-year-old Sofia Kurzyakova, after reading a poem to Santa Claus, shared her hobbies: the girl dances and draws. She was looking forward to Grandfather's visit and asked for a unicorn costume as a gift. And she was glad when she took it out of the magic bag.

Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

Sisters Polina and Sasha Zhifarsky are very fond of studying. Polina will go to first grade next year, and Sasha is only five years old. In order for the girls to study well and grow up smart, Santa Claus gave them an easel and puzzles. And the girls read his favorite poems to him. nine0003 Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru Photo// Tatyana Zamyatina, Revda-info, ru

At the end of their journey, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden came to the four-year-old Lada Teplyakova. She introduced the guests to her parents and her dolls, said that she loves to draw, sing and dance, and wished the magical heroes good health in the new year. As a gift, Lada received a real piano, but so far an electronic one.

  • Electric light store, st. M. Gorky, 48, shopping center "Kameo", 2nd floor, tel. +73433450545. nine0008
  • Medical tests INVITRO, st. Mira, 27, tel. +73439737050
  • Romashka Guest House, Kozyrikha tract, tel. +79826733777, +79221733777
  • Gold Jewelry Salon, st. M. Gorky, 31, tel. +73439754271
  • AutoPremium Driving School, st. O. Koshevoy, 25, Trade House "MIR" (2nd floor, office 7), tel. +73439739439, +79527447411
  • Country house "Contrabass", Degtyarsk, st. Uralskaya, 79, tel. +79222255367
  • Sports club "Going to the sun", st. Sportivnaya, 4, SK "Temp", tel. +79058031858
  • Construction House, st. Zhukovsky, 23 (entrance from the street), tel. +79221230040, +73439738080
  • Stroymarket Lux, st. Mira, 27, tel. +79536023233
  • Drinking water "Aqua Viva", tel. +73439739792
  • Estate Agency "Imenie" , st. Russian, 14, tel. +79826405501, +73439753200
  • Jewelry Center "Golden Calf", st. M. Gorky, 36, tel. +73439752299
  • Longevity Pharmacy Chain , st. Mira, 16, tel. 5-26-98

San Andreas — Definitive Edition Radio Stations — Guides and Game Reviews

Unfortunately, not every song from the original release of GTA: San Andreas made it into the Definitive Edition trilogy. nine0003

A remaster of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in Definitive Edition may have received updated visuals and some gameplay improvements, but it's basically the same game that was released back in October 2004.

This includes the addition of radio to GTA: San Andreas which can be played causing havoc inside the car on the roads of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. However, due to licensing issues, not all songs from Rockstar's original release of the classic open-world shooter made it to the Definitive Edition. nine0003

GTA Trilogy Fans can see the full list of radio stations, what type of music they play and exactly which tracks are included in each of the remasters listed below.


  1. GTA: San Andreas Definitive Edition Radio Stations and Tracks
  2. Bounce FM (plays disco and Funk tracks)
  3. CSR 103.9 (plays pop, soul and boy band tracks)
  4. K-DST (produces K-DST track) classic rock)
  5. K-JAH West (plays reggae, dub and dance tracks)
  6. K-ROSE (plays classic country tracks)
  7. Radio Los Santos (plays hip hop and west coast rap tracks)
  8. Radio X (plays alternative rock and grunge tracks)
  9. FM Play (plays classic tracks) hip hop and east coast rap)
  10. Master Sounds 98. 3 (plays groove, classic funk, and Classic Soul)
  11. SF-UR (plays house tracks)

Bounce FM (plays disco and Funk tracks)

  • Let It Whip ndash; Dazz Band
  • Hollywood Swinging ndash; Cool & Gang
  • Candy ndash; Cameo
  • Love is the message of ndash; MFSB
  • Odyssey ndash; Johnny Harris
  • I love rollercoasters ndash; Ohio Players
  • Between ndash sheets; Isley Brothers
  • I can make you dance ndash; Zapp
  • Cold-blooded ndash; Rick James
  • West Coast Poplock ndash; Ronnie Hudson & Street People
  • Lupzilla ndash; George Clinton
  • Funky Wormndash; Ohio players
  • Twilight ndash; Labyrinth
  • Fantastic Journey ndash; Lakeside

CSR 103.9 (plays pop, soul and boy band tracks)

  • I rsquo; m So Into You ndash; SWV
  • Keep On Moving’ ndash; Soul II Soul
  • So you like what you see ndash; Samuel
  • Wipe ndash properly; Johnny Gill
  • ndash sensitivity; Ralph Tresvant
  • Groove Mendash; Guy
  • Don't be afraid ndash; Aaron Hall
  • Motownphilly ndash; Boyz II Men
  • Poison ndash; Bell Beav DeVoe
  • I feel ndash; Today
  • New Jack Swing ndash; Wreckx-n-Effect
  • Don't be cruel ndash; Bobby Brown
  • My favorite rsquo; (You will never get it) ndash; En Vogue

K-DST (plays classic rock tracks)

  • Slow Ride ndash ; Foghat
  • Green River ndash; Credence Clearwater Revival
  • Barracuda ndash; Heart
  • Strutter ndash; kiss
  • Hold the ndash line; Toto
  • Young Turks ndash; Rod Stewart
  • Get down to business ndash; humble pie
  • Great looking ndash; Grand Funk Railroad
  • Free Bird ndash; Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Horse without name ndash; America
  • ndash Eminence Front; Who
  • smokin' rsquo; ndash; Boston
  • Someone up there loves me ndash; David Bowie
  • Two tickets to ndash paradise; Eddie Money
  • White wedding ndash; Billy Idol

K-JAH West (plays reggae, dub and dance tracks)

  • Wicked Inna Bed ndash; Ranks of Shabba
  • Betty Ryder ndash; Buju Banton
  • King Fluffy meets rockers uptown ndash; August Pablo
  • ndash revolution; Dennis Brown
  • Armagideon Time ndash; Williams
  • Sidewalk Killer ndash; I-Roy
  • Funky Kingston ndash; Toots & Maytals
  • Cocaine in my brain ndash; Dillinger
  • Pressure drop ndash; Toots & Maytals
  • Bam Bam ndash; Pliers
  • I am going ndash; Barrington Levy
  • Drum pan sound ndash; Reggie Stepper
  • Great ndash train robbery; Black Uhuru
  • Chasing the devil ndash; Max Romeo & The Upsetters

K-ROSE (plays classic country tracks)

  • Amos Moses ndash ; Jerry Reid
  • Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man ndash; Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn
  • Hello, well done rsquo; ndash; Hank Williams
  • Queen of Hearts ndash; Juice Newton
  • New York ndash; Brothers Statler
  • Letter read by Johnny Walker ndash; Sleep driving
  • One step ahead ndash; Desert Rose Group
  • Crazy ndash; Willie Nelson
  • Three cigarettes in an ashtray ndash; Patsy Cline
  • ndash rose bed; Brothers Statler
  • Make the world go away ndash; Mickey Gilly
  • Mothers, don't let your children grow up to be cowboys ndash; Ed Bruce
  • Always want you ndash; Merle Haggard
  • All my exes live in Texas ndash; Whitey Schafer
  • I love a rainy night ndash; Eddie Rabbitt

Radio Los Santos (plays hip-hop and west coast rap tracks)

  • The hood hit me ndash; Most Wanted Compton
  • Nutin rsquo; But A lsquo; Gr’ thang ndash; Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
  • Ghetto ndash; Too $hort
  • Alwayz in Somethin rsquo; ndash; N.W.A.
  • Test yourself (message remix) ndash; Artist: Ice Cube feat. Das EFX
  • La Razandash; Kid Frost
  • How could I just kill a man ndash; Cypress Hill
  • Fuck Dre Day ndash; Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
  • Enough funky ndash; D.O.C.
  • It was a good day ndash; Ice cube
  • Easy Air Said Tan Dunn ndash; Eazy-E
  • Murder Rapndash; Above the law
  • Deep Cover ndash; Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
  • Guerrillas in the fog ndash; Artist: Da Lench Mob feat. Ice Cube

Radio X (plays alternative rock and grunge tracks)

    Unsung ndash; Helmet
  • Personal Jesus ndash; Depeche Mode
  • Midlife crisis ndash; No more faith
  • Mother ndash; Danzig
  • Cult of personality ndash; Living Color
  • movin' rsquo; on Up ndash; Primal Scream
  • Welcome to the ndash jungle; Pistols n rsquo; Roses
  • Pretend we're dead ndash; L7
  • Rusty Cage ndash; Soundgarden
  • Was caught stealing ndash; Jane's Addiction
  • Fool's Gold ndash; Stone roses
  • Their bones ndash; Alice in chains
  • Plush ndash; Stone Temple Pilots

FM playback (plays classic East Coast hip-hop and rap tracks)

  • Road to Riches ndash; Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
  • Warm up Kane ndash; Big Daddy Kane
  • Godfather ndash; Spoonie Gee
  • Me and business ndash; Masta Ace
  • Children's history ndash; Slick Rick
  • Rebel without pause ndash; Public Enemy
  • I know you have a soul ndash; Eric B. amp; Rakim
  • Requires two ndash; Rob Bays and DJ E-Z Rock
  • B.Y.S. ndash; Gang Starr
  • Pairs of ndash; Biz Brand
  • Nubian ndash brand; Brand Nubian

Master Sounds 98.3 (plays groove, classic funk, and Classic Soul)

  • Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back) ndash; Maceo & The Macks
  • smokin' rsquo; Chiba Chiba ndash; Harlem Underground Band
  • Jungle fever ndash; Chakachi
  • Nautilus ndash; Bob James
  • Green onion ndash; Booker T. & M.G.rsquo; s
  • Hot Pants ndash; I go, I go, I go ndash; Bobby Bird
  • Rock Me Again and Again ndash; Lyn Collins
  • Soul Power rsquo; 74ndash; Maceo & Max
  • I know you have a soul ndash; Bobby Bird
  • Think (about it) ndash; Lyn Collins
  • Low ndash racer; War
  • Defiled Love ndash; Gloria Jones
  • (I have) so many problems in my head ndash; Sir Joe Quarterman amp; Free Soul

SF-UR (Plays house tracks)

  • Promised Land ndash; Artist: Joe Smooth feat. Anthony Thomas
  • Pacific 202ndash; State 808
  • Voodoo Ray ndash; Guy named Gerald
  • Your love ndash; Frankie Knuckles feat. Jamie Princip
  • Break 4 Love ndash; No way
  • Ma Phum Bay ndash; Cultural atmosphere
  • Make my body incendiary ndash; Jomanda
  • Someday ndash; Sisi Rogers
  • Let the music use you ndash; Nightwriters
  • Do you feel it? ndash; Mr Fingers
  • Move your body ndash; Marshall Jefferson;
  • This Is Acid (New Dance Craze) (KT Mix) ndash; Maurice
  • Weekend ndash; Todd Terry Project
  • Morning After (Sunrise Mix) ndash; Fallout
  • I'll Be Your Friend (DEF Original Mix) ndash; Robert Owens
  • I need the rhythm ndash; The 28th Street Crew

Similar track cuts, unfortunately, were made for radio stations GTA 3 Definitive Edition and GTA: Vice City . However, there are still a lot of memorable classics left, and nothing has changed on the last station, WCTR, because it's a Talk Radio channel that doesn't have any music.

Learn more